MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!

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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!

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Contains a series of annotations on selected quotes from Mein Kamp

Aaradhana, DEVERKOVIL 673508 India

Printed book can be bought from this link.

Images connected to Adolf Hitler and Mussolini have been taken from THE HITLER PHOTOGRAPHS Compiled by Cambell M Gold (2010). The photos are mentioned to be in United States public domain.

The text of this book is generally in England-English. However, some erroneous spellings might also be there, connected to English-(US) in which the original text of Mein Kampf has been obtained.
Other errors also might be there.

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1. Preface to the denuding

2. The ‘Aryan’ ambivalence

3. The mentioned nations

4. Where I stand

5. German, the language

6. Call to arms

7. Born in the wrong place

8. Good versus great

9. What might be lost in the translation

10. The desecration of ENGLAND

11. Practical steps to set-up an organisation in a feudal language nation

12. The writing of the book

13. Annotations Vol 1

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16. 21 to 30. | 17. 31 to 40.

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1. Preface to the denuding

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Mein Kampf is certainly a good book, which has various streaks of great insights in various locations. It has been written by a person of outstanding personal capacities and calibre. It is the work of a person who had the capacity to look beyond the parameters and limitations imposed by indoctrinations and herd instincts.

There are various locations where it is clearly seen that the author does not have a frog-in-the-well insight on events, incidences and logical thinking, on various items connected to history, sociology and as well measuring others.

At the same time, this book and its author did also have a lot of failures and shallowness, and including that of a frog-in-the-well attitude on certain items.

The first item of its failure to measure up to book of universal appeal is its very basic cloistered and highly confined ambit of readership appeal. Even though there are various inputs, ideas and insights of glorious levels, the book is confined to a Germany versus others, Aryans versus others, Germans versus others, location. It is also localised by a very ubiquitous, Germans versus the Jews attitude, plus a totally anti-Jewish imputation everywhere.

At the same time, this book cannot be mentioned as pro-German book also. For, the book is full of accusations on German leadership, and there are many passages wherein the German people quality has been decried as corrupt, useless and utter foolish. If one were to not see the sentences that eulogise German traditions, heritage and various other claims of a similar kind, the book does actually parade German defects, German social incompetence, low-quality standards of the German leadership, and much more things. In fact, almost all the defects in the German administration, German politicians, German social life, German economic relationships, lack of quality in military leadership etc. are seen listed out.

Beyond that there is also a very clear mention of the existence of a lower intellectual class, that is the workers and menial classes in Germany, who cannot be expected to understand much things intellectually. And hence they need to be seduced into becoming a follower by using items that appeal at their own level of intelligence.

As such this book cannot be mentioned as a pro-German book and its fails at this definition.

This book misses by astronomical distances in explaining why the social system and allied administrative, military systems do have defects which are of miserable content.

Most of the insights it has on various items, connected to social problems, historical reasoning, military leadership, labour relationship, understanding community strategies etc. are not just about Germany, but could be equally applicable to almost most other nations, wherein the languages are feudal. As such this book and its insights could have been a great one. Here again it fails in arriving at that level, due to its author confining it to a small location in the world, i.e. Germany.

If the book is read by the German workers and menial class people in Germany, it is sure that there are sentences, which they would not like.

Then there is the use of the word Aryan. Even though this word is seen as a superimposition on the total text of the book, there is no clear idea as to how the author defines this group of people. The query would also remain as to who are the Aryans, as understood by the author. Is it the White Germans? If so, who else? Does it consist of the whole Whites? If so, the book’s ideology has a major problem of inner conflict. For, there is a terrible anti-French mood pervading various locations in the book.

As to the other Whites, the English are mentioned as Anglo-Saxons. There is no mention that they include the whole or any part of the Whites as Aryans. Even the Germans who escaped to the US are exclusively mentioned as Aryans, to the seclusion of the other Whites over there, and many non-acceptable claims about this Aryan group’s mental and social calibre are claimed, all of which are seen denied in the native German Aryans, in this very book. In fact, the native Aryans of Germany are not mentioned in any quantum of excellence or quality. This book is more about what can be achieved by the Aryans/Germans, if and when they can be consolidated under a great leadership. But then, the issue here is that any social group can be made to pulsate at their highest ambit of possible potentiality if an artificial social ambience can be created.

In fact, there is only one group in the whole world which can pulsate at its highest of amplitude of excellence, in a most natural social ambience. And that group is not the Germans or the Aryans. And who this group is, I will very categorically mention and also why it is so. However, this same quality of excellence can be created in any population if the codes that lead to social excellence is very clearly understood and very powerfully superimposed on it.

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2. The ‘Aryan’ ambivalence

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Speaking about Aryans, there is another very cantankerous frill side to it. There is a claim in the nation of India, that the Aryans are ‘Indians’. Or that the ‘Indians’ are the Aryans!

This claim has a minor side of probability and possibility, and also a very huge content of utter nonsense. The word Aryan as used in English is used as Aariyan in the languages of the Indian peninsula. Even though this claim used to be a very slight one globally in the early years, with the entry of many Indians into English nations, the stature of these claims have naturally increased. Sitting inside any English nation is literally equivalent to standing on a high pedestal for any person from India.

Inside India as a citizen of India, is a very midget-sizing experiencing for most Indians, other than those who have very high financial acumen and high connections. Even then, their upbringing in any native Indian peninsular language can given them at least a slight experience of being subservient to many others due to their young age, in their childhood days.

The totality of this effect is due to the terrifying feudal language codes in the local vernaculars.

When people from India arrive in native-English nations and start feeling at home there, they would find it quite easy to support claims that the Indians are ‘Aryans’. The claims basically emanate from India itself. In the current-day situation, when a huge number of people claim something, it is accepted by many more as a truth.

However, the fact stays in the location that the Aariyans are connected to the Vedic traditions, which are basically dating to the hoary past. Something like 5 to 7 thousand years. And the location of the culture is not exactly placed anywhere inside the present-day nation of India. There are claims that it is basically based in Central Asia.

Vedic traditions were not within the bounds of majority populations in the various kingdoms in the Indian subcontinent. Even if the claims that the Brahmins of India are the legacy holders and descendants of the Vedic culture populations are true, it does not connect to the majority populations of the subcontinent who were more or less outside the Brahminical religion. These majority populations were not allowed inside Brahmincal temples until the early years of 1900s. Most of the other castes had their own gods, some of them quite akin to Shamanistic deities.

A few decades back, due to the overwhelming social change ushered in many locations inside the Subcontinent by the English rule, there was a rising up of stature among the other castes. In a mood to consolidate the lower castes under their own leadership, many political leaders urged an opening up of the Brahminical temple to all other castes. Otherwise the terror was that they would all come under another leadership.

This literally led to the desecration of Brahminical temples. For, these temples were connected to Brahmanical traditions and they had maintained them over the centuries intact. The second effect was the decline in the worship and devotion for their own traditional deities among the other castes. A feeling that the Brahmanical Gods are more powerful seems to have filled their minds. In fact, many lower caste persons would spiritedly argue that their own gods are just the Avatharams (manifestations) of the Brahmanical gods. They would even go to the extent of mentioning that this sign represent this God of the Brahmanical Trinity, and the other sign represents the other god in the same Trinity.

The third impact is the feeling by everyone who has thus barged into the Brahmanical religion that all of them are Aariyans. Even if it is quite possible that none of their ancestors would have heard a Vedic mantra chanting at least a few thousand years.

Now, coming back to the context, the author of Mein Kampf would have to face the contention of both the Brahmins and also the fake members of the Brahmanical religion that they are Aariyans. Brahmins of the Indian Subcontinent might not have much physical similarity with a German, in skin colour, in body frame structure or in face demeanour. However these things are not really fully connected to genes or to DNA, but more to language codes and the level of existence in a language system, if the language is feudal. Now that is an information beyond the scope of this book. However, I might need to take it up again.

Now that much about the term Aryan used by the author of Mein Kampf, as a sort of overshadowing umbrella everywhere.

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3. The mentioned nations

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In the book, a few nations have been mentioned a number of times. One is Italy, second is France, and third is Japan, apart from mention about India, and Africa. There is also some resounding mention of the USA. However, the most powerful mention is about England. In fact, the usage England sort of overshadows the mention of the word Britain or Great Britain.

A very powerful mood of appreciation and admiration for England, English qualities and English colonialism in particular, and to Great Britain in general is there in the book. In all comparisons, be military, political leadership, colonialism, patriotism and much else, there is a very stubborn message that England and English qualities are to be appreciated, and if possible connected to. Could the author be after-all an Anglophile?

Well, this question seems to be in the weird realms of idiotic nonsense. For, how could it be so, if this very person was later to wage a war, and that too, a world war, which he lost and miserably lost just because he happened to feel that he could conquer England?

There are very many a word in this book that more or less states very candidly that it is next to impossible to defeat the English.

Then what was in store in his destiny that he also went headlong into the very stupidity that he had cautioned others in this book? Therein lies a great secret that the great author of this good quality book did not know about.

MEIN KAMPF is not exactly a great book. It does fall short of being a great book. Yet, there are a lot of insights in this book which could be quite fabulous content. In fact, a lot of the passages and sentences in this book can be used as quotable quotes. Why many people refrain from using them as common quotes thus is due to the ignominy associated with the author’s name.

A few days back there was a conversation inside VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS’ trainee Community Group:

QUERY: thank you for these valuable historical inputs. Most of these information are new to me. I think I never studied that a communal clash happened just after independence that caused 10 lakh (1 million) deaths, from school textbooks.
Where did you get this version or perspective of history? Could you please mention the reference? Is it from British books? END of QUERY

MY ANSWER: I generally do not base my information on any history books as such. It comes from a different perspective of viewing things.

For instance, even my understanding that English is different from feudal languages is not from any books. This is an information, which even English native-speakers do not have. END of ANSWER

When I mention this in the community, there was no argument about the content or item which I said that is ‘an information, which even English native-speakers do not have’. It is an information which is quite known and accepted as right the moment it is mentioned in feudal language nations, if the people are honest enough to admit it. And once it is pointed out, everyone of rectitude does accept that this single factor is the most powerful social motivating, designing, defining and controlling code in the social set.

This is the exact information that was missed throughout the book by the author of Mein Kampf.

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4. Where I stand

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I am a researcher and observer on various themes which are interconnected at a higher or virtual level. These things include:

Software codes of reality

Codes in languages

Feudal languages

Planar languages

Plateau-coded languages

Language codes and social design and social triggers

Codes of reality

Connection between reality codes and language codes

Codes that design and run life mechanism and body design

Homoeopathy and its machinery that connects to human body codes

Language codes and family structure

Language codes and officialdom &c.

My first book in this regard was first drafted in 1989. It was much later rewritten and published as a digital book under the name of March of the evil empires; English versus the feudal languages. Even though it was a too long and much-worded book for a digital book of quite serious content, it was also a book that more or less made me a pariah in many new-media websites in the US, UK and even in Australia. Especially, where non-English-native-speakers could block me.

Even though that book mainly focused on the feudal languages of the Indian peninsula region, there are some very focused discussions on which all European and other-nation languages could be slightly or ferociously feudal in content.

As of now, the information that I posses on language codes is of a much higher level, that I find it difficult to use the term ‘feudal language’ for this specific structuring of certain languages. This is due to the fact that I have arrived at a level of contemplation wherein I can slightly visualise the codes in a language, and how they might be interacting with the codes of time, reality, material reality, human body, emotions etc.
Could this image give hint of hidden codes of feudal / hierarchical content in the German language? Can’t say for sure, even though there seems to be a trace at least of it.

However, in those early days, the term ‘feudal language’ was seen to be quite apt to describe and define certain languages that possessed certain specific word arrangements. In the early days, I was not aware that words, usages and sentences are merely the external versions of some powerful codes that create the words.

For the sake of giving a very feeble insight on what I am speaking about, I will mention this much. In English, in common communication there is only one YOU. One HE, one SHE, one THEY, one HIS, one HER, one THEIR, one HERS, one YOURS, one HIM, one YOUR.

In almost all the languages of the Indian peninsula, each of these words comes in a variety of form, each one of them with quite powerful social arrangement quality. In fact each of these languages is literally like a military code. This is a concept that cannot be made understood to a native-ENGLISH speaker. For, each of the word form of the word YOU is immutably connected to a particular set of words for he, she, his, hers, hers, they, their, them etc. In fact, in some languages, even the verbs can change as per the change in the word for YOU. Requests can become commands and vice versa, depending on the level of YOU.

In fact, in most of these languages, abusive words, profanities, and expletives are reserved for the lower level words and the people assigned to such words.

It is a very complicated situation. It is quite surprising that there is no focused study on this aspect by the Colonial English scholars, even though there are some very-focused mention on the strange social structuring and reactions that are really created by these word codes.

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5. German, the language

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In my early book (March of the evil empires), I had very pointedly mentioned that the German language could be having a particular kind of feudal language quality in it. The point is that I have discussed many languages in the same vein. However, the fact was that I had never heard many of these languages spoken even once. My summarisations were based only on the known history and sociological quality of these nations.

Speaking about Germany, these are my words therein:
German language would definitely be having feudal elements. For, the general history of divided and fragmented statehood points to that. And the general talk of discipline can mean not real self-discipline as understood in English, but a sort of regimentation enforced by language.

Here one thing to be understood is that in feudal language set-ups, regimentation can be enforced by language only if the structure is strong, and each level of superior-junior relation is well defined, and also a level of homogeneity is there in the population. In places where the populace are from different racial, or social groups, each having its own different perception of the levels of each professional, financial, age or even social group, feudal languages, instead of lending stability, would lead the society to the absolute opposite of it; that is, it would lead to anarchy, instability, division and fragmentation.

In such social programs, a social non-entity is a powerless personage. Yet, once he comes into power, and he manages to use the feudal programs in the language with profound understanding, and with clever sensibility and sensitivity, the language program can give him astonishing power over his fellow country, and they would be subdued by the general attitude of servitude that would naturally build up.

Hitler’s rise to the level of a despot could have been aided by the language. For in a situation of feudalistic language, the people can accept as leader only one who can assume a halo of superiority and un-approachability. The word ~Fuehrer’ by which Hitler was referred to could have more implied sense than just ‘leader’ in the German language understanding.

In the context of Hitler, Jews also need to be discussed. But they can be discussed in a separate heading later. END OF QUOTE

I wrote similar brief passages on various populations around the globe. It is quite curious that I did write these things so many years back.

When I wrote that book, I had not heard the German language spoken even once. And the fact remains that even now, I have never heard the German language spoken even once. However, over the years, since 2000 when I had opportunity to discuss these things online, I have had the satisfaction of knowing that my summarisations of a comparison between the German language and Dutch was seen to be okayed others.

QUOTE from my book:
I do not know anything about the Dutch language; I do think that this is one language that may have certain characteristics of the English language; namely, the lack of feudal grading of citizenry, who otherwise do not have any feudal pedigree. I deduce it on the basis of the fact that these are the people who have held up to the British might, just on the basis of their human quality factors. And in an African country, where they had the opportunity to handle political power, they did improve the lot of the local population; even this dialogue of mine may not be acceptable to many. At the same time, I am not very sure how much of the credit can be shared by the British, who also did have political power there, and did aim to improve the lot of the natives, facing sharp antipathy from the Afrikaners. END OF QUOTE

At that point in time, my own information even on English connections was quite meagre. For instance, I had no idea that there were three other languages inside Britain other than English, all of which could be quite feudal and the exact opposite of English, in their word codes. In that book, I stressed too much on the word Britain, when actually I should have used the word England. It was a mistake that I am quite unhappy with.

About the Dutch language also, I have absolutely no information. I have not heard it spoken. Only once in my lifetime have I talked to a Dutchman, and that was in English.

When I made a cursory reading of the Mein Kampf, in almost all the inputs, contentions, social descriptions, German behaviours etc. mentioned and discussed upon, with both distaste as well as in appreciation, I could visualise a feudal language nation. However, the language codes would or could be different from the language code arrangement in any language of the Indian peninsula. I do not know about that, and cannot make any categorical statements in this regard.

Adolf Hitler with supporters – 1930
Could this image give hint of hidden codes of feudal / hierarchical content in the German language? Can’t say for sure, even though there seems to be a trace at least of it.

However, if the word Germany and Germans can be replaced with India and Indians in Mein Kampf, there are many passages and pages that can literally be a description of the nation of India. It is quite curious. It fact it is quite curious that both countries have claims on the usage ‘Aryan’, even though through different routes.

But then, the wider perspective is that most of the things mentioned in this book can fit into the social pattern of many feudal language nations of Asia, Africa, South America and Continental Europe.

However, it wouldn’t fit into a reading of pristine-ENGLAND at all. In fact, if the word German is replaced with Englishman and the Germany replaced with ENGLAND, Mein Kampf would be a most idiotic book with absolutely no sense.

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6. Call to arms

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In the whole book, there is an undercurrent of a spirited call to arms. It is seen as the most efficient panacea for all the pains, agonies, and defects suffered by Germany in its brief period of existence. Again, the pulls and pushes of a feudal coded language acting a very particular manner can be spied in these spurs. In fact, these spurs might come directly from the triggers inside the language codes.

Apart from that, the author of the book is a person who has had real battle experiences. He must have seen the exact sufferings it endows on the participants and the various cruelties and bestialities that get enacted. Moreover, he has also been wounded in battle, even though not grievously. In spite of all this, his mind sees no other solution to the social and political errors, other than warfare.

Beyond that, in most of the images of Adolf Hitler available online, he and his companions are mostly seen to be in military uniform. Beyond that the whole nation of Germany seems to be in military mood.

Well, this is again a mindset connected to a feudal language encoding. That no earthly solutions are there, when it is quite difficult to even talk it out.

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7. Born in the wrong place

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Having said that, I must make a most categorical statement. That the author of the book Mein Kampf was born in the wrong nation. He should have been born in England. He would have created a most secure England and at the same time, the English Empire would have stood the test of time. And since the native language would be English, there would be nothing to spur him to arms and battles.

In this case it might be mentioned that he does miss an understanding of English antiquity. England never seems to have had military ambitions on Continental European territories. In fact, it had a history keeping away from acquisitions on the Continent. Yet, the various nations inside Continental Europe incessantly had the aim to conquer England.

I do not know if any similarity can be found in the seclusion that the Anglo-Dutch whites in South Africa wanted from the native-African, and the unceasing urge on the part of the native-African to be connected to the Anglo-Dutch sides.

Or, in the urge of Brahmin in the Indian subcontinent for a seclusion from the other populations and the urges of the other populations to be able to barge into their secure zones.

The issue is that even though there were a number of Whites-only beaches in South Africa, there would literally hundreds of beaches open for the blacks, which they could use in seclusion.

In the same manner, there were many temples built by the Brahmins for their own use as per their own traditions. At the same time, there was umpteen numbers of temples and other shrines where the other populations pray to their own gods and deities.

However, they still want to barge in. In most cases, it simply shows a lack of quality among themselves, and their own inability to create quality institutions.

Again to the point on why a seemingly great admirer of England ultimately fell into the same trap for going for a head-on fight with England could contain the codes of very complicated riddles. However, the answers may be quite easy to find. It remains hidden in the shrouded codes of the feudal language, German.

The admirer of England ultimately had to work inside the confines of the German language, and use its full rousing power to surge himself to the pinnacle of power. There are hidden multi-headed surges inside such languages that wouldn’t stop at that point.

These waves would pulsate on and on to newer domains, propelled by the surging masses, who also function in the same feudal language. Literally, doom was encoded in his destiny.

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8. Good versus great

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And again, there was another stranglehold of the feudal languages, that was there in store for him. It is that he would be only able to create a good nation of Germany. Never a great nation. For, his system was based on a feudal language. In which, quality human beings can never come up, other than the top leader. Only those who are subservient will be the next in line.

It is a social atmosphere totally different from that in pristine-ENGLISH. In feudal languages, each layer downwards would be populated by relative dwarfs. As the line moves down further, the persons of more formidable intellectual dwarfishness would abound. When the top man moves into his sunset, there would necessarily come about a mad scramble among the next-in-line dwarfs to occupy the vacated seat.

Neither democracy nor autocracy has an answer to this. Even though powerfully kept systems might help for some time. For the error is in the language codes.

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9. What might be lost in the translation

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Now coming back to the Mein Kampf, there is this very significant issue that has to be mentioned. It is a book written in German. What I have made a cursory reading of, is only an English translation. It does seem to be a translation done without any mischief. By ‘mischief’, I mean efforts at trying to impute wrong words to deliberately convey unintended meanings, senses and imputation in the sentences.

To that extent, the English translation on which I depend upon could be authoritative enough.

However, that is not enough. For, even though no one mentions it is so many words, any translation between languages that do not have similar or same social, familial and hierarchical codes, remains an incomplete translation.

For instance, if a translation is done among languages of the Indian peninsula, most of the social powers, direction of communication, hierarchies, the relative positions of the various people who speak, the relative position of the various persons who are mentioned, the direction of imperative honesty, and also those of callousness etc. remain unchanged in the translated text.

Even then there are certain languages of the Indian peninsula, which have code levels which are not found in other languages of the Indian peninsula. When translations are done among these languages, in certain areas actually a vacuum should exist, where the other exact word is absent. However, no one would notice a vacuum in the translation, because the translator would quite naturally use the next best option to fill up the vacuum.

However, the exact social context, the relative social or positional hierarchy is lost in the translation. Moreover, the emotional content and associated paranoia that one language system would create would remain unexplained in the other language.

However, when one does a similar translation between a language of the Indian peninsula and English, there is a huge amount of discrepancy happening. Actually, when a text connected to a native Indian peninsular social life, connected to the local people therein, is translated into English, there is a huge possibility that what appears in English is people with totally different personalities. In the feudal language of the Indian peninsula, people are not standalone entities as seen in English.

They are all powerfully connected to each other in word codes, which go on changing depending on who is connecting to whom. The YOU, HE, SHE, HIS, HER, HERS, HIM, YOUR, YOURS, THEY, THEIR, THEM &c. Go on changing.

This very ferocious pulsation, which has a very powerful hold on every emotion in a person living in a language system of the Indian peninsular region, is totally lost in an English transition. In English, the words YOU, HE, SHE, HIS, HER, HERS, HIM, YOUR, YOURS, THEY, THEIR, THEM &c. literally stands immutable in virtual space.

As far as I can judge, German language has some kind of feudal content in it. After reading the text of Mein Kampf, I am more or less sure that the German language is feudal or hierarchical. Actually, in the current-day understanding of this software phenomenon, I define such languages as 3-D virtual arena languages. I can’t go into that theme here.

There have been many online discussions that I had with others, from whom I could get to feel that I am right about this. There was a small interaction with someone from German nativity who claimed to be a native in English also. It was on the subject of the German pilot deliberately crashing his plane on the mountain tops, killing all the passengers therein. I simply suggested that if the German language had this feudal content issue, there can be emotional swings possible unless the exact hierarchies are enforced in sync with the positional hierarchy.

There are other competing hierarchies possible. Age is a very competing hierarchy in most feudal languages. If positional hierarchy is not enforced very severely, in many cases the age-wise seniors would overtake the positional seniors with a very minor word change. The impact it can have on positional senior is of the nth degree. These kinds of information are not there in English. And modern psychology and psychiatry are more or less in the dark about many items that are common knowledge in many feudal language nations.

There is this quote from Mr. Nanoo Pillay’s Manuscript Sketch of the Progress of Travancore. It bespeaks more or less the standard people mentality in any feudal language nation. In the quote, it is about the people of the erstwhile Travancore kingdom in the south-western part of the Indian subcontinent.

QUOTE: The people of the country acted less from principle than from feeling and short-sighted views of interest. Their motives frequently fluctuated, and their enmities and reconciliation were often sudden and apparently unaccountable. END OF QUOTE

Coming back to Mein Kampf. It is a book written in German language. The spirited spur that certain word usages and combination can deliver in German might not be replicate-able in English. There have been attempts to portray the demagogy style of the author of Mein Kampf in various quarters in English, as that of a mad man. In fact, the famous Charlie Chaplin movie The Great Dictator does attempt to do this in a very striking manner.

However, a huge understanding is missed in these kinds of portrayals. For instance, if one were to hear an emotional speech in Tamil and try to translate the words into English, there can be a very good chance that the exact emotional triggers are lost in the translation. This same issue is there with regard to most feudal languages.

In fact, English nations do not have the least idea as to how or why the Islamic groups manage to garner supporters and to regiment them. For them, the emotionally rousing speeches seem to rouse up thousands of people just because the people are fools. That is not the exact fact. The fact is more related to the fact that most other languages are not planar like English. In fact, the word codes in feudal languages create a huge 3-D virtual arena in which human beings get linked to each other in powerfully swaying tugs and pulls. It is a theme which a native English speaker cannot contemplate upon.

It is a very complicated world. In this complicated world, people do not exist as equals or as entities having any right to any equality or dignity. Everything is relative. Relative poverty and luxury is a necessary ingredient in this type of social living. Relative heights and lowliness are encrypted into everything possible. People and associated items are relatively gold or dirt. Divine or desecrated.

In Mein Kampf also, this is there. On one side, the author finds most things German as totally debased. On the other, German things are divine. It depends on who the author is speaking of.

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10. The desecration of ENGLAND

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Mein Kampf is a book which has gone into various details. In fact, it does go to the depths of various human associations. There is an acute understanding on who will throw a spanner into the works at what time. The precision of logic is based on a feudal language social set-up. Most of these predictions can be seen to be quite in sync with the social mood in most feudal language nations of Asia, Africa, South America and Continental Europe. However, they wouldn’t find much sync in pristine-ENGLAND. Modern multi-culture England may not be immune to this.

Native-English mentality is not connected to a feudal language. However, they have not been able to keep a definite distance from feudal language speaking locations, historically. In Great Britain, they have remained stuck with the Irish, the Scots and the Welsh. The respective languages, I understand, are Irish, Gaelic and Welsh. These languages, I think, are known as Celtic languages. I did get a feeling that these languages are feudal. In fact, without any link or connection to these languages, I did discuss them in my ancient book: March of the evil empires; ENGLISH versus the feudal languages:

QUOTE: Britain has four divisions: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Naturally, all of them have different languages. Even though I do not know much about them, I do think that all the other languages, other than English do have some level of feudal inputs in them. I have not done much study; yet, I think possibly Irish is feudal, taking into account of their fierce clannish social structure. Also, possibly the Scottish language also might have a great deal of feudal structure. If that be the case, it is possible that the defeat of the Bonnie Prince Charlie was due to the feudal language of the feudal lords, who accompanied him on his tragic march to London. END of QUOTE

It was my insight later that even so-called Irish famine and associated social trauma that the Irish people suffered are generally connected to their own language structure. Feudal languages create feudal structuring of social relationships, even if there is no statutory feudal set ups.

Recently, I came upon a book written by a native of the Indian peninsula, when a part of the peninsula was under the English rule. [I need to insert the information that even in the highest period of English colonialism in the Indian peninsula, a good percentage of the land was still ruled by the native kings, not by England or English East India Company].

Interested readers can read this quote.

QUOTE from Malabar and its folks by: T. K. Gopal Panikkar with an introduction by the REV. F. W. KELLETT, M. A, (of the Madras Christian College)

Ireland and Irish history present similar and not less striking points of resemblance to Malabar and its history. Ireland is essentially a priest-ridden country. Its people, the great bulk of them, are immersed in the darkest depths of ignorance and superstition. With the exception of the Protestant county of Ulster, Ireland is a Roman Catholic country dominated by Roman Catholic priests who hold in their hands the keys of all social and political powers.

It is, said that even parliamentary elections are surreptitiously controlled by the mystic influence which they wield over the souls of a people given over to the worst forms of superstition; and this was put forward as one of the main grounds against the late Mr. Gladstone’s Home Rule Schemes during their progress through Parliament. The superstitious Irish are terrorized into obedience to the will of these priests, who actually stand at the gates of the unlettered and slavish electors calling down the wrath of Heaven upon those who dared to disobey their superhuman mandates.

Thus even Irish Politics are under the control of these Roman Catholic priests. Such is the power which the priestly classes wield over the minds and deeds of the Irish people.

The Irish Land Question is another instance of history repeating itself in an alien clime. The land in Ireland is owned by large proprietors who tease and oppress their tenants to the uttermost. Evictions are sadly too numerous ; and the lamentations of the poor Grubstreet author in the Deserted Village about a century and a quarter ago, really though not ostensibly directed against Irish landlordism, are too true even in our own day. Hack -renting has been one of the main features of the Irish Land Question.

The Irish tenants have all along been a down-trodden class and the problem of the Irish land has always remained a knotty and intricate one baffling the political skill of England’s greatest statesmen. All the various Land Acts passed from time to time for the amelioration of the condition of the landholding classes in the country have proved of little or no avail; and a workable and satisfactory scheme yet remains to be devised. The Irish tenant is often fleeced to more than the annual yield of the land in the shape of rent.

Suffice it to say, that the Irish tenants are under the oppressive control of their landlords.

As an inevitable consequence of the atrocities to which the Irish landholders are subjected at the hands of the landed aristocracy we see repeated instances of plebeian uprisings in vindication of humanity and justice. The Irish are a bold and reckless class to whose unquenchable thirst of revenge are due the various outbreaks that have from time to time tarnished the pages of their national history.

Precious lives have often been sacrificed at the sacred altar of social and political wrongs. People have been locked up within the prison walls for breaches of the peace; and the country has had to be constantly brought into subjection by the Coercion Acts which Parliament had to enforce against these dangerous ebullitions of fanaticism. These Coercion Acts, though aimed at in the direction of Order and Reform, have always remained, in the estimation of many a politician, a standing blot upon the fair fame and prestige of Britain’s sway over Ireland. In all these various outbreaks the Land Question has figured prominently as one of the essential and pre-disposing causes.

In these aspects of its social life, Malabar stands level with the “tortured” land of Erin. With regard to the sacerdotal supremacy detailed above it may be surmised that Malabar is equally a priest-ridden country even from its origin. The traditional history of the land is put forward justification of the plea that it belongs in exclusive monopoly

Why I added this curious bit of quote from a book on the Malabar district of the British-India, in the erstwhile Madras Presidency, is that it contained information that seems to suggest that the Irish languages are feudal and similar to the feudal languages of the Indian peninsula. It is sure that the Irish would feel quite piqued to be seen to be compared to the ‘Indians’ when they would actually would like to be compared to the English.

However, that is not an Irish mentality alone. Almost all populations that have got linked to the native-English populations do like to keep a distance from their own native crowd, if the native crowd claims too much equality. Even Indians living in England wouldn’t like to be compared to the native-Indians or mentioned as being equal or similar to the native-Indians.

So, it is quite natural that the Irish also wouldn’t like to be compared to the Indians. For surely they do not look like ‘Indians’. (Even though the flag of Ireland does seem to be similar to an Indian flag with its one-side turned up). Well, the fact is that Indians born and bred in close association with native-English populations does not exhibit much Indian physical or mental attributes.

Apart from that, it is quite curious that the author of Malabar and its folks, also seem to miss the issue of language codes. I find it quite curious that no one seems to see anything amiss in languages that automatically structure all human relationships in pre-set orders. And the only way to struggle out of its stranglehold would be to act violently or in a gone-berserk manner. There is no location to sit and discuss any issue across the varying layers.

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11. Practical steps to set-up an organisation in a feudal language nation

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1926: Adolf Hitler and his team: Joseph Goebbels and others.

Coming back to the Mein Kampf, this book does contain very detailed, step-by-step instructions as to how to go about setting up an organisation based on people participation. It is not an empty theoretical exercise, but something quite candidly practised by the author of the book as he set out to create his own political organisation, which was to spring him up into the heights of national leadership.

Most of the ideas are practical, but then many of the insights are basically connected to a feudal language nation. These things may not be workable in a nation which is based on a planar and plateau-coded language like English.

Beyond that as the author himself admits, many of the things are traditionally practised by the communist parties. In fact, the various cunningness’ traditionally used by the communist parties wouldn’t work in a pristine-ENGLISH nation. And that could be the reason why communist parties never came to up to towering heights in English nations. However, in the current changed atmosphere in most native-English nations, wherein even the economic power is in the hands of native feudal language speaking bosses, things might change over there also.

Can’t say for sure. For, the English have a habit of coming back, sweeping all others into the dustbin.

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12. The writing of the book

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1924: Adolf Hitler in Landsberg prison

The literal meaning of the title Mein Kampf, I understand, would be ‘My struggle!’ or ‘My fight’! In that sense, this book could be quite autobiographical till the time the author wrote it. He wrote it when he was imprisoned. It is quite interesting that he was allowed to write books in prison. It is not a privilege that is not available to any prisoner in India.

Incidentally, the person who was later to become the first prime minister of the newly formed nation of India, was also given the benefit of a library and other writing facilities by the British government, so that he could more or less copy other people’s writings which was later to be published as some great writing of his own. Taken in that sense, Mein Kampf is comparatively a great book. For the contents do seem to be original. And not plain plagiarism, as was the case with the writings of India’s first prime minister.

I have taken out a lot of sentences and paragraphs from Mein Kampf for the purpose of annotating on them. This was literally the same style that I had used in the case of two other comparatively ancient books on which I had written commentaries upon.

Those two books are:

1. Travancore State Manual (1906) by V. Nagam Iyya.

2. Native Life in Travancore (1883) by The REV. SAMUEL MATEER, F.L.S. of the London Missionary Society.

In this present book, my annotations need not be in sync with what the author Mein Kampf intended. As such this is a series of independent annotations. It is also connected to the various other writings of mine, most of which are connected to language codes and feudal language issues.

Some of the text would be simply quotes from Mein Kampf with no annotations or commentary.

Before starting my work, let me mention this items also. That Adolf Hitler did repudiate this book of his when he was in power. That he did regret writing this book. He is mentioned to have said thus: If I had had any idea in 1924 that I would have become Reich chancellor, I never would have written the book.

Now, let me start.


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Annotations Vol 1 - 1

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Adolf Hitler with Eva Braun and two unidentified children

Today I am firmly convinced that basically and on the whole all creative ideas appear in our youth, in so far as any such are present. I distinguish between the wisdom of age, consisting solely in greater thoroughness and caution due to the experience of a long life, and the genius of youth, which pours out thoughts and ideas with inexhaustible fertility, but cannot for the moment develop them because of their very abundance.

It is this youthful genius which provides the building materials and plans for the future, from which a wiser age takes the stones, carves them and completes the edifice, in so far as the so-called wisdom of age has not stifled the genius of youth.

Adolf Hitler philosophises on youthful genius and wise old-men.

Often he has a wife and children at home. Sometimes they, too, are infected by this life, especially when the man is good to them on the whole and actually loves them in his own way. Then the weekly wage is used up by the whole family in two or three days; they eat and drink as long as the money holds out and the last days they go hungry. Then the wife drags herself out into the neighbourhood, borrows a little, runs up little debts at the food store, and in this way strives to get through the hard last days of the week. At noon they all sit together before their meagre and sometimes empty bowls, waiting for the next payday, speaking of it, making plans, and, in their hunger, dreaming of the happiness to come.

And so the little children, in their earliest beginnings, are made familiar with this misery.

It ends badly if the man goes his own way from the very beginning and the woman, for the children’s sake, opposes him. Then there is fighting and quarrelling, and, as the man grows estranged from his wife, he becomes more intimate with alcohol. He is drunk every Saturday, and, with her instinct of self-preservation for herself and her children, the woman has to fight to get even a few pennies out of him; and, to make matters worse, this usually occurs on his way from the factory to the barroom.

When at length he comes home on Sunday or even Monday night, drunk and brutal, but always parted from his last cent, such scenes often occur that God have mercy!
I have seen this in hundreds of instances.

At first I was repelled or even outraged, but later I understood the whole tragedy of this misery and its deeper causes. These people are the unfortunate victims of bad conditions!

Adolf Hitler’s reflections of the lower middle-class life of his times in a feudal language continental European nation. In the various photos, presented in this book, there is none that depicts the real life of the common folks of Germany.

Quarrelling and wrangling will very frequently arise as a result. In these circumstances, people do not live with one another, they press against one another.

Adolf Hitler has written a graphic account of life at the lower edges of the lower middle-class existence in his nation of his youthful days.

I painted to make a living and studied for pleasure.

Studies should be for pleasure. And if work could also be for pleasure, it would be a wonderful combination.

I know people who ‘read’ enormously, book for book, letter for letter, yet whom I would not describe as ‘well-read.’ True they possess a mass of ‘knowledge,’ but their brain is unable to organise and register the material they have taken in.

They lack the art of sifting what is valuable for them in a book from that which is without value, of retaining the one forever, and, if possible, not even seeing the rest, but in any case not dragging it around with them as useless ballast.

Adolf Hitler on reading, being ‘well-read’, and on possessing a mass of ‘book knowledge’.
For such a reader now believes himself in all seriousness to be ‘educated,’ to understand something of life, to have knowledge, while in reality, with every new acquisition of this kind of ‘education,’ he is growing more and more removed from the world until, not infrequently, he ends up in a sanatorium or in parliament.

There is a very apparent reflection of Adolf Hitler’s opinion on parliamentarians, in the above lines, even though the context is on learning.

On the other hand, a man who possesses the art of correct reading will, in studying any book, magazine, or pamphlet, instinctively and immediately perceive everything which in his opinion is worth permanently remembering, either because it is suited to his purpose or generally worth knowing.

On a mature readership.

The culturally superior, but less ruthless races, would in consequence of their limited soil, have to limit their increase at a time when the culturally inferior but more brutal and more natural peoples, in consequence of their greater living areas, would still be in a position to increase without limit. In other words: someday the world will thus come into possession of the culturally inferior but more active men.

I wrestled with my innermost soul: are these people human, worthy to belong to a great nation?

Adolf Hitler’s first impression on the reality of the real quality of the Aryans.

Not until my fourteenth or fifteenth year did I begin to come across the word ‘Jew,’ with any frequency, partly in connection with political discussions. This filled me with a mild distaste, and I could not rid myself of an unpleasant feeling that always came over me whenever religious quarrels occurred in my presence.

A Jewish infection on Germany and an infliction on Adolf Hitler’s mind.

The absurdity of this idea did not dawn on me because I saw no distinguishing feature but the strange religion.

Is there an absurdity in the strange claims of a few-peopled religion? Actually, to understand Jewish religion, it might necessary to study the inner codes of their traditional language. For, in the depth of the word codes, one might get to see a lot of hidden powers, links, cautions and much more. Without having any idea about these things, it might be quite criminal to be judgmental.


a11 #

I was outraged that in a state where every idiot not only claimed the right to criticise, but was given a seat in the Reichstag and let loose upon the nation as a ‘lawgiver,’ the man who bore the imperial crown had to take ‘reprimands’ from the greatest babblers’ club of all time.

There are great lessons in the above text not for any nation other than England. One of the great antique traditions in this world is borne by the English monarchy. In many ways, the very existence of the English monarchy is a riddle and contradiction of what is the reality in most other nations. For, it is a monarchy sitting on top of a non-feudal language speaking population.

In so much that, it cannot have much of the characteristic features of any nobility or kingship based on a feudal language social structuring.
Yet, the nonsense called democracy along with a huge content of swarmed in outsiders, has given the right to decry and denigrate the English monarchy to anyone.

There is no understanding that the nation belong to the English monarchy, and it has the right to protect the nation from outsiders, which senseless democracy has allowed. However, the present reigning monarch was an imbecile who had no guts to kick out democracy far-off into the Arabian Sea near the Persian Gulf.

ADDENDUM: As of now, I do feel that neither the monarchy of England nor the nobility therein, are loyal to England, English and to the English. Both these institutions are rank renegade organisations.

This wretched licking of France’s boots more than once made me throw down one of these ‘world newspapers.’

Adolf Hitler’s assessment of France might be quite apt and accurate. France was nothing other than mere words.

Even their famous slogan Liberté, égalité, fraternité was just a fad. In that, it is quite possible that the French language is quite feudal. Otherwise, there is no explanation for the beginning words in Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, which begins with a comparison between London and Paris, thus:

QUOTE: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only. END of QUOTE

Actually what Charles Dickens’ meant would be: This is England; the other is France. This is London; the other is Paris. This is English; the other is French. This is a planar language nation; that is a feudal language nation. And thus.

Basically, nations and social systems wherein the language codes are feudal, and hierarchical and contains the codes of ennobling greatness and denigrating pejoratives, all act great by using such continuous chanting of great social rights and unrighteousness. Even in India, one can hear great, yet empty talk of the great human rights and human dignity upheld by law.

However, the moment an ordinary man is accosted by an official, even of the lowest menial level, the frank reality of human degradation opens up very visibly.

Even the depiction of the French nobility as quite a crude lot compared to English nobility bespeaks the existence of feudal denigrating hierarchical codes in the French language. Since I do not know the French language, I can’t say anything categorically. However, if one were to examine the French language, one might be able to see at least a variety of hierarchical YOUs. If such a thing is not there now, it must have been there during the French revolution times, at least.

Feudal language nations, social systems as well as population groups are not dependable. They change rapidly, depending on the level of immediate word code that has been activated, and its trigonometric component.

However, England also had a historical habit on not understanding where to place France. During the colonial days, it was a very prominent feature of all French governments to proclaim an ‘attack English establishments anywhere and everywhere in the world’ policy. It was actually this feature of the French trading groups that ultimately led to the English East India Company becoming the governing force in many locations in the Indian peninsula.

Beyond that in Europe itself, France was always set to menace England whenever possible. In the war in the American New World, it was actually the handiwork of the French and such other European nations, including Spain that led immature persons like George Washington astray to revolt against their own king and nation.

The French King Louis XVI actively aided and abetted this misdemeanour. Yet, when he was beheaded by his own people, who had been inspired by the great social stature of the English common folks, it was England again that ran to support his side. Clearly, there was some intellectual dichotomy throughout English history. On one side the common folk fighting for their nation. On the other, some intellectual fools playing the reneged. It has happened in the case of the English Empire also.

Intrinsically they remained unalterably of one piece.

This Adolf Hitler speaks of the Jews. That various Jews do not accept the ideals of Zionism. But when examined in close quarters, they all show a singularity in aims and ambitions. Now, this is something that might not be a Jewish feature alone.

I have more or less detected the same among feudal languages speakers. Many of them do exhibit tones and words that are pointedly against feudal content in ordinary social relationships. However, when it comes to actuality, they themselves are very much part and parcel of these dangerous emotional content.

It is something all English nations have to be wary of. It is about people who are innately connected to feudal languages. In these languages, there is a heavy content of people degradation, that is almost automatic and spontaneous. It is not deliberate. Yet, it is as dangerous as someone with a very deliberate aim to explode a bomb right in the midst of a crowded public meeting place.

Feudal language codes splinter up human relationships. Just a mere glance by a person who thinks in a feudal language can create a rupture between a wife and her husband. These are things about which a native-English speaker has not even an iota of understanding.

I have literally plucked Adolf Hitler’s word away from its Jewish context. However, as to the Jews, again, it must be stressed that there might be a need to examine their traditional language codes in detail. Therein more information on this ‘chosen people’ would come out in extra detail.

It is quite obvious that Adolf Hitler couldn’t get a head or tail on why god made the Jews the Chosen people. He does mention a lot about them, in a sneering manner. Yet, what seems to irritate him was that they had spread their tentacle into each and every part of the social, administrative and news media set-ups. Thereby acting as a self-contained group with its own internal communication routes. Here again, one might wonder about the internal structure of their traditional language.

Only languages like English are flat-surfaced with literally no interior hidden routes. Most other languages, especially feudal, with a simple change of indicant words can literally convey a lot of hidden inputs. Commands, loyalties, belittling, ennobling, desecration, splintering of links, retorts, negations, acceptance etc. can be conveyed by words, which when translated into English literally look quite ordinary sentence.

For instance, an uncle would like to command a nephew (who is a government official) to do something against the official norms. He can simply say: You do it. Among Englishmen, in most cases, the uncle wouldn’t be able to say it. And even if he does say it, there wouldn’t be any moral or positional authority encoded in it. In a feudal language, the simple sentence: You do it, will come with a direction of command, and a receipt of acceptance.

I have no ideas as to what the internal language of the Jews is, and whether it is feudal or not. Or whether it has some other codes totally unknown to me.

However, as to whether the Jews are good people or not is not for me judge. However, a piece of information that seems to distract me is that in the recent massacre of the Tamil population in northern Ceylon, I do get a hint that it was Israel that worked behind the scenes. If it is true that then Israel will shortly be dealing with nemesis.

If later you met the man you thought you had converted, he was just the same as before.

There is indeed a great insight in the words above. In the passages connected to the above sentences. It is difficult to maintain people who are positioned in the lower locations of the feudal language codes in any intellectual position, unless the totality of the word code position is static. However, it goes on changing, and along with it mood swings also happen.

Word codes swing from that of ‘respect’ to that of pejorative ‘degradation’. The intellectual stance also swings along. But then it can park in a location that is more or less in the median area.

Image taken from Castes and tribes of Southern India by Edgar Thurston (1860s). The image of the labour class Marumakkathaya Thiyya caste (possibly of Greek bloodline mix) females. It was not the dressing standards that oppressed them, but the crushing beat of the lower indicant words

the party with whose petty representatives I had been carrying on the most violent struggle for months was, as to leadership, almost exclusively in the hands of a foreign people;

Adolf Hitler does hint that people who are from one’s own nation would be benevolent to the natives and the foreigners would be exploiters. The above sentence if taken in this minor context, is not true.

For instance, in the various disconnected locations inside the Indian peninsula region, both the native as well as foreign social dominators were not inclined to induce social development to the common masses in these places. There was only one exception and that was the English rulers. They acted in a most renegade manner to their own home nation, and disseminated the various knowledges of their native land to the people in the Indian peninsular area.

For a close look at what I speaking, I think I will insert an image from the realities of the Indian peninsular region. The image bespeaks the condition of the slightly lower castes of this area (North Malabar, part of the erstwhile Madras Presidency).


Image taken from Castes and tribes of Southern India by Edgar Thurston (1860s). The image of the labour class Marumakkathaya Thiyya caste (possibly of Greek bloodline mix) females. It was not the dressing standards that oppressed them, but the crushing beat of the lower indicant words

I am inserting another image which I think can convey an idea of what was being given to local people of the lower classes by the English rulers. Even though the two pictures are not of the same persons, I hope to convey my contentions here.

School in English ruled Malabar district: 1910

First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all this didn’t help, they pretended not to understand, or, if challenged, they changed the subject in a hurry, quoted platitudes which, if you accepted them, they immediately related to entirely different matters, and then, if again attacked, gave ground and pretended not to know exactly what you were talking about.

The above lines are connected to passages that describe certain exquisite experiences in verbal discussion. It is a common experience when one tries to debate with people much below one’s own level of intellect, who has a feeling of being an intellectual superior. In the case of Adolf Hitler, it led him to hate the Jews.

And it is quite incredible that he identifies Marxism as a cunning idea of the Jews. It is an idea that can literally give a shiver to all communists and Marxists all around the word.

I am fighting for the work of the Lord.

It is a strange argument that Adolf Hitler comes up with. His fight is against the Jews. Yet, how come he ended up fighting with even the English nations? The ways of inscrutable destiny is quite complicated indeed.

TODAY it is my conviction that in general, aside from cases of unusual talent, a man should not engage in public political activity before his thirtieth year.

There might be some correctness in these ideas. However, whether they can be true everywhere is not clear. Especially, when taking the case of the English Empire. For instance, Robert Clive was only around 25 years when he literally created the English Empire in some parts of the Indian peninsular region. At least some of the district administrators (District Collectors) in the English ruled parts of the Indian peninsula were only around sixteen years’ old English youngsters. Some of the English East India Company’s army Majors were also of that age.

However, command is generally connected to a positioning given in the language codes. In that sense, it is possible to assign command to any level of persons, even youngsters, of even lesser age. It is very much possible in the feudal languages of the Indian peninsula.

However, the English experience is different. And the English youngsters came from a social communication, in which there were no degrading or ennobling codes in common conversation. The experience of everyone in their command structure in the Indian peninsular region would be a sweet one.

However, the modern day native-English youngsters in England would be of a slightly different mental timbre. For, many of them would have experience of having studied under non-English teachers. Moreover, they would have studied along with students who are natives of feudal languages.

Equalising native-English students with native feudal-language speaking students would erode the inner qualities of the former and rise up the inner qualities of the latter. In fact both would arrive at a medium level which is higher than that of the feudal language speakers and lower than the native-English speakers. It is a loss for antique England and a gain for extra-national elements.

Obviously the example of this body had been taken from England, the land of classical ‘democracy’.

Here Adolf Hitler does admit that classical democracy came from England. It is a great admission which would be found objectionable in some nations like the nation of India. There are historians in India who would love to mention that the ideas of democracy were born in ‘India’, (there was no such ‘India’ before British-India!), and that the Englishmen stole even this idea from ‘India’.

There are millions of school-textbook educated Indians willing to believe this nonsense.

When Barry raised his parliament buildings from the waters of the Thames, he thrust into the history of the British Empire and from it took the decorations for the twelve hundred niches, consoles, and pillars of his magnificent edifice. Thus, in their sculpture and painting, the House of Lords and the House of Commons became the nation’s Hall of Fame.

ENGLAND’s antiquity is indeed great. It is quite curious that Adolf Hitler should exhibit a more than passing admiration to it.

As to the US, there are enough jokers in the USA, who believe that everything came from the Roman and Greek antiquity. See these words of Adolf Hitler:


a21 #

This was where the first difficulty came in for Vienna. For when Hansen, the Danish builder, had completed the last pinnacle on the marble building of the new parliament, there was nothing he could use as decoration except borrowings from antiquity. Roman and Greek statesmen and philosophers now embellish this opera house of Western democracy, and in symbolic irony the quadrigae fiy from one another in all four directions above the two houses, in this way giving the best external expression of the activities that went on inside the building.

Maybe the academic jokers in the US does feel that everything great in their nation was a creation of the ‘great’ swarms of immigrants who came from Continental Europe. It is a great wonder why in their tiny minds they can’t understand that Continental Europeans and Africans and Asians mixing up in any location that is not pristine-English, but feudal languages will only create a mess and nothing great.

I had always hated parliament, but not as an institution in itself. On the contrary, as a freedom-loving man I could not even conceive of any other possibility of government, for the idea of any sort of dictatorship would, in view of my attitude toward the House of Habsburg, have seemed to me a crime against freedom and all reason.

There is a great insight in this indeed. People who love the concept of human freedom and individual right to dignity fall into the trap of believing that democracy and parliament and elections would give them that.

In feudal language nations, these very set-ups end up as death-traps of human freedom and right to dignity. At the same time in pristine-English nations, even without democracy, parliament and elections, human freedoms and right to dignity are ensured in the language codes.

I had, without myself realising it, been inoculated with a certain admiration for the British Parliament, of which I was not easily able to rid myself. The dignity with which the Lower House there fulfilled its tasks (as was so touchingly described in our press) impressed me immensely. Could a people have any more exalted form of self-government?

The same is the mistake many persons all around the world make. An admiration of the most idiotic institution in England. The dignity of the lower House is not an attribute of the English parliament, but is a direct effect of the planar codes in pristine-ENGLISH.

It is this democracy that has literally destroyed England and its various accomplishments. Robert Clive, loved and adored by millions in the Indian peninsula, was forced to commit suicide by this stupid institution.

A mere fluke in English history and the labour party came to power, with its most idiotic policies. The English Empire, for which millions of people all around the world had toiled for at least more than a century is made mincemeat. And the pieces thrown into the hands of self-seeking feudal rich persons in these lands.

In the immediate aftermath of the dispensing of British-India to local leaders in the northern parts of the Indian peninsula, (most areas really not under British rule) a terrible communal clash broke out in which around 1 million peacefully living (fully devoted to the English rule till then) people were hacked, burnt and otherwise done to death. It is a great pity that the greatest criminal in history Clement Atlee was not handed over to the rioters. They would have handed him his just deserts.

A wild gesticulating mass screaming all at once in every different key, presided over by a good-natured old uncle who was striving in the sweat of his brow to revive the dignity of the House by violently ringing his bell and alternating gentle reproofs with grave admonitions.

The above-given description could have been of the parliament of India or the assemblies in the various states of India. Or may be of any other feudal language nation. But then what about England? Well, as per the current setting, England is slowly edging towards this very same disastrous scenario. Actually, England should have understood the glory of its pristine position in the world, and remain unadulterated.

It is a nation that should allow zero immigration, unless it is for just temporary purposes or temporary domicile. But then, English intellect does not have any idea about this, having been fooled by the immensity of feudal rich outsiders arriving to teach the English, everything from table manners to sexual morality. And in the process, destroying everything innate in England.

The Western democracy of today is the forerunner of Marxism which without it would not be thinkable. It provides this world plague with the culture in which its germs can spread.

There is a very crucial claim here. That democracy acts as the cradle for Marxism, which though outwardly a very tall philosophy actually acts as a most crude fooling of the people, displaying promises which they know they don’t have the calibre to deliver. Marxism sprouts on a popular feeling of being a higher level of democracy.

Image: Northern parts of the Indian peninsula in 1947. Communal clash triggered by the power-crazy local political leaders, as the huge public administrations of British-India, as well as that of the native-kingdoms were about to fall into their hands.

What gave me most food for thought was the obvious absence of any responsibility in a single person.

It is a terrific thought. No one is responsible for anything. For instance, in India, the whole officialdom is corrupt. Things work due to the technical capability of the instruments used. Otherwise, efficiency is well-below mark.

Yet, if one were to approach any of the higher ranks in the officialdom, one would meet a very meek or gracious individual. He or she cannot be held responsible for the tragic state of things. Then who is responsible? There is no one responsible. Well, it is the error in the system.

It is a system, in which no one has enough authority. Apart from that who is there who can be trusted with such draconian authority that can clear up the mess?

Such a person might be there in India. But then how to find him? Even the greatest current-day leaders who have come up with promises of clearing up the mess are actually sponsored by some huge business house, with or without their own ulterior motives.

I need to quote from TRAVANCORE STATE MANUAL written by V. Nagam Iyya:
QUOTE: When the Dewan’s dismissal was resolved upon, and the question was as to who should succeed him, the Rani wrote that “there was no person in Travancore that she wished to elevate to the office of Dewan and that her own wishes were that the Resident should superintend the affairs of the country as she had a degree of confidence in his justice, judgment and integrity which she could not place in the conduct of any other person”. END OF QUOTE

There is was a hint that the queen of Travancore couldn’t find a single person in whom she could place her trust in, other than the English East India Company’s own Resident Col. Munro.

Can a fluctuating majority of people ever be made responsible in any case?

Never. There should be someone to be held responsible.

But can an individual directing a government be made practically responsible for actions whose preparation and execution must be set exclusively to the account of the will and inclination of a multitude of men?

Again it is another quandary that democracy faces. A single individual being held responsible for the rank misdemeanour and irresponsibility of a number of people.

Or will not the task of a leading statesman be seen, not in the birth of a creative idea or plan as such, but rather in the art of making the brilliance of his projects intelligible to a herd of sheep and blockheads, and subsequently begging for their kind approval?

Is it the criterion of the statesman that he should possess the art of persuasion in as high degree as that of political intelligence in formulating great policies or decisions? Is the incapacity of a leader shown by the fact that he does not succeed in winning for a certain idea the majority of a mob thrown together by more or less savoury accidents?
Indeed, has this mob ever understood an idea before success proclaimed its greatness?

Isn’t every deed of genius in this world a visible protest of genius against the inertia of the mass?

The above lines could be superb thoughts on the basic errors in democracy. Yet, there is always the larger container to be thought of. That is the language.

Does anyone believe that the progress of this world springs from the mind of majorities and not from the brains of individuals?

Well, it is a quite a profound thought. In fact, if democracy can be allowed to run nations, why not all economic enterprises also be taken away from their entrepreneurs and given to the workers therein.

It is sure that these worker run organisations which can also function effectively. But then, there are other complications to think of. However, those who argue for inserting democracy everywhere-and-anywhere should first try this idea on the various business organisations in this world. For instance, firms like Microsoft etc. should remove their owners and run the company on democratic elections.

It would be a great piece of hilarity to see the mood of festivity swallowing up the workers, and in due course the company also.


a31 #

It is, first and foremost, the cause of the incredible inundation of all political life with the most inferior, and I mean the most inferior, characters of our time.

I do not know how to handle this terrific insinuation about modern political leadership, everywhere. However, I might be able to pick out this bit of information from the point when the English rule departed from a portion of the Indian Subcontinent.

Even though many people are not aware, the fact is that the English rule inside the Indian Subcontinent was confined to only a particular percentage of the geography. The other portions were under the rule of the native kings, who enjoyed the protection to the kingdoms from external aggression.

If this Map of British-India is viewed, this fact will be easily understood.

In areas which were under the English rule, the administrative systems were quite efficient.

Local feudal vernacular were not allowed in administration, and hence a sort of equality before the law was prevalent for the people. Corruption was more or less non-existent at the officer levels.

Beyond that, in most of the civil offices, the clerks and peons were not allowed to deal with the members of the public. The members of the public had to meet the officers directly. The officers gave the various papers and files to the clerks for finishing off the work on them. In fact, in these offices, the clerks and peons were just some sort of helpers and never allowed to do any officiating act on their own.

This division of labour inside the government offices do point to a great insight on the part of the English officials. For the clerks and peons were people who did not know English. They knew only their native feudal languages.

If the people are made to meet them for any office related work, they would immediately try to taunt them and to harass them to extract out ‘respect’ and obeisance from them. However, in English ruled areas this happened only quite rarely.

However, in the native king ruled kingdoms, the situation was the exact opposite. Administration was a mess, with everyone in the administration, right from the peon and clerk to the ‘officers’ clearly functioning in their feudal vernacular. People would be harassed to the maximum possible, to extract ‘respect’ and also bribes. In fact, Col Munro had placed on record the atrocious quality of the Travancore officials thus, in an elaborate Report submitted to the Madras Government:

“No description can produce an adequate impression of the tyranny, corruption and abuses of the system, full of activity and energy in everything mischievous, oppressive and infamous, but slow and dilatory to effect any purpose of humanity, mercy and justice.

This body of public officers, united with each other on fixed principles of combination and mutual support, resented a complaint against one of their number, as an attack upon the whole. Their pay was very small, and never issued from the treasury, but supplied from several authorised exactions made by themselves.

They offered, on receiving their appointment, large nuzzers to the Rajah, and had afterwards to make presents, on days of public solemnity, that exceeded the half of their pay. They realised, in the course of two or three years, large sums of money and were generally subjected to a complete confiscation of their property for the benefit of the State.

The Rajah, therefore, imposed no restraint on their rapacity, aware that their plunder would be transferred to his own treasury. Nor does it appear that this consideration had any effect in checking their extortions they calculated upon being able to conceal their property during their lives, and felt little concern as to the mode of its disposal after their death.

On the part of the people, complaint was useless, redress hopeless they had only one remedy, and that was bribery. This practice was universal, and it was one of the melancholy circumstances in the situation of the people, that one of the greatest evils was necessarily resorted to as a good, to mitigate the still more intolerable grievances of injustice and oppression. Innocence was protected, justice obtained, and right secured by bribes.

There were also still more efficacious means of injury, and their universal use produced an extraordinary spirit of avarice in the country for every man endeavoured to have a secret hoard of money, as the best protection of his liberty, property and life.”

Appendix to Report from Select Committee on the Affairs of the East India Company - Political Page 276 END OF QUOTE Source: Travancore State Manual by V. Nagam Iyya.
The above quote describes present-day Indian officialdom, also, quite perfectly.

When the new nation of India was formed, the administrative systems set-up by the English rule in the various parts of British-India were sent into total disarray. As it was the newly emerged politicians who took over administration. They had initially had no experience in administration, other than some low-grade political activity.

It must be mentioned that in British-India, native politicians did administer perfunctorily the three Presidencies, viz. Bombay, Madras and Calcutta, using the administrative systems set up by the English rule since 1919. However, these administrative systems worked in sync with English administrative ideas, and not that of the local politicians.

With the amalgamation of erstwhile British-Indian provinces with the local raja kingdoms, the extremely corrupt native-kingdom administrative systems got connected to pristine-pure English set up administrative systems. From my very childhood I have personally seen the affect it created.

For, one of my parents was an officer in the Madras Civil Service. Since she hailed from Malabar, she had to opt for Kerala state civil service, when Malabar was amalgamated with the former kingdom areas of Travancore-Cochin kingdoms to form a new state of Kerala. It was a sheer nonsensical amalgamation. Even the local language of Malabar was different from the language of Travancore kingdom. However, the Travancore kingdom’s native language was superimposed as the official language of the new state.

On one side was an incorruptible administrative system, run by English-speaking officers, who had clerks and peons as mere helpers. On the other side was a head-to-bottom corrupt to the core administrative system, in which the officers openly colluded with the peons and clerks to terrorise the people and to extract money.

In these areas, the clerks and peons were openly acknowledged as powerful entities by everyone. Even the ‘officers’ were not allowed to enter into the domains of authority taken over by the clerks and peons. It was literally a give-and-take collaboration inside the bureaucracy.

It goes without saying that the high standards maintained by the Malabar officialdom literally got watered down. It went down without a whimper, and vanished. Now, no one knows that such a thing had existed before in Malabar. People read media articles and study school textbooks which are the other side version of history.

Now, the national standard of the Indian bureaucracy is as what had been reported by Col Munro, many years ago.

since on the one hand great minds will refuse to be the stooges of idiotic incompetents and bigmouths, and on the other, conversely, the representatives of the majority, hence of stupidity, hate nothing more passionately than a superior mind.

These words, though of terrible frankness and honesty, must have darted out without much deliberation. It is a classic case of quality refusing to bow to stupidity, and stupidity having an innate hatred towards quality.

For such an assembly of wise men of Gotham

This is an allusion to the legend of the Wise men of Gotham, in Nottinghamshire, England.

QUOTE from Wikipedia:

The story goes that King John intended to travel through the neighbourhood. At that time in England, any road the king travelled on had to be made a public highway and the people of Gotham did not want a public highway through their village.

The villagers feigned imbecility when the royal messengers arrived. Wherever the messengers went, they saw the rustics engaged in some absurd task. Based on this report, John determined to have his hunting lodge elsewhere, and the wise men boasted, “We ween there are more fools pass through Gotham than remain in it. END OF QUOTE.

if Tom can be master, what is to prevent Dick and Harry from having their turn too?

The travails and terrors of unqualified democracy are mentioned in the above words. I should quote from my own book, Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages:
First of all about democracy. It is a false belief given to the deluded people of India that they are the rulers of this nation, by being able to act out an extreme nonsense called marking on the ballot paper. It is just a gimmick and nothing more. No citizen of India gets any right over the government by this farce. At best, election time is a period when he or she feels that he or she is important for a very brief moment. Till he or she casts the vote. After that he or she is just the same old person, with the same old social standards.

Actually democracy is not a thing connected to a machinery called the ballot box and its wider paraphernalia. The first and most vital requirement for the existence and establishment of democracy is a communication software like English. This is so because without a communication software that establishes an egalitarian social communication system, there is no meaning in having a ballot box.

For, if it is there, even if there is no ballot box, no voting and no election, the people would still enjoy significant personal freedom, dignity and rights to articulation, to discuss and debate with the governing class of officials. In its absence, a ballot box and election is not going to be a serviceable substitute. END OF QUOTE

Adolf Hitler’s words, reflect the theme from ancient Greece, wherein senior government functionaries were at one time selected by means of lots. In the case of modern democracies in many nations, it is worse than lots. People from varying mental standards and worse, get to stand for elections by the mean technique of being practicing subservience to certain party leaders. This is the case in feudal language nations.

As to England, it gave the reins of power to people who did not understand the world at large. When they arrived in the seats of power, in a mood of utter idiotism they worked in collision with the cunning rogues from elsewhere to destroy England.

This invention of democracy is most intimately related to …………. cowardice of a great part of our so-called ‘leadership……… to be able to hide behind the skirts of a so-called majority….

Democracy has this ability. That of no one being responsible for anything. For instance, with the formation of India, the national governmental institutions all became dens of open corruption, arrogance and nation looting.

Yet, can any specific political leader be mentioned as being responsible for this? None. For, it has been a parade of varying leaders, in all kinds of multicoloured cloaks.

in this, too, the majority can never replace the man. It is not only a representative of stupidity, but of cowardice as well. And no more than a hundred empty heads make one wise man will a heroic decision arise from a hundred cowards.

Adolf Hitler views parliamentarians in his own nation as not only fool, but also as cowards.

Consequently, they long for any change in the office hovering before their eyes, and are thankful for any scandal which thins out the ranks ahead of them.

What a wonderful description on how democracy demonises human being! However, Adolf Hitler does very pertinently miss the point that even good natured people do act maliciously in a vile language ambience.

the political opinion of the masses represents nothing but the final result of an incredibly tenacious and thorough manipulation of their mind and soul

Adolf Hitler admits this much on ‘political education’. In fact, in all post-English-colonial nations, the newly emerged ruling classes have engaged in the fury of ‘political education’ in which they are the super heroes who saved an immensity of fellow nationals from the terrifying ‘enslavement’ by the English rulers, who had forced them to wear proper dress, learn table manner, civilised living standards, and also to learn and speak English. People eagerly believe all this.

At first I could not help but be amazed at how short a time it took this great evil power within the state to create a certain opinion even where it meant totally falsifying profound desires and views which surely existed among the public.

It is true that for a newly born individual, what he sees is the truth. If a black child is told that the native blacks had been living a very paradise-like egalitarian social set-up before the arrival of the ‘enslaving’ Anglicans and the Dutch, that is what he is willing to believe.

Similar is the case with the slave-descendent blacks of the USA. Their resentment is against the Whites of Southern USA. No one tells them that they own the Whites of southern USA a huge amount of gratitude. There is no way to convey this to them, unless they get an experience of what it is to live as an lower human being in their native lands, where the languages are of terrifying feudal content.

Where a simple word can shrivel human physical form into something abominable. In fact, there are no words or usages in English to convey that. Even the Whites in southern USA have no idea about this.

Yet, a simple glance at images like this should create a sharp crack in the cocksureness of the indoctrinated stuff.

He will poke into the most secret family affairs and not rest until his true researching instinct digs up some miserable incident which is calculated to finish off the unfortunate victim.

But if, after the most careful sniffing, absolutely nothing is found, either in the man’s public or private life, one of these scoundrels simply seizes on slander, in the firm conviction that despite a thousand refutations something always sticks and, moreover, through the immediate and hundredfold repetition of his defamations by all his accomplices, any resistance on the part of the victim is in most cases utterly impossible;

Adolf Hitler words are quite categorical in how the machinery of democracy works.


a41 #

These scum manufacture more than three quarters of the so-called ‘public opinion,’

I think these words of Adolf Hitler are about the Journalists. However, not just journalists, but school textbook writers also do play their part in creating myths without any basis.


For instance, there is an individual whose photo adorns all public offices in India. If one were to ask as to why this man’s photo is kept adorning a public office as he is some divinity, the standard answer would be that he is the ‘father of the nation’. Who said that? Well, that is what is taught in the school textbooks. Who are the textbook writers to designate anyone as a ‘father of the nation’?

Well, the actual fact is that there is no such mention of this man being the ‘father of the nation’ in the original Constitution of India. Even though after many decades from the formation of India, a very expensive film was made to glorify him, by using an extremely good looking British citizen to act as him. In this film, it was instigated that the India ‘got freedom’ due to this man’s freedom struggle. After this film came out, the prime minister who had funded the film from the national coffers, had his name given a statutory status in the Constitution of India.

Now, did India get freedom due to this man’s activities? Well, such information is strictly for the birds. Breaking up of the English Empire was just an idiotic decision of a criminal minded prime minister of Britain and his satanic coterie. It had nothing to do with the frivolous activities of some super-rich feudal individuals, many of them were not even citizens of British-India, but subjects of native kingdoms. The man in question here was the son of the prime minister of one such kingdom.

In every case it does nothing but carry out the momentary will of the majority.

This is how a democratic government is run. Should momentary whims and fancies of a section of a people be allowed to make decisions of grave importance? See what happened when the government of England came into the hands for a few rogues for a few years?

The English Empire, loved, adored and admired by an immensity of lower class peoples all around the world was splintered and handed over to individuals, who had the mental demeanour of cattle feed (Winston Churchill’s words’ rephrased).

Altogether we cannot be too sharp in condemning the absurd notion that geniuses can be born from general elections. In the first place, a nation only produces a real statesman once in a blue moon and not a hundred or more at once; and in the second place, the revulsion of the masses for every outstanding genius is positively instinctive. Sooner will a camel pass through a needle’s eye than a great man be ‘ discovered’ by an election.

A variety of superb insights from Adolf Hitler. Geniuses are not born through the ballot process. A statesman of innate calibre is born only once in a blue-moon. And that too, as solitary figures. People despise those who show exemplary mental capabilities.

The decision is always made by a majority of ignoramuses and incompetents,

May be this single sentence if taken in the Indian legal context, many of the laws passed by the Indian parliament would have to revoked. Such utterly nonsensical laws that forbids a child from working, compulsory enslavement of children under low-calibre teachers of Indian schools, etc. are the handiwork of politicians, many of whom wouldn’t know to read the text of the rules they had passed, in their original English.

Actually, the law against child labour should have been redrafted to mention its spirit. That is to prohibit the exploitation of children, and not to abolish the innate right of any child to do any work he or she please. As to ending exploitation, even the adults are exploited in working areas. And degraded through the pejorative word codes in Indian feudal languages. In fact, the law against child labour written by nitwits in most nations, seems to suggest that adults can be exploited in work areas.

As to the use of the pejorative addressing in feudal languages that both child as well as adult worker has to endure, these nitwits do not seem to have any idea about. It is unmentioned in all laws around the world, I think. In the Indian laws, this theme is not even mentioned. When I personally argued this point in the High Court of Kerala, the Chief Justice pondered on the theme for some time, and then said thus: You are speaking about an egalitarian language, that is English. Well, we cannot go into that issue here. I think it is for the government to study this issue.

The state government had no intention to study this issue. Instead, all it wanted was to impose a feudal language very forcefully on the people. Because a huge amount of money had been set apart for imposing the native feudal vernacular of Travancore, all over the state including Malabar, wherein the native language had been different.
All the English medium schools were to be compelled to teach the feudal vernacular compulsorily.

It was a most terrible situation, wherein a huge number of otherwise useless persons were to be given the designation of ‘teacher’ and compulsorily admitted into around 800 schools. Yet, there in the Writ petition hearing, there was one silver lining. The Chief Justice continued, ‘However, we need to study the point whether a person can be compelled to study something he or she doesn’t want to study’.

Gentlemen, I believe we understand nothing about this matter I personally certainly do not.’

This is one of highest level of individual honesty, rectitude and door to information, knowledge, skills and calibre. Usually in pristine-ENGLISH locations, it should be a natural human attribute, with a few exceptions. However, in feudal language situations, this is the exception and not the rule.

Speaking in a most general manner, this is one of the pillars that made England exist, on the very edges of a most belligerent Continental Europe.

in certain circles honesty is almost synonymous with stupidity

It is quite funny that Adolf Hitler did mention this many years ago. It is only a matter of time before all pristine-ENGLISH attributes of England would be openly mentioned as gullibility and stupidity. That of teaching the whole world all its treasure-trove contents including English the language, administrative systems, military systems, educational systems, technical skills, and an immensity of others things, on which others build up mightier things. Even the very manner that the English Empires was broken up had the taste of utter idiotism.

No other nation in the world would equip another nation with its best administrative systems, army, police, postal services, railways, roadways &c. and train the manpower to run them effectively in well set-up organisations, and then give the nation to person of rank ingratitude. Surely in spite of having the brain power to build up all these things, a very powerful group, possibly the armchair intellects called the academicians, had worked out a theory to find fault with English endeavours.

At first glance this seems to be true. But then the question arises: Why are five hundred chosen when only a few possess the necessary wisdom to take a position in the most important matters?

And this is the worm in the apple!

This might take me to the issue of the various committees in the Indian parliament. Do these committees really have the depth of information on any issue, or is it mere political decisions that are being Okayed by them?

When taking up positions on Compulsory education, Domestic violence Act, Police reforms, Child labour, Compulsory teaching of any language, and such other things, has anyone really studied the various issues connected to these things. Do the committee members have the requisite mental calibre and information to deal with these highly complicated issues? I can’t say that I doubt it or not. I merely ask the question.

that a state authority is entitled to demand respect and protection only when it meets the interests of a people, or at least does not harm them.

There can be no such thing as state authority as an end in itself, for, if there were, every tyranny in this world would be unassailable and sacred.

This would be a question that can be asked in India. In Kashmir, in the north-east, north Ceylon, in the Central areas of India (where the desperately poor have organised under the Maoist flag and hence are being hunted down), and in various other locations.

In general it should not be forgotten that the highest aim of human existence is not the preservation of a state, let alone a government, but the preservation of the species.
And if the species itself is in danger of being oppressed or utterly eliminated, the question of legality is reduced to a subordinate role.

Then, even if the methods of the ruling power are alleged to be legal a thousand times over, nonetheless the oppressed people’s instinct of self-preservation remains the loftiest justification of their struggle with every weapon.

These are terrible questions to be answered in almost all post-colonial nations ditched by Clement Atlee, the Satan and his coterie. Not only in India. The concept of nation-state has been one of the great follies imposed on human being by these idiots in England, who thought they knew the interests of the common man in the English colonies, better than the colonial officials.

It is this nation-state theory that has literally created gigantic massacres of human being in many nations, including in north Ceylon. Historically detached and un-attachable human populations have been pulled and pushed to assemble under the flag of a few individuals who had been handed over the common strings to the British colonial armies in the colonies.

In very recent years, the Tamils in north Ceylon were simply massacred and molested to unbelievable levels by the Sri Lankan army, basing their right to do this on the stupid theories of nation-state. Even the whole textbook subject called Politics and International Relationship is an utter bogus subject. It is a very superficial subject that clearly misses the high grade content of human emotions of a populations connected to the codes inside their native languages.

For instance, the powerful strings of emotions and loyalties that can get triggered by a good quality demagogy in Tamil cannot be understood by both pristine-ENGLISH as well as by the stupid subject of International Relationship. To put in more words, the whole subject of Political Science is mere nonsense, and just fit for writing rubbish in equally rubbish academic exams.

He had a rare knowledge of men and in particular took good care not to consider people better than they are.

I need to pull the above words out of its context. It is a great capacity of self-control to mention that all people are not of the same kind. That all populations are not of the same kind. Actually, it is not their ethnicity that makes them different. But their native language. Even though people think that it is skin colour that identifies a human social or individual character, there are quite a number of limitations to this understanding.

Human mental triggers and reactions and retorts and verbal and non-verbal reflexes are very much connected to the inner codes in their native languages, or to the language they speak and think it, or on the language in which they are made to function or live in.

Even though most people all around the world clearly understand that all populations are not same, inside pristine-ENGLISH nations, this very crucial information seems to have gone missing. And this is literally leading to the destruction of all pristine-ENGLISH nations.


a51 #

for each man speaks only to the circle which can hear him, or which obtains an account of his words in the newspapers.
And, not the halls of parliament, but the great public meeting, represent the largest direct forum of listeners.

It is true. But then, even some of the so-called ‘freedom fighting leaders’, who were subjects of various native kingdoms adjacent to British-India, had the money to buy newspaper coverage for their activities and to have their words splashed across the headlines. Some of them had their own newspaper and magazines.

This is always the same public

Yes, inside the parliament and assembly houses, the hearers of the fine speeches are the same persons, again and again.

Never will one of these representatives of the people honour a superior truth of his own accord, and place himself in its service.

This more or less sums up the use of these talking shops.

But to speak to such a ‘forum’ is really to cast pearls before the well-known domestic beasts.

Adolf Hitler refrains from mentioning the exact words of the adage: Pearls before swine! Matthew 7:6 in Jesus's Sermon on the Mount: "Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces."

The press either killed them with silence or mutilated their speeches in such a way that any coherence, and often even the sense, was twisted or entirely lost, and public opinion received a very poor picture of the aims of the new movement. What the various gentlemen said was quite unimportant; the important thing was what people read about them.

And this was an extract from their speeches, so disjointed that it could-as intended- only seem absurd. The only forum to which they really spoke consisted of five hundred parliamentarians, and that is enough said.

The same goes about the English rule in the certain parts of the Indian peninsula. Even now, the visual and print media, as well as the textbooks speak untruth, half-truths and also total lies. As for modern England, it has also been deluded into believing the same nonsense.

For let it be said to all our present-day fops and knights of the pen: the greatest revolutions in this world have never been directed by a goose-quill!
No, to the pen it has always been reserved to provide their theoretical foundations.

But the power which has always started the greatest religious and political avalanches in history rolling has from time immemorial been the magic power of the spoken word, and that alone.

Adolf Hitler is an ideal example of how demagogy is the right way to power. I do not know if the pen has been able to overtake demagogy in this game.

but in the simple knowledge that without the mighty force of the mass of a people, no great idea, however lofty and noble it may seem, can be realised.

It is an information which all politicians do seem to have.

Czech pastors were appointed to German communities; slowly but surely they began to set the interests of the Czech people above the interests of the churches, becoming germ-cells of the de-Germanisation process.

Even though the above sentence is apparently about evangelical issues, all one has to do is to use change word ‘churches’ to that of ‘native businesses’, and the ‘Czech pastors’ to that of ‘foreign - and entrepreneurs inside English nations’, to see that a wider panorama of what has been alluded to.

The demise of native-English nations is encoded in the above words. Native English antique cultures of quaint refinement would stand compromised and denuded by these extra-national interests who would set up minor beachheads inside English nations.

As of now, it is too late to moan about what has already become past history.

just because the law of democracy seems holier to such a principle-monger than the welfare of a nation. The one will therefore defend the worst tyranny, a tyranny which is ruining the people, since at the moment it embodies ‘state authority,’ while the other rejects even the most beneficial government as soon as it fails to satisfy his conception of ‘democracy.’

This is where the modern US government and its policymakers are going to be a nuisance to the whole world. Even though the nation is English, at every nook and corner inside USA, the languages as not English.

Languages are powerful software mechanism. And when feudal language start triggers thought processes which get to function in an English ambience, what it achieves is a freedom of movement not available inside its own ambience and parameters. These feudal language speakers having embedded themselves in the various slot of policymaking and propounding a nonsense they can’t understand known as democracy will make it difficult for many other nations to exist. For, the US would find it quite unbearable that other nations do not follow democracy.

In fact, even the Monarchy of England is not safe from conspiracies of these self-conceited monsters who have encroached and taken hostage of a pro-English and pro-England nation.

Verily a man cannot serve two masters. And I consider the foundation or destruction of a religion far greater than the foundation or destruction of a state, let alone a party.

Spiritual relationship with god almighty is one thing. Being part of an ecclesiastical hierarchical organisation is quite another matter. The latter is just a hierarchy of leadership which uses a very powerful political propaganda tool know as the guardianship of the doorway to godhood. When this be the case, the religious hierarchy waits for an opportune moment to demand its due seat in the political set up.

In most cases, the political leadership has to dance to the tune of the religious strings. Or it should have the cunningness to manipulate the religious strings to its own advantage. In most situations, it is a real give and take scenario.


a61 #

It is certain that at all times unscrupulous scoundrels have not shunned to make even religion the instrument of their political bargains

Maybe there is nothing unscrupulous in the deeds. It is just the wily ways to garner supporters in a political competition.

Munich - 1929

In general the art of all truly great national leaders at all times consists among other things primarily in not dividing the attention of a people, but in concentrating it upon a single foe. The more unified the application of a people’s will to fight, the greater will be the magnetic attraction of a movement and the mightier will be the impetus of the thrust.

Here Adolf Hitler is proposing a technique for energising the movement with a very focus approach. He does propose more ideas of similar content in this location.

The German of my youth was the dialect of Lower Bavaria, I could neither forget it nor learn the Viennese jargon. The longer I lived in this city, the more my hatred grew for the foreign mixture of peoples which had begun to corrode this old site of German culture.

No comments, other than that Continental Europe is currently poised for more terrible transformations than what was happening then in this area mentioned by Adolf Hitler.

The difficulty of feeding this army of new citizens must grow greater from year to year and ultimately end in catastrophe,

It certainly is a very disastrous location in the future, for any sane nation. Currently the insane leaderships in Continental Europe, USA, Australia and Great Britain seem to have gone bonkers.

There seems to be no work or anxiety about the antique native-posterity, which will have to deal with people and populations of a most un-understood kind, right in their own midst, speaking the English as themselves, but thinking and communicating within their own native populations in languages, and verbal and non-verbal signals which cannot be understood.

She diminishes, not the power of procreation as such, but the conservation of the procreated, by exposing them to hard trials and deprivations with the result that all those who are less strong and less healthy are forced back into the womb of the eternal unknown.

However, the natural means by which nature controls population growth, which Adolf Hitler propounds, is not possible in the current-day world. For, technology has reached a level wherein even the weakest individual can be made to live. And there is a looming danger in this also, that Adolf Hitler mentions. Yet, there are preventive measures that can be enforced if the political leadership is capable enough to implement such.

Adolf Hitler says that a weakened population will be takenover by a stronger population. Maybe there is a contradiction here in his own words. He does say thus here:

A stronger race will drive out the weak, for the vital urge in its ultimate form will, time and again, burst all the absurd fetters of the so-called humanity of individuals, in order to replace it by the humanity of Nature which destroys the weak to give his place to the strong.

But then in the very next pages he has cautioned the scope that inferior populations will take-over the locations of the stronger races, by mere means of over population and running over. Well, I should not say that it is weaker races, but then what can be mentioned is that cruder populations are at the moment gnawing at the vitals of all English nations, and that of the European nations, which have improved much in terms of social quality due to certain historical or history-made-possible proximity to English nations.

Robert Clive at Plassey

Nature knows no political boundaries. First, she puts living creatures on this globe and watches the free play of forces. She then confers the master’s right on her favourite child, the strongest in courage and industry.

The above writings do have a feel of the Might is Right and Survival of the fittest! theories. However, the fact is that this so-called might is not connected in physical capacities, or in intellectual acumen, or natural resources or any such other things. It is in the language quality.

In fact, the very existence of England since times immemorial can be directly attributed to the inner qualities of the communication software called English. It is due to this software in its possession, that even the big nations of Continental Europe couldn’t conquer tiny England.

Major examples can be the Spanish Armada, Napoleon and Hitler himself. An immensity of notable items could be found in the Colonial warfare, in all of which English always won the last battle. However, England did have this Achilles heel. That it was connected to the neck with Ireland, Scotland and Wales, all of which had native Celtic languages.

If English is removed from the work ambience of the higher echelon of the various high grade corporate sector companies in India, the very efficiency of the companies will changes sporadically. If the Indian government were to make a ruling that the Officer class in the Indian Army and their family members are not to use English anymore, but to use only Hindi or any of the other more advanced languages of India, a Military coop can be expected in India.

For if English is removed from the Army officer’s mutual communication ambience, then what would replace it would literally lead to a cracking of the Office corps into a mutually jealous, and backstabbing cadre of military men.

Indian officers would start displaying their raw native Indian coarse behaviour stuff. However, they wouldn’t wait till that. If such an order is given by the Government of India, it would be treated with a most sincere contempt. And if the government were to try to impose the order, then it would literally be playing with fire. The army will throw out the government without much remorse.

The greater the quantity of space at the disposal of a people, the greater its natural protection; for military decisions against peoples living in a small restricted area have always been obtained more quickly and hence more easily, and in particular more effectively and completely than can, conversely, be possible against territorially extensive states.

This again is could be a universal truth, proved by the English exception. In fact, the ancient adage ‘England always wins the last battle’ is not a European experience alone, but something that was repeatedly enacted all round the world. Even in the Indian peninsula areas, consisting of present-day Bangladesh, Pakistan and portions of present-day India.

When totally young, Robert Clive with mere clerical duty experience was given command to outmanoeuvre a siege by the combined force of the French and the local raja of Arcot near Madras, in the southern portions of the Indian subcontinent, he had to do with just 20 Englishmen, around 180 local natives (possibly Tamilians) and a very small space. That is just a French fort, he had the audacity to take-over in the night hours, in the midst of the commotions.

He won not just by mere grit, but also by something else which was quite non-tangible. And this non-tangible asset was the pristine-ENGLISH language. If his native tongue had been a feudal language, he would have been backstabbed both during times of triumphs as well as during that of trepidation and tribulations.

The same was the case when he encountered the combined forces of the Mogul Nawab and the French at Murshidabad, near Calcutta. He had with him 180 Englishmen with scarce battle experience and around 1800 local natives.

Here again he won through, not by pluck, but by the way the English language stood forth to consolidate his capacities, and the feudal languages of the Nawab rose at the appointed time to make his team backstab him (the Nawab). In fact, the youthful Nawab was backstabbed by his own mother as her brother. In fit of rabid jealousy.

Nor is England any proof to the contrary, since in consideration of the British Empire we too easily forget the Anglo-Saxon world as such. The position of England, if only because of her linguistic and cultural bond with the American Union, can be compared to no other state in Europe.

It is true that a pro-English or pro-England USA would have been a great support for England. However, positioning of the US as a sort of sole supporter of England might not be correct. For, England had withstood the onslaughts from Continental Europe for many centuries, and still emerged unscathed.

Moreover, Adolf Hitler himself does mention at times of the Aryan (meaning Germans) building up the USA. It is quite an untrue statement. But even if it were so, how come the German-filled USA never became a pillar of support for Germany? A German USA will not have a linguistic and cultural bond with England.

However, it is true that England is not a proof to the contrary of what Adolf Hitler is discussing here. It is true that England is tiny, while its empire was quite large. Like a sort of inverted pyramid (description given by Adolf Hitler). However, English colonialism was not like a German or Belgian or French colonialism. In fact, English colonies were actually a spreading-out of English culture into the outer world, not by force, but by the genuine liking and support for the same from the colonial areas.

It was an expansion of England, even though the sit-at-home Britons, especially the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish, who were literally piggy-back riding on England, could rarely understand this.

For such a policy there was but one ally in Europe: England.
With England alone was it possible, our rear protected, to begin the new Germanic march. Our right to do this would have been no less than the right of our forefathers. None of our pacifists refuses to eat the bread of the East, although the first ploughshare in its day bore the name of ‘sword’ !

This is one of the passages among so many others wherein he has openly declaimed his admiration for England. To be associated with England. But alas, so many persons in the world do want to be associated with England. And that too, to the extreme surprise of Englishmen themselves. For they cannot conceive as to why there are people in the who declare so many affinity for their totally common-place land and common-place human beings.

Their language itself seems quite simple, when compared to the highly complex and powerful languages elsewhere. They have a king or a queen and there is nobility, which means the nation has a feudal social structure. This is seen as a sign of great negation. For, hasn’t all the nations done away with feudalism? Even Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have abolished feudalism. Yet, people from these democractic nations make haste to reach England.

Now, that is the issue. Even Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have abolished feudalism. Yet, these nations are practically un-liveable for the vast majority of its population. At the same time, even with all feudal structures inside England, it is far more attractive to the outsiders. Well, that points to the fact that it is not social design per se, that is at fault. But something else. What is it?

Well, the answer is in the language codes. Feudal language means snubbing, degrading, taunting, backstabbing etc. all of which consistently are a part of social and familial living in the outside nations.

However, current-day England is an infected England. I do not know as to how England can be disinfected, unless someone has the willingness to be branded as an Idi Amin.


a71 #

no sacrifice should have been too great for winning England’s willingness. We should have renounced colonies and sea-power, and spared English industry our competition

It seems to be reminiscent of Bismarck’s policy that the friendship of France will not compensate for the displeasure of England. It is quite notable that Adolf Hitler mentions ‘England’ and not Britain or Great Britain.

There was a time when England would have listened to reason on this point, since she was well aware that Germany as a result of her increased population had to seek some way out and either find it with England in Europe or without England in the world.

In the above words, Adolf Hitler is being a bit presumptuous about the global significance of Germany. Yet, the above words also do point to a drastic policy decision based on desperate situations.

British diplomacy was still clever enough to realize that no service can be expected without a return.

Here Adolf Hitler literally proposes that an alliance with Great Britain would have erased all possibilities of World War One. And in that light, he says:

In that light, to be sure, the alliance with Austria was an absurdity.

Maybe there are a lot of other absurdities still in existence. One is the military protection given to Japan by USA, at the cost of its own national economic disaster. If the USA policy leaders feel that it had defeated Japan in the Second World War, they are brain-dead or bird-brained.

The so-called end of the Second World War did not end at the time, nor did the USA war against Japan. The surrender of Japan was just an ancient oriental ploy and ruse, to delude the enemy into a false feel of security.

The surrender of Japan had its own highly planned strategies working behind it. Exquisite hospitality, the kind of which cannot be imagined in any English social system is used as a weapon of conquest. In fact, the guest is momentarily treated as a king, and in there are corresponding changes in the various indicant words of ‘respect’ to go along with it. It is a very transient ambience. And most Asians, being used to it, know it is for facade it is, which has no stable platform beyond the contingency of the immediate requirements.

Yet, the US officials fell flat for it, and got ensnared inside its wily sticky web. The US economy was opened up to its very vitals, the Japanese economic moguls. All technical information were given to Japanese students with no concern that it is national resources owned by native US citizens that is been thus dispensed to rank outsiders.

And that too outsiders who had killed a huge number of US citizens. There are hidden command routes in feudal languages, about which no native-English speaker is aware of it. Even a deserter is still under its command routes, the moment the pervious leader just connects in a conversation.

For instance, if a Chinese youngster who had participated in the Tiananmen Square protest march, and had escaped to the US in the aftermath, is connected in a conversation by a Chinese Communist party chief, invariably a very powerful command and obedience route is formed. If the Chinese youngster is working or studying in some superior US technical institution, this man will literally become a beachhead for his own family members, his own friends, his own elders in China, and for the Chinese government.

There is no means to covey these ideas to a native-English speaking person. English is simply another world, where everything is in the open, frank and candid. Feudal languages are not the translations of English. They are entities of quite a different order. In fact, translating a feudal language into English is like dressing up a very dangerous carnivorous animal into a meek lamb.

There is no way for a lamb which has never seen or envisaged a carnivorous animal to understand that the teeth it uses to eat grass can be used to bite, tear and chew meat. How toe nails can be converted into claws that can pierce and tear flesh. How, blood is edible, when only water and cattle-feed dissolved in water are understood as drinkable.

People of pristine-ENGLISH nativity can be compared to the meek lamb and the feudal language speakers can be equated to carnivorous animals. Yet, a thousand lambs can live together in a pasture. I do not know what would happen if a thousand carnivorous animals live together in the same compound. Unless they had arrived for some seasonal breeding festivity.

Coming back to the utter stupidity of the USA, there is this fact to be mentioned. The US is the huge gullible and pliant giant who can be made a beating stick or a complacent shield for all minute nations. It has been fooled into being the protector of many small nations that are in the middle-east. Most of these minute nations are the creation of the idiots in the British Labour Party.

Now they are millstones hanging on the neck of the English nations, with the super-idiot being the US. In fact, just as minute Austria literally triggered the First World War, it was miniscule Kuwait that triggered the current-day mess in the Middle-East. It is like a small hole in the huge dam, draining out the huge content of water into wasteland. This small hole that was Kuwait, literally has pulled all English nations into a whirlpool that drains into a wasteland, leaving their own national economy and citizenry adrift.

They dreamed of preserving world peace, and landed in the World War.

People who work using dreams, without any information should not head English nations. In fact, in recent decades it has been proven beyond all doubts that persons who have no loyalty or attachment to the English antiquity can become national leaders in the USA. As to Britain, the current-day prime minister has gone bonkers claiming that he would live to see an Asian PM in England.

It is like the King of Saudi Arabia saying that he would live to see a non-Islam being the king of Saudi Arabia. In fact, England is the Mecca of pristine-ENGLISH. The current-day political leadership is on a very erroneous path, led by the nose by rascal academic theoreticians who know next-to-nothing about non-English social communication.

Only children could have thought that they could get their bananas in the ‘peaceful contest of nations,’ by friendly and moral conduct and constant emphasis on their peaceful intentions, as they so high-soundingly and unctuously babbled; in other words, without ever having to take up arms

It is this same sense of complacency that has gripped most English nations. That economic freedom to all competing nations is just a peaceful sporting event. It is not. In feudal language nations, economic power is directly connected to word codes.

Words control each and every man’s complete rights, freedoms and eligibility to everything including the amount of right to articulation, the need to compulsorily exhibit obeisance in words and actions and much more.

There are no peaceful intentions in any economic activity in a feudal language setting. Being economically dependent is totally being an economic slave, which is very powerfully encoded in the word codes. Just because English does not have these codes doesn’t mean that these things do not exist in the world.

Outside planar language locations, which are few, the whole world is controlled by feudal language codes. Only children should believe the reality to be different? Well, in feudal language nations, even the children are privy to this information.

See what Adolf Hitler says. I should simply say that I am using his accurate perceptions in a more accurate premises. That in a location which he himself missed visualising.

The talk about the ‘peaceful economic’ conquest of the world was possibly the greatest nonsense which has ever been exalted to be a guiding principle of state policy.

Yes, it is nonsense. The economic moguls of Continental Europe, Japan, China, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Vietnam, and even of the black African nations know that English nations are there for their leisurely picking. So much has this nonsense of ‘peaceful economic’ conquest been allowed inside the vitals of English nations.

Enslaved lower castes of the South Asian subcontinent

England, in particular, should have been recognized as the striking refutation of this theory; for no people has ever with greater brutality better prepared its economic conquests with the sword, and later ruthlessly defended them than the English nation. Is it not positively the distinguishing feature of British statesmanship to draw economic acquisitions from political strength, and at once to recast every gain in economic strength into political power?

In the above sentences, Adolf Hitler also has gone bonkers, in an attempt to use ‘England’ to support his understanding. The striking information would be that England did not go in for an economic conquest or of any conquest in the Colonial areas. I cannot vouch for the activities of the Welsh, the Irish and the Scots, who more or less piggy-back rode on English endeavour everywhere.

For instance, what happened in the Indian subcontinent was not any conquest, either economic or military. In a geographical location where a majority of the populations were suppressed and kept bonded to the land, as enslaved labourers, the arrival of the English traders with their egalitarian language, literally broke the shackles of the enslaved people.

It is these people who pushed up the miniscule members of the English trading teams to political and economic leadership. However, this version of history, that is the version of the under-classes of the Indian peninsula never get taught in any university, including those in England. The history that they get to study is the version written by the ancient suppressor classes of the land. Including that of a fake Mahatma (son of a rich PM of native kingdom in the subcontinent).

In one were to read such books as the Travancore State Manual (written by V. Nagam Iyya) or the Native Life in Travancore, one can see the utter foolishness of the English individuals as they set out to teach the technical and agricultural skills of their own native homeland to the impoverished and enslaved populations of Travancore.

If the same kind of things are done in nowadays, (as done by Bill Gates and co), it would very candidly have been seen as export of technical skills to competing nations and competing businessmen. No nation other than English nations would condone such an action. If the BPOing of native technical skills was attempted in such nations as China, the persons involved would have been hanged by the neck without dying for weeks. Such was the quality of the anti-national activity that these persons (BPO sponsors in the IT world) who sold out their own native land citizens for profit.

Yet, did England earn any gratitude from the very persons who improved tremendously through the endeavours of English colonialists? For example, in Travancore the lowest of the castes known as the Pulaya, Pariya etc. converted into Christianity.

They, who literally had been kept out of social habitation were allowed to learn the antique knowledge of England. English evangelist like Henry Baker and his wife, REV Samuel Mateers etc. toiled to improve their lot. The social leadership literally told them that it was a useless endeavour, for these individuals according to them, ‘were not fully human beings’. See this quote from Native Life in Travancore:

QUOTE A Sudra (Nair) conversing with an Evangelist, said: — “Kuravars cannot learn anything — that is quite impossible.” END OF QUOTE

In fact, the English word Pariah used in English to mean an outcast, I think, comes from this caste name of Travancore.

Even though the lower castes were improved, in the local society none of the others could accept them as part of their social system. Even the traditional Christians, the so-called Syrian Christians did not allow them into their church. So, slowly they started migrating into English-ruled Malabar district of the Madras Presidency. Here, many of them became vernacular and other subject teachers and also became the pioneers to bring in the Travancore language into the Malabar areas.

Later when the English-rule ended, a huge number of these converted Christians came from the Travancore areas into Malabar forest, and burnt up tens of thousands of hectares of pristine forest areas. This was aided by the fact that when the English-rule ended, the law & order machinery went into disarray, and there was no clear-cut policy on how to stop this destruction of forests.

However, it soon transpired that the Madras state government would not condone the encroachment of forests inside its own state by people who had come from another state. It was then that the calibre of the vernacular church authorities came into the fore. There was a realignment of state boundaries being planned in the national capital.
The Malabar district was taken away from Madras State and amalgamated with Travancore state to form a new state.

So the whole issue of a people from another state encroaching forest lands was solved. Not only that. In the newly formed miniscule state, this Christian group was of a very significant percentage, enough to stake political bargains.

That was one fall-out. The other frill fall-outs were of more funnier and serious content. The Travancore language was superimposed on the state as the state-language.
So, Malabar also learned this new language, and forgot its own traditional language. Soon, it became evident that this state language has to claim much more.

A claim was put forward that this language was a classical language of yore. At first the central government studied this claim and disallowed it. However, soon more pressure was exerted and soon it became a language that was declared to be as old as Sanskrit.

This all small history, not many will know in this miniscule state in India.

And what an error to believe that England is personally too much of a coward to stake her own blood for her economic policy! The fact that the English people possessed no ‘people’s army’ in no way proved the contrary; for what matters is not the momentary military form of the fighting forces, but rather the will and determination to risk those which do exist.

England has always possessed whatever armament she happened to need. She always fought with the weapons which success demanded.

She fought with mercenaries as long as mercenaries sufficed; but she reached down into the precious blood of the whole nation when only such a sacrifice could bring victory; but the determination for victory, the tenacity and ruthless pursuit of this struggle, remained unchanged.

Adolf Hitler words contain some level of honest observations. However, he errs in his understandings and explanations. It is true that in history, England very rarely had a very powerful standing army. In fact, if the numerical strength of its army were compared with some of the strong kingdoms of Asia and Africa of those times, it would seem that England was an inferior nation.

However, in the case of England, it is not numbers that need to be taken up for calculation. It is its exquisite plateau-code planar language of English that makes it strong. And what would make it weak? Well, entry of feudal language speaking collaborators or citizens can render it weak.

In fact, modern-day England is much weaker than its Victorian-age predecessor. Modern-age England is an infected England, that can cave in, even though the antique pristine-English canvas can still give it a superiority. However, there is a terrific infection inside, that can be dangerous for the nation.

However, there is always the other side of a warfare, the other side. If they are feudal language speakers with a language that contains varying and mutually competing hierarchies, all of them in an activated condition, well then, they will go down on their own. The only thing to do is to encourage each of these components. They will mutually cut at each other’s feet.

In Germany, however, the school, the press, and comic magazines cultivated a conception of the Englishman’s character, and almost more so of his empire, which inevitably led to one of the most insidious delusions; for gradually everyone was infected by this nonsense, and the consequence was an underestimation for which we would have to pay most bitterly.

What a wonderful coincidence! In India, the school, the press, films, TV serial and comic magazines all paint the Englishman as a great villain. The poor and oppressed believe it when they are told that they are poor because everything was stolen away by the British.

It becomes quite a funny situation that the very persons who mention all this use a British or English connection to flaunt everywhere. Getting their children to England is a very sly part of this cunning game.


81 #

The fact that a world empire the size of the British could not be put together by mere subterfuge and swindling was unfortunately something that never even occurred to our exalted professors of academic science.

Again a most wonderful observation by Adolf Hitler. It is not possible to run so huge an Empire as the English Empire, by fraud and swindling. A huge support from the common man is required. Moreover, to run it without errors require a language system which allows people to think and act, and interact intelligently.

If it were any Indian vernaculars, things will run, as it runs in India.

With a huge mess everywhere. Nothing would move unless propelled by bribes and obsequious servitude.

I remember well my comrades’ looks of astonishment when we faced the Tommies in person in Flanders. After the very first days of battle the conviction dawned on each and every one of them that these Scotsmen did not exactly jibe with the pictures they had seen fit to give us in the comic magazines and press dispatches.

That reminds me of a young boy in the local village here, who was totally uneducated in the informal sense. His father had gone to England as a serving person of an Arab, when he was working in Dubai.

This father of his soon settled down in England and after some years, he became a ‘Briton’ with citizenship.

Soon he took his huge family to England. When the young boy landed in England, he couldn’t literally believe his eyes. He couldn’t believe that such a land could exist on earth. The word he mentioned in his phone call to one of his friends home was that much revealing.

As to the other side of this story, it is the tragic side. When he came home for visit, his claim was that he was British. Even though he had totally changed in demeanour and physical postures, it was a terrible thing to define the term British through him.

As to the words of Adolf Hitler, he mentions Scots. The fact is that any population group connected to pristine-English or pristine-England would show more or less the same level of quality enhancement.

If the Englishman had succeeded, we too were bound to succeed, and our definitely greater honesty, the absence in us of that specifically English ‘perfidy,’ was regarded as a very special plus.

If the Englishman had succeeded, it is not by means of his courage and daring and bravery, but due to a social communication system that was not mutually backstabbing, but something that encouraged human potential in everyone. That does not mean that others cannot takeover other nations.

They can, but then, it is quite a different experience, for everyone. Even though, the academic textbook would speak of English deceitfulness, and cunning and maliciousness, the truth is that the honest affection of the feudal-language speaking social leadership is of more terrible atrociousness and horrendous agony. English colonialism’s hallmark was ‘fairplay’.

This is a theme that really requires a cross-language explanation.


Look at the image here, of these young English women in British-India. The stay-at-home British derisive definition of these women would be as ‘Memsahibs’. Now who is the Memsahib/ ‘Memsaab’?

It is the word in Hindi for addressing the socially higher woman. It must be some kind of female derivative of ‘Saab’, feudal ‘respectful’ word neccessarily to be given to the upper class native of the northern parts of the Indian peninsula.

If ‘Memsahib’ and its male counterpart ‘Saab’ is not mentioned by the lower classes Hindi speakers, the higher class high women and men, will have to commit suicide. That is the power of the feudal language systems.

It is not these words that cause the terrific mood for self-killing, but the range of the others for Him, His, Her, Hers etc. that are conjoined to these words. When one goes down, the other words also go down to gutter levels.

People are arranged not as in an English military ranking manner, but in a manner in which each download position is degraded into a stink level. The stink is felt from the higher levels. For each level, the higher level has a rosy fragrance. However, from the heights, every lower level stinks.

Cunning guys would promote such images as given above to give an impression that the tragic looks of the native population is due to some oppression by the English women. That is not the truth. The local upper classes keep these huge number of people in a very low quality state by suppressing them with words like Nee, Thoo etc. However, unsuspecting Englishwomen arrive on the photo-scene to take the blame. that is the truth.

The common man of the Subcontinent literally worship the English rulers who saved them from futher social enslavement.

Now, look the scene in the local village small town here.


Many people here work in the Middle-East. Some in the USA, & a few in UK . Some in IT companies like Google c&.

Men of higher ranking would not love to wander around these shops, unless they themselves have a place of their own to sit down. Women generally keep away. Why? If one were to have asked anyone why the women do not come to the shops here on a regular shopping basis, the answer would have been , ‘Oh, they are uneducated women. They do not have the mental stature for such things’.

However, that is not the whole truth. Many women do go for various kinds of physical labour. They do mix with men in their work areas. However, in a location where men gather, with whom their formal relationship is not quite set up on a steady word code, it is not socially safe to mix. This unsafeness is connected to the word codes. Anyone can use words of addressing and referring of any word level they choose. And in the case of women moving around like a loose-bullet, they assign the lower words.

In this same village, there is a doctor and his wife. Wife is not from the same state. Yet can speak the local language quite nicely. She is well-educated and at home in English.

She never comes to the village shopping area. Now, this gives the lie to the claim that women do not come to the shopping area because of their lowly mental stature.
And again, the women mentioned as of lowly mental stature are not actually of any lowly mental stature at all. In a location where they are in the superior platform, they would also crush anyone who they can, verbally.

Now, suppose a well-educated, from a high stature family, female wanders around the shopping area regularly. What happens? The answer is that in the word codes, she will be pushed to the gutter levels. In fact, women in many (not all) Indian language ambience, who mix with men without taking the necessary steps to first arrange a solid wall of ‘respect’ and ‘respectability’ in indicant word codes (like Aap, Maadam/Meedam, Memsahib, Chechi, Akka etc.) would lose their ‘respect’ in word codes.

Once this happens, then she is openly referred to and addressed in the lower words. Women who are assigned the lower indicant words are very much liable to be mentioned with profane thoughts, profane fantasies and profane desires.

At the same time, a female who is assigned a higher indicant word code, cannot be mentally or verbally molested, thus. These are information that has not been understood by the stay-at-home Britons, be it great academic geniuses.

In India, women who know these things keep a distance from Indian men. And also from Indian women who they find of lower stature, and yet not willing to concede ‘respect’. Both men and women of low stature who are not willing to concede ‘respect’ are dangerous.

The verbally denigrated woman should keep away from men who do the denigration. Or else, they become sluts, who are moving in a wanton manner among men, who do not see their face or demeanour, but literally view and fantasy the hidden parts of the body, in a most open manner. This is the exact secret of the issue of English women being mentioned as decadent. And English social system also being defined as decadent.

However, there is another more tragic side to this game. Many women use the respect versus pejorative codes in the reverse. In that they suppress men-folk whom they can suppress. In which case, if a quality male is thus degraded, he literally goes socially imbecile. As to lower quality men, they bear the brunt without too much a problem. For they are used to this kind of taunting degradation.

It is not something to do with what the English females do, but about who they are mixing with. They are mixing with men, with whom the women in India keep a distance from, if the desired level of ‘respect’ is not established. As to current-day England, the English females are generally going down to the level of sluts in the Indian language codes. And the tragedy is that there is no way for the native-English society to know about this.

For, the translated-in-English affability of the other folks is too bewitching to be understood as containing a most sinister code.

but the organisation of a community of physically and psychologically similar living beings for the better facilitation of the maintenance of their species and the achievement of the aim which has been allotted to this species by Providence. This and nothing else is the aim and meaning of a state.

Adolf Hitler’s definition of the political unit called ‘state’.

Peoples who can sneak their way into the rest of mankind like drones, to make other men work for them under all sorts of pretexts, can form states even without any definitely delimited living space of their own.

Has Adolf Hitler more or less predicted and defined the modern concept of Business Off-shore Processing?

Wherein technocrats in English nations, suddenly in knowledge and control over the core item in computers and its varied technical possibilities, simply refused to see that they are part of a nation, and hence should not lend help to outsiders who if enabled with technical skills can more or less usurp everything that the native citizens of their own nations had.

In the various locations in the Indian peninsula, the higher castes very openly mention that the lower castes are incapable of higher intelligence. However, deep inside their mind and information, they know that this is not reality. The reality is that if the lower castes, who are actually technically skilled, are allowed to enter into the higher echelons of the social communication, they can literally takeover the social system. And hence, they need to be kept in a location from where they can compete among themselves for the favour of the higher classes.

They should never be allowed to mingle with or connect at levels of equality with any member of the higher classes. Even if there is a breech in this cordoning anywhere, the whole lot of lower classes would emerge from their crude narrow spaces to expand into the soft locations of the higher classes.

See this image of the Carpenters of in one location in the southern part of the Indian peninsula.

These are technical and architectural experts of rare acumen. Yet, they have not been in any engineering college. They could manage to build huge building structures with no help from modern technology. Well, this is the kind of genius that the Englishmen saw in the Indian peninsula. Actually, there are literally millions of such experts and geniuses in the Indian peninsula. However, such geniuses do not create an England.

They can only create an India. This fact was not known or understood by the various English academicians who visited India. One of them did come upon Ramanujan. He was taken to England, and from where his genius blossomed. He came out with wonderful mathematical discoveries.

He was going to be appointed as a professor in Oxford, in the heights of the idiotism of the English academicians. For, the fact is that there would be literally millions of similar geniuses in India. They are kept in various bonds, due to the cunningness in the local vernaculars. If they are allowed to improve, they would improve to the dismay of the others. Once they improve, they do not allow other to improve. That is the truth. For, in feudal languages, everything is treated in a relative manner. The words codes stress the relative heights and lowliness.

Now, if the carpenters shown above had been taught English and taken to England by some equally nutty professor from England, their genius would also have blossomed. For, the egalitarian social communication that English makes possible does the trick. They would have literally created a Google right in the last century itself, or at least its off-line version, in wood.

See this quote from Native Life in Travancore:

QUOTE: All dread the raising of the lower classes and their admission to the common rights of humanity. “The very essence of caste lies in the degradation of others.” END of QUOTE

The fact is that there are tens of thousands of Ramanujans inside India, and that was not an information unknown to the higher classes in India. I have even seen house-owners very categorically mentioning that it is not wise to allow their male servants and maid servants to learn English.

Once they learn English, social equations change. Low quality higher positioned persons fear the higher-skilled lower positioned persons. For, if the lower positioned persons are allowed to grow, in a feudal language ambience, their very next endeavour would be to pull down their social seniors.

For this, all they need to do is to flip the indicant word codes 180 degree. The other man is down in the gutter and them on top.

Can the native-English speakers understand this code work? If they could, they would never have taught the natives of the Indian peninsula anything. In fact, their level of foolishness was of the astronomical levels.

Even after the formation of India and Pakistan, Indian and Pakistani army officers were being given military officers training in British military colleges. Didn’t the English government feel that these things need public concurrence?

Even now, the British government is giving 250 million pounds to the Indian government as aid. And in return what they get is a chorus: You stole our millions. Give us all what you stole.

What stealing? All the nations who had English colonial experience are duty-bound to reimburse all the various benefits they derived from English governance. But then, in current-day England who has the knowledge to ponder at this level? The academic education there has instilled a feeling that colonial Englishmen were crooks.


the sacrifice of personal existence is necessary to secure the preservation of the species.

In English nations, there is no terror of the lowering of indicant words. So there is no need to electrify a citizen with fiery speech to trigger him to act brave. On the other hand, in feudal language nations, there is always this terror.

That if one goes weak in any sense, the word codes can drop to abysmal levels. Not only for the person, but for even his wife, children and other dependents.

However, if a great demagogue can arose him with the use of emotionally tugging words and usage, which can redesign anyone to levels of social and emotional heights, then this man would dare anything. I think Adolf Hitler was able to trigger this in his followers.

a man does not die for business, but only for ideals.

While we fought for bread, England fought for ‘freedom’; and not even for her own, no, for that of the small nations

What is this ‘freedom’ that England fought for? Well, the levels of human freedoms available in English are of the nth degree when compared to so many other languages.

The very ability to address a government official with a Mr. or Mrs. prefixed to his or her name is an impossibility in feudal languages.

From this miniscule levels of freedoms, to the various heights of freedoms that native pristine-English has, there is no location in other language system wherein they can compete with English. Yet, stupid nations like the USA stand on this powerful platform and dare to declaim that all their plus points are not mere extensions of the native English homeland.

We no longer had the slightest idea concerning the essence of the force which can lead men to their death of their own free will and decision

It is true that powerful devotion, loyalty and love can urge a person to perform unusual levels of daring and bravery, and come out alive. Yet, in the case of daring that the common folks of England displayed are not from this location.

It is more the case of certain soft emotions, which the higher qualities of pristine-English instil in a human being. For instance, the English emotion of ‘honour’ is definitely quite a different item from what the word means in feudal languages.

In feudal languages, it is something enforced and imposed, and then derived from the people by means of money, power, governmental position, terror etc. In pristine-English, it is something innate and has no connection to displaying money, calibre, strength, government job etc.

In fact, this item is intimately connected to such things as chivalry, politeness, manners, courtesies, words like thank you, please etc., and to the unwritten English marine history code of ‘Women and Children first’ in times of distress in the High Seas.

In fact, such a code as Women and Children first’ if mentioned in nations like India, would probably evoke much elated boisterous laughter.

In 1914 as long as the German people thought they were fighting for ideals, they stood firm; but as soon as they were told to fight for their daily bread, they preferred to give up the game.

As a matter of fact, most feudal language nations’ armies do have the same problem. When the administrative system that disciplines the soldiers is powerful enough, the soldiers will listen to commands. However, the moment it is seen that it might be a hopeless fight, the soldiers will not be willing to suffer the pejorative-code filled commands of a weakened officer class.

‘Nothing can happen to us!’ This pestilential attitude had once been the downfall of a gigantic empire

When I see the above sentence, my mind wanders off to the current state of the USA. It is literally adrift in the High Seas, with no one really in command. The captaincy of the nation has fallen into hands which should never have been allowed to approach even within a 100-miles from the nation. However, this error is not fully connected to democracy alone.

It all began with the madcap George Washington and his wanton crowd. He himself was clearly an immature person, easily led astray by the wily affectations of the French and the Spanish. Now that he has made the nation a nation of swarming-in crowds, this nation of possible pristine-ENGLISH attributes has no more hope. For, there is literally no political argument left to save itself from its destiny in the doom.

Persons who have no loyalty to its pristine English antiquity are in charge. Perfect idiots who do not understand what makes the US different are trying to erase away this vital difference. If not India, this nation will sure become South America. There is a very powerful mood in the USA that ‘nothing can happen to us’. What a bonkers! The USA is currently just an unsinkable Titanic, that is leaking to its very core. Through the leaking frontier, the drift that shall pull it down is entering.


a91 #

the Jews no doubt would have to sacrifice themselves to being the owners, since by their own admission they never make any money, but always ‘pay,’ and, besides, speak the most languages.

It is quite funny that the ability to speak more languages is mentioned by Adolf Hitler as an attribute of crooks. Of course, he uses the word, Jew. For him, a Jew is a crook. However, this ability to speak a lot of languages is actually an ability of brain to exist in a multitude of human personalities.

It is not a psychological condition as such. However, it does have an element of the satanic attributes.

At least in a minor manner, and may be only to some people. However, a feudal language speaking person himself has an ambivalent personality. Even if he or she speaks only one language.

could not for a moment be in doubt that a stone had been set rolling whose course could no longer be arrested.

Small events gather power and become the beginning points of huge and colossal events. However, I must admit that it was the minor event of a change of party to rule England just after the Second World War that led to the destruction of a world government.

A world government under England could have been the best thing to happen to the world. Yet, some crazy mood set into the minds of the English people right at the moment of their greatest glory in recent history. They threw out their leaders who had led them to victory. And replaced them with rank idiots.

Adolf Hitler’s lines are about the murder of Archduke Francis Ferdinand. A single man’s death was to lead to a world war.

The struggle of the year 1914 was not forced on the masses- no, by the living God-it was desired by the whole people.

Newspapers and political demagogues and religious leaders urge for a fight. I have seen it in India. People are urging for a war with Pakistan. We can defeat them is the hoarse cry. But then, it is the soldiers on the battle-field who will have to bear the brunt of the enemy bullets.

And if the war goes into an uncontrollable mode, there will be plenty to pay for. The social system will go into collapse, and communal fights can breakout. If the communal fights go into an uncontrollable mode, millions will die. Terribly. However, it looks quite brave to sit at home and urge for a war.

And beyond that, both the Indian as well as Pakistani army were just a inhuman dividing of the same British-Indian army. The same soldiers who had stood shoulder-to-shoulder supporting the English Empire was to set fight with each other by Clement Atlee.

but the romance of battle had been replaced by horror. The enthusiasm gradually cooled and the exuberant joy was stifled by mortal fear.

It looks quite odd that Adolf Hitler should have spoken thus about the horrors of war. For, he was to lead the world to another more disastrous war, a world war, World War Two. Yet, it must be admitted that he did repudiate this book when he was on the pathway to war.

I would have to speak about the powerful spurs in his own native language codes that simply changed his outlook on war. However, that can wait.

Any attempt to combat a philosophy with methods of violence will fail in the end, unless the fight takes the form of attack for a new spiritual attitude. Only in the struggle between two philosophies can the weapon of brutal force, persistently and ruthlessly applied lead to a decision for the side it supports.
This remained the reason for the failure of the struggle against Marxism.

Basically, there is an error in Adolf Hitler in the complete conceptualisations of everything, even though many of his observations are quite brilliant. This error is connected to the fact that he is totally unaware of the vicious versus benign codes in language software.

If the German language has any element of feudal content, the social system will simply oscillate within these parameters. Whatever external improvements are made, the working of the internal codes will bring everything back to status co.

Germany that speaks German cannot become an England, which speaks pristine-ENGLISH.

I saw that the Socialist-Marxist organisations mastered and applied this instrument with astounding skill. And I soon realised that the correct use of propaganda is a true art which has remained practically unknown to the bourgeois parties.

Times have changed. Now, all political parties use propaganda in a most ingenious and subtle manner. Moreover, all big online companies do use it with superb finesse. It has come to such a level that if one has the money to pull things off, anything can be fed to the people and they made to believe it.

Just a negative discussion about Facebook will bring in millions of people-interest in it. So, it is only intelligent to ponder on who actually sponsors such negative discussions.
As to propaganda, and indoctrination, people in India believe that English rule was terrible.

They massacred people. They looted the nation. The divided a seven thousand year old nation and ruled the place. Each one of these terrible accusation about a most benign rule has been purposefully indoctrinated into the minds of the people.

Look at this conversation that I had in our pristine-ENGLISH Community Whatsapp Group:

QUOTE: But, what about Jalianwalabagh, Malabar riot, death punishments and many other rude actions of British? END OF QUOTE

When I gave a adequate explanation to these queries, see the reply that I received:

QUOTE: thank you for these valuable historical inputs. Most of these information are new to me. I think I never studied the communal clash happened just after independence that caused 10 lakh (I million) death from school text books. END OF QUOTE.

Communist parties were once the masters of the art of political propaganda. However, as of now, every political party with adequate financial resources has acquired mastery in this. Yet, very soft means are used to outmanoeuvre competitors.

peoples without honour have sooner or later lost their freedom and independence

I need to pull the above quote away from Adolf Hitler’s context. It is about the word ‘honour’. In feudal languages, the concept of ‘honour’ is kept only for the higher classes. That means, on a relative scale the lower positioned individual has less ‘honour’. This usage of the word ‘honour’ has no connection with the English meaning of honour and honourable.

The antique English meaning of this word is connected to supreme personal qualities of honesty, incorruptibleness, commitment, non-treacherous, dependable, not a turncoat etc. However, as Adolf Hitler uses it, and in the way it is used in the feudal languages of India, it is word connected to social superiority.

The corollary of this meaning is that in feudal language social systems, a great section of the population do not have freedom and independence.

Any man who wants to be a cowardly slave can have no honour or honour itself would soon fall into general contempt

Again this should be connected to a feudal language social system. For instance, in most of the government offices of India, the common people of the lower financial classes are addressed as a mere dirt, in the pejorative part of the language codes.

However none of them react against this. For, in the government schools, the teachers use the same words and worse, and thus they are trained to be cowardly slaves.

10 to 15 fifteen years of mental slavery in an education system that doesn’t teach anything worthwhile. Most of the teachers do not know much to teach. They themselves would require a huge amount of training in an informal ambience to make them fit to do even a minor bit of teaching.

Humanitarianism and aesthetics would vanish even from a world inhabited by man if this world were to lose the races that have created and upheld these concepts

There is a great deal to be mentioned about these words of Adolf Hitler. Even though one might be able to find quite a lot of high aspirations in the various literatures of the ancient world, the concept of humane attitudes are not there much in Asian nations.

This might be true about Africa and many Continental European nations. As to the indigenous cultures of South America also, there are quite candid evidences of extreme violence in their social history.


However, when one looks at England, there is a very pleasant level of soft-nature in its history. It is true that many academic experts would find it too terrible a claim to accept. For, did they not burn the witches?, did they not hang the pickpockets?, did they not take part in slave trade? etc. would go the questionings. The fact is that many more terrible things happen in other nations, and no one cares to keep a record of them.

Why? Because they are everyday events.

In England, these were exceptions to the ordinary. So, they were kept as records.

In the Indian peninsula, there was literally no record keeping. In fact, in modern times, not many students would know about the horrors of Sati, the burning up of women at the pyre of their dead husbands. How many people in current-day India know about the scourge of northern parts of the subcontinent, known as the Thuggees?

Yet, I have seen many great academic geniuses declaiming about the Rotten Boroughs mentioned in Pickwick Papers written by Charles Dickens. They mention it to say that India is merely passing through the same stage that had been in England many years ago.

Yet, it goes without saying that in England it was a delightful exception, while in India, it is not a notice worthy exception. No one is really bothered in noticing what an everyday event is. In fact, the possiblity is not of India changing into England, but of England changing into India!


It seems quite funny that England never had slaves. In English, it is quite difficult to maintain a slave. The slave will immediately improve to his masters’ mental and social standards. In the Indian peninsula, there is no need for statutory slaves. The language will hold the lower classes down in a mood of quite extinguished self-esteem.

Adolf Hitler’s claim that Germany is the cradle of civilisation and humanitarian concept can be hollow. Germany at best was a newly formed nation. He himself displays a huge content of contempt for the Germans. From a most candid conceptualising, in the case of some of the Continental European nations, their glory is just reflected glory, due to their proximity to England. And also due to the fact that the English are white skin.

In fact, I have seen many people in India, who do not know to differentiate between the words ‘White’ and ‘English’. Instead of saying that ‘We were ruled by the English’, the more easier way of saying is found to be the erroneous words: ‘We were ruled by white-men!’


However, this is not a modern Indian issue. During the colonial days, even the Germans used to move around the interiors of Africa carrying a Union Jack with them. To befool the local populations that they are indeed Englishmen, even though they behaved much crudely.

Beyond that there is this tragic story from the history of the British West African Squadron. When the British sailor on their patrol to catch the slavers and to save the blacks approached a boat full of black natives, who thought that they were the White slave traders from Continental Europe and jumped out of the boat, with disastrous results.

where the destiny and existence of a people are at stake, all obligations toward beauty ceases

No comments. Could be true.


a101 #

The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous

It is quite funny. When I was spending my life among the government officials of India in my childhood days, the most regular input was that: the members of the public (that the common India) are donkeys. This is an intimately mentioned talk among the official class of India. Even now!

As to the attribute of oblivion, well, the public as such has only the limited memory what comes in the daily newspaper or in the new visual media.

By contrast, the war propaganda of the English and Americans was psychologically sound. By representing the Germans to their own people as barbarians and Huns, they prepared the individual soldier for the terrors of war, and thus helped to preserve him from disappointments.

At the moment, the English nations are just the opposite. I understand that in England, Gandhi is a great personage, when actually he was nothing of that sort. In fact, the current-day native-English youngsters are being deluded into a location from where their own antiquity is being visualised as dirty, and that of other hideous nationalities understood as sweet ones.

It is an emerging tragedy in all English nations. That of the national education being taken hostage by rank outsiders.

However, the context of Adolf Hitler’s words are about propaganda.

it never dawned on him for a moment that his own weapons possibly, if not probably, might be even more terrible in their effects

This is a line that has some significance. There is a particular kind of idiotic terminology called Stockholm Syndrome in an equally miserable mental science called psychology. Now, the issue here is that the US is bombing many nations, in the glorious belief that it is doing a good deed. There are no US people on the ground where the bombs are falling.

It will naturally be falling on houses, and families members would be maimed or killed. If some American citizens were to be living among the people there, a very vivid understanding of the plight and the horrors of the US bombing would emerge.

A greater understanding of the other side’s view points and social triggers are required before entering into a belligerence which is none of one’s own business. However, it is quite difficult for English nations to shrug off their links to extra-national fights.

For, all English nations are brimming to the very neck with outsiders who connect their native land problems with the English nation of their domicile and new citizenship. The fact is that after the deliberate breaking up of the English Empire, all English nations have been under the handiwork of the anecdotal Fifth Columnists.

Even today, if one were to read many news-media websites of England or USA or Australia, the handiwork of moneyed extra-national lobbies can be seen. They use various arguments including the plight of children, the terrors of the native lands, the horrors faced in an over-the-sea trip, comparison with Pilgrim Fathers, claim that they are coming from Earth etc. to force outsiders into English nations. Even though the first breech is expected in Continental Europe.

Saving human and animal populations that are in danger is good, but not by allowing them inside one’s own household. They can be provided with a separate living space, from where their innate tendencies do not cause danger to the saving person’s household.

This minor common sense seems to have erased by formal education and media indoctrination in English nations.

As to the USA, it is actually a fake English nation. It will carry this facade of English-nation as long it suits its purpose. However, when the English cover is lost, there is no difference that the USA can have from the South American bananas.

What, for example, would we say about a poster that was supposed to advertise a new soap and that described other soaps as ‘good’?

Adolf Hitler is speaking about purposeful and much focused propaganda. However, in these modern times, in most Asian, South American and African nations, and to a limited extent in Continental Europe there is no need for this advice. For, when any vested interests tell lies, they do not say it in pieces. However, England has always had this nonsensical approach historically.

Almost all great enemies of theirs were given some grace. One might be able to find good mentions of both Napoleon as well as George Washington even in times of belligerence from them. However, the real tragady is the mention of British colonialism in similar words, by British native-citizens with the same pose of Your soap is not good we know. However, our soap is also not that good!

What kind of an advertisement or propaganda or national education is that?

See this comment I received on YouTube:

Jeff Bland 4 months ago
+VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS if you look at the positives you must also look at the negative. Sure, the UK did bring democracy and started local governments in these areas. However, we cause massive shifts in class, rob countries of their resources, caused massacres and even used concentration camps in some African wars. We try to repay our actions and apologise with money given to these countries. I feel we have caused a bit more damage to the world than good. But at least we’re changing ourselves, well most of us. END OF QUOTE

I did give reply, which interested reader can find on this link:

English colonialism definitely needs a restudy, taking into consideration the opinion or the version or the experience of the lower classes who benefited. Till now, it is the opinion of rank rascals that it being taken into consideration. Maybe British citizens will have the mental stamina to send back all outsiders who have barged in on the ‘you exploited our nation’ argument. Send them back home, from where their own native land people will finish them off socially.

English colonialists understood all this most brilliantly-and acted accordingly. They made no half statements that might have given rise to doubts.

Did the English propagandists or policymakers sitting inside England, really understand the reality? Maybe from a German perspective it might be true. However, in all English colonial regions, the gullible do-gooders would have actually created a wonderful world government based on fair-play, decency, rectitude, law and order etc. And at the same time maintaining a safe distance from the improving populations. Had the Satan Clement Atlee not climbed on to the seats of power.

only after the simplest ideas are repeated thousands of times will the masses finally remember them

Filling the minds of people with untruth definitely requires a lot of purposeful effort.

As for India, even though the officialdom loots the nation with a pay, perks and pension packet that is astronomical, the general understanding of the common man is that everything was looted by the English colonialists. In fact, the members of the officialdom and their family members will harp on getting back everything ‘looted’ by the English.

Now, how is this kind of indoctrination possible? It starts from the very primary education. Fake stories of a great nation swindled by the English colonialists who forced the people to study English. Then another story of a fake freedom struggle, led by saintly persons. Then of the great leaders. Then of the various jewels ‘stolen’ by the English. ‘We had the Kohinoor. We had the peacock throne. We had gold’ etc. goes the claims.

No one bothers to think of the various items that came into the land. Of the joining up around 650 kingdoms into a big nation, under one flag. Of education, of railways, of the postal system, of the medical education, of the immensity of other things that were bequeathed by the English rulers.

enemy propaganda began in our country, after 1916 it became more and more intensive, till finally, at the beginning of the year 1918, it swelled to a positive flood. Now the results of this seduction could be seen at every step. The army gradually learned to think as the enemy wanted it to

It seems to be a great propaganda and indoctrination victory. That of the enemies being able to decide the thinking process.

While they starved and suffered, while their people at home lived in misery, there was abundance and high-living in other circles. Yes, even at the fighting front all was not in order in this respect.

It does seem to be typical feudal language social symptoms. This is the point at which usually native-ENGLISH nations win. Feudal languages nations will wither due to mutual backstabbing and disrespect both in times of triumphs and tribulations.

However, most battles and wars are fought between feudal language nations. So, these things cancel out with both sides being afflicted with the same disease.

The munitions strike was organised

A nation that is fighting against itself when a war is going on. This is just an extreme case. More subtle infighting and mutinies are part of the life in any feudal language nation, unless suppressed by draconian laws and their enforcement

What was the army fighting for if the homeland itself no longer wanted victory? For whom the immense sacrifices and privations? The soldier is expected to fight for victory and the homeland goes on strike against it!

It is a tragic state of affairs. However, if former English nations like the USA etc. do not heed the warning in these above words, the same tragedy is going to get enacted over there.

The national army is being made to suffer in warfare in far-flung regions, taking part in belligerences with which the common citizen in USA is not interested. And would very well like to keep a safe distance from.

In fact, each interference that the USA had in other nations, has brought in immigrants who displaced the native citizens of USA in every sphere of activity.

at the very moment when the German divisions were receiving their last instructions for the great attack, the general strike broke out in Germany.

Most of England’s winnings were due to the backstabbing feature encoded in feudal language nations, which try to fight with England. Even when young Robert Clive defeated the Mogul diwan in Calcutta, what really clinched the issue was the equally young Diwan being backstabbed by his own mother and her brother.

They both could not suffer to see themselves in service to this young boy, as his subject.

Even though I do not have the requisite evidence with me, I am more or less sure that Joseph François Dupleix, the French Governor for the French possessions in the Indian peninsula would have had to deal with backstabbing and condescending layers of hierarchy to deal with, that stifled his endeavours to failure. At the same time, Robert Clive positioned in planar English would have found things much more easier.

Even though, when he reached back home the stupid academicians did distress him too much with their nonsensical understandings.


a111 #

At first the front reacted very little. What did we care about universal suffrage? Had we fought four years for that? It was vile banditry to steal the war aim of the dead heroes from their very graves. The young regiments had not gone to their death in Flanders crying: ‘Long dive universal suffrage and the secret ballot,’ but crying: ‘Deutschland uber Alles in der Welt.’

It is sad that Adolf Hitler had to use these words with regard to Germany.

The words are more relevant to the English Empire. For around 150 years, an immensity of Englishmen, and their conjoined fellowmen, the Irish, Scots and the Welsh, and millions of lower classes in the various colonial locations worked, fought and built great institutions.

When they were doing all this, they never had any thoughts of being handed over to crude cunning, feudal language speaking native bosses. And in the very moment, when around 3 million native soldiery from the Indian Subcontinent should have been celebrating a hard-earned victory, what is it that they heard?

That they are being handed over to the native feudal-language speaking cunning individuals, who had never in a thousand years given any liberty to the lower populations in the land. However, what was to be done? Satan or his agent had taken possession of the prime minister-ship in England.

It remains unsaid that the huge financial benefits to be given to the soldiery in the British-Army, which was handed over to the Indian government was never given. I do not know what the condition in Pakistan was. Many of these for British-Indian soldiers in India simply deteriorated into terrible poverty.

why suddenly the slackers should have the right to arrogate to themselves control of the state over the heads of the army

Here, what Adolf Hitler mentions is about the lazybones who sat at home and ultimately became decision makers, in Germany. The question can be asked about the British Labour Party. It came from nowhere and destroyed everything.

this whole gang was not really concerned with the welfare of the nation, but with filling empty pockets

It is terrific to see that the above words can literally be true in the case of all English colonial locations that were handed over to the local small-time politicians. In India, total mediocre individuals took over the reins of administration.

Within fifteen years of their rule, the national bureaucracy went back to its ancient mode. That of corruption, arrogance and ill-treatment.

An immensity of useless licences were brought in. The officials would ask each other as to what licence can be asked to a member of public so that he or she can be send back. Unless he or she paid the expected bribe. Officials appropriated the higher words in the feudal language codes for themselves and assigned the lower words for the members of the public.

the symptoms of disorganisation increased more and more rapidly,
We old soldiers, who had then marched out with the regiment stood in respectful emotion at this shrine of ‘loyalty and obedience to the death.’
Now in a hard defensive battle the regiment was to defend this soil which it had stormed three years earlier.

With three weeks of drumfire the Englishman prepared the great Flanders offensive. The spirits of the dead seemed to quicken; the regiment clawed its way into the filthy mud, bit into the various holes and craters, and neither gave ground nor wavered. As once before in this place, it grew steadily smaller and thinner, until the British attack finally broke loose on July 13, 1917.

This is actually not a solitary German experience. But the experience all over the world. In the last battle that counts, the English broke through and won. Surely, there is a definite reason for that. It is encoded in the pristine-English language, and very evident to those who understand what I am talking about. Others who do not have an inkling of what I am talking about can talk a lot of rubbish.

However, this pristine-ENGLISH seems to have thinned out even in England, where a totally un-understood utter nonsense called Multi-culture is ruling the roost.

Verily these heroes deserved a headstone: ‘Thou Wanderer who comest to Germany, tell those at home that we lie here, true to the fatherland and obedient to duty.’

In feudal language nations, this is a foolish stance. For essentially, everyman is for himself, and himself alone. Every man scrambles for the limited space at the top of the language codes, crushing, pulling and pushing everyone else. No one appreciates another man’s sense of honour, courage, chivalry, honesty, rectitude etc.

This point of view could then be defined between two restrictive limits: preservation of a solvent, national, and independent economy on the one hand, assurance of the social rights of the workers on the other.

Here Adolf Hitler is entering the realms of economics. Even though evidently he does not have any academic qualifications in economics, there is no guarantee that what he say are not correct, or more incorrect than the nonsense that academically qualified economics experts routinely declaim. It is possible that the whole text in academic economic textbooks is mere sterile nonsense.

If fact, if there was some intelligence in this subject, how come the US with all its towering universities has been going from one economic goof to another since World War 2 (massive entry of outsiders)? It might be true that the US is still a strong nation. However that is due to the fact it is an English nation. However, in the economic activity, many of its internal economic foundations are in the hands of the citizens of enemy nations with whom the US had fought in World War 2.

After Y2K, instead of the nation reaching for the stars, massive poverty has entered the nation. Something clearly is wrong in academic insights.

While the touchstone for the stature of a politician may be regarded as the success of his plans and acts-in other words, the degree to which they become reality-the realization of the theoretician’s ultimate purpose can never be realized, since, though human thought can apprehend truths and set up crystal-clear aims, complete fulfilment will fail due to the general imperfection and inadequacy of man.

The more abstractly correct and hence powerful the idea will be, the more impossible remains its complete fulfilment as long as it continues to depend on human beings.

Even though what Adolf Hitler say could be the absolute truth, there is a higher level of understanding to be mentioned. Human beings are connected to each other by language code. Beyond this there are the limitations and urges connected to human biological needs, like food, dress, sexual urges etc.

And then there are the urges of emotions. However, in all these things also the language codes do have a very significant location in deciding how an individual connects to another for appropriation or for giving or for joint action.

Languages which have very easy to connect to corresponding slot and alignments, lead to more social perfection. Languages which do have slots and alignments which have to be forcefully joined together will create more imperfections in social living standards. Adolf Hitler does miss this higher point completely. Yet, his summarisations can be correct at the level he speaks of.

the great mass of politicians will keep far removed from all really weighty plans for the future, in order not to lose the momentary sympathy of the great mob. The success and significance of such a politician lie then exclusively in the present, and do not exist for posterity.

It is true that the common politician cannot be bothered about the future and the posterity that does not have vote in the next election. Maybe one should take into consideration the words of King Magnus in G B Shaw’s Applecart:

MAGNUS [continuing] Naturally I want to avert a conflict in which success would damage me and failure disable me. But you tell me that I can do so only by signing pledges which would make me a mere Lord Chamberlain, without even the despotism which he exercises over the theatre. I should sink below the level of the meanest of my subjects, my sole privilege being that of being shot at when some victim of misgovernment resorts to assassination to avenge himself. How am I to defend myself?

You are many: I oppose you single-handed. There was a time when the king could depend on the support of the aristocracy and the cultivated bourgeoisie. Today there is not a single aristocrat left in politics, not a single member of the professions, not a single leading personage in big business or finance. They are richer than ever, more powerful than ever, more able and better educated than ever.

But not one of them will touch this drudgery of government, this public work that never ends because we cannot finish one job without creating ten fresh ones. We get no thanks for it because ninety-nine hundredths of it is unknown to the people, and the remaining hundredth is resented by them as an invasion of their liberty or an increase in their taxation.

It wears out the strongest man, and even the strongest woman, in five or six years. It slows down to nothing when we are fresh from our holidays and best able to bear it, and rises in an overwhelming wave through some unforeseen catastrophe when we are on the verge of nervous breakdown from overwork and fit for rest and sleep only. And this drudgery, remember, is a sweated trade, the only one now left in this country.

My civil list leaves me a poor man among multi-millionaires. Your salaries can be earned ten times over in the city by anyone with outstanding organizing or administrative ability. History tells us that the first Lord Chancellor who abandoned the woolsack for the city boardroom struck the nation with amazement: today the nation would be equally amazed if a man of his ability thought it worth his while to prefer the woolsack even to the stool of an office boy as a jumping-off place for his ambition.

Our work is no longer even respected. It is looked down on by our men of genius as dirty work. What great actor would exchange his stage? what great barrister his court? what great preacher his pulpit? for the squalor of the political arena in which we have to struggle with foolish factions in parliament and with ignorant voters in the constituencies? The scientists will have nothing to do with us; for the atmosphere of politics is not the atmosphere of science.

Even political science, the science by which civilization must live or die, is busy explaining the past whilst we have to grapple with the present: it leaves the ground before our feet in black darkness whilst it lights up every corner of the landscape behind us. All the talent and genius of the country is bought up by the flood of unearned money. On that poisoned wealth talent and genius live far more luxuriously in the service of the rich than we in the service of our country.

Politics, once the centre of attraction for ability, public spirit, and ambition, has now become the refuge of a few fanciers of public speaking and party intrigue who find all the other avenues to distinction closed to them either by their lack of practical ability, their comparative poverty and lack of education, or, let me hasten to add, their hatred of oppression and injustice, and their contempt for the chicaneries and false pretences of commercialized professionalism.

History tells us of a gentleman-statesman who declared that such people were not fit to govern. Within a year it was discovered that they could govern at least as well as anyone else who could be persuaded to take on the job. Then began that abandonment of politics by the old governing class which has ended in all Cabinets, conservative no less than progressive, being what were called in the days of that rash statesman Labour Cabinets.

Do not misunderstand me: I do not want the old governing class back. It governed so selfishly that the people would have perished if democracy had not swept it out of politics. But evil as it was in many ways, at least it stood above the tyranny of popular ignorance and popular poverty.

Today only the king stands above that tyranny. You are dangerously subject to it. In spite of my urgings and remonstrance you have not yet dared to take command of our schools and put a stop to the inculcation upon your unfortunate children of superstitions and prejudices that stand like stone walls across every forward path.

Are you well advised in trying to reduce me to your own slavery to them? If I do not stand above them there is no longer any reason for my existence at all. I stand for the future and the past, for the posterity that has no vote and the tradition that never had any.

I stand for the great abstractions: for conscience and virtue; for the eternal against the expedient; for the evolutionary appetite against the day’s gluttony; for intellectual integrity, for humanity, for the rescue of industry from commercialism and of science from professionalism, for everything that you desire as sincerely as I, but which in you is held in leash by the Press, which can organise against you the ignorance and superstition, the timidity and credulity, the gullibility and prudery, the hating and hunting instinct of the voting mob, and cast you down from power if you utter a word to alarm or displease the adventurers who have the Press in their pockets.

Between you and that tyranny stands the throne. I have no elections to fear; and if any newspaper magnate dares offend me, that magnate’s fashionable wife and marriageable daughters will soon make him understand that the King’s displeasure is still a sentence of social death within range of St James’s Palace.

Think of the things you dare not do! the persons you dare not offend! Well, a king with a little courage may tackle them for you. Responsibilities which would break your backs may still be borne on a king’s shoulders. But he must be a king, not a puppet.

You would be responsible for a puppet: remember that. But whilst you continue to support me as a separate and independent estate of the realm, I am your scapegoat: you get the credit of all our popular legislation whilst you put the odium of all our resistance to ignorant popular clamour on me.

I ask you, before you play your last card and destroy me, to consider where you will be without me. Think once: think twice: for your danger is, not that I may defeat you, but that your success is certain if you insist.

ADDENDUM: My current understanding is that the monarchy that rules English is a Continental European beachhead right inside England. Utterly useless and an infection.
However, it must be mentioned that all these great words in English do not have corresponding locations in feudal languages. Where people are arranged in a very weird manner in a 3-dimensional virtual location.

For the greater a man’s works for the future, the less the present can comprehend them; the harder his fight, and the rarer success. If, however, once in centuries success does come to a man, perhaps in his latter days a faint beam of his coming glory may shine upon him. To be sure, these great men are only the Marathon runners of history; the laurel wreath of the present touches only the brow of the dying hero.

Among them must be counted the great warriors in this world who, though not understood by the present, are nevertheless prepared to carry the fight for their ideas and ideals to their end. They are the men who someday will be closest to the heart of the people;

True it might be that there are solitary individuals who work for on a long-term basis. However, what is missed in this understanding is the colossal work of the English colonialists in the far-flung nations.

Living in solitary locations, working for the uplift of the oppressed classes, with nothing great in the ambiences, creating fabulous administrative systems, writing details procedures, creating things that are absolutely new (like the postal system in British-India), building roads, bridges, dams, drinking water supply systems, building up waterways to water the agricultural farms, setting up schools, setting up law and order machinery that applies to all including themselves, building the huge structure of the present-day Indian Railways, the police, the army etc.

It goes without saying that an insipid James Bond designed by Italian, Japanese and Hollywood is a very far cry from the original English colonialists.

politicians will keep far removed from all really weighty plans for the future, in order not to lose the momentary sympathy of the great mob.

True! Yet, in the regions of the Indian subcontinent under the rule of English colonalism, everything was done with perfect farsightedness. But then, they did not have to care about politicians. Nor were they corrupt and bribe-seeking.


a121 #

Therefore, his life is torn by love and hate. The protest of the present which does not understand the man, struggles with the recognition of posterity-for which he works

Adolf Hitler speaks of the theoretician and the practical politician, appearing in the same person. However, it is a monumental struggle to clear up the nation of its feudal languages.

Among them must be counted the great warriors in this world who, though not understood by the present, are nevertheless prepared to carry the fight for their ideas and ideals to their end. They are the men who someday will be closest to the heart of the people;

I am sure that in days to come many people in the world would come out openly expressing their support for the bygone English colonialism, pure and true English. Not the nonsense that has taken over England.

What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfilment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe.

The above statement when made by Adolf Hitler, does have a slight aura of some extreme racist claims. However, there is nothing wrong in it. Yet, this is a best if England had thought about it. It would have been a great situation if England had remained pure, if not fully in blood, at least in its language and the culture promoted by the language English. With no compromise given.

In fact, any man or institution or nation that took part in the desecration of pristine-ENGLISH should have been shown the way out.

In which case, the current-day USA is one of the greatest desecrators of English. In fact, its action of creating a very erroneous English has given legitimacy to the similar desecrations all over the world. I member one Indian minister justifying erroneous English as saying that ‘This is Indian English. Just like there is the American English, this is Indian English’.

The so called ‘intelligentsia’ always looks down with a really limitless condescension on anyone who has not been dragged through the obligatory schools and had the necessary knowledge pumped into him.

Adolf Hitler is right on target about the utter uselessness of modern formal education. Simply wasting some to 15 to 20 years on some nonsense called certificates, diplomas, degrees etc. To feed teachers who don’t know much beyond the insipid items in their textbooks. However, I need to qualify this statement by saying that the education of England if given to the students in the low-class nations like those in South America, certain Continental European nations, Asia, Africa etc. including China, India, Pakistan etc. can be quite beneficial. This is due to the tremendous social communication changes a pristine-English education can bring in.

However, from a universal outlook, connecting formal education to anything including information, jobs, skills, right to government job, right to management jobs, right to technical jobs etc. is utter nonsense. However connecting pristine-ENGLISH to senior management jobs can be good.

For, it can elevate the individuality of everyone in the various layers of the management and labour structure. Actually, mere profundity in pristine-English antiquity should be the minimum qualification that can be denoted as educated. Technical education is not education. Formal technical education cannot compete with the real life experience in technical skills of uneducated technicians.

For instance, I have seen totally uneducated carpenter envisaging and constructing huge building structures in wood. In fact, most people who have studied computer software work privately can outdo and overtake most formally qualified computer engineers. That is my experience.

Interested readers can read my own book: Compulsory Formal Education: A travesty. [This book is not about education per se, but about things that are outside the parameters of formal education].

The gist of the idea could be that formal education should be pulled out of the hands of current-day academicians. It should be handed over to the hands of extremely pro-English individuals. Technical education should be only for technical work. And not for management. Management qualification should be a very deep reading knowledge in classical English literature (not Shakespeare), English colonial history etc.

Such nations will metamorphosis into Englands. There will be no need to run-off to England as legal and illegal immigrants.

I remember reading first-hand reports of Germans trying to immigrate to the US, right when the World War 1 was in full swing. They were not Jews. They were learning English, when their nation was fighting with England. (Read: Germany In War Time: What An American Girl Saw And Heard By Mary Ethel Mcauley)

There are more secrets inside the pristine-ENGLISH codes than what the world knows of now. People who have seen inside of both feudal languages as well as pristine-ENGLISH know this.

Some admit it openly. Others fear that their own fellow-natives will also get to learn English and in a mood of selfish envy, mention bad cautionary words about English: Do not study English. It is a foreign language.

THE EXTENT of the fall of a body is always measured by the distance between its momentary position and the one it originally occupied. The same is true of nations and states.

This is slightly similar to an observation that I had made in my own book: SHROUDED SATANISM IN feudal languages. I had discussed it to illustrate the location of various nations and cities. For instance, Bangalore in India is in location towards England or America.

However, England has shifted from its former historical location to a direction nearer to India, Pakistan, and other low-class nations. In the inner codes, Bangalore will be seen to be glued to positive values that show the direction of shift. As to England, in the virtual location, negative values would be seen superimposing on its direction-of-shift codes.

The cure of a sickness can only be achieved if its cause is known, and the same is true of curing political evils

This observation of Adolf Hitler is of quite profundity. However it is doubtful if he has envisaged what is the real negativity that infects his nation. It would be in the codes in the native languages there. If it is feudal, this fact would be reflected in the Lick the upper man, Kick the lower man conceptualisation of social behaviour.

However, the intensity of this issue will depend on the exact codes in each individual language. For instance, in one south Indian language, the word ‘She’/’Her’ comes in two different forms.

One of extreme ‘respect’ and the other of ‘total degradation’. This code variation is very much reflected in the behaviour of the local females. A simpleton like women, who is quite coy and meek, suddenly turning into a most daring, outgoing and even ferocious person, the moment she become a ‘somebody’ like a teacher or gets some persons to boss over.

At the same time, in a language in a neighbouring location, for the word ‘She’/‘Her’, there is a lot of words of varying social ‘respect’ and ‘degradation’. Women do not suddenly move from one extreme to another very fast in the ‘respect’ / ‘degradation’ code. They move slowly from one to another. The rapid change of personality seen in the former language is not visible here.

regard the German collapse as primarily an ‘economic catastrophe,’ which can therefore be cured by economic means, is one of the reasons why a recovery has hitherto been impossible. Only when it is understood that here, too, economics is only of second or third-rate importance, and the primary role falls to factors of politics, ethics, morality, and blood,

It is quite curious that Adolf Hitler missed the total container of all errors that he lists out. This total container is language. If there are errors in it, it would spoil everything.


German victories, won for four years against a whole world, must regardless of all heroic courage and ‘organisation,’ be attributed solely to superior leadership,

Victories by feudal language systems are basically the efficient arrangement of the various layers of hierarchy in a most immovable manner. For instance, the Indian army’s hierarchy is kept in a most rigid manner by the each layer of soldiery kept in position by means of the Thoo-Aap connections.

English is allowed only among the officer class. This English in the officer class gives more leeway for intelligent communication amongst the officers. However, just below them are the varying layer of soldiery kept in a most shackled manner. To induce English into this layer would be most unintelligent. For, English would bring disarray into a tightly held hierarchy discipline.

Yet this type of discipline has a negative side. If the officer class and the nation seems to be withering away, discipline will be lost, and nothing will be there to replace it. For the soldiery are kept as unintelligent slaves, and they are not expected to act intelligently. If they do act intelligently, it would only send shockwaves across the command structure.

The organisation and leadership of the German army were the mightiest that the earth had ever seen

I can’t say anything about this claim. However when taken in numerical terms, there were mighty ‘empires’ in the northern parts of the Indian peninsula, and also in ancient China. However, these wouldn’t be professional armies. At best, a huge grouping of armed people with no specific ideas of military parading, marching etc.

And there is this information also to be mentioned. As Adolf Hitler himself admits, England’s lack of military power does not mean anything. In times of need, England could very easily raise an army from its common people. There is a very visible code-arrangement inside pristine-ENGLISH that allows this. Or makes it possible.

Yes, in the case of the German victories, superior leadership is the reason. However, in the case of the English victories, it cannot be superior leadership. For, in all contests, the superior leadership was not on the English side. Even in the Battle of Britain days, Adolf Hitler was a much superior leader compared to Winston Churchill.

Yet, England prevailed. Not due to Churchill. But due to Englishmen, and English women. A single German can be a hundred times better than a single Englishman. Yet, a group of hundred Germans would be inferior to a group of ten Englishmen. That is where the language codes interfere with group efficiency, intelligence and activities.

A single Adolf Hitler would be much more intelligent and capable than a single Winston Churchill. Yet, a Adolf Hitler with a group of thousand untrained Germans would be weaker than a Winston Churchill with a group of a hundred untrained Englishmen.

It is only the greatest outward symptom of decay amid a whole series of inner symptoms

Hitler reaches this much in understanding the negative points of his nation’s inner codes. Yet, he couldn’t go beyond and touch the real codes.


a131 #

And it was not the enemy that did this-no,

Yet, Hitler again comes very near to the codes of mutual backstabbing encoded in feudal languages. Yet, again he misses the real codes.

a British officer, Colonel Repington, to make the contemptuous statement: ‘Of the Germans, every third man is a traitor.’

When I come upon the above quote made by Adolf Hitler, I simply cannot believe that he has mentioned in so clear a terms of the presence of mutual back stabbing among Germans.

However, in recent years as England itself is losing its native-antiquity with the swarming in of rank outsiders, there is real danger that England would also be equally infected. In fact, there is nothing that can be identified as pure English anymore. Even the national football team is not even British. It is a mix and a mess. And who are the current-day British leaders trying to fool?

They are holding up an ugly masquerade, and claiming it to be British/English.

No, this military collapse was itself only the consequence of a large number of symptoms of disease and their causes, which even in peacetime were with the German nation.

Yes, it is true that military victories are only a most monumental visibility of a nation’s internal errors. In fact, if both the fighting nations have the same language errors, it wouldn’t be a significant factor in winning or losing the battle or war. However, when a feudal language nation attacks a pristine-English nation, this can be a significant issue. Feudal language nations, which have unadulterated and powerful feudal arrangements, can be quite powerful.

However, errors can creep into them also, if the singularly enfeebled lower soldiery comes across the English soldiery. It can lead to them becoming a bit shaky in their mood for total obedience.

In this they proceeded on the sound principle that the magnitude of a lie always contains a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people in the very bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than consciously and purposely evil, and that, therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds they more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big.

…. something of even the most insolent lie will always remain and stick

Actually truths and lies are mere tools of attack and attachment. For instance, into a group of people who revere a great man, something bad about him is induced, the great man might lose his command over them. At the same time, into a group of people who are wavering about whether to accept another individual as a great leader, some very good stories and inputs are added, the group attaches to the man, who they understand is a great man.

To break a group, one need to search for bad stories and information about its leader, which his followers would find quite unbearable to stomach.

In fact there was this issue of Gandhi. When scandalous stories came out about certain activities in his ashram, his detractors published the titbits in the newspapers. Even cartoons came out. However, people who were office bearers of his organisation simply ignored these insinuations. The ultimate question in these kinds of attack is to understand them for what they are.

They are offensive weapons of attack. And are as dangerous as a gun fire. To accept them would be equivalent to allowing the enemy to attack.

The other side of this issue was that not all of his detractors would be saints in this regard.

the great masters of the lie

The above quote was used by Adolf Hitler to define the Jews. However, to understand Jews, there should be an attempt to understand their native or traditional language codes. This might give a hint on why they wish to remain distant from other populations. For instance, if the native language codes of South Africa were to be studied, it might give a huge discernment on why the Anglo-Dutch whites wished to keep them at a safe distance.

This keeping at a safe-distance is directly connected to certain specific locations in feudal languages. In fact, if one were to read sociological book on the Indian peninsular region written during the 18th and 19th century, one would be able to see the various distances socially enforced between the various castes. Specific distances for each castes were mentioned.

Even though all this might seem quite ridiculous, the fact is that in India, even now people do keep a distance from others of un-acknowledgeable social status. In fact, in modern India there is no need for a lower-positioned person to touch a higher-positioned person to pollute him.

All he or she has to do is to simply call or address or refer to the higher-positioned person by mere name or with a Mr. or Mrs. prefixed. The higher-positioned person would go homicidal or suicidal. However, people keep a safe distance. And the lower-positioned person also knows the social equations as encoded in the vernacular languages.

In English, there is no way to keep a distance. And with the native-English people, their innate habit is to create statutory rules and write laws etc. which ultimately lead to their being mentioned as horrible creatures. However the real fact is that in feudal language nations, there is no need to write any specific law or statute. The words codes will automatically enforce the apartheid, the distance and the repulsions.

It was no accident that man mastered the plague more easily than tuberculosis. The one comes in terrible waves of death that shake humanity to the foundations, the other slowly and stealthily; the one leads to terrible fear, the other to gradual indifference. The consequence is that man opposed the one with all the ruthlessness of his energy, while he tries to control consumption with feeble means. Thus he mastered the plague, while tuberculosis masters him.................

........This will be all the more difficult, the longer the toxins remain in the national body and the more they become an ingredient of it which is taken for granted. For it is easily possible that after a certain time unquestionably harmful poisons will be regarded as an ingredient of one’s own nation or at best will be tolerated as a necessary evil......

I think this a very apt illustration of what is going on in native-ENGLISH nations. When Islamic terrorists come and attack, the terror is immediate and of quite resounding proportions. It is like the terror that plague can cause. Yet, at the same time, the slow infection that enters into the nation’s soul through the entry of extra-national feudal language speakers is not felt.
For, it is slow poisoning of the nation's vitals. In so much that as an eerie mood of inequality slowly spreads through native-English nations, no one can understand the change that is sweep through. For everyone is infected by this from childhood.

Only a native-English person who comes from some other pristine native-English location can feel the terrible change that has set into the native-English nation. I am totally sure that England has metamorphosed to something horrible over the years, when compared to its pristine identity.

In fact, I do fear that many of the forebodings that I had first wrote of in around 2004 have come true. It is a terrible thought. None that elates. READ this book

Now the abrupt alternation between rich and poor became really apparent. Abundance and poverty lived so close together that the saddest consequences could and inevitably did arise. Poverty and frequent unemployment began to play havoc with people, leaving behind them a memory of discontent and embitterment. The consequence of this seemed to be political class division. Despite all the economic prosperity, dissatisfaction became greater and deeper; in fact, things came to such a pass that the conviction that ‘it can’t go on like this much longer’ became general, yet without people having or being able to have any definite idea of what ought to have been done. became the god whom all had to serve and to whom each man had to bow down

I literally do not know what Adolf Hitler is doing with this kind of writing as seen in the above lines. It is actually part of my own predictions on what would come upon England as the nation becomes filled with feudal language speakers.

I do not say that this is what would happen in England if Islamic terrorists take over the place. No, my foreboding is connected to feudal language speaking displacing the native-English folks.

However, Adolf Hitler is speaking of Germany, and from a slightly different location. See these lines:

secure her daily bread by means of ‘peaceful economic labour’ would have to be defended by the sword
the domination of money was sanctioned even by that authority which should have most opposed it

However, here Adolf Halter is mixing up the issue with the presence of Jews. However Jews are not an a visible entity in many parts of the world, even though I do have a feeling that it is Israel’s handiwork that destroyed the independent Tamil nation in North Ceylon. I do not have any evidence about this. But a singular gut feeling persists.

the nobility lost the racial basis for its existence

The above lines are also for me to use about the Nobility of England. What is the logic for their continued existence, when they simply stood insanely mute when their nations was being swarmed and slowly turned into some other grotesque form by outsiders who are feudal language speakers?

the opinion that economic effort as such was alone in a position to re-establish Germany

I should partially agree with Adolf Hitler that economic effort does not actually establish a quality social set up. A quality social set up can be set up only by quality people running the economy.

By the words ‘quality people’, I mean people who are at home in pristine-ENGLISH. People who when they are on top of their economic and financial acumen wouldn’t use their position to degrade others by use of pejorative feudal codes. Any feudal language nation with fabulous financial acumen would only be able to dress up their citizens with good dress, if at all.

However, beyond that the social system would stink. With lower classes or employee classes made dumb and mute, and belittled by means of pejorative word codes.

German education before the War was afflicted with an extraordinary number of weaknesses. It was extremely one-sided and adapted to breeding pure ‘knowledge,’ with less attention to ‘ability.’

Even less emphasis was laid on the development of the character of the individual-in so far as this is possible; exceedingly little on the sense of joy in responsibility, and none at all on the training of will and force of decision.

Its results, you may be sure, were not strong men, but compliant ‘walking encyclopaedias,’ as we Germans were generally looked upon and accordingly estimated before the War.

Similar words by Adolf Hitler do erase all of his great eulogising of the Aryans in Germany. However, his decrying of modern education is not effective enough. In fact, it does not even create ‘walking encyclopaedias’. In fact, it creates nothing more than people who have wasted a lot of time in useless classrooms studying useless items, or items which can be learned if and when the necessity came for them.

In fact, there are hundreds of better things to study and experience. However not everyone get to waste their time in colleges. For many jobs are reserved for the ‘higher educated’, in a manner similar to government jobs being reserved for higher castes in old kingdoms of the Indian subcontinent.


a141 #

If the value of this institution (Monarchy) lay in the momentary person of the monarch, it would be the worst institution that can be imagined; for monarchs only in the rarest cases are the cream of wisdom and reason or even of character, as some people like to claim.

Here Adolf Hitler has mentioned the greatness or its opposite of certain antique institutions. Good monarchies are not the product of any good king of queen. The goodness is in the system of the national monarchy.

The goodness of the English monarchy actually does not rest in English king or queen. It is actually connected to the quality of the English people. When they become feudal language speakers, their kings and queens will also change into kings and queens of feudal language nations.

regard every journalist as a rascal on principle, who tells the truth only once in a blue moon………
........when wisdom is nothing and the majority is everything

Are journalists honest and courageous? Well, the truth is that they are just another kind of employees. Newspaper readers need not think that they are of better calibre or rectitude than the ordinary man in the street. If the average citizen is cowardly or average, then the same goes for the average journalist.

state must not forget that all means must serve an end; it must not let itself be confused by the drivel about so-called ‘freedom of the press’ and let itself be talked into neglecting its duty

States have a duty. What that is has to be first mentioned and understood very clearly. For instance, there are statutes in the Constitution of India that states that all citizens are equal before law, that all citizens have right to dignity, and social titles are abolished etc.

However, no one knows what all this means, when actually in feudal languages of the nation everything is true in the negation of these statutes.

Was it not the German press which knew how to make the absurdity of ‘Western democracy’ palatable to our people until finally, ensnared by all the enthusiastic tirades, they thought they could entrust their future to a League of Nations?

If the Germans did make a mistake in trusting themselves in a League of Nations, the English nations were more foolish to create a United Nations, and to give a platform for the leaders of the all the nations in the world.

Most of these nations are quite terrible to their own citizens, and their leadership has no idea as to how to bring in quality social systems. To give such persons a platform which they can use powerfully in their own nations, was a foolish thing. And then to allow them to dictate terms was another nonsense. However, those English nations which did all this nonsense have vanished in oblivion. What remains are multicultural monster English nations. It is quite a different item altogether.

The first prerequisite for even the moral right to combat these things is the facilitation of earlier marriage for the coming generation

Prostitution is a disgrace to humanity, but it cannot be eliminated by moral lectures, pious intentions,

For this reason alone early marriage is sound, for it-gives the young marriage that strength from which alone a healthy and resistant offspring can arise.

These are mentions by Adolf Hitler about improving the moral standards of the nation.

In our educational system it has been utterly forgotten that in the long run a healthy mind can dwell only in a healthy body.

Not infrequently the first reason for personal cowardice lies in physical weaknesses

The above two remarks by Adolf Hitler are about education.

The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring is a demand of the clearest reason and if systematically executed represents the most humane act of mankind

This is a very powerful suggestion by Adolf Hitler to improving the genetic health of future generations. Well, he is dead and no one is really bothered about others’ health.

if any new idea, a doctrine, a new philosophy, or even a political or economic movement tries to deny the entire past, tries to make it bad or worthless, for this reason alone we must be extremely cautious and suspicious. As a rule the reason for such hatred is either its own inferiority or even an evil intention as such.

There is a terrible truth in the above words. I have noticed in India, people simply mention glorious antiquities of the land some 7000 years back. They simply ignore the antiquity of their land just 50 or hundred or two hundred or five hundred years back.

Every man who is not a Christian or a Muslims simply has attached himself or herself to the Hindu religion, even though it is crystal clear that only very few people from the highest castes are actually from that heritage. The other castes have their own gods, spiritual phenomena etc. which currently they try to attach to Hindu gods.

Then there were the terribly low-castes of Travancore who had converted into Christians. They, after encroaching the forest lands of Malabar, are reasonably super-rich or rich. However, they do not like anyone mentioning their own antiquity. They themselves do not like to be mentioned as the descendants of lower castes.

To some extent, this repulsion to their own antiquity is due to the fact that the same caste people who had not converted into Christianity have remained on the floor bottom of the Hindu caste system, even though the lower castes are not Hindus as such. The converts who could encroach and occupy the forest lands are rich. Those who did not do this are quite poor and socially weak.

In the nineteenth century, our cities began more and more to lose the character of cultural sites and to descend to the level of mere human settlements

In India people, from interiors, the moment they feel that the feudal language strictures are too much, people rush off to towns and cities, where the general atmosphere of anonymity helps them. For, in cities and town, moving around on the road is just like moving in a village fair.

The freedom that rushing crowds give is something not see-able in native-English nations. In fact, the atmosphere on the streets is most joyous, due to the fact it is like that of the screeching birds, that have escaped from their cages.

While both denominations maintain missions in Asia and Africa in order to win new followers for their doctrine-an activity which can boast but very modest success compared to the advance of the Mohammedan faith in particular right here in Europe, they lose millions and millions of inward adherents who either are alien to all religious life or simply go their own ways.

There is another danger in all attempts to bring in others of a different kind into any religion in modern times. Every system’s maintenance of quality is under the threat of democracy. It goes without saying that in days to come, all quality institutions will shift to the dominance of populations that breed in a terrific speed. In India, all Muslims did accept that they should have a minimum of three children.

Hindu brahimin and other castes were not under such a compulsion, even though many of them did have more than two children. Now, the Christian groups have also woken up to the need for population strength within their own leadership. For, numerical superiority is the key to political leadership, which in turn is the key to getting access to national resources for themselves.

The Christian priests have reportedly conveyed the message to all members in their congregations that all couples should have a minimum of three children.

Going into Africa and Asia and converting the local people there was indeed a very stupid action on the part of the English evangelists. I cannot say anything about Continental European Missionaries. But as to English Missionaries, it was a thankless job. Moreover, they never sought the concurrence and permission of their fellow countrymen before embarking on disseminating the native technical and entrepreneurial skills and education to populations who will immediately spring up to compete.

In those far-flung times, there was no Internet, Mobile Phones, Aircrafts or modern ships. But then what these Missionaries did can be equivalent to what people like Bill Gates etc. did. Giving national technical skills to outsiders. Leading to their own national industries going down, and local people losing jobs.

If indeed such an activity has to be done, it should have been done under England’s national advisory board’s concurrence and study. As to give what to which group of people and what is to be expected in return. Actually, there was no problem, for the English Empire was there to connect everyone under England. But the foolhardy Clement Atlee and co. had no great intelligence and information on what was to done with the huge power that came into his hands.

However, if it is a nation like China, it would be quite difficult to get even one single piece of technical knowledge out. Unless and until it is ratified by the national government. This is not a new issue. Even centuries back, they did not allow anyone to take out their Silk industry secrets. In India, no one will share his or her own technical information. Actually everyone with such information would literally take the information seeker on a wild goose chase.


a151 #

the value of a religion must be estimated less by its deficiencies than by the virtue of a visibly better substitute

In most social systems, religion acts as a regimenting tool. Religion is not a spiritual entity beyond a certain limit. It is literally like an army with its own hierarchies. Only in English would this system not work much. For instance, in any English nation, an ordinary citizen doesn’t want a political or social leader to accompany him to the police station.

Nor would he or she require a recommendation from a political leader to get an official paper from a government office at the appropriate time.

However, in feudal language nations, some such appendage is required for many things for the citizen. One is the local parish priest, in the case of Christians. Politicians understand the value of getting along with social/religious regimentation. If they go against it, people will be prohibited from supporting him or her, by their regimenting religious leadership.

....millions of Germans were driven to face the enemy half-trained and badly trained.....

The tendency to build all ships a little smaller than the English ships which were being launched at the same time was hardly farsighted, much less brilliant
It is the superior fighting power which matters and not any legendary superiority in ‘quality.

They declared, for instance, that the material of the German guns was so obviously superior to the British that the German 28-centimeter gun was not behind the British 30.5centimeter gun in performance!!

The above four quotes are slightly out-of-step from Adolf Hitler’s previous assessment of England’s power.

Look at the first one. Half-trained and badly trained German soldiers being sent to fight. The fact is that the same was also the case with England in most of her battles. Not only during the German blitz, but also in the past centuries, in the colonial areas, the English side soldiers were not even proper soldiers.

Even Robert Clive was just a clerk in a trading post. So again, it was not military training that inevitably propelled England to sure victory. Nor was this the reason that Germany and others who fought against England inevitably lost. The exact reasons were not in the munitions or in the battle field, but in the codes in the language.
Ships big or small, airships fast or slow, English people bore the brunt, without being splintered by mutual jealously, envy, backstabbing and terrors connected to pejorative/ennobling indicants. That was all.

If in the battle of Skagerrak the German ships had had the tonnage, the armament, the same speed as the English ships, the British navy would have found a watery grave

In the hundreds of battle engagements in the Indian subcontinent, in all of which the English side had consistently won, I have seen plenty of similar claims. That this was not there, that was not there, this should have been done, he shouldn’t give that order, there was a better alternative etc. which would have defeated the English side. Yet, the singular reason why the English side won was due to their native language English, pristine, planar and plateau-coded.

For compared to these traitors to the nation, every pimp is a man of honour.

It may shock the reader the above words are about Germans, whom Adolf Hitler mentions as Aryans.

THERE are some truths which are so obvious that for this very reason they are not seen or at least not recognized by ordinary people. They sometimes pass by such truisms as though blind and are most astonished when someone suddenly discovers what everyone really ought to know.

I would have been quite happy to know that Adolf Hitler seems to mention my own contentions about the powers in the codes in languages. It is something anyone can or should know. But alas, Adolf Hitler is speaking about his own racial segregation or Aryan or German superiority ideas.

The stronger must dominate and not blend with the weaker, thus sacrificing his own greatness.

Yes, this could be a very correct conceptualisation. I have experimented with this idea, and seen that it is correct. However, I do not see any superiority in any race or skin colour or in Aryan or Anglo-Saxon. In fact, if the Anglo-Saxon is taught any of the feudal languages of the Indian peninsula and brought up in it pejorative part, he or she will not show any bit of racial or physical or mental superiority. It will be inferiority encoded everywhere.


Check the story of James Scurry, the Englishman who was enslaved by Sultan Tipu, king of a small kingdom in the southern part of the Indian peninsula. He was made to learn the local vernacular and addressed and referred to in the pejorative part of the language. He literally metamorphosed into a native servant boy with very little English looks or demeanour.

Readers are also requested to read my own book: Shrouded Satanism in Feudal Languages.

For, since the inferior always predominates numerically over the best, if both had the same possibility of preserving life and propagating, the inferior would multiply so much more rapidly

It is a truth that quality is required only in small quantity. However, in modern days when democracy as well as access to everyone into the interiors of all English nations has become the norm, there is no way to stop quantity from conquering quality, and beating it into pulp in a mood of greenish envy.

However, looking at the storming of Continental Europe and in a few years to come of all English nations, by populations who, instead of using munitions, use subtle means of appealing to the sympathy and naivety of the people, it does seem that Adolf Hitler was quite correct.

However speaking of naivety and gullibility, it is an art used in hunting and fishing to delude the prey by means of something alluring. It does seem that Continental Europe, Australia, Canada, USA and even England are falling prey to this premeditated technique of overpowering a powerful antagonist or prey.

The useless preoccupations that all the preyed upon nations are having with elections and such rot, are going to be downfall of all these nations. Elections are literally the case of fiddling when Rome is burning. Or worse, joining up for an infighting when the enemy is at the door.

every mingling of Aryan blood with that of lower peoples the result was the end of the cultured people. North America, whose population consists in by far the largest part of Germanic elements who mixed but little with the lower coloured peoples, shows a different humanity and culture from Central and South America, where the predominantly Latin immigrants often mixed with the aborigines on a large scale.

This is the exact point where Adolf Hitler’s lack of understanding of the language codes is visible in its full glory. I have heard people say that the US is great because it is build by immigrants. This nonsense is for the birds, literally. Immigrants, among whom such nationalities like the English or to a slightly lesser extend the Dutch are not present, cannot create any great social or national set-up at all.

People have told me variously that it is the Spanish, the Italians, the Japs, the Mexicans, the Chinese, the Indians (Indian peninsula location), who have created the great nation of United States of America. The fact is that if all these aforementioned peoples are put together in one location, with no English among them, but some other language like Mandarin, or Spanish or Japanese or Italian or Hindi or Tamil etc. is the common language, instead of creating a great nation or society, they would set up something worse than South America.

The peoples who have stood to bring in quality degradation to this English nation, includes Continental European, Negros, Asians, South American etc. The native Red Indians who stood by the English rule there must have improved on the lines set-up by the British Government. However, with the swarming in crowds from everywhere, they would have lost their stand, as the British government also lost its footing there.

To know that a pristine-ENGLISH ambience would improve anyone, one need not go to the US. It can be experienced from anywhere. Adolf Hitler’s claim that it is the Germanic blood in the USA that created a great culture there is utter nonsense.

In fact, this very book Mein Kampf itself doesn’t give even an iota of hint there was any quality culture in Germany. Almost everything mentioned about the reality of the German standards is mentioned as low quality, degrading, mutual stabbing in the back etc. How then can these same elements go to another nation and display higher qualities which are not innate to them? It goes without saying that everyone would improve in a pristine-ENGLISH ambience. For the languages codes are planar and plateau-coded.

The Germanic inhabitant of the American continent, who has remained racially pure and unmixed,

The above sentence also has to be imbibed with a pinch of salt.

Jewish in its effrontery as it is stupid! ‘Man’s role is to overcome Nature!’

end up by really imagining that they themselves represent a kind of conqueror of Nature;

The above two sentences, though they have an anti-Jew aura, are more of a wider truth. Man has no role in overcoming Nature. All he has been able to do is what Adolf Hitler mentions in the words given below:


a161 #

man has never yet conquered Nature in anything, but at most has caught hold of and tried to lift one or another corner of her immense gigantic veil of eternal riddles and secrets, that in reality he invents nothing but only discovers everything, that he does not dominate Nature, but has only risen on the basis of his knowledge of various laws and secrets of Nature to be lord over those other living creatures who lack this knowledge

The above words are quite to the focus on what Man and other living beings have been endeavouring to do. In years to come, man would quite surely stumble upon the codes that design reality. Even then his information would be no-where near to what lies behind these codes. Yet, there is ultimately a truth, which might or might not be revealed or unravelled!

Codes of Reality! What is language?

if we were serious, whether we liked it or not, we would have to wage wars in order to arrive at pacifism.

The above sentence might not be exactly correct, or might be correct with some more assertions. In the Indian subcontinent, the English East India Company rule consolidated a portion of the landscape under its own rule.

Within a few years most of the small kingdoms accepted the suzerainty of the English rule, giving up their own national armies.

What made them trust the English rules was the feeling that the Englishmen were never dishonest and that they would honour their word. It was a new experience in the Subcontinent. See these words from Travancore State Manual, written by a native official of the Travancore Kingdom, V. Nagam Iyya:

QUOTE: “It is the power of the British sword,” as has been well observed, “which secures to the people of India the great blessings of peace and order which were unknown through many weary centuries of turmoil, bloodshed and pillage before the advent of the Briton in India”. END OF QUOTE.

Actually it has been mentioned that till the advent of the English supremacy, no king had mental peace. For, all kings and kingdoms all around would be incessantly planning to attack. For, the whole communication codes in the local languages were based on who is higher, bigger and mightier, and who is lower, smaller and weaker. Display and assertion of might was an omnipresent requisite in the language codes.

These are things that native-Englishmen do not have any knowledge about.

the pacifistic-humane idea is perfectly all right perhaps when the highest type of man has previously conquered and subjected the world to an extent that makes him the sole ruler of this earth

Ultimately Adolf Hitler does admit that once the highest type of man has command all over the world, there would be everlasting peace. Well, that was the experience that was dawning in the Indian subcontinent when a portion of it came under the English rule.

The only problem was that till the end of the English colonialisms, around half of the landscape still was under the rule of the native kings and queens, who did not really have English qualities or egalitarian ideas. That was the locations wherein the essential quality of the English rule lay breached.

It is sure that Adolf Hitler, in spite of showering so much admiration and praise on England, never could imagine that this might be the very entity that was the ‘highest type of man’, who should rule to enforce world peace. Yet, it was nothing to do with race, skin colour, talents, skills or mental acumen. It was all just a matter of the communication codes therein.

Even though one may think that I am speaking some nonsense, it is just a feeling that comes from being untutored in my ideas.

I do remember one incident in my life in a busy, yet small-time township in a south Indian village. The place was quite rich by Indian standards. But the streets were unkempt, and unclean. The shopkeeper kept the insides of their shops, where they had command, clean and tidy. However, just outside their shops, where they had no command on the various other shopkeepers and their employees, the place was littered.

There was one small supermarket owner who incessantly made a lot of efforts at organising the shopkeepers to set up litterbins and to educate the people on keeping the street litter-free. However, nothing moved beyond the occasional meetings.

Once he arranged for me to take an English class for the shopkeepers near his own establishment. It was a mutually connected bio system, with the supermarket owner being a sort of higher ‘respected’ personage to all the smaller shopkeepers around. I started the English class by first laying the communication codes. I strived to first remove all the feudal hierarchies in the communication system.

I was to be addressed with Mr. prefixed to my name. The small shop owners were asked to address the supermarket owner also with a Mr. prefixed to his name.

It was a most uncomfortable situation. It was literally like compressing a pyramid into a plain. It was not possible. In their intimate conversations, they mentioned that it is impossible to address their revered personage in words devoid of ‘reverence’.

Now, this is the point. In English there are specific words for addressing the Monarch, nobility, the Judges etc. However, this issue doesn’t come to interfere in a communication between or among ordinary people. Moreover, a King as Your Majesty doesn’t make the King address or refer to the common man with a pejorative word, depending on his station.

Even though, this is seen as a very small item, the fact is that inside feudal languages, each and every verbal degradation, self-deprecation and forced ennobling of some persons, etc. are part of every conversation. So, these things get practised millions and billions of times every day.

In pristine-ENGLISH these millions and billions of common communication errors are not there. Now, can the reader understand why pristine-ENGLAND and pristine-ENGLISH are different and superior? Pristine-ENGLISH is superior, because it is quite common.

Feudal languages are inferior because it is filled with certain Superior-versus-degraded inferior codes, that gets activated a billion and more times every day, all over the world. It is a huge content of negativity, suppression and oppression. If negativity is what is being measured, they are of quite powerful content. However, negativity doesn’t improve a social condition. It simply takes the social atmosphere to mutual bickering.

but this planet once moved through the ether for millions of years without human beings and it can do so again someday if men forget that they owe their higher existence, not to the ideas of a few crazy ideologists, but to the knowledge and ruthless application of Nature’s stern and rigid laws.

Well, there is some sense in what Adolf Hitler says. However, he connects it to a race.

However, a greater understanding can be pulled out of his words. Technical skills and technology can literally become so inexpensive and easy to use that, it can get into the wrong hands. It is like the issue of the English Missionaries training the lower castes in Travancore. Populations which were locally designated as mere lower grade human beings, and expressively mentioned in terms connecting them to superior animals by the higher castes improved tremendously.

To understand the various means used for improving the lower castes, who had been kept at very despicable social levels, read the NATIVE LIFE IN TRAVANCORE by REV Samuel Maters.

After the departure of the English rule, many of these improved lower-castes moved into the forest areas of the neighbouring state and cleared up the forest land, for the setting up huge farmlands. They now had the necessary skills as well as a very powerful ecclesiastical leadership. Beyond that they knew the art of making guns and using gun powder. It was a critical knowledge. For, when they entered the forest areas, animals such as monkeys, porcupines, wild boar, mountain goats, deer, rabbits etc. were mercilessly killed using guns and baits connected to explosives.

Tapioca baits laced with gunpowder explosives were used to lure wild boars. When the wild boars bit the tapioca, it would burst and the wild boar’s face would be shattered.

Wild elephants were lured to fall into big holes and made to scream till death, of hunger and thirst. This was used to terrorise the elephant populations to move away from the location.

Now, just imagine what would be the case if after some decades there is a technical breakthrough whereby human beings can communicate with many animals. Rats learn to speak in English. They are given commercial work to do, by which they can earn money.

They can buy goods. They speak about their horrible fear of the cats. Then in a friendly gesture, the rats are taught to use guns. They are given access to technical skills and equipments to make guns. What happens?

Cats would not have a chance. Cats would be trapped and torment to death. However, there might be a poetic justice in that cats have been doing the same to the rats for centuries. However, if the rats get used to higher technical skills and start using them on the human beings to wipe them out. What then?

The above allegory is about what the English Empire has sown all over the globe. It was a very grand world government. Spreading culture and technical skills among populations, which were loyal to this Empire. However, when the Empire withdrew, what was left was a lot of populations with a lot of technical skills with no one to guide them. They have used it on themselves, killing each other. Now, they are aiming for better areas. If and when they annihilate English nations, the earth would still continue to rotate without English nations.

The low fertility of a living space may spur the one race to the highest achievements; in others it will only be the cause of bitterest poverty and final undernourishment with all its consequences.

Though the summarisations do seem correct, the word ‘race’ spoils the correctness. It is ultimately the language codes and its correct arrangement that does trick either way. It is like this: In the Indian army, the officers and their wives are the Aap, UNN, Saab/Memsahib etc. The ordinary soldier and his wife are the Thoo, USS, Theeari, mere name etc.

Other hierarchies possible connected to age, family status etc. are not allowed to function inside or compete with the Officer versus Shipai soldier hierarchy. This system does create a very powerful and rigid discipline and hierarchy more powerful than the ancient caste system in the subcontinent.

However, in many government offices wherein the same feudal language is used, varying kinds of hierarchies based not only on professional status or position, but also on age, capacity to delay work, union leadership etc. comes to compete with each other in the hierarchy codes. Here it is seen that the same language creates indiscipline.
Now these things are not there in pristine-English. In fact, a native-English speaker will not understand the power in the above-mentioned items.

hence that to preserve a certain culture the man who creates it must be preserved.

Yes, this is true to some extent. However, simply preserving the man will not help. He should be preserved in his pristine qualities. A person from low-social quality nations like Japan, China, India, Pakistan, African nations, etc. goes to England. He carries with him his native feudal cultures. Once in England, he will change to a slight English culture, after creating much havoc and mental distress in many native-English speakers.

However, for most part the evilness in the feudal language mood will not be detectable. For, feudal languages have two entirely different modes. One of extreme affablity and servitude to those who are better placed. And the other of extreme arrogance and degrading of those who arrive at a lower position.

It is the first mode that will delude the native-Englishmen in English nations. However, once the feudal language speakers get settled down to a mood of secure citizenship, and financial acumen, the other side can emerge very tangibly or exist in the background as a powerful platform of intimidation.

What would disturb is the experience that the same person has to entirely different personality disposition. However, that is how the codes exist in feudal languages.
In fact, if the various peoples from various nations move into each other’s locations, they will change to adjust to the local language-based culture. However, since most of the languages are feudal, there wouldn’t be much of a change, other than slight variations.

However, an Englishman changing into a feudal language speaker or a feudal language speaker changing into an Englishman are tremendous changes, which can literally create terrific changes very near to the location of the genes. However, genes are also codes. Language codes can write into and on-to them.

Now coming back to Adolf Hitler’s assertions, the fact remains that it is not German’s who have created any quality culture anywhere. All sophisticated and soft social cultures, which have spread throughout the world are basically connected to pristine-ENGLISH. Even such ordinary usages like: Thank you, May I?, Could you?, I beg your pardon, Excuse me, Sorry, Good morning etc. are not there in feudal languages, without an affliction of a direction code. This direction code is that of higher to lower or lower to higher vector component or direction.

All the human culture, all the results of art, science, and technology that we see before us today, are almost exclusively the creative product of the Aryan.

Even though the so-called or so-claimed Aryans (Aariyans) of India might be quite happy to hear these words, no such monopoly can be claimed by any of these two groups. And beyond that, technical skills in itself doesn’t create good social conditions. If that had been so, the carpenter class of ancient times in the Indian subcontinent would have created a great social culture. They did not and they could not.

If we were to divide mankind into three groups, the founders of culture, the bearers of culture, the destroyers of culture, only the Aryan could be considered as the representative of the first group.

This is just a tall claim with no basis. However, the word culture is a huge one, defining totally different items. For instance, if the reader wants to know What is Indian Culture?, he or she should read this text.

I am not taking the word culture in the sense that one mentions Mayan Culture, but as the way of social interaction. In feudal language cultures, refined social behaviour is connected to being ‘respectful’ to one’s own elders, officials, socially higher placed persons etc. and being very rude, insulting etc. to elders who are not one’s own seniors, to lower placed persons, to persons who are younger age, to persons who are judged to be doing lower quality jobs. The ‘respect’ is through ennobling words and such actions as getting up in their presence. The ‘degradation’ is by means of pejorative words. There need not be any other action of being insulting.

However the politeness and manners that pristine-ENGLISH enforces is a much softer one, and not at all connected to one’s age, seniority, and actions of respect like bowing, getting up etc. It is more in polite tones, words like Thank you, Sorry etc. and not being intrusive in talk. Even the words: What is your name? might need to be rephrased as: May I know your name, please?

These are concepts of culture that even Adolf Hitler cannot speak of. For the Germans he mentions are mentioned in this book itself as rude, cunning, treacherous and backstabbing. If Germans are Aryans, there is no need for this Aryan culture to be promoted.

In a few decades, for example, the entire east of Asia will possess a culture whose ultimate foundation will be Hellenic spirit and Germanic technology, just as much as in Europe.

It is just baseless feelings that it is Greek or German or even Roman culture or antiquity that has given a feeling of supremacy to Continental Europeans.

Actually, it is a just feeling that comes from being close to England. In regions of the world, which had English colonialism, people are used to saying that they had ‘Whiteman’s rule’. Actually, very few percentage of White men was English or did know English the language. So this Whiteman’s rule is an inappropriate usage.

The fact is that even a whiff of English can change a human being. Just seeing an English film can create tremendous changes in a feudal language speaking human being. For, the way the characters interact among themselves is quite different from anything experienced by a feudal language speaker.

Just remember, a few months interaction by the French soldiers with English speaking soldiers was enough to make them go berserk against their own suppressive French nobility. I have heard Indian soldiers who had been near to English soldiers in their UNO peace missions in Africa, suddenly become filled with terrible antipathy towards their own Indian officers. It is just a few weeks exposure to English army life and the Indian soldier understand that he is not given the decent treatment that is natural in an English army ambience.

Many nations in Continental Europe are just piggy-back riding on the proximity to England. And even Ireland, Scotland and Wales are also doing the same.

If beginning today all further Aryan influence on Japan should stop, assuming that Europe and America should perish, Japan’s present rise in science and technology might continue for a short time; but even in a few years the well would dry up, the Japanese special character would gain, but the present culture would freeze and sink back into the slumber from which it was awakened seven decades ago by the wave of Aryan culture.

I do not know for sure. However, I get a gut feeling that there was a very powerful conspiracy inside Japan, as is there in many other Asian nations, to grab the technical skills of English nations.

This is a topic that is generally discussed in most Indian business firms, without any qualms. To somehow steal another companies’ technical and business secrets. In fact, this is more easier than creating something new on one’s own.


a171 #

such a race may be designated as culture-bearing,’ but never as ‘culture-creating.’

If the term ‘culture-bearing’ can be used, I think most nations that simply took out, stole or replicated English social, language and administrative systems can be defined by this term.

In fact, even the USA can be branded by this usage. It has simply made use all English systems. However, in a mood of exquisite attempted smartness, the USA had no qualms in creating an exact opposite motor vehicle driving route, that is Left-hand driving. Thus creating a confusion in the world. Apart from that it has made a mess in the English by given legitimacy to erroneous spellings and much else.

I am not sure how the Germans define themselves.

After a thousand years and more, the last visible trace of the former master people is often seen in the lighter skin colour which its blood left behind in the subjugated race,

Lighter-skins are not really a measure of culture or any kind of superiority. However, I have seen the traces of English culture even in black skinned persons in India, who came from a family background of very close links to English colonial people.

In their innate gestures, politeness, posture, simplicity etc. these traces were quite evident. When I asked them their family background, what I suspected was there. But no trace of lighter skin.

They shine through all the returned barbarism and too often inspire the thoughtless observer of the moment with the opinion that he beholds the picture of the present people before him, whereas he is only gazing into the mirror of the past.

I have to take this comment away from what Adolf Hitler connected it to. I have seen people mentioning of the great capacities of the Indian people. The postal department, the railways, roadways, the townships, the dams, the educational systems, the medical colleges, administration, the police, the public records maintaining, the army, the fashion designs, the newspapers and much more.

However, to the newer generations who have been schooled of the greatness of India, which they claim as started from some 7000 years back, these are all the present developments of a developing culture. However, the reality is different. All these enumerated items are just the traces of a quality administratorship, which happened to arrive in the subcontinent to create all of these things for the first time in recorded history. The English rule!

This mere sketch of the development of ‘culture-bearing’ nations gives a picture of the growth, of the activity, and-the decline-of the true culture-founders of this earth, the Aryans themselves.

Since I do refute the Aryan claims to culture founding, and assign it on the English, I must also say that the English natives always had this problem. That of being on the ceiling. They are on the top. Each time, any of the others including the Indians get a chance to compete with them and defeat them in anything, it is a time for celebration.

A sort of ‘we have arrived’ mood sets in. However, the English remain doomed in the sense that whatever victories they win, it is not a worthwhile one to celebrate. It is like a high-caste celebrating a victory over a low-caste. It doesn’t impress anyone.

Rather a mood of dismay sets in. However, if a low-caste man defeats a high-caste man, it is a time for declaring that ‘he has arrived’. There will be festivity in the mood and in the air. However, losing to a lower-caste man is quite a terrible event.

the genius rises manifestly from the inconspicuous average child, not seldom to the amazement of all those who had hitherto seen him in the pettiness of bourgeois life-and that is why the prophet seldom has any honour in his own country.

There are many kinds of geniuses. In the case of leadership also, there are people who suddenly show tremendous capacity of leadership. Leadership is just the chance to acquire followers. Once a person has a committed follower who is willing to accept him as a leader, he is a leader. Even an insipid person’s wife can spur the genes of leadership in him.

If this hour of trial had not come, hardly anyone would ever have guessed that a young hero was hidden in this beardless boy.

Surely, Adolf Hitler is not speaking of Robert Clive. Yet, the description fits perfectly. Yet, there are others. Like the young English boys who were administering big districts in the areas of the Indian subcontinent ruled by the East India Company. There were some among them who dared to question the Company’s command not to interfere with the ritualistic burning of women on the pyre of their dead husbands.

However, English daring is from the safe location of a planar language background. To be daring when living in a feudal language atmosphere is not just a case of physical and mental courage. But also the capacity to overwhelm the huge and overpowering force of the stifling and degrading hierarchy. Yet, if a young beardless boy was to be placed in a location of power, in feudal languages, he might do great deeds, just to impress others.

And may be for this very simple reason alone. Higher motives might be lacking.

Yet, it must be mentioned that in feudal languages, even a small kid can literally despoil a lower caste higher aged man with a simple word. However, the lower-caste higher-aged man can also do the same to the higher-caste lower-aged boy, if he is given the social power. It is indeed a tussle between two side. One or the other will crush the other side.
In English, the motive to impress others just to take possession of the higher indicant words is not there. For, there are no such words in English.

True genius is always inborn and never cultivated, let alone learned.

I am not in a position to make any judgements on the above words by Adolf Hitler.

outward recognition is possible only in consequence of accomplished deeds, since the rest of the world is not capable of recognizing genius in itself, but sees only its visible manifestations in the form of inventions, discoveries, buildings, pictures, etc.; here again it often takes a long time before the world can fight its way through to this knowledge.

Yes, it takes time. But not always.

the cultures which they found in such cases are nearly always decisively determined by the existing soil, the given climate, and-the subjected people.

Again it is the connection to the ‘Aryans’ in the above sentence that makes it lose its steam. If the mention was about English colonialism, there is a possibility to discuss this theme. However, when proposed as an attribute of the unmentionable ‘Aryans’, there is nothing more to be said. The sentence has no meaning.

Without this possibility of using lower human beings, the Aryan would never have been able to take his first steps toward his future culture; just as without the help of various suitable beasts which he knew how to tame, he would not have arrived at a technology which is now gradually permitting him to do without these beasts.

What Adolf Hitler is mentioning is more of the historical experiences of nations other than England. I think it might be true to mention that there was no slavery in England. And that actually English colonialism destroyed social slavery in all nations where they had come to power.

As to the use of animals, well, animals have been used. However, the manner in which animals are treated in feudal languages is a wee bit different from how they are treated in English.

Even the ways dogs are seen in India, is not the way it is seen in England. In the feudal languages of India, the dog is either an ‘it’ or a ‘he’ or ‘she’ of the lowest indicant level. However, in English there is no multiple of levels for ‘he’ and ‘she’. So, the attitude towards a dog is more or less at a higher level.

Even a dead human or an animal, is defined by different hierarchical words in many languages of the Indian subcontinent. A lower-grade man and an animal are assigned a lower word to mean ‘he is dead’. The word ‘dead’ is low-grade. For a higher-level individual, there is a higher word for ‘dead’. These kind of highly defining words have severe effect on the total individuals who are connected to the dead man. It also affects the way the others view the dead man’s relatives, or is indicative of that.


a181 #

Thus, for the formation of higher cultures the existence of lower human types was one of the most essential preconditions,

The above sentence is a typical feudal languages mindset. In that in feudal languages, a lower human being who ‘respect’, ‘venerates’, ‘bows’ and show obeisance is a necessary ingredient for social stature. In fact, it is one of the most essential preconditions. If the lower being try to escape by any means, including conversion to another religion, it become a huge social issue, more or less moving to terrible violence.

first culture of humanity was based less on the tamed animal than on the use of lower human beings.

There was no way for Adolf Hitler to know what the first culture among native-English speaking people was. His summarisations could be true in the case of feudal language speakers.

Marumakkathaya Thiyyas of North Malabar
They are mentioned to have arrived on the Malabar Coast from ancient Greece. However, by some cunning means, the local feudal upper classes had them assigned the lower indicant words in the local language. Once this assigning was done, there is no means to escape the powerful social web that forces them to convert into a lower-grade, mutually degrading group. Some of them received their first respite in hundreds of years, with the arrival of the English rule in the area.

As soon as the subjected people began to raise themselves up and probably approached the conqueror in language, the sharp dividing wall between master and servant fell.

Adolf Hitler has approached the issue of language and how approaching the language of the conquerors can lead to breakdown of barriers between the master and servant.
This is a huge theme, and cannot be dealt with at the minor level that has been done by Adolf Hitler.

In feudal languages, approaching or learning the master’s language cannot lead to any breakdown of difference. In fact, I am aware of a huge population which came from outside and became enfeebled socially just learning the native feudal language. Feudal languages are like a military hierarchy and worse. When a new population or person learns a feudal language without being aware of its hidden codes, it is a very dangerous proposition. Once the person understands the language, he or she literally comes under its command lines.

It is like saying: You look here. To the person who doesn’t understand English, it means nothing. However, to the person who understands English, it is a powerful message with a very definite meaning.

Now, when a person learns a feudal language, the sentence can have a more complicated structure. The YOU will have three or more levels. The bottom will be of stinking dirt and the top will be of golden levels. When the new person is addressed thus: ‘YOU (stinking dirt level) look here’, it has a very powerful social meaning. Not only to the addressed person. But to all who hears it.

It is not like learning English. Now, here we come to the issue of the blacks of Africa taken to the New World and sold there by slave traders. Slaves were everywhere in the world, other than some few possible locations like England. Slaves were a living reality in the Indian subcontinent. Yet, there were no statutory writings on slaves or their sale. It was literally done like one sells a cow or other cattle. READ: Slavery in the South-Asian Subcontinent

In the Indian subcontinent, slavery is maintained through the language codes. Everyone understands the status co of the slaves without any specific mention that he or she is a slave. The underclass will refuse to sit on a chair, will not sleep on a chair, will be quite grateful to the old discarded dress of the higher classes, and would very well understand that if they address their master call without the requisite ‘respect’, the master class will become soiled.

See this QUOTE from Native Life in Travancore (1883), written by The REV. SAMUEL MATEER, F.L.S.

QUOTE: They are still not allowed to enter any public markets, and hence stand at great disadvantage in selling any little produce they may happen to possess; and consequently are kept in a state of poverty. They are not permitted to build their houses near the public roads; nor are they, as a rule, allowed to avail themselves of the Sirkar ferry-boats to cross swollen rivers.

We have used the phrase “not allowed” throughout, for we can find no written laws by which such privileges are forbidden them. END OF QUOTE

However, when the lucky few slaves were sold in the English speaking locations of the New World, it was not actually slavery for them. It was just a most powerful liberation. They could address their master class by name prefixed with a Mr. or Mrs. or Miss. They could use words like YOU, He, She, His, Her etc. in the same level that they were addressed and referred to by the master class.

The master class also did not have requisite tool in enforce the idea that the slaves were underclass other than by using abusive words. The issue here is that in feudal languages, there is no need to use abusive words. The lower indicant words for YOU, HE, SHE etc. has enough codes to give the message that they are dirt.

So the contentions of Adolf Hitler that when the slaves approach the language of the master class, it would lead to a breakdown of barriers is not true in all languages. Only in planar, and plateau-coded languages like English does this happen. In feudal languages, if some of the slaves can slowly enter into the higher echelons of the feudal languages, they can even become masters. In fact, there is a continuous history of such a happening in the history of the certain kingdoms in the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent.

There is something that was called the Slave dynasty. The kings used to buy beautiful boys from the Arabian slave markets. Some of them would become very close to the king. Ultimately one of them would become his most favourite. This affection would slowly lead to a situation whereby when the slave boy grows up into adulthood, he becomes a centre of power in the palace. He would cultivate his own group of followers.

When the king dies, he would take over the crown by force.

So Hitler’s contentions about slaves and masters and their links to languages need more deeper study.

All who are not of good race in this world are chaff.

Actually this statement made by Adolf Hitler in connection to his ideas of racial mixing is correct, but not in the location that he has placed it in. I have noticed what had happened to the good quality at-home-in-English Anglo-Indians (not all Anglo-Indians).

They were the mix of English and various bloodlines in the Indian subcontinent. Being at home in English (some of them only), and command in quality English having a value in a nation that was being run on good-quality English systems, the soft qualities of the Anglo-Indians were valued. If their female were more sociable, it was accepted a superior level of human interaction. Moreover, they were not made to face the brunt of the lower indicant words for YOU, He, She etc.

However, the moment the clown in England, Clement Altee ditched the people in the Indian Subcontinent, everything changed. To the local rich who spoke in the vernacular languages, the Anglo-Indian refinement was simply understood as the meekness of the underclass. The indicant words for them literally sank to the gutters. They were now the lower indicant words in the feudal languages. Unless they were rich, themselves.

In fact, their affinity to use Mr., Mrs., Miss., etc. became the butt-ends of boisterous jokes. The women started being mentioned in words that could literally link them wanton females and sluts. In a social environment wherein quality behaviour has no platform, they literally became dirt. The luckier ones among them were connected to the corporate sector, wherein their innate qualities were appreciated. Many escaped to English nations. Others sank to the social floors.

Indian film industry literally used themes related to Anglo-Indians as some sort of huge buffoonery. People who couldn’t understand the basic tenets of English the language, made films on Anglo-Indian themes, promoting the idea that their women folks were just being more socially daring without explaining the concept of such social liberties being encrypted in English the language.

As of now, I have deep fears that the native English-speakers of England might also end up in the same way that the Anglo-Indians have. Most of their innate behaviours would start looking quite quixotic or cocky. Anglo-Indians could escape to English nations. Where will the native-English escape to?

The greater the readiness to subordinate purely personal interests, the higher rises the ability to establish comprehensive communities.

Here again Adolf Hitler has been deep enough about the formation of communities. Each human community is designed as per the specific hierarchy and linking codes inside that community’s specific language. In feudal-language speaking communities, it is very difficult to promote a feeling of selflessness in people.

Some persons would do it in a very contrived manner. If such postures would attract ‘respect’ to him or her. Otherwise everyone is quite frankly aware of the need to be better off than others. In fact, another individual improving is a terror. For, the languages codes can act like a See-Saw. One man goes up, the other man goes down. Everything is relative.

It is not like pristine-ENGLISH. In pristine-ENGLISH one man going up does not make any relative or absolute change in the YOU, HE, HIM, HIS, SHE, HER, HERS etc.

This self-sacrificing will to give one’s personal labour and if necessary one’s own life for others is most strongly developed in the Aryan.

If by Aryans, Adolf Hitler means the Germans, he has still to show where the Germans are selfless and altruistic. This whole book Mein Kampf is full of themes that mention the common German as just next to a rascal, traitor and self-seeker.

In hardly any people in the world is the instinct of self-preservation developed more strongly than in the so-called ‘chosen.’

Here he means the Jews, off course. However, there is his query of how they became ‘Chosen’.

If a very genius from the twenties of the past century should suddenly leave his grave today, it would be harder for him even intellectually to find his way in the present era than for an average boy of fifteen today.

That might be true to only a very limited time period. It depends on who would try to guide the person through the great complicated webs of modern technology. If a typical feudal language speaker were to do this guiding, and if he or she finds that the old time genius would get to understand things very fast, then he or she would take him through a very roundabout routes that would mess up his understandings.

However, if it were a typical native-English person who does the guiding, in most probability, understanding the basics of the modern world would take only a couple of weeks.

Since the Jew-for reasons which will at once become apparent-was never in possession of a culture of his own

I sincerely do not know anything about the Jews. However, I have intrigued by the fact that the Jews were hated in many nations. This is seen in the English classics also. And also in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. The exact reason for that might emerge if a candied study of their native language is done.

It might be that they are a planar language speakers or would be that they are having a language that has codes which can terribly disturb others. Can’t say anything for sure without this basic information.

It is a noteworthy fact that the herd instinct leads to mutual support only as long as a common danger makes this seem useful or inevitable.

Quite interesting observation.


a191 #

they would try to get ahead of one another in hate-filled struggle and exterminate one another,

If this is true, then the native Jewish language should be feudal of some variety. That needs to checked.

Thus, the Jew lacks those qualities which distinguish the races that are creative and hence culturally blessed.

It does point to Adolf Hitler’s rabid antipathy for the Jews.

he is mostly found in the art which seems to require least original invention, the art of acting.

He has denigrated the art of acting to sort of mere mimicry. I should say that this couldn’t be true in the case of all actors.

Not through him does any progress of mankind occur, but in spite of him.

These are locations where Adolf Hitler does seem to be very rigid in his antipathy. I would like to condemn him for that. However doing so without prior information on the Jewish language codes and how it connects different people, may not be correct. I can’t be judgemental without information.

the conception arose that this was a people which should be reckoned among the ranks of the nomads.

No comment.

when the American continent was being opened up, numerous Aryans fought for their livelihood as trappers, hunters, etc.

Again, Adolf Hitler is repeating a nonsense that has no basis, but it is a contention that can be used without the base.

wherever he appears, the host people dies out after a shorter or longer period.

It is mere anti-Jewish jingoism on which commenting without more information would be a useless task.

The Jew’s life as a parasite in the body of other nations and states

Though outwardly this statement does seem to be true, it would be quite an error of judgement to say anything without a proper understanding of the Jewish worldly experience.

Could it be an issue of good people being in desperate situations or of vicious people being a nuisance for everyone? Current-day Isreal literally feeds on US financial aid, that is what I hear.

The more intelligent the individual Jew is, the more he will succeed in this deception.

No comment.

Jew is really a Frenchman or an Englishman, a German or an Italian,

It is funny that Adolf Hitler did not mention that a Jew is an Chinese, Bangladeshi, Indian, Japanese, Pakistani, Cuban etc. Or is there a wider sense to be made out of it?


a201 #

the Talmud is not a book to prepare a man for the hereafter, but only for a practical and profitable life in this world.

Don’t know. No comment.

when necessary he even took to the whip to drive from the temple of the Lord this adversary of all humanity

Adolf Hitler is mentioning Jesus Christ.

Among them is the lie with regard to the language of the Jew. For him it is not a means for expressing his thoughts, but a means for concealing them.

Now, we come upon mention of the language of the Jews. What was it? Was it Hebrew, Aramaic or Yiddish? Well, Adolf Hitler makes a very powerful mention: It is a language for not expressing his thoughts, but for concealing them.

It is a very interesting observation, which need to be taken for deep study. If true, one will be able to find very specific word codes and very specific routes of usages that permit it. Languages are very powerful software codes or applications.

Indeed if one were to examine all ancient religious scriptures from this perspective, one might actually be able to come across the words codes that connect hymns and mantras to very powerful codes, that do not really connect to the literal meaning of the words and sentences.

but as soon as they became his slaves, they would all have to learn a universal language (Esperanto, for instance!), so that by this additional means the Jews could more easily dominate them!

Now we arrive at an error, or seeming error in Adolf Hitler’s words. There is a general talk that forcing an individual to learn a language is a means of enslaving him. Well, that is true in the case of feudal languages.

For instances, if the native-English children in any English nation can be coaxed or fooled to learn any such language as Mandarian, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada etc., it can be the most powerful tool to mentally enslave them for the senior-in-age / senior-in-position, native speakers of Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada etc.
For, the moment the English youngsters start speaking these language, the words that denigrate them would spring into action. If they can understand the words, they have no escape from its claws.

Now, this understanding is there in current-day India. So, the general talk here is that the English rulers forced the natives of the Indian peninsula to learn English to enslave them. The problem with this claim is that there was no force on anyone to learn English. However, people who were exposed to English, quite easily understood that this was one language that could save them from enslavement. Most people in the subcontinent had no direct contact with English.

They believe the information that English is an enslaving language. They believe it when the Indian ruling class teaches them in their school textbooks that the English rulers forced the ‘Indians’ to learn English to enslave them.

Now, why does Adolf Hitler also make this same or similar claim? Well, is German a feudal language that can be used as a tool for enslavement? Or is the Jewish language/s also having similar codes? This is a very serious topic for investigation.

Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion

I had never heard of this thing till I read it in Mein Kampf. It is a document that has plan for the Jewish domination of the world. It is mentioned as a hoax, by the Jews.
As an aside I would like to mention that people behaviour and attraction to money, power, bribes, corruption etc. are not of the same kind in among all populations. There is a qualitative difference in this regard, depending on the native language of the person and also depending on the native-language of the social system.

The danger of this new institution is not recognized at first, but because of its momentary advantages is even welcomed

Actually this is connected to the business of usury. Such businessmen are actually hated in many places, even though they are also much sought after.

now they feel that the mere fact of his existence is as bad as the plague.

Basically the long-term effect of a closed group of people slowly bleeding out the economic stamina by means of usury. They become like an affliction, in the social systems. However, there would be errors in the social system which in the first place allows such infections to breed.

For instance, I have seen people falling into this trap just because the government-run-banks were quite uninterested in doing business with the common man, in India. It is curious that Adolf Hitler also finds something wrong in the ruler-ship of the nation that promotes the activity of usury. See the following words:

in it the role of the so-called ‘German princes’ is just as miserable as that of the Jews themselves. These lords were really God’s punishment for their beloved peoples and find their parallels only in the various ministers of the present time

No comment.

Goethe was still horrified at the thought that in future marriage between Christians and Jews would no longer be forbidden by law.

No comment. Do not know what to comment.

Race, however, does not lie in the language, but exclusively in the blood, which no one knows better than the Jew, who attaches very little importance to the preservation of his language, but all importance to keeping his blood pure.

Race is very much connected to native language. In fact, language codes can override Genetic codes and the codes in the DNA. This is a theme that might require a more detailed study. If the Jews attach too much importance to the purity of the blood, and neglects their language of Jewish heritage, the Jews will end up in splinters.
In fact, talking about feudal languages, I can propose that they contain codes that can act as a wedge, pivot, lever, twisting torque, see-saw, repulsive force, force of attraction, glue, remover of a glue etc. and can make a group of people for a pyramid-like-structure and so many other things.

It would be quite nonsensical for any reader to simply mention that the above words are mere nonsense. For, even to make a minor comment on the above contention would require detailed study on the subject. Otherwise it would be like a totally untutored person making judgemental comments on Classical Mechanics or on Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. Even to disclaim them honestly would require a bit of understanding of what they are.

Just because a person knows to speak a language doesn’t mean that he knows about the codes inside them. He is just similar to a person using a software application, who doesn’t know anything about the software codes that work behind the scenes.


a211 #

In a short time he begins to twist things around to make it look as if all the injustice in the world had always been done to him and not the other way around.

Adolf Hitler is speaking about Jews. I do not have anything to comment. However, if the Jews are a united group, the codes that unites them can directly be seen in their language.

his charity is really comparable to fertilizer, which is not strewn on the field for love of the field, but with a view to the farmer’s own future benefit.

It is a very interesting allegory.


Between employer and employee there arises that inner estrangement which later leads to political class division.

Basically this is connected to the codes in the language codes and how it is used. I fear that in a few years time, there will be a terrible level of class division slowly entering into England. This is due to the fact that there are many businessmen over there are from feudal language nations. It is an eerie situation, the reality of which has not been fully understood by the totally gullible English public.

praises all progress, mostly, to be sure, the progress that leads to the ruin of others;

This is the typical fiendish attitude found common in feudal language nations. It is a sly technique for promoting and helping others in such a manner that they would go astray, at the same time building up a mood of gratitude in them for the help they get.

However, here Adolf Hitler is speaking of the Jews. It is quite curious that many of his assertions about the Jews are just mere common items in feudal language nations. It is an observation that calls for more detailed comparative study.

he sometimes palms off his women on influential Christians, but as a matter of principle he always keeps his male line pure.

Well, this is an issue that all human groups have. They would all speak of great equality, human right, dignity etc. Yet, when it comes to losing their own followers to other leaderships, they would literally not allow it. Even though, the outward posture is that of religion or caste or congregation, there are more complexities at work. It is not good to simply ignore them or to disregard what they warn.

In India, it is common observance that the Muslims usually do not allow their daughters marrying to men who are not Muslims. For, it is losing a Muslim to others. As to their sons marrying females who are not born Muslims, it is not that much of a problem. For, the language codes work in bring a new subordinate to the household and to the religion. It is an expansion of the religion.

I do not know if what I am speaking is true about all Muslims in India.

His comic papers especially strive to represent the Jews as a harmless little people, with their own peculiarities,

It is a very powerful strategy used in many nations to diffuse a public issue. That of allowing comic laughter. For instance, there are so many jokes about official corruption in India. In so much, when anyone speaks about the corruption, people do not act disturbed. Instead they smile as if it is the best joke they have heard.

for it excludes the personality-and puts in its place the majority characterised by stupidity, incompetence, and last but not least, cowardice.

Even though the above text is mentioned with regard to Jews’ intention of promoting democracy, Adolf Hitler does give a decent definition of what democracy in practice means. However, I need to put in that the best alternative for democracy in all nations is a non-democratic English rule, controlled by the English parliament of yore. Not the messy, multicultural English parliament of current-days.

The separation of worker and employer now seems complete in all fields of life.

Workers and employers can sit and eat together or separately. It does not really matter. The only thing that really matter is the language codes that design labour relationship.

he approaches the very victims of his spirit and his activity and in a short time becomes the leader of their struggle against himself.

It is quite funny how Adolf Hitler uses this theme, which is actually a copy of what has happened in the Indian subcontinent after the departure of the English rule. The feudal class leaders of yore have come on top of the new nation of India.

They are busy writing, arguing and fighting for the rights of the people, whom they themselves have kept in shackles for centuries, and still continues to do with the demonic use of feudal pejorative words and usages.

Moreover, many of the Communist party leaders are from the feudal classes of yore. It is quite a funny situation. They argue against English and English nations. Still, without anyone knowing it, they slowly move their children to English nations.

In fact, I have heard of one Communist party leader, a former Chief Minister of a south Indian state, who was a very anti-English demagogue. When he was in power, he and his people visited the United States on an official visit. Then naturally the next imminent step would be to export his family to the USA. That is what I have heard last.

I do not know for sure, but it is quite possible that they are well-settled in the US. The moot question is what kind of an intelligence the US policymakers is having in allowing people who spoke, acted and indoctrinated against the US, to enter the nation, and settle down. It definitely is a treacherous act against those who spoke for English and English nations, in this nation.

From now on the worker has no other task but to fight for the future of the Jewish people.

If one were to remove the Jewish context, this is the truth about the people in most post English-colonialism nations. People do not know that their rulers are hell-bent on their own selfish interests and have not an iota of interest in creating a good social set up. In fact, the leaders frankly do not know how to do it.


a221 #

He approaches the worker, simulates pity with his fate, or even indignation at his lot of misery and poverty, thus gaining his confidence.—————————————He establishes the Marxist doctrine.

This is actually the actual habit of the Indian communist parties. The major communist parties in India are very rich. They are just a different kind of feudal social set ups, with the party leaders as the feudal chiefs.

By presenting it as inseparably bound up with a number of socially just demands, he promotes its spread and conversely the aversion of decent people to fulfil demands which, advanced in such form and company, seem from the outset unjust and impossible to fulfil.

A very perfect description of the rich Community parties in India. Yet, what is the alternative? That would be the moot question.

For this prevents all truly intelligent people from entering its service, while those who are intellectually less active and poorly educated in economics hasten to it with flying colours


apparently aiming to improve the situation of the worker, but in truth planning the enslavement

It is like this. The communist party sympathisers feel that the party aims to improve the social quality. However, it is rabidly against the spread of English. For, it is known that if the workers learn English, their dependence on the party leaders will slacken. Instead of this, the party promotes the local feudal vernaculars.

Which of course allows the party leaders to enslave the workers, and the workers would not have any complaints about it. For, the party leaders do then have the aura of a great feudal lord. The serf is trained by the feudal language to celebrate any occasion when he can serve the feudal lord.

Cringing submissiveness to superiors and high-handed arrogance to inferiors

Here again Adolf Hitler seems to very directly describe the essential feudal quality of the German language. The above sentence is a very typical attribute of a feudal language hierarchy. Lick those above and kick those below!

apparently separate from one another, in truth form an inseparable whole: the political and the trade-union movement

In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler mixes up the attributes of international communism with that of Jewish handiwork. However, the attributes of communism is quite correct. However, the question remains as to what is the alternative for the people. What is there to lead them to better quality living?

Many people understand that the only way to save themselves is to make money by any hook or crook and escape to some English nation. However, what would happen to the English nations themselves when these people arrive in there and start using the same means to takeover those nations?

Gradually he becomes the leader of the trade-union movement, all the more easily as he is not interested in really eliminating social evils in an honest sense, but only in training an economic storm troop, blindly devoted to him

Basically true not only about the Communist party in India, but also all other cadre parties in India.

these masses will always be first to follow the man who in economic matters offers the most shameless promises

It is sad that Adolf Hitler uses these great insights about a very parochial issue. What he mentions here is the truth in all post English colonial nations.

Its function is not to lead people out of the swamp of a base mentality to a higher stage, but to cater to their lowest instincts.

The only people who really attempted in all sincerity to lead the peoples in all many nations to quality living is the English colonialists.

But the means with which he seeks to break such reckless but upright souls is not honest warfare, but lies and slander.

Slander is a tool or weapon of attack. And it has a great advantage in that it can be done in a most indirect manner, and in the dark.


a231 #

While from innate cowardice the upper classes turn away from a man whom the Jew attacks with lies and slander, the broad masses from stupidity or simplicity believe everything.

Replace the word ‘Jew’ with the word ‘politicians’ or ‘officials’ in post English colonial nations.

232. Deleted
I am purposefully leaving out what Adolf Hitler mentions about the Jewish state in Palestine from quoting.

at a time when one section is still playing the German, Frenchman, or Englishman, the other with open effrontery comes out as the Jewish race

The above sentence is really about the new leadership of India, both the politicians as well as the officials. If the word ‘Jewish’ can be replaced thus, the sentence would find concurrence in India. However, there is no need to mention anyone as bad.

The error is in the language codes. No man who speaks these languages can stand above it’s powerful strings of command.

It was and it is Jews who bring the Negroes into the Rhineland, always with the same secret thought and clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily resulting bastardization, throwing it down from its cultural and political height, and himself rising to be its master.

It is possible that the Jews are Asians, which would make Jesus Christ also an Asian born. And Christianity an Asian religion. As to the sinister aim of slyly introducing racial mixing, it can have negative effects on the superior group, unless very clear understanding of what gets mixed is there.

Even though Adolf Hitler does think it is the skin colour that matters, there are more powerful areas to think of. That is basically connected to the language codes.
It is true that people do plan to destroy quality populations through allowing them to mix with low quality people. Even a level of friendship at a level of equality with low-quality people can destroy the quality of the higher quality people.

Here by quality, I mean social refinement. And one of the best populations of quality is the pristine-ENGLISH Anglo-Saxons of England.

Many Continental Europeans whites do not come near them. As to Asian and African nations, the social system is riddled with superior classes and inferior classes. For this very reason, the superior classes of Asia and Africa are not equal to the pristine-ENGLISH Anglo-Saxon. For, they will be a wee bit higher than the Anglo-Saxons in social elevation, than is comfortable for others.

As to arranging for sexual activities across the language code barriers, it will lead to the decadence of the softer but superior classes, if the mixing is with feudal language groups.

For instance, if an English female even casually mixes with a feudal language group of males or females, there is a negative aura rubbing on her. This is due to the establishment of a lower indicant equality with the others.

If the relationship moves into sexual relationship, it is downright degrading. It is worse than a female IPS officer (Indian Police Service – royalty of the terribly feudal Indian police service) having sexual relationship with a low grade Indian constable.

The words for YOU, She, Her etc. will drop down to stinking levels of equality or worse.

These are information about which current-day England has no idea about. The persons who arrive from outside into England, and who know and understand the slowly emerging decadence in the English females, simply enjoy the scenario with a most boisterous laughter.

There is no way for the English female to make any mention of distress. For, immediately there are fools on her side, and cunning crooks on the other side who would mention that she is being ‘racist’.

Apart from that there is huge waiting going on in South Africa, I sense, that the White females will go into penury shortly and every one of them will be available for fornication at whatever terms the native blacks offer.

As to the highly intelligent idiots in England and Holland, they are not lending a hand to their under-siege nationals held in a state of hostage in South Africa.

Cunning guys from the feudal classes of South Africa like Mandela etc., I think, have openly expressed the delightful hope that the white females arrive at a location from where they can be fornicated by the native blacks. That is the total gist of the hope of a Rainbow nation in South Africa.

The greatest repulsive factor among the South African blacks would be the terrible feudal content in their native languages. Not their skin-colour. The pejorative words, if learnt by the Anglo-Dutch whites, will literally despoil them beyond words. Their only way to redemption would be to refrain from learning any African native-language for as long as possible, and get out of South Africa.

Getting mixed up with a people who are embedded into high grade feudal languages will only spoil them. Even though, their proximity would improve the blacks. For this very reason, the native blacks will not be happy to see them go.

Every defeat can become the father of a subsequent victory, every lost war the cause of a later resurgence, every hardship the fertilisation of human energy, and from every oppression the forces for a new spiritual rebirth can come as long as the blood is preserved pure.

Maybe there is some consolation for the South African Anglo-Dutch whites in the above words, even though Adolf Hitler mentions it in another context.

for the noteworthy fact about all reforms is that at first they possess but a single champion yet many million supporters.

The above words are about Adolf Hitler’s own movement. However, it does contain a powerful motivating spur for any other movement.

is stretched on the ground and with trembling cowardice suffers every humiliation at the hands of the ruthless victor.

That was about the German government going down after the WW One.

Germany became defenceless, not because arms were lacking, but because the will was lacking to guard the weapon for national survival.

After all in a feudal language nation, when the holding-up leadership is gone, it is difficult to unite for a defence. For linking to others is not that easy.

question of regaining German power is not: How shall we manufacture arms? but: How shall we manufacture the spirit which enables a people to bear arms?

There is only one way to do so in a feudal language system. And that is to allow someone to grow up to dictatorial levels of authority. However, how this dictator will behave is another unanswered question.

Thus, the English nation will have to be considered the most valuable ally in the world as long as its leadership and the spirit of its byroad masses justify us in expecting that brutality and perseverance which is determined to fight a battle once begun to victorious end, with every means and without consideration of time and sacrifices

Yes, the English nation, that is pristine-England, would have been the best possible ally. However, for England to engage in a partnership of equality with a feudal language nation would be literally demeaning itself. However, in modern times, with English education system literally in a messy state of mixed culture, England has gone in for partnership of equality with many others with no concern about the degrading it is bringing upon itself.


a241 #

which measure the value of a possible alliance with us according to the weight of this burden. No one allies himself with a state in which the attitude of the active part of the population toward any determined foreign policy is passive

The US should have known the profundity in the above statement. In a mad bid by the US Presidents to become ‘world leaders’, so many alliances have been made with nations whose populations basically view the US with passive or active disdain.

From the purely military angle, every officer above all will realize after a moment’s thought that a foreign struggle cannot be carried on with student battalions, that in addition to the brains of a people, the fists are also needed.

No comment

Unconquerable by comparison seem the millions who oppose the national resurrection out of political conviction

No comment

Poison is countered only by an antidote

No comment

Faith is harder to shake than knowledge, love succumbs less to change than respect, hate is more enduring than aversion, and the impetus to the mightiest upheavals on this earth has at all times consisted less in a scientific knowledge dominating the masses than in a fanaticism which inspired them and sometimes in a hysteria which drove them forward.
Very quotable quote

The soul of the people can only be won if along with carrying on a positive struggle for our own aims, we destroy the opponent of these aims.

No comment

their sentiment does not understand the mutual handshake of people who claim that they want the opposite things.

No comment

failing to realise that the speed of the greyhound like the docility of the poodle are not learned, but are qualities inherent in the race.

Not really. There are codes in language that add to the pace and also those that can subtract from the pace.

The racial question gives the key not only to world history, but to all human culture.

Not race, but the codes in the languages are what hold the true light to understanding history.

is not accomplished by the lowering of higher classes but by uplifting the lower classes.

That is what a high quality pristine-ENGLISH mass education can do in India.


a251 #

The German worker will not be raised to the framework of the German national community via feeble scenes of fraternisation, but by a conscious raising of his social and cultural situation until the most serious differences may be viewed as bridged

The inherent code errors in German language will show itself and in critical moments will create a havoc.

which under national community understands the unresisting economic surrender of the employee to the employer and which chooses to regard any attempt at safeguarding even justified interests regarding the employee’s economic existence as an attack on the national community

Labour relationship is encoded in the language codes. Without first checking it, there is no gain in philosophising on this aspect.

no, he is a selfish scoundrel who induces social unrest and provokes future conflicts

Can’t say for sure unless the urges in the language codes is first understood.

they will be highly welcome in the ranks of this movement, as a valuable spiritual backbone. But winning over the bourgeois voting cattle can never be the aim of this movement.

In feudal language nations, the officialdom will not budge from its most secure location of ‘respect’ and wealth, to make way for a national resurgence. It would be too risky an affair for them. Adolf Hitler uses the word ‘cattle’ for them, in those times when he had not yet reached the seats of national power.

it may be possible to create moods and even to spread insight, but not to do away with qualities of character or, better expressed, vices whose development and origin embrace centuries.

This need not be true in all circumstances. In fact, very good quality English education disseminated by the English colonialists did create wonderful changes in the human populations in some parts of the Indian subcontinent.

However, since the populations lived in the same location intermingling with the non-transformed populations, their quality change would necessarily oscillate from one end to the other. Those who did oscillate thus did show signs of mental problems. This fact has been noted by Edgar Thurston in his Castes and tribes of Southern India.

If propaganda is to be effective for the movement, it must be addressed to only one quarter,

It might be a necessary social ingredient in feudal language nations that there are a minimum of two levels of intelligence. The high and low. In which case, one cannot address both the group with the same propaganda material.

Among a hundred so-called speakers there are hardly ten capable of speaking with equal effect today before a public consisting of street sweepers, locksmiths, sewer-cleaners, etc., and tomorrow holding a lecture with necessarily the same thought content in an auditorium full of university professors and students.

Adolf Hitler must have regretted writing the above sentences, when he ultimately reached the seats of national power. Yet, these kinds of sentence which very obviously differentiate between the people in so obvious a manner would necessarily point to some kind of feudal content in the language. In England also, the nobility could have used similar words with much lesser harshness. However, in pristine-England, the commonman is not so nondescript as in feudal language nations.

As to university professors knowing more than ordinary citizens, it is a mere myth among native-English speakers. In fact, Robert Clive did prove beyond doubt that school drop-out Englishmen could out-do formally educated persons, in all worldly accomplishments.

Winston Churchill: his famous 'V' sign (incidently this man entered England on the pathway to disaster).

but also influences both parties with equal effect or actually lashes them into a wild storm of applause.

This was what Adolf Hitler could achieve with his vibrant command over German language. It is possible that the naive Englishmen couldn’t understand the verbal codes that actually did the work.

However, it is quite doubtful if the modern generations of England can understand the terrific spurs and triggers embedded in powerful words codes in feudal languages. For instance, can they understand how seemingly small words in Tamil or Hindi can swing the mood of the mob with very terrific power from one end to the other? It is doubtful. If they could, they would never allow the setting up of a Gandhi statue next to that of Sir Winston Churchill in London.

The important thing is not what the genius who has created an idea has in mind, but what, in what form, and with what success the prophets of this idea transmit it to the broad masses.

Essentially the question of successful propaganda.

In a mass meeting of all classes it is not that speaker who is mentally closest to the intellectuals present who speaks best, but the one who conquers the heart of the masses.

The art of demagogy.


a261 #

The young movement is in its nature and inner organisation anti-parliamentarian; that is, it rejects, in general and in its own inner structure, a principle of majority rule in which the leader is degraded to the level of a mere executants of other people’s will and opinion.

Democracy cannot be a replacement for benevolent rule by quality people. From this perspective, the best rule that a small percentage of the Indian subcontinent witnessed in at least the last two thousand years was that of the English East India Company.

The quality went down when the British Crown took over the rule, but still it was a thousand times better than the traditional rulers in the Subcontinent.

With the formation of India, the quality of rule in the former English-ruled areas went down the drain, while in the huge sections of fake-India, which were from the native kings’ rule, there was a bit of improvement. But then, official corruption diffused to all parts from the native king-ruled areas.

The leader is always elected, but thereby he is vested with unlimited powers and authority.

All these ideas are good. But then, in a feudal language set-up, the stature of the leader will go up to unlimited powers due to the particular arrangement of word codes. This unlimited power will definitely connect to his close associates and family members through the rapid arrangement of word codes to place them all in a pyramid-like arrangement. Soon, they will interfere in the rule and systems will go awry. In planar languages like English, there is a mutual balancing power.

For words do not re-arrange people into a pyramid-like formation, which in turn will promote varying sub-groups of pyramids, all of which will compete among themselves.

Moreover, in pristine-ENGLISH, many common mental spurs that automatically generate in feudal languages will not get created. In feudal languages, many words and sentences and mentions are done not for the sake of conveying an information, but simply as a method to convey a position of power, obeisance, servitude, command, degradation, belittling etc. English conversation is generally devoid of this because there are no different levels of indicant words.

For, the function of organisation is the transmission of a definite idea-which always first arises from the brain of an individual - to a larger body of men and the supervision of its realisation.

I have seen that an organisation that has been set up thus can be quite powerful, especially in feudal language systems. However, the problem comes at the time of the handing over of the top seat from the incumbent to another. Each person inside a feudal language system is the top head of a different pyramid of people.

When one person takes over from the leader, the persons inside the pyramid, where he is the head, are all in regimental formation of power and connections through a specific route of respect and obedience. Persons in other pyramids are outside this route.

So immediately upon the original leader departing, the system will go in for a fight, unless everything is kept ready to remove that possibility. In most cases, when the possibility of a leader departing is seen, one of the next possible leaders and his pyramid members, arrange everything in such a manner that the others are outwitted.
Native cunning, sly actions, treachery all get played in feudal language systems.

The situation is quite desperate. Once one pyramid gets positioned, the others are out.

If the unity of the doctrine is not to be lost, however, this subdivision must not take place until the authority of the spiritual founder and of the school trained by him can be regarded as unconditional.

From a feudal language social ambience, the steps mentioned by Adolf Hitler to create a powerful organisational set-up can be quite practical and correct.

Gurkha soldier in English army ROYAL AIR FORCE FAIRFORD, England.

To see Gurkha soldiers in the Thoo-level in Indian army. Click here
(Wayback Machine seems to have removed this image)

Only the presence of such a place, exerting the magic spell of a Mecca or a Rome, can in the long run give the movement a force

In feudal languages, there is indeed the need for a pyramid with a top head, from where the command routes emanate. However, it must be understood that for all command and obedience systems to function, there must be relative heights and lowness. Even in English, the officer should stand above and soldier should be below in the command routes.

However, what makes English command and obedience routes different is that there is no of pejoratives versus ennobling word codes that can be used and misused by others who stand on the frill sides of the command structure.

To make this statement understandable: for the English soldier, the wife of his officer is only a Mrs. so and so. And the solider himself is not a lesser You, lesser He or lesser Him, when the wife or other relatives of the officer mentions him.

However, in Hindi, the stinking lowering of the soldier done by the officer will be used by the other members of the officer’s family. And the soldier is forced to treat the wife and other family members’ of the officer with words of ennoblement, which also degrades him automatically.

These issues are not innate to the officer or his family members or that of the soldier. In fact, even if native-Englishmen are made to function in Hindi, all these Satanism will perch upon them.

1. , the creation of organisational forms is dependent on the men who are available and can be considered as leaders
2. The prerequisite for the creation of an organisational form is and remains the man necessary for its leadership
3. must be attached to will and energy than to intelligence as such, and most valuable of all is a combination of ability, determination, and perseverance.

The above three statements are connected to the machinery that has to be set up to create a powerful organisation.

It is the greatest error to believe that the strength of a movement increases through a union with another of similar character. It is true that every enlargement of this kind at first means an increase in outward dimensions, which to the eyes of superficial observers means power; in truth, however, it only takes over the germs of an inner weakening that will later become effective.

Yes, even similar organisations having same or similar aims are actually different pyramids with different leaders on top, and in the various slots in the hierarchy. Joining two similar organisations, will only end up in a fight at every slot in the hierarchy for that slot of leadership.

If an idea in itself is sound and, thus armed, takes up a struggle on this earth, it is unconquerable and every persecution will only add to its inner strength.

I am not sure about the certainty of the above statement. Some movements do move forward. Others get crushed by the demonic force and cunningness of the opposite team which has felt intimidated. But then, it does seem that there is some external power that does intervene to clear the pathways of some movements.

even an occasional truth is only intended to cover a bigger falsification and is therefore itself in turn a deliberate untruth.

Even though Adolf Hitler mentions the above statement with regard to the Jews, the fact is that this is a universal truth in the action of sinister propaganda. I have seen this used in the various shady writings that belittle the English colonialism in a few regions in the Indian Subcontinent. They admit minor positive points of the English rule to lend a feel of accuracy in their rabid canard about the English rule.

that every idea and every achievement is the result of one man’s creative force and that the admiration of greatness constitutes, not only a tribute of thanks to the latter, but casts a unifying bond around the grateful..........Personality cannot be replaced; especially when it embodies not the mechanical but the cultural and creative element.

This statement can be true inside most feudal language nations. However, when it comes to pristine-ENGLISH, the experience is quite different. Even though I am too much tempted to mention the personality of Robert Clive in the setting up of the English Empire in some parts of the South Asian subcontinent, that real fact is that whoever was running or working in the English Empire, the general taste and feel of the English Empire was the same in all locations everywhere in the world, where native-English persons were involved.

The English Empire showed discrepancies only when the personnel involved were not native-English, but pure Scots, Welsh or Irish.

In the ultimate count, whatever be the quality of the leader in a feudal language social set up, unless he or she has a follower group who are instinctively just like him or her, the quality that he or she proposes will get diluted from the very first step from him or her.

A quality English rule can be set up only by a quality set of English individuals. Instead of that, if an Englishman is to head a lot of non-English feudal speakers, it would require a lot of non-English draconian laws and statutes to enforce a discipline that might be innate and natural to Englishmen.

For in feudal languages, human relationships are differently designed. And the social urges and familial command routes can be quite powerful.


a271 #

All in all, this whole period of winter 1919-20 was a single struggle to strengthen confidence in the victorious might of the young movement and raise it to that fanaticism of faith which can move mountains.

The fanaticism of faith that can move mountains is certainly a great achievement. However, for that to function in a most logical manner, a very logical human arrangement is required in a feudal language. For each slot in the structure can be dismantled or disarrayed by a single word or information. For words have powerful pulling and pushing power in feudal languages.

who try to estimate the value of a movement according to the most bombastic-sounding titles,

It is a funny observation, but I need to mention it here. When the English rule got established in the Malabar region in south India, as part of the Madras Presidency, some of the lower castes got a never-before-in-history to improve themselves through English education. These lower castes then started getting into government jobs, which were socially an impossible thing for them in the earlier days. Some of them got directly recruited as officers.

Yet, to get them to run an office was not that easy. For many of their subordinates would be higher castes, and most of the people coming into the offices would be higher castes. In some department, the English government gave a support to the new officer class, by arranging a higher platform for the officer to sit, as if like a king. The height of the platform would be around 1 feet high. The people and the office subordinates are at the ground level.

However, there was this difference. The officers were good in English and hence the members of the public would not be mistreated by lower grade words. And the members of the public were to meet only the officers. They clerks and peons were mere helpers to the officers. This was also a very great insight of the English rulers. They could see that if the members of the public were allowed to meet the local vernacular speaking clerks and peons, they would use degrading word to them.

However, in present-day India, there is practically no difference between an officer and a clerk. Or even with a peon. All of them are home in the feudal vernacular. And all of them taunt the members of the public. And lower castes are given ‘officer’ post as per statutory ‘reservation’ to them. Most of these so-called lower castes ‘officers’ do not know English. It then becomes a mere posting of a low-grade person to a high level post. It generally adds to the total disastrous ways and manners of the Indian officialdom.

Now coming back to what Adolf Hitler mentioned, I have to mention what I have noticed. Since around 1975, a new understanding dawned on the government employees.

That the common citizens of India are simply dirt, and that the government employees are the only group who are of significance. All the higher indicant words are now in their possession. And everywhere it is mentioned that the government officials need to be ‘respected’. Even the peon would demand that. For, there is not much of an intellectual difference between an IAS officer (feudal royalty of Indian administration) and his peon. Both of them know for sure that India got freedom after ‘Gandhi did the Salt Satyagraha in Dandi’ and that the British government was defeated by a ‘great independence struggle’.

At the level of a government competitive exam, both the IAS officer and his peon at are the same levels of insipidity.

However, both of them sit quaintly, with no qualms about anything, on the huge administrative set-up created by really dedicated English officials.

What I did notice was the huge and cunning idea to rename all insipid government jobs with resounding titles. I have literally sat through these meetings in my childhood, when each and every official would very callously mention that the Indian public is a donkey.

Official tiles like zonal inspector of registration was changed to Deputy Inspector General of Registration. I cannot mention anything about the quality of the persons who were to occupy these resounding tilted positions.

Small town officials, like the Taluk ‘officer’ were renamed as Assistant Director.

In fact, in current-day India, every government official is a majestic title holder.

During the English rules times, in the English ruled areas, there was a government employee known as the Sanitary Inspector. His job was to check public toilets regularly and private ones during times of any epidemic, to see that they are maintained with the minimum levels of cleanliness.

However, after a few decades after the formation of India, these job holders quietly changed the name of the job to Health Inspector.

With this changing, the public sees them as some high grade ‘Inspectors’, and their relatives go around mentioning, ‘He is a Health Inspector!’ With this transformation, the cleanliness of the public toilets in India fell to rock bottom.

For, technically now there is no one clearly designated to check the sanitary conditions of the public toilets. The persons statutorily assigned the job will keep a distance from their assigned job, and no one knows about that.

Even the government teachers are ‘Saar’ in many south Indian states. All this, when actually the Constitution of India very candidly has abolished social titles.
Government officials pay, perks and pension are literally a daylight heist. But then no one complains. For, they have been told that everything was robbed from ‘India’ by the English rulers!

anyone who fights for forty years for a so-called idea without being able to bring about even the slightest success, in fact, without having prevented the victory of the opposite, has, with forty years of activity, provided proof of his own incapacity.

No comment.

The characteristic thing about these people is that they rave about old Germanic heroism, about dim prehistory, stone axes spear and shield, but in reality are the greatest cowards that can be imagined.

Even though, this is Adolf Hitler’s mention of patriotic Germans/Aryans, it is sure that the same words can be used to define many other jingoistic persons in many other nations. Especially those who rave about ancient heritage, pre-dating to thousands of years!

For these very reasons the establishment of a strong central power implying the unconditional authority of a Kadership is necessary in the movement.

In feudal languages, there is no meaning in allowing everyone to argue. For, if it is allowed, everyone would argue just to show that they are better than others. Not due to any other intellectual input.

The insertion of such an indefinable and variously interpretable concept into the political struggle leads to the destruction of any strict fighting solidarity,

It is not like in English. In English most of the social relationship and statutes are in the form of unwritten conventions. However, in feudal languages, there is a very powerful requirement that everything has to be standardised. Otherwise, due to the spurs in the feudal language, people strive to pull every single item into a different location, just to display their individuality and that they are different, and they are higher than their nearest man.

It may look funny, but then even though the English rulers brought in specific legal codes in feudal language nation like the English Empire in the Indian subcontinent, the whole empire more or less functioned in a more or less similar manner without any hitch. That was only due to the planar quality of the pristine-ENGLISH language.

and thus the friendship of these people for our young movement was not only worthless, but solely and always harmful,

No comment

For them our principle, ‘Against those who attack us with force we will defend ourselves with force,’ had something terrifying about it.

No comment

A man who knows a thing, who is aware of a given danger, and sees the possibility of a remedy with his own eyes, has the duty and obligation, by God, not to work ‘silently,’ but to stand up before the whole public against the evil and for its cure.

I must admit that I should get inspiration from the above words.

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Annotations VOL – 2

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Volume 2 is basically a history of the National Socialist Movement and to a slight extent, a minor part of Adolf Hitler’s own autobiography

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Annotations Vol 2

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14 #

that here it was not a case of introducing a new electoral slogan into the political field but that an entirely new world view,

In most of the nonsensical nation states created by the insipid academic geniuses in England, in the post English colonial regions, a correction in the erroneous political and public administrative systems is not what is required. What is required is a totally new world view and totally new social set up.

1936 April: Chancellor Adolf Hitler

That preoccupation is directed towards the results of the next election.

What Adolf Hitler mentions is more or less a correct observation with regard to the general preoccupation of the political parties. In fact, in a closed door meeting of a communist party’s area wing for arranging the strategy for coming election, I did very clearly overhear one of the local leaders saying, ‘there is no need to think of correctness of any issue or promises we give.

All we have to do is to seduce the voter to vote for us on the election-day. That is all that matters’. He said it in a pose of great maturity in political matters.

1. They dip their noses into the newspapers and gradually begin to scent what it is that their darlings, the broad masses, are wishing for, what they reject and what they are hoping for.

2. They address the electors once again, give an account of the enormous labours they have accomplished and emphasise the malicious obstinacy of their opponents.

3. Led by the Press and blinded once again by the alluring appearance of the new programme, the bourgeois as well as the proletarian herds of voters faithfully return to the common stall and re-elect their old deceivers

Even though Adolf Hitler wrote these lines many years before the creation of India, the words are true to be minutest extent.

The word völkisch does not express any clearly specified idea.

There are many similar words in feudal languages, which can mean many things, some of them quite of a mutually contradictory nature. However, there is this word in English: Culture. It also has a lot of problems in defining it.

In rudimentary English, it can mean politeness and manners. However, in modern academic understandings, it goes into the definition of populations.

There is the issue of connecting that word with religion also.

If the reader is interested in knowing what Indian Culture is, Read: Indian Culture. What is it? written by me.

just as freedom cannot be won by a universal yearning for it.

Even though Adolf Hitler has given an illustration of who wants to achieve ‘freedom’, this word has many problems. First is that a people or individual should get the understanding that they or he is not free, or that there are freedoms that he has not experienced.

For instance, when a common man goes to an Indian government office or police station, depending on his social stature, he can even be addressed in the pejorative or disallowed from sitting, severely rebuked or admonished etc. However, most of the Indian common people take this terrible behaviour in their stride, in the perfect understanding that this is the way a government official should deal with the common man.

However, once they get to see the cosy softness of an English level of conversation between an official and a citizen, they get to know that they had been held at the raw end of the concept of freedom.

Here again, people may not understand why the word ‘freedom’ is used, when it is only impoliteness that was displayed. Yet, think again. The common man had no freedom to sit in a government office.

He can’t object to his being addressed in the pejorative. He can’t sit and discuss the matter from a location of dignity. Well, these are freedoms that has not even being imagined as ‘freedoms’.

Every philosophy of life, even if it is a thousand times correct and of the highest benefit to mankind, will be of no practical service for the maintenance of a people as long as its principles have not yet become the rallying point of a militant movement.

That might be true. However, I personally do not advocate a violent movement. Not because it is not justifiable, but because the other side will reciprocate in the same manner. It is quite naive to imagine that only one side, that is the side of the revolutionaries alone, are intelligent enough to win a war. Wining a revolution in current-days is very near to impossible.

For the rest of the nations will come to the support of the oppressive government. Or the government might not be oppressive, but simply a government by a different group to whom one section of the population is not willing to concede authority.

Currently just denoting any revolutionaries as terrorists can gather up a universal enmity for the movement.

In fact, the idiots in USA had the insipidity in their brains to define the independence movement in North Ceylon as a terrorist movement. And when the Sri Lankan government, instead of conceding independence to the Tamil population there, massacred a huge number of civilians and molested the survivors, the USA military leaders simply watched the proceeding in a mood of great entertainment. Obama was the president of the USA at that time. Was he complicit in the terror? Who can say for sure? Only nemesis can talk about retribution. I wonder where Obama will end up.

A better and safer manner, might be to develop the total quality of the people. This can be done by disseminating quality English and abolishing feudal languages.

Here the practical wisdom of the statesman must come to the assistance of the abstract idea, which is correct in itself.

Adolf Hitler going into the details of how he moved from conceptualisation to practicalities of setting up a mass movement.

Out of the army of millions who feel the truth of these ideas, and even may understand them to some extent, one man must arise. This man must have the gift of being able to expound general ideas in a clear and definite form, and, from the world of vague ideas shimmering before the minds of the masses, he must formulate principles that will be as clear-cut and firm as granite. He must fight for these principles as the only true ones, until a solid rock of common faith and common will emerges above the troubled waves of vagrant ideas.

Creating the faith that can move mountains.

The current political conception of the world is that the State, though it possesses a creative force which can build up civilisations, has nothing in common with the concept of race as the foundation of the State.

The hurriedly set-up nation-states in the imminent departure of the English Colonialism, was one of the most dangerous ideas that was promoted by the idiots in England. A higher dangerous one was the concept that native-democracy in the colonial regions was better than the English rule.

This concept of nation-state immediately led to death of 1 million people in the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent. People from not only the British-Indian locations, but more from the native king-ruled areas killed each other brutally in the name of religion.

The Hindu-Muslim division was caused by the insult reaped upon Muhammad Jinnah, by the followers of Gandhi, who objected to his mentioning Gandhi as Mr. Gandhi. They wanted everyone to mention Gandhi as Gandhiji. Gandhi, who was present on the dais, simply watched the commotion with pleasure as Jinnah was hounded out of the dais.

Later Jinnah left the Congress party and created his own Muslim league.

The concept of nation-state simply had the effect of clubbing together un-mixable populations, who had lived with no problems under the English rule. Numerical minorities were forced to adjust themselves under brutal majority groups. I wonder how Britons would love to be under the Sri Lankans. If they would find it unbearable, what is wrong in the Tamils in North Ceylon also finding it quite unbearable?

Nation-state concept has led to innumerable number of blood-shedding in India. Populations which had remained loyal to the English rule suddenly found themselves under people whom they did want to be their master class. In India, places like Kashmir, Punjab, North-east etc. have revolted, only to be branded as terrorists, and crushed down. It is not the fault of India. The complete blood of these millions will be on the hands of the members of the British Labour Party.

The assumption that all races are alike leads to the assumption that nations and individuals are equal to one another.

All human populations are not equal. First of all, there is no concept of human equality in many feudal languages. Apart from that, in the same feudal language, there are varying levels of equality. For instance, in many Indian feudal languages, there are at least three different levels of equality.

Beyond that there are varying higher-lower arrangement of human beings in many feudal languages which are rigid. In some place, people go on trying to usurp the higher location incessantly, leading to a mood of continuous belligerence in the society.

Now, why did I bring this up? Well, it is just that the concept of human equality is a very complicated theme. At the moment, the great academic geniuses are mentioning the word ‘equality’ as if the wholeness of the concept is very easily understood from the literal meaning of the word. It is not so easy.

There are a lot of things that has to be first understood before even taking up the topic of ‘equality’ for discussion.

It is most inappropriate that some people do speak with authority on things on which their information is quite meagre. I mean the academic geniuses.


291 #

But all this was done in the service of his race.

Here Adolf Hitler focuses on Karl Marx, who is identified with Jewish aspirations.

In principle, the State is looked upon only as a means to an end and this end is the conservation of the racial characteristics of mankind.

This is another version of the nation state. However, beyond the confines of some Continental European nations, this might not work out. In many Asian nations, each nation traditionally, could be a layer of human populations kept rigidly in hierarchical slots.

If one were to work on the racial basis of a nation, it would be candidly seen that such nations are a multitude of nations, held in shackles by the layers above.

But then, the spread of English across the globe has loosened up the shackles and there have been breeches in the dividing barriers.

The völkisch belief holds that humanity must have its ideals, because ideals are a necessary condition of human existence itself. But, on the other hand, it denies that an ethical ideal has the right to prevail if it endangers the existence of a race that is the standard-bearer of a higher ethical ideal.

Even though people can say that any group of people can behave or live as they please, there are wider implications to this argument. Quality social systems need quality ideals. In fact, the quality of the ideals stream down to the social quality.

In fact, it has been my own personal observation that the native officers of British-India tried to emulate and copy the standards set by the English officers. No corruption. Very fast interaction among themselves to solve any man’s issues that has come before them. English courtesies etc.

At the same time, the ‘officers’ in the native kingdoms more or less copied the crude feudal discriminatory attitude to the people, as exhibited by their superiors.

Now, there is a real danger that England will be overrun by the populations that bear the other sinister behavioural codes. From this perspective, such feudal language social systems should not be allowed to come up.

That much can be drawn up from the above words of Adolf Hitler. However, there is no way it should be used to promote a German superiority claim. It has no basis.

In fact, during Colonial days, Germans used to carry the Union Jack with them, knowing the protection that it can lend.

We all feel that in the distant future many may be faced with problems which can be solved only by a superior race of human beings, a race destined to become master of all the other peoples and which will have at its disposal the means and resources of the whole world.

This is indeed a location where Adolf Hitler has indeed pondered deep to find a solution for the emerging tragic issues connected to human and animal existence.

There is indeed a route to ponder upon this issue. Adolf Hitler missed the route literally by the whiskers. His totally parochial political agenda must have weighed heavily on his mind.

The problems associated with human social and familial relationships are connected to craving for power or rather the fear of being dominated, the craving for ‘respect’ or the terror of being ‘disrespected’, the physical force that came be carried around in the form of a still not fully understood item called money or the lack of this power, the need to have employees to create a pyramid in which one is on the top slot or the craving to be an employee for various reasons etc.

And then there are issues connected to emotional attachments etc. And much more of the similar or dissimilar vein.

If one were able to visualise the codes inside the various languages, as one would be able to envisages software codes, or as a sort of 3 dimensional arena were human being are mere dots connected to each other as per various links that goes on pushing or pulling or stretching or twisting each other, one might be able to visualise the realities of a feudal language social pattern.

One of the major differences this pattern would have from planar languages like English-designed social pattern would be thus:

1. The codes values that go on changing and thus enabling the push-pull-stretching-twisting would be more or less static. In the case of feudal language patterns, if the social system is rigid, the values would be rigid, but then a master-slave code attachment would be there in all links. This would create valve-like block on certain functions. That is some articulation can move only in one direction, and not in the other direction.

2. If the social pattern is visualised as a 3 – D arena, then the English designed social pattern would be various dot seen to be arranged in a more or less planar layout, or very near to it.

What I have mentioned is slightly of a complicated understanding mentioned here in a very simple manner.

Now, what or who is the superior race that can bring in composure and peace in the human social systems? It goes without saying that this superior race would be that which innately speaks a planar language.

This is theme has certain profundity that cannot be dealt with here.

A doctrine which forms a definite outlook on life cannot struggle and triumph by allowing the right of free interpretation of its general teaching, but only by defining that teaching in certain articles of faith that have to be accepted and incorporating it in a political organisation.

Unrestrained interpretation of statutes can do damage to certain systems. For instance, if the ordinary soldiers are allowed to interpret the various rules and statutes in the military rules and the right to dignity and freedom asserted in the Constitution of India, there would be deep problems of discipline.

The minimum understanding that should be there is that whatever interpretations and liberties are taken up in the matter of interpretations, the Indian Hindi speaking army cannot become the pristine-ENGLISH speaking army of England. For both of them are arranged by vastly different language codes.

There are acceptable ranges of freedoms allowed in each language. The freedoms allowed in English cannot be made functional in any other language without checking its codes. For instance, most of the manner of speaking in pristine-English would become outrageous impertinences in most Indian feudal languages. In fact, a posture of dignity inside an Indian government office or police station in an ordinary Indian can be quite dangerous for him.

Those whose duty it is to explain what is meant when we speak of the State, hold chairs in State universities, often in the department of constitutional law, and consider it their highest duty to find explanations and justifications for the more or less fortunate existence of that particular form of State which provides them with their daily bread.

I can only wonder the exquisite foresight of Adolf Hitler. He has literally described the Indian academicians. Even though his ire was on the German academicians.

Those who hold that the State is a more or less voluntary association of men who have agreed to set up and obey a ruling authority.

Actually this is a very insipid and very obviously stupid view of the state. For instance, most of the nations that were formed after the breaking up of the English Empire were formed by the active intervention and help from the British government.

There was no ‘agreeing’ by the people to set up a common authority. The common authority was more or less imposed upon them.

If one were to accept the contentions of the idea that ‘people agreed to the social and political set up’, then it would seem that the caste system and slavery in the Indian subcontinent were more or less self imposed. It is very clear that the role of language codes in forming associations, imposing authority, grading people etc. is not known to the pronouncers of this theory.

The State no longer exists for the purpose of serving men but men exist for the purpose of adoring the authority of the State, which is vested in its functionaries, even down to the smallest official.

Surely this is the current state of India. Even the smallest official, the office peon demands ‘respect’ (servility) from the people and holds the power to degrade them by pejorative words.

The State must see that public peace and order are preserved and, in their turn, order and peace must make the existence of the State possible. All life must move between these two poles.

This takes us to the situation of a pristine-English England of yore. If there was no efficient policing, would the people riot? As to the location in the Indian subcontinent, even though the people didn’t riot in the former days, if the king was weak, the outsiders would barge in and molest the local people. In fact, in Travancore State Manual, a declaration of independence by the people of a locality is mentioned. This was due to the fact that the king couldn’t protect them and their family members.

William Henry Sleeman

Yet, when the English East India Company rule was formed, the company had to take steps to suppress the gangster group known as the Thuggee. For this, a systematic police system was formed in the East India Company’s reign areas. Henry Sleeman crushed this menace. However, these bits of information have all vanished from Indian school history textbooks.

Coming back to the quoted words, if the people quality is bad, the ruler quality will go worse. However, if the rulers do have an innate quality, they can improve the people, as did the English rulers in the small areas in the Indian subcontinent which were in their hands. Quality rulers are required. Not insane democracy.

if possible, that only one language should be used, though solely for technical reasons of administration.

There is mention about language, but then in a very insignificant manner. Adolf Hitler was just mentioning another view point.

Actually the selection of national language is a very important thing. It is not something that has to be done to assuage fiery jingoistic emotions, but from the logic of what does the national policy or Constitution insists. If the Constitution insists on an egalitarian social set up, then a language like English is imperative.


301 #
on the part of a people who are ethnically homogeneous and speak the same language.

There is a erroneous feeling that the people of the same language would adhere together and create a homogenous nation. It is not true. May be in the case of English, it might be true to some extent. For, English has no codes of splitting human beings into varying heights.
However, in feudal language social systems, things are different. People have hierarchies. When connecting to other populations who speak the same language, unless the issue of connecting corresponding levels in an equivalent manner is done, there will be problems. And beyond that, certain layers will not like to be placed under the same layer under a different group of people. It is a complicated scenario, and cannot be dealt offhand here.
Again, Adolf Hitler was mentioning another group’s viewpoint.

a fundamental error by doing so – that such a common language would enable them to carry out a process of nationalisation in a definite direction.

Yes, there are many limitations in thinking that a common feudal language can unite people. It is more likely that it will divide a people, if they are not from a homogenous group, with very precisely set social hierarchies.

In fact, the various locations inside the Indian subcontinent could be united only by the English language. And not by any other language else.

For instance, if the national government of India insists on the Indian army officers using Hindi among themselves, the whole armed services would erupt. The national government would not be seen ever again.

What they mostly meant by Germanisation was a process of forcing other people to speak the German language. But it is almost inconceivable how such a mistake could be made as to think that a Negro or a Chinaman will become a German because he has learned the German language and is willing to speak German for the future, and even to cast his vote for a German political party.

It is a great pity this insight came only to Adolf Hitler. It should have dawned in the thick-skulls of English policymakers in England. How can a feudal language speaker metamorphosis into an Englishman by just learning English? In fact, the very fact, that his brain has feudal language software inside makes him totally a negation as an Englishman. He might be more clever than an average Englishman, more capable, more energetic, more conceding, more affable, and more efficient and so many other things. But not an Englishman. And all his capabilities will be dangerous for the native population of England and their posterity.

not signify Germanisation but the annihilation of the German element.

Again the word ‘German’ should have been replaced by ‘English’. Allowing outsider to masquerade themselves as Englishmen and Britons would simply lead to the vanishing of antique England. No man who loves pristine-England can concede to that.

In the course of history it has happened only too often that a conquering race succeeded by external force in compelling the people whom they subjected to speak the tongue of the conqueror and that after a thousand years their language was spoken by another people and that thus the conqueror finally turned out to be the conquered.

This would be the experience of all English nations, I fear. If someone with some sense doesn’t appear on the scene to stop the drift.

Therefore it would be justifiable to speak of Germanisation only if that process could change the blood of the people who would be subjected to it, which is obviously impossible.

It has nothing to do with blood and genes. It is a far more complicated arena. For instance, it would be quite naive to imagine a Zulu-speaking German bloodline as being Germans.

even though the resultant mongrel race should excel a thousand fold in speaking the language of the race that once had been superior.

I am sure that a feudal language speaker would be better in English at writing and various other things due to the fact, that he or she can use words, emotions and social setting from his or her own native land, to superimpose on English. However, he or she is still not the antique English native.

He or she is only a cunning imposter, he or she claims to be English. For, he or she has feet in two language worlds and is a seeming native in two languages. This is not the defining features of an native-English.

A people of foreign race would have had to use the German language to express modes of thought that were foreign to the German, thus compromising by its own inferiority the dignity and nobility of our nation.

It is tragic that Adolf Hitler was born in Germany. He would have protected English as none other could have.

When persons who are native feudal language speakers, speak English, in most cases they import all the diffidence and arrogance innate to his or her native tongue, into English.

capacity for creating cultural values is essentially based on the racial element and that, in accordance with this fact, the paramount purpose of the State is to preserve and improve the race;

The paramount duty of England is to preserve itself and to train the rest of the world to higher standards. However, it is not duty-bound to allow others to despoil England. That much minimum information has not entered into the policymakers of current-day England.

Current-day England is just a stooge in the hands of cunning outsiders.

obligation which the State bears towards the race,

The obligation of the state naturally is towards its citizens. It is quite funny that even now, the US government has no idea that it was duty-bound to halt the BPO revolution then and there in the 1990s.

No sane nation would have allowed it. Only after a very careful study of the long-term repercussions on the local citizens should it have been allowed to export technical skills and to import cheap labour.

But then, the US is not in the control of the people at all, even though the foolish people there think that they are in charge due to being allowed to participate in the circus known as elections.

Elections have been all over the world to hoodwink people. And the US citizens are currently no better. Gullible and fooled by their own national leaders. And no one knows for sure as to who is a US citizen anymore. In earlier days, there was a very identification in the form of a common native English mood in the US citizenry.


311 #
clear and logical doctrine of the nature and purpose of the State

Adolf Hitler proposes to build up a state based on race. Which race, is not clear.

yet if the Aryan, who is the creator and custodian of civilisation, should disappear, all culture that is on an adequate level with the spiritual needs of the superior nations today would also disappear.

If the Aryans disappear from earth, nothing else will vanish. However, if the native-English vanish, pristine-ENGLISH might get replaced with what is known as Indian English, American English etc., all of which are substandard Englishes, in various ways.

Only with the extermination of the last race that possesses the gift of cultural creativeness, and indeed only if all the individuals of that race had disappeared, would the earth definitely be turned into a desert.

I am not sure that technical skills and talent in Mathematics etc. can create an England. If all the geniuses in other nations vanish also, England, if it preserves its originality, will remain untarnished. However, that pristine-ENGLAND seems to have vanished, even though all the technical geniuses are all there in plenitude there and everywhere.

Just as many varieties of prehistoric animals had to give way to others and leave no trace behind them

True. However, I am not happy to see English antiquity vanish from this earth.

It is not the State as such that brings about a certain definite advance in cultural progress. The State can only protect the race that is the cause of such progress.

That might be true. However, since I understand that most of the modern systems and social qualities have been disseminated by the English race, it is definitely a terror to understand that the government of English has been quite unconcerned about protecting this race. The race that Adolf Hitler seems to propound definitely has no such merits.

not the State but the race, which is alone capable of producing that higher human quality.

Definitely not skin colour, or ethnicity, but the contents in the language codes. And this is not an innate thing to any particular race or ethnicity, even though native-English speakers have been the possessors of a very decent and refined language software.

However, the magic that lies embedded in pristine-ENGLISH can be imbibed by others if they really get to understand what to intake and what to avoid.

if they acquired the necessary human material – that is to say, men of an inferior race – to serve them as working implements, the cultural faculty dormant in them would have splendidly blossomed forth, as happened in the case of the Greeks, for example

Greece is also an over-blown antiquity. Can’t compete with pristine-England, in any age.

The State is only a means to an end. Its end and its purpose is to preserve and promote a community of human beings who are physically as well as spiritually kindred.

Might be true. Yet, might need proper qualifying.

The State is only the vessel and the race is what it contains.

Nations can be created out of various races. Yet, it is the language software that ultimately decides the quality of the nation. Not the national language, but the language that is inside the various persons, which can trigger the emotions as per its varied codes.

For it is not the task of the State to create human capabilities, but only to assure free scope for the exercise of capabilities that already exist.

Actually this is the very thing that an English platform does lend. I have seen persons who are actually paranoiac about entering into the society in India, literally blossoming in individuality when they arrive inside an English ambience.

Not only that, to get an official paper from the government officials in India is a huge and tedious work. The government literally fails to discipline the workers in the government offices. However, in English nations, it would be much more easier.

At least the self-depreciating obeisance is not required to extract an official paper.

So a wider sense of Adolf Hitler’s words would be that the state should provide the necessary ambiance for the people to function without being hindered by arrogant government employees.


321 #
Thus, conversely, a State may be called bad if, in spite of the existence of a high cultural level, it dooms to destruction the bearers of that culture by breaking up their racial uniformity.

England is doing just that. And it is not about racial issues, but rank destruction of English antiquity.

is of more worth than a tribe of negroes.

No comment

the worth of a State can be determined only by asking how far it actually succeeds in promoting the well-being of a definite race and not by the role which it plays in the world at large

If the sentence can be reframed with the words ‘a definite race’ replaced with the words ‘the native citizens’, the sentence would be of great truth. However, Adolf Hitler’s rabid attachment to the ‘Aryans’ spoils the powerful idea embedded in the sentence.

if we ask what kind of statal institution we Germans need, we must first have a clear notion as to the people which that State must embrace and what purpose it must serve.

True. Probably true for most nations.

a peace that would be guaranteed by the triumphant sword of a people endowed with the power to master the world and administer it in the service of a higher civilisation

That shall not be Germany’s fate. It was actually England pre-destined responsibility. However a mad idiot jumped into a location where he was a most misfit and destroyed everything. In fact, if anyone had shot him dead then and there, the English Empire would have survived to spread freedom and dignity to the downtrodden populations all around the globe. However, personally I do not support violence.

During that dark period of absolute ignorance in regard to all racial laws, when each individual was considered to be on a par with every other, there could be no clear appreciation of the difference between the various fundamental racial characteristics.

There is nothing wrong in promoting the preservation of the pure breed of all kinds and races. In fact, it might be good to preserve such individuals.
And there will be difference between them. However, the fact is that language codes can over-ride many human features currently identified as racial features.

the proverb holds good that to rest is to rust;

No comment

proverb that victory will always be won by him who attacks

No comment

Against us we have the innumerable army of all those who are lazy-minded and indifferent rather than evil, and those whose self-interest leads them to uphold the present state of affairs

True in India, and most of the other low-class nations.

the highest probability is that only the best kind of protagonists will join our ranks. This selection is the guarantee of our success.

It is true that the individual members who sync perfectly with the ideologies of an organisation are its best assets. So, instead of aiming for a huge number of members, it might be wise to start with a few committed-to-the-core members.

Go to the Top


331 #
The later products of cross-breeding have to suffer bitterly, especially the third, fourth and fifth generations. Not only are they deprived of the higher qualities that belonged to the parents who participated in the first mixture, but they also lack definite will-power and vigorous vital energies owing to the lack of harmony in the quality of their blood.

Actually something similar to this did happen to the Anglo-Indians in India. However, that was not due to any blood or genetic degradation. Just that their soft English culture was simply crushed down by the native vernacular speaking socially higher classes. The theme is complicated, but not like what Adolf Hitler mentions. In fact, the same degradation can be seen in animals also who come from good pedigree abroad, but are handled at the lower end of the feudal language codes in India.

They soon lose their quality in a generation or two. In fact, I think I can vouch for such things in the case of pedigree dogs, horses etc. unless they are handled in a higher quality verbal atmosphere.

At all critical moments in which a person of pure racial blood makes correct decisions, that is to say, decisions that are coherent and uniform, the person of mixed blood will become confused and take measures that are incoherent.

Here again, it is not genes or DNA at work, but the language codes. Mixed blood people generally could be connected to varying language speakers. The theme is quite debatable, and I have adequate proof of what I contend. However, the full text of that contention cannot be mentioned here. My books:

1. March of the evil empires; English versus the feudal languages

2. Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages; Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!

3. Codes of reality! What is language?

4. Software codes of mantra &c.

etc. can give some inputs about the same. However, all those books were written some years back. And my current information on this theme is much higher. Yet, all the above-mentioned books do contain quite original thoughts and observations.
The reader can check this book:

What is entering? (into England)

this is because it would lack elasticity and constructive capacity to prevail over a race of homogeneous blood that was mentally and culturally superior.

Adolf Hitler has missed the way totally. Social homogeneity is connected to the language codes, and how it is implemented. In planar languages like pristine-ENGLISH, social cohesion is much easier to form. However in feudal languages, with very correct arranging of hierarchy codes, the social functioning can be made quite smooth as in the case of the rigid caste system. However, if the codes are not arranged in perfect order, there will be mutual bickering, backstabbing, indiscipline and lack of coherence as seen in the Indian government offices.

It may be understood that both the Indian army as well as the Indian government offices function in the same language. Yet, due to the varying arraying of word codes, the social atmosphere that emerges is quite different from each other.

But there is serious danger that those who have become blind once in this respect will continue more and more to break down racial barriers and finally lose the last remnants of what is best in them

Here Adolf Hitler does argue for racial segregation. It is clear that he discerns very clear differences in people based on their skin colour. However, this is a very limited view. In most feudal language areas, people do find a lot more differences between people groups.

For instance: From the English and Continental European perspective, the word ‘Indians’ (meaning the people of the current day nation of India located in the Indian subcontinent) seems to suggest one particular kind of people.

However, that is not the truth at all. Inside this nation, there are various kinds of peoples. By language, there are different groups. By castes, there are different groups. By religion, there are different groups. Inside each religions, there are very marked groups who do not mix. In fact, till the 1930s, many of the currently so-called Hindu castes were not allowed inside any Hindu spiritual institutions like the temples.

People openly mention the segregation. Marriages across all these barriers are not that easy, and many are openly forbidden. Apart from all this, there are the sharp wedges inserted by the professional status of a person’s parents, or of himself or herself. People who consider themselves belonging to higher professions will not like their children to marry persons who are from a profession which is graded lower in the feudal language codes.

Well, these hundreds of human barriers are openly mentioned and very carefully maintained. However, not many people write it openly and make a statutory record of it. In fact, if one were to go by the statutory records, all these kinds of discriminations are forbidden, and India is thus a great nation. For, such discriminations are not there. Yet, the truth is the exact opposite.

The fact is that everyone mentally accepts the barriers and no one cares to break them. For instance, when a marriage is proposed, people from only acceptable castes and acceptable level of professional status are mentioned. Others are simply not mentioned as they are very obviously not mentionable. No one cares to ask why she or he should marry only a person from her or his own caste.

This much I mentioned above to just very miniscule nature of racial and ethnic barriers. In fact, skin colour barriers are more connected to family pedigree connecting to totally different people groups. However, mentioning that barrier seems to be a crime, when an umpteen number of human divisions can be mentioned and no one cares.

However, I need to interpose the idea that ethnic barriers need to be better understood by combining it with the issue of native language codes. It is a quite complicated and big theme.

The State should consecrate it as an institution which is called upon to produce creatures made in the likeness of the Lord and not create monsters that are a mixture of man and ape.

By using the word ‘ape’, Adolf Hitler has more or less quite candidly called some ethnic groups as being akin to ‘monkeys’. It does seem to be quite a misdemeanour. However, the misdemeanour that he has done is that he has quite openly mentioned this in a written form.

The fact is that deprecatory ways of referring to others, especially those who come from socially acknowledged lower classes, could be a fact of life in most Asian/African societies.

For instance, people do very openly mention lower positioned persons as idiots, monkeys, donkeys etc. very openly. I have myself heard it. Lower castes are mentioned thus by higher castes.

When lower caste persons occupy higher government jobs (due to many higher government jobs being reserved for them), many of these lower-caste ‘officers’ invariably use sneering words and gesture to and about persons of higher castes placed under them. Especially when they are at home in the native feudal languages, and not good in English.

Apart from all this, there is this observation of mine, which would require a lot of words to explain fully. I will make a brief reference to it. It is like this:

When an English individual and a local Indian marry and have children, the children can grow up in a either one of two totally different personalities.
If they are brought up in the local Indian feudal language ambience, they will have all the features of an Indian individual. This Indian feature can also be of a wide variety, depending on the social stature of the Indian parent and many other complicated influences.

Or the child can be brought up in a totally English ambience. Then the individual will have a totally English mental features.

Then there is the third individuality, which might come near to Adolf Hitler’s cantankerous words. A mixture of both English and some Indian personality features (there are many different kinds of personality features in India, depending on a variety of items).

I will leave this discussion at this point.

our national bourgeoisie look upon it as a crime to make procreation impossible for syphilitics and those who suffer from tuberculosis or other hereditary diseases, also cripples and imbeciles.

Well, I am not in a position to say anything about this. It is a very profound subject, that might require a detailed examination. If there are merits in it also, a blanket implementation would not be correct. Still, the possiblity is that had Adolf Hitler ruled Germany for some twenty to forty years, German posterity would have been much more healthier. However, he went berserk and went to war.

To balance this state of affairs they try to convert the Hottentots and the Zulus and the Kaffirs and to bestow on them the blessings of the Church. While our European people, God be praised and thanked, are left to become the victims of moral depravity, the pious missionary goes out to Central Africa and establishes missionary stations for negroes

Adding outsiders into closed groups can be dangerous. In that, they will take over the institutions due to their numerical superiority.

Apart from that, there is this item. The English Missionaries of the London Missionary Society did a lot of pioneering good work in some kingdoms which were not under the English rule, in the Indian subcontinent. {Missionary work was forbidden in the English East India Company ruled areas}. Many lower caste individuals converted into Christianity.

Christian church was established in a very powerful manner. [Actually there was another traditional Christians in the area, practising all the traditional caste-based repulsions to the lower castes]. Seminaries and convents were established on English or Continental styles.

Yet, none of them, the priests, the nuns or the newly converted Christians was same as or similar to the English Missionaries. They were different people with different mental triggers connected to their native feudal languages.

If these people are allowed to take over the Christian establishments in England, it would be literally like asking Indians to rule England. India will slowly be transplanted (if not teleported) into England.

In fact there was a very curious conversation I had with a South Indian priest. He mentioned that he had been to England and had done ecclesiastical duties in a church there for some time. The word he used about the behaviour of the English congregation members was: they were very ‘respectful’.

Since we were conversing in English, the word wouldn’t immediately be a cause for consternation. However, the meaning of the word still has to be understood in the local south Indian feudal language. It is connected to a higher being shown obeisance by a lower being. In fact, if the conversation was translated into raw south Indian feudal languages, the picture would be of a lower class individual beings addressed in the pejorative by the priest, all standing in a pose of servitude.

Without the superimposition of the language codes, this understanding will never arise in the mind.

So, the actual fact is that when the south Indian priest was allowed to perform ecclesiastical duties in an English church in England, a desecration of a different kind does take place. Beyond that body postures, gestures and many other very minute items of a lower order gets a platform of power.

I am not sure if Adolf Hitler was able to discern these things at this level of fineness. Yet, when I mention them, mentioning me as being racist or something similarly sinister cannot be done. For, I am not White or English. Yet, I have discerned the goodness of pristine-ENGLISH social training. However, I could get to observe it at a distance only. I never had a real lengthy period of exposure to it.

1. pleasing to God if a couple that is not of healthy stock were to show loving kindness to some poor orphan and become a father and mother to him, rather than give life to a sickly child that will be a cause of suffering and unhappiness to all.

2. there is only one infamy, namely, for parents that are ill or show hereditary defects to bring children into the world.

3. Through educational means the State must teach individuals that illness is not a disgrace but an unfortunate accident which has to be pitied, yet that it is a crime and a disgrace to make this affliction all the worse by passing on disease and defects to innocent creatures out of mere egotism.

4. If for a period of only 600 years those individuals would be sterilized who are physically degenerate or mentally diseased, humanity would not only be delivered from an immense misfortune

It might not be good to brush away the ideas mentioned in the above lines as rubbish. For, there are things here that might call for a more detailed discussion

In this way frontier colonies could gradually be founded whose inhabitants would be of the purest racial stock,

Actually, what would maintain the exact purity of any human group would be the keeping out other languages from entering. For, when languages change, human beings also change.

Of course it is a fine thing, but the pity is that it cannot be carried out.

In these modern times, it can be easily done.


341 #
resorting to the cheap excuse that nothing can be done to remedy the situation, then such a generation is doomed to disaster.

Even though, the above words of Adolf Hitler is in connection to a certain kind of birth control, I would like to take this quote to another location.
Currently, most English nations are heading straight to disaster and doom. For their nations are being filled with populations whose inner mentality is not known or understandable to native-English speakers.

They know only the English translated version of these alien thinking process, which comes fully dressed up in cosy affability.

There is a mood bordering on despondency emerging in those who think about these things, inside England. Others are not bothered, being deluded into a false sense of security in the kaleidoscopic colourfulness of the social scene. That this colourfulness is only a initial signs that herald a terrible social disaster is not known to them.

As to those who understand the signs, there seems to be a mood that nothing can be done, to stop the swaying of powerful historical movements. If they, instead of acting on their gut feelings, they stand silent, then there is only doom and disaster waiting in their destiny. And of their posterity.

That is why those political societies which call themselves ‘bourgeois parties’ are nothing but associations to promote the interests of certain professional groups and classes. Their highest aim is to defend their own egoistic interests as best they can.

True in India. Actually, the huge upper classes of India stand as a sort of mutual insurance team protecting each other, and seeing that the traditionally suppressed classes which amount to around 85 percent of the population remain as depressed underclass.

In India, currently a bank account is not affordable to most of the people. For there is a minimum balance that has to be maintained. Most people cannot do this. And the monthly penalty is too heavy. Especially if it is a business account.

And here again it is character which has to be developed first of all, strength of will and decision. And the educational system ought to foster the spirit of readiness to accept responsibilities gladly. Formal instruction in the sciences must be considered last in importance.

The words above are quite candid and clear. And the sentence about science education is the best. Simply forcing everyone to be well-learned in higher sciences and mathematics is simply to induce a feeling that there is something great to be acquired through formal education.

Only a few persons do have any use with higher science and mathematics. And if at all it becomes a necessary item later in life, it can be quite easily learned.

I am sure that most of the individuals who have mugged up Trigonometry, Calculus, Quadrilateral equations, Logarithm, Metrics, Statistics, Geometry, Algebra, HCF, LCM etc. do not even remember any of these things after a few years after they leave their classrooms.

These things are forced upon students just to satiate the ego of a few persons who want to appear as the peer group. READERS can read this book: COMPULSORY FORMAL EDUCATION: A travesty!

A nation composed of learned men who are physical weaklings, hesitant about decisions of the will, and timid pacifists, is not capable of assuring even its own existence on this earth

Profundity in feudal language does not help. Physical prowess also does not help. What helps is a combination of a planar language like pristine-English and a very qualitative physical training. This can be either formal or informal.

1899: Hitler (back row, centre)

There must be a certain balance between mind and body. An ill-kept body is not made a more beautiful sight by the indwelling of a radiant spirit.

There is another item that can be added as an explanation of the above sentence. In feudal language social systems, even if the mind is having a radiant spirit, the individual can be made to look like stinking dirt by means of mere words. So generally, there is a spirited move by the followers of any individual with a inner radiant spirit or not, to adorn their leader with words of divinity, as a protection. Mainly as suffixes to their names.

Words like Mahatma, Ji, Guru, Swami, Shree, Sri, Akka, Anna, Doctor (as suffix), Madaam, Medaam, Saab, Memsaab, Chettan, Chechi etc are prized and used for this purpose. If anyone refuses to use any of the words that had been assigned by the followers, he or she will be in danger of being attacked by the followers.

A mind which is sound will generally maintain its dwelling in a body that is sound.

Not necessarily. Erroneous word codes in feudal languages can literally trigger uncontrollable violence in a perfectly healthy man. It can verge on or even lead to homicide. Some persons commit suicide.

It must organise its educational work in such a way that the bodies of the young will be systematically trained from infancy onwards, so as to be tempered and hardened for the demands to be made on them in later years. Above all, the State must see to it that a generation of stay-at-homes is not developed

This is a statement that can mean different things in different language systems. The concept of obedience, and command are different in English from that in feudal languages.

The People’s State ought to allow much more time for physical training in the school. It is nonsense to burden young brains with a load of material of which, as experience shows, they retain only a small part, and mostly not the essentials, but only the secondary and useless portion; because the young mind is incapable of sifting the right kind of learning out of all the stuff that is pumped into it.

A better idea would be teach English the language, and to allow the children to embark on various kinds of labour and business ventures on their own in a training ambience. I have seen children who went for work in their childhood blossoming into businessmen running bakeries and other businesses with the requisite technical knowhow and business acumen at a very young age. I have seen young men who have finished their purported higher education with absolutely no knowledge in anything including English, waiting for a government job. In fact for such nitwits, nothing other than the cosy laziness of a Indian government office would fit.

This State does not consider that the human ideal is to be found in the honourable philistine or the maidenly spinster, but in a dareful personification of manly force and in women capable of bringing men into the world.

One needs to take the above sentence with a pinch of salt. May be Adolf Hitler did not mean to be male chauvinistic. And may be the idea he meant is not clear. However, as it stands, it would be most unacceptable, especially to many women. That they are mere machinery for procreation.

All this could happen only because our superior scholastic system did not train men to be real men but merely to be civil servants, engineers, technicians, chemists, litterateurs, jurists and, finally, professors; so that intellectualism should not die out

In India, everything is a mix. Formal technical education is mediocre. As to civil servants, the only really thing that should know is good quality English. So that they can behave and deal with the people in a decent and polite manner.

Yet, most of them do not know English. What they do know, that is, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Geology, Geography, Vernacular languages etc. are of no use to create an efficient officialdom.

This theme is big and I cannot deal with it here.


351 #
Of course education cannot make a courageous man out of one who is temperamentally a coward. But a man who naturally possesses a certain degree of courage will not be able to develop that quality if his defective education has made him inferior to others from the very start as regards physical strength and prowess

Actually if the last two words of ‘physical strength and prowess’ are removed from the above sentence, the above quote can be adjusted to make plain another huge reality of education in feudal language social systems.

The fact about the educational system in the small portion of the Indian subcontinent that was under the English rule was that it was commenced by the English rulers. The English rulers argued for an English education. The local social leaders did not want that. However, the English education lend by the English rulers necessarily removed to a possible extent, the degrading of the student by their native-land teachers.

The vernacular schools used the lower indicant words like Thoo, USS, Nee, Avan etc. to the students stuck under them. As to the English schools, the students escaped from this degrading. For in English, there was only one YOU, one HE, one SHE etc. None of which were degrading.

This is the essential difference that the English ruler’s education had from modern Indian education. This basic information is not known in current-day England.

All the immortal examples of dauntless courage and daring which the German armies gave during the late summer and autumn of 1914, as they advanced from triumph to triumph, were the result of that education which had been pursued systematically

Actually there might be a minimum of two different kinds of battle-field courage. One is connected to the feudal language slotted courage. In that, the lower positioned man has no other option of a leeway.

He can only act in the way prescribed for him. In fact, I do feel that Japanese language could be heavily feudal. The fact that the suicide squad of pilots who ventured to bomb British ships do point to this.

In fact, they have no way to come back, deserting their duty. Back home, the word codes will drop heavily and they will have to commit suicide than face its terror. This is an information about the emotional triggers that can be activated by feudal languages, which is not known or understood in English.

However, in feudal language commands, there is the other side. If they can come home and there is no problem of the indicant word codes going down, soldiers will desert their post the moment they see that their side is not winning or the officers are seen with lack of respect. ‘Respect’ is everything in feudal languages, and it is not like the passive ‘respect’ mentioned in English. Each word has to have a ‘respect’ tag. The moment there is a lack of lending this tag, the officer’s command is over.

Moreover coming home injured is a far more terrible thing than in English. A weak man might easily lose his indicant code value. His family will also face the same issue. This is an extra terror not in English.

In English, the ‘respect’ tag in words and sentence are not there in the same manner as in feudal languages. Relationships are different. The individual has a personal level of honour. In feudal languages, the ordinary soldier is not allowed to have this. In fact, it is crushed during the inhuman training programme. However, if it not crushed, the command codes will not work in feudal languages.

The whole system of education and training must be directed towards fostering in the child the conviction that he is unquestionably a match for any- and everybody.

This can be achieved only by a pristine-ENGLISH ambience. In feudal languages, if the student or child exhibits such a superior stance, he will be beaten to a pulp by his teachers. If an ordinary citizen were to exhibit this posture, the local policeman will beat it out of him, if he chances to be in his hands.

Only by a superabundance of national energy and a passionate thirst for liberty can we recover what has been lost.

It is doubtful if Germany had lost anything at that moment. Even the German nation was a relatively new creation.

It is stupid to think that the right of the State to supervise the education of its young citizens suddenly comes to an end the moment they leave school and recommences only with military service. This right is a duty, and as such it must continue uninterruptedly.

This is a theme that requires much writing. State can command education if the state is run by enlightened persons with good standards in English and English classics. If otherwise, the state should not impose its education on everyone. For there will definitely be individuals who are getting better education on their own.

that he must not only learn to obey but also acquire the fundamentals that will enable him one day to command.

Since the concept of obedience and command differ in different languages in general and very strongly between English and feudal languages, there might be need to discuss this theme in connection to the language in question.

Generally speaking, in feudal languages, obedience and command are similar to the slave versus feudal landowner relationship of Asia/Africa and other feudal language nations.

he must become convinced that he belongs to a people who are invincible.

That conviction can be had only by the pristine-ENGLISH speaker of England of some seventy years back and before.

the education of girls just as that of boys and according to the same fundamental principles. Here again special importance must be given to physical training,

No comment

the essential traits of the individual character are already there fundamentally before any education takes place. A person who is fundamentally egoistic will always remain fundamentally egoistic, and the idealist will always remain fundamentally an idealist. Besides those, however, who already possess a definite stamp of character there are millions of people with characters that are indefinite and vague

The idea mentioned above is corrected as: feudal language speaker’s mind will always have virus infection of that language codes, even if he is given good education.

As to a person of pristine-English background, unnecessarily lengthy formal education will only be waste of precious time. The best of England’s achievement that is the English Empire was not created by formally higher educated persons. Rather it was done by formally un-educated, school dropouts of England.

What did the German educational system do in pre-War times to teach the Germans to be discreet?

The capacity to retain secrets is also connected to the language system and to the level or stature of that specific individual in his social or familial ambience. However, as of now, English nations are also going down in social quality, due to quite obvious reasons.


361 #
Remarks that are made without any sense of responsibility are thoughtlessly repeated from mouth to mouth; and our economic welfare is continually damaged because important methods of production are thus disclosed.

It is tragic that the English nations never paid heed to the fabulous oriental wisdom/cunning in the above words. In India, I have seen that people who possess any technical information, idea, medical knowledge etc. never divulge it to others. They are willing to act as the complete repositories of this technique or knowledge. This is so, because any minor capacity that makes others gather around him is one of the most powerful machinery that can add social value and ‘respect’ to him.

The English stance has been quite the opposite. That is to disseminate each and every bit of information and knowledge to others. During the days of English colonialism, it was okay. For they were improving the populations that were loyal to them. However, in the modern days of international business competition, with no one actually in a pose of loyalty to any English nation, this posture was mere gullibility, made use of by competing business moguls in other nations.

The power of business Moguls in feudal language business structure is not really understood in English.

A teacher must not try to discover the wild tricks of the boys by encouraging the evil practice of tale-bearing

Yes, the habit of training children to be talebearers is quite bad. What has to be moulded is individual of grand stature, not subservient mental dwarfs.

Loyalty, self-sacrifice and discretion are virtues which a great nation must possess. And the teaching and development of these in the school is a more important matter than many others things now included in the curriculum.

For this to come about, feudal languages should be shown the door, and pristine-ENGLISH should be brought in. Teachers with profound depths in English Classics should be brought in. Meanness and assertive self-righteousness are not to be promoted. Compassion and a mood of understanding should be imbibed.

The fear of replying, because one fears to be wrong, ought to be considered more humiliating than giving the wrong reply.

Again, in feudal language, there are many fears embedded.

nobody had sufficient mettle to make a decision on his own responsibility. That terrible fact constitutes a grave rebuke to our educational system

No comment.

This defect is found everywhere among our people and prevents decisive action wherever risks have to be taken, as if any great action can be taken without also taking the risk.

An aside: Great actions are in the realm of great risks. However, the risk in feudal language nations is much more greater than in pristine-English societies. For a failure will also mean a pulling down to the gutter-levels in the language codes.

Quite unsuspectingly, a German General found a formula for this lamentable lack of the will-to-act when he said: “I act only when I can count on a 51 per cent probability of success.”

Incidentally, if one were to look at all English actions, both in war and in peace, during the days of English colonialism, the chances of success were always literally abysmally low. In Arcot, near Madras, when the combined forces of the local raja and the French converged upon the English, the English retort consisted of just 20 Englishmen and around 180 natives, under the captaincy of a raw youth with no military experience at all.
In the battle of Plassey that shock the Mogul power in the northern parts of the peninsula, the same youth faced the combined forces of the Mogul Nawab and the French.

This time, he had 1800 natives and around 200 Englishmen with him. Most of them with no fighting experience. It was a fight with a numerical ratio of 1: 10. Yet, the totally outnumbered English leadership won. In a far of land, where the natives kings were on home turf.

The English continued their winning as long as their side kept a distance from the native feudal classes. However, when the English Crown took over the reins of power, many among the feudal class super rich from the subcontinent moved to England in the name of education.

The education they did was to teach the gullible stay-at-home Briton, that they were the leaders of a land ‘enslaved’ by the English colonialists.

All in all, the cowardly lack of will-power and the incapacity for making decisions are chiefly results of the erroneous education given us in our youth.

This error will continue as long as the nation continues to be in a feudal language ambience. Formal education cannot do erase the error. In fact, it can only add to it.

Already in the school, unfortunately, more value is placed on ‘confession and full repentance’ and ‘contrite renouncement’, on the part of little sinners, than on a simple and frank avowal

For inducing high stature behaviour, a language that lends high stature is required.

First of all, the brains of the young people must not generally be burdened with subjects of which ninety-five per cent are useless to them and are therefore forgotten again.

Quite true. Quite in-sync with my own thoughts.


371 #
There is no reason why millions of people should learn two or three languages during the school years, when only a very small fraction will have the opportunity to use these languages in later life and when most of them will therefore forget those languages completely.

Actually only one language is required. And that is pristine-ENGLISH. Not Indian English, American English, Chinese English, French English and such other low-quality Englishes.

For history must not be studied merely with a view to knowing what happened in the past but as a guide for the future, and to teach us what policy would be the best to follow for the preservation of our own people. That is the real end; and the teaching of history is only a means to attain this end

Real history has its value. However, in feudal language nations, and low-quality societies, no one wants to know a history whereby his or her claims to great antiquity is not proved.

He ought to study exhaustively and in detail only that subject in which he intends to work during the rest of his life

I need to qualify this great contention by adding that quality English, Arithmetic and a trade or technical skill to earn a livelihood or run a business should be learned. People who are not good in pristine-ENGLISH should not be allowed to run a business. Otherwise, those who work under him or her will have to suffer the degrading pejoratives. People who are not good in pristine-ENGLISH should not be allowed to become a government official.

But it is a perilous thing to base the general culture of a nation on the knowledge of these subjects.

Actually, the danger is more than what Adolf Hitler mentioned. A huge mass of youngsters whose heads are full of higher Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are not going to lead the nation to any level of greatness. Actually only very few people are required to know all these subjects with deep knowledge.

As to getting employed in companies doing scientific jobs, like technicians etc., the companies usually teach them what to do, and only what to do. Most complicated information, they would not divulge. Those things they would maintain as their trade secrets.

Looking from this perspective, the huge number of years spend by the individuals in schools and colleges are mere waste. And nothing worthwhile is learned. Unless the person learned good English. In most schools in India, even good English is not taught. Most of the teachers do not have the mental acumen or desire to learn English.

Roman history, along general lines, is and will remain the best teacher, not only for our own time but also for the future.

Roman history is not what will create fabulous social quality. In fact, it is doubtful if the Roman Empire can stand anywhere near to the English Empire in terms of the support it got from the common people of the various locations inside the Empire. In the case of the tremendous amount of inspiring support the downtrodden masses in the various feudal language nations received also, the English Empire will stand unbeaten.

However, the English Empire has suffered a terrible amount of bad publicity from the various higher classes who took over the positions of power in the various nations that were given actually part of the English Empire. Even the great fake movie ‘Gandhi’ has disseminated a totally false picture about the English Empire. READERS are requested to read this: An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM – PART 8.

As to the Roman Empire, the various characters, in Hollywood films, do have an English aura about them. They speak in English and have physical postures which are very close to that of Englishmen. Their social relationships also seem to be quite like that of the Englishmen. This much is known by everyone who has seen the various Hollywood movies made about the Romans.

Even Julius Caser looks quite English, with very good English accent. It is the like the Gandhi movie. People fell in love with the English Gandhi. When actually he was just a Hindi and Gujarathi speaking feudal suppressor class man of India.

If the real Roman had been depicted as they really were, they would be much better than the barbarian suppressors who used slaves to build up huge and colossal building structures everywhere.

but by a spirit of self-denial and the joy of giving one’s self in the service of others

This is not possible in feudal languages, unless one is bound to reap ‘respect’ for acting selfless.

This national passion is like a highly tempered thoroughbred who is discriminate about the sort of rider he will tolerate in the saddle.

No comment

a weakling is always more pleasing to those who want to bend him to their own uses than is a man who is made of harder metal

Without connecting the above sentence to the context in the book, I need to mention this is a very enlightening sentence. In fact, all policymakers in current-day English nations should take this as a touchstone when deciding on policy matters connected to making judgements about other nations’ rulers and leaders. When they get a good opinion about a particular leader, it simply means that the person who gave the opinion has found the leader a very nice and malleable person. At the same time, if the opinion is bad, it again simply means that the person who gave the opinion found the leader too tough to manage or influence.

When dealing with Asian/African nations, what English nations should use is not a flashy James Bond, but a Henry Baker or a John Pennycuick. Dedicated men who understood the social emotions of the Asian people at close quarters. Instead of that if the policymaker try to act out the stupid themes in modern James Bond movies, England will end up like a silly Computer game player. Bombing here and there with no idea why it got involved in the first place.

But the fact that the enemy likes this form of government is the worst kind of condemnation.

True. The US for instance has no coherent foreign policy, being driven in various directions by the various extra national lobbies that have all literally taken the US leadership into some kind of hostage situation. If people come out of a strong nation and condemn the leadership, and more or less seduce the US government to attack that nation, the question should be asked as what is it that the US government is trying to support.

If it is going to install a pro-ENGLISH government, that is a very justifiable reason. However, if it says that it is going to install democracy, then it is fully crazy. For the word democracy has a very different way of acting in feudal languages. In fact, in feudal languages, no attributes of English democracy will work.

but in reality these same heroes would scamper away like rabbits if called upon to defend that banner with their blood.

No comment


381 #
The best defence will not be in the arms it possesses but in its citizens. Bastions of fortresses will not save it, but the living wall of its men and women, filled with an ardent love for their country and a passionate spirit of national patriotism

It is quite funny that this was the spirit that German warfront faced from the English soil. That of common people assembling to draw up their own civilian defence. This can happen only in planar languages. If the common languages is feudal, there will problems of hierarchy, and respect and pejoratives creating emotional explosion at each and every human interaction, that is needed to assemble a group of unconnected people.

I fear that current-day England is a far cry from the divine England. In fact, in every political, social and military issue, the nation will divide into mutually antagonistic parts. This is what insane democracy has given to England.

An inventor must appear great not only as an inventor but also, and even more so, as a member of the nation

This spirit has literally been imbibed by the Indian media and textbooks. If one were to open a school textbook on Mathematics, there would tall claims of ‘Indians’ having discovered this thing and that thing, some hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Students do believe of a great nation as great as the Roman Empire is depicted in fake story Hollywood movies. However, recently I had a real insight of how the youngsters would react to reality.

I simply send a link to this Website that depicts the pictures from the Malabar and Travancore areas in the southern parts of the Indian subcontinent. Many of the viewers literally got a jolt in their mind on seeing the images.

The man who loves his nation can prove the sincerity of this sentiment only by being ready to make sacrifices for the nation’s welfare. There is no such thing as a national sentiment which is directed towards personal interests. And there is no such thing as a nationalism that embraces only certain classes. Hurrahing proves nothing and does not confer the right to call oneself national if behind that shout there is no sincere preoccupation for the conservation of the nation’s well-being.

Adolf Hitler really misses the issue of what makes a man truly in love with his nation. People of England loved their nation without any particular instigation to promote it. People in many locations around the world still love pristine-England.

All this has a particular reason behind it. It is that only in pristine-ENGLISH would one find the fabulous levels of human dignity, with no need to fight for it.

Simply invoking spirits and passions of patriotism wouldn’t work much beyond the direct strings of personal loyalties and love and affection.
In fact, it is quite doubtful if the German Nazi party would have survived much longer had Adolf Hitler died with or without a war.
In India, even the most corrupt government employee is seen to be quite ‘patriotic’.

One can be proud of one’s people only if there is no class left of which one need to be ashamed.

In feudal language social systems, it is very difficult to remove the various classes who are despised for the lowliness. They are repulsive to the higher classes, who fear not only the touch, but even a lack of ‘respect’ in their gestures, postures and verbal addressing.

The spirit of nationalism and a feeling for social justice must be fused into one sentiment in the hearts of the youth.

Actually this is not something that should be indoctrinated into a citizen. He or she should naturally come to feel that this is the best nation to live in. For instance, see this report I saw on a website calling for people to support an appeal to the government to take an action against a government employee who did show sign of some deep-rooted mental instability.

However, the fact is that this mental instability is common in most government employees in India, when they chance to come across a citizen who is not willing to exhibit obeisance to them:

Mr. (........) is an 18-year-old student of Venmanad School in a town called Pavaratty in Kerala. On 5th April 2015 at about 11 a.m., (........) was riding his bike through the Chuku Bazaar Road along with his friends, (........) and (........). Having two or more pillion riders on a bike is an offence under the Motor Vehicles Act of India. The police stopped (........) for riding pillion on a bike with his two friends.

The police officer who stopped (........) seized his license and asked him to report to Pavaratty police station along with his bike for payment of fine.

The next day, following the instruction, at about 11:30 a.m., (........) reported in the police station with the bike and along with his friend (........). While (........) waited outside the Station building, (........) went inside the Police Station. Sub Inspector Mr. M.K. (........) asked (........) why he had come to the Station. (........) replied that he had come to collect his licence and pay the fine for riding pillion on a bike. The Sub Inspector, however, held (........) by his neck and pushed him into the Writer’s room inside the Police Station.

The officer held (........) against the wall and elbowed him on his back. The officer elbowed (........) four times. Then the officer released his grip, and as (........) raised his head, the officer slapped (........) four to five times. Then the officer asked (........) to stand near the lock-up room entrance inside the Station.

When (........) tried to call his family to inform them that he is in the Police Station, a police constable prevented him from making the telephone call.

The policemen also prevented (........) from contacting his friend (........) who was standing outside the Police Station.

At about 4 p.m., the police allowed (........) to call his family, to request them to come to the Police Station and take him on bail. But, before the family arrived, the police took (........) to Chavakkad Taluk Hospital. On the way to the hospital, the Sub Inspector threatened (........) , warning him that he should not mention the torture to the doctor.

However at the hospital, (........) informed the doctor in detail that he was tortured and how he was tortured at the Police Station.

The Sub Inspector was not pleased with (........) ’s conduct. At about 5 p.m., (........) was back at the Police Station and the officer immediately started slapping (........) for reporting torture to the doctor. In another 30-45 minutes, after the Sub Inspector had tortured (........) , the young man was finally allowed to go.

The next morning, (........) started coughing and spitting blood.

(........) ’s family, concerned about his health, admitted him in the Chavakkad Taluk Hospital. (........) received treatment for the next four days and was discharged from the hospital on the 10th April 2015.

Nervazhi, a local Human Rights Organisation in Kerala intervened in the matter and (........) filed a complaint through their lawyer before the State Human Rights Commission in Kerala.

Now it would be quite naive to expect the citizens of India to feel that this is the best nation in the world. In fact, the most probable mood would be to escape to some English nation.

May be the reader would miss the great point that even when the young man mentioned that he had tortured by the police ‘officer’ in the judicial court, the judge had no qualms about handing him back to the very same police. This is the experince of a resonably upper middle-class citizen in India. One can then imagine the situation of the around 80% population in India who are in the lower rungs of social stature.

It is to this kind of crooks that the people of this subcontinent had been handed over by Clement Atlee and his crooks. The higher classes of India quietly move over to England teach the gullible fools in England that the English rule was terrible. They have a fake movie to prove it. The Gandhi film.

Generally the children of parents who are for the time being in higher situations are in their turn considered worthy of a higher education. Here talent plays a subordinate part. But talent can be estimated only relatively.

It is a very complicated theme. Needs much elaboration.

It is possible to teach men, irrespective of talent or no talent, to go through certain scientific exercises, but in such cases the results are quite as inanimate and mechanical as in the case of the animal. It would even be possible to force a person of mediocre intelligence, by means of a severe course of intellectual drilling, to acquire more than the average amount of knowledge; but that knowledge would remain sterile.

My personal observations has been that intelligence and skills have no connection with education at all. There are intelligent as well as very cunning persons in all realms of human activity.

Actually, education and marks are just like being good in Chess. A person is extremely intelligent in Chess. Now what is the use of this intelligence in Chess? It is of use in playing chess. That is all. It is of no use in agriculture, no use in sailing or swimming, no use in English writing ability, or in maths or in Science.

Now what about ability to score good marks in exams. What is this ability good for? Well, it is good for scoring marks in exams. It is not good in surgery, or in medical diagnosis. Or in architectural designing. Or in any other field of activity which is considered to be the next step after getting good marks.

Actually from my close observation, I do even have an insight that even medical surgical operations can be done by talented carpenters of yore, if a very focused training in this is imparted to them.

This reaches me to another location. In earlier times, the best difference in talent and calibre between a qualified medical doctor and formally uneducated carpenters of yore in India was that the doctors were good in English. Indian carpenters of yore were quite talented in their profession. I have seen some of them building quite huge architectural structures in wood.

Even though they had not studied in any engineering college, they were masters in their profession. Most of them join the profession from their very childhood, following their traditional vocation.

However, as of now, such talents have vanished due to the cunning laws that were framed that made such vocational training with their parents as a crime. These children now study under insipid teachers who basically know nothing, not even good English, and come out of the education with no technical knowledge. They understand that their traditional vocation has no value. They are incessantly informed in schools that a doctor has social value and their own parents are of dirt value. The words of Him will be kept different for a doctor as apart from that for an uneducated carpenter.
Now, the situation is that many doctors also are quite weak in English. That means that they are more or less equivalent to the carpenters of modern times, not of yore.

Women’s Hospital in Malabar - 1926

Knowledge that is merely drilled into people can at best qualify them to fill government positions under our present regime

Actually to become a government employee in current-day India, not even that is required. The public service exams have reached rock bottom in standards. There are no more any ideas as to what it is the exams are assessing. To such queries, the standard explanations that I have heard are that there should be some competition to make a rank.

The questions are insipid. Answering them only means that the candidate has mugged it up.

In fact, the quality of the persons who pass these exams is so low that it is quite doubtful what they are fit for. This quality degradation is very evident in various inefficiencies in the government. That theme is too big to take up here.

However, if it is merely a competition that is required, then even a tree-climbing competition would suffice.

The bourgeois mind does not realize that it is a sin against the will of the eternal Creator to allow hundreds of thousands of highly gifted people to remain floundering in the swamp of proletarian misery while Hottentots and Zulus are drilled to fill positions in the intellectual professions.

No comment

What counts here is only that knowledge which is illuminated by natural talent. But with us at the present time no value is placed on such gifts. Only good school reports count.

Marks do not have much intrinsic value, that is true. What has to be promoted is pristine-ENGLISH.


391 #
Our intellectual class, particularly in Germany, is so shut up in itself and fossilised that it lacks living contact with the classes beneath it.

It is a very sure sign that the German language does have feudal content.

but we have always had a considerable lack of will-power and the capacity for making decisions.

Again a very powerful symptom or affliction of feudal language codes. It is a complicated machinery that works here. Can’t go into it here.
but because the men who directed our public affairs were over-educated, filled to over-flowing with knowledge and intelligence, yet without any sound instinct and simply without energy, or any spirit of daring.

Even though people waste their time in useless formal degrees in sciences and engineering etc. they never admit that it was a waste. Instead they put on a show that they are the repositories of great technical information that others do not have.

I had sensed this hollowness of formal educational qualifications when I finished by graduation in Physics. Even though I was quite well-read in Physics right from my high school classes, when I joined for graduation, I found myself under low quality lecturers and professors, many of whom couldn’t even speak proper English.

They went through tedious teaching procedures of very small things in a very elaborate manner. In the exams, these insipid themes had to be elaborately written. At the end of the graduation, the student had heard of a vast number of theories and laws, and derivations. None of which had any practical application anywhere in life.

Okay, what about their relevance in any technical field? Well, the answer is that in any technical field, the information required is much more focused, and not an array of content listings.

The hollowness of technical education came out very clearly with the Computer engineering. People who had done informal education in computer software could actually be much ahead of those who had wasted around five years writing and rewriting minor things in software subjects, most of which could be studied quaintly in an homely atmosphere or in a professional atmosphere.

The objection will at once be raised, that it is too much to expect from the favourite son of a highly-placed civil servant, for instance, that he shall work with his hands simply because somebody else whose parents belong to the working-class seems more capable for a job in the civil service.

In feudal language social set ups, many filters are set up to see that a talented in exam writing person from a lower social class background doesn’t arrive in a location of administration. It has its plus points in a feudal language social set up. For, if for instance the son of a small shop owner in a village gets into the higher echelons of an huge corporate company, the company’s management will be dictated from the shop-owner’s house. The issue can be understood only through the power routes in a feudal language addressing.

If necessary, it will have to organise a persistent system of teaching which will aim at abolishing the present-day stupid habit of looking down on physical labour as an occupation to be ashamed of.

The ‘stupid’ habit of looking down on physical labour is actually a safety mechanism developed due to the necessities of a feudal language. The language degrades physical labourers. However, if they are not degraded and looked down upon, they will very fast occupy the higher locations and would look down upon the others. The removal of this issue is closely linked to removal of the feudal language.

Fundamentally every kind of work has a double value; the one material, the other ideal.

No comment

but on the ideal or abstract plans all workmen become equal the moment each strives to do his best in his own field, no matter what that field may be. It is on this that a man’s value must be estimated, and not on the amount of recompense received.

The above words of Adolf Hitler can be mere idealistic talk with no concrete basis or platform in the language codes. Human relationships and the intrinsic value associated to various things, including specific kind of work and workmen etc. are all specifically encoded in the verbal codes. Simply philosophising that this should be like that and the other should be like this etc. has no meaning unless the verbal codes in the language of thoughts and speech can be altered to be in sync with that.

Then it will no longer be dishonourable to be an honest craftsman; but it will be a cause of disgrace to be an inefficient State official, wasting God’s day and filching daily bread from an honest public

It is truly wonderful to see that Adolf Hitler’s words mention of this social reality is exactly what the reality is in present day India. Honest work has no value either in the local languages or in the social strata. What has value is government ‘job’. Actually the word ‘job’ cannot be associated with an Indian government employee.

He or she will immediately get distressed. For the government employees in India understand their job not as a job, but as a social position of ‘respect’. Asking persons with ‘respect’ to do any work will not be condoned!

Even though the English rulers had designated the government employees in their areas as ‘public servants’, when the officialdoms of the various kingdoms joined with the erstwhile colonial officialdom, there was a problem with the term ‘ public servant’. It was found that the officials from the king’s domains were not any ‘servant’ of any public, but rather the slave masters of the public. Soon the whole of Indian bureaucracy silently discarded the term ‘public servant’.

1. It introduces universal suffrage, chatters about equal rights but can find no foundation for this equality

2. For equality cannot and does not depend on the work a man does, but only on the manner in which each one does the particular work allotted to him.

The above words more or less point to the contradictions and self-contradictions that Adolf Hitler’s contentions have reached. He was not able to give a logical definition of the ‘foundation of equality’. Even in pristine-ENGLAND, there was no ‘equality’ as such. For there was the Monarchy and the nobility. And then the rich business owners and their employees.

No one is ‘equal’. And there is no need to seek such an equality that all people are Monarchs or all people are nobles or all people are business owners or all people are employees.

Instead of that what could be pondered upon is the removal of pejorative versus ennobling codes in the languages. However, easy as it may sound, and far more easier than making everyone equal as mentioned above, it is more or less impossible to remove the pejorative versus ennobling codes in a feudal language. For, the language is intrinsically designed with those codes connecting to all emotions and mental triggers, in that language.

in an epoch which is inwardly diseased and decaying anyone who would heal it must have the courage first to lay bare the real roots of the disease.

I do not think that either Adolf Hitler or his party was able to do this. For, in the first place there was no clear understanding of the root cause of the disease. Without this understanding, there no gain in trying to uproot it.


401 #
It may be added that the reluctance to do physical work is justified by the fact that, on account of the small income, the cultural level of manual labourers must naturally be low, and that this in turn is a justification for the lower estimation in which manual labour is generally held

It is a great insight into an understanding that people who are poor are necessarily of lower cultural standards. However, it is not true everywhere. The lower quality of the poor in feudal language nations is directly connected to lower grade indicant words assigned to them. If they can escape from its claws, actually they with their technical skills are independent of this categorisation.

Actually with regard to human quality at the heights and lowliness, there is much more to be mentioned. It is connected to two absolutely different structures of labour hierarchy.

The first one is that of people who are innately good in quality English (not mere spoken-ENGLISH) should be one in the higher echelons. They need not have technical skills, even though having it adds to their quality. The technically skilled persons work under them. In which case, a very fine egalitarian ambience spreads throughout the work area, even though the top English speakers do keep a slight detachment from others.

This was the structure of administration created in the English colonial rule areas. Moreover, many small nations of the Middle-East like UAE etc. did make use of this system to create beautiful administrations. There will be little or no corruption and administration will be quite fast paced.

The other structure is the exact opposite of this. Technically qualified persons or persons who pass some competitive exams based on academic subjects arrive on top. Even though some of them do know English, the office ambience is not English. It would be the native feudal language. In which case, all people get to be arranged in an ennobled person versus pejorative-defined person relationship. The concept of ‘respect’ will encode into all formal and informal communication. Corruption, nepotism, bribes, mediators etc. are a necessary component of official activity.

This is the business and official structure in India at the moment. It is essentially akin to an Indian carpenter rising to become the boss of a carpenter company. It is possible that he might be able to envisage quite good technical perfection.

Even though there will be barriers to perfect quality, when compared to a company run by native-English speakers. The issue would be that the refined work atmosphere that an English ambience can create will not be there.

As to the US, skilled persons from other nations have arrived. There is no bar to the ‘Indian carpenter’ being the boss. And in the extremely free social atmosphere that English has created in the US, the ‘carpenter’ will rise up in his profession or business in an explosive manner.

Yet, the danger is that the social ambience which he will create will be paved with feudal, ennobling versus pejorative codes. The national social ambience will slowly start deteriorating, with an eerie kind of inequality not known in antique English spreading through the social fabric.

The nation will start to stink. People will turn violent and go berserk. Actually, people of quaint refinement will act with unusual violence.

This foretelling I had done in my ancient work: March of the Evil Empires, a few decade ago. However this foretelling made me pariah in many media sites in which the employees or bosses are from feudal language nations.

the principle will be upheld that man does not live for material enjoyment alone

Even though Adolf Hitler does speak in a tone of great aspirations, he has not been able to mention how to redesign human emotions to fit into this high aim. The fact is that unless a language that syncs with this is introduced, these words all remain in the realm of wishful thinking.

we are not so simple as to believe that there will ever be an age in which there will be no drawbacks.

No comment

Man should take care not to have too low an estimate of the power of an ideal

I have had the opportunity to discern the quality of the English administration in the portions of the Indian Subcontinent ruled by the English Empire. The native officers under them were in a mood to follow the elegant social manners of their English officers.

An applicant who has hitherto been a Zulu or Kaffir is told: “By these presents you are now become a German Citizen.”

It is currently worse in Great Britain. Anyone from anywhere can get the tag, Briton, if he or she has the money to buy a British citizenship.
In fact, in recent years, I was quite surprised to see that many persons who were extremely weak in English, passing the IELTS exam. This is an exam that qualifies some of the applicant to British citizenship.

On a very casual enquiry, someone mentioned the bribe amount that is now being asked for, for a pass. I do not have any direct experience with this, but then it is seems plausible. Seeing the quality degradation in the IELTS qualification.

Nothing but a stroke of the pen, and a Mongolian slave is forthwith turned into a real German.

Being a German is only a secondary choice. The first is to be a citizen in any English nation. In fact, there is no need even for that. If a person has the money, all he has to do is to have his wife deliver their child in any English nation hospital. The child is a British or American citizen.

It does seem that the nations’ policymakers have gone absolutely daft. What kind of a Briton or US citizen is this?

The People’s State will classify its population in three groups: Citizens, subjects of the State, and aliens.

Actually, I think Britain did have a term called British Overseas Citizen. I am not sure. But then, it seems that by some cunning ploy when no one was looking, this term was negated and everyone became full British citizens.

Native-Britain has no idea that it has been hoodwinked by the rich folks in colonial nations in the colonial times. Now, this is continuing unabated. I wonder how long Britain will exist. Unless some absolutely drastic remedies are not implemented to face the disastrous situation.

The rights of citizenship shall be conferred on every young man whose health and character have been certified as good, after having completed his period of military service.

No comment

sharp line of distinction between those who, as members of the nation, are the foundation and the support of its existence and greatness, and those who are domiciled in the State simply as earners of their livelihood there.

If English nations have the daring to implement this idea, they are safe. Otherwise there are simply in the huge whirlpool, which is bound to gather strength exponentially, that will take them down into the stinking drain.

it shall be a greater honour to be a citizen of this Reich, even as a street-sweeper, than to be the King of a foreign State.

Not really in Germany, but in pristine-English nations. And that is the truth.


411 #
The principle, that one people is not the same as another, applies also to the individual members of a national community.

Technically there is no harm in admitting the difference, when the top rung is occupied by English speakers. If the top rung is occupied by feudal language speakers, it will add to the trauma of the populations that occupy the lower rungs. A sort of caste system will develop automatically.

show the best racial qualities ought to be encouraged more than the others and especially they should be encouraged to increase and multiply.

If Hitler had not mentioned the word ‘racial’, it would have been great words. What has to be encouraged are the refinements embedded in pristine-ENGLISH. And not anything in feudal language codes.

A philosophy of life which repudiates the democratic principle of the rule of the masses and aims at giving this world to the best people

Democracy is a very stupid idea, unless it is implemented, controlled and maintained by quality people. By quality people, I do not mean people who are morally good, or have good education or who are pious, or who are honest etc. For these are all relative claims.

By the term ‘quality people’, what is mentioned are people who are innately connected to a planar language which is plateau-coded. An example would be people who are home in pristine-ENGLISH and do not think in or speak other languages. The correctness of this contention can be understood if one were to realise that languages are software applications with very specific social relationship codes embedded in it.

It is like understanding that the way items are related to each other is different in each specific application viz. Adobe Dreamweaver, MS Word, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress etc.

better equilibrium between poverty and riches, or to the extension to broader masses of the power to determine the economic process, or to a fairer wage, or to the elimination of vast differences in the scale of salaries –

On to the issues of vast differences in salaries, in the private sector, one cannot control the higher limits of what the boss wants to give. However, in the government services, the employees aare simply dipping into the national income and taking as much as they can, in India. This has to be controlled.

In India, the government employees literally loot the nation by earning monthly salary of the range between 10 times to 50 times the average income of an average citizen.

Apart from that astronomical pension and commutation of pension. No one can question this, for the languages are feudal.

Hence all inventions are the result of the creative faculty of the individual. And all such individuals, whether they have willed it or not, are the benefactors of mankind, both great and small.

No comment

The most valuable factor of an invention, whether it be in the world of material realities or in the world of abstract ideas, is the personality of the inventor himself.

Not at all correct. Especially in feudal language nations.

Therefore not only does the organisation possess no right to prevent men of brains from rising above the multitude but, on the contrary, it must use its organizing powers to enable and promote that ascension as far as it possibly can

No comment

Only those should rule who have the natural temperament and gifts of leadership

It is not a very profound idea. Instead of finding quality in individuals, the more stable item would be setting up quality institutions, wherein no one, neither persons of quality nor those of no quality can make great changes or deviation. In fact, this was one feature of the English colonialism.

That whoever was in charge, the essential quality of the administration remained pristine-English. Anywhere and everywhere in the world. Other than in places where the English colonialism was in the hands of the Celts.

only very few are left who can be classed among the elect.

Finding them is going to be very difficult. And after finding them, if the institutions of power are not of quality, they remain as a waste.

the principle that it is the mass which counts – through the decision of the majority – makes its appearance only in the administration of the national community especially in the higher grades; and from there downwards the poison gradually filters into all branches of national life, thus causing a veritable decomposition.

The problem could be connected to the connecting the job of administration with personal power and prestige. In feudal language social systems, the power that perches on a person in administration is of the nth degree. In fact, every institution of governing becomes his personal fiefdom.

However, in pristine-ENGLISH such a transformation is not possible. For the egalitarian codes of addressing and referring makes no one a divinity and no one a slave.


421 #
replace it by the numerical power of the masses

The same sentence above can mean totally different items in different languages. In English, it can mean the rule by the common English man. In feudal languages, it can mean the rule by the common feudal-language speaking man.

The essential element is the quality of the common man, and how he interacts with others. If he interacts with coy ‘respect’ in feudal languages, he also would interact with arrogant denigration to others.

In pristine-ENGLISH, there are limits to ‘respect’ and ‘denigration’. In fact, in most conversation, they are not there or of very meagre content.

In the field of economics we see the trade union movement, which does not serve the real interests of the employees

Trade movement is basically a platform for the leaders. They rise up to the heights of feudal power in feudal language nations. For, the common worker cannot articulate many things, due to the controls in the verbal codes.

The trade union leader remains as the mainstay of protection to the worker everywhere, even in going to the local police station. In India, if a common man or worker goes to a police station without any support from behind, it would be a very dangerous experience.

For in the long run it is impossible to satisfy popular demands merely by high-sounding theoretical phrases.

Yet, people are easily seduced by great aims, which are propounded without any basis.

whether it has the creative power to build up according to its own principles a civilisation which would be a counterpart of what already exists.

Yes, this is the tragedy of all revolutions in feudal language nations. There are social errors, of the most heinous kind. Yet, the revolutionaries who promise to change them are also part of the same fiendish language codes.

Once they are in power, all that changes is the people in the various feudal slots. The slots still remain the same. The same suppression through words and the same corrupt practises continue.

by way of a return to the principle of personality

Yes, Marxism in practise has been the glorification of individual leaders to the level of superhuman divinities. In fact, it reaches very near to a spiritual religion in this regard.

If the social programme of the movement consisted in eliminating personality and putting the multitude in its place

Multitudes of pristine-England are not the multitudes of a feudal language nation. Even in Victorian-age England, the multitude, though much better than the multitudes in feudal language nations, still couldn’t be handed the reins of power in a most random manner.

Even though all of them were repositories of the antiquity of England, they are still under various pulls and pushes, of varying social emotions.
The national stability can be maintained by maintaining the quality of the monarchy, with adequate training. However, it goes without saying that no one in England was also aware of the finer facets of this.

There have been instances of severe breeches even inside the Monarchy of England, with regard to maintaining its exclusive attachment to unassailable quality.

The best constitution and the best form of government is that which makes it quite natural for the best brains to reach a position of dominant importance and influence in the community.

Not really. For instance, the English Empire was not created by the best brains. The only item of supreme quality was the pristine-ENGLISH. So instead of focusing on the best individual, the focus should be on the best software that connects human beings in social communication. And that is pristine-English. The best constitution and the best form of government is what is written in English or what functions in English.

The wonderful nation of Australia was created the lowest of English individuals. And it is currently being desecrated by the highest of non-English individuals.

Genius of an extraordinary stamp is not to be judged by normal standards whereby we judge other men.

That might be true. But beyond judging, the sentence need not propose anything more. However, it needs to be mentioned that in England, the man who created the English Empire in the Indian subcontinent was treated like a common thief.

There was no understanding of what he had achieved. Even now, the distance he covered from Madras to Calcutta, sailing in wooden ships, and defeating the Mogul nawab cannot be imagined. So huge was the landscape and the distances involved.

There are no decisions made by the majority vote, but only by responsible persons.

The concept of ‘responsible person’ is actually a great one, and quite a deviation from irresponsible democracy. Yet, if the container is a feudal language, the full benefits of this idea will not be derived. For, feudal languages have links that once activated can drag human emotions beyond the parameters of all these imposed limitations.


431 #
The responsibility can and must be borne by one individual, who alone will be vested with authority and the right to command.

Correct to the extent that the container is a non-feudal, planar language with plateau-codes.

No vote will be taken in the chambers or senate. They are to be organisations for work and not voting machines

Quite a great idea, if the members are of profundity in classical English. If one the other hand they are of profundity in feudal themes, things can still go wrong. For instance, in the various kingdoms, small and big, in the Indian subcontinent, kings and their various officials did exert perfect authority.

Yet, what they created was just mean, self-centred institutions, with no care for social welfare or public convenience.

This principle of combining absolute authority with absolute responsibility will gradually cause a selected group of leaders to emerge

The idea is good to the limited extent that the language should be egalitarian enough to keep them in control. It should not be a language that can trigger ego issues based on single or more, words and usages. It is here that pristine-ENGLISH stands apart.

parliamentarian democracy, whereby decisions are enacted through the majority vote, has not always ruled the world. On the contrary, we find it prevalent only during short periods of history, and those have always been periods of decline in nations and States.

I should say that Adolf Hitler should have been more categorical in this amazing observation. I do get a gut feeling based on the above statement that democracy happens when nations go into a mood of complacency, in period of comparative prosperity, when couch-potatoes start dictating intellectual stuff.

Democracy seems to the location in history when nations flounder. In fact, it is democracy that is going to be downfall of good quality nations, including England, USA, Australia, Continental European nations etc.

English nations will flounder after being led into a mood of total lack of vigilance, mainly due to many persons talking together, from varying perspectives and towards varying aims.

its own organisation such that it can subsequently be placed at the disposal of the State itself.

Here Adolf Hitler literally contemplates upon the idea of a ready-to-takeover parallel government with all personnel ready for all positions in a government.

The parties which exist at present and which draw their profits from the State as it now is cannot be expected to bring about a radical change in the regime or to change their attitude on their own initiative.

The above statement can be true about India and many other similar nations. However, it is not an error in individuals, but in the language software.

1. are Jews here and Jews there and Jews everywhere.

2. realization of the Pan-Jewish prophecy that the Jews will one day devour the other nations and become lords of the earth.

I do not have much information on this aspect of Jewish heritage, but it does sound to be similar to the claims of another religion.

the main difficulty is not to establish a new order of things but to clear the ground for its establishment

True it takes time to build up a people arrangement that should form the framework of the new establishment.

Prejudices and egotistic interests join together in forming a common front against the new idea and in trying by every means to prevent its triumph, because it is disagreeable to them or threatens their existence.

In feudal language social systems, a new organisation means a different hierarchy of people, in which others are outsiders. It can really give the creeps to those persons who are outside. For in feudal languages, even to make small conversations on a regular basis, a very rigid hierarchy has to be enforced. This would automatically bring into position a direction code on who can say what to whom, and who has to listen and who can encrypt command codes in ordinary words. Also who has the right to sit on a chair, and who has to be subservient.

This is why the protagonist of the new idea is unfortunately, in spite of his desire for constructive work, compelled to wage a destructive battle first, in order to abolish the existing state of affairs.

Basically a new social order means in many case a total restructuring of social hierarchies. However, when the English rulers set to improve the lot of the lower classes in the colonial areas, they were aware of the aspirations and tensions of the upper classes. So that the social restructuring was not done in a very painful manner.

Even then there were incidences of terrible violence between the liberated populations and the upper classes. Many of these social violence are now rebranded as anti-British revolts. The descendants of many miscreants later were to get ‘freedom fighters’ pension after these sporadic violence were identified by the shallow Indian official historians.


441 #
For the philosophy is intolerant and cannot permit another to exist side by side with it.

Most social and political as well as religions are actually a hierarchical arrangement of human beings as in a military set-up. It cannot allow outsiders to interfere into the insides of them. For, if outsiders are allowed to interfere or interact with its insides, command and obedience routes will get spoiled. In feudal languages, just a single sentence that redirect command and obedience routes.

Native-English nations have no idea about this.

The appearance of intolerance and fanaticism in the history of mankind may be deeply regrettable, and it may be looked upon as foreign to human nature,

Each language has a definite ambit of tolerance. In the case of feudal languages, this ambit is quite narrow. This is due to the fact that if one’s followers start listening to another leader, then there will be shift in the ‘respect’ codes. This is a phenomenon totally un-understood in English. To explain it in a minimum words, let me say that a person who has 200 persons listening to him has a higher value code attached to him in the feudal languages, than a person who has 20 persons in attendance.

This is a phenomenon that has no corresponding elements in English. For, there is only one YOU, one He, one HIM, one HIS etc. in English.

In feudal languages, as the code value can move from say, 1 to 10, at which point the lowest HE can change into a higher HE. Even though the change happens at only 10, the feeling of the value increasing can literally be felt by that individual and those around him. This is actually one of the locations where one can contemplate on the software codes that lie behind reality, human brain, human body and brain functioning.

And also where it can be seen that brain software of each individual human being can interact with other human brain software and also with the codes of the supernatural software codes of reality itself.

In fact, many mental phenomena currently explained away as mere hallucinations, by shallow-brained mental science professionals, can be better explained from this premises.

advent of Christianity was the first occasion on which spiritual terror was introduced into the much freer ancient world, but the fact cannot be denied that ever since then the world is pervaded and dominated by this kind of coercion and that violence is broken only by violence and terror by terror.

I am not sure that Adolf Hitler knows what he is talking. In the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent, there were absolutely terrible ritual and social activities, such as Sati (ritualistic burning of live women), Thuggees (dacoity using the oriental cunningness of affable helping nature, mingled with some spiritual claims) etc. In many parts of the Subcontinent, human sacrifice (mainly virgin girls and children) were common.

Other geographical locations also had many terrible activities. Even though certain Continental European nations also had terrible activities connected to Christianity.

Political parties are prone to enter compromises; but a philosophy never does this. A political party is inclined to adjust its teachings with a view to meeting those of its opponents, but a philosophy proclaims its own infallibility.

No comment

The spirit of conciliation which animates their will attracts those petty and chicken-hearted people who are not fit to be protagonists in any crusade.

No comment

Any new philosophy of life will bring its ideas to victory only if the most courageous and active elements of its epoch and its people are enrolled under its standards and grouped firmly together in a powerful fighting organisation.

No comment

Supposing that each soldier in an army were a general, and had the training and capacity for generalship, that army would not be an efficient fighting instrument.

This contention of Adolf Hitler can be easily be mistaken for a universal truth. But then, it is only a great truth that needs to be qualified by certain powerful exceptions and exceptional circumstances.

Take the issue of the Indian army. The soldiers are kept are at the level of a servant of the officer class by means of the powerfully hammering down ennobling versus pejorative codes in the feudal language Hindi.

When one looks at the English army, this kind of demeaning stature is not there visible in the English soldiers. However, command and obedience code do work. At the same time, in the Indian army, actually what happens is not command and obedience. Instead of that what is trained into Indian soldiers is obeisance to both intelligent and purposeful ordering as well as unintelligent and no specific purpose ordering.

There is a larger aim in the Indian army training. This is to erase out all proportions of self-esteem in an ordinary soldier. And a huge expansion of self-esteem in an officer. However, nothing untoward happens due to this. Until the soldiers get to see English army life at close quarters.
Then things will go very bad. More like what happened in France when the French soldiers who had gone to the New World to fight against the English, alongside some turncoat English soldiers. On coming back, they set the nation aflame with the French Revolution. The king’s head was cut.

an organisation can exist only if leaders of high intellectual ability are served by a large mass of men who are emotionally devoted to the cause.

Not really true. Beyond that, all these contentions need to be very finely re-paraphrased on the basis of the language of the people.

who had just completed military service and learned to submit to discipline,

Military training in itself is not enough. The availability of ‘officers’ to whom they would willing submit is also a necessary ingredient in this idea.

that only the so-called uneducated classes joined Marxism was the very ground on which this party achieved its success.

This again is a great theme for discussion. In feudal languages, the higher classes want an array of lower beings under them who would display total servitude. In fact, if one where to go to any institution, one will find totally insipid persons around persons of total grandeur. In fact, these persons of total grandeur do not want persons of higher calibre and stature to be under them, unless they are ready to show subservience.

They like intellectual dwarfs. For, this is the greatest thing that will give them the requisite social heights.

When an Englishman get to see these ‘great personages’ at close quarters, he could very well be amazed at the ‘great’ leaders intellectual stamina in the midst of such totally insipid persons.

However, this is only a very careful planned set-up. In fact, if one were to go many advocates’ offices or doctors’ clinics, one would find the same situation. In fact, a subordinate who is good in English is seen as a terror and a great mishap in such offices.

Totally low-quality persons or persons who are ready to accept that mental stature, are taken up as adjutants by most professionals such as doctors, advocates etc. in India. Exceptions would always be there.

The point is that when one comes to evaluate the above words of Adolf Hitler, this information has to be imbibed. May be it might explain why the communist party never took deep roots in England, even though this was the first nation to have industrial workers.

In India, many rich households severely disallow their servant to learn or pick up English. For, an English-speaking servant would be like having officer calibre men as soldiers in the Indian army. It would give the creeps to the Indian army officers.


451 #
The German middle-classes, who never bothered their heads about psychological problems because they felt themselves superior to such matters, did not think it necessary to reflect on the profound significance of this fact and the secret danger involved in it. Indeed they believed that a political movement which draws its followers exclusively from intellectual circles must, for that very reason, be of greater importance and have better grounds, for its chances of success, and even a greater probability of taking over the government of the country than a party made up of the ignorant masses.

The essential point is that if the language codes desire to have mental dwarfs in hierarchical structure, then it might be the best item for the stability of the structure. In fact, only in English is the concept of an efficient and intelligent subordinate good and desired.

In feudal languages, the best option is to have a mental slave as a subordinate. In which the feudal structure will be very strong. The subordinates will stand very visibly below, to give the very obvious social heights to the superior.

In such system, if the superior tries to be more egalitarian, the lower staff will only pull him to their level.

When two bodies of troops are arrayed in mutual combat, victory will not fall to that side in which every soldier has an expert knowledge of the rules of strategy, but rather to that side which has the best leaders and at the same time the best disciplined, most blindly obedient and best drilled troops.

Adolf Hitler’s words are correct only when the combat is between two feudal language armies. However, if one side is pristine-ENGLISH, things can go very wrong for the other side.

That side soldiers, just by seeing the stature of the English soldiers, would start acting in a most disobedient manner. In fact, if the conflict were to prolong, the feudal language side soldiers might even attack their own officers, in a mood of great spite.

must take account of the human material at its disposal

No comment

which of their very nature and content are calculated to attract a broad mass of adherents;

No comment

Launching of battleship Tirpitz - 1939: the aim was war. In spite of his best ideas, he found solution only in a war!

As soon as one point alone is removed from the sphere of dogmatic certainty, the discussion will not simply result in a new and better formulation which will have greater consistency but may easily lead to endless debates and general confusion

In feudal language structures, any amount of leeway is dangerous to its structural stability. And it is not allowed, even if the greatest proponents of democracy are involved and in charge.

the energies that ought to be directed towards the outer world are dissipated in programmatic discussions within the ranks of the movement.

In feudal language systems, actually discussion is not for correcting any errors, but more for a chance to exhibit a stature beyond that is allowed. It can lead to indiscipline. It is not like in pristine-ENGLISH.

For would it be possible to inspire people with blind faith in the truth of a doctrine if doubt and uncertainty are encouraged by continual alterations in its external formulation?

Yes, once a machine is set to move forward, arguing to the rear side can literally send the progression of the movement off its rail. In fact, the forward thrust of the movement willl be lost. However, it may be borne in mind that the way this caution has to be understood in English shall be different from how it should be understood in feudal languages.

It has rightly recognised that its powers of resistance would be weakened by introducing greater or less doctrinal adaptations to meet the temporary conclusions of science, which in reality are always vacillating.

It is quite funny to see that Adolf Hitler had literally taken my own words so many decades back, before I had even proposed it. When I was in my school days, in a quiz competition, to a question as to which was the farthest planet in the Solar System, I got the point when I answered that it was Pluto. The student who answered the answer which is now mentioned as correct did not.

Beyond this, there is the contention of Sun being the centre of the Solar System, refuting the Biblical contention that the earth is the centre of the Universe.

As of now, the biblical contention can be mentioned as very well correct, if one were to use the argument of ‘frame of reference’.
Scientific contentions are basically vacillating. Technicians have been able to create many wonderful things using technical skills and information. Science might be piggy-back riding on the success of technicians.

Once the barrier has been taken down the road is opened and we know only the beginning, but we do not know to what shoreless sea it may lead.

There is a great foresight in these words. Especially from a feudal language ambience. It is easy to destroy political set up, which are actually huge and powerful machinery connecting to an immensity of human beings. Unless the people who venture to destroy it, has a better machinery to replace it, they should not do it.

The same caution should be understood by persons who argue to remove the English Monarchy. They do not know what they are saying. The English Monarchy is a huge and powerful political machinery, the kind of which is not in existence in the world. If it is made a nonentity, there is no guarantee that something better can replace it. And once it is removed, there is no way to bring it back.

See what happened, when the idiots in the USA destroyed the political machineries in Iraq, Iran, Libya etc. Even though a lot of errors can be seen in these political machineries, the basic errors are in the native languages there. Unless this is corrected, there is no escape from it.

a party that did not consist of intellectual leaders only but also of manual labourers

Does this sentence presuppose that so-called intellectual leaders do not really have any intellectual acumen, beyond textbook reading and writing?


461 #
any attempt to carry these theories into effect without the aid of a militant organisation would be doomed to failure today, as it has failed in the past and must fail in the future.

No comment

Not only have we monopolised the folk idea but, to all practical intents and purposes, we have created it.

No comment

they feel that the exclusive character of our movement betokens danger for them – only for these reasons do they use words which they repudiated eight years ago, derided seven years ago, branded as stupid six years ago, combated five years ago, hated four years ago, and finally, two years ago, annexed and incorporated them in their present political vocabulary, employing them as war slogans in their struggle.

No comments

fixed idea which in itself might be right but which, because it is an isolated notion,

No comments

They believe that they can mask their intellectual vanity, the futility of their efforts, and their lack of stability, by sporting flowing beards and indulging in ancient German gestures.

It is quite funny that so many similarities are seen between pseudo-intellectuals in India and Germany. But then after all, both seem to have feudal languages. However, there is another powerful reason behind sporting beards, among youthful persons.

there is naturally a temptation to conform to the tactics of an opponent and use the same battle-cries,

Quite funny. But then I have seen it.

in the course of history not a few men have been stoned for an act for which posterity has afterwards thanked them on its knees.

Truly great admission.

I remember a young man coming as saying: I used to dislike anyone speaking English. I thought that they were very arrogant. However, after learning to speak English, I understand why English is a great language.

a movement which purposes to reshape the world must serve the future and not the passing hour.

Great insight. This is exactly where the activities of the English East India Company shall get to be revered in times to come.

the greatest and most enduring successes in history are mostly those which were least understood at the beginning, because they were in strong contrast to public opinion and the views and wishes of the time.


persons of those who led the discussion against us, were furnished with a definite repertoire of arguments out of which they took points against our claims which were being constantly repeated. The uniform character of this mode of procedure pointed to a systematic and unified training.

I have seen this phenomenon among communist party workers and student members. In public speeches, almost everyone of them roll out the same arguments as if from the same recording.


471 #
it may be said that a brilliant orator writes better than a brilliant writer can speak, unless the latter has continual practice in public speaking.

No comment

therefore, some piece of writing which has a particular tendency is for the most part read only by those who are in sympathy with it. Only a leaflet or a placard, on account of its brevity, can hope to arouse a momentary interest in those whose opinions differ from it.

Wonderful information.

it is a case of overcoming ingrained prejudices which are mostly unconscious and are supported by sentiment rather than reason.

No comment

False ideas and ignorance may be set aside by means of instruction, but emotional resistance never can.

Might be true. Especially in feudal languages, wherein powerful loyalties are ingrained in through common words.

Out of one hundred thousand German workers scarcely one hundred know of Marx’s book.

This might be the absolute truth about the communist party members of India. However, one member told me, ‘Marxism is a very beautiful idea. That everyone are equal’. That is not true. In no Marxist party ambience is everyone equal. The nearest to that conception is available only in an English ambience, even though no one need to be equal.

What won over millions of workpeople to the Marxist cause was not the ex cathedra style of the Marxist writers but the formidable propagandist work done by tens of thousands of indefatigable agitators, commencing with the leading fiery agitator down to the smallest official in the syndicate, the trusted delegate and the platform orator.

Correct to the core.

Even the time of day at which the speech is delivered has a decisive influence on its results.

Great practical experience and precious insight.

A sensitive person recognises for himself the fact that these two states of mind caused by the matinee and the evening performance respectively are quite different in themselves.


There are rooms which leave one cold, for reasons which are difficult to explain.

The reasons will be apparent once mankind gets to learn about the Codes of reality!


481 #
In the morning and during the day it seems that the power of the human will rebels with its strongest energy against any attempt to impose upon it the will or opinion of another. On the other hand, in the evening it easily succumbs to the domination of a stronger will.

Extremely powerful information.

The mysterious artificial dimness of the Catholic churches also serves this purpose, the burning candles, the incense, the thurible, etc.

These are actually ideas which have worth in gold.

The masses of illiterate Russians were not fired to Communist revolutionary enthusiasm by reading the theories of Karl Marx but by the promises of paradise made to the people by thousands of agitators in the service of an idea.

Funny but true.

that the genius of Lloyd George was not only equal but a thousand fold superior to that of a Bethmann-Hollweg is proved by the fact that he found for his speeches that form and expression which opened the hearts of his people to him and made these people carry out his will absolutely.

Generally Englishmen do possess an advantage due to their planar language background. It does not mean that they are of better calibre than others. In many cases, the exact opposite would be true. But then, the other side has to overcome a terrible web of backstabbing and other sinister schemes, which are all natural in feudal languages.

Even a newspaper is rarely read if it does not bear the stamp of a party affiliation.

True in India.

Mass demonstrations on the grand scale not only reinforce the will of the individual but they draw him still closer to the movement and help to create an esprit de corps.

It is quite funny that mass demonstrations have never been a rallying cry or regimenting force in English nations. Well, the reasons might very candidly be seen in the language codes. However as native-English nations slowly turn non-English, massive demonstrations will slowly start appearing.

Here and there a feeble professorial joke would be introduced, whereupon the people sitting at the speaker’s table felt themselves obliged to laugh – not loudly but encouragingly and with well-bred reserve

No comment

The actual difference between Socialism and Marxism still remains a mystery to these people up to this day.

Ha, Ha, Ha!

First of all they appealed to their followers to ignore us and keep away from our meetings.

No comment

then suddenly the other password was introduced: ‘Proletarians, comrades and comradesses, avoid meetings of the National Socialist agitators’.

No comment

491 #
Scandalous tales, all of them fabricated from start to finish, were published in order to help to poison the public mind.

It is a strategy of warfare, done insidiously.


but also because the Red wire-pullers, fortunately for us, were afflicted with a degree of talkativeness that is still unfortunately very prevalent among Germans.

Again, Adolf Hitler’s innate disdain for fellow Germans come out.

instead of arresting the would-be disturbers, they promptly advised the innocent parties that the meeting was forbidden.

No comment

a body of men better classified as ushers who by virtue of their age thought they were entitled to-authority and respect.

Entitled to authority and respect, due to their age? Well, another proof of German language having feudal codes inside.

who, right from the start, had been trained and brought up to realise that only terror is capable of smashing terror –

No comment

how often did the eyes of my young men light up with enthusiasm when I explained to them the vital functions connected with their task and assured them time and again that all earthly wisdom is useless unless it be supported by a measure of strength, that the gentle goddess of Peace can only walk in company with the god of War, and that every great act of peace must be protected and assisted by force.

No comment

or we had no wish to resurrect from the dead the old Reich which had been ruined through its own blunders, but to build up a new State.

No comment

Were not the Marxists the only ones entitled to hold meetings and drive about in motor lorries?

No comment

It was real police pompousness. The smaller they are the greater they must always try to appear.

Adolf Hitler’s words do point to a feudal language ambience.

Therewith a general conviction arises, to the effect that such a union is an immense gain in strength and that small groups which were weak as long as they stood alone have now suddenly become strong. Yet this conviction is for the most part a mistaken one.

There is a particular focus for each hierarchy. If these hierarchies are mingled, many of them will simple lose their focus and many of the top positions will lose their followers that had been there in the pyramid below them.


501 #
In itself it would be logical to expect that one aim should be fought for by a single association and it would be more reasonable if there were not a number of associations fighting for the same aim.

Adolf Hitler has obviously given a lot of thoughts on building up his own organisation, with himself and himself alone on top. Surely what he created was quite powerful as a very unified machinery.

Adolf Hitler with Brown Shirts (SS)

But, on the other hand, nothing gives better proof of the vital forces of a people and the consequent guarantee of its right to exist than that one day, through a happy decree of Destiny, a man arises who is capable of liberating his people from some great oppression, or of wiping out some bitter distress, or of calming the national soul which had been tormented through its sense of insecurity, and thus fulfilling what had long been the universal yearning of the people.

Adolf Hitler is literally delineating the divine being who has been predicted by many an ancient scripture.

The tragedy lies in the fact that many men struggle to reach the same objective by different roads, each one genuinely believing in his own mission and holding himself in duty, bound to follow his own road without any regard for the others.

Quite true.

In studying the lessons of history

No comment

foundation of the German Reich

No comment

the free play of forces,

No comment

Therefore it is not to be regretted if different men set out to attain the same objective. In this way the strongest and swiftest becomes recognised and turns out to be the victor.

No comment

The moment a man arises who profoundly understands the distress of his people and, having diagnosed the evil with perfect accuracy, takes measures to cure it; the moment he fixes his aim and chooses the means to reach it – then paltry and pettifogging people become all attention and eagerly follow the doings of this man who has thus come before the public gaze

Very candid observations. Yet, where is this man?

it implies rather that they intend to steal the programme and found a new party on it.

No comment

It is to that kind of conduct that the so-called ‘patriotic disintegration’ is to be attributed.

Actually in nations like India etc. there is usually used a method to destroy a movement by using Agent provocateurs or something similar.


511 #
The decision was personally a difficult one for him, but it showed a profound sense of honesty.

No comment

Suddenly programmes appeared which were mere transcripts of ours.

No comment

that motive was the personal ambition of the founders, who wished to play a part in which their own pigmy talents could contribute nothing original except the gross effrontery which they displayed in appropriating the ideas of others, a mode of conduct which in ordinary life is looked upon as thieving.

Basically all the above few comments might point to the various treacherous actions by fellow Aryans, Adolf Hitler faced as he strived to build up his own organisation.

It must never be forgotten that nothing really great in this world has ever been achieved through coalitions, but that such achievements have always been due to the triumph of the individual.

No comment.

And, above all things, the People’s State will never be created by the desire for compromise inherent in a patriotic coalition, but only by the iron will of a single movement which has successfully come through in the struggle with all the others.

No comment.

1. Popular support is the first element which is necessary for the creation of authority.

2. power, that is to say, the capacity to use force, as the second foundation on which all authority is based

3. If popular support and power are united together and can endure for a certain time, then an authority may arise which is based on a still stronger foundation, namely, the authority of tradition.

4. If popular support, power, and tradition are united together, then the authority based on them may be looked upon as invincible.

No comment

1. Between these two extremes stands the third class, which is made up of the broad middle stratum, who do not represent radiant heroism or vulgar vice.

2. In case one of the extreme sections comes out victorious the middle section will readily submit to its domination.

3. the middle class never fight their own battles.

No comment

But the first and only pillar on which the authority of the State rested, namely, its popularity, was grounded only on a conglomeration of rowdies and thieves, burglars, deserters, shirkers, etc.

No comment

Their password was not the organisation and construction of the German Republic, but rather the plundering of it.

No comment

Go to the Top

They feared that measures might be taken against the right to robbery and absolute domination on the part of a horde of thieves and plunderers – in short, the worst rabble – who had broken out of the convict prisons and left their chains behind.

No comment


521 #
Thereupon the analphabetic Russian became the slave of his Jewish dictators who, on their side, were shrewd enough to name their dictatorship ‘The Dictatorship of the People’.

No comment

At the Front a man may die, but the deserter must die.

No comment

Hence special laws are necessary; just as, for instance, the law against stealing, which was not made for men who are honest on principle but for the weak and unstable elements.

No comment

The Revolution, however, was not made by the peaceful and orderly elements of the nation but rather by rioters, thieves and robbers.

No comment

Only by remembering it can we understand how it was possible that a nation in which nine-tenths of the people had not joined in a revolution, where seven-tenths repudiated it and six-tenths detested it – how this nation allowed the Revolution to be imposed upon it by the remaining one-tenth of the population.

United minority generally rule over disunited majority population. In fact, even though George Washington, with his Continental European swarming-in-crowd, won the war in the New World, the major population still remained loyal to England. But then, power was in the hands of the organised hooligans.

according to our current bourgeois idea of the State, if a divisional general received from above the order not to shoot he fulfilled his duty and therefore acted rightly in not shooting, because to the bourgeois mind blind formal obedience is a more valuable thing than the life of a nation. But according to the National Socialist concept it is not obedience to weak superiors that should prevail at such moments, in such an hour the duty of assuming personal responsibility towards the whole nation makes its appearance.

No comment

Marxism always professed the doctrine that the use of arms was a matter which had to be judged from the standpoint of expediency and that success justified the use of arms.

No comment

Their aim was to secure a share in the new establishment, and so they continued the use of words as their sole weapon.

No comment

The Jew succeeded brilliantly in using his Press for the purpose of spreading abroad the idea that the defence associations were of a ‘non-political’ character just as in politics

No comment

disarming themselves and delivering themselves defenceless into the hands of the Jew.

No comment

1941: Inspecting Naval troops


531 #
The lack of a great idea which would re-shape things anew has always meant a limitation in fighting power.

No comment

A movement which does not fight for such high aims and ideals will never have recourse to extreme means.
No comment

The appearance of a new and great idea was the secret of success in the French Revolution.

Not quite. Nor was the French Revolution a success, other than a social upheaval. If the French language had feudal content, I am not sure if the use of the word ‘citizen’ could erase it.

The Russian Revolution owes its triumph to an idea.

Not quite.

It has invariably happened in the history of the world that formal State authority has failed to break a reign of terror which was inspired by a philosophy of life. It can only be conquered by a new and different philosophy of life whose representatives are quite as audacious and determined.

No comment

The rulers of the State can guarantee tranquillity and order only in case the State embodies a philosophy which is shared in by the people as a whole;

This is actually a very resounding point. If English nations do not understand this, and rush into multiculturalism, the native people there will end up as ridiculous slaves to peoples of unknown and un-understood mental qualities.

by the word ‘workers’ they mean the Marxists.

From experience, it is seen that a Communist takeover of political power means, the dividing of the spoils among the members of the party. The common people still remain as before or worse. There is no clear-cut idea about how to improve everyone, remove corruption, bring in softer social interaction etc. In fact, everything is crude and rude.

I have indeed heard one Communist party leader and then the state minister, saying in a speech that ‘even if God himself comes here, He will not be able to stop bureaucratic corruption in India’, when asked about the terrible levels of corruption in the bureaucracy.

Political convictions in the higher sense mean that one has the picture of a new regime clearly before one’s mind, feels that the establishment of this regime is an absolute necessity and sets himself to carry out that purpose as the highest task to which his life can be devoted.

I am not sure if most revolutionaries do have a very clear idea as to how to bring about a total change in the social settings, other than a mere change of individuals in the various slots. In fact, I have seen Communist party, after doing a lot of social upheavals, literally following the same feudal patterns in social relationship, which they had attacked in the first place.

Without a total displacement of the feudal languages, and replacing it with a planar language like English, nothing substantial can be achieved.
It is due to this reason that the only ruler-ship in the various locations in the Indian subcontinent, only the rule by the erstwhile English rulers did create a major change. All other ruler-ships only changed the individuals, with only superficial improvement in the social system.

In the beginning this body was merely a guard to maintain order at our meetings.

No comment

As a matter of fact, it has happened in history not infrequently that some of the greatest minds have perished under the blows of the most insignificant helots.

This is precisely the reason the Adolf Hitler committed suicide when he was on the verge of being captured alive by the Russian. If Russians had captured him, he would literally have been treated like a dog and most probably beaten to death, or beaten to the very verge of death. It generally happens when one surrenders to feudal-language speaking populations.

They don’t feel that there is need to honour a word given to an enslaved person, or to a subordinate.


541 #
In all my life I wished to be first a German and then an official, and I never wanted to mix up with these creatures who, as if they were kept officials, prostituted themselves before anybody who could play lord and master for the time being.”

No comment

Only when distributed among the ranks of the old and experienced soldiers could the young recruits, who had been trained for four or six months, become useful members of a regiment. Guided by the ‘old men’, they adapted themselves gradually to their task.

Again a very powerful hint of feudal content based on age, in the German language. If Robert Clive had been among them, he would be listening to the ‘old men’. However, in real life, when older men recommended that the English side was totally outnumbered and they need to remove themselves, in the night hours, he contemplated upon the advice for half an hour, and then simply mentioned:

‘This is an order. The battle starts in the early morning hours. Prepare for the attack.’ Or something similar to that affect.

the State teaches our young men democratic and pacifist ideas and thus deprives millions and millions of their national instincts, poisons their logical sense of patriotism and gradually turns them into a herd of sheep who will patiently follow any arbitrary command.

It is most probably a case of barking at the wrong tree. The error will be in the German language. Both the government and the people are under its non-tangible commands.

Shall we train soldiers for a regime which besmirched and spat upon our most glorious soldiers, tore the medals and badges from their breasts, trampled on their flags and derided their achievements?

No comment

If the present State should one day have to call upon trained troops of this kind it would never be for the purpose of defending the interests of the nation vis-à-vis those of the stranger but rather to protect the oppressors of the nation inside the country against the danger of a general outbreak of wrath on the part of a nation which has been deceived and betrayed and whose interests have been bartered away.

In days to come, the above words would fit into pattern of the multicultural troops slowly growing up in England.

1934: With Mussolini

It is not merely that our police officials today have at their disposal a staff of eavesdroppers and other such rabble who are ready to play traitor, like Judas, for thirty pieces of silver and will betray whatever secrets they can discover and will invent what they would like to reveal.

No comment

Dagger and pistol and poison-vial cannot clear the way for the progress of the movement. That can be done only by winning over the man in the street.

Winning the man on the street in India, showing him the way to quality is the answer to the social problems in India. Pristine-ENGLISH is the only solution.

There is another danger connected with secret societies. It lies in the fact that their members often completely misunderstand the greatness of the task in hand and are apt to believe that a favourable destiny can be assured for the nation all at once by means of a single murder.

One can find a few numbers of such ‘great men’ in British-India, whose fame stands on the single act of murdering some English official. At the same time, there were millions of oppressors all over the subcontinent, who were left alone.

The only result would be that another pair of bloodsuckers, equally fat and thirsty, would be ready to take his place.

Really dedicated communist revolutionaries had in a mood of desperation or to corner public attention, murdered local social oppressors in small-time village areas. There was no long-term or short-term social improvement, due to this action.

Go to the Top

It would be ridiculous and illogical to shoot a poor wretch who had betrayed the position of a howitzer to the enemy while the highest positions of the government are occupied by a rabble who bartered away a whole empire,

Yes, there is logic in this. In India, most government employees are similar to pickpockets. Yet, no one mentions this connection.


551 #
Seeing that its members must undergo a good physical training, the place of chief importance must not be given to military drill but rather to the practice of sports.

Adolf Hitler going into the detailing of who to set up his storm troops.

Comrades and Comradesses of the International Proletariat

Communist sloganeering.

They welcomed us openly, and in the evening, on our return march, spontaneous shouts of jubilation broke out at several points along the route.

No comment.

Thus at Coburg, for the first time since 1914, the equality of all citizens before the law was re-established.

Equality before the law is possible only if the language is planar like English. This right is enshrined in the Constitution of India.

However, in every government office, and in police stations in India, this right is trampled to the ground, by the use of varying words of address and referring.

Yet, the judicial courts in India, which are very much aware of this, simply choose to act blind. So much is the ‘importance’ given to the tenets inside the Constitution of India, inside India.

Only a few decent newspapers expressed their satisfaction that at least in one locality the Marxist street bullies had been effectively dealt with.

No comment


experience teaches that the human being fights only for something in which he believes and which he loves.

No comment

Hence he decided that the best way of forestalling an outbreak on the part of the enraged and desperate masses would be to inflame their wrath and at the same time give it another outlet.

No comment

set the different branches of the German people quarrelling with one another, so that their attention would be turned away from himself and he could plunder them all the more completely

I must admit that I was once very categorically told by an Indian government ‘officer’ that if the people do organise against the national plunder that the Indian officialdom was engaged in, all they had to do was to create a small communal strife among them. Then they will fight among themselves, and the police will get the chance to enter into their private areas.

My small band of comrades felt for the first time absolutely united with me and readily swore to stick by me through life and death

Significant moments in Adolf Hitler’s life

By distorting the federalist idea in such a way its own champions prepared its grave.

No comment


561 #
Never against the Jew, however, but always the German against his own brother.

Divide and rule. In the new nation of India, this is the official technique to rule a huge mass of people, who are swindled by the government employees.

1. The ability which the Jew has displayed in turning public attention away from himself and giving it another direction may be studied also in what is happening today.

2. Anyhow, the Jew has attained the ends he desired. Catholics and Protestants are fighting with one another to their hearts’ content, while the enemy of Aryan humanity and all Christendom is laughing up his sleeve.

To make the above sentences speak the truth about the nation of India, just replace the word ‘Jew has’ with the words ‘Indian government employees have’.

Systematically these negroid parasites in our national body corrupt our innocent fair-haired girls and thus destroy something which can no longer be replaced in this world.

No comment

I have no hesitation in saying that in those men who seek today to embroil the patriotic movement in religious quarrels I see worse enemies of my country than the international communists are

No comment

It will be always one of the first duties of those who are directing the National Socialist Movement to oppose unconditionally any attempt to place the National Socialist Movement at the service of such a conflict.

No comment

that atheist Marxist newspapers advocated the cause of one religious denomination or the other, according as it suited Marxist interests, so as to create confusion through slogans and declarations which were often immeasurably stupid

No comment

By a Confederacy we mean a union of sovereign states which of their own free will and in virtue of their sovereignty come together and create a collective unit, ceding to that unit as much of their own sovereign rights as will render the existence of the union possible and will guarantee it.

No comment

And least of all by the American Union, where it is impossible to speak of original sovereignty in regard to the majority of the states

No comment

The great difference in territorial area between the very small German states that then existed and the larger, or even still more the largest, demonstrates the inequality of their achievements and shows that they could not take an equal part in founding and shaping the federal Empire.

No comment

I must call attention to the fact that hardly in any case did their frontiers coincide with ethical frontiers of the inhabitants

It is funny to know an unknown history of India. The various kingdoms were forcefully added to India by the newly formed India, by using the part of the British-Indian army that came into the hands of the new leaders. After that, started a political process of indoctrinating the minds of the citizens about a nation that had 7000 years antiquity.


571 #
The principle followed by Bismarck was not to give the Reich what he could take from the individual states but to demand from the individual states only what was absolutely necessary for the Reich.

No comment

the old Reich gave freedom to its people at home and showed itself strong towards the outside world, whereas the Republic shows itself weak towards the stranger and oppresses its own citizens at home.

No comment

Things going wrong: 1944 - Adolf Hitler inspecting a bomb damage

And it is a piece of impudent falsehood for the present regime to speak of ‘Free citizens’. Only the old Germany could speak in that manner. The present Republic is a colony of slaves at the service of the stranger.

I need to take the above words away from Germany and place it in India. Only the citizens of the few places that were under the direct rule of the English can claim to have had any freedom in the subcontinent.

As for now, the common man is a slave under the Indian government employees. The pejorative words are assigned to the common man and the ennobling words are secured by the government officials, apart from the totality of the national resources.

In German history, favouritism has never been of so base a character as in the democratic republic

No comment

The absurdity which some federal states commit by maintaining ‘representations’ abroad and corresponding foreign ‘representations’ among themselves – that must cease and will cease.

I am not sure this is not being done by at least some of the states in India, now.

What made this a city of importance was the King who wished to present it to the German nation as an artistic jewel that would have to be seen and appreciated, and so it has turned out in fact.

The German army does not exist for the purpose of being a school in which tribal particularisms are to be cultivated and preserved, but rather as a school for teaching all the Germans to understand and adapt their habits to one another.

If the German language is feudal, then the way the German army will compress the social spaces would be by a draconian force. Even though, this might look quite nice and well-disciplined, the social set up that get activated will be millions of miles away from the natural self-discipline that was the antique hall-mark of pristine-ENGLAND.

However, what the condition is of current-day England has to be studied in comparison with the earlier day pristine-ENGLISH.

It is a possible that a very boisterous kind of dynamic and throbbing freedom might be felt by the younger generations of current times in England. However, this would be just the early signs of an infection of feudal languages all around the nation. Unless some very drastic remedies are set into action, pristine-ENGLAND is done for.

As to Adolf Hitler, he was of great aims, but he surely was bundled with the wrong software. It was a useless endeavour to try to promote something that will never, left to itself, create an egalitarian social system.

Adolf Hitler with Japanese foreign minister - Munich
- Connecting with the wrong crowd.
The same mistake the US did with more terrible disaster for their native citizens. If Adolf Hitler’s side had won the war, how will he handle the Japanese? If Japanese language has terribly hierarchical codes that literally crumple’s up human personality, Germany would find it quite difficult to handle the requirement of that language group.

but those of the fatherland, because it is the latter that he will have to defend one day.

As with all feudal language speaking individuals, Adolf Hitler can only envisage national and human relationships in terms of conflicts, invasions, conquering and such things. In fact, in feudal languages, there is a continuous mood of belligerence, offence and defence. Every word and usages is used in a mode of comparison.

When the same set of ideas have found a lodgement in the minds of a certain number of people they tend of themselves to form a certain degree of order among those people and out of this inner formation something that is very valuable arises.

No comment

It will often be found that apparently insignificant persons will nevertheless turn out to be born leaders....

But when the abilities of theorist and organiser and leader are united in the one person, then we have the rarest phenomenon on this earth. And it is that union which produces the great man.

Leadership is basically the chance offered by circumstances to have people loyal or committed to one.


581 #
1. Every movement which has gained its human material must first divide this material into two groups: namely, followers and members.

2. The greatest danger that can threaten a movement is an abnormal increase in the number of its members, owing to its too rapid success.

It is a great information. Very useful when contemplating on building an organisation based on ideals.

the party mixed water with its wine

Rubbish should not be allowed to mix up with quality, in a mood of equality. Quality will go rubbish. Rubbish will not become quality.

All great movements, whether of a political or religious nature, owe their imposing success to the recognition and adoption of those principles. And no durable success is conceivable if these laws are not observed.

It is true. When speaking about English, unless a feeling that the principles of pristine-ENGLISH are unalterable, other than only after serious deliberation, inner codes of pristine-ENGLISH will go spoiled. What this spoiling is, is not known or understood by native-ENGLISH speakers. However discerning persons, who know both sides of the equation, are aware of the atrophy arriving into the interiors of pristine-ENGLISH.

1. At the same time a new statute was passed which invested sole responsibility in the chairman of the movement, abolished the system of resolutions in committee and in its stead introduced the principle of division of labour which since that time has worked excellently.

2. In the place of decisions by the majority vote of the committee, the principle of absolute responsibility was introduced.

Even though Adolf Hitler’s originality must be admitted, the fact is that the English East India Company administration in certain parts of the Indian subcontinent was similar to this. There was no democracy to control any maladministration. However, there was pristine-ENGLISH which would bring everything into perfection.

And off course, there was no democracy to introduce maladministration. So, there was no system of resolutions in committees. Instead, individual responsibility was there. And no feudal language speakers were given any value.

At a time when the majority dominates everywhere else a movement which is based on the principle of one leader who has to bear personal responsibility for the direction of the official acts of the movement itself will one day overthrow the present situation and triumph over the existing regime. That is a mathematical certainty.

It indeed is. But then, couldn’t that system be framed in pristine-ENGLISH. Otherwise the adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, might also get activated.

The man who does valuable work for his people expresses thereby his excellent sentiments, whereas another who merely talks about his opinions and does nothing that is of real value or use to the people is a person who perverts all right thinking.

A valuable insight about an everyday reality.

only on condition that he must not be at the mercy of incompetent committees. He must be responsible to one master, and only one

It is bound to be a very powerful command and obedience machinery.

The employed personnel hold their jobs in virtue of their practical efficiency and could not in any manner take cover behind their professed loyalty to the party.

Insights of his office management, which he kept apart from party loyalty.

because we could not get a capable man to take on a job if nincompoops were constantly allowed to butt in, pretending that they knew everything much better; whereas in reality they had left only general chaos behind them

No comment.

one should not tire of seeking until the best and honestest and manifestly the most competent person could be found for the position of leader or administrator in each section of the movement.

No comment.


591 #
1. a new ideal is introduced in our education, which would change the attitude of the employer towards the worker, no other course would be open to the latter except to defend his own interests himself by appealing to his equal rights as a contracting party within the economic sphere of the nation’s existence.

2. as long as there were men among the employers who had no sense of their social obligations nor even of the most elementary human rights

3. because a real National Socialist education for the employer as well as for the employee, in the spirit of a mutual co-operation within the common framework of the national community, cannot be secured by theoretical instruction, appeals and exhortations, but through the struggles of daily life.

The basic tenets of labour relationship are encoded differently in different languages. Adolf Hitler totally missed this very essential information.

The National Socialist Trades Union is not an instrument for class warfare, but a representative organ of the various occupations and callings.

No comment

The National Socialist State recognises no ‘classes’. But, under the political aspect, it recognises only citizens with absolutely equal rights and equal obligations corresponding thereto.

If German language has feudal contents, the above words are no more than mere rhetorical words.

And, side by side with these, it recognises subjects of the State who have no political rights whatsoever.

England should have read the above lines in Mein Kampf before opening up its citizenship/subjecthood to all and sundry who barged in. The antique sovereignty of England shared between the Monarchy, the nobility and the common people has been cut into mincemeat and thrown out to whoever barged in.

1943: War against England is definitely not going right.

it is not the task of the trades union to band together certain men within the national community and thus gradually transform these men into a class, so as to use them in a conflict against other groups similarly organised within the national community.

No comment

thereby enslaving free nations to serve Jewish world-finance, which transcends all State boundaries.

I do not know more. But then, it used to be said that it is the Zionist lobby that runs US policymaking. As of now, US policymaking must be a multi-ingredient mix and mess.

strike is not an instrument for disturbing and dislocating the national production, but for increasing it and making it run smoothly, by fighting against all those annoyances which by reason of their unsocial character hinder efficiency in business and thereby hamper the existence of the whole nation.

No comment

The large measure of personal freedom which is accorded to them for their activities must be explained by the fact that experience has shown that the productive powers of the individual are more enhanced by being accorded a generous measure of freedom than by coercion from above.

Correct only in planar languages like English. In feudal languages, the worker will incessantly try to overthrow his boss or his superior, if he is given more freedoms or stature. This is connected to a work of a certain word codes. Interested readers may read my book:

1. March of the evil empires: ENGLISH versus the feudal languages

2. The SHROUDED SATANISM in FEUDAL LANGUAGES! Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!

3. Codes of reality! What is language?

4. What is entering? (into England).

5. An Impressionistic history of the South Asian Subcontinent

When that State is established it will, as a matter of course, abolish the mass struggle between the two great groups made up of employers and employees respectively, a struggle which has always resulted in lessening the national production and injuring the national community

It is a foolish idea to abolish a natural urge. The intelligent capacity would be seek out the minutest location in the codes that create this division and mutual antipathy, and dismantle them.

If an easy solution is tried to be found by abolishing or banning or other statutory means, the social system might be able to cap the volcano, but still it would be living on top of a steaming volcano.

The correction would have to be done at the language level. Not in the statutory laws.

October 1944:
It is soon transpiring that Adolf Hitler's own assessment of England was coming true. The war is going from bad to worse. Lutwaffe Chief Hermann Goering and General Heinz Guderian with Adolf Hitler. After all, the German military structuring was based on mental dwarfs downwards, and super geniuses upwards.


601 #
thus employers and employees will no longer find themselves drawn into a mutual conflict over wages and hours of work

Adolf Hitler’s idea of mediating everything through governmental agencies is akin to what is happening in India. Both the workers as well as the employers are under the tutelage of the Labour ‘officers’. It would be quite a suffering to go and show obeisance to a low-quality government official. It does not improve the personality of either side, workers or the employer.

Moreover, government officials in feudal language nations, have their own expectations on how much they have to be paid under the table.
Long term and stable corrections in the social system can only come about by inserting a planar language like English, in its most unadulterated form.

The Marxist trade-unionist citadel may be governed today by mediocre leaders, but it cannot be taken by assault except through the dauntless energy and genius of a superior leader on the other side. If such a leader cannot be found it is futile to struggle with Fate and even more foolish to try to overthrow the existing state of things without being able to construct a better in its place.

Quite true. Unless one has a very intelligent and practical idea to improve a decadent social and administrative system, it is quite dangerous to try to dismantle what is in place. The idiots in the US policymaking, who do not know anything about other nations, other than what they have studied in their sterile Politics and International Relations textbooks have simply force US entry into other nations, and dismantled powerful administrative systems.

The tragedy is that they do not have any understanding of the rudimentary codes in communication that creates powerful social structures. Once they have pulled it down, it is like Humpty Dumpty.

Their idiocy is so much that most US policymakers and citizens do not actually know what makes their nation great, and what is going to send it to the gutters.

It must declare itself hostile to the idea of class and class warfare and, in place of this, it must declare itself as the defender of the various occupational and professional interests of the German people.

No comment.

For the confused state of our political ideas in general before the War may be looked upon as the chief cause of our defective statesmanship; but in the post-War period this cause must be attributed to a lack of honest intentions.

Only pristine-ENGLAND had honest intentions and a legacy of fairplay. Quite true, many academicians will not agree to this. But then, they can’t be expected to agree to this. After all, they belong to the crowd, which is more or less mentioned in the above lines.

The fundamental and guiding principles which we must always bear in mind when studying this question is that foreign policy is only a means to an end and that the sole end to be pursued is the welfare of our own people.

Great nations of stature, like England, need not be so selfish or mean. However, minor nations, like Germany, India, Pakistan, Spain etc. cannot forego of their right to be selfish, mean and treacherous.

For flaming protests will not restore the oppressed territories to the bosom of a common Reich. That can be done only through the might of the sword.

Yet, the English Empire simply spread across the globe. If it was mere might of the sword, England wouldn’t have won even in a minor skirmish. This is the essential factor that Adolf Hitler did detect in England. However, he did not understand its source or platform.

Instead of a sound policy of territorial expansion in Europe, our rulers embarked on a policy of colonial and trade expansion.

Actually Continental Europe did not really understand English colonialism. It was not an acquisition of territory planned and forwarded by the Home country, but something that took place wherever the Englishmen went. In fact, thousands of lower-positioned people all around the world celebrated the coming of the Englishmen amongst them.

to increase the strength of the Reich as a Continental Power by the acquisition of new territory in Europe

In spite of being quite an intelligent person of varied experiences, including in warfare, Adolf Hitler ultimately takes recourse to warfare and conquering as an answer to the feebleness of his nation, which he presumed to be of some supernatural superiority.

All his arguments go waste at this terrific turn of arguments. In fact, his book, instead of being a great book on political thoughts, simply limps in the mediocrity of a very parochial jingoism. It is tragic. But then, his native language of thoughts and verbal speech does seem to be a feudal language. This is what might be the millstone that hangs around his intellect and pulls it down.

Of course, this policy could not have been carried through except in alliance with England,

What a terribly disastrous argument! As if England would embark on a conquest of Continental European nations. In fact, the best act on the part of England would be to shed all links to feudal language nations, all of whom are at best, a millstone on England’s soft neck.

The cultural importance of a nation is almost always dependent on its political freedom and independence.

It is actually directly connected to the language quality. Whether it is feudal or planar. If feudal, what is the location of the most terrible codes? If it is planar, does it have plateau-code features?


611 #
What might have to be deducted from the budget expenses for cultural purposes, in order to meet abnormal demands for increasing the military power of the State, can be generously paid back later on.

The feeling that exudes is that Germany’s problems are the creation of other states. From this book itself, it is quite evident that Germany has internal social problems, probably connected to feudal language codes. However, there is France quite in the neighbourhood. France has an international reputation of a midget trying to show off, by means of picking up fights.

In fact, during the colonial days, it was the continual efforts of the French to pick a fight with the English that many a times led to battles, in close collaboration with native kings in the such places as the Indian Subcontinent, which in turn led to a series of English victories that culminated in the formation of the English Empire in the subcontinent.

From this background, Adolf Hitler’s desire to see his nation develop militarily can be understood. As to England coming to France’s governing classes’ aid in many historical occasion do seem to be the handiwork of some insipid brain.

For instance: After the French Revolution, the King who had sent his forces to fight the English side in the New World, had his head cut off. In fact, it was literally the due prize he deserved. However, as if like some buffoon, England is seen to try to protect the French Nobility and Monarchy, which had acted against English interests.

Surely these insane postures of the England might be explained in a different location.

And by preferring a policy of colonial and trade expansion, they sacrificed the alliance with England, which was then possible.

Adolf Hitler really rues the stupidity of going against England. Even Bismarck was cautious when dealing with English interests.
Yet, see the tragedy of Adolf Hitler: He himself got swept into a fight with England. Even though in this very book, he has repeatedly given the hint that defeating England is not possible.

The more difficult England’s position became in the course of history the more the British Imperial Government considered it necessary to maintain a condition of political paralysis among the various European States, as a result of their mutual rivalries.................... In accordance with this policy she reduced Spain and the Netherlands to the position of inferior naval Powers.

The way Adolf Hitler mentions the above words, a feeling comes that what England wills, happens. It is surely not that easy. Something held up the cohesiveness of the English people, even in times of great danger. What that something is, could be the planar language English. It was plateau-coded also. It is a very powerful combination, wherein the native-speakers exist at a higher plane.
Not in a manner as envisaged for German army by Hitler. That of a huge content of nitwits bossed over by towering officers. In England, it was different.

France, which was the most dangerous rival that England had to fear.

True, France was a nuisance throughout history, not only to England but also to the French people themselves.

Not only the Louis Kings, but even the French Revolutionaries and also Napoleon Bonaparte went in for war with England.

Yet, see the stamina contained in pristine-ENGLISH. England withstood all assaults. With a powerful shield made of its vibrant language.

popular sentiment, which is the most powerful motive-force and is at the same time the most lasting in its energy.

No comment.

the object of a diplomatic policy must not be to see that a nation goes down heroically but rather that it survives in a practical way

Surely the policymakers of USA should have read the above lines. However, they are sitting on a grand legacy that came into their hands with no one really knowing how this happened. Such persons as those who are in charge of USA nowadays cannot build a great nation. They can only dissipate a great nation.

Germany was annihilated and France became the first political Power on the Continent of Europe.

Some very tangible wobbling code must be there in the French language. When perfectly stable individuals get to interact with persons who have wobbling codes in their personality, they also get infected. In fact, they show it more that the person who induced this wobbling.

when one nation loses its instinct for self-preservation and ceases to be an active member it sinks to the level of an enslaved nation and its territory will have to suffer the fate of a colony.

Even though there might be persons who would equate the above statement with ‘India’, the fact is that there is no connection. There was no India before British-India, other than around 2000 small to medium kings, ruling minute to huge landscape in a most disinterested manner. And around 650 kingdoms, scattered in the various location of the subcontinent.

A submarine campaign based on France’s long Atlantic coast and on the European and North African coasts of the Mediterranean would have disastrous consequences for England.

These are all just the clubbing together of various permutations and combinations, with no basis. Disasters on the English side was not the crucial issues. The mutual backstabbing on the other side is what would clinch the issue, the battle and the war.

What England has always desired, and will continue to desire, is to prevent any one Continental Power in Europe from attaining a position of world importance.

If it does, England is being very intelligent. However as of now, participating in a Continental European Union, is far from being intelligent. Interested readers are requested to READ this.


621 #
The final aims of French diplomacy must be in perpetual opposition to the final tendencies of British statesmanship.

Quite sharp insight, even though the premise is not what I would have accepted.

the possibilities that exist for Germany to find allies must come to the conclusion that there remains no other way of forming an alliance except to approach England.

It is quite a tragic march of destiny that Adolf Hitler lost everything when he went to war with England.

British diplomacy must tend more and more, from year to year, towards curbing France’s unbridled lust after hegemony.

That is how history stands evidence to. Yet, in current-day times, everything is a mess in Continental Europe. With the barging in of out-side entities whose innate features are totally un-understood.

alliances formed for negative purposes suffer from intrinsic weakness. The destinies of nations can be welded together only under the prospect of a common success, of common gain and conquest, in short, a common extension of power for both contracting parties.

In short, the best alliance for English nations would be the creation of an Anglosphere, with pristine-England to lead it. There would be frill elements that would have to be worked out. But then, this is the safest. As to others, sticking close to England would be the best for health.

However, where is pristine-ENGLAND? It has vanished in the clutter called multiculture.

The necessary condition for linking together the destinies of nations is never mutual esteem or mutual sympathy, but rather the prospect of advantages accruing to the contracting parties.

COMMENT No comment

France is and will remain the implacable enemy of Germany. It does not matter what Governments have ruled or will rule in France,

This enmity will last only till both sides are in terror of a new entity. That is what is uniting all Europe.

Taking this point of view into consideration, only two States remain to us as possible allies in Europe - England and Italy.

It is quite a tragic combination. Italy might be fuelled by a feudal language. While pristine-ENGLAND would be running on the smooth rails of a planar language.

There is tragedy looming in the horizon for Adolf Hitler, in that ultimately he was to connect himself with Italy. An alliance with England doesn’t seem possible, unless it is from a platform slightly lower than England.

Nor can England be pleased to see France in possession of such enormous coal and iron mines in Western Europe as would make it possible for her one day to play a role in world-commerce which might threaten danger to British interests.

Actually the coal and iron mines of Western Europe did not matter to English colonial movements. For, it was fuelled by the popular support from the lower classes in those regions.

Italy does not deceive herself by thinking that racial kindred between the nations will in any way eliminate rivalries.

The above lines bespeak the hollowness of a ‘White united front’.

serious and impartial consideration proves that it is these two States, Great Britain and Italy, whose natural interests not only do not contrast with the conditions essential to the existence of the German nation but are identical with them, to a certain extent.

There does seem to be serious errors in the summarisation that Italy and England can have common points other than the extremely minor sameness of skin-colour.


631 #
Or can alliances be made with Governments which are in the hands of men who are despised by their own fellow-citizens and consequently are not respected abroad?

No comment

When for years long a foreign nation has been presented to the public as a horde of ‘Huns’, ‘Robbers’, ‘Vandals’, etc., they cannot suddenly be presented as something different, and the enemy of yesterday cannot be recommended as the ally of tomorrow.

No comment

For the contamination caused by the influx of negroid blood on the Rhine, in the very heart of Europe, is in accord with the sadist and perverse lust for vengeance on the part of the hereditary enemy of our people, just as it suits the purpose of the cool calculating Jew who would use this means of introducing a process of bastardisation in the very centre of the European Continent and, by infecting the white race with the blood of an inferior stock, would destroy the foundations of its independent existence.

Here, Adolf Hitler has left the platform of Aryans and moved into the platform of White race. I do not know where the discordance starts. Yet, it is true that in feudal language nations like India, there is an un-mentioned social technique of inserting quality diminution by means of connecting quality to inferior statures.

However, skin colour in itself has no superiority, but then most Asian, African, South American societies could have a high great feudal derogative content in their feudal languages, which can literally disfigure human refinement by the use of mere innocent-looking words and usages.

Connecting to such social systems without adequate protections in place, can be quite dangerous.

These Powers are Great Britain and Italy.

Mentioning Italy as a great power and placing it along Great Britain seems to be a very insane proposition. Adolf Hitler was possibly infatuated with Mussolini.

Of course it is difficult for us to propose England as our possible ally in the future. Our Jewish Press has always been adept in concentrating hatred against England particularly

No comment

They babble about a restoration of German sea power and protest against the robbery of our colonies.

German colonies were probably robbed by Germans themselves, while English colonies were improved by the English colonial officials.

Mussolini and Clara Petacci killed by Italians. 28 April 1945

I think that if a fox were to break into a poultry yard his presence would not provoke such a helter-skelter and rush to cover as we should witness in the band of ‘protesters’.

No comment

A tendency towards lying and calumny lies in the nature of these people,

It is quite funny to see that modern Indian history and historians also have the very same tendency.

cannot be won back by the whetted tongues of parliamentary spouters but only by the whetted sword; in other words, through a fight where blood will have to be shed.

It is tragic that bloodshed has to be mentioned.

it must not fall into the errors of the pre-War period and make the whole world its enemy.

From this clear-headed decision, Adolf Hitler was pulled into the very negation of these caution.


641 #
The lack of character which our people have shown during the last six years is deeply distressing.

Feudal languages do not induce a stable character. In fact, human character goes on wobbling when inside a feudal language mindset.

From the first days of August 1914 to the end of the tremendous struggle between the nations, no people in the world gave a better proof of manly courage, tenacity and patient endurance, than this people gave who are so cast down and dispirited today. Nobody will dare to assert that the lack of character among our people today is typical of them.

It is true that powerful leaderships can create great capacities of courage, tenacity and fortitude in human beings, as long as the string of leadership remains powerful. In the case of pristine-ENGLISH, even when the strings that connect to leadership go weak and wearied, individual character remains unaltered. For, there are no codes that wobble a human stature in pristine-ENGLISH.

but the blame for this must be attributed to those utterly incompetent people who have no natural endowments to qualify them for statesmanship and yet have been governing our nation

No comment

Then the people would join in the common cry: “To arms again!

Continent Europe does certainly have a feel like the Indian Subcontinent before the advent of the English supremacy. I feel that Continental Europe would have had a wonderful time of peace and prosperity if it had handed itself over to English rule, with no democracy inside their own nations. Not the current-day England, but the pristine-ENGLAND of yesteryears.

Mussolini and Clara Petacci's bodies along with other facists' hung up in Milan!

For if we cannot form an alliance with England because she has robbed us of our colonies, or with Italy because she has taken possession of South Tyrol, or with Poland or Czechoslovakia, then there remains no other possibility of an alliance in Europe except with France which, inter alia, has robbed us of Alsace and Lorraine.

In the case of England, it merely must have liberated the colonies from German rule.

The English situation is not so favourable. In that country which has ‘the freest democracy’ the Jew dictates his will, almost unrestrained but indirectly, through his influence on public opinion.

Change the word ‘Jew’ with ‘immigrant lobbies’, and one can picture current-day England.

It is quite understandable that today England should re-examine her old alliances and that British statesmanship should look anxiously to the danger of a coming moment when the cry would no longer be: “Britain rules the waves”, but rather: “The Seas belong to the United States”.

It would have been very good if the ancient words, ‘Britannia rules the waves’ were still in effect. However, as of now, the High Seas are in the powers of any hooligan who has the power in any local waters.

No one is safe. And as to low-class nations’ police and officialdom, they are also basically hooligans. They do not understand that rules and laws have a thing called the ‘spirit of the law’. That is, what is the essential purpose of the law. This is not understood in the spirited aspiration to create a name.

See this recent news of a Britain based anti-piracy companies Security personnel landing on an Indian coast.

See the News report:
The six Britons identified as J......, N......, R......, P......, N...... and B...... are all ex-military men. They have been detained in Tamil Nadu as their passports have been confiscated by the authorities after the Supreme Court in July this year ordered a retrial in the case.

After the vessel M.V. Seaman Ohio, owned by AdvantFort, a company providing anti-sea piracy solutions was found anchored off the Tamil Nadu coast, the ‘Q’ Branch of the State CID registered a case against the crew members.

The High Court of Madras quashed the charges of Arms Act filed by the police, which appealed against it in the apex court, leading to the retrial.
The vessel was seen stationed 10.8 nautical miles from the Thoothukudi port on October 11, 2013. The CID case says alarms were set off when an unidentified boat was seen approaching the vessel.

The larger issue is the very persons who have improved through English education feel a great deal of pride that they have been able to put Britons into jail. In fact, everything in feudal languages is an issue of power. Even the policemen who could get to arrest them would feel a great deal of prestige in the fact they could get their hands on the British men.

There is a much larger issue also. Private security men are seen with disdain by the Indian officialdom.

And the very posture of Englishmen standing with a straight back and talking with a stature would give the creeps to low-grade Indian officials. In fact, if it was an Indian standing with such a stature in front of any Indian police official, he would be slapped immediately. Talking back, arguing or retorting to the Indian officials is a very dangerous thing. They will never allow the man to escape. Moreover, there is a huge possibility that they have been slapped and beaten up. This is what happens when local Indians are arrested.

I fear that this stature issue is what made the official put them in jail. If the arrested men had acted meek, and bowed and expressed servitude, they would have been allowed to go. The arrest was made in 2013. Now it is December 2014. The issue is that if any Indian boat gets arrested anywhere seas in the world, with or without arms on board, any nation will take put them in jail. And that would be the end of it. However, in back in India, it wouldn’t really matter.

It was a wonderful situation that the whole world was patrolled by the English navy. Pristine-English. Not the Multiculture monster that is currently on the loose in England.

As to the men in Indian jails, from the ship mentioned above, their chance of getting out is quite bleak. For, the moment a free-them order comes out the police personnel will put in another petition. It is a vengeance that will not abate. For, when low-level Indians arrived in English nations and started mentioning their equality with the natives of English nations, the local Indian authorities literally redefined the English natives as their servant class level people.

For in the languages of the Indian subcontinent, there are various levels of equality. An equal of a worker class man is connected to each other by a separate level of code-links. This is the code-link that is now connected to most citizens of English nations. However, when such worker-level people arrive in India and speak with a stature, it would not be condoned by the Indian officialdom.

In fact, there is one political leader of a south Indian state in jail for the past thirteen years, simply because he did not use the customary words of ‘respect’ to the police officials. These underlying barbarity of the Indian nation is not tangible, easily.

As to England, it has worked itself into a location of imbecility. With the propounding of a concept of ‘equality’, it does not understand beyond its own nose. And think of its level of rank idiotism: It gives 250 million pounds to the Indian government every year, with no thoughts that no concurrence has been obtained from its own citizens for this insane squandering.

Another noteworthy item is that this is the standard officialdom - people communication issue in feudal languages. There is no way to discuss anything with dignity with the officialdom for the people.

Their only option is to go in for violence. However, when this happens, current-day English nations provide strategic and other support to the feudal language nations’ government.

And designate the revolting people as ‘terrorists’. This is exactly what happened in North Ceylon (currently under Sri Lankan military occupation).

The great leaders of Jewry are confident that the day is near at hand when the command given in the Old Testament will be carried out and the Jews will devour the other nations of the earth.

If the original bible in Hebrew can be deciphered and the hidden codes re-read with the aim to extract these codes, a lot more information can emerge.

I can give a minor hint of a verbal hidden code.

1. You give him a plate of Butter chicken.
2. You give him a glass of water.

In English the Butter Chicken given will be quite easily understood as the more powerful statement.

However, in feudal languages, there is no such guarantee. In fact, the ‘Butter Chicken’ and the ‘Water’ do not have much social significance in the social stature encoded in the sentence.

Depending on certain other minor words, giving the ‘water’ can be of fabulous power. The person who is to be given the ‘water’ will be acknowledged as a socially great man, and whose very presence can lend a very positive aura in the place.

At the same time, the person given the ‘Butter Chicken’ can be made to mere nonentity and a social disgrace, by the same sentence that means: ‘You give him a glass of water’ in English.

So it very logical to understand that the English version of the Bible will be literally sterile version Bible. It will be like a Shamanism Chanting translated into English. The literal meaning will have no sense of what was there originally in the original text.

Adolf Hitler's last public appearance. 20th March 1945. Things are definitely very bad!

Precisely the members of our so-called intelligentsia are the hardest to move to a really clear and logical defence of their interests and the interests of their nation. They are not only burdened with a dead weight of the most senseless conceptions and prejudices, but what makes matters completely intolerable is that they have lost and abandoned all healthy instinct of self-preservation

No comment

As a healthy relation we may regard only that condition which assures the sustenance of a people on its own soil.

No comment


651 #
Only an adequately large space on this earth assures a nation of freedom of existence.

No comment

If a nation’s sustenance as such is assured by the amount of its soil, the safeguarding of the existing soil itself must also be borne in mind. This lies in the general power-political strength of the state, which in turn to no small extent is determined by geo-military considerations.

No comment

The German people entered this struggle as a supposed world power

Many populations do have this erroneous conceit. In fact, there are many Indians who feel that current-day India is the greatest nation on earth. In fact, their school textbook history teaches them of a nation of 7000 years antiquity.

As to their forefathers, the local films inform that they all had looks better than the looks of Romans depicted in Hollywood movies.

yet no one cite England as a proof to the contrary, for England in reality is merely the great capital of the British world empire which calls nearly a quarter of the earth’s surface its own.

Whether Britain did really call nearly a quarter of the earth’s surface as its own, is not known to me. Yet, the fact remains that England did rule a huge percentage of the globe’s surface.

In the Indian subcontinent around half of the geographical area was ruled by English officials, directly reporting to England. However, the introduction of democracy in the English-ruled areas of the subcontinent did really spoil the quality of the English rule, in the subcontinent.

As to the other half of the Indian subcontinent, they were ruled by the various kings, and administered by very corrupt officialdoms. However, no textbooks mentions this very powerful information. Everyone celebrates the national Independence Day, when actually on that day most of the kingdoms lost their independence.

we can actually speak of an African state arising on European soil.

Current events do point to a possibility that of Adolf Hitler’s words coming true. However, what is wrong with it? Well, the issue at large is that Africa in actually was a terrible place. It is not an agreeable thing that the cultures of that place should be allowed to expand.

at the beginning of our history two thousand years ago

It is funny. In Indian textbooks, earlier the talk was about a national antiquity dating back to two thousand years. Then it became four thousand years. Now, there is talk of a seven thousand years antiquity. With technology making many seemingly impossible things possible, any claim is possible. But then, no one seems to know or care how it was some 150 years back.

We have lost all proportion to the other great states of the earth, and this thanks only to the positively catastrophic leadership of our nation in the field of foreign affairs,

No comment

for we cannot measure the strength of an empire by itself, but only by comparison with other states.

The above words contain typical feudal language mentality.

our people is certainly excelled by none on earth in heroism,

Indian ‘Aryans’ also mention the same things.

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the political experiences of our people for more than a thousand years

Again, Adolf Hitler is on a tall claims spree.


661 #
The distinction between the real political successes of our people and the national blood spent for fruitless aims is of the greatest importance for our conduct in the present and the future.

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One half of our political figures consist of extremely sly, but equally spineless elements which are hostile toward our nation to begin with, while the other is composed of good-natured, harmless, and easy-going soft-heads

No comments

to secure for the German people the land and soil to which they are entitled on this earth

No comments

The soil on which some day German generations of peasants can beget powerful sons will sanction the investment of the sons of today, and will someday acquit the responsible statesmen of blood-guilt and sacrifice of the people, even if they are persecuted by their contemporaries.

No comments

But one thing is certain, that the confusion they can create is desirable and convenient to our national enemies.

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State boundaries are made by man and changed by man.

No comments

Germany will either be a world power or there will be no Germany.

No comments

Because the Italy of today is not the Italy of those days

No comments

The question, therefore, most not be: What did Bismarck do in his time? But rather: What would he do today? And this question is easier to answer. With his political astuteness, he would never ally himself with a state that is downed to destruction

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1. Chiefly involved were representatives of various Balkan states, and some from Egypt and India, who as individuals always impressed me as pompous big-mouths without any realistic background

2q #. But there were not a few Germans, especially in the nationalist camp, who let themselves be dazzled by such inflated Orientals and readily accepted any old Indian or Egyptian student from God knows where as a ‘representative’ of India or Egypt.

3. above all were authorized by no one to conclude any pact with anyone

The insight in the above words is quite terrific. When Queen Victoria took over the reins of power in the English East Indian Company ruled areas of the Indian Subcontinent, it gave a terrific freedom to the various feudal rich persons all over the subcontinent to enter England.

Moreover, the Indian Rupees was very valuable. I think it was more valuable than the US Dollar of those day. So the rich in the Indian Subcontinent would literally go to England and wallow in the social facilities available there.

All of them came from the feudal rich classes of the subcontinent, who would literally have a heart attack if anyone of the servants or servant maid were to learn English. However, these very persons took up the pose of being the leaders of the ‘enslaved’ populations of ‘India’ in England and Europe.

Many of them studied in English Universities. And took part in various programmes for ‘freeing India’ from ‘slavery’. The fact that they were enslavers was not understood by the nitwit, stay-at-home Britons.

There is one individual who is mentioned as the ‘father of the nation’ of current-day India. There is no constitutional validity for this statement. He was the super-rich son of a prime minister of an independent Kingdom in the subcontinent. Not even inside English-ruled parts of the subcontinent.
He was killed in a conspiracy which was never clearly investigated. There are unmentioned items that really facilitated the requirement for the doing away of this man. Yet, even to discuss them will cause great national consternation.


671 #
For the attempt to disarm the almighty victors through a ‘league of Oppressed Nations’ is not only ridiculous, but catastrophic as well.

No comment

I still remember the hopes, as childish as they were incomprehensible, which suddenly arose in folkish circles in 1920-21, to the effect that British power was on the verge of collapse in India.

Some Asiatic jugglers, for all I care they may have been real ‘fighters for Indian freedom,’ who at that time were wandering around Europe, had managed to sell otherwise perfectly reasonable people the idea fixe that the British Empire, which has its pivot in India, was on the verge of collapse at that very point.

In fact, not many people in the nation of India know that the English Empire was dismantled by the crooks in the British Labour Party. Students in schools and college parrot that Britain literally ran off fearing the great national ‘freedom-fighting’ leaders of the nation. The fact that 3 million soldiers from the subcontinent stood stolidly under the aegis of the Union Jack has literally vanished into oblivion.

Many of these loyal soliders simply whimpered away into terrible poverty when Clement Atlee, the super crook, threw them into the hands of local fiends.

And if anyone imagines that England would let India go without staking her last drop of blood, it is only a sorry sign of absolute failure to learn from the World War, and of total misapprehension and ignorance on the score of Anglo-Saxon determination.

There is a mistaken impression in the above statement. The English rule in around half of the geographical areas of the Indian subcontinent did not exist due to any suppression or oppression or enslavement. In fact, tremendous levels of freedoms were given to the people for the first time, during the English rule. It was the tremendous love for the English rule that sustained it.

How hard it is to beat England, we Germans have sufficiently learned.

It is tragic that Adolf Hitler forgot this in the days when he was in the heights of national powers.

Quite aside from the fact that I, as a man of Germanic blood, would, in spite of everything, rather see India under English rule than under any other.

This has nothing to do with Germanic blood. Anyone with some sense can understand that the Subcontinent was better-off under English rule than under the rule of any other person.

in reality it would come to an infernal end under the fire of English machinegun companies and the hail of fragmentation bombs

Quite clear understanding of possibilities. Yet, it is quite serious that he forgot them.

I am prevented by mere knowledge of the racial inferiority of these so-called ‘oppressed nations’ from linking the destiny of my own people with theirs

Racial inferiority is connected to certain codes in the language that enforces inferiority. The moment this is removed, the inferiority is removed. In fact, people from ‘inferior races’, once they reach English nations do exhibit their innate capabilities. Even though in the process, the native-English side do lose much of their innate stature.

For not only that Germany herself has remained shamefully backward in this all-important field, but from the little she possesses she would have to sustain Russia, which even today cannot claim possession of a single factory capable of producing a motor vehicle that really runs

The inferiority of Russian technology was known even then. In fact, any nuclear reactor build up on Russian technology will have to be removed in any location it has been built.

However, in years to come, chances for tragic errors in English nations’ infrastructure is also going up. For, the English nations are now riddled by the terrible codes of feudal languages, all running amuck.

Never forget that the rulers of present-day Russia are common blood-stained criminals; that they are the scum of humanity which, favoured by circumstances, overran a great state in a tragic hour, slaughtered and wiped out thousands of her leading intelligentsia in wild blood lust, and now for almost ten years have been carrying on the most cruel and tyrannical regime of all time.

No comment

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And you do not make pacts with anyone whose sole interest is the destruction of his partner

No comment


681 #
Above all, you do not make them with elements to whom no pact would be sacred, since they do not live in this world as representatives of honour and sincerity, but as champions of deceit, lies, theft, plunder, and rapine. If a man believes that he can enter into profitable connections with parasites, he is like a tree trying to conclude for its own profit an agreement with a mistletoe

It was due to the powerful feel of fairplay, commitment and honesty that a link with England and English East India Company was valued. I need to quote from Travancore State Manual written by a native official of the Kingdom of Travancore in the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent:

1. King Marthanda Varma’s words: “That, above all, the friendship existing between the English East India Company and Travancore should be maintained at any risk, and that full confidence should always be placed in the support and aid of that honourable association.”

2. 1750 A.D. the French attempted to form a settlement at Colachel. It does not appear that they were successful. In the next year the Rajah of Travancore wrote to the King of Colastria ‘advising him not to put any confidence in the French, but to assist the English as much as he could’”. END OF QUOTE

a process which is just as natural as the urge of the Anglo-Saxon to seize domination of the earth. And just as the Anglo-Saxon pursues this course in his own way and carries on the fight with his own weapons,

I do think that even though in the first impression it does seem that Adolf Hitler did understand the Anglo-Saxon fighting power, on deeper insights, it is clear that he has missed the idea totally.

What was Anglo-Saxon’s fighting power? First of all it was pristine-ENGLISH. Second was an item that is naturally innate to that language. The quality of fairplay, commitment, honesty, dependability, egalitarian content in the language, popular support from the lower classes in the various colonial locations.

Adolf Hitler simply counted the guns, ships and airships, and went for an assault on the English shores. He had no idea that it was not these things that had held up England for hundreds of years.

How can we expect to free our own people from the fetters of this poisonous embrace if we walk right into it? How shall we explain Bolshevism to the German worker as an accursed crime against humanity if we ally ourselves with the organisations of this spawn of hell, thus recognizing it in the larger sense?

It is indeed the quandary that is faced by all leaderships who try to tie up with anyone, to meet the temporary expediency.

thou cannot drive out the Devil with Beelzebub

What a wonderful expression!

I openly confess that even in the pre-War period I would have thought it sounder if Germany, renouncing her senseless colonial policy and renouncing her merchant marine and war fleet, had concluded an alliance with England against Russia, thus passing from a feeble global policy to a determined European policy of territorial acquisition on the continent

What a terrible mistake that Adolf Hitler made, in attacking this very England which he continuously mentions as unbeatable.

Then at last it will acquire what England possesses

What did England possess? I think England did not have even a written constitution. Just conventions. There was no need to write a Declaration of Human Rights, for such rights are inherent in pristine-ENGLISH language.

These things Germany can never come to possess, unless it changes its language to pristine-ENGLISH.

Never suffer the rise of two continental powers in Europe. Regard any attempt to organise a second military power on the German frontiers, even if only in the form of creating a state capable of military strength, as an attack on Germany, and in it see not only the right, but also the duty, to employ all means up to armed force to prevent the rise of such a state, or, if one has already arisen, to smash it again.

It is quite funny to see that when the whole of Continental Europe is on the verge of collapsing, due to misguided academic ideas on being considerate to unknown entities, the above words do seem quite frail.

In the previous chapter on the alliance problem I have already designated England and Italy as the only two states in Europe with which a closer relationship would be desirable and promising for us

Again Adolf Hitler is harping on the same theme of collaboration. He speaks without any clear understanding what the exact content in these two proposed nations is. In Italy, it was just a brief period of dictatorship seeming to correct age-old problems, connected to feudal language communication. As to England, it had a long history of stability made possible by the mere strength of its language codes.

hence France, the mortal enemy of our nation, would be isolated

It is quite funny that English had to come to the aid of France, even though France was its own age-old enemy. And it quite a quirk of fate the England was destined to fight with Adolf Hitler.

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For the law of action would be in the hands of the new European AngloGermanItalian alliance and no longer with France

No comment


691 #
For the first time Germany would have allies who would not drain our own economy like leeches

Allies who are actually leeches. Modern England and USA have lessons in the above words.

The greatest world power on earth

Hitler has no qualm about mentioning that England was the greatest power on earth. Yet, when he had his own powerful machinery of war, the German army, he made the same mistake that many others had made before him. He attacked England.

He was made to get the understanding that the ‘greatest power on Earth’s’ power was not in munitions, ships and aircrafts, but in the towering individuality of the native-English speakers. This was a power that could never be induced in a German-speaking soldier.

Apart from that, England, as he very well admitted, was just the centre of a huge Empire. From the Indian subcontinent itself around 3 millions soldierly lend their unflinching loyalty to the Union Jack. Apart from them, the Africans, Arabs, many Asian nations all stood stolidly with England. And then the nations of the Anglo-sphere also were with England.

The US more or less arrived last. And as of now, in a very typical manner quite native to the modern swarmed in citizens of the US, the US claims full rights over the Second World War.

It is true that the English supporters in the USA stood by England. However, the modern USA citizens are not from this group. Many are from Japan, Germany and Italy. It is funny that they claim to have won the World War 2.

However, in a way it is true. With the end of the war, the Germans, the Japs and Italians entered the US, with no arms in their hands, but just an affable smile, and a very scheming mind.

The insane PM in England ditched everyone who had stood by England. Even the Arabs were literally ditched, and Palestine handed over to Zionist lobbies in the USA.

The wounded soldiers of the Indian subcontinent who had stood by their English officers, suddenly found themselves thrown into the hands of the Indian and Pakistani ‘officers’, who could only address them in the pejoratives.

since France, the mortal enemy of our nation, inexorably strangles us and robs us of our strength, we must take upon ourselves every sacrifice whose consequences are calculated to contribute to the annihilation of French efforts toward hegemony in Europe

No comment

but he who swims with the stream is more easily overlooked than he who bucks the waves

Yes, the experience of one who doesn’t move with the stream is a terrific one. Those who move with the stream do not get to see the full kaleidoscopic variety of experiences that life has to offer.

The loner who stand apart and moves in a different rhyme, marching to the beats of a different drum, will get to see a different world, quite colourful and eventful.

nations which lay down their arms without compelling reasons prefer in the ensuing period to accept the greatest humiliations and extortions rather than attempt to change their fate by a renewed appeal to force

It is a complicated theme. And does have much connection to the language codes.

That the stain of a cowardly submission can never be effaced; that this drop of poison in the blood of a people is passed on to posterity and will paralyse and undermine the strength of later generations

It depends on submitting to whom. Submitting to feudal language speakers can be an abomination of the most horrible kind, which can literally stamp contortion on the facial features of posterity.

In fact, I have seen quality populations who arrived on the shores of the Indian subcontinent many centuries, who after submitting themselves to the undersides of the local feudal languages, later simply arriving at a mental mood of great dissipation of mental and physical stature.

I do fear that the posterity of the native-English population is slowing moving this location. Maybe the change will be perceptible only after a few generations. Unless, some quite drastic remedy is imposed to stop the disastrous movement of social history.

a people that has lost all honour and character

Native-English speakers of England are moving to a location of decadence first. After that, would come the loss of honour and character. It is all done by a change of language codes. The machinery that does this is of eerie content and quite non-tangible to the native-English speakers. But then the slow shift of human quality is discernible.

Maybe it is discernible in current-day England. Only a person who comes to visit England after a period of some fifty years absence abroad can feel it. Others who live there will not know the slow shift in the social standards.

in the service of the Jewish idea and struggle for world conquest

I do not want to comment on Jewish issues. But then, in current days it has become a fashion to associate any idea or philosophy that one does not like with Adolf Hitler’s actions on Jews.

This issue is something internal to Adolf Hitler and Jews. The technique of using this as an allegory for everything else is just nothing other than a mischievous technique when one fails to explain one’s own stand.

Anyone can be called a Nazi or a Fascist. However, these terms are not general terms. They have specific contents. Only cunning crooks will take these terms and apply it on anyone who they dislike and for everything where they are not able to give a convincing explanation of their own stand.

Wretched and bad as the leaders of our nation were, they were equally arrogant, and especially when it came to ridding themselves of undesired, unpleasant, prophets.

No comment

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the more lacking the parliamentary statesmen of this Republic are in real accomplishment, the more furiously they persecute those who expect accomplishments from them, who have the audacity to point out the failure of their previous activity and predict the failure of their future moves

No comment


701 #
they find thousands and thousands of grounds for excusing their lack of success, and there is only one that they will not admit, namely, that they themselves are the main cause of all evil

It is about German politicians that Adolf Hitler is alluding to. Yet, this description can fit the features of many nations’ politicians. It is natural to expect that it can fit the features of low-class nations as India.

But what about such high-class nations such as England, USA, and Australia etc? Well, the truth is that the politicians in these nations are also of the same quality. But then, who is to be blamed? The blame should be placed on ‘democracy that has run amuck’. In the name of protecting ‘democracy’, national sovereignty has been made mincemeat and thrown into the dustbin.

the dissolution of Germany into a hodgepodge of little states

No comment

How shall we get the German armies out of France and Belgium as quickly as possible?

No comment

Clemenceau’s utterance, that for him the peace was only the continuation of the War, took on an increased significance.

No comment

against a France which was constantly disturbing the world and its peace.

I do wonder if the Second World War started with Adolf Hitler’s aim to crush France. France was really menace of a nation. Creating problems in the peaceful English trading posts in the colonies, with its deep rooted obsession to defeat England at least once.

Again, this mischief monger was the culprit behind silly bird-brains like George Washington going astray.

This foreign policy will be acknowledged as correct only if, after scarcely a hundred years, there are two hundred and fifty million Germans on this continent, and not living penned in as factory coolies for the rest of the world, but: as peasants and workers, who guarantee each other’s livelihood by their labour.

No comment

With the occupation of the Ruhr coal fields by France, England’s entire gain through the War was wrested from her hands, and the victor was no longer British diplomacy so industrious and alert, but Marshal Foch and the France he represented

Even though England always did win the last battle in any war, (there is one exception, but that only proves the rule), English policymakers and academicians were not all that clever. In fact, they do have the features of fools.

Off course, it is actually the English common folks who built the English Empires. The academic geniuses worked to squander the gains.

It was the great, historical moment in which the allies of former days could become the enemies of tomorrow

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A considerable part of our people which, thanks to the incessant influence of our lying press, still regarded France as the champion of progress and liberalism, was abruptly cured of this lunatic delusion.

It might be a bitter truth. In fact, if the French language is taken up for inspection, it might transpire that it has no codes for its greatest national ideal viz. Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Quite a foolish situation, wherein intellectual ‘geniuses’ declaim such a hollow slogan.


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the fact that even the best negotiators can achieve little success, as long as the ground on which they stand and the chair on which they sit is not the shield arm of their nation.

A feeble little tailor cannot argue with athletes, and a defenceless negotiator has always suffered the

It is true, that negotiations can be done only from a location of stature and equality. This point has a terrible amount of truth when one sees that English nations support the government side when there is internal revolution in feudal language nations.

The natural query that is asked by English policymakers is, ‘Why can’t the other side come for a negotiated settlement of the problem?’
However, the truth remains that in feudal languages, this is a thing that cannot be done. It is impossible.

Why it is so is something that English nations have to investigate, before it runs into supplying arms and support to draconian rulers in post English-colonial nations.

utterance of Lloyd George, who contemptuously remarked, a propos of former Reich Minister Simon, ‘ that the Germans didn’t know how to choose men of intelligence as their leaders and representatives

Here again, Adolf Hitler gives proof of the much touted ‘Aryan quality’ of Germans!

No more than a hyena abandons carrion does a Marxist abandon treason

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to regard ten or twelve thousand traitors, profiteers, usurers, and swindlers as a sacred national treasure and openly proclaim their inviolability.

We never know which is greater in this bourgeois world, the imbecility, weakness, and cowardice, or their deep-dyed corruption. It is truly a class doomed by Fate, but unfortunately, however, it is dragging a whole nation with it into the abyss.

Adolf Hitler is mentioning Germans.

But then, these words are equally true of many a post English-colonial nations’ administrators. In India, roughly around 70 to 80 percent live in the semi-tragic to totally tragic living conditions. Population is exploding due to this as well as to due to democracy.

It should have been borne in mind that the bloodiest civil wars have often given rise to a steeled and healthy people, while artificially cultivated states of peace have more than once produced a rottenness that stank to high Heaven.

Not really. In the parts of the Indian peninsular region which were ruled by English colonialists, the tremendous amount of peace in the place led to a phase of improvement everywhere. Education, technical education, medical education, dressing standards, social quality, improvement of the lower classes and many other things improved, in this brief period in time.

Yes, it is true that most kings became soft.

What will rank Mussolini among the great men of this earth is his determination not to share Italy with the Marxists, but to destroy internationalism and save the fatherland from it.

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they would have had to recognize that the strength of a nation lies primarily, not in its weapons, but in its will, and that, before foreign enemies are conquered, the enemy within must be annihilated;

The stature of the citizens should be improved without it creating a sense of insecurity in others. For this, the only solution is pristine-ENGLISH.

For never in our history have we been defeated by the strength of our foes, but always by our own vices and by the enemies in our own camp

Basically, Germany doesn’t have much of a history. In fact, very few nations have long history to boast of.

In the Indian peninsula, there was no such nation that could boast of a long history. Even the Mogul kingdom, which ruled a big part of the northern region of the Indian subcontinent lasted only a few centuries.

I am not sure which all nations had a long history in Continental Europe. However, England does seem to have a relatively long history
As to the ‘enemies in our camp’, they are the result of certain very specific codes in feudal languages.

It is generally known that a nation cannot be made free by prayers. But maybe one could be made free by sitting with folded arms, and that had to be historically tested

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1. For only a man totally ignorant of warfare could imagine that occupying armies can be frightened away by such ridiculous means.
2. For the ultimate question is always this: What do we do if the passive resistance ends by really getting on an adversary’s nerves and he takes up the struggle against it with brutal strong-arm methods?

Herein Adolf Hitler gives out the great lie about the so-called ‘Indian freedom struggle’. This fake story is just the imagination of jingoistic academic textbook writers and cunning film producers.


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Hence any so-called passive resistance has an inner meaning only if it is backed by determination to continue it if necessary in open struggle or in undercover guerrilla warfare.

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As soon as a besieged fortress under heavy attack by the enemy is forced to abandon the last hope of relief, for all practical purposes it gives up the fight, especially when in such a case the defender is lured by the certainty of life rather than probable death

It did not always work out like this. Robert Clive was in this exact predicament when he was surrounded by the people of the local raja and the French forces, when he had occupied the French fort in Arcot near Madras, in the south-western parts of the Indian subcontinent. There was literally no hope.

But then there are very powerful compulsions in the language codes that prompted Robert Clive to come out victorious. Current-day England has no idea as to what these hidden codes are.

In millions of minds the conviction suddenly arose bright and clear that only a radical elimination of the whole ruling system could save Germany

Not Germany only.

All the persecutions of the movement and its individual leaders, all vilifications and slanders, were powerless to harm it. The correctness of its ideas, the purity of its will, its supporters’ spirit of self-sacrifice, have caused it to issue from all repressions stronger than ever.

May be it was all fated! Predestined and foretold, millions of years back!!!


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