Software codes of Reality, Life and Languages!

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Software codes of Reality, Life and Languages!

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Software codes of Reality, Life and Languages!
How I worked out the idea starting from zero

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

First published circa 2007
The PDF digital book version of this book can bought. CLICK HERE

Aaradhana, DEVERKOVIL 673508 India
All rights reserved.
This reformatted edition published in November 2023.

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PART I - Secondary Level on Language Codes


Progression of logic

Codes and lines

The Software

Creating a Power

The Psychic subjugation

The Evil Eye and other effects

The dynamic metre and the multidimensional

Manoeuvring the machinery

Strings in the marital system

The codes that control

DNA made of words


Hidden codes of reality

Brain Software

Secondary codes and Human psyche

Secondary Codes and diseases

The potential levels and the energy in the code links

An appraisal of mental sciences

Being Bipolar

Homeopathy: A question of perception

The leak in the aura!

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I started writing this topic on an experimental basis on a British Website around 2005. There were a lot of unconnected strings of thoughts in my mind, which did connect to an idea that there is some kind of inner code links that exist behind our physical reality. Moreover, I had been making solitary researches and observations on the codes in languages, right since my childhood. This also seemed to connect heavily with the physical world. If fact, in my book: March of the Evil Empires; English versus the Feudal Languages, I did hint at this connection in the last chapter.

Later my thought processes went on to connect even to an idea that human body and life processes were all connected to some codes. In later years, I was to observe the efficacy of homeopathy, which I discerned as the medical side of this understanding. For, I had more or less predicted in my mind that if the human body was controlled and designed by a software code, then there should be a medical system that can rectify human body errors through a software approach.

I am making my earlier writings into a book. This is that book. However, this book is not the final word on the subject. For, a few years back I was to write my first serious book on the subject of the codes of reality: Codes of Reality! What is Language?

However, if you were to go through this book, which you are now reading, you will see the route through which my thought process developed. These writings are no longer visible in UkResident site, for it changed direction and became an immigration site with business interests in filling Britain with immigrants. I feel that the management has changed. Not sure.

However, these writings have been reposted in my own Ved’s Writings’ Pages. Yet, over the years, many persons have read my writings from both sites. No one has cared to comment on them or even to expand the ideas. Currently I do get a feeling that at least some persons have endeavoured to write these ideas as their own. Of this also, I am not sure. It is just a gut feeling that I get when I do some online searches. Yet, it is possible that others also may have come up with these ideas on their own. The only issue is that my thought process developed by seeing the differing ways in which the codes in the different kinds of languages reacted with the reality codes. For this my understandings on feudal language codes versus the codes in English was required.

Currently my information on this theme is much more developed. I have done experiments and have had observations that do confirm that human mind can connect to other minds. That there is something of the extraordinary and powerful in sexual exhilarations. That not only sexual energy, but even such things as addictions and such, are connected to powerful value changes in certain life software codes. That just by means of achieving corrections or changes to these values, human energy levels can be increased. It is quite possible to use mind to stimulate sexual desire in others. Or at least make them feel that an attempt at seduction by means of mental code work is being done.

The contents of this book of mine are intimately connected to the following books of mine.

1. March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages (Last part)

2. Codes of reality! What is language?

3. Software codes of mantra, tantra, witchcraft, black magic, evil eye, evil tongue &c.

4. The Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages!

5. The machinery of Homoeopathy

6. Feudal languages! What are they?

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Part 1

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Secondary Levels of Language Codes

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Progression of logic

I have written much on a particular aspect of language study, and its multifarious affects on human beings, on this forum pages. Even though I have done a major study on this them; here on this forum, I could give only a very cursory detail of it. The ideas mentioned were more or less what I had felt from the very dawn of my childhood. And I converted them into writing some 15 years ago.

But then, during the last 15 years, my understanding of this subject has gone much deeper. It has actually reached a sort of metaphysical level. I could call it the Secondary Level. In many ways, it is a development from the Primary Level. In the Primary level, I had contemplated on a theme connected to feudal versus non-feudal inputs in the codes in the language software. And due to the limitations of my knowledge of other languages, I had to extrapolate it from an English versus Feudal languages arena; even though its ambit cannot be confined to a mere conflict between English and Feudal languages. From this Primary Level, I could explain immense elements of Human behaviour, which are usually explained away in a most cursory manner as cultural differences.

Since I was not very successful in bringing out the Primary Level ideas as a major subject for academic debate, it had seemed pretty silly to continue expounding on the Secondary Levels. Yet, since I find that I can place those ideas on these forum pages, I am doing it.

The Secondary Level does not seek out the feudal versus non-feudal elements in languages. Rather it moves to contemplate on the other codes and various other aspects of language; its connection with human aura, how the codes and its affects can travel through the various other Systems (human beings and also other beings); what can trigger certain hidden codes, and what can activate, pause, and resume the activation etc.

In certain areas, the activators do exist outside the physical body of the living (human) beings. The initial area of this theme can be of the mundane variety. For example there can be certain physical objects or persons who or which can exist as sort of Convex lenses, Concave Lenses, and then there is an effect which I can only categories as a Night Vision Affect. Moreover persons and events get linked through codes, sentences, and other codes.

Even though the terms that I have given here may seem exotic, they will be very easy to understand, once I propose them. Yet, these are only the initial areas of the Secondary Level. I aim to reach a level of contemplation, wherein the codes in the languages, may be seen to exist in very close proximity to the mystic realms of Mantra, Tantra, Magic words, and also where one may literally create a human being from codes. For English also has codes, that activate and design human preoccupations. Yet, these very codes get highlighted and emphasised when seen through languages like my own vernacular. This highlighting facilitates study.

I have not done any writing on this extended theme. What I aim to continue to say exists in a vague manner in my mind. To bring it to lucidity, I need to create the ideas in words and put it down. This can also make the theme clearer to me.

Being good in English and my own local vernacular did spark my thoughts in this direction. One of the earliest feelings that I had on seeing the difference between English and my vernacular was that there was a sort of Black Magic in my vernacular, which was not even contemplate-able from English. In a way, speaking and thinking in my vernacular could bring in very formidable moods and emotions which by their very power could activate so many human activities, trigger violent passions, and even design the very looks and expressions of the persons involved and that of their dwelling places.

Actually this minor dialogue need not be a major discovery, in that in computer codes, a single word can activate an external machinery like the Printer.

A few educated persons who are good in English in my nation have told me that Englishmen cannot understand our themes. It is true. For, we do exist in a very weird world of Black Magic. Yet, not much persons care to think about it. For, everyone lives in a most narrow space in this world, having to live according to the rules applicable in that narrow space. In this narrow space, the rules in application are found to be true; and it is only intelligent to live as per those rules and make a good living, even if it hues them with displeasing Black or timorous Yellow. The colours meant here is not physical, but connected to some inner aura.

I am sure it is Englishmen who have literally made fascinating pioneering discoveries in almost all fields of human knowledge. Yet, in the theme that I am proposing, I am sure they would have to stand on the sidelines and behold what emerges; for they do not live in the creepy world of diabolic codes in human communication. And they can only perceive the codes from its effects, not from the power of the codes themselves. That part is left for the doomed citizens of ‘Boogey Land’ to discern.

In recent years, Hollywood has been bringing out immense films on evil personalities, evil machineries and much else. (It is true that most of these films do lack the poetic beauty of older English film, which had an essential native Englishness about them). These films miss the mark by light-years, as to what is the essence of evilness. Also they have not been able to focus on what is the essential code that makes men crave for power. What is the essential encrypted code that make say, Winston Churchill or Robert Clive different from Adolph Hitler, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Saddam Hussein? What propelled these latter men to strive for a most contorted form of Leadership? Also, what propels everyone for leadership, even Robert Clive and Churchill included?

This last paragraph does not really belong to the Secondary Level, but really exists in the Primary Level, that I have proposed.

I have to cut short here. Paucity of time is the reason.

I hope to continue.

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Codes and lines

There are many things I can write on, to continue my dissertation on the Secondary levels on language codes. In fact a lot of things are overflowing on to my mind. Yet, for the purpose of careful conveying of ideas, I need to take pain to move at a slow pace.

I cannot claim that everything that I propose is original and not of occurrence to anyone else; even though generally in my writings on language issues, I have very rarely used ideas from other persons.

Today I aim to write on certain things, which are not fully connected to languages; yet, I need to write them for I hope to use them later in the later stages of this proposition. What I am writing here occurred to me; yet, it is something that must have occurred to many others, especially those in the field of computer programming.

I have mentioned in my write-up on Muthappan that it is possible that some particular code or program is being activated in the man who gets ‘possessed’. Today I intend to expand on this theme. I am sure that the reader may not fully realise where my arguments are heading on to, even after reading today’s write-up to the end.

The reader may be knowing about the computer software Adobe PhotoShop. Using this application, one can edit and create many affects on images, pictures and photos. This application is running on pre-set computer language lines and codes. Yet, as one works on photos and images, new codes and lines gets written, and remain as intricate part of the edited images, in addition to what they already had.

Now think of one specific Robot, programmed to carry eggs from one room to the kitchen. It has pre-written lines in its software, as per which it does it the work. One fine morning, as it comes to the storeroom, instead of eggs, it finds a newspaper. It scans the item, then searches its memory, finds what it is, and then takes it to the parlour and keeps it on the reading table.

When it does this, actually as happened in the case of the PhotoShop image, a new set of lines are being created. For each action, for example, turning to the right, then left, a specific set of lines may be created and stored and used.

Now, compare this same scenario to that of a man. Whatever he is doing is actually something wherein a particular set of codes or lines of program are being utilised or created. When he bends, turns to the right, picks up something, and all else, actually some program line or code is being written; I do not know where. It, most probably is not in the same world that we exist in; but in some other ‘cyber’ world, where everything gets encoded and stored. It may be noted that the codes that I am speaking of here is not the software on which the brain is working; but of something which is beyond the software used in the brain; so that even this software used in the brain is actually a creation of the other one, that I speak of.

Now we have reached a premise, wherein the proposition gets connected to what one may call ‘lines of destiny’ or what in Indian languages is called ‘writings on the head’. Yet, what I proposed may not be entirely lines that foretell destiny; it may be simply that whatever we are doing can be seen in another arena in terms of lines of codes; I do not know what language, or what type of script, neither can I imagine the surface where it is so done.

As to the lines being created in computers, one can easily see it when using such programs as MacroMedia DreamWeaver, used in Web designing. Whatever manipulations are being done on the web design can be seen as changes in the codes, by just clicking on the Code View.

Again I must extend my proposition. When this is the scenario, it also comes about that all information that gets moved around among human beings are also actually codes that activate many actions and emotions. It may even include a simple calling out loudly. Instead of understanding a calling by mouth as one of sound emanated from the mouth, it will be seen encoded as a series of specific lines of codes that contain powerful inputs for initiating various actions, causing emotions, commands for actions, requests, apology, and much else.

It then is seen possible to go into the interiors of these signals, and encrypt a lot of intense other codes, that can initiate or define many other things.
What I am proposing here may be simply stated as that we are really susceptible and controlled by a lot of still un- understood codes that are very, very powerful.

I can at this moment enlarge the concept and state that even the physical body of a man and other objects are all creations of some super computer codes; as in the case of images, animation characters, and such else. Yet, this statement has no relevance here, and if at all I need to use this, it can only come much later.

Then there is the connections between incidences, events, places and such other things, which are in physical terms separated much by time, and distances. Something that happened much time ago, has a link to so many persons and subsequent events. Now, it has been discovered that clues to a murder committed much time ago, can be collected from the DNA in the hair of the murderer found at the site; even if the murder had taken place in the last century. This link was there always; yet, one could use this link only when modern science came across DNA’s and such things.

Similarly events and places still have an unseen link through words and sentences. Yet what is seen here only the physical affect of the words and sentences; actually what these words and sentences connect is through some other unknown codes; even though at present we have no understanding about them.

Also, it may later be seen that distances between places and objects can be different when one goes through some other non-physical media. Like a man on a ship can be close to his home when his wife tries to connect to him through this media. Actually such gadgets as the phone, TV and Internet have achieved this to some extent, in physical terms. Yet, it is possible that there are other routes that come with more power, and precision.

Now consider another scenario: Vasco da gama’s ship is moving across the Indian Ocean after having crossed the Cape of Good Hope for the first time. This scene is being visualised from space by an intelligent entity.

He is bound to reach India, causing immense changes in the socio-cultural settings and also severely affecting the future history of that place. At the same time, the society in India is structured by codes into a definite pattern or design. One can see Vasco Da Gama’s ship as a particular code or command, which moves across the oceans and reaches India, where it creeps into the codes already in existence over there. It dislodges many lines in the native codes, rewrites many, deletes many, and does such other things; ultimately rearranging the social pattern. History is prompted to remould.

At the higher level where this type of envisaging is possible, all universal incidences can be seen as mighty lines in some mighty computer language.

Yet, where does language come into all this? It is my belief that the software called language may have a great connection to these things, maybe not in a direct manner. Or at least one may be able to approach these things through the study of the inner codes in language.

Again, when talking about languages like Modern (British/American) English, there is one thing that needs to be pointed out. These languages can be compared to water flows that move on horizontal planes. Feudal or structured languages are like different waterfalls, falling down from different heights. Each having different potential energies that can impart different kinetic energies on the impacted surfaces.

Now, it has come to my understanding that it is this tremendous difference in the feudal languages that makes them contain very powerful, yet malignant as well as evil potentials. Yet, by studying them, one may be able to discern the power that lies inside them. By studying the interiors of English, one may not be able to see any codes and such things unless one has fantastically more understanding on this subject.

What I am trying to state is still in a hazy way in my mind. The things stated above needs to be connected to the next part of the concept. How this is to be done, and what is the next part that needs to be put first, is not yet clear to me.

Yet, I can state here that the idea that is converging in my mind is that society is bound by unseen codes. From here I need to go into the theme of what are these codes. What are the characters that they do possess, and what gives them these characters?

I need to wait till I can propose them. Maybe I need to approach the theme from another direction.

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The Software

I had intended to continue this topic at the pace of one chapter every three months, in the understanding that I may get around 50 readers in that time. Yet, I was suddenly over taken by a stroke of heavy work, which literally swallowed up my whole time. There was also a bout of health breakdown due to heavy work.

The time problem, and also a slight vestige of the health problem, continues. Yet, I hope to continue this topic.

I think I need to bring up one more proposition to prop up my other contentions. I have already stated that all physical objects including the living, as well as events, actions, emotions and all else can be viewed as a complex maze of codes in some super computer language.

It then follows that the shape of things and eventualities can be changed by a change in the value in the appropriate area. For example, even gravity can be changed by a change a specific value; it can not only be increased and decreased, but also made to become zero, and also negative.

I may need to give more inputs here, but let me move on for the moment.

What could be the essential difference between the living being and the non-living physical object? As per the current scientific understanding, it could be that organic molecules have assembled themselves in a particular manner to create an extremely complex interacting system, the very interaction itself creating a different thing called life. From the physical level of viewing things, this is true, and need not be tampered with as an understanding of reality.

Yet, this thing called ‘life’ can also be viewed from the other arena that I propose as a different proposition. I would suggest that special-life-inducing software is being superimposed on the other software, which already has created the physical world. (I am not in a position to propose who does this).

Then, all live symptoms are lines in the codes in the software; and there being an element of values encrypted. For example, the heartbeat is 72 (I think) per minute. I do not know what is the understanding of current Medical knowledge that explains this number; yet, as per the codes, there would be a specific value that keeps this number intact. It also means that it can be tampered with or changed, by simply having the value altered in the arena of the codes.

Recently my eyesight started becoming weak, due to overwork on the computer. Most of the persons of my age do have power glass for Short sight. I did not need it. I had once worn glass during my adolescence. I detested glass, due to the general nuisance it extended. Now the possibility of one donning my face again became real

Just before going to the optician, I just went to the Homeopathy doctor, next door. I asked whether Homeopathy had any cure for Short sight. The doctor, an acquaintance of mine, was not very keen to try Homeopathy for this problem. He told me that Homeopathy may not be effective in gross pathological change. I insisted. He said that are medicines mentioned, but he had never tried it on anyone.

We went through the medical texts; we got the medicine. He gave me a few doses for two days; the second day to be three days after the first.

I took the first day’s tablets. By evening my eyesight had improved significantly. After the second day’s medicine intake, there was phenomenal improvement. The doctor himself was taken aback.

Due to my preoccupation with language codes and such things, I have had taken a very serious interest in the subject of Homeopathy, even though I do not know much about the medicines in it.

What I have tested with this cure on my eyesight was that Homeopathic inputs were really entering into the area where the particular value for the focus of my lens was encoded. It was more or less, doing a Cntrl Z (Go back) command to the change.

For some years, due to this coincidental meeting with this Homeopathy doctor, I have come to some understanding on Homeopathy. I have come to the emerging understanding that this is a field of not only medicine, but may be of also many other things, that can directly linked to super codes of the super software that make life. Homeopathy itself does call this as the ‘Vital force’. It seems to me that this ‘Vital force’ is actually the superimposed software that superimposes life on non-living matter.

It may be noted that I do think that even non-living object is actually a creation of some software.

Before moving ahead, I do want to state that it is possible to control the requirements of ordinary life, including the need to eat, drink, and much else by simple reaching out to this arena of the software and making necessary changes, or simple activating the ‘Pause’ key, and such other things.

The ‘aura’ that I have mentioned in my earlier posts (Part I or II) can really be the Life Software or Vital Force.

I do not know whether I have come to some allusion to the occult science of numerology. It is possible that values as numbers may have connections to encoding. Yet, whether what I propose can link up with numerology, I do not know. The problem with such sciences as numerology and astrology is that even if they do contain solid contents of exact study material, all its exponents are mere practitioners of a vaguely understood art. None of them being able to expound on the machinery or exact logic on which it works.

Going beyond this I may propose that one may go even further to understand that all physical events, and objects are connected by the software that creates them. So that even coincidences are not mere coincidences, but really the running of the codes that arranges coincidences, loops, hairbreadth escapes and much else.

Now, the question comes to why I need to bring out all this type of awkward propositions into the dimension of a discussion of languages. It is because I do think that there are powerful codes in the software called languages that can reach out to the super codes that design life and events.

Its existence and effects cannot be easily displayed through English. Using other languages that contain powerful codes of varying power, I can show how it does it.

Words have powerful effects. I have experimented with its power, and seen that it can even design human looks. In the long term, it can singularly affect even anthropological features. It is directly linked to the different levels of human aura. All human beings are not equal. This aura defines the level. Yet, language and words can redefine it and its elevation or subjugation.

It is my belief that many modern fields of human knowledge, including anthropology, psychology, and much else, even physics, may remain incomplete without an understanding on this theme. Even the superbly shallow subject of International Relations, may profit much from this theme. Even the issue on Iraq may need urgent understanding from this. For, America, despite all its good intentions, is literally in an ocean of meagre understandings. It is a dangerous situation.

I think I have made some base for my arguments. Now, hopefully, I can move forward with my original intention on language codes. Again, I must concede that even though I have not taken any idea from anyone else, it is possible that there have been others who have imagined things in close proximity to my own contentions.

I hope to continue.

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Creating a Power

I am extremely thankful to the readers, who have come to read this series of posting, this being the no: 4. The number of readers is small, so it is more endearing.

At present I am terribly short of time; my spare time I do content development. The brain gets clogged with so many things. I need a clear mood to write this theme.

I am sure that at least a few of the readers must be thinking that I am surely going off my rockers with the strange level of propositions. I hope to make amend for all that, since I intend to come down to the real world as one experiences it, and start from more solid foundations.

As to the preposterousness of my contentions, at least in my last post (no:3), I can assure you they are no more preposterous than the famous ‘Big Bang’ theory of the creation of the universe. The theory leaves us in the more or less same level of bewilderment as we had as we started to view the beginning of the universe.

That of the universe starting as a small ball, standing nowhere, with no external areas, then one fine ‘morning’, it explodes (into what)?

The perception of the whole universe expanding; well, it is more or less a problem of perception. There are so many things that are not perceivable for the human senses. And most of our perceptions are basically misperceptions defined by the limitations of our senses.

Now let me start at the mundane levels of human existence.

I want to tell about certain powers in the language that are real and very powerful. Many of these powers are there in English also, but at very, very timid levels of energy. The powers that I speak of are very visible in ‘feudal languages’.

Actually, I can think of immense items to speak of. Yet, for the sake of consistency and comprehension, I need to take them one at a time. Here I need to go to an area, where it can transcend to the primary areas of language codes. In fact, it is the area from where the materialistic themes start moving into the ‘cyber world’.

I need to start from a particular combination of human existence as designed in feudal languages.

It is like the thermocouple. Two mutually opposite entities are placed in a specific position relative to each other. A particular type of energy entirely different from both in physical form emerges. I will name it here for convenience as ‘the two-some cell’. (I hate terminology as I have found that most shallow studies are given a feel of profundity with a series of contrived terminologies. The term I used here is not a terminology, but only to help me use it again.)

I am talking about the superior and the inferior existing in a close relationship in a feudal language setting. This association is a very powerful one, and when they exist as a conjoining entity, they are of extreme capacities, in terms of society and everything about human living.

I am entering into the area of ordinary language, conversation and communication. The superior in a feudal language like Tamil, Hindi and such else is couched in a web of superior words. Now, it is not just plain words, actually what it weaves is a web of a very powerful aura, that can protect this person from so many attacks, both physical as well as verbal. The words of ‘You’, ‘He’ ‘She’ ‘Him’ ‘Her’ ‘For him’ ‘for her’, his or her name and much else is of a particular pattern that is interrelated.

Now who concedes this superiority? There are a definite group of persons who do it with conviction and rigid loyalty. Now, in ordinary English understanding, it may defined as the leader being formed by the presence of followers. Yet, it is not so simple in feudal languages.

Now, this superior is entitled to address and weave his specific inferiors with a wide pattern of lower level words. Now, do not think that the lower persons would take it as an affront. No, they won’t. They would willingly concede to the suppression and really be glad that it has been achieved. Those who do not, fall outside the domain of the two-some cell that I have mentioned.

Now, this two-some cell can approach any human entity and cause affect on it. For starting from simple understandings, let me say that if any third person or persons come into the proximity of this ‘two-some’, so many manipulations can be done by this two-some entity. For example, a single word of superior indicant level by the superior person can convey a very powerful aura to the third person. This is again amplified by the use of the same by the lower level persons in the cell.

At the same time, a single remark that does not concede this superiority to the third person by the superior in the cell, can literally make the person sort of impotent. This is amplified immensely by the grabbing of the content by the lowers in the cell, and their proclaiming it.

Now, I need to tell about what is gained and what is lost.

A simple higher indicant word used by a superior with regard to a third person conveys a very powerful pattern of words on to this person and he is literally encased in a fabric woven by these words, which sort of plug various levels of vulnerabilities depending on the level of words. The whole power that has now descendent on him is conveyed around by the lower persons in the cell. What it does to him or her in the materialistic sense is that doors starts opening, things start moving, people become courteous, in short a very powerful propelling force surround him, and can lead him to leadership, success, financial acumen and much more. It depends.

At the same time, a negative word addressed to him or used in reference to him in the presence of the lower persons in the cell, can grip him or her with the most negative forces. Doors can shut, moving things slow down, people keep away if he or she tries to be affable, and try to snub or suppress if it is possible. The force that surrounds him can push him or her into social disasters, and financial decline.

Now, the native English speaker may identify all this with the affect of opinions, and such other things. It is true that there is remarkable similarity; yet, that is the only level to which a native English speaker can come to comprehending the phenomena. For example, think of a very bad story about a person having spread in a particular area. All his efforts at affable relations in this area will be repelled by a web of this negative impression. It is a similar issue; it can be seen from English, and from the world of codes in a different manner. The issue I mentioned earlier is similar, but not same.

Now let me talk about how this two-some cell functions. It is quite different from any phenomena that the Englishman can understand. During the colonial days, English observers had noted that in India, the more the feudal lord snubs and suppresses the serf, the more respectful and loyal he become. The phenomenon is entirely different from the necessities of English, wherein courtesy begets courtesy.

Now, there are certain features of this cell that needs to be understood. The more lower the standards of the lower groups in the cell, the more powerful it can be. Therefore, any person or entity can be brought to that level by just making that person or entity equal to the lower level. It is a commonly used technique in India; that of making an adversary or a person who irritates to be forced to communicate with the lower part of the cell on a level of equality, either enforced or naturally. The thing about the lower part is that a very visible negativity settles on them, in looks, expression, ways and manners and even in speech. The more unbearable they are, they more effective they are. And the more becomes the negativity of an interaction with them.

This cell is a common entity all over India. They exist in various forms, many of them intersecting into each other, as the social settings vary. The master and servant, the senior government and junior most official, the schoolteacher and students, Gandhi and his followers, and much else. The more lower you keep them, the more respectful they are.

Now, it must be emphasised again that the more is the distance in quality between the higher and lower parts, the more is the power this cell has. A very severe example can be the relationship between Indian policemen and the common public of India. The Indian policemen are literally crude, and certainly of the lowest class in terms of culture. The police officer-constable combine is a very powerful cell, wherein the lower placed constable (actually a sipay (peon)) is allowed to keep the majority population below them in indicant words. It literally cripples the whole personality of the common Indian.

The other thing is the play of force in caste features. The lower caste man, the lower he or she is, carries a most heinous negativity enforced on him or her by the use of lower indicant words on them. By thus making them the core of negativity, they are seen as the harbingers of negative social force on others. The negativity they carry and convey are real, and scientifically observable. So that they are given the wide breadth.

When the lower part is made equal to another outside entity, that person or entity literally goes down to the level of the lower class. In a way this phenomena can be understood in English also, but the strange effect of indicant words are still not understandable.

Likewise, the more lower in quality, standards and financial acumen the lower part of the cell is in, the more vulnerable and inferior it is. It is in a most inarticulate state with regard to the other higher entities in society. It is very vulnerable. Yet, this class simply sticks to the higher part of the cell with a ferocious level of loyalty. It is the duty of the higher part to see that the lower part does not come up to his or her level. Yet, it should give a seeming level of protection from the other elements of society. This mutual symbiotic relationship carries a very powerful association.

Now these dialogues are precisely in the region bordering the primary and secondary level of language codes. Now, I propose to enter into the secondary levels fully. The roots are definitely in the primary levels. Do this force that I have proposed as real, really have an existence of its own, that it really travels through some other medium that it reaches out to the people and places at far distances? That is the moot question here.

I know it does. The evidence can be produced later. Now let me relate the preliminaries.

For that I should mention the languages. I know the basics of Hindi, and Tamil. Both are feudal. Yet, Hindi is much more lesser in this factor, that a South Indian man, who speaks Tamil or Kannada or Malayalam will find it more easier to converse in Hindi.

Now, generally in south Indian languages like Tamil and Malayalam, I have seen the use of titles to adorn the names of seniors. For example, in Malayalam I have heard a police constable saying, ‘There is a message from the Commissioner Adheham’. The word Adheham only means ‘him’ in a superlative form of indicant level. Yet, the dialogue in Malayalam can very well be ‘There is a message from the Commissioner’. Yet, when the constable says this simple sentence, in a place where the earlier sentence is used, the commissioner literally loses his command; even though he is not anywhere near that place, and he or she wouldn’t even have heard the sentence.

If this simplified sentence gets repeated by other constables, there is a singular weakening of the power of the Commissioner. It is true that the hierarchical structure of the bureaucracy and the police administration will repair it automatically. Yet, if the same thing happens in the case of a superior person who has no such structure to repair the damage, there is a very tangible power disappearing.

Usually the police commissioner will lose his ‘Adheham’ tail from the communication code of these people only, if he is disgraced and loses his job. There are other far fetched scenarios that can bring delete, like his wife moving with relatively lower class companions, his daughter marrying into a common man’s son, who is a menial worker and such. So, when the police constable delete this tail, the code that get conveyed is similar to these far-fetched scenarios. All this has a powerful affect, which can also have a domino affect and go on pulling the shutters on so many of his worldly affairs. For, actually when his sons is proposing to marry an ordinary craftsman’s daughter, what he is doing is bringing disruptive affects on the codes that keep his father in power, and in a position of social protection. In a way, what he is doing is informing others to delete the ‘Adheham’ from his father’s features. It does a corresponding change in the cyber codes.

Yet, generally government officials in India are generally immune to the violent rocking that these things can do. You can imagine the plight of the Malayalam speaking people as they are kept under the lower level of words by the lowly policemen. It is a common phenomenon all over India. This theme requires a separate page to delineate.

There are many aspects to this phenomena. It may require detailed writing.

I will conclude for the time being with this one simple story. There is a south Indian film, about the seafaring folks. When the husband goes forth into the sea, it is the fidelity of the wife that ensures this safe homecoming. There is a connection in this to the feudal language. Fidelity can be at different levels; not just sexual fidelity. Sexual infidelity is only one of the worst negativities. Yet, all this are connected to the particular language structure. For, fidelity, association, companionship, conceding of leadership and listening to another person, all do create very definite changes in the language codes. They are powerful and have real physical powers. One that can convey as well as deprive a person of physical protection and safety. Many of the powers I want to mention do not work in English. Yet, it is the presence of English and its stark difference that highlighted the codes; for me to note.

I need to continue.

In between, I need to continue another theme. Consider a robot. It is carrying a gun. It walks inside a room, takes aim, and shoots straight. Yet, the moment it presses the trigger, an appropriate value in the computer language line, makes the hand bend and the bullet hits its own leg. Similarly, a man is aiming a gun. At the moment, he presses the trigger, a [color=”#A0522D”]value change is induced in the software controlling him. His hand bends down, and he shoots himself.

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The Psychic subjugation

On the borderline

I am now thinking of treading the very preliminaries of a vast idea. Actually, this posting today is really a part or a continuation of the last part (Part IV). Since the wordings got lengthened last time, and I was not in a mood for a very clear writing, this has become a separate heading. Yet, it does not matter.

Introducing Mediums

Now I have conveyed the idea of a group of persons carrying a very powerful negativity. To define it more precisely, let me say that in certain structured languages, when you place a group of people below a particular section, they accrue this powerful negativity. Now this section of people are in a sort of layer, like one would say a medium of air and a medium of water. When you place something inside water and look from the air, there is a necessary change of dimensions; actually, it is an affect of light diffraction, and its intensity is connected to something called refractive index. Actually, my contention is that a similar component can be measured for these different levels of human existence.

I can give specific examples of such human existence.

Convex Lens

Now let me continue without digressing into that. Before that for the sake of convenience, let me say that particular levels of human beings who create the change in subordinate human beings need to be named as ‘Convex lens’ layer; they will have focal lengths and power and even focus, with which they can create so many effects; both of enlarging, minimising and also even of burning up an entity.

Structured languages and feudal languages

Before going ahead I need to explain a particular affect of structured languages. Actually I had used the term, ‘feudal language’ in many of my writings here; but in a debate on this site and another site, one of the readers here had suggested the word, ‘structured language’ and brought up French as an example. I do not know French, even though I have discussed about French and France in my book.

Human Pyramids as social structure

When one says the word ‘feudal’ or ‘structured’ language, the impression is of a language with hierarchical words, which arrange human beings in a sort of military like arrangement. It is possible that it can be so, in certain times and social conditions, which are nowadays rare, and also always so. Actually, what this type of languages creates is a sort of human pyramids. That is there are so many pyramid like relationships in society; with each pyramid being headed a single person, and so many others falling under it. Currently, this is a very dynamic situation with each pyramid trying to eat into the other. Also, there will be Pyramids in a most mixed up situation. And many pyramids exist under larger pyramids.

If the reader cannot make a head or tail of what I am speaking, kindly leave it for the time being. For, it may take us to an entire different area (Primary language codes).

This much I have said about the Pyramids is just for the mention at the correct position.

The Millstone

Now think about the negative energy in the lower placed individuals. Their mention of equality with a higher up person is like tying a millstone on the latter’s neck. Socially it pulls him down to the depths.

An Example

I will explain this with an example understandable in English; but mind you in the languages that I am thinking of there is the additional factor of ;\’indicant words’, with which English has no connection with.

One elegant (first)man (feudal language) comes to a new town and takes residence. He wants to meet the social elite in this town. Then he is introduced to an amiable (second)person who has the right physical bearings. They become intellectually close to the point of addressing each other by name. Here the situation actually diverges from English understanding; for the words of address etc. change. The words ‘you’, ‘he’ ‘his’ etc. go into the intimate form, which is also the lower form.

The next day, the elegant man goes to meet another socially elegant (third)man; he meets him and is arriving at a dignified level of close acquaintance with this man. They are coming out from the building. At that moment, the other (second)acquaintance from the previous day comes and grabs his hand and says; ‘Hi, what are you doing here?’ addressing him by name. In English, there is no great problem with this speech. Yet, in feudal languages, this speech is connected to so many social levels and containments.

No major problem so far. Suddenly the new acquaintance of this day, the social elegant (third) person, says, ‘Are you acquainted with this fellow? He is my peon’. I am sure the English native speaker can understand the situation and its piquancy. Yet, there is another area, which only persons who are acquainted with feudal languages can discern.

The moment the third man says that the new (first) acquaintance is a friend of his peon, there is a very powerful tearing out of the first person’s royal aura, with which only the third person can communicate. Not just the third person, every man in the scene understands this. The first person simply withers away.

Assigning the positions

Now, I have used this anecdote to illustrate. Persons can argue nothing has happened and all such things. However, what has happened here is in the cyber media, which is not physical. Even though the English speaker may have understood this concept, the overall effect in the feudal language is of the nth degree and beyond his comprehension.

(I remember the film ‘Crown in the jewel’ where Hari Kumar (harry koomer) is literally unacknowledged by this British friend Brown, when both return to India and meet in a setting where Brown is a military officer surrounded by loyal Indian soldiers, and Harry is just an Indian.)

Here the third person is the convex lens, and the second person is the entity placed in the lower medium. The first person gets powerfully infected with a severe negativity.

Evil eye, psychic attacks and such

Now, I aim to go into the realm of the evil eye, psychic attack and such things as applicable here.

When an person is in the lower medium and there is a convex lens in proximity, he carries a very powerful negative energy. At the same time, he feels his own negativity. Such persons instinctively develop a value system to measure and find out who is in his own medium and who are above. At the same time, what another person can do to avoid being entrapped into the same medium is to clock himself with an aura of superiority; which in physical terms means, have himself attired with superior words.

Any intimacy without this protective attire can plunge him into the lower medium.

Now, any contact with the lower person has its danger points, where the aura gets erased. For example, there can be evaluation items where the other person may lose points. One major item can be age, which in many feudal languages is a measure of superiority.

The Psychic subjugation:

The eyesNow consider a superior aura young girl coming into contact with a lower medium elder individual. If the superiority is strictly enforced, not much problem. Yet, when the enforcing power is weak, the other item for measurement comes up; that is the lower age. The lower indicant words come into play; the girl is literally at the mercy of the lower person; her superior aura is erased and she literally starts exhibiting lower class and below aura. She is made to do that; by the powerful force of lower words.

Now, even though I have mentioned words of address, there is actually no need to speak. The essential changes in code words (indicant words) are done speechlessly inside the mind. Then this man’s very eyes are dangerous. For, there is a different manner of looking at higher indicant persons from that of looking at lower indicant persons. When a superior young girl has lost her aura in the mind of lower medium person, her very presence in that person’s sight has danger. He speechlessly looks at her with a different vision. It has its immediate affect on the girl. Yet, she can save herself to some extent by not looking at his eyes. Yet, if there are others in the vicinity, the lower man’s visual character would convey the message to them also. It then depends who they are; whether are inclined to restore the girls aura or not. If not, the girls will severely be affected. For, to save herself she has to avoid all these eyes; which in itself is subjugating.

The Psychic subjugation: The touch

There is a similar affect when this girl’s shoulder or some other part is held by the lower medium person. The feel of lower medium persons touch varies as per his mental acknowledgment. If he acknowledges her superiority, it is one feel; if not another. The latter is crippling.

What is the code that gets conveyed through the vision and touch needs to be discussed. There are codes; similar to software codes, involved.

Historical examples

I can continue on this; but then the words are increasing. So, I will conclude this part (Part V) with some historical examples.

The severe moods of Indian caste systems can be connected to this. Even un-touch-ablity, inauspicious human beings, etc. can be thus connected.

I have heard of Asian black magician claiming that White man can be immune to their endeavours. It need not be correct. Even if it is true, only White men having languages similar to English can be immune.

Now, what about an English child brought up in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi etc? Well, the white genes are not going to protect it. It is as vulnerable to the above-mentioned attacks as any other Asian child. To check this fact, any reader can talk to any English (White) person who had been brought up in the above-mentioned languages. I am not sure if they may have thought about it.

There is one book ‘Shadow of the moon’ written by Kaye, the author of ‘Jewel in the Crown’, I read in my childhood. In that book, the protagonist is an English girl brought up in Hindi among Hindi speaking Indian servants, and her vulnerability when she return to India. Her India is different from an average Englishman’s India of that time. I am not sure if the author(ess) is aware of the factors I have mentioned.

There is another book: ‘Gullian’ by Frank Yerb. This also I read in my childhood. Beautiful Gullian was looked after by an African servant women since childhood. They converse in some African lingo. Gullian has a double personality; one is very negative and dangerous. It is alluded to that the African women is practising voodoo on her. Actually, the voodoo is in the language of conversation and it is very powerful.

To a limited extend such themes as Apartheid, racism etc. can be connected to this theme. Yet, the racism in English nations needs a wider ambit of discussion. What happens in South Africa can be really connected. The fearful aversion of English colonialist towards close social interaction with the native population has one component from this; there are other components, also. Another place to see this is in the Middle East nations like Dubai, AbuDhabi and such, where there exists a very powerful, non-tangible caste like structure, with the English and the Americans existing in the top. That also has a definite link to the subject matter.
Now a theme from the Cyber world.

Due to my Physics background, I remember that to some extent that all motions can be defined by mathematical equations. Take a bullet. It is fired. Its motion can be described by a mathematical equation. Similarly, the bullet can be created by a software writings. It moves to hit a man. When it penetrates the man, the codes have to change to accommodate the tear in the flesh; for the man is also a creation of a software.

Now at a particular position of movement of the bullet, before it hits the man, the software codes does not allow it go forward. What happens? The bullet stops. The man is cloaked with a bulletproof vest created by the software.

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The Evil Eye and other effects

The parameters of my profession

I should not tarry much with the theme of negativity and should make haste to move on, for the themes that pulsate in my mind are much more complicated. Yet, I cannot leave it without saying something more about it.

I did think of writing on this theme two or three times, yet it requires a special mood, and a strange way of thinking to feel out the fine strands that I wish to illuminate. Moreover, since the idea is being developed with no other platform or foundation to get support from, at times, I do feel daunted that I have ever strived upon this endeavour.

One other problem that I face is that there are so many bits of ideas in my head, which are connected to this central theme, that I do not know where each should fit in; and where each should be connected to.

Another thing that I need to stress again is that the theme may oscillate between primary codes and secondary codes; the primary code part I have dealt in detail in my book.

The Social Well

I had mentioned that feudal language society might be arranged in the form of intersecting pyramids; some of which might even be fully encased in other ones. Yet, there is another feel to the social experience that needs to be explained.

The language codes can give a well-like effect to the persons in the society. That is, persons in the lower bottom of the language codes can be felt to be existing in the depths of the society. Any person from the higher parts of this well, if he or she happens to descend to the bottom levels, due to any particular catastrophic event in life (be it financial decline, social status decline, loss of professional status etc.) can then feel the powerful effect of being in the lower part of this ‘well’.

Now, the native English speaker may feel that this is an emotion (just an emotion, it would be contended) that is very well understandable. Yet, the truth is that this is not so. In a feudal language situation, the persons in the lower part of the well are connected to each other in very fierce level of language codes, which can really encase a person. And each person in the relative higher echelons of society are connected from the bottom not in a linear manner, but by powerful codes of respect.

These codes of respect are actually double-edged; in that the person who stands in the lower part, when he concedes the respect, is also acknowledging his own inferiority, inadequacy and lowliness.

Now here there is another phenomenon that is generated spontaneously. The person in the lower ring of the well strives to display strings of connection to the persons in the higher rings, to others around him. The more effectively he is able to display it, the more effective can be his own stature among the persons in the lower ring.

What are spontaneously generated is that certain symbolic scenes, certain loaded words and sentences and such other things become very powerful codes in this scenario. What I am trying to convey now is relatively simple to understand, and possibly a known thing. I can explain it by a simple scene: A man of not known social stature is standing on the roadside. Suddenly a vehicle carrying a very senior police official stops, and out of it comes out the senior police official. This official advances to the man on the side of the road and extends him his hand in a gesture of very close acquaintance. Now, this scene has been enacted right in front of many other persons of the lower ring. What then happens to the stature of the other person is really phenomenal. His stature rises spontaneously.

Now, is there anything of a very great discovery that I have related here? I do not think so. For it can be a common issue even in English nations. Yet, there is a difference in the feudal language nations. When the stature changes, there is a singular change in the words like ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘his’, ‘hers’, ‘for him’, ‘for her’, and even in the codes attached to the very name of the person. Even if, due to the extreme static nature of the social situation, there is no discernable change immediately, there will be a severe shake to the structure. Now, this is a phenomenon different from English; for in English, more or less, nothing can change; even though, there is an understanding that this person is powerfully connected.

Now, what is the difference is that the way this change of codes or the shake in the codes is conveyed through the social system. In a social system, where immense actions and inactions are connected to the power or rank of the codes, there is a change in everything.

Now what happens to a person who has been inadvertently thrust into the lower ring? His is in a maze of enforced codes that would seem to strangle his powers of all articulation. He is suddenly informed that all persons in the higher levels, where he himself had been a dweller, are out of bounds of common communication. For standing on the lower ring, all those around him will convey to him in very powerful, yet convincing manner that there are subordinations that has to be displayed to those in the higher ring.

Balloons and Millstones

From this discourse, I need to mention such terms as ‘balloons’ and ‘millstones’. In the example that I have given the senior police official is a sort of ‘balloon’. For this ‘balloon’ can given an upward push or pull to the person stuck in the lower ring.

At the same time, there is the opposite item; that is the ‘millstone’. There is a man who is striving to display his higher ring credentials to persons who are trying to measure him or his ring position. Suddenly one man of very explicit lower ring personality comes and addresses him with familiarity, in front of others. This is very understandable thing, even in English. Yet, in feudal language scenarios, this man has a very powerful ‘millstone’ like effect. Yet, it need not be a person; it can even be information connecting him to lower ring persons and social standing. It is a very powerful millstone, which can all spread through the social system.
What I have mentioned has a theme connected to ‘leadership’ also. Yet, it is a different theme, and only a very slight connection is alluded to here; I will clarify the issue from another side.

The Evil Eye

There is a theme of the evil eye in most cultures. In many feudal language cultures, it is a regular part of social understanding, and people do take steps to ward of its evil affects. I am not sure what the real character of this is, nor if it is a reality, on what mechanism does it work on.

Yet, from my language code understandings, I have come across something of very close similarity.

A person of higher standing suddenly has to live in a place where the lower class is residing (in a feudal language nation). Due to some upheavals in his life, he is in a tragic strait financially. He is unable to display his real social ring (level) to his newfound neighbours. These people live on the lower rings of the social well.

Now this man is enwrapped by lower level indicant words advanced by the lower level people. It is a very powerful and strangulating situation. Not because of the words, but by the fact that they are used by lower level persons.

Now, this man is again trying out endeavours that are really connected to his own natural social and financial level.

Yet, whatever he does gets conveyed in the local society in lower level indicant words. These words encase not only him, but also all his endeavours in the same millstone like lower level indicant words. These words give a snubbing not only to him, but also to all that he is doing. He will feel a strange phenomenon of all that he is doing failing and that even mechanical things malfunction.

At the same time, if this same man had been able to display some superior attributes in this new neighbourhood, in such a manner that he exists in a superior position there, a great amount of the negativity mentioned will not affect him; for he is then encased in superior level words. In some cases, he exists as a very superior person here that things move faster than usual.

This phenomenon is not of individual words creating powerful affects in themselves, but in the manner in which it gets conveyed in the society, and the web like powerful strings that it generates.

Generally, in nations like India, government employees and members of the officialdom always remain above this strangling hold of indicant words, for their have a powerful pedestal from where they can function.

The Links

Now, let me talk about personal connections in social, professional and familial relations. All these are connected by links or strings; these links are very clearly highlighted in feudal languages by very specific and powerful codes and sentences. So that every relationship has a link created in a very specific group of connected words, which is very much connected to status and relative position of each person in the relationship. Again, it must be mentioned that in English, the language is incapable of displaying such varying codes as the relative statures change.

I wanted to enter this theme again from the concept of ‘leadership’ and its components, yet I will give here a minor aspect of this theme. In feudal language relationships, each relationship like elder brother, elder sister, learned person, appreciated person, person of acknowledged wealth, of acknowledged social position, of acknowledged familial position, of acknowledged power and such are encoded in the words used to them and about them.

The same is the case of persons, who are on the opposite side; that of younger brother, younger sister, uneducated person, unappreciated person, person of acknowledged poverty, of acknowledged social insignificance, of acknowledged insignificance in family hierarchy and such.

Usually nothing much happens to these words; for person in authority, either by professional seniority, position inside the family and such other aspects, encode each person with a specific level of codes in words. It is a very placid scenario. All persons are tightly and securely connected in links of very specific distance and strengths.

The Wobbling effect

Yet, there will at times come persons of unstable disposition to occupy such positions of authority or seniority. It is a terrible situation. They, due to some insecurity in their own personality (most probably caused by some other language-code instability) tend to change the codes and words as per their momentary whim, either in an incoherent manner or deliberately. The effect on the others is like being pushed and pulled, as per the momentary changes in the other person’s whim and mood.

For each change in words and codes, changes the distances and the levels. Moreover, the others around who see or hear the words, also start seeing the distressed persons wobbling, and also see power being loaded and unloaded from them in a most erratic manner.

Now, what happens is that such persons, who are at the butt end of such erratic effect, may seem to be under some mental instability. For, they seem to be on some very slender or wavering mental stamina, and also on the verge of mental distress. Actually, the person who is really in a mentally instable condition would be the senior person; but this perception will not be there, for he or she is in a powerful position; and the weight of the negative suggestion will bear more on the person who is being manipulated by dynamically varying indicant words.

Now, this phenomenon can also be perceived in English also. Yet, from the words and codes in the feudal languages, the theme is very easy to study.

The Ladder

Now talking about relationships, there is need to understand the way all relationships are designed in a feudal language with the use of indicant words. For example, take the case of a family structure. Usually the indicant words create a sort of joint-family mood in all family relationships, even when the joint family concept has been abolished socially and by law.

There is the uncles, the aunts, the parents, the elders children, the younger children, their spouses, are all arranged in a definite ladder-like arrangement by indicant words. Each level is connected to the upper level by an indicant word of respect, and to the lower level by that of no-respect. Now, this is a very powerful arrangement. In that, every request by the senior becomes a sort of powerful command, which cannot be disregarded without creating a severe breakdown of the relationship ladder. This relationship ladder is really a very powerful negative force, when viewed from other relationships like that of husband-wife, and professional integrity, for this more or less overrides their requirements.

Now, what I want to tell is that if a particular person, say a female, does not concede to this strangling structure, and just insists that she be addressed with a respectful word by all, including her uncles and aunts, can simply be out of the ladder. That is, she cannot anymore exist on the ladder. Her position on this relationship becomes an impossibility.

Though this theme when I say it here may not seem of grave importance, actually it does have immense significance, which can be dealt with later.

External Links

Many sites are connected to ukresident website. Do the quality and reputation of those sites affect that of ukresident. For example, my website has a link to ukresident. Will my site’s reputation affect ukresident? Well, in social situations it does, when viewed from feudal languages. In English also, it can be proved to have a slight affect.
When my young daughter’s song videos were made for an English Learning Digital Book, one of them was placed on the web and a link was given from ukresident (a few years back). {Currently it is available on Youtube }

A few persons then came from ukresident and viewed it. At that time, ukresident was simply a debate site with very few members. The same link was given to a penpal of my daughter from Australia. Now, only a few members of ukresident and a child from Australia saw this song video. I did not put a link to this video to any other site or give it to any other person. Now, to whoever I give the link gets a connection to this video. At the same time, this video is standing in cyberspace (in some disk actually) without any external links exuding from it.

Actually, I did this to get a feel of an idea that was brewing in my mind. I did not give this particular link to any other sites or people.

This idea first sprouted in my mind when in New Delhi some years ago, I approached a five star hotel to get an advertisement for a publication that I was bringing out. The very affable marketing manager told me that giving an advertisement was not a problem, yet, as a five star hotel in India, he wanted to know the quality of the persons to whom this publication of mine would reach. He was very bland when he said that as it is in India, and as a five star hotel catering to corporate seniors and international visitors, the management did not want the advertisement to be in a publication that would be in the hand of the common crowd.

This dialogue contained a very vibrant understanding of the social structure and its associated issues, more or less accentuated by the indicant words in the feudal language. Every comment, derisive laughter, snide remarks and much else coming from the wrong level of crowd would be very, very unsettling. Whether it would affect a Five Star Hotel is a moot question; perhaps it would, at least at a minor level.

Now, to continue this understanding to a feudal language social situation, one man simply claiming that he is such and such a relative to such and such a person does have a terrible effect. For, the moment he claims to such a relationship, all words that connects them changes into very powerful codes that convey powerful social claims.

A person on the wrong level or ring claiming a relationship would be like be a repulsive creature hugging on to the body. It can be a very disgusting situation, for it can redesign a person’s social level, without he or she doing anything. It is like the video link. No link is there on the video, but external connections bring in a connection. Likewise, without this person making any claim, others can claim (post) links.

If the other person is a reputed person or a socially acknowledged person, the link that bears upon this person can bring in a singular level of power and social empowerment.

I hope to continue.

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The dynamic metre and the multidimensional

Going beyond the frontiers

Now I am thinking of really entering into the secondary codes area. Yet, before that, I would like to enlarge upon a minor phenomena connected to structured languages. It is not a great idea, but it definitely has a very encompassing effect on human functioning in such language-based societies.

The Petrol Metre

The idea is thus: Each man in the social set up is assigned a specific value by the society. Actually, it can be visualised in terms of numbers; may be in the virtual world that exists behind the material world, it may actually be defined in numbers.

When I explain the concept, the native English speaker would also say that it is something that a person from the English world can also understand, and also does make use of. Yet, there is a difference.

The bouncing

It is like this: A unknown man comes to an office in a feudal language area. Who is he? The query initiates. Without a specific answer, he becomes a jarring item in the social set up. He is not well-dressed person. The evaluation number comes to wobble between 20 and 23. Then someone says that though he is not well-dressed, actually he is from the next-town reputed and rich family. The evaluation number neatly jumps to 65 and about, again wobbling unsteadily, waiting the next input. Then someone says that though he is from the famous family, he is actually a black sheep over there and a sort of loafer, who has no value in the family. Then again, the number runs back to around 35 and around, again unsteady, waiting for some more inputs. Then comes the new information that even though he is a black sheep in the family, actually he is a very well learned person who has a following in his own genre of genius. Ah, again the number runs back to 70 and about. Then someone has the information that though he is currently looking like a vagabond, actually he is rich frequently. The number gets pushed to around 80. Then comes the information that he has serious moral defects. The number gets squeezed to around 20. Then comes the most powerful input. That whatever he is or he was, he is actually a very powerful person, who can literally move anyone in the office to any level of social heights or abyss by his sheer personal capacity and connections. The number simply shoots up to very near 100.

The difference

I am very much sure that the scenario mentioned here is not difficult for any reader to understand, even if he is a native English speaker. Yet, there is something about this scenario that the native English speaker who does not know feudal languages cannot understand. It is the presence of what I have denoted as ‘indicant words’ in the feudal languages.

Now before going ahead, may I redefine what I have described here as the ‘Petrol Metre’ phenomena. It is easy to visualise the movement of the numbers as the way the numbers move in the old version of the petrol metres in the Petrol Pumps (Gas Stations). The only difference is that the numbers move both ways, and comes to a dynamic equilibrium as the inputs cease coming. Yet, it is not a steady number that comes to rest, but one that is always wavering slightly, for the social evaluation fabric is a continuously shaking one.

Now as the numbers in the metre goes on changing, in the feudal language system, the indicant words connected to that person also goes not changing. When the numbers go up, higher-level words enwrap the persons and apt levels of links emanate from him and also to him. When the number goes down, the indicant word level goes down and links of that level emanate from him and to him. Now, it is important to understand that the links are also very much made of indicant words. Actually, all links are composed of a particular level or levels of indicant words. When I say links, you may currently understand them as simply the groups of connected words used for addressing and referring.

The unbreakable corridor

As I have mentioned earlier, it is this group of addressing and referring words that define a person in a feudal language society. Beyond that, it defines that person’s social level of functioning, allowable or appropriate level of displayable intelligence, physical poses, entrance to many places, level of assertiveness, possibility of being revered or beaten up and such. In many ways, it defines a sort of corridor in which the person is placed. This corridor is not an imagination; it is very real, and very powerful. No person, however physically or intellectually strong can break it, without breaking the system. If he tries, he becomes a havoc creator, an impertinent person, and a real nuisance, whatever be his intellectual capacity and moral standards

The perching and evaporation

Now what happens in the office room where this unknown person has entered? As the indicant words go on changing, one can literally feel the perching and evaporation of some aura like power on the physical presence of the stranger. It literally has a similar effect on all persons in the office. They also start feeling a sort of going up and down in front of this man. It is not really a psychological effect, but real changes in the codes in the virtual world that props up the external world.

It is the presence of indicant words that makes a plateau-language like English different from feudal languages.

Now that I have defined the ‘Petrol Metre’ phenomenon, I think I can go ahead on to the frontier areas of the virtual world of secondary codes.
The three-dimensional props and links

Facilitating detection

Every person in a feudal language world is actually propped up by many links which are actually codes connected to indicant words. Actually, in an English social system also this is true, but as I had mentioned in the earlier chapters on this theme, I cannot hope to study this phenomena from English, for, there the codes are in a very plain manner; that detection of the phenomena is not easy. Yet, from the feudal language codes, I can plainly see the sharp elevations, spikes, and gorges, so that I can easily study the phenomena; for these unevenness cause sharp disturbance in the virtual as well as material world, which can be detected and studied.

The others

Every person in a feudal language society is linked by indicant words to immense others in the society, including spouse, father, mother, children, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces, professional seniors, professional juniors, neighbours, friends, enemies, the public at large and much others. Now this link is by very specific indicant words, which create a web link structure, in which the person is more or less embedded. Actually, one can even say that this person is propped up by these words, in a specific position in society.

The free floating and levels of agony

In feudal language social systems, persons feel very much in a free-floating situation if they are not properly connected to others in the society. It is not a feeling of distress due to isolation; but a quite a different phenomena. When a person arrives in a new society, he or she makes haste to get embedded in the society at a particular level from where he can function comfortably. The problem comes when he or she is not able to get embedded in the correct level of prop up in the indicant words. (Actually, this is a continuous distress in feudal language societies, which creates a lot of mental agony and distress).

The safe haven

People who fail to arrive at the correct prop up level, go in for seclusion and become recluses. In many ways, the theme of going into forests to become a sanyasin can be seen as a method to denude oneself of the attire of immense prop up links made up by indicant words. If the virtual world secondary codes of a sanyasin can be seen, it will be seen that he is perfectly in isolation from these prop ups. It is a strange world, which can be quite disquieting for many persons who are not practising long years of penance and meditation. Yet, for the person practising extreme levels of meditation and spiritual focus, this can be a most ideal situation. For, it keeps him or her safe from the constant pulls, pushes and tangential shears of prop up codes.

The dimensions

For, the prop up codes are having powerful forces in them. Each word can pull and push, and even exert a twisting force on the person. Looking at the codes, one may be able to see that these codes in the form of links are extending in all direction. So that they are in a three dimensional atmosphere. Whether they are having more dimensions than three, I can’t say, for I don’t know. Moreover, whether the dimension of time is also there, I am not currently in a position to say. Yet, it is possible that time is also a powerful dimension.

The calculations

Now, let me continue to say that the force on the person from these links can be calculated if one clearly understands the scales and have proper gadgets. I do think that the sin, cos, tan and such components of these forces can be calculated, and the resultant effects calculated. I do not have much knowledge about three-dimensional trigonometry. Yet, the forces and their components do have significant effects on human psychology, social functioning, such phenomena as telepathy, mantra, meditation and much else. What emerges as the social personality and possibly physical personality is the resultant of the total effects of all these components. Mind you, this phenomena is not limited to its effect on single human beings, but has a more universal connection. That can be deliberated later.

A comparative study

Now, I want to do a comparison study of two persons who are placed in two different social levels in a feudal language society.

Consider a person who is a senior bureaucrat in a feudal language society. The links that props him up are of a superior kind. If the bureaucrat is in a stable condition, financially sound, his children all in good social and professional positions, his family life good, his wife from another equally sound family, his father and mother do not boss him, his uncles and aunts do not boss him, he is the eldest among his brothers and sisters. Moreover, he is good looking. Then all the propping links are powerful.

Now consider another person in the same feudal language society. He is a lower level menial worker. His wife is also a menial worker. She is from a similar family. His children are also poised to follow his footsteps. He is the youngest among his brothers and sisters. He is not very assertive, and socially diminutive. Well, it can be noticed that all his links can be of the lower level, even if he is intelligent inwardly.

The two stages

Now, when both virtual world secondary codes of both the persons are studied, it can be very clearly seen that that they are both propped up in two different levels. Actually, in the case of the second man, one can even say that he is not being propped up, but literally crushed down by the linking props.

Wherever these two persons go, they unconsciously carry their propping codes. It remains as an invisible part of them, not discernable materially, but actually a reality. Now, what each man is connected to, all gets infected or enwrapped by these codes. For example, the superior man gives a present to a relatively inferior man. This present carries a powerful code that gives it an aura of power. The big man gave it.

The holiness and the f**t

I will give a powerful example to illustrate the point. Once in a minor city in South India, in a Memorial building dedicated to a revered national figure, an employee there showed us a chair, which he mentioned in hushed whispers as the chair on which this revered man had sat when he had come there. His eyes seemed to pop out as he mentioned and looked with stupendous awe at the chair; a most ordinary one. The very name of this personage was cloaked in superior words, and it was mentioned with a statutory ‘ji’ attached. Yet, a bystander, to whom the name did not evoke much reverence and hence the superior words were not acceptable, was to remark in very disrespectful words that it could be the chair on which this man must have f**ted. I am sure the words are shocking to those who worship this man. Yet, I am also sure that the shock and dismay a fan of this man would have on hearing these words can convey the very effect I am trying to illustrate.

What I am trying to say here is that the virtual codes can get attached to many items which can come in contact with superior and inferior persons. Actually, everything is in this manner affecting each other. But, for the sake of study let us go at the pace of one item at a time.

Where one moves

Let me emphasis here that both the persons mentioned here are in more or less ideal conditions. Moreover, along with all the other factors mentioned, there is another defining factor; that of the society of other persons with whom this person moves socially. This also is a very powerful factor in adjusting the language words and codes that encase the person.

The amplitude of vibration

Beyond that it must be mentioned that in reality, most of the defining factors would be at continuously varying levels of superiority and inferiority. Generally, a superior man’s many features would be all connected to the superior side and the lower man’s features would be connected to the lower side. Yet, in a real life situation, many of these factors generally go on changing within a particular level of range, and thus the position that the props do lend is really in a dynamic equilibrium, resting within a small range of amplitude.

The negative value

Now, let us think of the lower man giving a present to the senior bureaucrat’s son. Other than the issue of there being affection, this present is entirely devoid of any powerful positive aura, that can bring in goodness. Yet, it can have another powerful negative aura connected to the lower man’s codes. Like when someone asks who gave this, the very words ‘He gave it’, can be of crippling effect. For, the word ‘he’ (indicant word) and its associated unseen links are also from the depths, which can have pulling force. One can have protection from the pulling powers of the forces from the depths, if one is attired in formidable armour of superior codes.

The positive value

What I am trying to convey here is the fact of even inanimate items gaining an aura. It is like seeing a military officer’s insignia on a person’s dress. Immediately there is a designing of the virtual codes to accommodate that fact, which spreads through the social system. The indicant words, the associated codes and the encrypted senses all change, and conveys powers through the system in association with that person. The same is the case in all similar social incidences.

The individual frame of reference

Now, going back to the props and links, it needs to be understood that they are all connected to other individuals, incidences, events, inanimate items, names, statues and much else. Yet, when we consider each person, we can take a relative frame of reference and see this person as the centre of codes and props connected him. When we view from each person, (or event, items etc.), we see him/her as a centre point and lots of codes and links emanating from him/her. Everything connected to him/her, has a relative connection to this person.

Moving between different pedestals

To make the situation clear, let me give this illustration.

One young man from a feeble social background in a feudal language society, gets a big management job in a corporate sector in India. His native society has no understanding about the grandeur of his job, or what a corporate sector is. When he arrives in his professional arena, he is a powerful personality, though young. Powerful prop ups keep him in an elevated position. Yet, when he reaches his native place, there is no one to introduce his grandeur to the local crowd. Let us imagine that due to some singular circumstance, he is not able to display his monetary capacity in his native village. Every single word uttered is in reference to his feeble social background. Here his complete prop up links and codes are of the lower level. Anything he says, gives, requests and such are absolutely devoid of any aura of power.

The absolute reframing

Now, what is happening in the virtual world of codes is that whenever he is moving from his professional place to his native place, he is de-linking his prop up codes and thus dislodging himself from an elevated pedestal and positioning himself in a different platform, which is in the abysmal depths. Even though from the material world one may not see the codes, the pedestal, and the platforms, the reality is that in the virtual world, this huge shifting of codes and links and positions are taking place. It is a reality, and very much observable scientifically.

The nefarious powers

From this, I would like to contemplate on what all things can create an affect on the prop ups, codes and pedestal. There are persons in particular positions who can bring in drastic changes in another person’s/event’s/objects prop ups. Many of them are persons who are themselves placed in superior pedestal by their professional or social superiority. It is like a person joining a private proprietor owned firm in India. The proprietor is in a position to bring in drastic changes to that persons complete levels of prop ups, inside the institution and thus possibly outside also, by just assigning him a particular level in the organisation and/or by assigning a definite level of indicant words in his regard.

There are also others placed in very inferior positions in society, who also can bring in drastic changes to another person’s prop up codes and links by themselves assigning him a particular level of indicant words. They can even create powerful negative affects by just telling others that he is related to them. He is very vulnerable to this, unless he himself has a very powerful and displayable social attribute.

Negative presences

Now, it can also be understood that there is actually no need to say anything; for persons in both powerful and also in very inferior positions can create similar affects with just their presence in a particular area displaying a particular relationship. Actually, there is something more to be said about this. Let me not digress now.

They can also create similar catastrophic affects by using their eyes in a particular manner. Or by just placing their hands in a particular manner, or by a particular pose, or smile or smirk or grin, laugh, fast movement, slow movement and much else.

What is then to be understood is that all these actions done by persons placed in specific areas in the three-dimensional virtual world space are also specific codes, with encrypted designs and forces.

Specific positions in the virtual world

When saying this, I need to state that all persons in relation to another person, are all having a relative yet specific position in the language, and hence in the virtual world. For example, a man’s wife in a feudal language will have a particular position relative to him. This specific position is defined by the powers in the various links that brings the position of the wife into a particular position. When the wife willingly stands in this position, the husband-wife relationship will be most cordial. If she does not allow herself to be positioned by the language codes, then there is bound to be either familial or social friction. This is just an example. To put it more candidly, a women who is conditioned by English living standards, may find it difficult to adjust to the position in the virtual space allowed by feudal language such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Cantonese etc.

This subject needs a wider inspection. Let me leave it at that for the time being.

Causing a tumbling

Now, there are so many things that can be used to upset the dynamic equilibrium of a person’s propped up position in the virtual world. Once it is tumbled down, everything connected to him can be made to tumble down.

The writing has extended too much. I may need to stop fast. So, let me say thus:

Tumbling or drastic changes or minor changes, or very focused attacks can be done if the theme is understood carefully. For example, a person standing at a nefarious relative position (to a particular person) in the virtual world can simply buy a thing and give it to a person connected to the other person and simply tell him: This is yours, and only for you.

The statement is simple and innocuous looking. Yet, in a particular setting, the given item can go along with the other person, and create deep havoc in many relationship, by just having the embedded code of ‘this is mine and only for me’. Actually, in the virtual world, this item is having a malicious code that is ripping off or at least seriously damaging the fibre of so many other links.

There is much more to be said about this. I need to conclude for the time being.

Now, let me just say something about the other level of this study.

Many years ago, I was in a metropolitan city. There was a young engineer seeking a job, who was staying in my room. He was a few years younger to me. Since he was having a lot of free time, he proposed teaching me some Pascal, which was then a popular computer language mainly meant for scientific use.

He started the class by stating that this language and all its definitions are fully man-made and thus, all logics inside it are functional only inside that particular language. I do not remember much about this language now, for it has been a long time, and the class did not proceed much.

Now, talking about the software on which this universe is made to function on, could it be that all our logics are functional only inside this universe. That is all mathematical theories and logics are functional only inside this universe. Or to put it more forcefully, that one plus one is two is true only inside this universe? That there can be other software where things can be true differently.

I hope to continue

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Manoeuvring the machinery

Beyond the curtain

Since I have been able to speak about the unseen strings and forces that bear upon human beings, and universal events, I think it is time for me to go into the deeper realms of this world. It would be quite right to say that this is an arena that does have much to do with the happenings of the real world, in ways and manners not really understood.

Limiting my contentions

Even though I should say that everything in this universe could be connected to this unseen world, I do not do so now; what I would propose now is that most of human attributes, emotions, emotional problems and much more can be understood and studied by having an idea of this world.

The relative frame of reference

Actually everyman is held on by these strings that position him in certain specific positions in a multi-dimensional space. Here the particular person can be visualised as being the centre; yet, it is only a relative position, which changes as per the changes in the frames of references; meaning that, each man be visualised as the centre, and all others in various positions in the space, relative to him. Naturally, a person’s position changes in accordance to who is the current person in perspective.

Links to attributes and reactions

Before going much beyond this level of contention, let me say that it is possible to define many aspects of human personality and social conditioning from the codes that I am expounding on. For example, one can see clearly the designs of national character, social character as well as personal character in them. Let me make a rather irking declamation here; just to catch the attention of the reader.

Codes of treachery and betrayal

When one sees through the Indian languages, one can see vividly a feature of treachery and betrayal etched in the language codes. What I have contended is really something of an unseemly kind. I refine my dialogue, for I do not know many of the Indian languages, yet, it is possible that many of them do have these features inherent in them. Maybe there are certain of them that do not have these features in them. Of them, I do not have information.

It has been said that orient has a definite undercurrent of treachery, backstabbing and of shifting loyalty as a very definite feature of national or geographical character. Yet, it is possible that some European languages also do have this feature; I do not have much information about them. It is very much possible that French (at least the earlier version) and German do have this feature; maybe some of the East European languages do have it. I cannot say for sure. One can ascertain it only by closely studying the inner codes in the languages.

Now, what is it that one has to look for? I will come back to it presently.

Codes of diabolism; not telepathy

In the preceding chapters of this writing, I had referred to evil eyes, negativity, negative affects, power perching, power fading, affect of looking at or being in the presence of inferiorly placed individuals, and much else. I have also alluded to events at far distances affecting a person, as in the case of fidelity, association and such things. In many ways, it may seem that I am talking about such things as clairvoyance, telepathy and such things. Actually, I am not thinking on those lines at all. The concept is totally different; may be one may at a later stage discern some level of connection or common machinery between them. Yet, at the moment what I am harping on is something that does not reach out to those levels of supernatural machinery. At the same time, the current subject is also somewhat supernatural, for what is being debated upon is not on items that can be seen or touched using our ordinary senses.


Look at this scenario: A non-descript man in a feudal language nation claims that he is a friend of the local district police officer. Immediately, the unseen lower indicant word codes that radiate from him and to him loosen up, and move away. A new string of higher indicant word codes come into position and connect to him. Though this is not a see-able item, it is possible to detect their presence in the personality, if he is not making efforts at hiding them; and in the ambience around.

Similarly, a person of socially dominant features is sitting in a place (in a feudal language nation) and relaxing. The people around him evaluate his visage, and are bend on assigning him a higher indicant value. Then the local street sweeper comes along and tells everyone that this man is his uncle. The higher indicant word codes and strings evaporate from the man. It has a very telling affect on the presence of the person, and his surroundings.

What is elucidated

Actually, this idea I have presented earlier; so what is the purpose of repeating them here? It is for the purpose of putting forward the idea that the indicant word codes work even at distances without the other persons in immediate presence around; that these codes are a reality, and has existence beyond the mere mental feelings created in the minds of the people in the vicinity.

The resultant

Yet, before embarking on this idea, I need to tell you that the total effect is the resultant of many powerful forces. Look at the theme of the non-descript man who is the uncle of the local sweeper. The relationship building words of the sweeper can encase him with a powerful negativity; yet, suppose the first man is actually a very powerful bureaucrat of the area; well then, the effect of the encasing negativity will be very, very low.

The gnawing from the distance

Now, think of a person who is in a faraway town from his native place. He is trying to connect to the higher beings in the new society. He is giving hints of his grand social connections in his native place. His close relationship to the higher bureaucrats, his friends who are highly placed in the corporate world and such inputs. The new society is viewing and measuring him. There are many powerfully placed persons around; and there are also persons who are lowly placed all around. They are all seeking bits of information by which to place him. The higher up are not too much bothered, they only want to place him in a particular position; the lower classes are more bothered, for they do not want to concede superiority if they can help it. The indicant word codes are really swinging wildly as newer perceptions are received. The man goes on building up powerful codes on to his personality.

Suddenly, the phone rings, and there on the phone is his close associate from his native town, who is an agricultural worker. Now in most areas of feudal language nations, an agricultural worker exists on the lowermost edges of the indicant word codes. This agricultural worker is talking to the man in the lowermost levels of the indicant words for ‘you’, which is also the same term for intimacy. The moment, the phone call is connected to the man, who is desperately trying to garner the higher indicant codes (to radiate from him and to him), the lower codes from the ‘cyber world’ strings on to him. Though they manoeuvre into position without being seen from the external world, they really do create havoc on what he is trying to achieve. Now, the total affect on him would depend on his other capabilities, which must erase the negative affects. Yet, the lowly placed persons all around him physically would easily detect it; especially, if he is not in immediate possession of displayable wealth and other powerful aspects.

Something of more substance

Now, what I have mentioned; is it only a mental (psychological) affect or something more? That is the moot question. My contention is that it is not a mere psychological affect, but something more, and with very real power and substance. It exists, as sure as one can say that that something is coming into one’s computer when one is downloading a file from the internet.

Back to betrayal

Now, let me go to the treachery, betrayal, and shifting loyalty issue in feudal languages. Actually, this is an area that comes back to the primary levels of the codes, in that one has to deal with the physical world.

This feature of certain languages need not be there in all feudal languages; it depends on the arrangement of certain words, and the presence of certain specific links. Let us take the case of a particular Indian language; it can be anyone, but I think the south Indian ones would be better. The affect is like this: There are many persons who get formal reverence from at least a few of the others in the society. This can usually be between employers and employees, man with money and those without, customer and business owner, leader and his follower, and such. In all these cases, the second mentioned persons speak out higher-level reverential words to the first person, in his presence. That is, the first person is mentioned with the higher indicant word for ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘his’, ‘hers’ etc. Moreover, the name of the first person is given a suffix of respect as much as possible. Yet, in many cases, the moment, the first person is not in the immediate vicinity, all these things disappear, and all terms can go down to the less respectful level or even of disrespectable level. (One neat exception is in the case of permanently placed bureaucrats).

How it works

Now, what has to be understood here is that when a man is placed in the level of respect, the inner codes that attach to him are of the most powerful level. Whatever he says or requests for, all come encased with a powerful command codes, that are very, very powerful. These links from this person to all others are like that of a claw-like hold that can compel obedience, and loyalty. What can be said about him is also limited to certain levels of themes. Yet, the moment, the words of respect are removed, and other inferior level codes shift into position, it is literally like denuding the personage of all his superior capacities and making him a mere mortal.

Every item of relationship, like sincerity, loyalty, need to be honest to, need to be punctual to, need to obey, need to exhibit absolute fidelity to, need to honour, limits on subjects that can be discussed about him, the need to cordon off negative information about him, and much else, simply vanish.

Connecting to leadership

Now, this situation can be extended to a particular situation: A follower of a particular leader has the habit of keeping companionship with certain persons who are inimical to that particular leader. What literally happens is that every time this follower moves with the inimical elements, and hears the mention of his own leader, it is equivalent to acknowledging the ineptitude of his leader. Moreover, when this follower mentions his own leaders, he would be only able to mention him in a level consistent to what the others around him allow; in most cases; (there are at least some intelligent followers who do not fall prey to this). When this is done, this follower is spontaneously squeezing out all powers that are in his own leader. No sensible leader of whatever kind in a feudal language nation, condones his followers action of moving with disrespectful persons.

If the secondary codes connected to this event can be seen, it would seen that when the follower is conversing with his leader’s enemies, actually his own leader is being erased of much power; the links and codes of the lower levels are radiated to him, and the powerful ones are being simply pushed out.

From history

Now, what I wanted to say on this factor from the primary level is that persons either show ambivalent attitudes of loyalty, or are forced to turn treacherous. Actually, there are immense incidences in history to exemplify this. {In my article on Robert Clive, I had written thus: Even Sirajulldaullah jumped on a horse and escaped. Yet, it need not be imagined that he was of timid disposition. Yet, he was a victim of the enormity of his social situation. That needs explanation and expansion. Later. Actually, this explanation was connected to this understanding: wherein his demeanour was at the mercy of the persons in his mother’s household). It is also a most natural incident in Indian social life. The only persons who exist above the dangerous features of this, are persons who are placed in very secure social positions like that of government employment or traditional wealth, or of immense financial security.

The encompassing medium

Now, when we view the same issue from the secondary levels, it can be visualised thus: The whole social environment is a sort of single mass of medium, in which the individuals are embedded with links emanating from them and to them. When there is a change in the forces on any or more of the links that exists as a web-like mass, there is a resultant shift of all items in the medium. It is like a square box 90% filled with marbles. Any change in the position of the square box, makes all the marbles to shift to a different position of equilibrium; wherein all links change their direction and component of force.

The focus: the human psyche

In today’s post, I am aiming to delve on the affect of the secondary code world on the human psyche. The pace is slow, I know, yet, I am helpless; for I am not writing from any source of reference.

Metamorphosis to leadership

Everyman in a feudal language secondary world is propped up into position by the links that surround him; and they convey an energy to his personality. A means of conveying this idea can be done thus: Any man can be converted into a leader, if there is any other person who comes into position as a follower. Thus a follower stands in a particular position in the secondary world, and props the other man to leadership.

The vantage position of the wife; and the void

Now, a person who can convey this leadership is the very common person called ‘wife’. A wife, if she stands in a very definite position in the language code, can propel even a most incapable man to tremendous levels of leadership power; (actually, in feudal languages, most wives simply shy away from this glorious responsibility, and heed to external negative inputs with regard to their powerless husbands). Now, suppose a person’s wife does not listen to him; instead listens to her father, mother, uncle, aunt, cousin, nephew, niece, her in-laws or her paramour etc. much to the chagrin of her own husband. Now, what she has literally done is make a very deep void in the very position from which a very powerful prop should have extended to the husband.

Now, even if the husband’s plight is not known outside, wherever he moves, he is actually carrying the unseen void along. It will reflect on is personality, his abilities, and his potential. In many ways, this issue is directly connected to the story I mentioned in an earlier chapter about the story from a seafaring community.

The very thinking and the very seeing

Now, let me tell you of the affect of thoughts, sights, and words; the very thinking, seeing and hearing. Imagine a man in a feudal language society marries a woman from a lower class social section. Actually, the term ‘lower class’ is a very relative one. For, if one moves through any class, of whatever depth or elevation, it is very much evident that inside them are steep social setups. Thus, even in an Indian slum, there are persons who are literally very highly placed inside the setup. They are more comfortable inside that setup and really fear the removal of the slum, if the same social elevation for them is not transferred to the new slum-renovated social setup.

The dislodging and the replacement

Now in the sample theme, this man marries a woman who is from the lower social setup; but at the same time, from a higher family in the lower social setup. Here one social issue is that there will be many levels of persons who this family views as higher ups, who are actually lower class persons from a higher social setup perspective. For example, a police constable is a high man in a low-level society, while from the perspective of a deputy district official and the Indian Police Service class level it is a very low job. Now, if the woman is from a class that reveres a constable or police inspector, this mood exists inside her as a social conditioning; (this is also connected to certain word codes). She marries into the class where the constable is a lowly creature.

When a constable comes to meet her husband, the social set-up (and the secondary codes) ensures that he displays reverence to her husband. When the constable meets her also, a similar mood is ensured, if she is on a mental place in-sync with that of her husband.

Now, it happens that one day her mind is dwelling in her parental family area; where she is a person below a constable. The secondary codes that now links to her and emanate from her are all of the lower kind, in comparison with what she is encased in, with when her thoughts are in connection to that of her husband’s social level. At this very moment, a constable accosts her. The secondary codes surrounding her are very much evident to her constable and his behaviour to her is as he would behave to a lowly person. Along with this, her own instinctive attitude would be that of obsequiousness to the constable.

Now, I am not sure how the modern psychologists would explain this; may be they would connect it to a concept they might call mental conditioning. What I am proposing here is that there is a real dislodging of certain links and structural frameworks and the positioning of new links and structural framework into the vacant slots.

The machinery of negativity

Now, here it is seen that mere thoughts have acted as powerful negative inputs, which can severely replace or restructure social and public functioning.

The same effect can be induced by the mere placing of photos bearing links to negative arenas in one’s life in places, in strategic positions, from where they enter into one’s thoughts.

Words, information, lowly standard subjects etc. all encoded to deliver negative links can also do the same work.

The mental affects

Many persons can detect or feel the changes in one’s own secondary codes or what one can call the codes in the virtual world that exists behind the curtain. For example, a man who is of formidable social bearing is feeling the collapse of certain prop ups in the secondary code world due to the lower level association of his wife; by the hearing of certain words by third persons that axe down his propping codes; by the presence of certain persons who have the capability by their very presence to rearrange the social structure (by shifting the secondary link codes); can display acute actions of mental trauma; or he would be seen reacting to unseen signals. If the others in the immediate vicinity cannot understand the theme mentioned, the diagnosis would be of some level of mental disorder; the real reasons may lie in the virtual world where the prop-up links are being preyed upon.

Persons who dismantle the links

With regard to the issue of certain persons who have the capability to rearrange the social link structure by their very presence physically, or invisibly, I need to say more; but I feel that today’s words have reached endurance limit. This theme requires a bit more inputs.

I think for today, this much writing is enough. Before closing, I need to say that recently I reread my post ‘When the Princess died’. It had these words: The fact that she came from not ‘really’ the royalty, and was more of a commoner, could naturally bring in a lot of negativity, into a level, that can at best be described as the ‘cyber level’. I wouldn’t debate on this theme here. I am impressed that I did use the word ‘cyber level’ in that article, which I wrote in April 14th 2004.

The real codes

Before concluding, may I first remind the reader that there is still the issue of the real lines in the codes that do the command work? What is it made up of and what is its language? I do not know as of now how to approach it.

Thoughts from the far perspectives

Item One

Then there is something else that I need to allude to. I had mentioned in the earlier chapters of this write-up that nature as well as creatures including us, may be created by as well as working on software (the machinery as well as the software that runs them). Well then, if it is so, then there needs to be time to do periodic scanning to remove errors that creep in. If so, the time of sleep hours might be doing just that; scanning. In which case, long hours of sleep deprivation can accumulate errors in the program, and lead to hanging up of the system or involuntary shutdown.

Item Two

Another query that I have is whether software does have mass or weight. When my new laptop was bought, it was practically empty other than for the Operating System and application software. Later, it became full of heavy files. Did it increase the weight? What is the software that loads? Do the lines have mass, or do they simply rearrange the internal structure of the hard disk? If so, do the rearranging of the internal structure hard disk, glue in some energy or mass into the hard disk?

I hope to continue.
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Strings in the marital system

The expanse

When I scramble through minor areas, they suddenly expand and magnify, in certain ways similar to Google maps that can be made to expand each miniscule area. In my last post, I did mention about the props that should or would spring out from a wife. When I thought about this theme, I discerned a lot of jumbled up themes deep inside, all of which can be magnified and the varying intertwined strands taken up for closer inspection.

The concealed discrepancy

Actually I was seeking a means to illuminate a definite idea about the existence of specific designs in language codes that can create extremely pre-defined relationships, patterns of behaviour, varying layers of social existence and such else. Actually, it is easy to delineate on this theme, if I simply say a few words on Indian marital life. The designs are there, very obvious; yet, the problem is that what I discern in Indian marital system is not what is the commonly accepted view about the Indian marital system. In many ways, it is contradictory to popular view.

The scholarly view, and also the popular

The popular and even scholarly view about Indian marriage relationship might be of very strong husband-wife relationship, based on extreme levels of fidelity. Even though the concept of joint family system is there, the newer concept of nuclear families, in which the husband is the head of the family with the wife supporting him is believed to be the truth.

This view is completely erroneous and even if in existence, may be confined to a very small percentage of the population. So, I am forced to write more on this theme, and can connect the whole theme to the concept of language codes.

The tug of war

Actually the modern Indian family system is a competition between matriarchal and patriarchal claims on the nuclear family being formed by the husband and wife. This dialogue may seem scholarly and unclear due to the presence of terminology. By matriarchal, I mean the claims of the wife’s family members, such as her father, mother, sister, brother, sister in law, brother in law, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew and such others. By patriarchal, I mean the similar claims on the family from the husbands’ family side.

The concept of being man and woman, and its limitations

Now, even though in an English concept, a man marries a woman who he wants as his woman and a woman marries a man, who she wants as her man; in the Indian concept, it is not so easy. Actually, in India also, the man is marrying the woman for similar ends; yet, the language codes that come into play severely changes the complexion of things. What comes into play depends on the quality of the codes that is being put into practise. In certain areas, the daughter’s husband is seen as a person who has to be placed on the pedestal of respect. In most other areas, especially in areas where English has not illuminated the beings, the husband is a person who the large family has lured into servitude using the girl as bait.

The shifting position and aura

How this happens is that the moment a man marries a woman, her family members in the various levels of the family structure, changes the words and usages in regard to him. The father, the mother, the various uncles & aunts, and other seniors in the family start using the lower levels of the words ‘You’, ‘He’ and ‘His’ and such other things. It is a very powerful change; in that, it places the new entrant in a specific place in the sleazy command structure, from where he can be manipulated as per the will of the higher place individuals. The gravity of the sordid tragedy of the occasion depends on the quality of the persons involved.

Similarly, the woman, the moment she marries a man, she is not just his woman, but a person placed in a particular position in the huge web-like structure of the strangling family links. It is a situation, wherein there is no other go, as each communication sentence enforces the position. It is not possible to escape it, other than by means of breaking down the family structure. The other means would be to not comprehend the language; which naturally cannot be conscious decision, but only a natural attribute in most cases.
The serving class

Now, that is only a part of the issue. The other part is that in the Indian language system, the sons and daughters are actually a sort of serving class of the parents, and to some extend of the uncles and aunts and other senior members. The words ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘his’, ‘her’ and much else are designed at the same level as that of servants. These are also the words of intimacy; all types of intimacy; even the intimacy that the master feels for his servants. Now, does anyone feel the trauma of servitude in this structure? Not many would feel any distress. It is like the fact that we all do have the weight of the miles and miles of atmospheric air thrusting on our heads; yet, we are so used to it since our birth, that we seldom feel it. Yet, a person who has lived in a no-atmospheric pressure area and became accustomed to its lightness, if suddenly brought into our physical world would feel the tremendous weight bearing on him.

The power of conditioning

In similar manner, the sons and daughters do not feel anything awkward about the whole arrangement and design pattern. They get to know the paths of their communication structure, and the varying levels of command routes that come through simple words. Beyond that they also build up varying levels of positions from where they also get the command over many others in the family structure. If anyone asks them if they feel any level of control or lack of freedom, they would be amazed that such a question has even been asked.

The freedom of the shackled

Once a girl told me that there was no problem of any social freedom for her. She goes to her college and comes home. She stays at home and goes in the morning holding her books pressed to her bosom, walks with her head bent, talks to her acquaintances, stands among the coy girls; in the bus, the conductors are rude to the students, yet, she does not have much problems as she keeps to herself. She uses words of respect to certain others, and they in turn keep her in a particular position by a particular level of positioning indicant words. Beyond that she, despite her overall subordinate demeanour, has many younger as well as socially inferior persons who she can successfully keep at subordinate levels by the use of the appropriate words. In this position, she is a powerful person, with a strangling personality. Yet, there is essentially no complaint; it is a matter of each person on the lookout for others to strangle.

Yet, seeing the whole procedure from outside the stranglehold of these relationships, one can discern a most sordid enslaving mentality, wherein each person is placed in solid containers of dominance and slavery. They have learnt to live by it, and may even be in distress if their containers are broken open and they get the first feel of actual freedom.

The feel of freedom is not the theme here. The focus of this chapter is on the designs that carve the familial structure.

The weird repositioning

When the marriage takes place, the codes of communication assert themselves and everyone involved gets attached by varying levels of the words, such as ‘you, he, she, his, her’ etc. and by many levels of suffices to names such as elder brother, elder sister and such; and also by the need to use and the need to not use it. It is a very weird world, when looked upon from English; yet, for a person born into it, it is a most natural one; and there would be many who would not be able to believe that there is any place on earth where this is not the way of social and familial arrangement.
The props to the leaderships

Now, one thing has to be repeated here. That is the concept of leadership. The children are essentially beings that exist at the level of followers that create the capacity of leadership in their parents. When a girl is marrying another man, she is actually absenting herself from her position of being a follower of her parents, and moving into another arena, wherein she has to add leadership to her husband, and to many others in her husband’s family.

In many ways, it can be a distressing situation. Yet, it can also be not distressing, if the marriage is done with deliberate care, wherein the girl’s family benefits from the new connections, and extended levels of leadership and also of being followers to many new persons. It is a most interesting give and take situation.

Removing the prop

Now take the case of the affect being distressing. When a man marries a girl, it is wise to take here away far from her own family. For the girl’s family is not going to easily give up one of their props that lend leadership to them. The leadership is contained in the words such as you, she, her etc. all used in the lower indicant level. The husband is actually removing a particular post in the cyber world, so that all these links and strings that extend to this post are orphaned.

Yet, in normal conditions it is not easy to remove the wife’s family’s leadership. For, the husband himself has also become one of the followers in their leadership links. His wife’s father, mother, elder brother, aunt, uncle all would talk to him. If he is not of powerful social standings, then all their words and sentences are practically commands; for they come through the link of lower level indicant words.

Leadership in a nuclear family

Now, where does the actual leadership in the husband-wife nuclear family be? I must digress here to mention that many men find it very distracting when faced with this question. They are uncomfortable when they say that it should be with the husband. Actually, this is a very complicated question that deserves a detailed answer. I wouldn’t go into that here.

Here I would simply say that the leadership in a nuclear family should be within the area between the husband and the wife. That is, the wife’s leader is her husband, and the husband’s leader should be his wife, as far as family matters are concerned.

The competing leaderships

Now, what happens in the typical Indian feudal language encoded family structure? The wife has come out of a particular level in her own family structure. The husband technically has also done likewise. Yet, the reality is that wife now bears two leadership other than that of her husband’s. That to her own ancestral family’s as well as her husband’s ancestral family.

When her husband tells her to do something, and this request is countermanded by the husband’s own family members like his father, mother, uncle etc. it is a very dangerous situation. For they also stand on very powerful pedestals in the language code, very near in levels to that of her husband’s.

What she heeds to basically depends on how assertive and powerful (including financial acumen) her husband is, inside his own ancestral family. This decides as to who wins: her husband or his ancestral family members.

The intransigent man; or an intransigent woman

Then there is the command that comes through the dialogues of her own father, mother, uncle etc. There may be chances wherein they find it difficult to position her husband in a particular position in the family feudal hierarchy. If that become so, then they are in an uncomfortable position. This man is a most unfit person, and then there is real competition between them and the husband on the question of who is the leader of the wife.

All these ideas are from the primary language code arena. I could have avoided the whole writing if these ideas were well known. Now let me connect this concept to the secondary code area.

Husband-wife unit

The husband tells the wife cordially not to go to a particular family function. Even though one may see it only as a conversation, actually what is in action is the assertion of a particular link and string structure in the cyber world that exist behind the material world. In this world, the husband and this wife are connected in a mutually adjusting link and string system. Others are outside and their command and control of this unit is minimal.

The cordial commands and the hacking

After some time, the phone rings, and the wife’s uncle is on the line. He tells her cordially that she should go and attend the function. Here again the spoken words are cordial; yet, they also contain the codes of command; for the lower level indicant words are spoken. Not necessarily command, but instructions which can be only conceded to; they do not entertain any other route of action; other than through impertinence. In the code definition area, each word has a particular level of definition that defines its power, both relative as well as absolute. Here the words are powerful and have real force; it is a relative situation.

Now, the entity identified as the husband-wife unit is being hacked by another unit, which has its own structure, hierarchy, command route and leadership strings; all these are different and inconsistent with that of what is inside the husband-wife unit.

Now, which command is the wife going to heed? It can depend on many factors, like the husband’s financial independence, assertiveness, and much else. Actually, the factor of affection that the wife has for the husband may easily be overwhelmed by other factors.

Now, the wife heeds the words of her husband. In the cyber world, from where the codes are being made and unmade, the husband-wife unit stand intact.

Or let us say, the wife heeds her uncle’s words. Well then, in the cyber world that stands behind the scenes, the hacking unit has encroached into the husband-wife unit. The entity that is the wife has been repositioned within the bounds of the hierarchical strings of codes that define her ancestral family. It can be a temporary hacking and within no time, the husband-wife unit may be able to repair the damage. If the husband and wife are both intelligent, they may be able to forestall future hacking attempts, with appropriate firewalls.

Now, what is happening in the cyber world is an absolute rearrangement of codes; if this continues and recurs frequently, it can damage the essential energy that encases the family unit termed husband-wife. It can portend dangerous events for the family.

Now, when native English readers see this writing, they may try to envisage the events from their own lives and experiences. They will only reach erroneous levels of understandings. For, their thought processes cannot go through the weird codes called indicant words. (Yet, in the English world also, there are strings, though without the character of indicant word codes).

The pull and push

Now there are other sides to this issue. For example, there is the other issue of relative social status of the different families. When an uncle of the wife is from a lower (or higher) class, and is able to take command of the wife from outside, through the access made possible by the indicant words, it adds another dimension to the shear in the husband-wife unit in the cyber space.

The features of these issues can also include the factor of wife actually heeding to her uncle’s instructions, but at the same time not informing the husband as to what she has done; or even telling a lie in this regard. All these actions do bring in very powerful shifts in the indicant word code strings. Well, to put it frankly, in non-feudal language situations also, there is shear in the system; but the sharp effects can be discerned more through the feudal language system study.

Envisaging a line; and also other lines

Now, I have mentioned the usage ‘lower class’. This term itself would require a bit of elucidation to comprehend what it is supposed to mean in a feudal language system. Imagine the social classes as represented by a straight line. That is the left end of the line represents the lowest class, and as one moves towards the right, the classes of relative superiority comes in. Now, the problem with feudal language systems as found in India is that each point in the line also has a perpendicular line exuding from it. That is at point A, a line is seen standing perpendicular to the line at that point. What does it represent? It is actually the arrangement of the various persons of that class with a particular hierarchy amongst themselves. Now, the issue here is made more complicated by the fact that each such point A, can have more than one perpendicular line exuding from that point.

Each such line can represent different hierarchies based on different units; such as age, relative financial capacity, gender, education, physical attributes, access to centres of power and such. It need not be understood that the lines are coinciding. They can have different direction coefficient. Now, a person at point A can have different levels in the different perpendicular lines. So his affect on so many other entities in the cyber world will depend on the various trigonometric components that come into play at various interactions.

A personal aura

Beyond that it needs mention that there is a mental aura a person carries with him. This aura is really connected to his actual position in the left to right line. At any particular social scene, what the aura he protrudes is directly connected to that particular position and also to the position he has in one of the perpendicular lines that currently is taken into account. Now, it needs mention that there are persons who carry an aura that is not consistent with their obvious or current social standing. It can be higher or lower that what is seen to outsiders. It is something that is encasing mainly through his/her own personal belief on what or who he is /capacity/intellectual calibre/family ancestry/connections/professional group/education etc.

Neutralising the aura

Here I may take a slight detour and speak about the theme of two persons of wildly differing positions on the line and as well on the perpendicular lines, partner for something. Before going ahead, I need to stress again that the effects here are purely from the feudal language world, and its exact parallels may not be there is plateau-like languages like English. The best example may be husband and wife partnership; but then other partnerships like that of business partnership etc. may also suffice for the purpose of study.

Think of a husband and wife from this type of highly different linear and perpendicular 3 dimensional position-difference going to a new place for striving to improve themselves in society. If either of them mentally leaves the encumbrance of his or her native 3-dimensional position, and strive to arrive by all mental stamina at his or her partner’s 3-dimensional position, then it is s a powerful unity; one that can bring in a unification of energy, that can possibly produce result of manifold power. At the same time, if both of them stand in their own native 3-dimensional position and aim to tackle worldly problems, it is a sort of neutralisation of each other’s power and capacity, leading to a nullification of the complete struggle to achieve success.

How to explain this in pure material terms? Suppose the husband has a mental demeanour that makes him feel that he is on the upper planes of social communication. At the same time, the wife is continuously keeping a contact with her lower class, yet high-level-on-the-perpendicular-line family members.

The essential requirement

The husband and wife are functioning in a far away place. Whenever the husband is striving to arrive at a level of equality with a particular class of persons, there is the gnawing in the cyber world by the strings from the wife’s mental class. Actually what might happen in reality is that he is bound up by block when he strives to enter his own class, possibly put up by characters from the lower class. A sort of lower class aura may also hover on him, visible mainly to the discriminating lower classes. The issue here is not one imaginable in English. For, each class can use a particular level of words to and about others. To use a word or sentence of equality with a particular higher class requires a certain amount of inner aura, if other physical attributes are not immediately available.

Outside intrusion

Now coming back to the husband-wife unit in the cyber space, any outside intrusion from any other person, will affect with a force which is a resultant of various such bits of influences. To make the theme clear, I will simply say that at times, it is not easy to compare a person’s social power by just looking at his position on the left to right line; but one has to also see that person’s relative position in the perpendicular lines; the place where the action is taking place, and which type of perpendicular line has to be taken into cognizance.

The questionable powers

Now coming into the husband-wife unit, the power that comes through the words is tremendous. Actually, the matriarchal system of family system that existed in India till about the 1960s is a stark example of the powers in the words. In many ways, it gave a strangling hold over others in the joint family to the Great Uncle. Along with him, the women also had strangling powers, to the extent of being able to put their husbands in singular plights. In certain castes, the Great Uncle could decide on who should sleep with a particular woman, even if she is lawfully wed to another man. These castes were not from the lower levels, but from reasonably sound levels.

The deviant pleasures

In certain cases, when the Brahmans and other persons of temporal or spiritual powers came visiting, the woman could be persuaded to sleep with them. It is true that in certain cases, the husbands themselves took pride in persuading their wives to entertain themselves thus. The pleasure thus derived by the husbands is also connected to another part of the feudal language codes.

Sidelining the husband

Now, what happens to a husband who does not listen to his wife’s Grand Uncle’s or his cortege’s dictates? Well, his wife can be very politely told to keep away from him. Such is the overriding power that dwells in the words spoken by the seniors in the wife’s family.

That is past history; does it have any value in modern times? Well, it should be answered in the affirmative. Yet, there are parameters to be defined. If the husband is powerful, has money, has social support and such else, wife’s family may not try to assert control and command. Yet, if he is seen as powerless, then there is no feeling that it is another man’s wife. They simply come in, with powerful indicant words to strangle the husband to submission or have his wife simply disobey him. She can even be encouraged to lend connubial, not necessarily sexual, pleasures to other men; just to spite the rightful husband; who has taken an un-obliging stance.

Explaining the power of gestures

This assertion needs explanation. In feudal languages, even a simple gesture can have powerful meanings, and conveying of leadership or authority. For example, a simple gesture of getting up when another man comes in has a meaning of acknowledging his supremacy. It is not to be confused by the English gesture of affable respect. In the English environment, this gesture can not have the powerful issues, this gesture can have in a feudal language environment. For example, a seeing of this gesture by others can convey the powerful change of words among all others. This theme is connected to another part of this deliberation; and I shall not go further here.

Erasing the parameters

Now, there is another extension to this issue. In the feudal language society, a wife has to definitely move with certain social parameters. Otherwise it creates deep fissures in the system. Actually everyone in the system is having certain parameters within which to function, and move around. Not only the servants, even the masters are also under this design. Now, the wife also has a particular path of functioning. This design of this path is not a creation of the husband, but by the language, with its varying indicant words, and usages. Everyone participates in this; the wife herself, the husband, his family members, the wife’s family members, neighbours etc.

Now, if the husband takes an attitude of trying to freeing himself from the positioning done by his wife’s family members, then there takes place another thing. The wife’s family members also refrain from the positioning of his wife in definite parameters. Now, when string is cut, the web-like positioning of the wife and husband and everyone else change. The wife’s path itself is changed. If the wife is not of very grand affection to her husband, there would be very visible change in her demeanour to her husband. Beyond that, if the wife family members actively use words that discourage the respect for her husband, then he is practically done for.

Why I went beyond the brief

I seem to have written a lot on things that should really fit into the realm of sociology, rather than language study. Yet, I wanted to only describe a few factors on how the codes and virtual world web that they create and control, functions.

The strings that gets conveyed through phones

Here I need to input a word on phones; may be on mobile phones. Phones are gadgets that can bring close proximity between huge physical distances. Actually they do much more than that. They can literally make huge changes in the virtual world codes. For example, a wife and husband are in a tight-knit husband-wife unit. They are conversing and the leadership of that family is somewhere between them. Suddenly the phone rings, and the wife’s kinfolk of prominence in the family is at the other end. He can literally encase the wife with the powerful hierarchal command structure of the wife’s ancestral family. It is a strange phenomena, in that no physical member of that family is nearby. Similarly, a wife is moving somewhere heeding to some decisions made by her and her husband. Suddenly, the mobile phone rings, and her leadership is forcibly shifted to another corner of the world.

What I say here may seem silly and of not much concern. Yet, it is a very powerful thing. I can take up this point to illuminate on the factor of nepotism and favouritism in Indian bureaucracy. But it is a different subject and far removed from the focus of today’s write-up.

Insides of a very feudal language

I think I must not go much beyond, for the words have again run into huge numbers. Yet before concluding, I think I should give one example of what changes a slight change in words can create on human behaviour pattern. Here I need to go into the inner side of the South Indian language of Malayalam, a very feudal language.

This is the language of a minor strip of land that exists on the southern end of India, on the western side. The state is so small that one can go from the left to the right side in a matter of just three hours, by a motor vehicle. Yet, it is a state which has built up a lot of media-built hype, which the locals believe earnestly.

The differences

In this small state, as one moves from north to south the dialect changes. Actually, in the British period, the north was a part of the Madras state, which no longer exists. The local dialect of this place was Malayalam, but it was of so much difference from standard Malayalam that the persons from the southern parts could not practically understand it. Yet, it recent times, with the standardisation of language, the whole state speaks more or less the same language, with slight variations.

Defining the female aura

In this language, the word She comes in a number of forms: In north Kerala it arranges as Avar and Aval. Avar is a very high level, supremely respectful form, while Aval is a low respect, lower down word. At the same time, for the male, the word He is in three levels of respect: Avan, Ayaal, and Avar.

(Actually, in Malabar, the actual pronunciation of these words do change according to the cultural background and education of the person speaking it).

Now, in south Kerala, especially in the Christian belt area, the word She is not just two extremes, but a series of words which do not exist in extreme level of difference to each other in respect. They do include such words as ‘Pulli, Pullikkari, Ayaal’ etc.

Now, it is my observation that in the south especially in the Christian belt, the females do move around with more freedom; being not shacked by a lower level word of ‘Aval’. Even if they do move from a level of no respect to that of respect, the change in the words is gradual and not very abrupt, other than in the case of bureaucrats.

At the same time, in Malabar, the ordinary females are all Aval (Oal); it is a socially crippling words, especially when the society at large uses it. Such females move with meek coyness, controlling a very sizzling urge to burst out.

The sudden metamorphosis

Suddenly one of the Oals (Aval) get a job of a teacher or some other socially powerful position. She immediately changes into an Avar. The change in demeanour is very remarkable. From a very wrinkled up or shy personality, the female seems to emerge as a powerful overriding individual. She turns very courageous, can brook no restraints, and all social boundaries move farther away.

The tumbling of equilibrium

Actually, there is a factor equilibrium being broken here. This woman’s husband may be just a Avan; and she has moved to an Avar. The wife would find it very distressing to move around with the husband. In some cases, the husband would be an Ayaal. Even then the wife is now much above him. For, the male has to cross three steps to reach her level.

A perverted liberation

Some persons have seen in this remarkable, yet demonic change in the female, a sort of liberation as akin to female assertiveness in English nations. Yet, the truth is that what has been achieved by the female here has nothing to do with the personality of the English female. In reality, it is a more powerful negation of the English personality that has come about.

It definitely has been a long writing. Yet, I hope the reader can see some features of the inner codes that I have being trying to write about.

Now to the other side

Now, let me talk about the other part of the discussion: In my last post, I did mention about the software and did put in the question as to what it was composed of.

Well, software as it comes into the computer does not have a material body. It is just electrical pulses, conveying the concept of presence and absence; signified by the numbers 1 and 0. I do not know much about this language. Yet, it is known to me that even a single alphabet A is actually made up a number of such binary numbers. A specific word comes with an immensity of such binary bits.

Similarly, would it be too much, if I do suggest that human words do also carry some kind of machine language behind it? (The word behind also needs clarification). And that, indicant words do carry the essence of differing levels of some energy, voltage, or numbers attached to it? And does this energy/voltage/number not affect the whole medium; and any change elsewhere can affect all else?

Clarifying the word

I have mentioned the world behind. I remember a computer engineer (actually a graduate engineer) in Delhi in 1999, symbolising the placing of my website on the Web by gesturing his hands in a throwing pose skywards (towards the sky). Actually the Internet and WebPages are not in any upper stratum of the atmosphere or outer space. Likewise one gestures towards the skies when mentioning the heavens. It is a known fact that there is no heaven in the outer space.

As for the Internet, it is actually in some Hard Disk in some server computer, somewhere. Not inside the computer or behind its monitor. As to the heavens, it is definitely not in the sky, but can be somewhere outside the universe, as one can imaging a computer operator sitting in a place outside the computer cyberspace. Likewise, the behind that I mentioned only signifies the other place well outside the interiors of our material universe, where there the codes are arranged and manoeuvred.

I also need to mention that all the lines, strings, left-right line, perpendicular line etc. can be just imaginary concepts, with the same significance as of the equator and other geographical lines on the globe. They help in dealing with more complicated factors.

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The codes that control

It has been a long time since I wrote my continuing series on Language Codes. I have no time to read again, what all I have already written. However, I do have a vague remembrance of the contents that have come out so far. Time has been scarce. But then, I have to somehow squeeze out a bit of time for this writing also. Otherwise, they shall remain forever like strings that eternally await attachment.

I think that in this chapter I should go singularly into the world of secondary codes. It means that I have to come up with a bit weird proposition.

A ware that refined my thoughts

Before embarking on this, let me say that I got to understand about the term software only around the year 1998. I had heard this term much, but then only when I started using computers and then got fantastically interested in them, that I really got a very rare insight on them. When I started understanding the ways and manners of software, I discerned that in understanding them, my own insights on languages and their effects can be extended.

Life force as the software

It is like this. A few hundred years ago, Samuel Hahnemann proposed the concepts of Homeopathy. As per his contentions, living beings have something called ‘life force’ inside them. The errors/damage in this life force is what causes disease. Now, let me say that I do not know much about homeopathy, other than rudimentary details. I am not sure whether modern practitioners of homeopathy would agree to my understandings on homeopathy. Maybe they will, or they may not. It does not matter.
Now, it is my contention is that what Hahnemann stumbled upon as ‘life force’ is the software the runs life. Off course, the term software was not there in those times.

Science baffled

Now again before putting forward my proposition, let me think of how scientific it might seem, and whether it is scientifically provable. Till now, science has not been able to make a head or tail of Homeopathy. But then, I am sure that it is a very affective treatment process, the only limitation being that at least some of the homeopaths may not really have an acute idea on its machinery, and what they are really dealing with. At the same time, there may be homeopaths who may also have divined on this idea.

The error and the patching

It is like a virus creating errors in the software. The computer acts weird, or has areas where it acts diseased. An anti-virus software kills the virus. There may be a patch up tool to repair any permanent errors created in some places in the software. May be all that is needed is a slight change of value in the right spot; like a change from 5 to 8 or something like that.

An unforeseen frill

For quite some time, I have been experimenting with digital books and web building, without any professional expertise. It was essentially a technique to give my children some skills in these subjects at a very early age. When I went about doing so many of these projects, I found that there were a lot of things that had much in common with my own ideas on language codes and the hidden life software.

Magic in the touch

For example, there is a digital book on my website’s Booksdownload page. Externally, it is only a book that can be turned, page after page. Audios activate on mouse over, video will also come out in a similar manner. If you click on certain links, page moves forward, some take them back, some move them to far off pages, some move them to the cover page etc.

The path of magic

Now, externally, no code is visible. But then, if I open it on the code view mode, what is seen on each page is a maze of codes, lines and rectangles, each very powerful and actually controlling the exact behaviour of the book from the external view. But then, this inner code view is never visible to the ordinary user.

An extraordinary proposition

To give just a hint of my proposition, let me say that there are similar complex mazes of codes, lines, rectangles, and much more in the code view of our universe. But then, can modern science sense or stumble upon them, or is the force and links detectable, or do they even act in accordance with the known laws of mechanics, other than with a knowledge of the fact that there is this world in existence?

The tunnel

It is just like this: A person who has no understanding of software opens my digital book. He clicks on one link, and the page moves directly from page no: 3 to Page no: 85, without moving across any other page. He then click another link, and the page moves from 85 to 86. So many other phenomena is experienced. For him, page no: 85 is seen to be just next to page no: 3; as if the passage is through a tunnel, by passing all other pages.

However, it is even possible that the pages are not even arranged in any numerical order, and each page is actually independent of each other’s numerical status. The understanding that page no: 4 is just after page no: 5 is only the user’s understanding. In other words, page no: 85 is equally near to page no: 4, as is page no: 5. However, in the conventional method of using the book, page no: 5 comes immediately after page: 4. Knowing that page no: 85 is also as near, is connected to the knowledge of the appropriate link.

What laws of Mechanics?

Now, seeing the way the digital book can move forward and backward, in different routes, depending on the different links that lie hidden beneath, can one connect it to any laws of mechanics? I do not think so. The only way to get the explanation for this strange capacity for movement is to understand that there is a hidden software program working from behind. Actually, the word ‘behind’ is itself wrong, for there is nothing ‘behind’ the digital book other then the backside of the monitor.

The power of introduction

As my children and I experimented with website building, there was another phenomenon that I encountered. That is, we could link other websites to our website, in such a manner that we could decide how they will appear on the screen. What size, whether their address bar should be visible and thus. So, that any person who get to access these websites through the introduction from our website is necessarily bound to get a view that we have decided.

What cannot happen and what can

Another thing also I noticed when working on web design; especially when working with pre-made templates. It was my inability to put text and images in any place that I wanted. If the codes behind do not allow a pasting of text or insertion of an image in a particular spot, whatever I do, it simply moves to another spot, where it is allowed. These two ideas had a very powerful connection to my language code understandings. However, I do not propose to use them in my current writing (chapter).

The array of levels

Now, before going ahead with my contentions, I want to make something else clear. When one opens my digital book, various actions activate, audios, videos, pictures, text and much else. If one opens the code view, one gets to see code lines, code rectangles and such other things. No audio is heard, nor are there any videos to be seen. Now this is the second level. Now, actually I am not really using the original program/software that runs all these. What I am dealing with is only a particular software package, and everything that I do is actually the manoeuvring of preset codes available in the software package. So, again it means that there are other software codes behind my own work, of which I do not know anything about. So, we are now talking about a third level.

This third level maybe something like C++ or Visual Basic or Java or something like that, which I have no need to know to make my digital book.

Yet, this again is not the ultimate level behind. Everything ultimately is encoded in the Machine Language, in Binary Codes of 0 and 1. So, when I do any coding in my digital book, what is actually taking place is huge changes in the Binary Codes. I do not have much idea of this level at all. So now, we are now thinking of a fourth level, behind my digital book.

But then, what are binary codes, and what is it that creates them. I understand that they are ultimately made up of electrical voltages, of presence and absence. Now, we are talking about a fifth level, behind my digital book. So, that every manoeuvre that takes place in the coding of my digital book, make a corresponding change in the arrangement of the electrical voltages.

But then, what are electrical voltages and what is it composed of, and where does it repose? Well, the level is again going down further. I think this is the sixth level behind.

Naturally, this will lead us to the seventh level, and then beyond. Reality also could come with this level of complexity behind it.

This much I have written, just to give a framework of what is in my mind.

What I propose

The universe is really just like the digital book that I have mentioned. Outwardly, everything is logical, and functioning as per concrete laws, but actually each and every law and functioning is controlled and designed by codes.

Now why do I feel that this is so, and if so, how do I propose to prove it?

That is where the structured language codes come in. I know it sounds pretty silly. However, bear in mind that everything in this universe is part of the universe, including the languages. Since I have found that languages also are some particular level in the various levels of codes, a understanding of what they do posses can point to the existence of more complex realities.

Now, how do I start my discourse? Well, let me start from minor areas. Like that of ordinary living issues. If I can discern and display the existence of what I have proposed in these minor areas, then the idea can be extended to the whole cosmos.

What I would try to do in this chapter is to bring all my contentions in the previous chapters to a logical connection through the essential codes that link us all.

The 3 dimensional space

In a social system, human beings are arranged in a three dimensional space, in the level of codes that lie just behind the reality. We can call it the secondary level, akin to the level where I work on in my digital book. Actually there could be another dimension also, that of time. But for the time being, we need not think about this dimension, as it would only complicate the understanding.

Each person is linked to each other, other beings, inanimate objects, events, places, social positions, family relations, spouse, children, dwelling places (house), strings of acquaintances, work atmosphere, precedence in a sequence and much else through the codes in the language. Some of the terms, I mentioned here (strings of acquaintances, work atmosphere, precedence in a sequence etc.) may need further explanation.

The planar links and scattered links

Now, it is here that the understanding starts. If the language of the social system is English, the various levels of persons exists in a more or less plain like arrangement in a three dimensional space, so that the perpendicular height of each individual from the median plain is minimal. That is, each person is still a bit away from the median plain, but still near to it. However, each person is arranged in varying positions in the three dimensional space, as per their connection to each other. Like husband to wife, to children, to teachers, to boss, to employees, to public officials etc.

This issue will become more clear when I mention how the individuals are arranged in a feudal language social system. It is a very complex and complicated arrangement. Persons exist at huge distances from the median plain. For example, a senior government official stands at a distance equivalent to the distance between the sea level and that of the summit of Mount, when compared to the level of an ordinary citizen. Every person is in such distances that are not only detached vertically, but also horizontally. Everyone is arranged in a dynamic, yet powerfully fixed position by words in the language. If language is a reality, then this powerful positioning is also a reality.

The power in the words and the potential energy

Now let me say something about the power of words. I will use a very simple example. It is too simple, that one may even think that I am being very, very silly.

Look at this: My young daughter is searching for something. She suddenly remembers something, and says, ‘It is there’ and is moving out of the room. Suddenly I remember it, and say, ‘It is here’. Actually, in both the sentences there is only a difference of one ‘t’. However, the effect is monumental in terms of the direction of motion of my daughter. She turns 180 degrees from the first direction and comes back.

Now, one might think that she did it because of the meaning of the second sentence. That is what is seen in the primary level. In the secondary level, it is a powerful change in the code; so simple and delicate, yet so powerful.

Now, what is the thing that I want to say? Each word, information, signifying of a relationship moves persons powerfully through the 3 dimensional space. Each level has a potential energy connected to it, and can be calculated as a component of its relative position from the normal, and relative to each other level. The potential level that each level carries is powerful and also a reality. However, this is the case only in a feudal language social system. In a social system created by plateau-like languages like English, all persons more or less carry relatively same potential energy.

The billions of links and code lines

Before trying to explain the various items that I had proposed in the previous chapters of this dissertation, I would like to explain one more thing.

Suppose one man of unknown social value goes to a metropolitan city in India. The language is fully feudal; even the vernacular English is superbly feudal. This man goes to a private company office to meet one official. Now, the potential level of this man is unknown to the official. He has to address him or refer to him at a particular level in words. This issue is not there in English. It is an affliction of the vernacular languages.

Now look at the brains of both the persons involved. I have proposed that it works on software, with billions of links, codes and lines working at a supernatural speed. Each word, each connection, each relationship, each reference to any other person or event, spontaneously gets encoded into the billions of codes/software lines.

The encoding and the assessing

If the newcomer just mentions the name of a senior police official, or of a menial worker, the fact is encoded with a particular value in the other person’s brain software.

Actually, even a thought by this man of a particular level in society is immediately creating an immensity of codes in the brain software. His personality is actually connected to the totality of all these types of encoded software lines/codes/values etc.

Now the official wants to talk to this man. He has to use an appropriate level of words to address him or refer to him, or about his relatives and much, much else (all these things are not there in English). Actually, it doesn’t take much time, for his brain will more or less arrive at an appropriate level for communication more or less spontaneously. For, billions of software codes work at lightening speed. It has assessed his looks, his dress, his languages, his posture, his demeanour, and much else.

Now, suppose this man is from a menial background, but has dressed up in expensive clothes. Or this man is well to do, but has social companions who are from the menial class. And such other contradictory issues. What then?

This is where the brain may check up the software lines that surround him in the three dimensional space, where all these things do place him in a particular position relative to so many other things. The brain software, it self being part of this universal software environment can detect this level, position, and potential energy. Here in this communication, the brain more or less automatically calculates the potential of this man. It is a very powerful calculation. Actually, this is a value this man carries with him, and depends on many other things not really physically connected to him. Actually, I think that every person’s brain software is continually refreshing the inputs regarding his or her position in the 3 dimensional space. Whatever changes take place is automatically encoded into the file.

For example, what is the level his wife functioning at, what about his brother, his father, his mother, his immediate companions, at what level some significant persons are placing him when they are discussing him from afar etc. Now this issue takes us to another level of contemplation.

The placing of the digits

It is about values that can be assigned to persons.
Look at a man who marries a woman. They live in a feudal language social system. The man is a very prominent man is society. His wife is from a relatively lower social level. The man is very erudite, and acknowledged thus. His wife is not scholarly. This man can assign a particular level to his wife. Look at the number 44444. All are fours. Yet each four has a different value. The first four is in the units place, and thus has an intrinsic value of simply 4.

The next place is that of tens. So the intrinsic value of this four is 40. The next has value of 400, and thus for every other four

The ambit of change

Imagine that this man understands the innate low quality of his wife and assigns a position of Units. That is, the wife has a position connected to the value of simply 4. Now, if this woman stray from the 3 dimensional position she is placed as a wife of this man, her value can change from 3 to 4 or 5 or 8 or 1 and such. All very insignificant values and can have not much effect on her husband. Even if she moves with low class persons, or indulges in adultery with a low class man or a high-class personage, the value change is only at the unit level and would not have any appreciable effect on the husband. For, she is in a very insignificant position in connection to him.

Now, imagine that this man is very close to his wife and he tries to position her as an equal. He assigns her the value of Ten Thousandths. So her position is in sync to the value of 40,000. Now she is a position and value more or less equal to him. The strength of the link that connects him to his wife is very powerful. If this woman moves even slightly from her position in the 3 dimensional space, the values changes in astronomical terms. For when the 4 goes to 5 or 6 or 9 or 1, the changes are in terms of 10s of thousands.

The personages

To convey the concept, let me give some examples of persons placed in similar position, with huge values connected to them. The wife of the president of a nation, a princess of an outstanding nation and such persons. Let us say that the wife of Prime Minister of India is on close friendship with a menial worker’s wife from Pakistan. In the feudal language social system, it has a very powerful affect, not only on her husband, but also on the whole administrative system. For, a single word from the other side can influence her and her 3 dimensional position.

When princesses Diana started going on a social rampage, it was literally tearing apart the fabric of the 3 dimensional space connected to her, the British Monarchy, Britain and to the British prestige in all the feudal language nations. It may be remembered that feudal language nations are what fills the world. Nations with British demeanour are simply rare, and so the gravity of the errors committed by Diana is immense. For she was literally scrambling up the values and positions connected to herself and Britain in the encodings in the feudal language 3 dimensional space.

The guardian of the spouse

Now let us go to the story of the seafaring people that I had mentioned in the earlier chapters. That of the wife being the guardian of the husband who regularly goes forth into the deep seas. Her fidelity, level of association and all interactions that lend power to husband is literally accruing power to the potential levels of her husband, wherever he is. He may be far off physically, in the midst of thundering waters of the tidal waves. Yet, in the secondary level of codes, he neither is far nor near. It is all a matter of the appropriate link. As per certain link routes, he is far, and in others he is near. Everything is linked.

When his potential energy is high, he can ride above the waves, for he feels the power in him. But then, when his wife takes him below certain levels, by going under other persons who disparages him, then he is done for. Now, another point is to be noted here. The first thing a competitor of any man in a feudal language would do is to bring down the indicant word level of that man. Persons in the feudal language world fully understand the powerful displacement words can bring into another man’s potential.

So, if the wife is committing adultery, she is more or less aiding and attesting to the lowering of her husband’s potential energy. It is a powerful change in the codes. This is especially so, if the husband keeps her in a very elevated position. At the same time, if he keeps her in a lower level position (units level) she cannot do much damage.

When he confronts the whirlpool in the tidal waters of the sea, his brain software is also monitoring his potential energy in the 3 dimensional space. Any lower can have disastrous results in his capacity. He need not die, for a person’s potential energy level is connected to so many other aspects. His wife has only lowered it, still there may be much left.

The straw that broke the camel’s back

Here I need to mention one more thing. When working on software applications, I have found that a small value change at certain crucial place can create huge changes in the overall effect. At the same time, a huge value change in certain other places does not produce any significant change in the product. It depends on where and when the value change is encrypted.

Similarly, the value change that takes place in a man’s potential can have disastrous affect if it happens in a particular crucial/critical point. It depends. But then, any negative change is dangerous, even though its affects are not always discernible. This may explain the fact that many times, doing explicit inauspicious things do not cause discernible negative results. However, there is a value lowering, which on a cumulative level can cause significant negative effects. The same thing or corollary can be true in the case of doing auspicious things also.

The routes of negativity

I think that I had mentioned about the shutters coming down on persons, when negative reports precede them on their social or business routes. Actually, there is other route by which shutters come rolling down. It is the route of the secondary code levels.

The dynamic bouncing

In one of the previous chapters, I had mentioned a bouncing effect on the individuals concerned as they go on getting different levels of information about a person in front of them. Well, this bouncing is actually real and not an imagination. It relates to the values being added to a component of a linked person’s attributes. In other words, differing information in a feudal language changes the indicant words connected to that person. Different indicant words have different numerical value or potential energy. They go on changing the power and pull in the connecting links. In the inner world of secondary codes, the individuals are literally bouncing around or possibly, moving hither and thither as the words change.

The pressing, the uplifting, and the inclined or contorted posture

See this scenario: There is a single man of unknown attributes sitting in a room. No one is really sure of his social levels. In a feudal language situation, the society tries to value him fast and assign him a particular level in the indicant words. People see him sitting and doing something in a room. The room itself is rented.

Low levels in the indicant words slowly gets attached to him. Suddenly one day a few persons come to see him for some reason. They see a few persons sitting in front of him, in a pose of deep attention. It is a powerful scene. He is seen as a leader. Indicant words immediately change in the persons who had seen this scene. He goes up, and a sort of power hovers on his personality. This is not an imagination. It is real. For, something has been added to his indicant value in the secondary codes. When he comes into the society outside, people can discern a slight change in the effect of his personality. However, it spreads more as the news of that scene is heard by others.

If a few persons in the society use higher indicant words and others don’t, the person may himself have feeling of moving in an inclined or contorted posture through the society.

The disinclination

Persons in the feudal language social systems are wary of lower level connections. Such connections literally have the effect of heavy millstones hanging from the neck. In the English social systems also, a slight feel of this may be there. But it is nowhere comparable to what the effect is in a feudal language world.

It is usually persons who do not have socially known, and acknowledged-as-superior attributes, who are more wary of such millstones. They immediately feel the weight of socially lower class relatives, including brothers, sisters, in-laws, friends, and such very much. Actually, this millstone affect is also not an imagination. For, it really has a very powerful effect on the innate potential of a person, not only socially, but also physically. This issue is also a bit complicated, but I wouldn’t discuss it here, as that part relates to the issues in the primary world.

The powerful negatives

I must even say that a mere mention, remembrance, sight or even the gaze of a particular level of person or relationship can affect the innate potential in a person, for each thing is a link in the secondary world, and has a value adding or depleting effect on a person.

The theme of this chapter also has a connection to the theme of evil eye also. It depends on the quality of the persons who are jealous. The more lower they are in mental and social attributes, the more powerful is the affect of the indicant words that they use on a person or event. Their words do literally add negative values to a person’s or events’ innate potential.

Talking about the power of eyes, I would like to say that the mere viewing of something could cause changes in it. I may need to elaborate on this point in another chapter. For the time being, we may leave it at that.

The line and position of loyalty

Now, I would like to just say a few words on loyalty, fidelity, discipline and such items. These are things connected to a particular person in a particular string of command or relationship. They also have a particular position in the 3 dimensional space of the secondary codes. When a man positioned in a particular position moves away from this position, then there is disloyalty, infidelity, indiscipline and such other things happening. And vice versa!
Now what can move a person from a particular position?

Well, it is words that can. To a loyal person, give an information that can weaken the string of a relationship. The weakening in the link literally moves him away, for he is linked to so many other persons and events by other codes lines. Tell of a sexual debauchery of a Mahatma to a dedicated follower. It literally is capable of detaching the string or at least weakening it to that extend that the follower’s position move farther away.

The difference

However, it must be said that the relationship and strings created in a feudal language is not similar to that created by a language like English. In a feudal language, the strings are of a powerful hierarchical kind, and each word has innate disabling or powerfully promoting capacities. I am sure the native English speaker will not understand what I am saying here.

The need to cordon

So, any information, that changes the indicant words can cause grave problems in loyalty, fidelity, discipline and such. It may be noted that in the feudal language nations, even the reading or hearing the words of enemies by one’s follower is frowned upon. For, it is very much understood that any inimical information immediately preys upon the indicant word levels.

The aura

Again, it may be safely concluded that the concept of aura that I have promoted in another chapter is also connected to the values in the secondary world. The very touch of a powerful indicant-word-personage transfers a positive numerical value in the secondary world.

I think I have mentioned in an earlier chapter about one businessman saying about the difference in going in a chauffer driven car to the minister’s office and to that of going to the same place in a public bus or autorickshaw with a commonplace companion. Here again what is being coming into play is the aura that exists as the potential energy value of the individual.

The immense possibilities

Maybe there may be something in prayer, auspiciousness, inauspiciousness, good directions, positive energy, auspicious designs of a house, direction of the door etc. that are generally mentioned in such concepts as fengu shi, vastu shastra, astrology, numerology etc. However, I do not know much about any of these things, other than rudimentary pedestrian understandings.

Maybe even the experience of certain person that they move through continuing loops in their life, or that of certain persons being prone to accidents, and that of certain persons having a propensity for escaping from injury by inches, all may be connected to certain numerical values in their secondary world attributes.

The meagreness of the mental sciences

Beyond that, it is my contention that concepts of psychology and psychiatry may need redefining. I don’t think the modern experts in these fields do really have much idea as to how the brain works, more than what an ordinary computer hardware technician knows about the working of computers. The typical hardware technician is not an expert in the software part!

The world of wealth

Another area that I need to connect is modern economics; for money is directly connected to feudal language words powerfully. This phenomenon is not discernible in English. Now, one of the major reasons for the strange collapse of English economies in these time of fantastic technological progress, is the unprotected coupling of English social systems (planar secondary codes) with that of feudal language social systems (with individuals positioned dynamically at huge distances in a 3 dimensional space). This has literally led to the unbridled scattering of the codes in the English social systems leading to disasters, not just on the economic front, but in many other areas also.

Also, there is the issue of money and its connection to the concept of the Ideal Machine. I hope to bring them out at a later date.

I think I will conclude this chapter, for again the words have stretched.
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DNA made of words

I have not been able to write in my usual style in this series of write up. One of the reasons for this deficiency is the paucity of time that I face. I don’t get time to read what I have already written, and more or less write from some particular area in my thought process, which though connected to the central theme, may not necessarily be a continuation of my last post.

A crankier stuff

The same is the case now also. I vaguely remember that I declaimed that the universe is like a digital book, that I am used to creating. Well, it is nonsense! The universe is not like a digital book, with an external face to it. I said that much to make the reader think on those lines. The universe is more like a software program, which works on software codes that control it, and set parameters for its working. I am sure the contention looks crankier than before. That is just a feeling brought about by a certain level of non-information on current level of scientific contentions.

Occult forces in classical mechanics

For example, look at the contention made by Sir Isaac Newton regarding gravitation. To explain his theories of gravitation and forces, he brought in a proposition about a force that acts at a distance; like that of earth pulling the moon. He was a well-known alchemist, and also a person who delved in occult and spiritual sciences with the same or even more vigour than he displayed in material sciences. When he brought out this theme of ‘a force that acts at a distance’ with no visible or tangible strings to convey the force, there was a big outcry at that time by the scientific community that he was bringing in occult themes into the realm of science.

Gravitation as the work of a code

Well, even now, I am sure no one has been able to say for sure what is this force or even the string that acts at distances, with no material content in it. May I say that what we call as gravitation is simply the affect of the software code that gives it a route, a numerical parameter of strength, and even a reason of acting?

It is just like the loop that can be created in software lines, that makes certain affects to repeat themselves when certain specific parameters or conditions come together.

An hybrid DNA

Actually, I did not want to write on this series now. What spurred this urge to write this post was that a few days back, just before going to bed, I happened to see the beginning part of the film ‘Species II’. I did not see it fully. The theme seems to be of a group of persons going to Mars and coming back. In Mars, there had been an alien visitation long ago, which more or less destroyed the ecosystem of Mars, and making it barren and dry due to the destructive nature of the alien lifestyle. The aliens had long since vanished. However, their DNA is still there lying dormant awaiting a suitable host. When human beings visit the place, they are infected. They are then the repositories of a hybrid DNA, which comes back to earth. The imminent possibility is that of a devastation of earth by the alien DNA.

I did not see the rest of the film. Seemingly, there is nothing of grave interest in this fancy theme and little connection with my theme on languages. However, when I saw the film, it rang a bell in me. For, the theme of DNA as the central code of biological design has a connection with my theme on language codes.

Design codes in words

I have, for a long time been aware that the so-called significance given to DNA and chromosomes as the sole depot biological design codes is of doubtful veracity. For example, I have seen the fantastic change in human looks in accordance to the language a person lives in, speaks, is spoken to, referred to etc.

I quote from the first chapter of my book: March of the evil empires: English versus the Feudal Languages

A man who lives for a long time in Tamil Nadu, the Tamil state in India, and speaks Tamil for so many years, builds up a Tamil look. A man, who lives in Kerala, achieves a Malayalee look after many years of residence; and a man who lives in England, among Englishmen, acquires an English look. A Negro who lives in the United States of America has a physical and mental personality, which is remarkably different from a Negro who lives in a free African country.

Has it not been noticed?

Now, is it visible to anyone in the English nations that Asians who live over there in perfect English social conditioning do exhibit a real change in looks, expressions, height, complexion, familial strings of relationship etc? This change may not be visible in Asians who live among themselves, maintaining their native land language communications.

From midgets to giants

I have seen the same effect from over here also. Persons in my own extended family, who are domiciled overseas, have changed. The persons who lived in English social systems have changed fantastically, that it would require a lot of imagination to accept that they are genetically connected to their family members over here. Even the offspring of seeming midgets have come back with towering heights, exhibiting fascinating demeanours absolutely different from the local stifled facial expressions.

Even over here, groups of persons who live life in the same language, but on certain higher edges of it, do show remarkable changes. To a limited extend food quality can be attributed to, but that can’t explain it fully. For, then the rich native language speaking population of Africa should have Black American looks, with is certainly not the case.

What sells is power

Now, do not take this contention to mean that a White English child brought up in absolute Tamil would turn dark in complexion. No, that much tremendous change may not be visible so fast. Yet, the person who grows up thus, will be Tamilian in most features, other than the insignificant feature of complexion. Why ‘insignificant’? Well, in Tamil language, ‘complexion’ is not what sells, but power.

Now, what I am trying to convey here is that words and the codes it contain do have powerful designing codes, not only on human social systems, but also on human looks.

Hierarchical codes in animal world

What about animals? Well, animal social systems will also be seen to be well controlled or designed by the codes in their communication system, when they live together in social groups. The social hierarchies existing among monkeys in a particular group will be very much connected to the codes in their communication software. Of these things, our knowledge is very much in their rudimentary levels currently.

An explosive affect

I would like to give a minor example to convey what is the power in languages. My children do not know the local vernacular. They know many persons who belong to a wide spectrum in age group, who talk to them in English. The English teaching that is done in my office at certain times at most times, done by them in the form of indoor games like Monopoly, Caroms, Scrabble, Uno and much else.

Now, the local persons who come to learn English are more at home in their native tongues. However, they talk only English in our premises. The level of social communication is in perfect English level of equality as encoded in that language. There is only one ‘he’, one ‘she’, one ‘you’ and all its other variations.

Now, at times, certain persons come inside making enquires about the class. They do not understand the concept of a single ‘he’ and such. Seeing the youngsters among the students, they immediately go in for the lower ‘he’, ‘she’ etc. for them, and the higher ‘he’ or ‘she’ for the senior persons. Now, the immediate affect that is solidly felt is that the youngsters are simply seen pulled down to a lower plane, while the seniors in age are pushed to a higher plane. It is a very powerful push. The only thing that can save youngsters from this diabolic displacement is for them not to understand the local language.

Now actually, what happens is really connected to the immense persons who have been perfectly connected to each other in English, so that their age, financial acumen, profession and much else is not taken into consideration for social communication and hierarchy. The moment an outsider comes and brings the communication to the local vernacular, everyone literally gets thrown into varying levels and positions in the non-tangible, yet very much real ‘cyber space’.
A different DNA

Now, what happens is that each level of word used can create a corresponding change in facial expression as well as a change in the mental sense of freedom, and ambit of social movement and/or right of articulation.

In the long run, this can literally bring in grave change in facial expression and even change ones physical growth potential. In a way, words have a capacity to override or even limit the designing capacity of DNA. Or may be, words themselves can create their own version of DNA and chromosomes. A study on words, expressions, languages etc. from this viewpoint may bring into visibility the existence of this currently unknown entity.

For example, there will be immense coding in the DNA or chromosome that can design a particular facial expression, a stoop, or a bent or hump on a human being. Similarly, there can be a particular combination of words, expression and language, that comes in a particular setting that can create a particular, special facial expression, stoop or bent in a human being.

The unseen evidence in words

I think that many of these things I have mentioned earlier in my other writings.

Now, let me go into another area of my contentions. In recent year, DNA has been taken as the invisible link to one’s past life (I mean in the current life). For example, a murder has been committed long ago. A trace of DNA from that crime scene can connect the crime with a person after so many years.

The same is the case with words. A man does a misdemeanour. Some one knows it. After many years, a simple word or words in this regard to the right person can connect the man with the incident after so many years.

Actually, what the second man is in possession of is something similar to a DNA from the crime scene. A single word that contains a very powerful code. The power in the word is actually a lot of unseen codes and information that lies embedded inside.

Now, here again I am able to discern a link between words and DNA. Whereas the codes in the DNA are of biological origin, here the codes may be of some other kind of software.

Everything is recorded

Actually, nothing goes in to oblivion. For example, when I was going through the details of the persons who had visited my website, I found that the way they came, the website that sent them to my website, which all pages they visited, the amount of time they spent on each page, what they did over there, and much else are reported to me. Well, it seems that in the internet, anything that one does is encoded and retained for a person with the right tool to see and study. Is it not possible that in the case of the universe also, everything is properly stored, for the person with the right tool to discern? Well, it more or less reaches out in the realm of the gods; doesn’t it?

That everything one does is there for the person with the right tool to see and study.

Language codes as just pointers

Do words and languages have anything to do with this? Well, I am not sure that words and languages do have the most significant part in this. I am only using the theme of language and words to contemplate on a world that exists, but remains non-tangible, yet. As I had said earlier, structured languages do have the capacity to create disturbances in the ‘cyber space’ and thus can facilitate the study of this area. It is not necessarily that words and language are everything or the most important theme. As one study and get to understand the arena more, other powerful things/media may become more visible.

Another evidence of designing power of words

Let me tell you of one of my observations. It is like this: A woman is pregnant. She bears a child. During the period of pregnancy, she is living in a social mood much above her innate social level. She is in a ‘respected’ social level, whereby feudal words about her and addressing to her are in the higher form. Well, I have seen that when the child is born, it exhibits remarkable social superiority in looks and demeanour.

The exact reverse is the case, when the woman during her times of pregnancy is in a lower social position than her innate social level. That is at that time, she is addressed as an inferior by inferior persons, and referred to in similar inferior words by inferior persons, the child would exhibit markedly inferior demeanours. Now, it must be admitted that these things might not be easy to be demonstrated, for everyone comes under the influence of an immensity of social features and codes. But then, there is power in words. These things may not be sensible from English.

So, again, I am pointing to the power of words to create codes that can literally dictate human expression design.

An infection

Here again, I need to talk about infections. It is like this: if the wife of a senior government official in India goes around on terms of familiarity with the wife of peon in the government, there is a sort of DNA mismatch in the social codes encoded in the Indian feudal languages. It can be a case of a social infection as far as the senior official is concerned. As far as the peon is concerned, it can be issue of a social power being conferred on him.

Well, persons from English nations may also think that they can understand the theme from their own social system. Yet, what they can understand shall be of a different phenomena, and not what Indian social scene conveys. For, over here, the language has something called ‘indicant words’; and they are powerful codes, which do not exist in the original pure English language.

Laying barren

As a further extension of this theme, let me go back to the film Species II. Well, the Mar travellers from earth are coming back infected with a dangerous DNA that can literally despoil the earth, and make it barren like Mars. Well, the same is the case with languages. They contain powerful codes just like the DNA. When English social systems give free access to alien languages, that have created messy social systems like that in so many nations of Asia, Europe, Africa etc., there is the same danger. That the alien DNA in the un-understood languages can create hybridisation in the local language DNA and can lay barren the soft social systems of the English nations.

Messy looks and messy codes

The unbearable looks of real India is not a creation of any biological DNA or chromosome, or poverty, but by the malicious codes in the local languages. The immense nations in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America etc. all in a state of imminent belligerence are all showing the affects of dangerous language codes.

Things can go wrong

The stifling social scenes in these nations are also connected to the same language codes. When the codes reach the English nations, they can create hybridisation of the local communication systems. Many things can go wrong. It can even affect marital relationships, just to name one area.

Words as aphrodisiacs

Let me tell about one kind of infection. Words can acts as aphrodisiacs, or let me say that words can be used to seduce or let a woman fall in love. Now, here I am not talking about the cunning and deliberate use of words and the slow shifting of conversation to sensual subject to inject sensual desires in females. I am talking about the use of words to convey power to men. Even though it is possible in English also, in feudal languages, it really has menacing power, in ways not understandable in English. Actually, in a powerful feudal language, one may be surprised at the infatuation of women for seemingly ugly men. Nice looks do not have any affect on them, rather they are more attracted to men with intimidating looks and dominating capacity. The other male with nice looks but fully in a position of domination to others cannot satiate a woman. She is not willing to concede her body and soul to such a person.

Now, let me tell you the domination in Indian social scene is very much connected to the capacity to arrive at a specific level in language codes and words. It is something English in its innate form has no idea of.

The slow infection and the collapse

Now, with the hybridisation of English communication system with an alien code, there will be a slow collapse of the English social communication system. People become wary of doing certain jobs, or being seen doing that, or even being associated with that or with persons who are known to be doing such jobs. The word ‘menial’ and also association with certain groups all will be seen as dangerous; and especially repulsive. In short, a strange level of human relationship may come about; which could be entirely alien to English social and human relationships. In some sense, a sort of racial emotions may come out. Actually, it is not a component of English mood that is coming out, rather a component of feudal language codes, which did create the caste system in India, and the terrible social systems in so many nations.

Women will sense it, and then it will be a terrible time for husbands. It may even affect sex life. I am just giving an example.

Quarantining the alien DNA

The alien DNA can lay barren the English social scene. However, the remedy lies in understanding the existence of such a inimical entity, that lies embedded in languages. Once the existence of the virus is accepted, then there can be a search for a cure. It is not connected to human beings as such, but to what they are infected with. Quarantine the virus.

Enriching the system and its dangers

It is easy to say that newer and alien inputs would enrich the native culture, and lead it to bliss, and prosperity. It is a very shallow understanding. There are very many human experiences all round the world. All are connected to differing human social codes as embedded in their native languages. It might be intelligent to absorb the wonderful part of these human experiences to enrich one’s own society. However, what is required in this type of work is an acute understanding of what one is doing and how the input will affect the social codes in the long run.

Know the outcome

When I was working with my daughter on Dreamweaver to develop our website, so many options would come from the applications. We would choose one or the other. However, we had no knowledge of what we were choosing or its long-term effects. In most cases, our individual choices did not seem to matter much. But then once, it did create a terrible problem that all the 1000 and pages were more or less rendered useless. Later a technically skilled person was to tell us that when we are choosing or doing anything on the application, we should have an idea beforehand as to what it was that we were doing and its cumulative outcome or affect.

Powerful codes behind simple words

Now let me mention words. I did mention in one of my earlier chapters about the word PRINT. When used in some programs as MS-DOS, and such in the appropriate context, it can really activate an external machine, the Printer. Actually, it is not just the word PRINT that is doing the activation. For, there are powerful programs in the Operating System made by Microsoft that may be connecting to this word PRINT. Even in MS-DOS itself, there would be immense lines in the codes that connect to this word.

Thus, it may be understood that in any language, each and every word, does come with powerful codes that link to it, and induce or give it powerful capacities.

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Hidden codes of reality

I had a strange life, with a lot of uncommon experiences. Most of them were of a most personal kind. However, from the very beginning of my life I did start discerning things from a perspective that was different from the persons around me. Moreover, all throughout my life I was positioned with persons and environments which were in sharp variance with my inner intellectual self. This more or less made me see and understand many things from a very unique perspective.

One of my most early understandings was that there was something wrong with the local communication systems, the Indian local vernacular and the way it affected human behavior and interaction. Later, as I became acquainted with English I saw that the issue of stinging and stifling codes in the Indian vernacular.
My earlier thoughts were focused on the varied and manifold discrepancies that this brought into human intellect and many other related things. This I wrote as a book, which currently is in the name: March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages.

Later around 1999, I became accustomed with computers, and the new world of software. I was an ardent enthusiast of physics. This enthusiasm lasted only till I joined the degree class for Physics. The low quality teachers who strove to teach me Physics in the midst of equally sterile students, more or less evaporated my interest in pursuing physics.

But then my knowledge in the expanse of physics at the time transcended quite a big area. When I started understanding the concepts of software, I was acutely aware that I was now dealing with a very different and powerful part of reality which could even be beyond the scope of classical and modern science, including physics.

I came to know of powerful codes that could move things, pull, push, activate, remind, scan, search, and do much more things. The laws inside any particular software were quite beyond the realm of physics and other material sciences.

As my living experiences increased I started seeing similarities between the working of reality and that of software. It was from this point that I started a series of write-ups under the title: Secondary codes in languages in the website:

However, I was acutely hampered by paucity of time. In this series of write-ups, I started from the concept of hierarchies in feudal languages. By trying to sense the disturbances they caused in the secondary codes that design reality I sort to feel the presence of codes that controlled reality. However, I feel now that I should take a direct approach now and simply state my understandings of reality.

Here I will not go into the ways and manners by which I came to the conclusions that I am about to state here. The basics of themes would be that words are powerful and many of them do carry inner codes that can activate other powerful codes. For example, the word PRINT in MSDos can literally activate an external machine like the printer. Meaning that the word PRINT has many other codes embedded into it.

This much I had written in my posts about the secondary codes. Before going ahead I just want to relate a curious theme.

Last year, when I was literally distressed by a series of police cases that I was not sending my daughter to school, for I did not discern anything good in the local schools, I met a software engineer. He simply told me: Read the Gospel of John. Every time I read it, a new understanding comes to me. The same will be your experience.

Out of curiosity as to whether such would be my experience, I read the Gospel of John that very night. These were the very first lines:

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2 The same was in the beginning with God.

I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. It was as if my contentions were being ratified.

My contentions are thus: Reality has a code view. What we see is not the code view, but what I would say for sake of easiness to say ‘the design view’. If the reader is acquainted with the software Dreamweaver, which is used for making website, he would be used to seeing the code view as well as the design of the website. I am giving here a minor picture of the same to make understanding easy.

Minor value changes made in the code view can result in drastic changes in the design view. For example, a value of 2 changed to 10 can literally move a specific object in the web design to another position.

Before embarking on how I stumbled on this understanding, let me continue with my conceptualization of reality.

Everything that we consider as reality is basically the inside working of a software environment. Even human beings. The human brain, thought process, and even the experience of ‘self’ itself are part of this. Everything is connected. All human being are connected, but then, this connection can be made stronger by many means, not always by direct physical contact.

If this be the case, most of the assumptions of modern psychiatry are simply of shallow levels and even bogus understandings. If there are hallucinatory delusions, then there is really a code working that creates that. If persons feel that they are getting messages from some external source, then as far as the software is concerned it is a reality. If one could visualize the software the real codes can be seen. The problem here is that most of the modern mental science professionals do not know much about these codes.

However, during my investigation, I have come upon a system of medical treatment called Homeopathy. Many allopath doctors claim this system to be based on some bogus science. But from my experience, I have found that this medical system is really a superior understanding of reality.

What it does is what literally a virus scan does in an infected computer. The virus scan scans the computer of affected codes and strives to get the codes back to normal. In the same way the homeopathic dose scans the body for discrepancies and strives to get the human codes back to normal. If the correct homeopathic medicine is given, then the treatment is of fantastic effect.

From my studies pertaining to the comparison of the effects of the inner codes of English and feudal vernacular, I have found that events that happen at a distance do affect persons. My study was based on the fact that in feudal languages, different levels of words and usages connected to a person do create corresponding affects on his or her features, physical condition, social standing, and even emotions. However, these types of terrible changes cannot be induced by plateau languages like English.

It has been my experience that events that happen at far physical distances, that tend to change the words and usages pertaining to a person can bring in corresponding affects on the person’s features.

However these things cannot be understood in English. For in English the words: ‘Give him a glass of water’ is definitely weaker than ‘Give him a plate of Briyiyani’. However, in feudal vernacular, the exact power of each of the statements can depend on the specific word used for ‘Him’. If a particular level of word is used, the first sentence can be of fantastic power, and can literally give commanding power to the other man.

Can English understand where this power is hidden? That remains the issue. However, the fact that English cannot sense this diabolic power also contains its salvation. For, it does not bring in the negative connotations associated with such diabolic languages into English nations.

Now, I can’t go deep into the subject of human mind and reality. But then, I may simply say for the time being that many of the so-called psychological and psychiatric issues can be very easily explained by means of these codes. The limitation of modern medicine is that it is just like a hardware mechanic asked to deal with software issues. For example, an unexplainable image appears on the screen. The hardware mechanic claims that he can correct the problem using hardware techniques. Actually, he might even be seen to be curing the problem using crude methods. But then, he has no idea as to what brought the image on the screen in the first place.

Many things defined meaninglessly as auditory hallucinations, paranoia, persecution mania, and even schizophrenia can be explained from this reality code arena. The actuality is that there is some real basis for all these phenomena.

Now, I need not into that area. Let me go back to the reality of the universe. In modern physics, there are theories claiming that space does or can curve, and that there can be worm hole through which one can move to far off area in the universe, through a small tunnel. Even gravity is being understood as a curving of space.

Well, the fact is that the reality codes can really bend space, and even create terrific forces that do pull and push. Moreover, in the code view, all distances are just the effect of specific values embedded into individual codes.

That may take us to the domain of astrology. Do stars affect us? It is said that stars are so far off, that even if they do have any effect on human being, their distance from us really nullify the effect. But see from the world of codes: the distance of the stars from us and from anything else is only a matter of a given value.

It is possible that astrology and even numerology may have some base in the world of codes.

Before going ahead with this, let me say that values do affect the codes. It is easily discernable from our ordinary life itself. The best way to study this is from the world of feudal languages. For example, take the word You, or He, or She, or For him, or For her etc.

Each of them comes in different level of usage. Each level signifies a particular status in the specific communication set up, limits of articulation, limits to intrusion into private areas, limits of freedom of posture, right to question, right to correct, and many other things. Now, the usages changes from one level to another based on certain information inputs connected to social stature, job, physical prowess, financial capacity, age etc. These things do not come much into the picture if the communication is in English. For, the afore-mentioned words do not change.

Now what really is happening in the codes is that for every input of information a particular value is added or subtracted from the person’s codes. Thus say, once the value reaches a particular number, words and usages change into the next higher one. Or go down to the lower one if it had been a case of subtraction.

I just mentioned this idea in a very cursory manner here. What I wanted to say was that there is an effect of numerical values also in reality. Physics and mathematics may have a particular level of truth, but the exact reality is embedded in the codes that design the reality.

Now let me go into a different area. That of spirits and other supernatural beings. Well, if they are in existence, there is nothing supernatural in them, for they then become part of ‘natural’.

It is my contention that beings that can be called spirits are there. Moreover, the spirits of ancestors do exist. In fact, it depends on the language of the persons involved as to how much they are inclined to interfere. For each language has a particular kind of leadership and communication line structure. Feudal languages do insist on the existence of followers and other subordinates for a person to garner respect. In English, there is no specific requirement of followers and disciples to get formal respect encoded into words. In feudal languages, leaders do not allow followers to leave them (even conversion of religion). For it leaves them bereft of respect.

Death need not be the absolute end of a person, and it is very much possible that he or she does not move to any heaven or hell. It can just be a move of a file from one folder to another, so to say. And seemingly silly rites done to appease the dead could have powerful affect on codes.

Rebirth is possible. Passions, enmity, hatred, and such things can get conveyed into the next life.

For, seemingly simply actions do encrypt values into codes and beings, animate and inanimate. In fact, idols and other objects can be encoded with powerful powers by filling them with ‘respect’ and other positive inputs. This input can make them powerful objects, which can literally activate human deeds and capacities.

I hope to continue, and go into specifics.

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Brain Software

The human brain works on the dictates of some software. This software necessarily is connected to words. Modern science tries to explain the working of the brain as the cumulative result of a varied number of electro-chemical reactions. There is no need to elaborate that this is pure nonsense. For what kind of chemical reaction is there that can reel out thousands of words, in a stream, as when I am writing or making a ferocious speech?

When we move into the realm of software, things that move at millions of words per minutes is conceivable. There are other similarities. For example, I was trying to remember an old song. I remembered that the song did have the word Malayala in it. I did a mental search for remembrances having these words. However what I got as search was an immensity of things. Then I remembered that the word Manavala was in the song. Again, the song was not found. Well, then I remembered that the words Thumbappoo was there. I tried a mental search putting all these three words in a string.

Well, the old song that I had heard some 30 years back came back into my memory. Well, where was this song hidden in my brain, and what was the mechanism that searched it out? I don’t think that any great psychologist or psychiatrist still has any idea as to how all this memorizing and search functions are being done by the brain.

Well, the fact is that our brain is the cumulative result of billions of codes. Codes as we understand them are connected to words. Anything to do with us gets embedded to these codes. For example, what we see, what we work, our friends, enemies, the messages we get and any other thing that connects to us get connected to these codes. So that every time we speak, or gathers ourselves to speak, the brain software does a quick spontaneous search for connected things.

A very simple and seemingly silly example can be stated here. For many years, my daughter was fully connected to software studies since her very childhood. Being very good in reading, and not knowing the local vernacular, her education was from home. However, she went for outdoor activities, like swimming, football etc. At a very young age, she went in for higher software studies.

Between my daughter and me, there was perfect alignment of thoughts as far as our software work was concerned. Now, in the local area, where I was forced to stay, and in the immensity of family links that existed there, there was a mental struggle by the other family members to see that my daughter was removed from my links.

So one day, when I was in a far off location, she was quietly put into a local village school, which had be started by an airport cleaner, who made money by working in the gulf, and having it exchanged into the local currency. The exchange rate was around 13 times the local currency value.

Within a few years time, my daughter’s mind was full of her school activities. So that whenever I talk to her or ask her to do something, there is an instantaneous crosschecking with her school timings, policies, requirements, rules etc. It is not deliberate, and more or less spontaneous.

From my close observations of this phenomenon, I could understand that her school was more or less embedded into billions of software codes in her brain.

The same thing I have seen in many other things connected to an immensity of persons. For example, the Indian system of marriage. When a man marries a woman, even though externally nothing much is seen to have changed, actually there is a tremendous change in the software codes of both persons. Every code gets encoded with varying levels of codes connected to the hierarchical language of the place. A lot of new persons come into the connected and gets embedded in varying levels powerfully. For example, persons on both sides like father, mother, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, cousin, brother, sister and many others get encrypted into the codes of everyone in the link, with varying values connected to them.

The specific values are connected to their exact hierarchy in the link. This hierarchy and its value may depend on a number of factors, including exact relationship, age, financial acumen, physical prowess, proximity to certain persons. All of them can have negative as well positive inputs.

All these codes bring in grave changes in a persons stature and his or her mental process. Certain marriages more or less emphasizes the existing levels, and certain others can give the reverse effects on different persons involved in the marriage relationship. It may be noted here that English and native English speaker may not be able to understand this concept clearly, English is devoid of this gravely negative attribute of hierarchical words.

Beyond all that, the spouses are also entered into billions of software codes, powerfully.

Now, when we talk about mental trauma, mental problems, and such things as mental tension, depression etc. there is need to understand the exact working of these codes, and their contribution to the problem or its alleviation.

If the mind functions on the working of an immensity of codes, then it is conceivable that individual human mental codes can or may affect other individual human mental codes, at both near distances as well as from afar.

It may not be able to detect the minor changes that can happen to these codes in an English environment. However, in a feudal language social environment, almost immediate sensing can be had. A lower social level man using a lower level word to a higher level man, or even his simple viewing of another higher level person from a perspective wherein the lower level man is in a superior position etc. can really affect the mind of the person, as well as even the others in the society. That seemingly simple, harmless words do have powerful effect is known to persons living in such diabolic social areas.

Now, this issue can be connected to a woman going for work in a feudal language nation. In English, when a woman works for another man, not much things change, for the words for He, She, His, Her, For Him, For Her etc. do not change, and the boss can be addressed by his name or with a Mr. prefixed.

However, in a feudal language nation, when the wife works for another person, all these words get changed. Moreover through the wife’s codes, the husband’s codes also get dislodged. In the world of secondary codes, a sort of lowering of his position in connection to that of the boss takes place.

Like that in every aspect of social life, the world of feudal languages does create a different software code issue, that is not sensible in English. When studying mental problems, there is need to understand the exact power and relevance of these codes. Currently, if modern psychiatry is not aware of the existence of these codes, it is simply stumbling in the dark. And would never get to understand the true picture of reality.

It is like opening up a computer hard disk to see where the immense images are kept and trying to edit them thus. No matter, how we open the hard disk, the software installed in them cannot be discerned by physical viewing and other methods. First of all there is need to be aware of the fact that there is something called software involved.

Coming back to the topic marriage in feudal language societies, let me put these ideas also here:

When a man marries a woman, in most cases, the codes values of each person would be different for each and every different aspect. For example, one person’s family could be from a higher level, one could be of more acknowledged caliber and intelligence, or with different levels of intrinsic intelligence, one could be educated while the other of lesser education, one could be with splendorous physical features and the other with nondescript ones and such other discrepancies. In an English languages environment, not much impact can these differences perch on the individual’s codes.

However, in a feudal languages social environment, the superior levels of one person could get pulled down by the other’s, and the inferior one’s levels could get elevated by the pull of the other’s code levels. Imagine a similar scenario in English with the same powerful impact. It may be found that only a few situations may fit in. The exact effect of feudal language can be felt in English, slight though, only in the areas where social and individual communication borders between the nobility/monarchy and the common man. For example, when a royal personage from England marries an acknowledged commoner, there can be an effective shift in each person’s codes.

For example, the royal personage’s code levels can get pulled down, while the commoner spouse’s codes can elevated much. In real life, the effect would be that of the royal personage being seen by other royalty as a person who has linked himself to lower communication and personal potential levels. A sort of fettering feeling can build up in him or her. At the same time, the commoner spouse can get a very powerful feel of having arrived in the celestial realms and a huge personality elevation can be felt. However, it all depends on their own individual affection for each other also. But then, there would be powerful wedge like forces working to pull them apart.

In a feudal language social system, the affect of this phenomenon can be more powerfully felt, as the whole social set up exists on a hierarchical structure. The person from the higher social group can feel a terrible lowering of potential, while the other person may literally ride on the wave of a powerful surge of energy. The lower person is seen as having risen in life by his or her family members and outer world. At the same time, the higher social level person would be seen and referred to as having gone to the depths of social levels. It may be noted that in feudal social systems, this definition can really be deadly blow. For even the power of affective articulation is connected to social code levels.

However, in the code world, there is actually a real shift in the values of the codes.

A lowering of the values can literally make him or her powerless to escape the pull of powerful loops that bind him or her. At the same time, the other person could experience a powerful surge in his or her values that can literally send him or her out of any negative loop, with a tangential force.

However, in reality, in the world of codes, there is an immensity of other codes that literally string on to each other, in an extremely complex maze of net-like connections. The actual resultant effect of all these strings could vary depending on what aspect one is dealing with.

It may be noted that each word used in the social system can powerfully dislodge a string and move it to another level. So, in many ways, this net is in a dynamic equilibrium or dynamic quaking state. This depends on what the inputs are. If the inputs are continuously of a widely contradictory type, this quake can happen. In real life, the affected person can exhibit extremely shifting mental moods, which modern medicine may identify as mental imbalance. Actually, the imbalance need not be inside him, but in the social or familial inputs, that appear in the form of words.

And mind you, these words need not be mentioned in his or her presence, but can even have powerful affect if inserted into the code world from a definite physical distance, but in a situation that is somehow connected to him or her.
At the same time, if the words consistently carry the same message of degrading or honouring, there shall be dynamic stabilising of a person’s position in the world of codes. However, a pulling down can also create deep mental trauma. In most cases, honouring can be a gratifying affect.

Now we reach the realm of mental distresses that modern mental sciences may call as anxiety neurosis. What could be the basis of certain persons at times having a deep sense of some misgivings, with no clear or visible issues physically present to create this feeling?

To a certain extent, this feeling can be due to a superior sensitiveness of their brain software to detect external changes in codes, connected to that person.

In feudal language nations and societies, when a person’s software detects an acute lowering of their values in their codes, it can create a deep sense of disquiet in them. For example, a leader’s main disciple is in the presence of inimical persons, who indoctrinate him with lower standard information about his or her leader. Naturally, the code values in him or her that pertains to his or her leader get eroded. With each level of erosion, that particular person more or less moves away to different location in the secondary code world. A sort of void or vacuum comes into that original position occupied by the disciple.

The leader’s power is connected the prop up strings that emanate from that position. As the prop up vanishes, a reduction in the personal strength or potential of the leader comes into action. The leader may mentally wobble.

In feudal language social systems, a wife can be the most powerful disciple or follower, or position of prop up for a husband. When the wife gets neutralized by external forces, issues or individuals, the husband can literally feel the lessening of power in the billions of codes in him that are connected to his wife.

This neutralization of the wife can be by different means. Seducing her sexually can be a very powerful neutralization. For once she is thus seduced, an immensity of codes can get dislodged in the feudal language codes. Very powerful positions in the indicant word levels can simply get lowered to abdominal levels.

However, sex need not be the sole thing that can do this negative effect. There are other means to achieve more or less similar or even more powerful devastation.

For instance, a person who lives mentally on a higher intellectual and social platform, has a wife of lower caliber. She moves around with socially inferior persons. Or she goes to work under another person, who is either a social or intellectually inferior person, or under a person who is socially or intellectually superior person. In the feudal language situation, not only the wife gets lowered, but also the husband through his links to his wife, can get thoroughly lowered in the indicant words. The words such as He, His, Him, For him, and even the way his name is used can go to the lower levels.

His brain software would detect this terrible infliction as they affect the billions of his codes. This terrible devastation would be equally detected by brain software of an immensity of other human brain software.

The husband can literally get overwhelmed by the terrible caving in of his inner strength. Modern mental sciences may immediately identify this situation with such things as anxiety neurosis, or even with panic attack. However, it would have no idea as to what caused the effect in the first place.

Here I may digress a bit and say that even the issue of BPO or off shoring of customer relationship call to feudal language nations can spur anxiety neurosis or panic attacks in English nations. However, such distresses may very mistakenly be identified as a racial repulsion by the English white races. However, the truth could be much far from this. When the English nation citizens start communicating with the staff members in feudal language nations on a level of equality, what really is happening is the pulling up of the lower social status persons in the feudal language nations. And also the consequent pulling down of the English nationals. For, in the feudal language nation, the staff members basically exist at a lower social communication system, wherein they come under a number of persons and social and official positions.

For example, in their feudal languages, in the words they use and in the words used to them, and about them, they come under many persons like their parents, their senior brothers and sisters, their uncles, aunts, senior cousins, senior neighbours, teachers, senior colleagues, government officials, including the police constable, and police officers.

When these thus lower mentality persons talk in terms of equality with the English nationals, others immediately encode the English national in the lower words, and usages, that they have encoded these youngsters in. In the world of codes, the English national are really being pulled down.

Actually the concept of BPO is a very dangerous thing, the complete ambit of which the current English national have not understood. In many ways, it is like a Brahmin feudal lord of the ancient times, being brought to the level of a lower caste person. This bringing down can literally encase the Brahmin with a severe negativity that would be killing in almost all manners.

A similar situation is that of bringing down a senior Indian police officer like an IPS officer to the levels of an Indian police constable. The words and usages connected to the IPS man simply would go the level of a constable. If this were to happen, the IPS man would show all signs of anxiety neurosis and panic attack. He could go cold and he would suffer from many mental and physical aliments, with no specific physical reason diagnosable.
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Since I mentioned BPO, let me slightly digress into the issue of money. What is money? Well, in the earlier centuries, it was identified with the receipt given by European Bankers, which travelers carried with them, for cashing at other Bankers’ place in far of places. The receipt was thus considered to contain a specific power. Later the paper money supplied by the respective nations came. It also was embedded with some power that could move things, or buy items.

Here again, one does not actually understand what money is. Now in modern days, this understanding has reached more interior areas, to the world of some sort of codes. For example, when money gets transferred through the Internet, there are only the changes in a few digits in an account.

Actually money is a sort of code in its own right. This code is embedded with a certain Action Command, that can move things, buy items etc. when the particular code is activated in a specific code environment.

This code also has a particular style of functioning in different language code social systems. However, the concept is not being discussed now. So, I have contended that money is made up of codes.

I have also contended elsewhere that material items are also the creation of codes. For example, a jar of milk actually can be viewed from its code view. So, the milk is also the creation of codes.

Now let us see the issue of a number of jars of milk that came from different sources. They are all mixed together. Now, is it possible to take a glass of milk from this mix and say that is contains the milk from which all jars?

Well, talking from the aspect of physical reality, each molecule in the milk can really be linked to a particular source. And if there had been an extraneous matter in one jar, then that matter can be sourced to that particular jar. Well, if there is this link, then it needs to be mentioned that that particular link is embedded in the codes of that individual molecule.

Now, what about money? Money comes to one bank account from various sources. Can we take out a hundred dollars from this account and say that that particular hundred dollars came from any particular source?
Well, I am not able to conclusively give an answer to this. However I can give an illustration to point to an aspect in this regard. I was making a digital book. I had to use a number of field boxes with certain specific action commands embedded into it. So, I used to make one such field box, embedded the action command, and use it for some particular purpose, with some other action command which is not common.

I used to take this same field box, remove the not common action command and give it another specific action command and use it elsewhere.

When I was using such field daily for a lot of purposes, everyday I use to take some already made field box, and copy paste it. Usually I would remove the specific action command and see that only the common action commands remain them before using them.

I thus had a few hundreds of such field boxes. So now all of them were the same. Once they are thus same, there is technically no way for me to find out what was the source of each one of them individually.

However, when everything was ready, I suddenly found a terrible discrepancy. One of the action commands that I had thought I had removed had not been removed in one of them. This same error filled field box had been used again and again. Literally filled the software with a lot of errors in many unconnected places. So, now, the source of these particular field boxes could easily be indentified one single field box.

Why I mentioned this here is to stress that actually everything has a code route, even the individual bits of codes that make up money. Any error or negativity or power encoded into this may move along with the codes that is copied or moved.

It was my aim to conclude this post here. However, yesterday night I read on BBC that there is a suggestion that the human brain is crisscrossed by links like that in the Internet.

Well, this has been my proposal for quite a few years. However, I did go beyond to argue that no only the human brain, but also the universe as well as the reality as we understand is thus connected. If this be so, then it is only natural to suppose that both reality as well as our brain do function on the dictates of some software.

If there is such a software, then there are software languages also. Now, my contentions have been that even human languages do have connection to this software. Indeed, I would say that human brain and its functioning is directly connected to the main human language to which it is connected to. I have detected the huge difference different languages can make on the way human brain, and every other feature about human beings is connected to the kind of language they use.

It is like light moving through a prism. If the prism is made of a material of high refractive index, the light gets splintered into the Vibygor. Likewise, if one view the society and other beings, animate as well as inanimate, through the medium of some languages like the feudal languages of India/Asia, the society as well as the beings gets thrown into different layers. Certain languages can create huge spatial distances between these entities. However, plateau-like languages like English cannot do this function, and the society as well as the beings remains more or less at the same level, with very negligible splintering evident.

The very much measurable difference can be observed in the way every event as well as verbal inputs can affect the society as well as the human brain is there. From this, one can literally detect the presence of this software.
Coming back to the contention that there is something akin to that of the Internet in human brain, see this: Click here and then click here.

You will find that the webpage you are reading now, has been made subordinate to Victoria Institutions’ webpage, even though, it is actually an independent webpage with a separate url. Did Victoria Institutions do anything on the Active board webpage codes? No, all that Victoria Institutions did was to do a slight code work on their own webpage, and the Active board appears subordinate to Victoria Institutions webpage.

Actually there is no cable like links running across the Internet. All that there is some links done on other web pages, which can create a powerful link across the Internet.

Now, what I wanted to tell here is that if the human brain has the appropriate software, then it can also create powerful links on to other places, persons, and events. Mind here really comes near to what ancient witchcraft and tantric philosophy proposes. That of the power of imagination.

By attaching a simple code on to the codes/features of another person, he can be subdued, demeaned, subordinated, honoured, revered, made great, made a simpleton, and even literally destroyed. All that is required is some diabolical software like the Indian feudal languages. How can native English speakers understand this? Well, if they are doing jobs that the Indian feudal languages see as low level, then they would literally feel distressed by the very presence Indian feudal language speaking persons, or by their very viewing of them in such activities. They might even explode mentally and do things that can even be homicidal. The English society at large, in their miserable un-understanding of the diabolical things that have entered their social system, would simply understand it as some racially motivated event.

Here I would like to give a very rudimentary input. That the eyes do have certain powers. It may very well be understood that the eyes are one of the input devices of the brain. Through the eyes another person’s codes can be read, like one gets the url of another website by simply viewing it. Well, once this url or codes gets into the other man’s brain, it depends on what software he or she is using. If it be a feudal language software as in India, Asia etc., well then, the other person’s features can be manipulated beyond the imagination of the English world.

Well, am I alone in this knowledge? Well, no. Even Robert Clive, one of the greatest of British colonial officials did try to explain India to the Englishmen back at home. But simpletons over there, took up the opinion that what was true in England would be true all over the world. It was a very dangerous misinformation and opinion. This was what allowed the other nationalities to swarm all over England, when actually England should have taken all steps to safeguard its physical as well as mental boundaries. Like one would safeguard a computer from viruses.

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Secondary codes and Human psyche

I have professed the existence of codes, which are akin to software codes, that lie behind reality. Naturally, human mind, emotions and even psychic triggers are connected to what changes in these codes.

How did I come across this idea and how do I propose to prove their existence?

Well, the idea came to me when I was studying the differences between English and Indian vernaculars, and their manifold effects on human beings. English is, as I have emphasized many times in my writings, more or less a plateau like language, where there is not much of differing levels of words to depict different levels of human professional, age, social and such existence. However, Indian vernacular is heavily feudal or hierarchical or even structured, so as to design human social institutions and individualities into powerfully demarked positions. It is so powerful that it can literally create specific designs on the human personality and mental mood.

In the earlier days of my observations, I had only this theme in my mind. But later on I could sense certain powerful changes that could be induced at far distances by simply varying the inputs that can bring out changes into human conditions, including personality. If the same were enacted in English, not much observable changes could be seen, for English doesn’t bring about such changes in human physical form and mental mood, for there are not structured usages in that language. However, in feudal language environment, it is different.

In feudal languages, information inputs or simply changing the words or usages used for such things as You, He, She, For Him, For Her, I, Them etc. bring in changes in the codes. Even the words You, He, She, For Him, For Her, Them, I etc are connected to some numerical value that gets encrypted into the codes. For example, take the case of one South Indian language. You can be Nee, Ningal, Thangal or Sar etc. {There are many more in between, but for sake of convenience we shall deal with only three levels).

Nee can be the lowest. {However, it not fully true and this statement may need more explanation, but for the time being we will leave it at that}.

It depends on what one knows or perceives about a person. He is young, then Nee. He is uneducated, then Nee. He is coming from a poor family, then Nee. Suddenly, someone inputs, he is young, but he is a teacher in the local madrasa, a Uthasd. Then Ningal. He is a poor man, but honoured in his social area, Then Ningal. He is an idiot, but he is a government official, Then Thangal or Sar (heavy respect).
Each level of words, attires a person with different levels of social standing. People interact or react to these different levels differently. For a higher level of words, things move fast, as there is homage extended. To a lower level of words, people display very obvious disdain and scorn. Things become slow paced.

Now, generally the Indian mind spontaneously gathers a lot of information and processes it, superfast and then starts the communication using the appropriate You, He, She etc.

How does it do it? Well, it can be on the basis of some numerical values. For example, when the inputs add on to the person’s codes, it can rise from one to 10. When it moves to 11, Nee changes to Ningal. Like that when the numerical values changes from 20 to 21,

Many attributes can help add to this numerical value. For example, a man has a car. The numerical value will be on the rise. If he is seen going in a car or has gone to a specific place in a car, driving it on his own. Well, all these things do create perceptible changes in the value in the codes. In English also, it may have certain affects, but then, it is nothing compared to that which takes place in a feudal language environment. For, here it is like the Bohr’s Atom Model. The electron literally exists at different levels, depending on their status.

Now there is another thing that I contend. Persons are connected to each other by such words as You, He, She, His, Hers, For Him, For Her, and by names. Now in English, these links are more or less with the same words. However, in feudal languages, the links are by different words, depending on who is addressing who or who is referring to whom. These links arrange the persons in a three dimensional spatial arrangement. Some words have pulling power, and some have pushing power. Now, in a society, innumerable persons are connected to each other thus. The moment a wrong word or usage is made, or a change in the usage or word is done at any level, there is a very sharp dismantling or jolting and rearrangement of the affected persons again.

Now what are my observations that make me conclude that there are really codes that are perceptible to human brain, without conscious knowledge and effort?

Well, there are many observations.

One. Many years ago one (Indian) of my acquaintances, who had an affluent business had a bad time. He had to sell off his cars. Finances were in acute scarcity. However, I was quite surprised to see him have a chauffer driven private car from a car rental service. When I asked him why he wanted to squander his money, when every single penny was precious, he gave me an answer. His answer was brief, but let me make it elaborate here as per my understanding.

His office was just around five kilometers from the Central Secretariat. He had to meet the central ministers on a routine manner, to manage business affairs. Naturally in India, everything works on prestige.

He could very well take an autorickshaw and go to the central secretariat. Or even a minor trip in a bus would suffice. He could go with a lower social level companion. Or else, he could go in a taxi car. Well, as he said it, all these things would be sensed by even the very pillars in the secretariat. A low level of value would be added to his codes, or may be there would be a subtracting of numerical values from his personality codes. A certain level of lesser amount of deference would be offered to him, and in many cases, even entry to the hallowed areas of the superior persons would be denied to him.

However, he goes in a private uniformed chauffer driven luxurious car. The car gets parked in a good place. His chauffer opens the door for him. Some people see him. All these events go on adding values to his personality codes. Somewhere in the codes, he levels are brimming with value and he is the higher echelons of the code values.

Even eyes have power. It depends on what level of person is viewing one, and what is his mental impression. The most powerful persons in this regard are really the most lower placed persons. They are powerfully placed. A word of adoration or admiration from them can work wonders. At the same time, a negative remark from them can powerfully remove a lot of value from a person’s codes. For, they stand on a very low level, and a negative remark from them is akin to pulling a person down below them.

If when a powerful official comes to this person at that moment, and shakes his hand, a value is added to his codes. If this action is seen by some else, it can add more value, depending on that viewer’s level and also his level of acceptance of the event.

At the same time, if a lower placed person, who has had his person’s acquaintance earlier, comes and shakes his hands, this can also literally wipe out a large amount of positive values.

Now, when my acquaintance goes into the minister’s office, again the very pillars would sense all these positive inputs. There would profuse deference extended to this person and things would move fast. The values have been copied to that events in the minister’s office, and to a limited extent it can even be encrypted to the very official files dealing with this person.

Now, this can be called a very subjective observation and not objective enough. However, it is my contention that most of human emotions and connected things do have a lot percentage of subjective events, which need not be mere imagination.

In many ways, this issue connected to feudal languages does explain the social mood known as un-touch-ability.

Two: I am with a person who has given me a man to drive my vehicle to a particular location. This person is a rich man, and socially prominent. The driver is an elderly man, and does derive some level of deference from the social system on the basis of his age.

I want to take this man (driver) for a better purpose. I had talked about this to him, and he was willing to do the work. He is standing a bit away getting the vehicle ready. I talk about him and my idea to the man (Mr. X) who had introduced him. The driver can see us talking, but the talk can be about anything, for we can have many things to talk about. Mr. X gives a very disparaging report about the person. The codes connected to him literally crashes down. The driver suddenly starts casting his glance at us in a suspicious or unsettled manner. Actually he had no way of knowing that we were talking about him. When I go near him, our relationship had changed. He could notice it and I felt it. As if he and I had moved from our earlier respective positions in the secondary code area and stablised at a different position from where our perspective, and link component on each other was different from earlier.

Here what could have happened was the brain or its software sensing the change, which was not materially detectable.

Three: In India, there are certain social positions which are more or less very stable, and not easy to destabiilse in the language code. One such position is that of the govt official. The more senior he or she is, the more stable he or she is from the jolting affect of the ordinary persons’ proximity or interaction. However, this is only correct as far as a person’s common potential energy is concerned. For example, when a senior official name is connected to a lower job person. The lower person’s link can really erode the other person’s inner numerical value. However, still the fact that he is a very senior official may stabilizes the words connected to him, and helps it come down to lower levels.

However, still the issue of feeling abuse can be there. Here I need to mention one great fact. It is about mental serenity and its disturbance connected to abusive words. When one says in English that a man has used abusive words, it is very much understood that there has been profanity or expletives used. Well, in feudal languages, such words are usually used by the persons who have actually been abused. Now this is a strange contention. For, a man is heard calling another man a ‘Son of Bitch’. Surely he has been abusive. But the question arises as to what provoked him.

One can see in India at times, the government official unduly provoked and more or less abusive in words and actions. At the same time, the same man could be seen to be very tranquil and very affable to some other person.

In the same manner, some persons are seen to be really provoked towards some persons, and not at all provoked to others.

In Indian feudal languages, the abusive use of words can be a change of the word for You, He, She, His, Her, Him, Her, For Him, For Her etc. and in the use or not using of names with or without respectful suffix. A person who refrains from using an expected level of respect in his choice of words can be judged as abusive.

For example, in a particular state in South India, in the southern area, the government official expects the people to address them with the word Sar, meaning You (heavy respect). This part of the state had been under the rule of the native rulers. However in the northern parts of this very state, the people used to address the government official with a NIngal, which was a polite usage, but not equivalent of giving majestic deference to the government official. The northern part had been under the British rule and hence the officialdom at that time had been more liberal.

Now, I have the experience of seeing govt officials seething with anger when persons from northern areas come to the south and address them with a Ningal. In fact, there was an incident related to me by an acquaintance who was an ‘officer’ in a uniformed service. He said that he had been on the verge of bashing up one detainee when he addressed him with a Ningal. However one of his colleagues explained to him that in the north (some 15 years back), the level of respect was of that word.

I mention this thing to denote the fact that there is actually more to abusive words and provocation than is understood in English. Modern psychiatry does not know anything about this.

Now, when a person is seen in a state of unnecessarily violence and provocation, there is need to understand this factor also.

What really grips the provoked person is his experience that the other man has powerfully dislodged him from this state of dynamic equilibrium and placed him in a lower area. Actually, many words more or less shift a person. At the same time, there are words that powerfully lend support to a particular man’s earlier position. If this position is likable, he is happy with the words. Otherwise he is angry. Whether he reacts or not depends on whether he can react or not.

Now, it is these words and the associated codes that make such nations as India in a state of continuing simmering. Violence can breakout anytime, if there is no powerful machinery to crush it. At the same time, it may be understood that the police machinery in India is a very provocative machinery that callously shifts most citizens to abominable levels. People very fast turn into terrorists or anti-nationals, as soon as they are accosted by the police and taken into custody.

Four: There is this phenomena: In many Indian organizations, a strange force seem to settle on the individuals who work inside. The persons more or less get a stooping posture or a bend on their neck area, the moment they enter their work area. In some cases, it is the presence of a dominating boss that creates this. In this case, whenever the boss is away, a sort of unfettering is felt.

Earlier, I had thought that it was a mere feeling that was simply of psychological levels. However, after a lot of observations, I have come to the conclusion that in many Indian organizations, a strange sort of curving of space is happening. Its power depends on the language of communication inside the office. If it is English, the curving power is very much diminished. Also, if the English used is on par with the communications styles of Britain, there is practically no curving of the space. The persons inside do not feel any power that makes the bend.

The same power of spatial curving can be felt when an Indian enters an Indian govt office. The powerful feudal communication system inside more or less arranges everybody in a very powerfully designed curved or hierarchical space. The ordinary citizen, if he is a person not used to this stifling would very fast feel the power of the curving force. Many of the people concede to this power. Certain others do not, and they exist inside the office space as sort of poking needle that seems to thrust out of the cover. Their presence is seen as provocative by others, who have bent or are in specific positions.

I remember an Incident when I went to the district collectorate (district administrative office). I was sitting with a few people, all of the government officials in certain other departments, in the veranda. Suddenly a medium level ‘officer’, below the level of a collector came into our presence. Immediately, there was a sudden getting up from the seats by everyone. For the govt officials (all of them clerks), they were part of a hierarchy and the man who come in front of them was a senior officials, even though they were not from the same department.

When everyone got up, there was a sudden impulse in me also to get up. However, I did not want to get up, due to a variety of reasons, including the fact that I was very much trying to train myself in English systems.

As I refrained from getting up, I could feel a very powerful force, more or less pulling me up. I was sitting when everyone had got up. It was as if a string was attached to all of the seated persons.. Whenever one got up, this string was pulling me up. I immediately caught the underside of the bench and held tightly, so as to hold me tight to the seat.

Now, these types of forces are not measurable using any physical equipment or scales. But they do exist.

There is another thing quite different from all this. It is about the fact that certain powerfully positioned persons can sort of possess other persons, either for quite some time, or temporarily.

Here we again go to the arena of psychology. Certain persons are described as being unsocial, paranoiac, detached, with no friends etc.

Here one thing has to be mentioned. In Indian languages, it is not easy to talk to others who live in the same society, without being properly introduced, either formally or in a subtle manner. People exist in different social levels, which are generally marked by varying intellectual levels, levels of permitted articulation and also by levels of permitted interaction. All interactions have a direction code. For the languages are thus designed. They are not like English.

Wherever proper introductions of attainments, social or financial positions, intellectual acumen etc. are not properly made understood to others, especially of the lower social groups, a person may try to remain aloof.

Now, in many singular human existences, there comes the presence of certain inimical persons. They with deliberate intentions, may give hints of negative attributes to the others around. If the persons around are of the lower intellectual or social level kind, it is a very powerful degrading that is being radiated.

The other person about whom this type of killing inputs have been disseminated, would find it difficult to establish his true credentials, or the credentials he was to spell out. The stance of social aloofness would be one his defenses, to escape from the powerful degrading that would ensue from this. However, it is doubtful if modern psychology and psychiatry has any idea about these things.

His other defense would be to build up another group of persons who have no connection with the other inimical person/s.

Now, what has happened is a powerful lower of values in the codes, and these can be very much sensible to many other human brains.

Here I need to give one more input. The inimical person may then crave to dismantle his independent circle of friends. There are many methods that are used one would be to bring one or more of the persons in the other man’s friendship circle, and extend an effusive welcome to them. And then slowly tell them certain things, that more or less can erode the value of the man that had been earlier encrypted in their brain. The inimical person may even tell them to tell or ask certain things to the other person.

Well, the friends of this person is now possessed with certain data, or words, or sentence, which are more or less, a copy paste done by the inimical person. When the friend/s, talk to the other man, he would immediately sense a presence of the inimical person in his friend/s demeanour. When they talk, he would literally hear the voice of his tormentor and feel this personality. As if the friends are possessed. This is a phenomenon that I have observed much. I have seen this process being done and enacted with perfect precision.

Now, what is this possession? Well, it is just the working of software code, or just words. Words are what makes the software.

In many ways, the phenomenon of hypnotism is more or less the work of software, which is composed of words. The phenomenon that I have just written above about another person seeming to appear in another person’s personality, is akin to hypnotism. The traditional science may call it suggestion and auto-suggestion and such. However, what is at work is the encrypting of powerful software codes.

See this writing that I got from Wikipedia, on Hypnotism:

One author wrote that “a person can act, some time later, on a suggestion seeded during the hypnotic session”. A hypnotherapist told one of his patients, who was also a friend: ‘When I touch you on the finger you will immediately be hypnotised.’ Fourteen years later, at a dinner party, he touched him deliberately on the finger and his head fell back against the chair.”

In the incident quoted above, what has been encoded is a software code, which has set an action to be triggered when the hypnotherapist places his hand on the finger.

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Secondary Codes and diseases

Since I have contended that there are codes that design reality as well as human body, I think I should go into the areas of human diseases and their connections to language codes.

As per modern medical understandings most of our diseases are caused by micro organisms. Well, it may be said that these micro organisms could be real, as real as we are. However, since we are the creations of codes, it is only natural to continue the contention that these micro organisms are also created by codes.

Even though I do not have an expert’s knowledge in medical subjects, it is quite possible that such diseases as cancer and such could be directly connected to the errors in the codes that creep in over time. Or may be there could even be a timer mechanism in the human’s codes that triggers an error at a particular time.

Well, I have found that Homeopathy is very fantastically effective in a number of human diseases, including cancer, if it allowed to deal with it at an early stage. But then, I am not declaiming that modern allopathic medicine is wrong or off the track. These two systems of medicine can be compared to the software part and the hardware part of a computer maintenance work. Both have their importance, and in certain cases an intelligent combination of both might be required to treat the computer problem.

As to discussing the possibility of coming up with some evidence to prove the existence or relevance of these codes in human healthcare, I can only say that it is possible to study this phenomena from the comparative effects that work on human beings in an English world and in a feudal Indian language social system.

I have found that in Indian feudal language social system, a slight or cataclysmic change in social status, or in the persons connecting to one, or in the words of reference is shifted by persons occupying certain crucial social positions can create grave health issues in the affected persons.

Many years ago, I did hear of a story of a man, who belonged to the land owning class, suddenly being deprived of his possessions, by a new legislative act that gave his property to his tenants. Even though, he was still having relatively okay financial status, and having a good decent job, he would be seen as wobbling mentally. Even though others told me that he was at times going crazy due to this event, my own understanding is that his mind was detecting a void in the position of a very powerful prop. Actually this prop is connected to certain powerful words and usages, which are linked to him from the outside world (and not from him). These words and usages themselves are derived from his status as a land owner.

If one were to see the codes of this man, and the various links to it, it might be possible to discern where the discrepancy has entered. It is my contention that both mental as well as physical imbalances are due to codes error.

Now, I can take this issue to micros. They are also the creation of codes. They can be observed both from the design view (reality) as well as from the code view. In the design view, they are real material objects, and modern allopathic medicine can deal with them at that level. However in the code view, they are just codes, and Homeopathy might be able to deal with them.

Now, there are certain social errors in the real world that can really create disturbances in the code world. For example, a senior Indian police official, (IPS) is somehow demoted to the rank of a police constable. Well, it is a terrible situation. It is not that all Indian police constables are of low quality, but that they exist in a very diabolic social environment. For every part of their communication system is different. The IPS officer might be addressing his level officials by name or with a Mr. prefixed. But the constable stands in a very deep gorge in the communication system.

For example, if the language be Malayalam, You is a Nee; His superiors are all Sar; He is an Avan, while is superiors are Sar; he can be called by name, but his superiors, he has to address with a Sar suffixed.

Even though one might say that this is comparable to English official hierarchy, the truth is that in Malayalam, each of these words are powerfully linked to other powerful words, usages, behavior patterns and even to permitted level of social articulation. A police constable would not be much distressed by these, for he more or less, exists in that level and everything is natural to him.

As to the IPS officer who has been demoted, in the code world, he has been pulled down. So many codes get altered. Numerical values change.

The IPS officer may start exhibiting signs of acute mental distress, and of physical problems. However, these physical problems may not show any real pathological reasons, on diagnosis. It would be meaningless to simply state that it is his mental distress that is causing his physical distress. The actual path of this distress need to be discussed and mapped. And this mapping, if possible, may move through the world of secondary codes. And it is quite possible that one may come across codes that are of some microbe.

Actually the example I quoted may seem quite silly. But then, it may well be required to think about wider possibilities. Like that of lower cultural or social standing persons coming above in position to mentally and socially highly positioned persons.

Or even the issue of native English speaking races (both Black as well as White) mingling with different levels of persons in other societies. There is dangers in the concept of equality. For example, it would be quite dangerous for an English national to think that he or she is an equal to any person in India. For in India, despite all claims to the contrary, there is no real equality, or equal dignity. A taxi driver in India is not equal to a Taxi driver in England. The former can be a meek subordinate or a diabolical superior. Similarly a business owner in India is not equal to a business owner in England. In many ways, the Indian business owner would be carrying a very snubbing negativity in him, and hence more powerful, in a satanic manner.

Many years ago, I had contemplated on the issue of persons from English west being made to mix with the people of such feudal language nations as India etc. I think that year was around 1982. Over the years, these things have come to pass. The internet has more over less broken open the English national barriers to the persons from the feudal language nations. It was not like the old colonial times, when the English persons did come over to such nations as India and see for themselves the realities of the feudal communication code. And kept away from its reaches, in terror. Now, the English speakers do not get to know what this is in its stark reality.

I have had my own personal experience in all these things. I brought up my own daughter in perfect English settings. Even before she was born I did do some social experiments that proved the presence of codes that design human beings. Later as my daughter grew up, I could discern the straight-backed-ness that comes in the human frame design that is different from the pose of arrogant superiority in superior class Indians. However, there were terrible social and familial issues in bringing up a child who stood outside the familial and social command structure. Ultimately she was put into a local English medium school, when I was not in station by other family members who had their own vested interests.

I was able to observe the great physical appearance change that came to perch on the person. Even the straight-backed-ness was severely damaged. She did not learn the local vernacular, but still the affect of the curved social structure did come to affect here. This was different from the affect of snubbing feudal words for You, She etc. These couldn’t directly affect her, for she did not learn the local language. However, the essential curving of the school social environment did affect her.

Now, I need to go back to the subject matter of codes of diseases. When persons from such elevated (common man’s) personality nations as England and such places get to mix with the persons and social systems where the language codes is stiflingly feudal, the codes of newer diseases can spring up. May be even AIDS can be caused by this phenomena.

These all were my thoughts till yesterday. However, yesterday, in the BBC I read about the detecting of some new kind of microbes in persons who go to Asian nations for medical treatment and such things. Well, I contend that these are newer dangerous codes, that have been created in the world of secondary codes.

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The potential levels and the energy in the code links

Every entity in the reality codes does have specific powers or energy. Its level or numerical values can be changed. This fact can be perfectly seen in links that are created in feudal languages, between individuals. When the indicant words of You, He, She and such others change, there is a corresponding change in the potential that is encoded in the links that connect the specific persons. Persons or entities exist on different potential levels. This potential difference has power to accomplish many things.

This potential difference can move things, bring change of momentum, change the relative social positions of persons, arrange the command structure, line of hierarchy, ennoble or degrade and many other things. The question then arises as to whether this potential difference can literally accomplish similar things in the physical world; for example, can it move a car, take a person or thing to another place etc.

Well, the fact is that it can. However, these things are accomplished not in the physical manner that we see as of a bus moving, but in more complicated and behind the scene activities. So that ultimately things and persons do move or shift.

It may be understood that potential difference can bring in kinetic energy and many other energies, if power mechanisms for conversions are there.

There are words that can literally expel a person powerfully. Well, in English such words are not there.

It may be borne in mind that currently I need to discuss all my observations from a very tight enclave of solitary arenas of such things as individual relationships, a single specific language environment etc. To talk in a more universal manner, there may be need for more elaborate information on that level. I do not currently possess that information.

Let us start the debate from a small place, that of husband-wife relationship in a feudal (Malayalam) language environment. The husband has a specific potential value, the wife has another, and so also every other person that they are related to and/or interact with.

In a way, each link is a draining or a accruing of energy. Now, there is something that needs to be mentioned about indicant words. They have the energy to pull down or push up.

Now suppose the husband is interacting with another man, whose indicant level or potential level is low. If the lower man concedes respect in his words to the husband, the indicant or potential level of the husband increases. If on the other hand, that lower indicant man uses indicant words that are devoid of respect and more or less pull the husband to his level or below, the husband’s indicant or potential level goes down.
In each case, the husband would literally feel it. So also would the others around him. It is like a loading in of charge or of a depletion of charge.

This phenomenon is not very much discernible in a perfect English social environment, even if the interaction is between the British nobility and the commoners. This is due to the exact difference English has with feudal languages.

Now in a feudal language environment, even a simple handshaking with a lower indicant man can make a superior man feel drained. Well, what creates a lower indicant man in the first place? Well, in the 3 dimensional space created by the encasing feudal language social environment, the lower indicant man is placed in a low position. However, it must be stressed that this 3 dimensional space is not a single, non-changing thing. The fact is that there can be an innumerable such 3 dimensional spaces connecting the same individuals, each formed from different perspectives. Herein lies a particular complexity of reality, as far as ordinary human intellect is concerned.

In an ordinary English environment of England, there shall not be any such diabolic pulling and pushing ups. For, even though there can be innumerable 3 dimensional social spaces there also, most individual exists more or less very near to a single plane. For even the highest police official and the common man are not far removed from this plane. In the case of feudal languages, the distances between them in the 3 dimensional spaces can be of unfathomable astronomical distances.

Now what are the other things other than spoken words that can convey such energies? Well, a smile from a superior person, a handshake by him, a formal or informal acknowledgement by him, a rising from a seat, a formal salute, sitting near to him, being seen near to him or seen speaking to him or seen been acknowledged by him, a good word spoken by him about the other and such other things can load the other man with energy. Moreover acquiring money, good job, a beautiful wife, a wife from a superior social standing, a loving wife, a steady friend, a loyal follower etc. can also lend positive energy and raise the potential energy in a person. Even the chance to see a beautiful female face can garner positive potential energy to the individual.

Now when this energy is being shifted, what happens to the superior man? Well, it depends. In certain cases, the superior man can literally feel drained and depleted of energy. In fact, in feudal language social scenes, people are very wary of conceding any acknowledgement to persons who they feel carry such negative energy, that can deplete their own positive energy.

At the same time, when the other person is someone who resonates in a particular manner, of acknowledging the superior man’s distance from him, and concedes a reciprocal respect and such other things may not drain the superior person’s potential energy, but rather he would sort of reload the superior person with more energy.

Now let me take a very pointed look at husband-wife relationship in a feudal language environment. The wife is beautiful. She smiles at him affectionately. Well, she is loading him with potential energy, and when this man moves around in town, this energy will be visible in him.

The wife who cares not to smile at her husband with affection. She glares at him. She literally drains his energy, and creates a hole in a particular area of the inner codes. The husband can be tired, but then it depends also on how much a prominent position he can lent to his wife in his inner codes.

Such things as a frown, a glare, a disinterested pose, a bad word or remark, wife distancing herself from her husband, children taking a stance of impertinence, subordinates displaying insubordination and such things can drain the energy in the inner codes.

In all feudal language social relationships, there are lines or hierarchy of relationships. These lines or links are kept in position by the various levels of energy. All words, information, scenes, imaginations, infrastructural arrangements, routes of movement, expressions of loyalty or respect etc. that support a particular hierarchy or line of command shall keep the hierarchy in health and position. All such things that go contrary to the structure of the hierarchy shall strive to pull it apart.

Now, what has to be understood is that all these things bring in positive energy of holding together, or bring negative disruptive energy that shall strive to pull apart the hierarchy.

A wife sits with a man who is acknowledged by her husband as being a welcome link in his perspective social structure and hierarchy. It does not disrupt the husband’s potential energy or cause hurt in his relationship with his wife. However, when a wife sits with a person who is not within the accepted links of her husband’s vision of hierarchy, she is literally draining her husband’s potential energy and conveying it to the other person, male or female. In many ways, the need to cordon a wife socially as in very ferocious feudal languages social set ups is due to this aspect.

Why the other man is not a welcome entrant can be due to many things. It can include the fact that the husband does not accept his social or intellectual level to be of his own. It can be either higher or lower. It can also be of the same level apparently, but the husband may not be willing to be at that level. Moreover, there is the factor of a person having a follower or connection garnering potential energy. In this case, the competing person shall be gnawing at the husband’s potential energy fill up his own energy levels.

This factor has much connection to the dislike for sending a wife to work under another person. For there is an immediate shift or drain of potential energy from the husband to that of another entity, if the wife is not working in a very specific social setting. However, the issue of females working for other persons has a very wide ambit for discussion, all connected to the feudal codes in the language. It needs a separate discussion.

However, what is relevant in this discussion here can be briefly dealt with. A wife smiling to an outsider to the hierarchy acknowledged by the husband, getting up to show deference to him, reading his writings, listening to his words, acting as per his dictates, commands, requests, instructions etc., sharing (even innocent) secrets with him, supporting him, voting for him, allowing him to teach her clandestinely and such things do have much deeper significance in a feudal language social structure than can be imagined in English. For each of these doings are literally bringing in negative energy that can dismantle the hierarchy in which the husband exists as per his own perspective.

Moreover, the issue of insisting on Pardha in certain areas of the Muslim social system can be traced to the issue of a beautiful female face lending energy to another competing individual.

All these things are also equally true in the case of many other persons including loyal confidents, supporters, disciples, followers etc.

Now, each of these events does create shifts and dismantling in the inner codes that position persons and events. It can affect all things that one understands as ‘future’. To put it in a more sober manner, I should say that a single smile or an acknowledgement to the outsider can propel him to heights from where he can command events in a more powerful manner.

Well, I am not sure that I have been able to bring focus on the theme of links transmitting energy between areas of differing potential energies.

However, I think I should now speak about ‘money’ which literally does contain encoded power and/or energy. I do not know what the economist’s definition of money is. In the earlier days in Europe, it started out as the receipts given by bankers for gold deposits. These receipts then carried the codes that brought in energy to buy, move and do many other things in far off places. Later came the paper currency, and people started identifying money in terms of such things. Then came the modern banking system, ATMs and later ecommerce. As of now, money is just a numerical value in a computer connected to a banking system.

However, money is much beyond all that. It is really a particular kind of energy or potential that can fill into the links in the inner codes of the human social system. The very depositing of money in a person’s bank account (only a change of numerical values in the computer software), can fill that person’s immense codes links with power.

Now, when speaking about money what needs to be mentioned is that the ways and manners of how of money accrues, moves and spreads in a feudal language social system is very much at variance with how it moves around in an English social system. The social securities, focus points where money literally gets accumulated in etc. are not the same as in English systems. Moreover, the propulsive forces that motivates the movement of money, and the design structure by which it rearranges itself is vastly different from an English design.

I am saying this in connection to the current day linking of economic and fiscal activities between English social systems with feudal language Asian and African social systems. What has been done is the amalgamating of pristine English social codes with diabolic feudal codes. English economic systems can get terribly fractured. English banking systems can eroded. There shall be system failure. All things great about English social systems can get wiped out. Even the easy support banks used to give to common persons to buy houses, and also the social security system that English governments used to lend to their citizens.

There is much more to be written in detail on the codes that create the power called money.

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An appraisal of mental sciences
(Posted on UKResident in 2004)

I do not know much about the science of mental diseases. There is psychology as well as psychiatry.

Can the practitioners of these arts really pretend to have deep knowledge of what they are professing?

Does obsession with sex really dominate majority of human actions, desires, and motives?

Many times, have I read the considered views of learned professionals in these fields, on many themes connected to human reactions to malevolent social signals and circumstances. And I was at times been impressed by the shallowness of the understandings, of these persons. They seem to try to fit many mental moods into narrow, pre-defined terminologies, like that of obsession, paranoia, mania, complexes, depression, phobia etc.

Once, one person who was a clerk in a hospital, in a mood of deep contemplation, told me that patients used to come to the hospital in a healthy mood, and within one or two weeks of in-house medication, they would be taken home with a vague look, that signified a sense of loss of perception.

One of the things that I feel is that human being do react to anomalous signals; actually they have to do it. For, they are human beings.

Earlier times, Chloral hydrate was a psychiatric medicine, now it is banned. There was a time when lobotomy (scraping parts of the lobes of the brain) was a standard practice, now it is banned.
Medical practitioners, who are acquaintances, tell me not to discuss psychiatry. They themselves get disturbed.

I heard a talk by a psychiatrist, wherein he declared that Electric shock treatment (the endearing medical terminology is “electrotherapy” or “electro-convulsive therapy”) is the most cost effective of all psychiatric treatment. When I talked to Doctors about it, I had a feeling that they were not very happy to debate about it.

It seems that it is a very traumatic experience to the patient, and the treatment is meted out regardless of the person’s aversion to the mode of treatment. I do feel that this very factor makes it a crime, for the fact remains that the minimum right to treat a person, comes from that very person conceding to it.

I was told that the patient goes into convulsions, and becomes unconscious, with a deep, heavy groan/scream.

Persons who are taken to hospitals at times turn violent. But then, generally perfectly sane persons are supposed to react will violence, when unacceptable persons manhandle them.

In many cases, a person reacts in a disturbed manner, when the environment around him is malevolent. This may be taken as the persons around him, including his family members. And these very persons generally have the say in institutionalising him.

And, generally there is an element of mental disturbance, encrypted in feudal languages, aimed at persons who try to display any amount of individualism, or rectitude. I have seen this happen. And I have seen the psychologists coming out with creepy smiles and mediocre understanding, to stigmatise the person with an apt terminology that exists in their books.

Do the doctors really know about the medicines that they are giving? I was once told that their legitimacy rises from the fact that it is prescribed in the textbooks.

I conclude with a quotation (I do not know much about Dr.Szasz):

Mental illness is not a disease; it is a myth. Madness is not diagnosed; it is manufactured. Psychiatry is not the science of ‘the unconscious; it is the theology of medicine. Psychiatrists- from Sigmund Freud to Karl Menninger- are not beneficent healers who treat patients; they are base rhetoricians who trample rights, stigmatising others by placing them in a position of institutionalised helplessness.-Thomas S. Szasz. MD Psychiatry


especially when you look at the narroweness of some fo the research and the lack of depth in our understanding of the brain.

Actually, I do believe that human thoughts, reactions, and many connected items do have some level of connection with external inputs; like one may say, software inputs, in a computer.

I can’t say for sure, what it is; but then, when I went on to the conclusions of my book on languages, it did reach a stage, wherein I stumbled onto an understanding of how, in feudal languages, a person’s attributes spread over the mind of many persons in the social system, in accordance with the level of words ascribed to him. And thus acquires a force that can either propel him to heights or strangle him to submission. There was a level of telepathic effect in this, but it was with very material reasons. But beyond that I found that this affect does linger on a person, wherever he goes, even if there is no one to introduce his attributes. As a sort of aura.

Apart from this feeling, I did feel from my life experiences that at times, a person can be unduly influenced by external signals or inputs. I do not know its source; but I have seen incidences and phenomena that really make me feel that if the modern mental sciences are regarding such themes as utter nonsense, then they might be making a severe mistake.

Quote: Sunflowers

frankly, I think Freud’s theories say more about Freud than about his patients
I have not read much what Freud has written; so I can’t comment much about it. But from the general understandings about the mediocre levels at which certain psycho-doctors function, I think I can possibly agree with Sunflowers.

Quote: Sunflowers

Depression is not just “feeling sorry for yourself”, it’s a horrible condition which I would not wish on anyone.

I think many so-called depressions can be cured by a string of boisterous games, or jogging and such other activities that can both exhilarate physical well being, and also keep one away from negative thoughts.

I do not claim any knowledge in mental sciences; yet, I feel that there is something like what can be called ‘folders’ similar to folders in a computer. And each folder can have files with some level of connections.

Thoughts that resonate with any file or its contents can open them. And once opened, it can be a sort of opening the ‘dam’ of thoughts; in the whole folder.

Many things can ignite these thoughts: words, scenes, experiences, images, living conditions etc.

Similarly it might be good to avoid persons who taunt, and allusions to persons and events, which disturb the mind.

Possibly because I feel that human mind is functioning as a sort of series of computer like programmes, it is possible that the vibes from certain persons can disturb.

One of the best things that can cure depression, I feel, is to be in living conditions that are likable. And with persons who are of non-competing mental moods.

But beyond all that I do feel that there are external signals, that can access the mind, like that of the signals that enter a mobile phone, that can really take control of the mind. The source, I do not know.

And, as an unqualified suggestion, I would say: identify the source that creates the havoc in your mind. In most cases, it might be a person. Yes, a living person, with inimical interests.

And in professional advice, at least some of them do have the interests of the livelihood of the consultants.

I do not want to decry modern medicine, which I think can be seen apart from the Mental Sciences. I have been impressed by allopathic medicine. But I would like to say that the system of medicine known as Homeopathy does have singular effects, which in many cases are very surprising. And in the case of mental trauma, I think it does have answers, with negligible or no side effects.


I’m much more emotionally stable.

What are impressive are your clarity of thoughts, and the powers of expression. Could it be that you have certain qualities that have not been properly utilised, and not adequately understood by others.

I would not dare to say that this is caused by this and the other is caused by another reason. There could be a lot of events and circumstances that could bring in a confused mental state. And it might just be matter of pressing the refresh button, to get the entangled software back to normalcy. But where is the refresh button?

As much as I do not want to say this, I can’t stop myself. It is about my certain feelings. I feel that at times, certain person’s lives do get externally influenced. Sometimes one such person can induce disturbance in others. Now, I really fear to go on.

I am not aiming to spread superstition.

If these external influences are true, how does one do anything about it? Science doesn’t have the answer, nor is it properly equipped to evaluate it (as yet).

The arena is that of the superior software that are not in the control of present day human sciences. What is required is a master software technician who can manipulate at that level. Maybe a medium may be able to help.

And another thing is meditation (not necessarily to god, or to any celestial being) could help tremendously.

My depression started when I had my first child back in 1973

This is not a rare event.

Quote: Ved
I think many so-called depressions can be cured by a string of boisterous games, or jogging and such other activities that can both exhilarate physical well being, and also keep one away from negative thoughts.

Quote: Ved
One of the best things that can cure depression, I feel, is to be in living conditions that are likable. And with persons who are of non-competing mental moods.

I find it interesting the British Scientist have found that physical exercise is one of the best ways to treat depression. Many other features of modern mental sciences may need urgent re-evaluation. It seems to have currently become a nonsensical means of livelihood for irresponsible persons.

One such example was Hemingway who committed suicide after being subjected to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) (Shock Treatment) for depression.

QUOTE Wikipedia
Hemingway himself blamed the ECT treatments for “putting him out of business” by destroying his memory.

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Being Bipolar

After getting your letter, I read all your posts. I thought I would give an open reply here.

The sheer trust you people place in modern psychiatry really terrifies me. As far as I can understand, modern psychiatry doesn’t know much about what really ticks and triggers the mind and mood.

As far as you being a Bipolar, I would simply say that this type of high sounding terminology is a misuse of words to terrify people by persons who cannot claim any level of knowledge on the inner depths of the human mind, and are equally at sea as to how the mind works.

The medicines that you may have taken might really burden your mind with a heavy lethargy. As far as mood swings are concerned, there are deeper codes involved. For example, take the issue of abusive words being used by a person. What is it that triggers that?

The easiest thing that can provoke it, is provocation. What provocation, if the other person has not used abusive words? Well, thinking from an English experience, it might not be easy to explain it, even though the issue is there. From my studies on oriental languages, I have found that sentences or words that may sound perfectly decent when translated into English, can actually be terrifically provocative.

For example, a simple sentence like, ‘Where were you till now?’ when asked in an oriental language, and possibly many European languages, and probably African languages, can have be made violently provocative by the simple change of the level of words used. For these languages do have different levels, each inflicting a substandard level to the person, or else honouring the person.

Similarly, minor curving of the eyebrow, a out of social level sort of answer, which become a sort of social insubordination, a slight hint of some hidden meaning, a allusion to a weakness, or some other things, all spoken in very mild manner, and also unspoken hints can all be provocative. It can swing a person’s mood.

If a person is found to be having a periodic swing in mood, the best idea would be to study the others who really may be sending the provocative signals with a specific periodicity. As an intelligent human beings, a man would react to these things.

Beyond that from my own observations I have found that certain persons do have some innate craving to despoil another person’s individually. Some persons do crave to see that another person remains in his or her mental custody. Such persons do send such provocative signals, for they might be knowing what it is that can trigger a reaction. In many cases, these persons can even be a parent or parents, uncles, aunts, spouse, friends on whom one depends etc. Generally acknowledged enemies cannot reach the physical proximity to do this.

Some of the reasons for this incredible craving could be the need for keeping someone beneath themselves, jealousy that the other person may improve and grow beyond certain levels, and such other things. However, during my observations, I did also feel that some of these intangible enmities really goes beyond the scope of this life, and may even be connected to certain things beyond the scope of one’s life.

I may stress that if you are a person with quality, you are an easy prey to their diabolic initiatives. Crude persons usually do not get easily distressed by these things. Also, it is quality persons who are the easy targets.

In your case, I should not make any suggestions as to who might be the person/s who are harbouring any kind of inimical interests in you. However, these persons would be someone who puts on a stance of being very helpful to you, and others see them as that. At the same time, they suddenly change their words and postures from that of a very caring person to someone who suddenly pounces on you. Usually this/these person/s would encourage yourself and others to believe that you have basic mental problems. The sheer suddenness and force of the change of pose and personality of this/these persons can really unsettle you.

Apart from this issue, there are other things that can also distress. As you say that some doctor, in his extreme height of ignorance and incompetence had diagnosed you as bipolar and made you take medicines, you indeed have been rendered weak. There is a certain level of desperation in your letters. Yet, they do speak that you have a vibrant mind, that simply wants to break out of the fetters.

The place you live, the shape of your house, what you see on your walls, the kind of society you are forced to see everyday and such things can affect your mind. Usually, a clean and happiness inducing scenario can help unburden your mind. As to society, you may mentally yearn for a different kind of people to be with.

The question is how do you escape the problems? Well, it depends on your willingness to understand that you are not ill. Your mental state is unique to you. May be others cannot understand you. Well, if you are rich and can afford to live where you please and with whom you please, a great bit of problem would be solved. However that may not be the case. In certain cases, there may be persons who those affectionate and helpful, who really may not like the idea of your financial independence.

What are your interests? Do you read books, love any sporting activity, love browsing the internet, got a good job which you enjoy, love traveling, love going on a cycle, love swimming and such things? If you love to write, do that.

If you feel that your mind is burdened everyday, it could be due to your medicines. Or the harsh/unsettling mental environment you have at the place of your residence. You have to find a way to break out.

Try being a teacher to some children. It can really helps you if you can get acknowledged as a teacher. Teaching can be in textbook matter or can be in some indoor games or even in outdoor activity. Or simply participate in some such things. See that you have a few people who appreciate your gesture.

Find someone who appreciates you in words and gestures. Keep away from persons who taunt you or try to belittle you.
When you get up in the morning, do a bit of rope skipping. Do yoga exercises. You don’t need to go to a guru. Buy a book and practice it. They are simple exercises.

A bath can lighten your mood. Massage your hair. Sing some songs loudly. Practise public speaking. Join a public speaking club.

Beyond all this, if you need medication, try Homeopathy. In this system of medicine, there are no mental diseases, only mental conditions. Every man has a different mental condition. Homeopathy can rectify deviations, but does not strangle the person with terrifying terminology.

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Homeopathy: A question of perception

A few weeks back, I watched a programme on BBC about Homoeopathy. It was about a scientific test done in London, to check the veracity of the claims of Homoeopathy.

The test was done in the presence of a group of scientists, and one famous Magician, Randi.

What was done was to use a drop of Homoeopathic water (water in which homoeopathic elements were added) on blood samples of a selected group of people. Initially it was found that homoeopathy was working; but when the test was repeated under more strenuous conditions, it was found that the results were no better than what the factor of chance could create.

Even though, I watched the programme with avid interest, I was not really impressed by what was proposed as under scientific conditions . Actually, I found that there was a real misconception of what Homoeopathy was propositioning.

Homoeopathy works on the understanding that living beings have an aura, called life force, which when corrected can relive one of aliments (I do not know whether this definition is correct from the homoeopath point of view

In the experiment, no allusions were made of this element, and the whole subject was treated on par with the techniques of modern medicine. And the concept of water having a memory was what was seen to being tested. For, in homoeopathic water, there is technically no element of homoeopathy, such is the level of dilution. And blood sample naturally does not have any life aura.

Now, I found that the modern science was absolutely at sea, when dealing with a theme that cannot be detected or conjured up from a scientific background.

For, it is a fact that there are elements to human personality that cannot be deciphered or detected from an English mind (for example).

To bring out this assertion, I need to go back to my theme on languages. For purpose of debate, I will take one Language, Malayalam, spoken by a small group of people in South India.

This language is a very feudal one. Now, let me take the word He in this language. There are many equivalents in this vernacular. One is adheham, which gives the sense that this he is a very significant person, and hence need to be respected, and given proper homage to. Another word is ayaal. The sense that this word conveys is that the person in context is neither much to be respected nor to be disrespected. A more or less, neutral proposition.

The third level of word is avan ; the sense that get convey to everyone is that this he is not be respected, is a real non-entity, proper disrespect is to be given. (Actually all these senses have a variety of scenario, which can really redefine the sensations).

Now what I have noticed is that these words do have a very powerful effect on the person in question, the persons around him, the persons who need to interact with him, and on so many others. And just a phone call using differing words, can really change a newcomer social personality with very significant effects.

Actually, persons who know this language can literally see the aura of each differing word on a person’s stature, and many other attributes.

Though non-tangible, the effect and aura it creates is a very powerful reality. Yet, persons who do not know anything about these language scenarios cannot understand or imagine it.

Persons who know only English do not have any idea about the force of these words. And trust me when I say that they have very powerful psychic effects.

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The leak in the aura!

This writing is a continuation of my book:
Codes of reality! What is language?
Only persons who have read that book (free online download) can fully understand the basics of the logic that is being used here. Maybe this article also will be inserted into that book when it goes in for a printed version.

Feudal or hierarchal structured languages are a kind of software entirely different from such language software like English. This has been explained in my books.

Actually the immense possibilities that are there in languages are not fully known. It is like a pack of playing cards. On seeing one such pack, one would not imagine the immensity of games and magic tricks that can be played and done using them. As one sees each magic or comprehends a new game, there would a new understanding that is also possible by using the playing cards. The various numbers, and symbols i.e. Spade, Claver, Diamonds & Hearts, the different and varying sequences that can be made based on numbers in descending or ascending order, based on the symbols, and also based on the numerical values given to such things as the Ace, Jack, King and Queen, and also to numbers also; the significance of Joker, and the power assigned to certain cards with certain numerical values; well all of them can make different games and magic tricks. Unless one sees the games or the magic tricks, one wouldnt imagine all these are possible with a simple pack of playing cards.

It is the same way with languages. The different words, usages, the values assigned to them and also assignable to them, the direction components that they forms, their angles and the angular components and much else do come to bring unimaginable things to reality. Well, this much is connected to my book: Codes of reality! What is language?

Now, let me bring in one theme that had not been fully annotated in that book, among the immensity of other things I had discussed.

It is about the theme of negativity. Well, it is true that there is ample discussion on this theme in that book. However I did not go into the details of what can be called the leak in the aura, power or internal stamina.

It is believed that if there is a water tap leak in the house, or something like that, it augurs or symbolises some kind of a loss of prosperity or wealth or something akin to that. Since I have proposed that reality is the working of some super software wherein everything is connected or related, it is possible that there is some kind of a truth in this.

The question that I want to discuss here is: What is the kind of leak or negativity that can affect a person? Well, it is here the debate goes again into the difference between languages like English and feudal languages, such as Indian languages.

Many of the things that I am going to list out wouldnt be of much significance in an English social system, wherein everyone speaks in pristine British English (here I include American English also, which is actually only an extension of British English. Indian English is the total antonym of this in that it more or less embraces many of the feudal inputs in Indian vernaculars).

As explained in my book, feudal language codes do assign human beings, and institutions and even inanimate things with numerical values and angular components. All communication, verbal, non-verbal, at proximate distances and over detached distances, do create links. These links do carry power and do convey numerical values.

1. A very mention by a lower social order person of his relation who is something like a IAS/IPS officer, a political leader, a big person in society etc. will add numerical values to his innate codes. There can be a slight or powerful angular movement of his position in the virtual software arena. It shall be sensed or detected by other brain software of other persons around him. He would also feel the elevation of values within him.

2. The same can be achieved if another person also mentions the same.

3. The opposite will be achieved if the alluded to or mentioned person is a socially lower grade person in a particular context.

4. Visual scenes of a person being surrounded by others who look at him as a sort of teacher, guru, master, social senior etc. will add to the numerical values. The scene need not be a correct one, but simply when a person enters a room, he momentarily sees this scene. It can be a powerful one, and can get conveyed to the various corners of the social system, if the seeing person is thus connected.

5. Visual scenes of a person being without any followers can have the opposite affect. For example, a person comes to see someone like a doctor, or a teacher or someone else. He is sitting alone, when actually there should have been some adjutants with him. This very scene conveys powerfully coded information that this man is a failure, and not a leader.

6. When a person is being discussed, the speaking man momentarily uses a lower word for He in the vernacular such as Avan, Ayaal, Uss, and such, instead of Adheham, Avar, Unn etc. It is a very short code, not even quite clearly hear-able. Yet, it is a very powerfully defining word. So many other attributes of the discussed persons is very powerfully affected with this word.

7. The opposite is achieved when the discussing person uses momentarily a higher word. The whole codes powerfully attaching to the discussed person changes. Social standing, leadership, speed of action and much else perches on him.

8. A person who is not a labour or working class person by disposition works for another person or institution for a few days. Well, there is a change in the words, which can have great social negativity.

9. A socially inferior person shakes the hand of a person who is a socially superior person. Well, he can feel a drain of energy. This superiority can be connected to so many things like age, profession, social standing, social connections, intellectual calibre and such. Again, the gravity of the drain is connected to whether other persons in the society saw this action, and how they perceived it. At the same time, the other person would immediately feel the entry of some energy.

10. This issue is different from the handshake given by politicians. For, the issue of leadership is also different from an English understanding of leadership. It needs another detailed discussion.

All these things are more or less connected to tangible links that carry the codes to others in the social system. But what about non-tangible links?

11. A person who is mentally or professionally on elevated mental or social standards compared to the locals in the surrounding social system. His wife moves with lower class persons in the social order at a level of equality or of subordination due to age or something similar. What then? Well, he is affected with a negative value entry. It can really be of great significance, and may even cause mental trauma, physical distress and such. He may really feel a enveloping power pulling him down.

12. Son of a social senior person marries a girl from a lower social order. In Indian systems, he is putting himself into certain other subordinations, connected to words and usages, which the lower class will use on him, using his connection to the lower class wife. {At the same time, his wife would feel a very powerful upward push.}

13. The same can happen if a higher class woman marries a lower social class man. For, in India words allow much access and rights to many others to encroach into private arena. For instance, such persons who powerfully define themselves as uncle, aunt, elder brother, elder sister (all of them need not be direct, but far removed) do have rights that the lower words such as Nee, thoo, avan, aval, uss and such things naturally lend to them.

14. Since there is a powerful software arena that is connected to reality, and the language system that encases us, it is quite possible that negativity and also positive energy can get conveyed and deposited without real physical contact. For, the simple happening of a socially elevated persons wife joining as a staff among lower class employees can convey powerful numerical value depreciation on the person. It can have deadening affects. However what he has lost would be gained by the employees who work with his wife.

Now, coming back to the leaking tap, if at all it is denoting a leak, it need not be simply financial leak, but any other leak detected by the software codes.

Even though it may be argued that all this are there in English also, the vital truth is that it is not so. For, English does not have the differing codes for You, He, She, His, Her, Her, Him, Her, and such words as Eda, Edi and many more, that do not have any equivalents in English.

The only area in an English social system where all this can have slight relevance is the border area where the nobility and monarchy of the British nation connects with the commoners. It is a slight area, and the problems wouldn’t be much unless there is something like a marriage between a royal personage and a commoner. Here also, there need not be many issues, for most of the words for You and He, and She, Him and Her, and them do not have varying forms.

Beyond that if any reader thinks that all that I have written is nonsense, I would request him to go through my books. Both are freely downloadable from. For, any uneducated man can simply say: Classical mechanics is nonsense, Relativity is a sheer senseless thinking, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle has no basis and such words. He or she should not propose such things unless he has the capacity to study the basics. Once he has done that, maybe he can find the inaccuracies in the theories. Otherwise it is just empty talk.

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