An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM

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An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM

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h #. An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM




Aaradhana, DEVERKOVIL 673508 India

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First published in Telegraph.UK blog pages, from FEBRUARY 20th, 2015 onwards.

It was written as part of my desperate attempts to inform the naive, gullible Englanders of how they have been cunningly deluded to appear as a most evil nationhood, when actually they ought to be acclaimed as the greatest of social engineers in various far-off, semi-barbarian and totally barbarian geographical locations.

This is part of the series of writings I did on TelegraphUK blog site, way-back in 2015. It was a very curious experience for me, in that my writings were tolerated for a long time in a native-English nation news-media blog site.

This statement is in itself quite paradoxical, in that I do not write anything bad or negative about native-English antiquity, traditions, culture or historical experiences. But then, the moment I commence writing anything good from a very clear perspective of what really happened and what really is happening, I get blocked online. This did not happen in TelegraphUK for quite a long period of time. I could get to finish at least two full series of writings. When I was initiating the writings of a third one (EMPIRE ENGLAND versus EVIL ENGLAND!), the whole TelegraphUK blog site was closed down without any explanation.

My third writing was actually the best. For it was not a down-pouring of information, but more or less written with an aim of being more readable. I could write only the first five chapters of that writing. They were quite small and crisp, and hence possible of attracting more readership.

Interested readers can see them on these links:


2. The ambit and amplitude of Anglophilia, globally!

3. The wider streaks of Anglophilia, historically!

4. Philosophising towards cataclysmic irrelevance!

5. Divine language versus those with satanic disposition!

6. ANSWER to Leo1239150 (This is not a TelegraphUK Post)

I could sense some kind of behind-the-scene contemplations about what to do with my totally unfettered writings. The issue was that I was touching upon certain information, which do remain totally concealed from native-English populations. They were revealing things which should not even be mentioned inside a native-English nation.

When I set up a page-view Counter, I encountered another very curious issue. The page count was seen to be getting doctored somehow. I saw it being set back to zero occasionally.

Even though the average native-English populations of native-English nations might not sense it as of now, the fact is that their nations have all being sold off to total outsiders in the last few decades. These outsider populations are people who have an antiquity of being able to keep huge populations under them in a sort of shackled state, by means of mere verbal codes.

Readers, who are interested in breaking through the concealment, can read a very revealing writing I have created for the people/s of SouthAsia in one of th local languages inside this Telegram Channel. I have commenced translating this writing into English. (If the link is not working, search for @SouthAsiaEnglish inside Telegram).

The ideas are from a totally bizarre carnivorous world. As such, they might seem quite outlandish. The fact is that the some of the world areas outside English are a totally different one. People would simply run into English nations, just to escape the dangerous verbal codes in their native social systems. However, when they come in, they would be bringing in the same dangerous verbal codes.

Due to the constant issue of my writings getting deleted only, I did take the precaution of saving some (not all) of these posts of mine in WayBackMachine. I am placing these links at the Title area of the connected chapters.

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WayBackMachine - Click here

This is a series in 6 parts. Next part would be posted on 22nd February 2015.

This article can rightfully be decried as racist writing. It calls for native-English speaking race/s to cordon off all others to the extent that innate English systems are protected, inside England. It is an article that can be mentioned as supporting apartheid of a very special kind. However, since anti-racist writings are allowed online everywhere, I do not see any reason why a pro-racist article should not be allowed. This article proposes to give a totally different perspective to a brand new racism that is the need of the hour, globally.

However, as a saving grace it might be mentioned that the writer of these seemingly inglorious ideas is not white. So it is not white racism. As to other racisms such as black racism, brown racism, or yellow racism, I do not think they would get much support from their own side. Which black man would promote a Blacks-only beach? Or for that matter a brown-only or yellow-only beach? If anyone does propose such a thing, he or she will be the first to get thrown off the beach.

This writer does not basically see anything wrong in certain groups keeping apart a few locations only for their own kind. In fact, in India, where this writer is physically located, there are immense locations where only certain persons or groups of persons can enter. Most government officials have locations where only dirty birds of their own kind are welcome. Other than that, there is various caste, or linguistic-group or religious-group owned locations where others wouldn’t want to stray into. The un-welcome-ness is what would repulse them. Not any statutory boards or notices.

Only attractive locations are preyed upon. It goes without saying that groups who want the right to creep in are basically those who find the location quite attractive and welcoming. Even if the boards and notices seem to be rude, the places are of quite alluring content. Yet, the question as to why they themselves should not or cannot create equally attractive ambiences in other locations which are available in plenty is never mentioned or asked.

I have had immense experience in seeing places where I might not be welcome or where I have no locus standi. It has not created any disconcertment in me. For, my own aim has been to create locations on my own where I am happy. In fact in most of the areas where I have created locations suited to me, I have not found any competition. For instance, when I used to take my children for swimming right from their infancy (8 months), there were others who found it something like creating an apartheid.

Not with any physical barrier, but by their own mental barrier to taking their own children to the same riverside for teaching them to swim. It then becomes a mentally created location in which they find themselves blocked from entry. Naturally there are persons who are perturbed, and who might feel within their right to call for a breaking of this fortress.

I will leave this direction of flow of thoughts for the moment. For it seems to be moving to South Africa. My aim is to speak about England and English, as understood all over the world, in their pristine glory. As to South Africa, there definitely are minute, yet ferocious issues that spur the apartheid. With no information on what they are, it might be quite irresponsible to be judgmental.

The current-day generation of native-English speakers is gullible fools. As an adequate adjective, I think that word bloody fools might be apt. They have been misled by foolish academicians and other conceited fools who do not know a thing about what are the realities that abound in the other socials systems. England is a very unique creation of God Almighty, or whoever created / wrote the Codes of Reality. English, the language, is a very superb software, the kind of which might not be there anywhere else in this world.


English can be compared to many other language softwares thus:

Think of a modern computer which one can operate with ease by means of Mouse Clicks. Compare this with a computer of yore, which can be operated only with a MS Dos program. MS Dos is a very powerful software machine which can really go beyond the reaches of a Mouse click, deep inside a computer’s working machine. The possibilities available to a software mechanic who is adept in this is quite complex and high. Yet, it is the modern computer which can be used with a Mouse Click which is easier to use. Yet, a MS Dos expert can work hidden-and-invisible-to-others’ codes inside a modern computer.

Now, this is where a native-English speaker stands in a very feeble location when compared to a feudal language speaker. Everyone can live in an English social location, created and arranged by native-English speakers, with ease and comfort. However, when a feudal language speaker enters this domain, what he or she can do is something of the eerie kind. He can enter deep into the coding areas of human social arrangement and links.

He can work in an invisible manner to rearrange human links, relationships &c, and set up triggers and emotional explosives in a most undetectable manner. All the time maintaining a most affable demeanour and friendly posture. He would be most helpful and quite accommodative. He would be seen to be a great mechanic who might even be mentioned as a genius. Yet, when he is done, the social codes would be littered with mines, some linked to timers and others to soft touch.

It is obvious that I am making explosive talk here. I mean to explain my words.

First let me take on the English academicians. It is the English Empire that stood on the focus of the world’s unconcealed envy. In the Indian peninsula it created a nation known as British-India, which consisted of not only an assorted list of unconnected areas which came under the direct rule of the English East India Company, but also a lot of native kingdoms (which were historically at loggerheads with each other), who accepted the suzerainty of the East India Company over them. This wonderful nation created out of no historical basis of a nation, was not a creation of any English academician, military general, politician or over-educated teacher.

It was a nation created by the English common folks, consisting of semi to non-schooled individuals. The only common factor and connecting link among them, that also glued them together was the planar codes of the English language, in its most simple and pristine form. These men held no scholarship that could hold debate on the profundity of Shakespeare, or compete with an academician from India or China.

In fact, Robert Clive who literally single-handedly set-up the foundation of the English Empire in the Indian Peninsula was not a college dropout. He was a school dropout.

The strength of this fantastic and never-before-in-history-contemplated nation-empire lay in a unique combination of human beings who joined together in a unique planar language, that stood in sharp rhythm to the emotional tugs towards a unique nobility and a deeply attached monarchy. A very adoring and supporting lower classes of the native populations who stood liberated from their lowly and shackled locations for the first time since times immemorial, lend the platform to build up this empire.

As for the English academicians, they never seemed to understand that their sterile textbooks were bereft of much information. Even democracy, the most dangerous item that spread out from England to the other regions to spoil everything in the world, was not created by any academic thought. It was merely a spontaneous natural development that sprung forth from the natural codes of the English language.

None of the so-called Political Science philosophers including Hobbes, Locke &c. had anything to do with the development of English democracy. Or with the democracy installed in the colonial areas by the stupid stay-at-home Britons during the colonial days. In fact, there is a thousand times more democracy naturally available in pristine English, than that is available in any of the democracy that is practised in any of the feudal language nations. There is more egalitarianism and socialism in pristine English than they are there in any communist party office in feudal language nations.

I think I have explained here (in my previous posts) as to why English is different. If I say that it is superior, from the perspective of feudal languages, it may seem a lie. In fact, from a feudal language perspective, English does have all the features of an inferior language. In many feudal languages, there is an immensity of alphabets. And lots of words that can spontaneously define a person in varying levels of human existence. There are various indicant words which, if inserted at an appropriate location in a very soft manner, can create powerful effects in the physical world and human actions. Some soft words can literally make things move very fast.


Some others can make a thing stall. Some can create ruptures in human relationships. Some can literally create explosions. And none of them would have any inimical or fabulous meanings when converted into English. Using extremely common words in feudal languages, one can pierce deep into the individuality of an individual, and pick out extremely slender links and relationships, to define or recast the human being into various levels of individuality and capability. A nondescript man can be made an extremely great Mahatma or a non-entity by the mere choosing of definite words.

In feudal languages: the words YOU, HE, SHE, HIS, HER, HERS, THEM, THEIR and the way another person’s name is mentioned, all connect to a huge domain of understandings. The person who says it, the person to whom it is mentioned, and the others who hear it, all go in for a huge processing of the words. Every word is connected to a huge and all-comprehensive social machinery, which decides a lot of things.

None of these powers, English has. When viewed from this location, English is a very powerless language software, devoid of many capacities innately present in the feudal language softwares.

However, it is this evident lack of diabolic capabilities that makes English a very superior language software.

The basic issue is that the presence of such diabolic powers in a language software makes its speakers go into a mood of eternal vigilance. Every word, gesture, body language, hint, imputation, suggestion, claim &c. can have meanings which cannot come up when they are mentioned in English.

English cannot understand this concept.

Let us take another part of this idea. Look at these words:

Mr. George (teacher/boss/superior), Mrs. Stella (teacher/boss/superior), Dr. Abraham, Rani (elder sister), Sukesh (elder brother), Lake Victoria, River Nile &c. Even though these words seem quite ordinary, the fact is that they belong to a very soft and superior social ambience. In many feudallanguage social set-ups, in English these words are as follows:

Georgesaar, Georgesaab, Georgeji, Georgechettan, Georgeannan
Stella Miss, Stella Maadam/Medam, Stella Teacher
Ranichechhi, RaniAkka, Raniyedathi
Sukeshyettan, Sukeshannan, Sukeshichhayan

Do not understand that I am speaking of speech in other languages. I am speaking of English infected with feudal language codes. There is a 180 degree flipping of word codes when moved from pristine English to English infected by feudal language codes. For the speakers of feudal languages, to even mention the words ‘Dr. Abraham’ is quite a huge action that require a lot of mental stamina. And on the other side, the doctor would also lose his mental balance if a feudal language speaker suddenly gathers the mental stamina to mention his name with the ‘Doctor’ on the initial side of the protractor.

Now think of languages which are devoid of such words like Thank You, Please, Excuse me, I beg your pardon, Sorry, I apologise, I regret &c. The Indian feudal languages that I know do not have words for these words. It is true that in recent time, in a most perfunctory manner, many words are used in official forms to insert the sense that is there in these words. Yet, they simply create a jarring effect on the senses. They have no meaning.

For, in feudal languages, the word equivalents for these words are not for mentioning to a person understood in those languages as ‘lower’. For instance, it would be a quite mad situation if the word equivalent for Thank You, Sorry or Please is used to a waiter, or to a subordinate.

These word equivalents are traditionally used by the subservient to the dominant class or individual. They are mentioned in an attempt to convey one’s stance of obsequious servitude.

It is true that attempts can be made to create words which do not have any such subservience. However, they cannot exist as standalone words. They have to connect to the other words in the social communication. When they do this linking, they would get connected to the innate codes of the feudal languages, which would position them back as that of subservience. For, there is no other location to place them.

The unique beauty and difference that English has, can be seen in this above mentioned instance also.

However, it might be a mistake to mention English as a very powerful language, from a crude perspective. In fact, during the early period of the East India Company’s trading efforts, English traders were generally seen as soft, effeminate, gullible and easy to subdue. The common English inclination to paraphrase common speech using such words as May I, Can I, Thank You, Please, Sorry, I beg your pardon, Excuse me, May I know, May I ask &c. and the tendency to concede to the right of precedence, are understood in feudal languages as the submissive tones of the enfeebled, the subservient, the weak and the downtrodden.

In fact, most of the English traders or their employees did not evoke ‘respect’ in the feudal languages of the Indian peninsula. This was the real reason that Robert Clive, then a young man in the trading post at Arcot near Madras, attempted suicide at least twice. And not due to any mental incompetency as is generally understood by the low-calibre British academicians. In fact, British academicians even now have no idea that Indian feudal languages are of a very different kind of communication system, with very little location of correspondence with English.

Here I think I should insert the idea that each language is actually a specific code of social arrangement and design of communication flow. Inserting a lot of English words into French will not convert French into English. Likewise, a lot of French words into English will not convert English into French. Neither would inserting English words into Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam or Kannada, convert the latter into English. The words merely get placed on a pattern design that has been pre-set by the language software codes. Yet, there can be slight effects. When certain English words get embedded into feudal languages, a slight straightening up of the social relationships can take place. Not much, but.

However, when feudal language words are embedded into English, some of them can really make the social relationship to split and splinter. In fact, such words can act as a wedge whereby human beings can be made to move apart, to the sides or to up and down.


This writing is not about English language, per se. It proposes to promote the idea that English and English systems are different and unique. And hence, need to be protected and fostered. And this not due to the literary content, poetry, scientific terminology, mathematical terms, and such things, that might or might not be there in English. None of these things are what makes English unique. In fact, most of these things are there in many other languages also.

And as to geniuses, there are plenty of them elsewhere. Speaking of genius, I can categorically state that there are plenty of them in the Indian peninsula. If one were to do down the ladder of the social hierarchy in the peninsula, one can chance to meet many individuals of astounding levels of skills, information and philosophical insights. In fact, even the colonial English officials had been impressed about these things.


Take the case of the locally lowly-mentioned carpenter class of the peninsula. English colonial officials were quite averse to define them as lowly, and I have seen colonial texts mentioning them as ‘architects’. Even though none of them might have seen the insides of an engineering college, many of them could envisage a huge architectural structure, using miniscule tools. In fact, one can find an immensity of such architectural creations all around the place. However, none of them are known to have learned English or to have related England. In this context, one can mention Ramanujan, the so-mentioned mathematical genius who was taken to England by his mentor, Prof. Hardy.

In England, Ramanujam could allow his mind to blossom. Now, would anyone dare to contemplate what all things the carpenters of the peninsula would have created, had anyone of them got a chance to learn England and to move to England? At a minimum, some of them would have written huge works on Vasthushastra and on the principle of wood work and wood architecture.

Yet, there is the other side of the idea that also has to be mentioned. What happens to England and to the native Englishmen there, when all these ‘Ramanujans’ and carpenters of the Indian peninsula, come over and start occupying positions which had been traditionally occupied by native Englishmen? In fact, Ramanujan was slated to occupy a high teaching position in Oxford. But then, luckily he had to move home due to ill-health.

Geniuses do not create great social systems. A hundred Ramanujans would not create a great England. They would only create the dirt and sleaze that abounds the social scene of the Indian peninsula. Even though Ramanujan would have taught Mathematics to the English children, it is not the only thing that he would have induced in their mind. He being deeply attached to feudal language mindset would also have successfully encrypted a feel of lowly self-esteem in the English children, when he views or thinks about them, from some creepy locations inside Indian peninsular feudal languages.

However his being a solitary individual would not affect the social scene much, as his only way to insert the creepiness of his native language codes would be through mental thoughts. However, when he is invariably joined by others from this native land, like his parents, in-laws, wife, children, childhood friends, other Indian peninsula academicians, then the social scene within English would definitely shift.

This is a series in 6 parts. Next part would be posted on 22nd February 2015

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A novel social experience in England

WayBackMachine - CLICK HERE

The reader might feel that this is a long-winding writing. However, a lot of frill information has to be mentioned to convey the gravity of an emerging tragedy in England.

Youngsters, students, subordinate staff members, other members of the society who are doing jobs which are mentioned as lowly in Indian peninsular languages would start feeling a eerie creepiness that is not definable. But quite disturbing mentally. The only way to understand this quite quirky emotion that can even set off violent moods would be to say that it is a racist attitude.

The funny part is that other side would quite easily know that they have been impolite, indecent, disrespectful, degrading, divisive, clawing and gnawing on the individuality of some of the native English citizens. Yet, in spite of all this wickedness of their actions, there is no way for an Englishman to say that they have done any of these things. This is indeed a situation of quaint entertainment for the diabolic side. They insert the dirt into a picturesque social scene, and watch the fireworks it is bound to spark, with juicy disdain. And others gather the blame.

The issue is that almost all the words that they would have used, could create violence, homicide, suicide, communal violence, police beating, public thrashing, offensive actions from government officials etc. if done by a common man in India to a deemed superior, in each and every social interaction. In fact, in India, what these swarmed-into-England Indians are doing can create a million episodes of communal and social violence. Yet, in England, none are wiser about all this. The attacked side is seen and mentioned as the sinister side. It is quite a foolish situation.

Here I am forced to take up the issue of the term ‘deemed superior’. In every feudal language communication, unless it is a formal one, one side is inferior and the other superior. This issue has nothing to do with a King or Queen, or noble man versus the common man etc.

However, in the case of the native English citizen, there is a great issue connected to the word ‘superior’. I need to explain this. It can be explained only by first taking the colonial experience.


Robert Clive

When the English trading centre in Arcot near Madras was surrounded by the French and the clamouring soldiery of the local raja, the option that was seriously taken up for execution was to jump into the sailing ships beyond the seaside wall and to escape. However, it was Robert Clive who insisted that in the peninsula ‘respect’ is the most powerful motive force, shield of protection and a rallying point. Running from the scene is connected to negative ‘respect’. So, he argued for a spirited offensive stance. His sheer audacity of action when he was given the command to execute his plan, and the ‘respect’ he could induce in his Tamil soldiery, carried the day. Or maybe I should say ‘the night’.

It goes without saying that the rest of the colonial days for the English in the peninsula, was that of being on the pedestal of ‘respect’ in the native languages. However, on their part, the English brought in English education for the lower classes. In every way, this was to remove the English constantly and continuously from the pedestal, to that of equality. For, in English words, there is no pedestal of superiority in ordinary conversation.

However, the English must have been aware that in the local native languages, they would fall below the platform of equality, if they became too close to the local populace. There was a complication here. In that, there are various levels of equality. One: Being equal to the various levels of higher classes. Two: Being equal to the various lower classes. Even though, what I mentioned now might seem as sterile academic points for debate, the truth is that these things come to the fore, the moment a conversation is opened up with anyone. There is no way out, to circumnavigate the issue. One has to find a specific location: higher or lower, in each sentence. The lower position is that of the damned, the dirty, the useless, the stifled, the inefficient, the taunted &c.

Unknown & unmentioned disgusting side of a ‘Mahatma’

This is a very powerful information. For instance, one might read a quote from Gandhi, from one of his speeches in Hindi. One reads it in English. In English, one cannot get to see the rank rascality used by Gandhi, as he dismantles any English officials or individuals, and places him or her in a dirt level.

Now, in England what is happening is the very opposite of what was maintained by the English East India Company. Even though the Company maintained itself and its native-English staff on the higher ‘respect’ platform in local languages of the peninsula, it also gave the chance and opportunity to the lower and higher class natives to rise above the hugging squalor of the no-respect/degraded level by means of allowing them to communicate in English.

In current times, in England, the native-English citizens are now at the butt end of a new historical experience. They are now being consistently placed on the dirt/squalor levels of the feudal language codes. The tragedy is that there is no means to understand this powerful denuding of innate human right to dignity going on, under the cover of very affable demeanour and words.

Most dangerous when most affable

Actually, during the colonial times, the English officials did come to understand (mostly belatedly) that natives of the peninsula are most dangerous when they are most pleasing and accommodative. Actually this is a known behaviour even in the modern nation of India. When anyone wants to get any favour or help from another person, they lend the higher words of ‘respect’ lavishly. And they are willing to act out any kind of obsequiousness. However, the moment they get what they want, and they see that there is nothing more to be gained from the other person, all kinds of ‘respect’ simply vanishes.

See the arrogance and the sense of being unassailable when immigrants feel that they cannot be removed. {Comments taken from a YouTube comment section, in which I had put in a few words}


In fact, the capacity to act out such an ambivalent posture is seen and mentioned as a great feature of mental and social smartness. Historically this behaviour feature has been the hallmark of the Thuggees of the northern parts of the Indian peninsula.

They would use charming words, helpful attitude, affable behaviour, respectful attitude etc. to overcome the deep distrust shown by merchants, on long distance travel, to unknown persons who they meet on the way. Once they break through the barrier of distrust, they wait for an opportune moment to sling a silk rope over the neck of the merchant, and to tighten it. I am sure that if I propose that this is what native feudal language speaking outsiders who have swarmed into England is waiting to do, my words would be branded as hate speech and my writings banned from this site*.

[* Incidentally, something similar was to happen. Telegraph.UK inexplicably removed the whole blogsite.] So, I refrain from doing so, categorically. However, I would propose that if this be hate speech, then mentioning such themes about the Thuggee population of the Indian peninsula should also be categorised as hate speech. And most websites, including the Wikipedia should be appropriately penalised.



However, neither hate speech nor branding impartial writings as hate speech is going to help. What is needed is the daring to examine what is wrong with feudal language nations, that the natives therein are desperate to run out.

This reaches us to the question of what was the exact content of English Colonialism. I should refrain from using the term British Colonialism, because British colonialism as experienced in the Indian peninsula was mainly English colonialism. I do not see any attempts to set up any Celtic language education, culture or system inside the peninsula area ruled by the English colonialists. It is true that there had been many officials among them who were from the Celtic language background. I might not be able to vouch for the altruistic nature of their actions.

A most benevolent rule

However, if one were to speak of English colonialism in the Indian peninsula, I would most spiritedly say that it was a most benevolent one. Especially for the lower classes, especially during the period of East India Company rule that ended in 1858.

During my school days, English colonialism was taught in the Indian schools in two different versions. In the higher quality, English medium academic curriculum, the textbooks mentioned the English rulers as those who had modernised the peninsula and improved the people quality. However, in the state board and central government board (CBSE) curriculum (both low quality), the English rulers were depicted as looters, exploiters, killers, destroyers of ‘Indian’ ‘culture’, and much other deprecatory items. The state and central board schools were fooling the common man’s children by these kinds of ideas. This is the definition that is spreading out now.

If I am to mention that the English rulers were actually a mix of both the good and the bad, mentioned in the opposing curriculums, it might seem that I am taking an impartial stance. However, I would only be taking a stupid stance then. For, in most parts, when taking the total populations of these vast and totally unconnected miniscule pieces of areas in this region, English rule, especially that by the East India Company was a wonderful one.

A commercial organisation that went in for social reforms

Now, this contention of mine is in total opposition to all contentions that one might see in any Indian history textbook. The very argument that East India Company was not suppressive, or bent on looting the nation (British-India), might seem to be quite farfetched to be true. However, that is the truth. Even though from the perspective of stay-at-home, half-baked academic British potatoes, it might seem quite untenable that the officials and owners of the East India Company were not aiming to loot the peninsula.

Yet, this is just a feeling that enters one mind, when one reads the academic writings of modern day Indian academics who cannot envisage anyone who cannot be thief. For, the whole nation of India now is in an age wherein everyone will take an economic advantage if an opportunity arrives. No one can imagine a government official who will not demand and extract a bribe if there is any chance to demand one.

A story of the real looters

Here I am forced to mention what is the level of the government officials/teachers who sponsor such deviant histories. I am not in a position to mention what are the average monthly earnings of a citizen of India. In many states, it can be around 2000 rupees per month. However, in a few states where foreign money gets converted into huge amounts, the average monthly earnings of a construction worker might come to around 12000 to 18000 per month. That is, if he is doesn’t take any leave from the work.

However, in this nation, the government babus earn from 20000 rupees per month (lowest) to that of 125000 rupees per month. They get 13 months pay in a year. Apart from that, they get a huge number of other monetary benefits, like bonus, dearness allowance, leave travel allowance, discounts for buying items like computers/mobile phones/home gadgets, bank loans for any kind of buying & expenditure. Apart from all this, they all get huge amounts as pension. This pension itself is of the astronomical kind. In a nation where there is no social security scheme for the common folks, all these kinds of financial benefits cornered by the officialdom is a real looting.

Over the years, they scheme together and gather newer and newer benefits. Apart from all this, there is another loot. That is, a government employee can collect 7½ years’ total pension amount together in one lot at the time of retirement. This is known as commutation of pension. This is apart from other huge financial benefits known as Gratuity and Provident Fund. + bribes!

A common man never gets anything. At the same time, he is also totally unaware of these looting going on. For, these things are never discussed by the media, which collude with the officialdom which has the cash. The only reason why I am aware of all these things is that my family is well-linked to the higher echelons of the Indian bureaucracy. Outsiders never get to see what are the ways and manners inside the Indian officialdom. In my childhood, I was privy to many such scheming, including one that wanted to rise the retirement age of the officials to quite a high age. This would have an additional benefit.

That is, when the official dies in harness (while in service), his or her son or daughter can get a government job. This in practise means that the government job is more or less hereditary.


The common man as a donkey

Inside the private conversation of the officials, the common man is quite candidly mentioned as a donkey. I have heard this many times. The common man is a donkey due to a very powerful code in the Indian feudal languages. He can be addressed in the pejorative by the officialdom. At the same time, the common man has to consistently use the respectful words of address and words like YOU, He, SHE, HIS, HER, HERS etc. about the officialdom. If he dares to use a pejorative word back, it can be taken as an abusive word. Police can be called. In most such cases, the low-class Indian police constables would beat him to a pulp, right in front of his wife and children, if need be. And made to beg for mercy.

Recently someone send me this text:

Misbehave with the bank staff

Misbehaving / abusing / assaulting with a bank employee comes under Indian penal code (IPC) section 332 and 352 which may attract 2-3 years of IMPRISONMENT and is a NON-BAILABLE CRIME. If any person found performing any of the above activities he/she will be punished which may extend to 3 years or with fine or with both.

When one sees the above words, there is nothing wrong in it. Misbehaving, abusing or assaulting a bank staff is punishable. However, the moot point is that misbehaving with, abusing or assaulting anyone should be a crime; which it is not. Apart from that, this is not a solitary rule. All government officials are given much protection. In a nation where the government officials use abusive words to the common man and who is taunted and teased to give a bribe for each and everything, these kinds of laws are just the continuation of the age old suppressive codes used by the dominant class in the peninsula.

I used to know of Sales Tax rules which did give the powers to the low-class sales tax officials to do a body search. The mentionable issue is that the officials do not have the quality to be officials. In fact, most of the current-day officials in India, could at best be the menial class employees or the peons in the government offices during the English rule times.

The outlandishness of the Indian Constitution and a mediocre judiciary

This brings us to the Constitution of India. It is a huge and bulky book. Most of the statutes first say one thing, and then says the opposite as an exception to the rule. In that sense, it is not quite intelligent. However, the spirit of the original unaltered Constitution of India might be good. I do not know who did the real writing of this huge book. May be it was done by some content developers. It is claimed that it is based on the Constitution of Ireland. This claim might be wrong.

For, most of the liberties, freedoms, right to dignity, right to articulation, right of expression etc. are what is naturally present in pristine English. When one speaks in pristine English, all these rights naturally come into place, even without anyone knowing if there is a specific statute for any of this. However, the moment the communication is translated into any feudal language, each and every sentence will have issues of hierarchies, precedence, rights of articulation and expression, direction of communication, respect/pejorative etc. So it goes without saying that the Constitution of India is based on the innate codes of pristine English.

Due to this very reason, till date there was no requirement for a written constitution for England. However, things are changing rapidly. In England, pristine English is being edged out. May be if this trend is allowed to continue, pristine English would become a sort of cocky way of speaking in a social area which would have a feel of a clutter culture.

Now the issue is that the Constitution of India is not enforceable inside India. When compared to the officialdom and to the socially dominating persons, the common man has no right to dignity, right to equality before the law, and no right of articulation or expression. For, in the local feudal languages, there is no provision or location whereby this can be given. To add to this, when the common man is taken into custody by any of the uniformed forces of India, he or she is invariably beaten up as a sort of right of the uniformed personnel.

The judicial courts of India see and experience all this everyday. However not even one judicial official has had the courage to mention that this type of behaviour is a contravention of the rights given to the citizens of the nation. I do not want to add an adjective to the term ‘Indian judge’, as I am not sure if the Indian judiciary would define it as a Contempt of Court. However, I am more or less sure that even if I use any bad word, no one would take it up as a Contempt of Court issue. For, if is done, this article would get publicity.

Which I am sure that no one would want. I had been informed that none of my writings would create a controversy. For controversies are mere marketing strategies, to garner attention. Much money is required for that. There have been much sly actions everywhere to see that my writings do not gather any publicity.

Now, this is the kind of officialdom in India and elsewhere which is writing and rewriting English colonial histories, depicting English colonialists as crooks and looters. These kinds of contentions have no basis.

The roots of terror thoughts

Here I would like to insert the issue of Islamic terrorism. It would be quite interesting to note that anti-English terror mood is being created in all the schools in India. The children blindly believe that the Englishmen were a group of rascals, who went around looting, burning and molesting. Most writings in Wikipedia also reflect this mood. I have heard youngsters more or less swear that they will have their revenge on England.

If England doesn’t understand that the Indian school textbooks are one of the sprouting locations of antipathy for England, then it a very sad thing. It is a terrible thing to view England simply engaging in friendly conversation with such regimes. The so-called Commonwealth of nation is a just a pedestal for the leaders of these inimical nations to share the same platform with England and to showcase their equality with English leaders. It doesn’t improve the stature of England, while it lends grandeur to the other side (especially inside their own nations).

Islamic antipathy to English nations initiates from this indoctrinated idea that England looted their nations. However, this antipathy is there not only in Muslims. Most other Asians and Africans do have this antipathy, gathered from their compulsory education. Among Continental Europeans also, there is enough anti-English attitude to be wary of.
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Now let us go back to the issue of the English East India Company looting the Indian peninsula region. It is not true. May be there were initial periods in its rule time, when British officials simply had to locate themselves on the heights of any pyramid of social hierarchy. And then a percentage of the gathering of wealth would come into their hands. However, this was how the feudal social set up worked in many parts of the peninsula. However, each distinct area had its own difference.

I am taking the discussion to the issue of England looting the colonies, because this is one ruse used by the immigrant folks to demand their right to enter and despoil England. However, their standpoint has no basis. English East India Company, it is true, was intended to be a commercial trading organisation. However, the officials inside it were totally carried away by the fact that they were in charge of the administration and development of huge geographical areas and the populations therein. In so much that instead of placing enough stress on commercial business, they became preoccupied with the task of improving the terribly distressed populations.

This idea cannot be understood if one were to speak of ‘India’, ‘Indians’ and such baseless terms. The location was populated by huge numbers of suppressed peoples, or groups of people. Each of them was wary of each other. None wanted the other to improve. And for most sections of the people, another population some hundred kilometres and above, away were literally ‘foreign’ people. In fact, for most people in the southern parts of the nation, the northern parts of the peninsula were at astronomical distances. And vice versa. Going to such a distance might have been like going to the Mars. After the English administration set up the railways, for the majority populations, this distance simply came down to the something like travelling to the moon. Still at unimaginable distances.

These things I do not write by reading any history book, but from my own experiences with the populace in my childhood. People used to ask another person’s native place with the question: Where is your nation/country (rajyam)? Only the miniscule group that had been given formal education was aware of a larger nation concept. Even the term ‘India’ had to be induced in the populace through compulsory education. Those who missed it (the huge majority) had no inkling of this nation concept.

A few months back there was a heated argument between me and some immigrant folks in GB, on Youtube.

One I have given here in the text form. The others, I am inserting in as images. My answer to the first one given below was quite fast deleted. Not because of any profanity, or abusive words. But due to the fact that my answers literally flatten out the pro-immigrant arguments.


QUOTE: My parents came from Hong Kong which was a former British colony. It was basically a territory Britain won from China so she could sell drugs to Chinese and get them addicted. China was defeated and had to pay reparations as well as cede Hong Kong. This was to correct Britains trade deficit due to her love of tea, silk and porcelain. This caused untold misery to China, devastating families, emptying the coffers (this was one of many incidents where Britain forced reparations on China and seized territory).

My words: “Immigrants in England are basically the people or the children of the looting rich in Asian, African and other nations. Not the underclass which the immigrants portray themselves to be.“ END

QUOTE: There are some very wealthy yes. But immigrants are diverse and many came here poor. My parents came with £20 in their pocket and worked till they built up a business. We lived in an area with many pakistani and indian immigrants who were poor.

Hong Kong government operates at a profit, Britain used to take all of that. Now that she is gone there is more welfare for the people and some years the surplus is shared with the people – last time people got £4-500 each.

My words: “Most of the corrupt official classes of Asian/African nations have their children studying and domiciled in England.“ END


QUOTE: Given education is one of our top exports that would be an awesome idea! Make sure they leave after and you’ve earned all that tuition and living costs.

My words: “US, they were great nations built by Englishmen and spoiled by uncontrolled immigration.“ END

QUOTE: That must be why the fought a war of independence to be free of England. They won that war with the help of slaves and non english immigrants. It was a prussian general that trained them into a force that was finally able to defeat the superior trained British army of the time.

It was natives that taught them how to survive in the early days. It was many nationalities that built the railroads. It was slaves that were the backbone of alot of their exports. America still has an edge over other economies because she can absorb ideas and talent the world over.

My words: “This multiculture should be thrown into the ocean, and the pristine English culture brought back.“ END

QUOTE: What is that exactly? All great powers borrow extensively from other cultures. The law was greatly influenced by Romans. The religion was not english. Many common food crops came from the New World. Many medications come from abroad. Things like tea, gunpowder came from China.

North Korea is what you end up looking like if you want to reject foreign things. END OF QUOTE

I do not have a record of what my answer was that got deleted. However the total conversation can be seen on the link given.

See the first line of this man’s comment: QUOTE: “England was not hated all around the world.”

Why did India push for independence then? END OF QUOTE

There was no push for independence in the Indian peninsula. 3 million native soldiers stood solidly on the English side. They were ditched by Clement Atlee, and their fate handed over to crooks like Nehru, Gandhi etc.

This man speaks of 20 pounds. To millions of people in the Indian peninsular region of those times, 20 pounds would be like a king’s ransom. Such a huge amount.

That is not all. I will relate this recent incident in my life. A young man came to me for improving his English-speaking ability. He was from a reasonably rich family, having business concerns in the Middle-East. However, he was not willing to pay me adequately, saying that he was coming to me on his, without his parent’s patronage. Within a month or two, he was in London. He had joined one local university to study MBA.

After some months, he called me from England. He wanted me to write his MBA project papers. He was quite apologetic. He literally wanted me to do the work sort of free for him. For, he said that living expenses in London was quite high. That is true. From my understanding, if he were to eat from a restaurant, his daily expense would be enough to pay a full month salary in his father’s business concern in India. So this rich person from India, is seen as a very poor man in England. He paid me a negligible amount and promised more later. A promise he never kept

Now comes the next theme. I went through MBA themes. Being myself a businessman of quite varied experience, I could see the flimsiness of the MBA subjects. In fact, they are basically utter nonsense, to be called scholarship. In fact, if British MBA’s had been the persons who pioneered English colonialism, then they would have ended up as slaves in the Indian peninsula. However, luckily it was the English common folks who went forth. They could garner the love and endearment of the natives.

Now, the third theme to be mentioned can be of more tragic portends. Even though, in all business studies, financial acumen is mentioned as the vital element in business enterprise, it is not the full truth. Individuals, who have a family hereditary of business enterprise, carry within themselves a vast network of links and connections, which can enable them to set up a powerful business enterprise, in any far-flung place. It would be quite naive for the native Englishmen to view immigrants who barge in as poor.

In the first place, poor people from third world nations cannot move to England. For them, it is literally like moving to the Mars. The only occasion when a few of the not-so-wealthy could move to the US and GB was when national traitors like Bill Gates &c. literally fooled their own countrymen, by importing in low-cost labour. During this occasion, a few who managed to creep in were not the rich, and not the quite poor also.

This young man who was my trainee for a few weeks informed me that during his study months, he had worked as an apprentice in some immigrant owned business enterprises. Later, he came back and met me. He told me that he would be going back to set-up a business over there. Now, the funny part is that he was a person who could not even pay me a reasonable sum to write his assignments, could set up a business in England.

Now, this is the fact about the other man, the UGLYKwan, who insists that his parents came from Hong Kong with just 20 pounds. The 20 GBP is only a very minor part of their assets. This is just a fooling. They appear as meek, obsequious, very affable persons, till they get the upper hand. Once this is achieved, what comes out is words like: Scum, Shit, Lazy, Wastrels, Useless, Thieves &c. about the native English folks who were gullible enough to allow their entry. For, in their own language codes, the Native English are placed at the pejorative codes for HIM, HIS, HER, HERS, SHE, THEM, THEY and YOU


Modern academic history doled out (even by foolish English academicians) do not know the real history. This man has hinted on the Opium War in China. It was just a two-hour confrontation basically between a shipload of English sailors and well-entrenched Chinese soldiers. The Chinese sides went down flat. The English side was not promoting the cause of Opium trade. Instead it was taking up the cause of stopping the need for traders to bent and bow and cringe before the Chinese officials.

This was a very mighty noble cause promoted by the English colonial officials all around the world. Even in the nation of India, I know that the small-time traders are at the beck and call of any official, even a peon. The English sailors gave these crooks a mighty fine answer for that. It is an endeavour for which even now the majority population of the nation of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh would give much support. If they knew the truth about English endeavours.


In fact, this UGLYKwan’s parents would have escaped to England to enjoy the liberty extended by the English languages. They would have been quite appreciative of what they received. However, see the poison that still lies embedded in the next generation. If this be the case, think of the immensity of children of similar immigrants, who would use similar words to despoil England. They would call the native Englishmen of their generations, in the futures, as crooks, scum, lazy, wastrels, looters, invaders. The current-day Englishmen are bestowing a terrible legacy for their descendents to deal with.

See the following comment from another immigrant:

See the dirty words that are being used in plenty, everywhere.


The question is who gave such persons the right to use the English language? English is the rightful property of England. It cannot be allowed to be dirtied in the hands of persons of doubtful right to use it. This individual has no qualms of calling dirty names on England and native Englishmen. At the same time, the claim is that the English colonies had been looted by England. And that the natives of the colonies built the English Empire. So, it seems that these immigrants have the right to enter England and despoil it.

There is a very definite error in this logic. It might be true that many people in the colonies did work in support of the English Empire. However, they were the people who loved the English Empire and supported it. Now persons who are totally inimical to the England are using this legacy to use disparage England and the English. And to invade England.

Look at the words that say that England invaded the colonies. Even though this is a total lie, for the sake of argument let me accept it. When England invaded the colonies, naturally the local raja would have used force against them. There had been instance when English sailors were fooled with affable words and then taken into enclosures and then killed. It would not be possible for England to do likewise. However, immigrants can be seen as invaders and force can be used against them. English courts cannot deal with the immigrant issue.

For, the English courts are meant for the use of a soft group of native English speakers. It is literally useless as a weapon of defence against the swarming groups of immigrants. In fact, by now, the insides of its working machinery would have enough moles, who would act for the immigrant promoters.

It is quite easy to see the whole situation as a sort of wartime. The politicians are totally unfit for dealing with this emerging issue. The current day PM seems an intellectual imbecile that he has mentioned that he foresaw a day when an Asian would be the Prime Minister of Britain. What totally disconcerts is his total lack of innate intelligence. A PM of GB is the PM of England. Since that be so, it is a nasty piece of rascality that he has mentioned.

He has no idea as to what England meant to a huge number of populations all around the globe. England was the homeland of a divine language software called English. It has divine features, the kind of which cannot be contemplated in most other languages. To mention without the least bit of qualms that this homeland will be in the hands of rank outsiders, does call for divine retribution.

Politicians are the product of a very terrible political philosophy which has been promoted globally by inept English academicians, who more or less were piggy-riding on the achievement of the common-folks of England who created the English Empire. The fact is that English the languages has an immensity of democratic codes within itself. Even in a most regimented social system, wherein pristine English is the language of communication, the amount of individual dignity, social freedom, right for articulation and expression etc. available would be much more than can be created in any democracy run social system based on feudal languages.

To check the veracity of this statement, one need go no further than India. Mentioned as the biggest democratic nation. However, there is no right to human dignity, no right to expression, no right to equality before the law etc. as can be acted out in English. In fact, for the majority of the people, they are quite well-informed of the narrow parameters of their rights in these things.

So allowing a no-one-to-control democracy inside England has had no purpose, or use. It simply is giving reins to a free-for-all situations, wherein outsiders can literally run the nations, by using their united stance to blackmail or coerce the political leaders. As to these outsiders, they do not represent people who traditionally adored or worshipped England. They stand as desecrators of a land seen as a focus of all human yearnings for liberty, dignity and individual rights. These desecrators have to be moved out. If they do not move out on their own, they might need to be forcefully pushed out.

That they have desecrated the nation can be seen from the words seen in the comments I have posted above. No nation will allow outsiders to enter and then to speak thus. In fact, in most nations, their identity will be searched out and they forcefully asked to move elsewhere.

The commenter mentioned above has mentioned about the issue of the native-British being unwilling to do jobs. This is one issue I had predicted in my ancient book: March of the evil empires: English versus the feudal languages (1989).

The core issue is that of a lowing feel of dignity of labour. When feudal language speaker enter a work scene, they bring with them the degraded feel for many jobs. However, they will enjoy the scene, because it is England and an English ambience. However, for the native English person, he or she will feel the stark lowering of human dignity if he or she has to work in the same ambience.

Englishmen brought in an elevation of human dignity to Asian and African regions. (I can’t say Asian and African ‘nations’, for such nation-concept was not there in most of the parts of Asian and Africa before English colonialism). However, the immigrant folks are bringing in a degrading of human dignity. All this might not be clearly understood in England. For, it would be more easy to see the native-Englishmen as being more repulsed. The inner issue of what repulses is what has to be dealt with.

A simple explanation by way of ‘racism’ will be a most silly way to deal with the issue. The core question should be, is there really something more horrible in the immigrant folks who speak feudal languages? If there is, what is it, and how is it going to affect the mental and social stature of the native-English folks.

Before concluding this third post, I would like to mention that pristine Arabic might not be feudal. However, who is a pristine Arabic speaker is the moot question. For, Arabic speakers throughout history seem to have been quite connected to feudal language speakers. They had their own perceptions as to where to maintain the feudal language speakers. In fact, in many Arabic nations, feudal language speaking Muslims are not fully accepted as Islamic in their private conversations. Even though the feudal-language speaking Muslims seems to have unilaterally taken over the mantle of protecting Islam and Prophet Muhammad , without any formal acquiescence / permission from either God or Prophet Muhammad.

Many Arabic groups even mention other Asian/Africans as semi-animals. This was their main arguments in justifying their slaves catching and slave selling businesses, historically.

When seen from this context, only pristine Arabic speakers who traditionally had no link with feudal-language speakers can be mentioned as truly supportive of human dignity. Whether such Arabs are in existence anywhere in the world is doubtful. Apart from that, I have a feeling that there are some errors of an unknown kind in spoken or pristine Arabic. Since I do not know Arabic, I am not in a position to discuss it.

In the same context it might be correct to mention that only Englishmen who have not been equalised with feudal-language speakers can be truly mentioned as the bearers of native-English mental stature. All others’ mental stature might have been compromised by either equality to degraded mental stature or by being placed under such persons.

Where can such Englishmen of un-compromised mental stature be found anymore?

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I was quite busy with the publishing of my English-Vernacular digital magazine titled KALEIDOSCOPIC HUES. What I have written in this digital magazine, if it could be read and understood by native-English speakers, would really jolt them into a thundering awakening.

However, the sad part is that unless it is very carefully translated, most of the very minute and delicately thin information it contains, would never arrive in English. So much is the intellectual divide that exists between English and feudal languages. When I write something in the native Indian vernacular, and someone translates it into English, the real gist can literally vanish.

I publish this English-Vernacular digital maazine to spur the same thought contents in the Indian peninsula. For, what is going to trouble England in days to come, has been troubling the peninsula since times immemorial.

I had a computer hard disk failure. So all the images I had kept for this posting has been lost. Many images of comments I had taken screenshots of, have also been lost. However, they are all in the various Clouds I use. However, I do not have the time to find them as of now.

Let me commence the Part 4 of this serial post. Continuation from last post……

Let me mention something more about this nonsense called democracy. Even though modern democracy as seen installed in such contentious nations as India, can be claimed as installed by the English administrators, there is a bit more to know. All feudal languages do have an innate dose of democracy embedded within its communication codes. It is connected to ‘respect’.

The individual who has more subordinates, whom he or she can address in the pejorative, is the higher leader among equals. It literally means that a parent who has more children is a more higher person than a parent who has less number of children. From this perspective, in feudal language social systems, there is an innate urge to have more children.

However, modern democracy has created other terrible social logics inside ‘democratic’ nations. For instance, in India, it is a known information that Muslims have been categorically told by their religious leaders to have more children. At least three. This has created a huge demographic imbalance or change. In many areas, where Muslim populations were significantly small in numbers, currently have huge Muslim populations.

In recent years, the Hindu leaders woke up to the implications. They have desperately urged their followers to have more children. However, that only spreads the warfare.

The church leaders of the Christian populations have recently given a religious command that all parishioners should have a minimum of three children, if not more. Even without all this kind of exhortations, it was amply clear to everyone that the power mechanism in democracy is connected to population explosion. It is a wonder that policymakers in England seems to have no inkling of these very simply ideas.


England, which is a very small island, from where all ideas of decent social interaction, driving, codes of precedence, words of polite addressing, regrets and apologies, and much more came out is about to get overrun. There is a very concerted program going on to hoodwink the English populations.

This can be illuminated thus: The problem that most of these immigrant-sending nations have, is some error in their social and formal communication. What is this error, or why it is so, cannot be understood by native-English speakers. For, they get to know only the translated version of all communication in these social systems.

It is like this: A mighty fine dog is walking alone. He moves into his own social world. Other dogs come and meet him. It can be seen that he has his own levels of personal dignity, ways of interaction, and detachments from and attachments to other dogs. Suddenly another dog comes into the scene. He tries to make some social moves. This mighty fine dog springs on him, and literally tries to murder him. One might even see the dogs dividing into two groups and letting loose a fight. What has gone wrong?

Something undetectable to human senses has irked the mighty fine dog. Some equally undetectable item has created a fracture in the social ambience and the dogs have divided into fighting groups. I should mention that this is exactly the same situation when one sees terrible social problems in feudal language nations.

In the allegory used, the new dog must have said something like, How are you? or When did you come? or Where is your wife? or something similar. Is there anything that a native-English speaker might find erroneous in these words? There will be nothing.

However, when the same words are written in feudal languages, there are various items that can create terrible distresses and mental trauma. Many words have varying indicant word levels. Each of them connects a human individuality to various groupings. The words used in various comments about native English speakers, such as ‘lowest scum in society’ etc. and such words as slut, wastrel, filth, untouchable, stink etc. are connected to some of the indicant levels. However, this very powerful fact is never known to a native-English speaker.

Feudal language speaking social systems are places of terrible mutual stabbing, belligerence, antipathies, mutinies, back-stabbing, human repulsions, and much much more. The root cause repulsion that native-English speakers feel for feudal languages speakers is really a natural reflex, quality individual should feel. In case anyone doesn’t feel this repulsion, it only means that he or she is gullible or hoodwinked, or has no innate quality in him or her. In fact, human beings in feudal languages social systems themselves express their repulsion for each other, either privately or at times, in a most vocal manner. These are literal truths. It is this repulsion that makes them make haste to escape to English nations.

What happens in English nations is a social experience, that cannot be understood by native-English speakers. Feudal languages speakers find that they can start communicating in pristine English. And this pristine English is quite different from both their own native feudal language and also from their own national version of English.

There is only one YOU, HE, SHE, HIS, HER, HERS, THEY, THEM &c. And also, they can address anyone with the name with a Mr. or Mrs. or Miss prefixed. It is a communication level, only the real royalty can practise in their own native lands. Everything is quite easy and straightforward. The ease of living in a pristine English social system for a feudal language speaker can be equated to a sharp knife entering a piece of soft butter. And the native-English speakers quite gullible fool. No guile and no cant.

A bit more information on this aspect can be given. In India, when computers first appeared on the social scene, it was found that even those who had been academically considered as low intellectually were showing accomplishments in this gadgetry that seemed like wizardry. However, those who knew the techniques of using the keyboard, and the various software, were quite wary of sharing their knowledge with others. They would never divulge anything in a straightforward manner. Each query would be misguided into unnecessary routes. I remember the days, when I asked one youngster computer-operator to show me how to Bold a word in MS Word, using the keyboard shortcuts. He simply did it fast and moved off. As if what I was seeking was some Category Z State Secret.

This type of misguiding is everywhere in India. Everyone is wary of another person getting any information. For, information can literally lead to enhancement in indicant word. Indian words acts in a relative manner on the social scene. Beyond that, the feudal hierarchy in the indicant words powerfully limit a person’s ability or right to ask or seek an information. If a lower indicant person asks a very powerful technical information, he will be literally teased in a manner that his self-esteem is erased in the full view of everyone.

Now, in English nations, the experience is just the opposite. Anyone can ask, and there is literally no mental barriers to block information. However, what is appearing on the English social scene, are persons from the other side of the protractor. Every angle of social relationship is from an angle that can be mentioned as negative, or opposite.

Moreover in the ordinary communication inside feudal languages, the native-English speakers do continually get defined as ‘low class scum’, ‘filth’, ‘stink’, ‘repulsive’, and more, especially if they are working under feudal language speakers, or are subordinate to them, or are doing jobs that are predefined as low-class in feudal languages. The greatest disservice that these persons who have swarmed into England is doing is that not even one person has had the moral duty to mention that this rabid distortion of pristine-English social system and innate human dignity is being done. In fact, the whole nation of England stands fooled. It is like rodents gnawing up the foundation of a huge building, and no one aware of it.

I know that what I am speaking is of the most explosive content. Yet, I speak the truth.

One of the most powerful arguments against blocking the entry of outsiders inside England is that Englishmen had ‘invaded’ all other nations.

This is an actually a false talk which should be understood for what is it intended for. The intention is to use this argument to force a breach for the outsiders to enter. English colonial empire was not built by a conquering army from England. I can speak of immense incidences in the Indian peninsular region.


The first information that has to be borne is that in the Indian peninsula, the population was not ‘one’. It was a lot of different levels of populations. Each fiercely holding the lower ones, in claw-like grips using the carnivorous word codes. By positioning each individual and groups of individuals in various levels of YOU, HE, SHE, HIS, HER, HERS, THEM, THEY &c. And also by limiting their right to speak back or question, or to ask, or to discuss, with or about the senior populations, huge groups of populations were kept in shackled locations. Till the advent of the English traders.

The advent of the English traders changed everything. There was no specific law & order machinery that treated everyone on equal level of dignity. Moreover, personal security was tied to the ‘respect’ one extended to the local feudal lord. The issue here was that ‘respect’ is a very complicated machine. A minor feeling that one person has not been respectful enough can lead to his limbs being cut.

All traders had their own private security men to guard their wares. However, when the English traders recruited the lower class persons as their security guard or as army soldiers, it was to change the social system in the peninsula forever. For the first time in the known history of the region, the lower classes came into contact with a communication software which did not erase personal dignity in a lower positioned person.

Those who got recruited got changed into a social elevation that was not possible for others. At the same time, it was to create heartburns in many others. The higher dominating classes saw lower class individuals who bore a new kind of personal stature and dignity. This was an issue of acute danger. The danger was accentuated by the fact that the officials of the English East India Company had a very low opinion of the feudal classes of the peninsula.

As to the lower classes themselves, their caste leaders and other seniors saw the emergence of higher grade individuals in their own castes as a danger to their own positions. It should be understood that the oppression of the lower castes is facilitated by the active collaboration of the leaders of the lower castes, who need the support of their senior castes to maintain their leadership.

There is another point to be understood here. The lower classes and castes are actually numerically more powerful. Yet, they cannot join together to overthrow the mantle of the higher classes. The main obstacle to this is the effect of the feudal languages. Which more or less keep on dividing the individuals, in a mood of mutual antipathy and competition. This is a complicated machinery and cannot be dealt with here.

Here I would like to mention that even though anyone can say that the nobility of England is also of the same kind, it would not be the truth. For, there are quite a few powerful differences. Again, I cannot digress into that here.

However, I would like to say this much. The higher classes or castes of the Indian peninsula are and were not what one can define as ‘elite’ classes as one would understand the word ‘elite’. When one mentions the English nobility, even though I am not quite sure as to how much ‘English’ they were, they still have been affected by the egalitarian codes of English. So that, their feudalism has no connection to the feudalism as seen in the Indian peninsula.

In the Indian peninsula, not just the feudal dominating class, but even any dominating class has no radiating ‘quality’. The English nobility has been affected by the pristine English language. The Indian feudal groups and all dominating groups have been affected by the native feudal language codes.

So when a person defined as ‘lower’ in Indian languages, approaches near an Indian feudal class, what he experiences from this nearness is not mental or physical elevation, quality enhancement or intellectual development. What he experiences is the exact opposite of all this. He is made to feel dirty and a stink. He is informed that he is a lesser being.

Now, when I say this, readers might remember the scene in the movie Titanic, when Jack Dowson sits with the higher class passengers on the ship. And later he is blocked when he tries to re-enter without invitation. Well, the vibrant truth is that in an Indian language situation, this kind of interaction cannot be contemplated without a lot of other verbal aspects being adjusted. In fact, the lower positioned persons would not really allow himself to be thus invited unless, he is something of a higher person in his own group.

This kind of discussion cannot give an insight without having information on the verbal codes in feudal languages. Just see this picture of the real status of a common worker in the southern parts of the Indian peninsula (c.1890).


[Image taken from E. Thurston’s Castes and Tribes of Southern India] Even though people might think the issue is the nudity, it is not the real trauma that these females faced. The terror was in the crushing words of addressing and referring.


Compare the first image of the ‘free’ people of the Indian peninsula who were the servants of the native higher classes, with this image of ‘suppressed’ servants under the English folks. This second picture is from the same period as the first.

The absolute fact is that English colonialism was not created by the English nobility, but by the English common folks. Pristine English is the language of the English common folks. Whether English nobility is hereditarily connected to English or to Continental European languages is not known to me. However, I understand that the English Monarchy is not fully English, but is connected by hereditary to Continental European nobility. However, the language of the English common folks has moulded the nobility to a supreme levels of finesse.

What I want to mention here is that the argument of the swarming in migrant folks that England invaded all the other nations is to be taken with a pinch of salt. It is not true. English colonialism did not invade nations. It was not exploitative.

This last statement of mine might shock even English academicians. However, that is the truth. Even during the East India Company rule, there was no looting. There were an immensity of temples, palaces, households etc. which could have been looted if the Company was hell-bent of economic plunder. This never took places, other than during battles, and wars. It might be intelligent to understand that the vast majority of the soldiery was natives of the peninsula. It was quite wise always for the English administration to take ‘possession’ of valuables than to make it available for looting.

As to Englishmen growing rich by going to the peninsula, it might be true that in the initial part of the Company rule, individual officials have stood on the pinnacle of social structures wherein money simply gets garnered. This is something that happens even now in India.

Just join the Indian government service as some low grade ‘officer’. This person need not ask for or demand bribes. All Indian government offices collect bribes through a network of agents. This bribe is divided among the officials in a proportion that is pre-set. For instance, one of my family relatives was in the registration department as a Sub registrar many years ago. Since she belonged to the erstwhile Madras Presidency Civil Service (British colonial administration), taking bribes was not known to her. However, later she was posted to the Travancore areas, where traditionally the officialdom takes bribes. This part never had experienced English administration.

She refused to partake of the daily bribe collection. The bribes are collected from the public by the document writers, who handover the total amount to the office in the evening hours. The bribe is collected from the public, citing this much for the Sub Registrar, this much for the Senior Superintendent, this much for the Junior Superintendent, this much for the Head Clerk, this much for the Upper Division clerk, this much for the Lower Division Clerk, and this much for the Peon.

However, at a much later date another official from the department said thus to me: ‘Even though she did not take the bribe, the specific sum will be collected in her name. And if she doesn’t want it, it will be divided among the others’.

This is how, the so-called money taking for the early English officials took place. When Englishmen were given charge over some part of the administration, their subordinated would use their names during the routine exploitation of the common folks. Naturally, a minor percentage would be reach up to the top. That was the age-old system.

Now, let me examine the claim that there was massive one-sided economic plunder to facilitate the interests of the industrialists of England. It is true that during the Industrial Revolution in England, the wealthy people did try to copy the social designs of nations in the Indian peninsula and elsewhere. In the peninsula, the common people were treated like dirt and cattle.

But then to concede that the English officials in the Peninsula were acting at the behest of the industrialists of England is not possible. The general policy was to protect the common people, the animals and the forest wealth. Much work and efforts was done to find out the ancient literatures of the place, which had more or less vanished. Every possible effort was made to create official records.


In fact, there were no official records in the peninsula. Roads were laid. Police stations were set up. Lower castes were given the chance to improve their lot by means of English education. Railways were set up. Dams were built. Human living conditions were constantly improved. The greatest creation might be the Post Office. It is not that it is an idea no individual in the peninsula could come up with.

In fact, there were other substitutes for mails, used by the financially rich classes. However, the idea that anyone, even the lowest individual, has the right to send mail, was planted by the English administration. To the traditional rulers here, the very mention that their servant classes desired to send letters would have evoked boisterous laughter.

It is true that immigrant populations in England can also create many things in England if they are given the domination of the place. However, there is difference here. In the Indian peninsula, the higher dominating groups could also have created all that has been bestowed by English colonialism. However, they had one very vital information that the native-English speakers never received. That is that the lower castes and classes of the Indian peninsula were also quite intelligent and capable, if given the right inputs.

However, it was known to everyone in the peninsula that if the lower man was given information and rights of articulation, and personal dignity, instead of being grateful, his descendants would use their newly acquire positions to displace their patrons and to bring them down to subjugation and servitude. This vital information never seems to have entered the minds of any native-English speaker.

For instance, the teaching of the English language to the common man in the Indian peninsula. All Indian leaders know that it was the worst foolishness of the English. Very few Indians who know English would like to allow other Indians to learn English. Yet, the English colonialists were simply foolish, in that sense.

Moreover, there is vital piece of information also. The natives of the peninsula who entered England were not the natives of the peninsula who stood by the English rule. One was the exact antonym of the other. However, when discussing English colonialism, both are bracketed as one and the same. It is a foolish situation.

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5 #

This fifth post is an unplanned one. The raw text of this serial posting has mostly been written already. I need to only post each part, with some editing or additions. I think it might get over in a few more posts.

Generally I do not use the Twitter. I think my earlier account was blocked. Online blocks are everywhere on my posts. I am slightly surprised that My Telegraph has not yet blocked me, as yet. All it requires is for someone from the feudal language promoter groups to be in charge of deciding my status here. Everywhere else (with one major exception) most blocks were done mostly by the computer operators in the various online set-ups.

I have another Twitter account that I rarely use. Two days back I was going through it, to send the links to around four persons who had expressed interest in my vernacular pro-English digital magazine KALEIDOSCOPIC HUES (RightClick&OpeninNewTab). At that time, inadvertently I came across two discussions that seemed to be connected to the Immigration issue in UK. One was from a person of obviously Indian origin in UK. I found a most curious phrasing in her words. Without my deliberation, I send the link to these serial postings to the two persons in those discussions.

After that, I send the links to KALEIDOSCOPIC HUES to the other four persons. Today, I wanted to check the status of this post. For, I sensed that there had been no response from those four. I found that my post had vanished. I resend the posts. Again they were seen to have vanished.

That is not the issue here. When I checked the notification area, I found a most curious notice to me from one of the persons to whom I had sent the links to the serial posts here [An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM].



Even though the wordings are quite few, the total contents of these notifications are like a Zip file. They are loaded with meanings of an astronomical size.

Since there can be others also who might react with similar irascible words to my writings, I have to explain a few things. My writings are aimed at conveying information to befooled populations, not only in England, but also elsewhere.


See the items included in the words:
1 Someone married to an Indian woman.
2 As a human being
3 This article disgusts me
4 Racism of any kind
5 Ignorance
6 I will not share your article
7 Appreciate you not contacting me again
8 You are blocked from following

The first item that I would like to take up is the word ‘ignorance’. It is a terrible stance, that certain persons know everything. And that, others are ignorant. My articles are not huge text filled with ‘ignorance’. Even though, I am not too much worried that there might not be any person, who would find non-formal scholarship in my writings, the fact is that there have been many. Even from India. There have been others also.

There is indeed a lot of social information that has been quite deliberately cordoned off from native-English speakers. Even during the colonial days.

From here, I should move to the words: ‘Someone married to an Indian woman’. This sentence is loaded with possibilities.

There are persons in India who are quite at home in English. Many have successfully immigrated to some English nation. Many of them understand the quite troubling aspects of their native language codes and culture. They see to it that it is not allowed to infect their new nation of domicile.

At the same time, there are a huge number of others who have also departed to some English nation. Using some ploy. These persons do not have any commitment for English, other than the natural infatuation that a dweller-in-privations, has for the insides of a Five Star hotel. They are least bothered what their presence or culture or language codes induce in their new English nation-of-domicile. All that they would have would be an acute sense of relief. The same that one would have when saved from a sinking vessel.

The second group would invariably refuse to divulge the horrible aspect of their feudal language codes. The first group might or might not.

Personality enhancement

It is an adequately mentioned fact that when any feudal language speaker, learns English and speaks English, there is a definite enhancement in the personality. Some persons shift to the English side. Others live in an ambivalent mood. However, the essential point is that the moment this person shifts into his or her native feudal language mindset, he or she is a totally different person. It is a good thing that this Twitter poster whose wife is an Indian, doesn’t learn any Indian language. If he does also, there is not much of a problem. For, in most cases as a citizen of England/GB, he will be placed on the higher sides of the feudal language codes.

In the case of this Twitter poster, the moot question might be whether he has been adequately enlightened about the ennobling versus degrading codes embedded in Indian feudal languages. That there is absolute discrimination embedded coyly in most sentences in an informal conversation. That people can and do split other human beings into varying levels of existence, by the means of mere verbal codes. In fact, verbal codes have the same power of software codes. Or even more. [INSERTION: READ my book: Software codes of mantra, tantra, witchcraft, black magic, evil eye, evil tongue &c.]

Native-English speakers marrying feudal language speaking individuals is loaded with weird kinds of possibilities. I can’t deal with it here.

English racism is just a trivial issue

This point takes me to the Twitter poster’ words: ‘Racism of any kind’. If the things that I have mentioned about feudal languages are not a thousand times or more powerful inputs of ‘racism’, then what is? In fact, English Racism is just a joke. There is no repulsion or degrading possible in English Racism. It is only a Racism felt by people who have been raised from or who have escaped from the stranglehold of their own native language/culture/nation/land.

It is just a desperate desire to enter into areas where they might not traditionally belong. English racism is a jovial experience. Whatever the native-Englishman does in the guise of racism, it has no affect. More and more people from all over the world would still rush in to experience the quite ravishing feel of English racism. It only improves the personality of the affected person. And in some cases, it can even lead to a fabulous financial windfall.

The development of the concept of ‘human beings’

It takes me to the words: ‘As a human being’. The term ‘human being’ is also a very misunderstood term in English. That all the various so-called human races are ‘human beings’ is only a new concept that arrived in the Indian Peninsula. In many common conversations and even writings which did not have a link to English thoughts, the very concept that all are human beings was not there.

If the Twitter poster has not been carefully informed of all these information that are simply common information in Indian social, familial and formal communication, ‘As a human being’, it has its implications.

A weird kind of racism

If ‘Racism of any kind’ is repulsive, it would be quite a problem for people from feudal languages residing in England. For, the ‘racism’ that they innately possess is of a very weird kind. It is a sort of strange ‘racism’ in which there can be no identifiable suppressor or oppressor. Each person can be the oppressor or the oppressed, depending on his location. If he is above in any relationship, he can be the oppressor. If he is below, he can be the oppressed. However, as different from English experience, in Indian languages, the oppressed lends ‘respect’, ‘love’ and ‘affection’ to his oppressor. These are ideas that cannot be easily conveyed to any native-English speaker. The two worlds are quite different.

Now, I need to take up the words: ‘This article disgusts me’. I was wondering what it was in the article that disgusts.


Delight in uninformed debates

Then there are the words:’ I will not share your article’. There was no request to share it. I was just conveying an information that I felt would add much required contents in an open debate. It was clearly not a debate inside an email. However, it is true that people love a debate just for the sake of mentioning what has been mentioned many times. There is no essential interest in raking up or allowing others to enter a conversation. It is an emotion that need not be questioned.

A forced learning

However, I had a very curious experience in my own life. In my upper primary school education times, (class 6 age 11), I petitioned the local state government that I was not interested in learning the local vernacular. However, I was forced to study it. For, it was mentioned that this was a learning that had to be compulsorily learned. In the conversation with the Twitter poster, there was more justification (than what the state government told me), to give link to this article that pertained to Immigration in GB. My writings in this regard is loaded with information.

I can understand the revulsion that is impregnated in the words: ‘Appreciate you not contacting me again’. It can be due to various reasons. One is the general tone of revulsion for people who are domiciled in India, that is commonly shown by people of India who have relocated and got citizenship/ subject-hood in GB. Can’t say for sure how this individual got infected with this tone.

See this Twitter post by another person of presumably Indian origin (this was what caught my attention. I do not know the exact context of these words):

Since I do not know what the context of the above conversation was, I should not make judgments. However, it is a fact that people who live in India do feel intellectually and socially liberated once they move to live in England. However, the moment they come back to India, the ancient strings that had detached from them, would spring back to tie them down. In social and positional confinements.

Power in minor links

Now coming back to the revulsion for me, could be a racist feeling that naturally springs forth when one feels that a person of non-acceptable skin colour has confounded one’s own highly egalitarian stances. It is quite curious that a person, who is married to an Indian, has shown this kind of revulsion.

However, the most powerful aspect of my stance is that I did not enter into any conversation. No attempt at any kind of attachment, companionship, equality or even neighbourliness was made. I usually do not do it. Just gave a link. And see the distress it has provoked. If this is the power of minor links, imagine the amount of distress native-England must be bearing. With quite powerful links to unknown and possibly unacceptable nations and locations, and cultures and languages, abounding everywhere.

An apartheid that fails to provoke

Last, but not the least is the statutory block placed on me by the Twitter poster. It does have a feel of some kind of apartheid. However, it would have the effect of an apartheid, only if I make an attempt to break the block. I find no pleasure in breaking such unilateral blocks. It is as effective as I making a similar block on the same person. I mention this to compare this situation with the much worded agony over Whites-only beaches in the erstwhile South Africa. The blacks in SA gave the feeling that these beachfronts were the only seaside areas in South Africa. I do not intend to convey a similar idea to people who make unilateral declarations of blocking me, online. Why should I add to their querulous feel of self-importance?

However, if I am not blocked on My Telegraph, I intend to continue my post. The issue is that English and England are quite unique locations in this world, and beyond. It is this untainted and unscarred England that has been the fountainhead of all social liberation in all Asian and African nations. If this core location is corrupted, then there is no more hope for the world. Immigration to GB is the greatest problem that the world faces.

If it is not sternly dealt with forthwith, in less than five years, the GB will sink into despicable states. All systems, conventions and official procedures will atrophy. I have seen such things happening elsewhere, with my own eyes, after the departure of the English rule in the Indian peninsula.

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6 #

Populations which have traditionally being at the abysmal levels of human existence, like the black slaves of Africa, have been improved beyond the wildest dreams of their ancestors by English colonialists. Yet, their attitude is not of thanks and gratitude. Instead they have only a mood of vengeance. They mention their loyalty to low-quality native leaders who can never, ever lend the quality enhancement that the English races have lent. However, the reasons for black grievances in the US (the nation where the blacks have actually reached the highest of personal development) could have a complicated background. Can’t digress into that here. But I might try to touch upon it in this write-up, if this theme should again pass nearby to that theme.

Yet, it might need a passing mention that the so-mentioned fabulous social communication possible in the US is just because of the English language. If the national common language is French, German, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Zulu etc. the national mood would be quite subdued. The fact is that in the US, all the subdued populations all around the world get to enjoy a real unshackling of their social and speaking fetters. They literally dance it out in a boisterous social revelry. Yet, none of them has the rectitude to mention where their real loyalty and gratitude should be directed to.

I would like to go back to the real experience of the natives of the Asian/African colonies under the English Empire. I might be able to take a very staunch stand that the English administration was the best administration that these regions experienced in a thousand or more years. However, current day impressions of what really happened in these areas might be what are seen in movies. In many English movies, the general mood might be that of an utterly subordinated, foolish native populations being wonderstruck at the skin colour and fabulous physical capabilities of the English folks. In fact, many of the very powerful differences that are there between Continental European White folks and English White folks are found erased and re-mentioned as just a matter of national boundary.

The fact is that English officials, most of them common people of England, garnered the affection of the lower classes as well as the higher classes of the Indian peninsula not due to any spectacular physical prowess. It was really other quite soft qualities that made them stand out. In fact, wherever in the world where the Englishmen won, there was quite powerful competition from other White-skinned populations. However, it was the English side that invariably won in the end. The anecdotal statement ‘English always wins the last battle’ was proved correct all over the globe. It would be quite foolish to go around to each of these incidences and explain them away as mere coincidences marked by chance and luck. There is indeed a very definite reason for this streak of success, which sparks a string all around the world. I have discussed this reason in my ancient book: March of the Evil Empires.

What was seen in the Englishmen was a strong streak of willingness to take a task to its completion, with perfect concentration and focus. It is not a quality that others cannot have. However, in the Indian peninsula, everyone is quite bothered by the issue of ‘respect’ and ‘pejoratives’. In fact, in every action, inaction, word, attitude, posture, social link, family relationship, the most vital thing that is pondered upon is the ‘respect’ or ‘pejorative’ level it would spur. This perfectly acts as a distraction to anyone who wants to act or work as per his passion or conviction. However, when people from India reach England this is one of the great gains they imbibe. That there is no burden of ‘respect’ or ‘pejorative’ in anything they do.

I am willing to mention a very minor example of this. When one person is mentioned as a relative of another individual, words like HE, HIM, HIS &c. can get pulled up and down as per the social level of the other person. He is the police officer’s brother-in-law. He is the shopkeeper’s brother-in-law. Even though both these sentences seem to have the same construction in English, in feudal languages, the word HE can get pulled up or down, depending on the person who is linked. Unless, the first person himself is powerfully embedded in a particular level. This is the most powerful code that maintains and spurs Indian social structure. Yet, no one dares to mention these things.


Due to this disability to detect or sense the codes of ‘respect’ versus ‘pejoratives’, the English side experienced a divine level of mental serenity all over the globe. This is what gave them the calmness to work out the demands of extremely complicated problems.

However, Indian school textbooks give a much indoctrinated version of history, whereby the English officials are depicted as crooks and thieves. This is not true. For, I personally know it is not true. Due to a very strange issue of I being in a vantage location from where I could see what happened during the British colonial rule and what transpired later. It is a long story.

I am not sure if I will be able to mention the whole lot of things in this write-up. However, I need to mention that everywhere, including the Factbook of CIA reflects the Indian school textbook version. I have seen the same spirit in the modern day writings in even the BBC. I do feel that BBC has been breached, and its staff members are no more English or British, but those who have barged in. If the BBC has been breached, then the nation has been overrun.

Before moving on, I will give one instance of how the Englishmen worked in the Indian peninsula area. Their guilelessness and their honesty and sense of fair-play could gather a lot of support for the Empire. If the reader can do a Google Search for: John Pennycuick (British engineer), he or she might come across this page.

I quote from the Wikipedia Page on him:

Mullaiperiyar Dam

Colonel Pennycuick decided to divert the west-flowing Periyar (river)’s culmination in the Arabian Sea towards the East so that it could irrigate lakhs of acres of dry land depending only on Vaigai river.

Though Pennycuick and other British Engineers went ahead with the construction, braving the nature’s fury and the dangers of poisonous insects and wild animals, the construction works were disrupted by relentless rain. Large number of sandbags kept for the construction of the dam was destroyed due to severe flood. Since he could not get adequate funds from the British government, Pennycuick went to England and sold his family property to mobilise money to fund the project (Citation Needed), which was completed in 1895.

The dam was inaugurated by Lord Wenlock, the then Governor of the Madras Presidency. It resulted in irrigation of 2.23 lakh acres in Theni, Dindigul, Madurai, Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram districts.

The fact is that the immensity of social and infrastructure developments in the Indian peninsula region was done by Englishmen braving a lot of danger to their life and limbs. Similar stories of English benevolence crisscross the whole areas of the Indian peninsula. Yet, the general attitude is to place them in isolation from each other, and to speak with shallow authority about the ‘looting of India’. In the recent years, one of the main culprits in this regard is the Wikipedia.

When speaking of Wikipedia, there is this thing to be mentioned. No country in the world other than the current-day insipid English nations would allow persons or entities or organisations that write words of disparagement about them, to enter their nation or to set-up offices inside. It would be a great act of benevolence to the posterity (coming generations) of native-England that a new Encyclopaedia that can compete with the Wikipedia and demolish it, is set up. Otherwise, they would have to deal with a most rabid collection of information that states that their forefathers were thieves and molesters.

As an extension of this appeal, I would even say that it might be wise for England to emerge out of the stupid subordination it has placed itself under the US. The film industry of England should overtake the Hollywood as the real legacy holders of English. The quaint English films that rhymed to the tone of classical English spirit should adorn English film. English films should not be locations wherein anti–English or non-English populations get to act out their over-smartness and cheap bravados.

The Comet Plane industry or something akin to it should be revived or created. A unique England-focused Space exploration infrastructure should be set-up. In short, every item possible should be created with an England-centric philosophy. Not Asian, African, US, or Continental European.

This does not mean that others should be avoided. It only means that the only those who accept England and native English individuals as a trainer class should be allowed inside this premises. There is no contention that non-English persons should be treated as lowly or unfit. Only thing would be that the unique position of native English speakers and pristine English should be proclaimed and accepted by those who are given admittance. There is no need to proclaim an equality. For this kind of equality has no meaning.

When pristine English systems are proclaimed as superior, then everyone gets to enjoy the best of their potential and individuality. However, if others are accepted as equal, then everyone would get placed in differing elevations and rights to dignity. It is a negation of all things that pristine English does promise.

It is a historic fact that peoples who had aligned with the English race and nation, as subordinates, were much happy with their location, than being on a location of constant belligerence in locations of insecure equality with others. See this quote from TRAVANCORE MANUAL (1890s), written by a native of the South Asian peninsula.

QUOTE 1: The two armies met near Calacaud and after a very hot engagement the army of Maphuze Khan was put to flight. But the Travancore army, however, retired home to avoid causing offence to the English Company. END of QUOTE

QUOTE 2: In 1750 A.D. the French attempted to form a settlement at Colachel. It does not appear that they were successful. In the next year the Rajah of Travancore wrote to the King of Colastria ‘advising him not to put any confidence in the French, but to assist the English as much as he could’”. END of QUOTE


Marthanda Varma’s love for the English people can be seen from his last advice and instruction to his heir and nephew Prince Rama Varma, on his deathbed. Marthanda Varma’s words:

“That, above all, the friendship existing between the English East India Company and Travancore should be maintained at any risk, and that full confidence should always be placed in the support and aid of that honourable association.”

If anyone believes that this great king of a small kingdom in the southern end of the Indian peninsula spoke the words of a weakling and a person of servitude, he is very much mistaken. This king was a very courageous individual. Yet he had the mental calibre to understand that the English side had something quite unique in them.

What about the 3 million native soldiers who stood by the English side with unwavering loyalty? Clement Atlee did not have the least of qualms when he ditched them.

What about the immensity of civil servants and other members of the public in British-India? Does anyone think that they would have been happy to be under Indian leaders? Being equal to the English is not a sensible aim. Being able to live under English systems is the sensible aim. This idea is being spoiled by the allowing of non-English people to be identified as English or British.

When one sees such persons masquerading as British/English, the terror of an impending cardiac arrest would necessarily require to be assuaged by a bout of retching. This kind of Britain/England will gather no loyalty anywhere, across the globe.

Now, let me examine as to what would happen if the current drift in policymaking is allowed to continue its flow. I remember seeing an article titled: The eternal silence of these infinite crowds written by Nirad C Chowdary, in an old English textbook. It was presumably his impressions of the English road scenes, when he visited England in the 1950s. Coming from India, where the streets scenes are full of boisterous shouting, verbal and driving bravados, insanely competing vehicle drivers, dirt, squalor and rude behaviours, he must have been truly amazed at the placid orderliness of English streets.

The context of this reference to this article here is that it is more or less to be expected that the quaint placidity of the English street scenes have vanished. For, crowds of people from populations who experience terrible shackles in their home premises, and who try to act over-smart on the streets have entered England.

Beyond that in feudal languages, every act that is done, has an effect on the indicant word codes. Loud sound, ferocious looks, intimidating postures, capacity to taunt/tease/slow down/irritate/block others are connected to higher indicant word codes. Driving on the road is seen as apt area wherein anyone can try to raise his indicant code value. However, can a native-English speaker make any sense of this statement? That is the excruciating tragedy in the emerging scenario. Allowing entrance to entities whose real inner disposition is not understood.

Even rude behaviour in feudal languages has a specific indicant word-code aspect to it. If a native-English speaking person is rude, there is no change in the indicant word codes implied. That is, under all understandings, a HE, SHE, HIS, HER, HERS, THEM, THEY &c. do not have any change implied. However, in feudal languages, when a person is rude or impolite, it directly implies that a lower indicant word-code has been positioned, even if it is not mentioned. In fact, in feudal languages, one cannot be rude to a person positioned on the higher indicant word codes; i.e. in positions of ‘respect’.

Working under feudal language speaking persons is damnation of the worst kind. It is essentially a degradation that goes deep into the root codes of life-system and reality. People who are made to bear the brunt of its impact visibly change. Long term effects could include degradation in physical appearance, contortion of facial demeanour, loss of mental stature, mental imbalance etc. if the affected person is from a higher social quality. The fulsome, overwhelming and comprehensive negative effect of this phenomenon has not yet fully arrived in England.

Yet, it has slightly been there, building up. It can be seen in solitary incidences wherein native-English children or adults commit terrible acts of violence including that of homicide, on those who inflict it on them. Yet, the native-English judiciary has acted blind. It never heeded the quite visible question as to what it was that really provoked an individual from a very refined social system to act so violently. No one seems to understand that there has been some provocation. The very easy mentioning of it as ‘racist’ action is the worst kind of intellectual insipidity.

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Why women of stature keep off

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In feudal language nations, women are not encouraged to mingle with men, without first an acceptable verbal relationship being laid down. It is not really an issue of husbands or males or family members inflicting a stricture on them without any logical basis. Women of social stature wouldn’t mingle with the common crowd. The most powerful issue that restrains them is the issue of verbal ‘respect’ If they are not careful enough to keep a distance from all others other than carefully selected persons, every single aspect of their connection to other men can have a profane quality added to it. Once this has been established in a verbal relation with a female, even the very glances or stare or looking at her, can contain insidious aspects embedded inside it.

The English colonialists were quite aware of this social aspect of feudal language societies. However, back home in England, there has been no caution about this. In fact, even youngsters are trained to establish eye-contact with others. Eye contact with another native-English speaker has no such negative or evil indicant code aspect to it.

The evil eye in its feudal language aspects

I will try to explain this aspect with this allegory: Think of a young IPS (Indian Police Service) ‘officer’ of India. IPS is the royalty of the Indian police. Suppose this young ‘officer’ looks at an Indian constable or glares at him, it is accepted with a pose of quiet composure and acceptance by the constable (shipai). However, let us imagine that the constable have been able to get a copy of a video of the young female indulging in some sexual act with someone from a lower social rank. A lower social rank of the sexual partner would convert into a lower indicant word in the minds of the Indian constables. This would attach to the IPS ‘officer’. So, in their private conversations, she would be mentioned as ‘Aval’, or ‘USS’, meaning SHE of the lowest order.

When this ‘office’ chances to look at the constable, inside him the codes of ‘aval’ or ‘USS’ would be running. It might even reflect on his facial expression. His expression would then be that of an Indian government school teacher glaring or taunting a terrorised student. If the ‘officer’ continues to look at the constable in the eye, it can be damaging to the ‘officer’. Mentally, socially and position-wise, she will literally get erased.

Now, a similar thing is happening in England. Most of the native-English people including the children and the vast majority of adults who are not rich and or in senior positions, are just the ‘avan’ or ‘avals’. This is a location which was rarely imposed on the English colonialists. For, the common people adored them. However, the people who have crept into England do not hold the native-English men on a position of ‘respect’. The foolish native-English populations have been told to treat them as ‘equals’. It is a foolish proposition. For, there is no concept of ‘equal humans’ in feudal languages. If a person cannot be defined as superior, then he is only an inferior. There is no code or location for ‘equality’ in feudal languages.

The evil effects of the impact of negative verbal codes

It is said that there are around 86000,000,000 neural cells in the human brain. An equal number of glial cells are also said to be there. There are trillions of cells in the human body. I have contented in some of my other books that there could be something akin to a software background to life and reality. This could be the easiest way to explain how so many living cells could act in unison, performing correlated functions. I have experimented and come to the conclusion that human words can connect to and even affect the codes of reality and life. Moreover, all human actions, including that of viewing, have a code level aspect.



James Scurry: Ten years as a servant under feudal language speakers of the Indian peninsula converted this Englishman into a petty looking person. He was forced to learn the local vernacular and thus had no protection from its insidious codes.

If this be so, a person from a feudal language mindset viewing another person with the codes of profane ‘disrespect’ can induce negative, disruptive or disintegrative codes in the other person. Even though it may seem that I am speaking of the anecdotal ‘evil eye’, there is a larger amount of content in this contention. It is beyond the scope of this book to go into that.

The content of the word ‘slut’ is always there in feudal languages, when the lower word for SHE or HER, or HERS is used to females who are free for social mixing beyond the parameters of social etiquette permitted as per feudal language codes.

It is not possible to make this thing understood in English. I will relate a minor incident in my own life. Many years ago, I was living quite detached from my family. I had no connection with my family and was living life in a sort of meeting life on an everyday basis. The location was quite far from my home base. Due to my innate dislike for joining the Indian government service, or working above or under Indians, my financial situation was always quite precarious.

I had tried a two month stint working as a sales person for an advertising agency, which I quit very fast. The work environment inside this place had the advantage in that there was a lot of English ambience inside. And I did not know the local language.

How decent females get defined as Sluts

One day one of my old college mates came to this location. He was then an ‘officer’ in the one law enforcement department. Since he had a vehicle, I thought I would use him to go and meet some of my acquaintances I had in that work area. All of them were on English-speaking basis with me. One of the places we chanced to go was an anglo-Indian household. It was to meet a young female. The quaint English atmosphere in the household was quite refreshing. We were given a very warm and courteous welcome. However, since my companion was not good in English, he simply remained outside the conversation.

The conversation was quite different from the ordinary Indian household talk, due to the plain English ambience. After a brief conversation, we came out. It was then that my companion dropped a bombshell on me. He simply said, ‘Ask her to come to the city’. The word used for ‘her’ was ‘aval’. This is a lower grade HER. His only way to understand the quaint easiness of the conversation ambience was that she was a slut. For, common Indian girls wouldn’t mix so easily. For, conversation has to move through certain levels of hierarchies, to reach a level of equality. When such females come fast into a level of easy conversation, the easiest way to understand them is as wanton, flirting, and as easy to seduce.

When I mentioned to my companion, who had the demeanour of official power, that she would not come into a situation that he desired, he simply told me that once she is in his hands, he can make her do what he wants. The issue here is that his understanding of easygoing English conversation was through its Indian feudal language translation. She was just an ‘aval’. If she had acted with supreme coldness and restraint, and with measured words and movement, she could have reached out to the definition of ‘avar’ (‘respected SHE’). Then the feeling that she is a slut will not emerge.

The powerful context to be mentioned her is that almost all easygoing English conversation standards in England will only give the ‘aval’ translation for SHE. It goes without saying that as soon as the immigrant from feudal language nativity slowly rises up in the English society over there, females, all of them, would slowly get defined as sluts. It will slowly show in the social interactions. No social security measures are in place. Maybe I should mention that in India, all homes do have barred windows. There is a huge language-codes based reason for this.

In England there are no fences to protect the native-English citizens. In a few years time, the outsiders will emerge as powerful owners of the place. Then it will be tragedy. In all its definitions.

The idiot-ism of compulsory formal education and the wider falsities

It is neither a good judgment nor a prudent action to place children under teachers who are from the feudal language mindset. The inner elevated codes of the native-English children can get erased. However these things might not be perceivable in the short-term or in every solitary case. For, statistically it is clear that a particular percentage of the students will reach out to fulfil their life ambitions. It is the others who would bear the burden of the tarnished codes of life and quality.

Speaking of education, I remember the recent incident of one young female from Pakistan using the ploy of terrorist attacks to relocate to England. The ploy she used was that she was a sort of unsolicited and self-appointed leader of females in Pakistan. Females should be bundled into schools. The foolish native-English citizens of England do not understand the social compulsions inside Pakistan.

School teachers in Pakistan are not the same as the native-English teachers of England. The Pakistani teachers speak feudal languages. Placing children under them is literally handing over one’s children to another hierarchical group with its own peers and leadership hierarchies. The parents are outsiders to this hierarchy. One should not look at the rich schools in Pakistan where good English is taught, and where most children aspire to emigrate to England, Canada, the US or Australia. It gives a false feeling about education.

Compulsory education inside feudal language nations, which is bereft of pristine English teaching, is just a means of livelihood of the abysmal quality teaching classes of these nations. It is a terrible situation to see England being hoodwinked by such females, who back home, will be next to nothing.


There was once a Hindi teacher for Queen Victoria. He was just a nondescript man from the northern parts of the Indian peninsula. However, in England he started arriving at majestic heights. Luckily for England, English Empire and for the vast populations everywhere who supported the English Empire, Queen Victoria died. This conceited Hindi teacher then had to return home to his innate lowly stations. Where he will be placed powerfully in his lowly levels by his own countrymen. (I do not know which kingdom he belonged to).

The English slowly turning un-English!

Likewise, if all such cunning persons can be sent back to their own sweet homeland, they will wake up to their senses. Otherwise, in a matter of ten or fifteen years, they will breed inside England and set forth offsprings who would proclaim how England looted their homelands, and how they are there in England to seek revenge for what England had done to their forefathers.

One should imagine the plight of the other children who might be studying along with this female from Pakistan, when she received an international prize (a prize which is increasingly being given to dubious entities). It would surely inflict upon their sense of self-esteem to see a person of lowly social standards, being awarded while they themselves, who are the non-mentioned trainers in English social standards, are made to exist as mere nothing.

Native-English-speaking population inside England would have completely changed over the last five or six decades. They who are traditionally treated as the trainer class all over the globe, has been fixed into social and formal locations wherein they are made to compete with their trainee classes.

The traditional equanimity and mental composure historically associated with native-English speakers would have been rubbed out. Each and every one of their politeness and refinement would have only provoked sly overtaking and deceitful manoeuvres from the other sides. In fact none of the traditional values of politeness, rights of precedence, moral uprightness, ethical integrity, honesty, chivalrous attitude &c. would have any meaning other than mere gullibility.

I have not visited England at any time in my life. However, if I am not mistaken, the newer generations of English children and youths would be boisterous, loud and rude, and even given to unruly social behaviour. For, this is what they built up within themselves with long years of constant contact and competition with children of a totally different mental compulsion. When I use the word ‘compulsion’, it is not mere verbal pedantry that I intend. The word ‘compulsion’ is connected to a huge software code content in feudal languages codes.

Enforcing equality with something that has no such platforms

Being mentioned as equal to feudal language speaking children is a very evil thing. For, feudal languages speaking children can never be equal to a native-English speaking kid. They can either be above or below. Mostly below. For, when they are in their own language world, they are inferior to so many others in their language hierarchy. To equate such children and allow them to compete as equal to native-English kids is an act of total diabolism.

Feudal languages have powerful codes of association. Just mention an association with another person of unacceptable level in the feudal languages is enough to create deep wounds in the mental composure.

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I wanted to post the next post immediately. However, a very terrible news came to my attention, and I lost my sense of focus. A statue of Gandhi has been unveiled in London and placed next to Winston Churchill. The terror that gripped me is beyond words. It is sacrilege of the worst kind. In fact, I fear that native, antique England is rushing forward to mass suicide. There is no other way to define this madness.

Gandhi was just another politician in British-India. He was the son of a rich prime minister of a princely state. Many rich persons did move to England in those days. From there, many of them self-appointed themselves as the leaders of the peoples of the subcontinent. Gandhi had no other locus standi inside British-India.

In fact, he was hated inside the Congress executive. However, he made a grand entry using the ploy and platform of media coverage and publicity. The solid fact is that 99% of the people of the subcontinent had no problem with the English rule. For, the other alternative was rule by the traditional overlords like Gandhi. Who were suppressive and oppressive, and degrading in their ways and manners towards the common people.

When the stupid clown Clement Atlee decided to break-up the English Empire worldwide, political leaders who had money in British-India were quite poised to grab the nation. However, even then, there was no support for Nehru-Gandhi coterie inside the Congress executive. Another local leader was selected to head the government. However by some secret manipulation, Nehru-Gandhi team could offset this, and get into the seats of power. Maybe their connections in England must have helped them. Or they may have used money clout. Or social/familial string pressure on the individual members of the Congress executive.

Gandhi was killed by some conspiracy which has never been adequately explained. Officially it is attributed to Hindu communalism. However, there was nothing that should have provoked such an action from the Hindus. If a Sherlock Holmes kind of pondering had been done, the real vested interests, which did this act, would have been mentioned. However, this never happened. For, a person sunk to the neck in scandals could be re-dressed as a saint. It had its political gains. In one stroke a political liability was redefined as a political asset. I do not want to go into the details, other than to mention that there are elements in this murder case, which can be likened to the Kennedy assassination and Lyndon B. Johnson.

The worldwide adoration for Gandhi springs from the movie Gandhi, made by Richard Attenborough. It was a fake movie made with total ulterior motives. Attenborough used striking scene to convey a false story. There is the issue of Gandhi being pushed out of a South African train. It is not understandable as to how Gandhi could get inside if the compartment was barred for non-Whites.

There are longer ideas to be discussed in this regard. I will not go into that here. However, it was a knavish attempt by Attenborough to use this scene to create a false hero. For, this scene had no relevance or connection to British-India. In British-India, lower castes and lower classes were being freed from their traditional shackles by the English rule. Gandhi does not belong to these groups. He belongs to the traditional suppressor class.

Even now most of the common men in India would be treated like dirt, if they were to attempt to board a First Class compartment in any Indian train.


It is quite idiotic to understand British-India as a place of one population. In British-India and even in current-day, Pakistan, India & Bangladesh, the social system is an array of populations, each trying to suppress others or to show obeisance to those who are higher. Taking into consideration, only the view point of the higher classes is a dirty way to understand a nation.

The Gandhi portrayed by Ben Kinsley has nothing to do with the real Gandhi. The real Gandhi is a Hindi speaking person, who uses degrading words to the lower classes of the subcontinent. However, this idea cannot be understood in English. Gandhi does not look like Ben Kingsley.

I am giving comparative photos to convey the idea.


Image Image Image


This kind of manipulative film making has been going on for a long time. History is now being written by filmmakers. For instance, see these pictures from a south Indian film which purports to portray a local ‘king’ who fought a glorious war against the British. The fact is that till this film came out, not many people from the same locality were aware of this ‘great’ historical figure. In the film, tribal people are mentioned as fighting against the English.

See these pictures of tribal people shown fighting against the British [fake story] and the real looks of the tribals of those areas in those days. SEE BELOW:



The real looks of the tribals of the location, who were suppressed and exploited by the higher classes of the region. The English rule was the only hope for them, in hundreds of years.


The Congress led government of India under Indira Gandhi contributed $10 million (currently it would be around $ 250 million) for the production of this film. What came out is a quite fabricated story of how Gandhi fought against an evil empire and came out victorious. However, the real fact of Indian nation formation is connected to Clement Atlee and his stupid coterie dismantling the English Empire all around the world. The Congress party wanted to gather the accolades by promoting themselves as the legacy bearers of the fake legend they were creating.

Attenborough used other story bits with very sadistic pleasure to misrepresent the English rule. The Jallianawalabagh military shooting is one such. In Amritsar, there was communal violence. Five people had been butchered on the streets, and one female had been used otherwise and murdered. The local police divided themselves on communal lines, and civil administration simply went limp.

When I relate this incident, I want to mention a minor incident that happened some two months back in my own locality (southern parts of the Indian peninsula). One young man of one community was killed by members of another community. It was not a communal violence. For, the dead man was actually a communist party worker, and the fight was on personal issues. However, by evening hours, the local social set-up had divided on communal lines. The whole area was in tension. Anything could happen.

By the next day morning, around 80 houses of one community had been looted and torched. People had run off from their houses. The looters, after plundering the house, would turn on the cooking gas cylinder in the kitchen and after the house is filled with the inflammable gas, would throw in a lighted cinder. The house would be burnt into its bare frame. I can remember the chilling emotions that spread through the social set up. This happened just two months back.

The British-Indian army commander (an Irishman) proclaimed a Military Act in Amritsar (1919). No one cared much for the soft touch of British law and order. Public meetings were called. The Gurkha regiment arrived and did a shooting, in which around 140 died. That is the number killed. But what was the number that was saved? For communal violence evaporated in sheer terror.

Attenborough did not bother to mention that. In 1947, when Hindu-Muslim communal violence took place, one million people died, and an equal number were displaced or relocated, because a similar action was not forthcoming from the British side. For, no British army officer dared to order shooting that time. He would have killed a hundred or a thousand rioters. But then, he would have saved a million others, from terrible deaths. However, this count never got counted.

In 1921, in the southern parts of the peninsula, there was another communal clash between the Muslim and the Hindus. Many men, women and children were literally butchered alive on both sides. Had the English rulers order the Gurkha regiment to arrive on the scene and re-enact a similar shooting, thousands would have been saved.

Gandhi spoke here, he spoke there, he wrote like this, he wrote like that, he met this official, he met that official etc. are part of his personal life history. It is like any other aspirant to political leadership. However, if one were to make a film on any such political aspirant, similar stories can be made. In fact, there are many similar films and dramas about Communist party leaders. People who see these dramas come back with tears gushing in their eyes. Gandhi film is no better than these drama, other than that the Gandhi film has been made at a very exorbitant cost. To gather a profit worldwide.


The tragedy is that the English rule was improving the nation of British-India and its people, like never before. In dressing standards, English language, people dignity, infrastructural development, protection of forest wealth, discovering ancient literature, creating administration, setting up police, implementing law & order machinery along with written rules and penal codes, and a most incorruptible administrative set-up, and much else. At the same time, there was this joker running around claiming leadership of people, most of whmo had never heard of him, other than through concerted newspaper campaigns. It is said that one specific rich business group was financing Gandhi as leader to takeover the Congress leadership. It did not work.

It might be significant that even though Gandhi, after his death, was consecrated as a holy man by Nehru, and Nehru claimed his spiritual legacy, there was no mention of Gandhi in the original Constitution of India. In fact, it might be correct to presume that the members of the Constituent Assembly, which was formed to create a written constitution for the new nation of India, had no great empathy for Gandhi. In 1977 (I think), Indira Gandhi added Gandhian thoughts as an addendum to the Constitution. To profit from the film. It has no specific value, other than as a nuisance.

Gandhi is mentioned as the ‘Father’ of the nation in India. School students get marks if they give his name as answer for the question: Who is the Father of our nation? However, this answer is only what the newspapers and textbooks mention. There is no other statutory basis for this answer. I mention this to denote the realities of the Gandhi story. If he claims to be the father of the nation, he is just an imposter. However, it is not he who is doing all this kind of claims, but others, who want to piggy ride on a false legend, they themselves have created.

If Britain, and that too England is being befooled to elbow out its own traditional leaders like Winston Churchill, to create space for the likes of Gandhi, it is better that England sinks to the bottom of the seas. Otherwise, it would indeed be a sad day to see England in the hands of people who had been its traditional disparagers.

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Roots of terrorism

Canard as a serviceable substitute for academic scholarship
In all post English-Colonial nations, the new political, social and educational leaders are busy spreading canards about England. It can be seen in the writings in many modern online locations including Wikipedia. Anything good connected to England and Britain is mentioned as European. Everything terrible about Continental Europeans is generally mentioned with an emphasis on the words English and Britain.

I had more or less finished this serial write-up and kept it ready in my computer a couple of months back. However, other preoccupations including the publishing of my vernacular digital magazine KALEIDOSCOPIC HUES, and some quite distracting local flare-ups distracted me from posting the rest here.

A couple of days back, I had the misfortune to read a local university-given BA English Social History of England printed notes, for explaining the theme to one person. It contained direct evidence of what I was aware of for a long time. Great Britain and all other native-English populations all over the world see Islam as the threat, and go out of their way to disparage the words Allah and Prophet Muhammad. They miss the root locations from where all anti English-population tirades arise from.

Funding diabolism

Great Britain gives around 250 million Pounds every year to the Indian government as a sort of idiotic gesture of aid. What it reaps in return is a grand propaganda through all educational infrastructure that England/Great Britain was a quite barbarian nation, which invaded all other nations, looted everything in them, and thus became rich. Everything that is mentioned in the last sentence is untrue.

Even the fact that Great Britain is rich is not connected to any accumulation of wealth. For, there is a thousand times more wealth in India. Simply calculate the real estate value of the geographical area of India. There are other locations also where the wealth in intrinsic value is a thousand times more than England can display. Yet, around 90% of the people of India are terribly poor and decrepit, and repulsive to the top 10% of the population.

The wealth and prosperity of England is basically connected to people quality which is again due to the most unusual planar quality of the English language. Nothing else. I have proved that language quality can enhance human quality. This is mentioned in my book: Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages.

I need to move forward to the points that are in my mind. However, before that I should insert the information that Great Britain giving 250 million pounds to India is actually creating a huge number of wealthy people inside India, all of them connected to the politicians and the officialdom. For, there is a ‘share-the-cake’ way and manner of dispensing the funds to the NGOs. It doesn’t improve the people of India in the way it is meant to. It creates a lot of extremely rich NGOs who have spic & spank corporate offices. Most of them slowly move get a foothold in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand or to the US.


The curse of democracy

In 1947, there were around 250 million people in India. Now there are around 1500 million people in India. Democracy was what spurred this population explosion. Democracy is the worst of all half-baked ideas that has come out of foolish British academic minds. In fact, all of these British academicians should have been caught and sold into slavery in Africa. It might have given them a lot of real academic information, other than nonsensical classroom, blackboard ideas.

Into the minds of these newly-born 1500 million Indians, the government of India (that should mean the nation-looting Indian officialdom and the king’s ransom monthly-salaried Indian academic classes) are spreading ideas that can make even a most sensible man kindle with anger at British/English endeavours. It is not Islam or Prophet Muhammad that is the exact reason for anti-English feelings.

In these inimical Indian official writings, the essential difference between Continental Europe and England is erased out. One gets the idea that both are synonyms when actually both are antonyms, historically. There is much to mention in this regard. However, I need to move on.

Premeditated false talk

See these images of photos I took out from the Social History of England university notes. In a textbook that is being taught to promote the cause of English, what comes out is anti-England propaganda. If this be so, I wonder why this social history of an evil nation is taught to students! It should serve no good purpose.


What has to be understood is that the readers of this text are people of the Indian peninsula. They understand everything from their own mindset. This mindset cannot be understood by native-English speakers. The native Indian peninsula mindset is defined by the local feudal languages. The words slave, cruel, adventure, business, aristocracy, planter, daring and almost all such things are understood with a different slant. Like for instance, Gandhi as understood (through the movie Gandhi) by the Native-English folks looks English. However, in most Indian movies, English officials of the Colonial periods have definite Asian/Indian personality streaks. Both understandings and depictions are erroneous and miss a huge amount of contents.

The real looting of the nation

Before going into the intricate issues of the subject matter, let me mention the details of the modern Indian officialdom and academic classes. In India, almost around 90% of the working population earn a month income between Rs. 2000/- (20 GBP) to Rs. 15000/- (150 GBP). Of the rest, around 1% is the government officials. After the formation of India in 1947, this class has gone on adding to their benefits. Their salary starts from around Rs.15000 (initial salary for peons) and goes to around Rs. 40000/- to the middle levels ‘officers’ and then to around Rs. 75000 to the academic Professors, and then to around Rs. 125000 to the higher officials of the Indian bureaucracy.

The officials (including the academicians) get 13-months salary in a year. Banks loans are available to them at the click of a mouse button, for their salary and pension benefits stand as powerful security.

They are eligible for medical reimbursement, Leave Travel Allowance, Dearness Allowance, Travel Allowance, and also something called Bonus!

Their pension is huge and totally unjustifiable. At the time of retirement, there is the statutory Provident Fund for them. Beyond that they get a huge amount as Gratuity. However, what is beyond all belief is something that has newly emerged. That is the Commutation of Pension. That is, they can collect 7½ years pension in one lot. It is daylight heist. For, pension for only the government official is a loot. And to give 7½ -years’ pension as a sort of advance payment is beyond all logic.

There is no social security for the common man. Politicians are quite frightened of the officialdom.

99.9% of the government officials force the people to pay a bribe, if they are in any position of authority to give an official paper or signature. That means, other than in such departments like the Public Library &c. corruption is a normal event. Even in the meanest offices like the Village office, for papers relating to land deeds, the officials insist on a few thousand rupees.

The officialdom of around 1% strength stand like a towering over around 90% of the enfeebled people, who are crushed not only financially, but also by being on the lower end of the feudal languages. They are the Thoo/Nee, while the officials are the Saar/Aap/Ungal.

The tragedy is that around 95% of the Indian population are not aware of these facts. However, they get to learn that the English Colonialists looted the nation, were brutes, were molesters, broke the temples doors and scooted with the sacramental treasures &c. That is why they are poor. All their wealth has been looted by England!


Interpreting the false data

Now to speak of propaganda:

See the following texts from the above text image:

QUOTE: “The impulse to adventure had begun.”

The impulse to English adventure was not connected to money. Adventure was in the English blood because the English language had no codes to suppress it. In the case of the Indian subcontinent languages, the language codes arrest its natural progress. However, if the person can escape its strings, he more or less acts in an over-smart, exuberant manner. Both are quite different from native-English states of English adventure.

Moreover, what spurs English spirit of entrepreneurism is entirely different from what spurs feudal-language spirit of entrepreneurism. This requires some explaining. I can’t do it here.

QUOTE: “soon learnt that an easy way to win riches was to kidnap or buy shiploads of strong and hardy Negros in West Africa.”

This writing is quite cunning and of diabolic intent. It gives the feeling that English people from the small island of Britain coming in small sailing ships could enter any place and kidnap anyone, as one would come and catch a rabbit. There is a great deal of suppression of information about the states of the other nations. I say this much because I know what was the state of the local regions in the Indian peninsula.

See the Chapter (Native Life in Travancore) on the Slavery in the Indian Peninsula. One ‘Hawkins’ doesn’t represent the nation of England. Slavery and slave trade was the norm rather than the exception in almost all nations other than England. Only in England was it seen as a novel social condition, and sudden social repulsions emerged in England. And in England alone.

QUOTE: “Hawkins made two slaving voyages …. and came home a wealthy and a famous man.”

Hawkins made two slaving voyages. In a global commercial world in which slave trade was taking places in almost all locations and villages in Asia and Africa, why is a solitary English attempt at participation, being singled out for mention?

In my youthful vagrant lifestyle, there was one incident which I can mention here. In one place, I was one night living in a wayward house wherein I became acquainted with a group of thugs. They were quite polite to me, but then it was quite obvious that they were of a different mental timbre. In the morning hours, they gathered together for an assault. I, in a mood of adventure, joined them.

We walked a couple of kilometres and arrived at the house of the person who was planned to be given a sound beating. For some local issues. Not communal. One of the members went to the house in a coy manner and rang the bell, and asked for the person. The idea was to bring him out in the ploy of some discussion, and then to give him a sound thrashing. Luckily for me, he was not in the house.

I literally forgot this incident, until I started hearing a very powerful story spreading through the locality that I was involved in a mafia kind of hooliganism. One man came and told me that he simply couldn’t believe that I was involved in this kind of activities.

I mention this incident to denote that all these kinds of mention of Englishmen participating in slave trade are just the exceptions that is quite out of the ordinary. For, I have seen more brutish, lifelong slavery and human trade without the description of slavery being enacted in the Southern parts of the Indian Subcontinent. However, no one even cares to even ponder on them, even in a family conversation. For, they are all very common incidents that is not worthy of a mention. However, if there is a single incident of an Englishman being involved even in a most solitary manner, it would get repeated, discussed and cried over.

QUOTE: “He was the founder of the Negro slave trade”

Hawkins was not the founder of Negro slave trade or of any slave trade. He was just a single participant in a trade, the founders of which would naturally be the local social leaders of West Africa. However, who would mention about the doings of the West African social leaders? They, themselves, wouldn’t do it.

QUOTE: “Which for more than two hundred years to be a source of immense gain to English merchants. Neither English nor Spaniards had the least care of the cruelty and wickedness of this traffic in human flesh.”

Slave trade was not the source of immense gain for English merchants. Slave trade became noted as a cruel human endeavour, the moment English merchants got involved. When the feudal class merchants of Asia, Arabia, Africa, South America, and Europe were involved, there was no one to feel the heartburn. However, the moment the English common people became conscious about this, they reacted. The same way when the practise of Sati (burning of women in the pyre of their dead husbands in the northern parts of the Indian peninsula) became known in England, the British parliament ordered its suppression. East India Company was then bound to crush it. For this single act alone, the officials of the East India Company will have a permanent seat in the house of the Gods. There are many other acts also, of equal import.

The un-understood theme of human slavery


In the text image above, it might be noted that the word British has been substituted with the word ‘English’.

Now speaking about slavery, I am not quite sure how many of the agriculturalists who used black slaves in the areas later known as the US were English. I think many were Irish. However, the US due to its huge number of English population was an English-speaking nation. Again it is seen that in an English-speaking nation, slavery was not possible. For, the slaves would fast improve to the levels of their masters, due to English communication.

Next, note the insertion of the word Ivory. Again, Ivory trade is again placed on the head of England, through a mere mention. It was a trade going on in the world. If Hawkins had not done it, some others would have done it. Yet, it was only England that tried to control all cruel activities that were going on all around the world, the moment it became aware of it.

Everything mentioned with regard to slaves in the text image is equally true about all other geographical locations in the world. However, the moment the slave is in an English ambience, everything about him changes. This springs from a very complicated social machinery effect. I can’t discuss it here. However, I can allude to it thus:

The concept that lower classes being human beings, is just a relatively new concept. For instance, even in the Indian peninsular area, even in my own childhood, I was quite aware of the spoken information that the lower castes were not fully human with equal mental calibre. Only when the English rule came and gave English education or dignified interaction with them, were the lower castes themselves to feel that they were fully human beings. In fact, most of the lower suppressed classes had an innate feeling that they were not fully human or of equal human dignity.


It can be seen from this information that it was the chance to enter an English ambience that raises a lower class or lower caste man to the standard mental heights of a human being.

Not only merchant in Liverpool and Bristol, but even merchants elsewhere had become rich through slave trade. England entered this trade quite late in the day. And once England entered, this trade’s lifespan was cut short. Queen Victoria banned it, and paid compensation to the slave owners. In the US, the stupid Abe Lincoln used his army like an Asian despot and crushed the southerners, and let loose a astronomical number of African people into the US nation. He could have paid for the slaves, and had them released and send home to Africa. But then, he was a politician who wanted to bask in battle glory. And no African in the current-day US would accept the suggestion that he should have sent them home. For, it is hundred percent sure that living in an English nation even as a third class citizen is much better than living in Africa or Asia, or even Continental Europe.


There is a great mischievous stupidity in the above text. What are mentioned above are actually the occasional errors of the English nation. I cannot vouch for Irish, Welsh and Scottish experiences. For, they are sure to be feudal languages. However, it might be good to mention that these things happen as common incidences even in current day India. However no one bothers to see them as noteworthy.

Two days back, one man was mentioning what a police ‘officer’ had told him. He said that when there was a crime, the suspected persons would be taken to an interrogation room, and the truth beaten out of him/her/them. He/she would be addressed in the lower YOU, HE, SHE, HIS, HER etc. The interrogation would be effective and the truth would emerge quite fast. If one individual is a wrong suspect, there would always be a right suspect.

The man mentioned that currently the police questioning has improved. In that, scientific techniques are used to first focus on the most possible suspects. Then he or she is taken for interrogation. Here again the usual beating, slapping, boxing of ears, twisting of limbs, terrorising verbal attacks etc. are done. Solving such things as murders are of premium value. For, it can lead to departmental promotions.

No academic textbooks, new media, or social leaders mention these things. They mention only about the delinquency of England.

The Second point to be noted is the allusion to the French Revolution. Even though I do not know French language, I am more or less sure that it has feudal components. If it is not there now, it must have been there in the French Revolution period.

All intellectuals in feudal language social systems spend a lot of time and intellect on the issue of human equality. Yet, they all miss the essential point that in their very mentioning of people, they maintain different people at different levels. For in feudal languages there is no human equality or right to equal dignity. No amount of shouting Liberté, égalité, fraternité can bring in human equality or right to equal dignity.

The real fact is that French Revolution was triggered by an intense exposure to English social systems during the French participation in the hooliganism of George Washington. And also by the proximity of France to England. However, in the text image given above, the opposite is mentioned. That of England getting inspiration from France. It is quite a laughable insinuation.

I know of one incident when an Indian army contingent had to work in some African nation as part of the UN. One soldier came and told me that they had the chance to see the British soldiers at close quarters. He was quite perturbed by the fact that his own officers treated him and other Indian soldiers like dirt, and slaves. This enlightenment dawned upon him only when he saw the dignified individuality of the English soldiers.

In the same manner, the French also got perturbed when they got exposure to English social communication. Not the other way round.


All things mentioned in the above text were exception to the common norms of the English society. In fact, they are the common social images of Asia, Africa and to some extent of Continental Europe.

In fact, the terrors of the Factory System were due to English merchants learning Asian/African social designs and imposing them on England. In fact, with the entry of feudal language speakers into English nations as economic leaders, these nations are slowly edging back to the Factory System social ambience.

One has to walk through the streets of New Delhi, the capital of India. The social tragedies of life for the lower financial classes there are generally not noticed by the financially higher classes. In fact, no one even care to discuss these things, for they are negative themes. Financially higher classes find it awkward to discuss negative themes, which connect to lower human existences.

Since in my youthful vagrant days, I had experienced both the upper class as well as the lower class living standards in many places in India, I have noticed things that no upper class man in India would even like to place in his or her mind. No one speaks these things. When the Delhi Chief Minister said that Rs. 650 (6 GBP) per month is enough for a family to live in Delhi, there was much truth in it. No one cares.


Insipid intellectual deliberations

But then if it had been English Colonial rule in the Indian peninsula, and poverty of a much smaller level was there, it would have been noticed and discussed and debated in the English papers. The good quality English administration would have been vilified. There would great dissertations on how the English colonials looted millions from India, and made the people starve and miserable.

But then no one minds the current day poverty in India. Where even in a rich man’s house, the servants rightfully cannot be allowed to sit in a chair or wear good dress. It would create social competition in a language, where everything is encoded in varying levels of words and usages.

The root codes of modern terrorism

Thus anti-English terrorism is encoded into youthful minds in all newly formed nations in the post English Colonial geographical regions. Educated youths boil with anger at the terrible things that they believe England has done to them and to their ancestors.

The sad part is that antique England is increasingly arriving at an orphaned location. England itself is going apart, and its antiquity is being erased by inimical minds all over the world. No one seems to be bothered. It is the greatest tragedy for the world, human races and future generations, and for the individuals in the animal world. It might even be quite difficult to find anyone any more of antique English attributes. For a population of unique refinement is being reduced to midget-size individuality, equalised with populations whose diabolic mental codes have not yet been properly deciphered.

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I would mention that native English speakers have to place their rights over their land. England is the home of pristine English and native-English speakers. For many persons around the world who love English, English classics, English nursery rhymes, English fairytales, English rule, English colonialism &c., this nation is a Mecca. It cannot stand desecrated by the entry of rank anti-English persons.

These persons also love England. Let this contention not befool the native Englishman. For, it is like the contention of a group of persons who are living in a dirty squalor that they love the insides of a quaint quality residential area. This love is only the passion to possess what is not theirs. If they want to be in possession of a similar location, they need to create one on their own. It might be within their logic that they can very well creep into any place they fancy. However, the other side would be being quite foolish to fall for such arguments.

Relocating the immigrants who have barged in, after the 2nd World War has to be thought upon. There is a very specific method to filter out those who have to be removed forcefully and those who can be allowed to stay. However, all claims of subjecthood/citizenship should be withdrawn from all, other than a very few.

Most nations like India have extended double citizenship to their citizens who have taken citizenship elsewhere. This was done with a very wicked aim. In India this was initiated to facilitate the buying up of the national assets by persons who were domiciled and earning from elsewhere. I think that many Indian politicians do have progenies in English nations. They can very well bring their wealth to buy up the Indian properties and set up business here. For, when English currencies get converted into Indian currency, they expand to astronomical levels.

However, England can make use of this double citizenship to force them back to their nations. However, the sad part is that even though many of them would have consistently mentioned inimical words about England and the English, the prospects of going back home would literally create cardiac arrest in many of them. The most simple fact is that many of them wouldn’t be able to walk on the Indian roads, unless they get to reside in a rich colony or in an English speaking area. For, the very codes of ‘respect’ versus ‘pejoratives’ codes in the Indian languages can induce mental imbalance in many of them.


The other option, and that which is quite possible would be to buy up a big chunk of land in some African nation. And to relocate all immigrants to that location, if they are not willing to go home. This would be a very easy solution to the mess commenced by the super idiot and wicked Atlee.

If this relatively easy solution is not taken up, then the other option would be for the native English speakers of England to relocate to this location. Or else, it is more or less a certainty that either they would go down to wretched levels or the nation would end up in a civil strife, of quite uncertain results.

When I was studying in my primary classes I did read about one Idi Amin, who was the ruler of Uganda. He spurred up a lot of enmity all around the globe, mainly due to the fact, that he drove out all the outsiders from Asia who had established themselves powerfully inside his nation. However, when I first read about him, I had a slight feeling that if he was doing this, he was doing a good deed to the native populations of his land. For, it is not Englishmen that he was driving out, but people who were from the feudal language mindset. It was widely mentioned that he did practise cannibalism. If so, a very unmentionable theme gets promoted. That Africans do practise cannibalism. For, it cannot be said that only a solitary African likes the taste of human meat.

So there are two options to take up: One that Idi Amin was a very wicked man and practised cannibalism. That option can connect Africans to cannibalism. Which Africans will not allow to be mentioned. The other option is that Idi Amin was farsighted and used force to save his nation from the possible ravages of feudal languages speakers from elsewhere. In which case, all accusations against him, including his taste for human meat is mere antipathy propaganda, which might or might not have an element of truth.

Well, Idi Amin is someone who rarely appears in my thoughts. And it might be true that his own native language would be equally feudal. Due to this very fact, it would have been quite easy for him to understand the working of other feudal languages. Now, how does this man merit mention in this writing? Well, unless some very intelligent plan is set in place to remove feudal language speaking immigrants and other immigrants with inimical intentions, a situation might rise wherein not Hitler, but Idi Amin might emerge as the role model. It might be good to forestall that possibility by taking urgent pre-emptive actions.

Yet, it is not going to be easy. In fact, England might have to fight more terribly than it fought in the two world wars. For, the non-mentioned fact is that all Asian and possibly African nations’ military officers might have sent their children to England, to stay there after acquiring citizenship. For instance, I know many Indian military ‘officers’ having their children in English nations. On one hands, these children would be extremely rich. For, their parents are literally wallowing in national wealth. Apart from that most ‘officers’ would also be getting huge commissions, in all commercial deals made by the army, including that of munitions purchase.

Many politicians and also bureaucrats from India have their off-springs in England, masquerading as Englishmen.

If at any time, England decides to pack all the outsiders back to their native homeland, most of the nation thus affected would try to resort to a military solution. The age-old argument that they are sending their troops to protect the possessions of their countrymen would crop up. If this be true, the simmering question of why no British troops were send to nations like India in 1947 to protect British possessions would arise.

To put it in so many words, I can categorically say that if Britain tries to send back immigrants from India or Pakistan, it will have to deal with an Indian and Pakistani army attack. If England is totally English, I can say that it would emerge out victorious in all confrontations. For English victories are essentially connected to a particular attribute in the English language software. However, England, English army and even English sport teams are no more English in its antique quality. England is slowly fading out in a new monstrous apparition. No one will rally or assemble to protect this useless and grotesque, multi-headed, multi-cultured beast.

I remember a comment in the Youtube replying to me. It was from a native Englishman who expressed an understanding of direction his nation is taking. He is apprehensive, but more or less in a mood of submission to the emerging horror. As if there is no way to change the direction of the nation.


The tragedy was that this individual could sense what is in the offing. Yet, he can only mention that the tragedy can only be delayed, not removed. Native-English spirit seems compromised. England, which did not succumb to any defeatist attitude even in the totally bleak days of the German blitz, now seems to have gone meek and subdued. As if it is readying itself to compromise with the cataclysmic disaster that is enveloping the nation and the future generations of its traditional people.

There is still an infrastructure intact, though a bit dazed, inside England. And that is the English Monarchy. It has withstood years of open disdain, distrust and disparagement, since the end of WW2. Yet, history says that the God always saves the English Monarch. It is up to the Monarch of England to set things right. In England, if pristine English is allowed to override every other communication codes, there is no need for democracy as one see it practised now. What it needs is Monarchy back on its toes. With total trimming up of useless frill elements.

In every system, where things are going on well, the induction of democracy only creates division, rupture and discord. People divide into inimical groups and fight it out. Vested interests and minority groups enter into the fray with bargaining chips and take out big chunks of benefits.

As more and more feudal language speakers appear on the social scene, there would be more and more desperation to reach a higher social position. For, the same troubling mindset that made the immigrant folks to run off to English nations would slowly emerge in England. However, who can think about the slow, yet steady collapse of age-old conventions and social and administrative standards. It is democracy. No one is really in charge. And no one is responsible for anything. People simply act on the political stage for brief periods and vanish without a trace, leaving behind blundering systems.

There are very definite ways and manners for the English monarchy to come back to reigning power; de facto and real. It has to be worked out, step by step. If the Monarchy abdicates its divinely ordained responsibility to restore the nation back to its rightful owners, then it has to step aside, and stand as a jester in history. Correctness in all historical actions is judged by those who come out victorious.

If England becomes a clutter nation, then also in the emerging squalor and mess, there would be enough people who have entered and bred, who will find the going nice and wonderful. For, they would have enough native English speakers under them in servitude. However, other nations would view England as just another tiny piece of squalor and filth, as found everywhere else.

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I had more or less finished this write-up many months ago. However, I had no time to work on it, to make it publishable. This is the last part. This continues from where it was left off in the last chapter. …………..


The other option would be that England remains pristine and refreshed. In which case, England would be loved by almost all nations in the world. Populations from everywhere would rally under the aegis of the Union Jack or even under the aegis of the Flag of St. George. However, they wouldn’t rally under them, if these flags are seen held by rank non-native-English speakers.

I am concluding this terrible piece of writing. It might give my tormented mind some peace. Many years ago, around the year 1989, I did foresee the terrible social issues that would spring up in England if feudal language speakers are allowed entry without anyone in England being aware of what they are bringing in. I did write a 17000 word article containing a lot of cautions for the English policymakers. However, after writing this piece, I did not know what to do with it.

In the years around 1999, I went to New Delhi British High Commission office. I wanted to give this to some British official for his or her perusal. At that time, I had been cut off from my home base, and also facing a lot of family problems. Mainly due to the incorrigible attitude of others in my extended family to subordinate me. Financial worries were also gnawing at my demeanour. At the British Commissioner office, I did not face any communication problem. The staff members whom I could get to meet were only the native Indians. My request was treated as strange. That I had a message in a written form for the perusal of a native-British official. My writing was taken up, but even after a few visits there, I could only get the reply that all senior officials were quite busy.

At that time, I understood that my cheap dress and famished looks might have hindered the handing over process. After some two months, the write-up was returned to me. With the mention that all officials were busy.


Later after one year, I went to Abu Dhabi. Since I have no inclination to work under anyone (very rarely having done that), it was just a visit to see the place and to work out a strategy to hand over the write-up to someone. I surely did do things which might be defined as quite foolish.

One day I went to the UAE British High Commission Office. Here again, I was met by an Indian official. By this time, my write up had expanded to around 32000 words. I handed this to him. He was also quite friendly and I was dressed up in affluent dressing standards, even though I had the defect of being an Indian address holder in a place, wherein racial distances have to be maintained.

Here again after a few weeks of waiting, the write up was returned to me, with the message that every native British official was busy.

Later I was in Bombay. Again I went to the British High Commission office. I met an Indian official. She took the writing for handing over to some native-British official. However, again after a few weeks, it was returned to me, with some frivolous excuse. There was no platform for me to appeal against this wall of refusals.

All those times, I was under the impression that my writings were returned to me, because of the total silliness of my actions. However, when I started posting the ideas online, I started getting a better insight on what was happening.

The original writing which I had been trying to get read was rewritten by me in the year around 2001 or 2002, and published online under the title: March of the Evil Empires; English versus the feudal languages.

My writings or links to them, online in many sites were simply seen deleted. My other efforts were seen very pointedly blocked by the staff members in the major Search Engines. I got an insight that Google Search results are not totally machine controlled. For, when I once found a way to complain to one Google department that Google searches connected to my writings were showing insipid results, I immediately saw a remarkable improvement. However, at one point it did go back to its original insipid results. Only to come back again to better results. As if two different groups were working at cross purposes.

Most US newspapers have blocked me from commenting, without any message to me. In GB also, at least one news media site has blocked me. However, that site sent me a mail stating that I was ‘banned’.

When I placed short articles in Australian sites about the dangers of allowing feudal languages inside the Australian, most were removed. I remember that one site sending me a letter stating that they were getting a lot of complaints from readers and that they were compelled to remove my writing.

There have been plenty of such blocks. In fact, it would take me a lot time to pick them up one by one. It seems that there is a very concerted effort at hoodwinking English nations to shut down their natural instinct that they are under some kind of danger of being overrun.

In my own nation also, in spite of I writing so many books and article about the acute social dangers of promoting feudal languages, not even one news media is willing to mention it. In fact, when I gave a writ petition in the state High Court against compulsory teaching of feudal languages, and it was admitted by the High Court and proper notices sent to the government, not even one newspaper reported it. I personally visited the Bureau offices of three major dailies.

Another newspaper correspondent heard about this writ petition. He called me. After discussing with me, he wrote a ‘story’ on it. Later in the night, he sent me a message saying that the story had been submitted, but it would not be published.

Later I asked a person who I knew, who was a vernacular writer and who knew the editorial staff of the newspaper, to speak about this. He spoke to them, and later called me and told me thus: They know about you and your writ petition. However, the cultural leaders, academicians and others have discussed this issue and have asked all media not to mention this issue at all. For, it is feared that it might have widespread impact.

I think I will close this writing serial under this heading. However, in case anyone is interested, they are requested to read this current discussion on this link.

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[A concurrent discussion with another individual at around the time the earlier text in this was written]

Hello, your query is a welcome one. And I can give a very elaborate reply to this. However, I do not have the adequate time. I have written around 2700 words. Actually I would require to write a hundred thousand words to convey what is not known in England. I do not know if you would have the time to go through this brief writing. However, let it be here. Someone might find the time.

As to the questions you asked, I find that there are some mistakes in the questions. Before going into that I would post one very significant piece of information that seems to have escaped the notice of native Englishmen. For trying to give this information, my account had been banned in many US media sites, including such as Huffingtonpost &c. My writings have been defined as ‘hate speech’. One GB newspaper went to extent of sending me a letter saying that I have been banned and that the ban will remain, when I appealed against it. (I think after the IT revolution, it is people from outside nations who are deciding policy matters inside English nations)

This single piece of information is that English, the language, is somewhat unique in its features. I can mention it as it being a planar language, while most other languages are feudal or hierarchical or having a sort of 3-d arrangement of entities. Basically most Asian nation languages (may be pristine-Arabic might be an exception) have a very crude hierarchy of addressing others, and referring to others.

The theme is quite complicated due to the fact that there are no corresponding words in English by which this theme can be conveyed. However, way back in 1989, I had made a first attempt at tackling this issue verbally. You can see it here:

Indian feudal languages generally have a 3-tier arrangement of human beings. The problem is worsened by the fact that lower levels are assigned more cruder sounding and jarring words.

Feudal languages have words and usages that can be used as wedges, levers, pivots, claws, hammers, gears that accelerate or retard social speed &c. on a group of people. It can give the effect of a see-saw on people. It can cause people to arrange as descending layers of pyramids, the phenomenon which in India are called ‘groupism’.

By a mere use of a selected form of such common words as You, He, She, His &c, another person can socially be defined as Gold or as mere dirt, without being abusive (as abusive is understood in English). A twisting torque can be induced between persons, by use of common words, such as You, He, She &c. Information can be used selectively to change the indicant level of each of these words.

The very understanding of the word ‘Equality’ in English is quite different in feudal languages. For instance, in one of the south Indian languages, the word YOU is in three basic forms: Nee, Ningal and Saar (Thangal). There can be three kinds of equality in communication.

Nee to Nee. (lowest)
Ningal to Ningal. (medium)
Saar to Saar. (highest)

Each level of equality creates a particular quality level of communication. The first one creates a very base level of equality, in which subject quality can be quite of the abysmal standards.

However, the issue is worsened by the fact that usually communication does not move on equality lines. It is more in a higher to lower level of communication. That of Saar or Ningal addressing the other as Nee.

Here communication is between the ennobled person and the dirtied person. Ennobling versus pejorative.
However, the real terror is when the lower persons get the chance to use the lower words on the higher persons. It can literally trigger homicidal mania in the affected person. I am sure that this is now an everyday event in England, even though not many native-English citizens have any idea about it.

I am not sure if you have understood what I have written. May be Celtic languages also have some code error. I do not know what they might be. You can check and see if there are different words for You, He, She, His, Her, Them &c. depending on a person’s social or professional level. If it is there, then the real reasons of the terrifying social effects of even the great Irish famine (caused by Leaf blight in potatoes) can be found in the erroneous codes in the Irish language. I do not know.

In common English, there are no such verbal uses, even though, for the sake of an argument, people might bring up such words as Thou, Thee &c. However, what I am speaking of are not such poetic words, but words that are used between common people.

In nations like India, there are specific routes of addressing people. The higher or refined people keep away (if they can) from being at the butt-end of being addressed or referred to by pejorative words. For instance, young females of refined families do not allow themselves to be thus addressed by the cruder classes. They keep away. The bureaucrats (most of them mere thieves in government posts) also shield themselves by terrorising the common people, who are then forced to use higher worshipful words to the officialdom.

This is the real reason that people from all nations are running off to English nations. They are repulsed by their own countrymen.

The major negativity entering England is that no native-Englishman knows these things. And the immigrant folks who know it wouldn’t mention it. For, if it is mentioned, all talk about racism would simply convert into a desperate call for ousting people who are doing something quite subversive in a most concealed manner.

For instance, the very action of allowing English youngsters to be in the companionship or vicinity of feudal language speakers of doubtful refinement or verbal quality, can be action which one wouldn’t find an equivalent for in such nations as India. This theme does require a lot of words to explain.

I do not think that it would be a good idea to speak on this theme in this small comment box. However, if you have the time and inclination, you can read something more from this link.

Now, coming back to your queries, the terrible things arriving on the English horizon is basically connected to not knowing what is arriving. Everything as understood in English has a different tone in feudal languages. Even the mental spurs that leads one to become an entrepreneur in English, is different from the desperation that enters all employees in a feudal language work ambience.


Currently, England is not just impacting into a different world, but simply changing into a different world. Ideas on economics, sociology, history, language, family relationships, business, money, profession, work, labour relationship, equality, dignity, love, affection, driving style, dressing standards, respect, refinement and almost everything else will slowly metamorphose, first into a weird mixture, and later into a very rotten state. I am sure an every terrifying kind of inequality that cannot be understood in English will spread over the nation.

As to the other issues such as ISIS etc., I remember writing many years ago that with the slow spreading of Asian/African nationalities into English nations, English nations will become part of the battleground of belligerence that are actually native to Asia and Africa.

The next question on the freedom movements. There is no way for the modern generations to know the truth. In India, the common man earns between Rs. 2000 to Rs.15000 per month. There is no social security or any pension for them. I speak not about the miniscule numbers who work in big posts in the private/corporate sector. The government officials (including academicians) earns between Rs. 20000 to 150000 per month, for 13 months a year. They get an astronomical amount as pension. On retirement, they get a huge sum as Gratuity, and another big sum as Provident Fund.

And some twenty years back, without many people knowing, they got the right to collect 7 and half years pension in one lump sum, at the time of retirement. These people live like kings, in palatial houses. Many of them have immense property. For, government officials generally make ten to twenty times their legal earnings, in the form of bribes. They number around 1 to 2 percent of the population. That is, they number 30000000 people in India. Most of them aspire to send their children to English nations. For these people, the end of the English rule in the peninsula was the best thing that happened to them. They spread canard about the English rule. The common man has no other source of information.

The officialdom wallows in riches and teaches the people that they are poor because the British stole everything from the nation. Britain did not steal anything from the people. Britain lends quality to the people. If British trade endeavours can be mentioned as stealing, then modern trade is stealing. However, British-Indian government over here was very much protective of the interests of the people of British-India.

You speak of the freedom movements. Gandhi, Nehru, Subash, Arobindo Gosh, and many others are taught in schools as the leaders. They were not the leaders in any sense. All of them were mere children of rich persons in British-India, who had the financial acumen to move to England. From there, they self-appointed themselves as the leaders of the peoples of the peninsula, without any locus standi.

The population of British-India around 1940 was around 370000000. How many people are known to have being in the freedom struggle? Indian history books generally mention that thousands and tens of thousands. Well, it is a great mentally exhilarating experience to go in a procession and to shout slogans, to people who cannot even address another slightly higher person in society. Well, Gandhi and his men were immensely rich. They had newspapers and other means of influencing the people. Still not many did have much fancy for their many monkey tricks and other antics.

As to the so-called freedom or independence, it is a false statement. If you see this map of British-India, l you will see that there were many independent nations inside the peninsula, which had all given up their armed forces trusting the words of Queen Victoria that their sovereignty would be respected.


When that rascal Clement Atlee became the Prime Minister in the Great Britain, all of them were ditched. The British-Indian army was divided into two. And given to Pakistan and India. In India, for the common man, it was a great surprise and shock.

However to such persons as Nehru , Gandhi &c. who knew the affairs of the British politics, it was just a matter of waiting. They knew that one day the Labour Party would come to power and then English colonialism would be made mincemeat. When India was declared to be formed, the Congress party was the only organised might. The pro-English rule elements had no party. The Congress put forward the name of one Mr. Shastri to be the new prime minister. However, he, I think, was not an English-returned person. So, by some hook or crook, his name was replaced and Nehru scrambled into the seats of power. I think the killing of Gandhi also helped. For, Nehru proclaimed himself as his spiritual heir. It must have swayed the sympathy wave in his favour.

Once the armed forces were in his hands, every small kingdom was intimidated military takeover. Some held on. In many places, like Kashmir, the people did not join either nation. Both Pakistan as well as India sent their armed forces into Kashmir and the place was occupied by two nations. India does not allow the real map showing the Pakistani section of Kashmir. It is a crime to publish Azad Kashmir in any Indian map, over here. I do not know how the Pakistani side shows the map of India occupied Kashmir.

In Punjab, the Sikhs did not like to be forced into the Indian camp. There was continual revolution that ultimately culminated in the Blue Star operation on the Golden Temple some twenty years back. The revolutionaries who had surrendered were tied up and bayoneted, including their charismatic leader.

In the north-eastern states, such as Nagaland, Mizoram etc. there had been a continual freedom struggle for so many years. However, it is not easy to fight against the Indian army. The army would enter into the houses of the sympathisers and it is the women folk who are targeted. No Indian newspaper would dare to report any of these things.

There is a huge communist revolution going on in the northern and central states of India. The people are terrible suppressed. Actually these were the people who should have found solace in English rule. However, they were ditched by British politicians. Now, they are assembling under the Maoist flag. They kill the policemen. When the policemen catch them, it is literally hell for everyone in their households. I can’t mention more.

However Communism cannot create an England here.


Later in the 1990s, the Indian forces forced themselves into the small kingdom of Sikkim in the Himalayan slopes, and shot the local troops and took over the nation. In the Indian papers, it was reported that the Sikkim king had voluntarily given up his nation to India.

Now, to your mention about Western influence. The word ‘Western’ is a mistake. I am not sure what it means. Did you mean Continental European influence? Well, I was not speaking about Continental Europeans. There are many nations in Continental Europe. Most did not have anything to do with colonialism. So, the mention would about Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal, Russia &c.

What are these countries? Historically, they have individually and also collectively tried to invade or attack England. Their colonialism had more of negativity than positive elements. They could at best create modern South America. May be you might have noticed that everyone wants to escape to English nations like England, Canada, Australia, US, New Zealand. As for the Englishmen in England, they would see their nation changing to some uncanny brutishness. They will be desperate to move elsewhere.

English quality is not an individual quality, but more a quality that belongs to group that speaks and thinks in a non-feudal, planar, plateau-coded language. (I cannot explain the terms here). England was unassailable historically, because of this unique quality of the English language. That people can assemble and rally with a common focus, without bursting out into mutual antipathies caused by common words.

Goa was a French Colony that was captured by India in 1962, when the Indian navy surrounded the place. Local people then were not happy. Some of them moved to France. However, I think the Indian government then assuaged the local popular anger by giving the place a Special Status, which was slowly erased over the years.

As to poverty in India, it is not connected to any British looting. In 1947, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh (British-India) had a population of 370000000. Now India alone has a population of 1500000000. There was terrible poverty in the peninsular, before the advent of the English rule. Even now, there is much terrifying poverty.

However, if you take a thousand people of one single Indian vernacular language and keep them in a solitary location, and make them speak only their vernacular, the society will split into layers, with terrible poverty on the lower side and golden people on the upper side. This code is in the feudal languages of India. And these kinds of things are now spreading throughout English nations.

As to the British contribution of democracy, it has set in motion a most terrible social machinery. Every political party, every caste, every religious group or congregation is commanding its members to produce more children. For, it is democracy. In democracy, population strength is the munitions. Even England will go rotten by this terrible political philosophy.

I am sorry about the huge number of words. I had actually wanted to reply to another cantankerous discussion on this video.

I do not know when I will get the time.

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