Software codes of mantra

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Software codes of mantra

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h #



Software codes of mantra, tantra, witchcraft, black magic, evil eye, evil tongue &c.


Along with a brief commentary on
Edgar Thurston’s


© All rights reserved. Copyright held by VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS

Aaradhana, DEVERKOVIL 673508 India
All rights reserved.
This reformatted edition published in November 2023.
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c #


1. Prologue

2. Intro

3. The frill issues

4. The deeper themes

5. Code view, design view & real view

6. The exact dangers in social development in feudal language locations

7. The fabulous un-detection

8. The machinery of disparaging

9. Lost in translation

10. A hint of the codes behind solid reality

11. Codes of Aiyitham (repulsion and untouchability

12. Upward lifting power

13. Codes of ‘respect’

14. The code version view of human beings

15. An observation at a personal level

16. A very powerful experiment in the power of language codes

17. Locating the Voodoo-acting location

18. The continuous wobbling of the interlocked web elements

19. The arena of Sensations

20. Words that crush and those that stretch

21. Software codes of Shamanism

22. Other supernatural software (spiritual) items

23. The issue of touching and that of un-touch-ability

24. A detour to a side theme: English colonial administration

25. Back to repulsions in touch: Codes of Namaskar

26. A supernatural way to off-set negativity

27. Allusions to the anecdotal black-tongue

28. Metamorphosing into a hermit

29. Back to the eerie realm of Evil Eyes

30. A thing that can provoke the evil eye

31. From my personal experience

32. Detecting an inserted code

33. The viewing angle

34. The Codes of touch

35. Gadgetries of degrading

36. Issue of viewing

37. A clue from the epics of the landscape

38. What bodes ill for England

39. Codes of imagination

40. The slow rattling and the long-term rearrangement of human population designs

41. Astrology and other divinations

42. Hidden codes in spiritual scriptures

43. The curse of the serpents

44. The ambit of a disaster

45. Nonsensical theories of communication

46. Continuing on the serpent theme

47. Jinxed buildings

48. Jinxed positions around a place of worship

49. The second item: the broken mirror

50. Supernatural codes of building design

51. The spoken word and the effect of pronunciation

52. The Pied-Piper-of-Hamelin capacity of feudal languages

53. The diffusion of numerical values

54. The litmus test of stature codes

55. The working of the breached codes

56. On to the attributes of ‘sensation’

57. Miscellaneous items

58. Decoding bird signs

59. Use of urine, hair, nail, blood etc. in black arts

60. Lucky stones

61. Sleeping positions

62. The proof of the pudding

63. A software based disease treatment & cure system

64. The power of indicant words to redesign human physical features

65. The other means to investigate

66. The fabulous ‘n’ word

67. Yantram

68. A warm talisman

69. Computer coding in feudal languages

70. Commentary on Omens & Superstitions of Southern India

The all-discerning ‘Eye'
In quest of
the inscrutable
Software codes of Reality!

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1 #. Prologue

This is not a book on any occult art. Instead it is a writing that proposes to take up the possibility of there being a real machinery behind the working of so-called mantra, tantra, evil eye, black magic, voodoo etc. This book does not teach any of the above mentioned arts.

Yet, it does try to find a pathway or opening by which we can find or enter the supernatural arena from where the supernatural software codes of reality and life is designed and maintained.

It is a writing that tries to discuss a probability that is not connected to material sciences. Instead it proposes to examine the possibility of there being a supernatural software application location wherein reality might be seen in the code view as well as the design view. These two views are apart from the real view, which is the physical reality.

The ultimate aim of this book is to propose a pathway via which we can approach the supernatural software location, where all of reality, life, living organisms, brain software &c. are designed and maintained.

This book is not a sudden writing on any impulse of the moment. I wrote my first book on codes in languages, March of the Evil Empires; English versus the feudal languages, around 1989. The final version of the book was completed around 2000. In the concluding part of that book, I did hint about the possibility of there being something akin to a software background to reality. And that, languages are software applications with varied capacities.

In around the year 2005, I wrote a series of posts in a GB website on the same subject. It was basically a lot of unconnected themes all pointing to the same theme. This I later published as a digital book under the name: Software codes of reality, life and languages.

Then my next major book on the subject came out with the name: Codes of reality! What is language?

Here again the same theme of connecting the idea of there being a software realm behind reality and that languages have software codes which can directly connect to the software of reality was elaborated. The focus was on languages being sort of software applications through which physical reality could be influenced.

Still, the theme was going forward only in very brief paces. A few years ago, I had to write a series of posts for supporting the contentions of Homoeopathy, by basing the ideas from my understandings. That Homoeopathy does work on the principle of a software program rectifying the software of life and human body. The book title was: The machinery of Homœopathy!

Recently I happened to read Edgar Thurston’s Omens and Superstitions of Southern India. It was at that time that I pondered upon reworking out the arguments from the perspective of mantra, tantra, black magic, witchcraft etc.

The first thing I did was to create a very readable form of this book. As I went on doing that work, I could get to read the book also.

This present book is being promoted as a Commentary on Omens and Superstitions of Southern India. However, only the last part of this book really is a sort of commentary. Even in that part, it is not exactly a commentary. I merely quoted some sentences from his book and elaborated upon them as per what I wanted to convey.

Edgar Thurston’s Omens and Superstitions of Southern India is definitely a great book. My writings do not aim to go against that book. This book of mine does contain a lot of mentions about Thurston’s book.

This book commences by mentioning OMENS AND SUPERSTITIONS OF SOUTHERN INDIA. However, it moves beyond to a wider ambit. It returns to Thurston’s book at the end as a commentary.

However, a mention of Thurston’s book can be felt all along.

I have used a few images from other old public domain books. These images are mainly taken from my own collection from such books. Due to some issues, I do not have the exact record as to where I got some of the images. I believe such images to have been taken from Edgar Thurston’s Castes and Tribes of Southern India.

Before commencing the reading of the book, the reader is further informed that in various locations, the text would seem to be dealing with cultural aspects. However, without clearly mentioning these things, it would difficult to go directly into the effects of supernatural software codes.

September 10th 2016

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2 #. Intro

For a long time, it had been my desire to do a commentary on a book by Edgar Thurston. The book I had in mind was his Castes and Tribes of Southern India. However, that book was quite a voluminous one. I think around 7 volumes. Paucity of time was a major inhibiting issue.

I had done a very cursory reading of OMENS AND SUPERSTITIONS OF SOUTHERN INDIA a few years back. I had been impressed by the book then itself. However, only now did I get the occasion to go through it thoroughly.

The subject matter has been done in a very vast ambit and amplitude. The book is absolutely impressive in the way the various bits of information have been wiped out from the varying impermeable layers of a very complicated and cantankerous social system.

There is much to be said about that. I will do that. And much more.

Before going deeper into the dissertation, there are a few things that have to be mentioned about what the book contains, and what it does not contain.

A book that has recorded

As a book of records, there is a lot of information, which reach out from the most interior depths of the social system in this book. It is not at all easy for anyone to go deep inside the various closed social corridors in this South Asian peninsular region. The amount of intimate information that has been gathered about the varying layers of mutually repulsive or subordinated populations groups is something that might be quite pioneering.

There is a very definite reason why the social layers are impermeable. Actually there is a reason for everything. Pointing out these reasons is one of the aims of this commentary.

In this commentary I will try to bring out the inner virtual codes that might be working behind the magical powers of various mantras, tantras, homams etc.

I will try to find out if there is actually any possibility that so-called superstitions do have any sense or machinery behind them, which might make them plausible.

I will try to explain the real, yet non-tangible codes that actually create the repulsive forces that create caste-based repulsions. An information on certain items that do explain such human repulsions and why they do have a logical basis, might be proposed.

Beyond that, this book can be discussed to bring to limelight the quaint fabulousness of the English-built nation called British-India (actually a small location confined to just three presidencies and a lit bit beyond.)

A depth of information on the ‘culture’ of the small locations inside the subcontinent can be scooped out.

These are the general things that will be discussed in reasonable depth.

However, before going into such formidable depths, I will have to tarry a bit, to deal with some quite frill issues that have to be mentioned, and done away with.

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3 #. The frill issues

Item 1: The first one is with regard to the use of the word ‘India’. The use of this word in colonial English writings has created a messy confusion in modern generations. The word ‘India’ was used internationally among the maritime people and the trading locations of yore to denote a location somewhere in the east, from where certain specific trade commodities were to be obtained.

At best, it could be like saying Africa or American continent, from afar. When one comes near to the subcontinent, even very near locations are disconnected to each other quite powerfully in this subcontinent.

Most Colonial English writings tend to use the word ‘India’ in a very desultory manner, that even colonial England was fooled about what was actually British-India. British India was not as big as to occupy the whole subcontinent as is generally understood.

The subcontinent was actually a collection of un-connected geographical pieces and of un-connectable populations living in different locations, or inside the same location. The only benign connecting force that appeared in the subcontinent was the English rule.

Item 2: The second item is the use of the term ‘European’. It is again a very powerful misnomer. The nation which actually built the nation of British-India was England. There might not be much wrong in mentioning it as ‘Britain’ also, even though British-India was following English systems, and not Irish, Welsh or Scottish systems. The language of administration was also English.

However, to mess up this information with ‘Europe’ was a terrible thing. Most of the nations or locations in Continental Europe are not English or synonymous with English or England. While English is a planar language, many of the Continental European nations were having at least a slight hue of feudal content. In fact, Continental Europe was the exact antonym of England in those days.

The tidy fact is that it is the presence of England quite near to Continental Europe that gives a glow to many nations (not all) in Continental Europe. In fact, if England had been near to any state in India, that state would also have displayed quite glowing attributes. In fact, a very brief stay in England by any person from any Asian or African nation would give a powerful lift to his or her personality features. A refinement that is not innate to that person’s nativity will be seen to have perched upon him or her. Why this is so, is not clearly known to native-English people. For, they do not know what the other side actually is.

Continental Europeans did make use of their skin-colour to pass off as of the same social quality as of the native-English, in the English colonial administered areas. Because the native-English did not understand the exact location of where they differed from Continental Europeans, they fell for this neat piece of deliberate deceit.

Many crimes and misdemeanours that can be attributed to Continental Europeans have been cunningly sprayed upon English history. At the same time, many fabulous content in English antiquity has quite shameless been claimed by Continental Europeans. It is like the people of India teaching children in the 1970s: ‘We human beings have landed on the moon’. The ‘we’ is just a cunning stance to get admission into a group which clearly did not include the people of India.

The author of this book, Edgar Thurston did not take any evasive action for this. He has mentioned the term ‘European’ many times, in the book. It only gives confusion as to whether the person is a Briton or some other person of ‘White’ skin.

Words such as European, English, British, American, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Japanese, Sri Lankan, Chinese, African, South American, Red Indian &c. are quite defining. A wrong word would lend an erroneous input.

Third item: The third item is the general hint of a British-India conquered and ruled by England. Actually, this is not the correct understanding of history. What happened in the subcontinent was not a conquering by England. Instead, it was the creation of a new nation called British-India, in which the leadership was taken by some people from Britain, and enthusiastic participation was given by the huge number of populations in the subcontinent.

Apart from that, the actual British-India was centred around only three major Presidencies, viz. the Bombay, Calcutta, and Madras Presidencies. A general feeling is there that the whole of the subcontinent was British-India. Even the full geographical locations inside the new nation of India were not inside British-India.

Forth item: The fourth item is just a mention that even though the author mentions various locations in the southern parts of the Subcontinent in a very casual manner, the exact fact is that they were quite removed from each other. Even now, very few people have travelled or seen all these locations, unless they are in some profession that requires them to move to these distant locations.

In fact, the places might be the states of Maharashtra, Orissa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Laccadive Islands in the new nation of India. It is quite surprising that Edgar Thurston received the chance to visit and observe the various disconnected populations at close quarters and to interact with them. Maybe some of the contents are from the writings of other authors, who did the interaction and studies.

These are the frill elements. I have more or less summed them up.

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4 #. The deeper themes

Now, let me mention the deep themes which I would like to delve upon, by basing my words slightly on the textual matter of the book.

It is a book that seems to have gone into the depths of the descending layers of the social canyons and absorbed the various tangible and non-tangible aspects over there. It is a book that has listed out Omens, Superstitions, the effects of the anecdotal Evil Eye, Evil tongue, Charms, Magic, Mantra, Tantra, Divinations and much else. The book is good indeed, and of quite formidable content.

Yet, I should mention categorically that the contents are from the superficial outer covering of a powerful machinery that works out all this.

I am amazed that a very powerful and quite detectable content in this South Asian subcontinent has been missed. Not only by Edgar Thurston alone, but by almost all other native-English officials of those times. An Irishman, or a Scot or a Welshman not detecting this item might not be quite surprising, in that they are from Celtic language nativity. However, for an Englishman not detecting this very specific item seems quite peculiar.

What I am alluding to is the language codes of the Subcontinent. It is not in the least like English at all. What the difference is can be defined by various kinds of terminologies. That they are feudal languages. That they contain a 3-D virtual arena code. That they have slot codes that can place each person or a chunk of persons in a specific slot among many other slots. That these languages themselves do contain codes of black magic. That these language codes are quite powerful enough to contain and restrain any person in some specific slots. That these codes can flip a person vertically 180 degrees up or down.

Well, a lot more can be added to the list.

What is vital in this information is that almost all tragedies and comedies described in regard to the social system here can be very candidly explained through these codes.

Even evil eye, black tongue, charms, mantra, significances of various ceremonies, social repulsions and much more can be very clearly seen as the working of these language codes.

What is quite incredible is that even though the English rule existed in some parts of the Subcontinent (Bombay, Madras and Calcutta Presidencies) for more than a hundred years, there is no candid study about this rank difference that the local native feudal languages had in comparison to English.

It is a very clearly understood item in the local intellect that by means of mere words, close people can be split apart, a wedge can be inserted to place people in different heights, disconnected people can be made to desperately hold on to each other, a wayward family relative can be made to come running back as if for safety, a person can be flipped vertically from the heights to that of lowliness and vice versa, without even using any words that can be defined as abusive in English.

I cannot go into the complete attributes of a feudal language here. However, readers who are interested in pursuing this theme can read the following books:

1. March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages

2. The SHROUDED SATANISM in FEUDAL LANGUAGES! Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!

3. Codes of reality! What is language?

However, the most minute attribute of many feudal languages is that there are different words for You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers, They, Their, Theirs etc. in these languages.

When two persons are being mentioned and when the basic defining words like Teacher, Queen, Your Majesty, Boss, Worker, Younger brother, Elder brother, Father, Son, Government official, Member of the public etc. change, the words for Him, He, His &c. also change in a most spontaneous manner. It would be like a huge flywheel turning to the next position, pulling along a lot of other connected appendages.

To those who are used to this kind of verbal usages, it is seen as of very ordinary content. However to those who know the powers of software codes inside software applications, it would be seen that these are quite formidable codes that can more or less work the machinery of Mantra and tantra in this world.

Without understanding the existence of this very diabolic verbal codes, one cannot understand the powerful emotional tugs and social pressures that bear upon a person, a family and a public figure.

Even the various incidences in the various ancient mythologies of this land, both those contained in Sanskrit texts as well as those in the antiquity of the non-Hindus (forcefully subordinated castes) can be explained quite easily if one can understand these codes. However, someone, who has been born and bred into this communication code, will not find anything uncanny about it. It would be as ordinary as the huge atmospheric pressure one is used to, on earth.

Yet, when a native-Englishman views these action and postures, he will find no tangible reason as why a person should behave as he does.

Even the issue of giving words of honour, commitment, telling lies, being honest, sticking to a committed programme, honour killing etc. are liable to be processed by the various components in the strings of human relations as per these codes. What comes out or what is acted out at last, is the final outcome of the powerful processing of all these codes.

In this commentary, I will work through the various items, taking a few for elaboration. At the same time, I might even go beyond the book and take items directly from elsewhere, including the ancient puranas (epics) of the geography.

In fact, I would even attempt to try to work out the working of the codes at the design view level or in the physical world level. I do not have the means to enter into the code view levels of the physical reality, as of now. However, an attempt would be made to seek an opening into that location.

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5. Code view, design view & real view

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5 #

Just to give a hint of what is the relative manner in which I have mentioned Physical reality, Design view and Code view, I am adding this much:

The first image is that of Home page in VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS’ website. (Real view)


The second is the design view in Adobe Dreamweaver.


The third is the code view of the same page in the same application.


Changes to the web design can be incorporated by physically pulling/pushing and dragging the various components, in the Design view.

The same effect and more can be done by making changes in the codes in the Code view.

The existence of the Code view, wherein the underlying codes that design and maintain the web design is something most people do not know of.

The same could be the fact with regard to reality and to human body.

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6 #. The exact dangers in social development in feudal language locations

Before going ahead with the topic, there is something to be mentioned about the various people, including Edgar Thurston, who took up the issue of interacting very closely with the varying layers of populations in the subcontinent.

There are many things to be mentioned about this quite perilous task. There are higher populations as well as degraded and completely suppressed populations in the locality. Even though the Englishmen were surprised that the lower populations were actually quite intelligent, and not idiots as described by the higher populations, the total understanding is quite foolish.

The varying layers of higher populations in the subcontinent were quite aware that the lower populations were quite intelligent if they were given the leeway to use their intelligence. Even though the Englishmen went around claiming that they were able to ignite great intellectual development in the lower populations, the fact is that the higher populations understood this claim as utterly stupid.

They would not give any chance for the lower classes to show their intellectual mettle. For the languages are feudal. People are placed in varying levels of slots in the language connection. Social relationships are defined by the varying words.

If the lower populations are allowed to improve, what would happen is not their mere development, which is actually a very natural effect. They would go up in the verbal codes. Verbal codes are like a pyramid. The higher slots can hold only lesser number of persons.

The higher classes would be forced down.

So in effect, if the lower classes go up, what would go down is their ‘respect’ for the higher classes. The higher words for YOU, HE, HIS, HIM, SHE, HER, HERS, THEY, THEIR, THEIRS &c. would vanish. What would replace them would be lower level words for the same.

There would be no gratitude. It is a very beastly situation. Those who go up would act carnivorous on those who had been pushed down.

For instance, the carpenter classes in the subcontinent were actually quite intelligent and skilled in their work-field. However, terrible strictures were kept in place that disallowed them to interact as equals and to connect as persons of equal dignity and stature with the social superiors.

It is only quite intelligent to understand that if this is allowed, they would indeed connect powerfully and takeover everything. It would be like allowing the house servants in India being allowed to sit in a chair and to eat at the dining table along with the householders. The servants would show remarkable capacities and skills.

Such things are not allowed in India. In the period before the advent of the English rule, most of classes below the Brahmins and their supervisor classes, were not allowed to sit on a chair or to sleep on a cot. These things, if allowed, would make sharp changes in the word codes, which would create cataclysmic collapse of social order.

The deemed lower classes would start addressing the children of the higher classes with marked degrading words for YOU, HE, HIS, HIM, SHE, HER, HERS &c. It would like placing the higher classes’ children way below the level of the lower classes, and at their beck and call.

This is a social and personal effect about which the native-English world has no information. If they had this information, they would not have allowed people from feudal language nativity to enter their native nations. For, slowly the natives go down.

Once the languages of native-English nations get replaced by feudal languages, the native-English people would slowly go down and enter into locations from where their complete status would be that of the slave populations of Asia and Africa.

Here one would need to ponder on what was the experience of the Negro populations that came as ‘slaves’ into the English nation of USA. And their experience in non-English nations, as slaves.

In native-English USA, they improved. For, pristine-English has no slots or layers. Even if the master addresses the ‘slave’ by mere name, or as a Nigger, Boy, or any other ‘great’ racist words, and the ‘slave’ has to address his master with a Mr. or Mrs. Suffixed to his or her name, there is no change in the YOU, HE, HIS, HIM, SHE, HER, HERS, THEY, THEIR, THEIRS &c.

In fact this terrible ‘slavery’ is of so high personality elevation that most of the lower classes of the South Asian subcontinent would compete to experience this.

This terrific fact has not arrived in the academic minds of native-English nations.

At the same time, the others of feudal language nativity can and do use these powerful codes to split the native-English populations and throw them into random locations by means of powerful verbal codes.

In fact, if the current occupation of native-English nations by feudal (discriminatory) language speakers is allowed to continue, it is just a matter of a few hundred years before the native-English in these nations go down to the levels of the lower classes of Asia and Africa.

I have personally seen this effect slowly spreading on to many Anglo-Indian families, who were not vigilant enough to ponder on the terrible effects of the verbal codes in the feudal languages of South Asia.

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7 #. The fabulous un-detection

I have not read the whole lot of writings done by colonial English administrators and writers in British-India. It is not possible, I suppose. Yet, I have had the occasion to see and read a lot of them. I do not remember seeing any specific writing that focused on this very powerful Satanism embedded in the native languages.

Yet, I have noticed huge administrative set-ups, created with a very powerful understanding that there is some terrible hideousness in the local languages. Yet, it is not seen mentioned in words.

I have seen the mention of the hierarchies in communication that existed in all parts of the subcontinent in the book: Travancore State Manual.

This book was written by a native of the subcontinent. The author does mention that a very specific hierarchy different from other locations in the subcontinent is well-defined in Travancore. It might seem to suggest a social set up similar to that in England, with the nobility at the heights and the common man below them.

However, the reality of the South Asian subcontinent is entirely different. The hierarchy does not stop at the common man. It literally arrays the common man into different layers of mutually repulsive and mutually ferociously competing populations. Each layer would not be willing to give a quarter. For none can be expected from the other side.

Yet, there is a sly manoeuvring that literally keeps the beastliness hidden. Everything is done and acted out in a mood of cunning affability and treachery.

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8 #. The machinery of disparaging

Words which literally split and twist every kind of human links into varying links and knots are understood to be very powerful. Almost every feudal-language-speaking man and woman uses cunning positioning of words to disparage others, unless the others are from a very formidable social or positional superior location.

There is actual black magic in words and sly information. It is similar to the deceptive placing used in games like Shuttle Badminton. A very powerful shot is very powerfully and startlingly converted into a deceptive drop. The other side, if inexperienced, would be least prepared to defend against this sudden change in the attribute of the return shot.

This is one of the startling black magic commonly used in feudal language communication. That of suddenly dropping the indicant grade of word.

A higher indicant You, He, His &c. is offered, and the same is returned. However, this side monitors the situation and waits. The moment the other side is seen to be in an unwary pose, this side would suddenly drop the word grade. It is essentially like giving a sudden free fall drop. In many cases, this sudden drop is done with meticulous planning to give the maximum social or personal damage.

The question here, would any native-English speaker understand anything mentioned above. It is like describing an entirely new colour, which has no connection to any colour human beings have ever seen before.

What has been mentioned above is only a minuscule work of the entire code machine. There is no need to imagine any particular section of the population as good or bad. It would be as senseless as walking in the wilderness and trying to define a carnivorous animal as good or bad. Carnivorous animals will attack with the aim to devour. Whether they are good or bad is immaterial.

This is the exact scenario in the South Asian subcontinent and other feudal language nations. Where the lower classes are free to roam around, the higher classes would keep off, unless they can move around with suitable social protection.

In the locations where the higher classes are at ease, the lower classes would feel that they are in chains, as if in a cage. Or in a cage where the ceiling is not of enough height. They have to continually bend their head. They have to use higher verbal codes for addressing and referring of the higher-ups. They cannot sit in a chair, in the presence of the higher ups. They have to stand up when the higher up comes in. There is a powerful ambience of subservience enforced.

Yet, a very powerful codes work is working behind these scenes. The lower positioned individuals become filled with a most terrifying negative charge or power.

Their minute actions can literally define another person. If they use a lower indicant word about another person, that person literally is defined as lower to the lower class man. If they do not stand up, when the higher class man appears, the higher class man and those around are very powerfully informed that he is just an unworthy person. If the lower class man simply mentions or addresses the higher class man by mere name, the effect would literally be like shooting the higher class man. So much terrific power is there in all these simple actions.

However, there are other non-verbal signals that can be used with equal effect. I have already mentioned the action of not standing up. Well, there are similar non-verbal codes that can be used with one’s dress. I mean the native dresses of the Subcontinent.

One is the dress that is known as Mundu, Kaili, Lungi etc. Usually people do fold them at the knees. A very powerful act of showing respect is to unfold them, when in the presence of a person who demands respect. By merely disregarding this expectation, the higher person and all others around can be informed that he is nothing.

The same effect can be generated by means of eye language, facial expressions, mouth and lip movements, stretching of the cheeks, frowning, curling of the brows &c. Another very powerful means to inform others that the verbal codes offered are of the lowest kind is that of inserting a snarling tone into the conversation.

This, ‘he is nothing’, cannot be understood as such in English. For, this understanding also changes the He, and along with that all the other words connected to He, like Him, His, and that of his friends, associates and family members. They all suffer due to their connection with a person whose verbal attributes have been made to go into stinking dirt. English has no such codes. And hence it cannot understand this.

This mere deletion of higher verbal codes, verbally or non-verbally is something that cannot be condoned in a feudal language society. For, it affects everyone including the affected man’s wife, children, father, mother, uncle, aunt, cousins, friends, colleagues etc. They would proclaim very visibly or clandestinely, their distance and detachment from him, to safeguard their own social stature.

This can affect a person so terribly that if a higher stature claiming person is thus attacked verbally, he might very easily go homicidal.

But then, such things rarely happen. For people keep a distance from others, who they predefine as containing powerful negative power or aura. They move in closed circles, where they interact with people who have been very powerfully informed as to how to address and refer to them. In many village areas, currently the higher classes do not come into the village shopping areas. They would send their servants or they themselves would go to some nearby towns, where they feel a great freedom of movement in the anonymity that the crowds lend.

Every work, pose, posture, word, sentence, allusion &c. is connected to a ranking system in which the verbal codes for You &c. changes spontaneously. Even work which might not be considered heavy and tedious in English assumes a terrible downward dragging inertia and crushing pull, in feudal languages.

For instance, in a small-time business, if the boss wants a glass of tea from a tea-shop, only the most degraded staff member can be forced to do such a task. For, even though the work done is of the most minimal, the terrible rupture it can cause in one’s social standing can be quite horrible. It is something that will get conveyed through the social system in each and every mention of the person. The verbal code degradation will act as a sort of derogative adjective, which would stick to the person’s complete attributes.

In fact, if any native-English individual does work in a position of serving tea and other bites to a group of feudal (discriminatory) language speakers, terrible demonic change will get worked into the code structure of the native-English. Even though, the long-term effect of this code change will not be felt immediately, if it continues over the years, and through generations, the people looks will change into what can be defined as lowly-caste degraded looks.

Actually this is what has degraded the lower castes and lower financial classes in the South Asian Peninsular region. It was the entry of the English rule which brought the first light of personal liberty and dignity to these people. However, no one understands these things. Even the persons who improved do not find any connection of their social development to the English rule.

Everything was taken to oblivion via compulsory education.

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9 #. Lost in translation

These are information that cannot be understood by any literal translation of feudal language text into English. For, it would be like translating a conversation among a pride of lions, about eating another animal, into English. The horror of the roar, the hideous menace in the eyes as they view the other animal or human being, frightening gestures, the startling power of spring, the sharpness of the piercing claws, the terrifying emotions of the prey, the pain that the sharp teeth shoots into the jugular veins &c. simply vanish in the English text. It would be just: Let us eat. I am hungry.

Where is all the horror in such very meek textual translations?

This is exactly the problem that current day native-English social systems face. They do not have any idea about the carnivorous part of the other social systems. For, it is a phenomenon that is not there in pristine-English at all. It is indeed due to this that natives of feudal language social systems try hard to escape to native-English nations.

For, they live in a wild area where everyone is carnivores, verbally, including they themselves.

I am mentioning all this, because without understanding these very basic things, it would be quite impossible to evaluate the textual content in this book. It is a great book which Edgar Thurston has written. However, his collection of information is basically from the Webpage (real view) location (in the allegory I mentioned earlier). He has not understood the existence of the Design view. As to the Code view arena, he naturally would have no inkling of. For the concept of a new reality, that of software codes, with no content of physical matter, energy and force, yet quite powerful, was not there in his time.

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10 #. A hint of the codes behind solid reality

When I wrote the first draft of my book March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages, way back in 1989, I had only very feeble idea about an entity known as Software. However, there was nothing in my surroundings that could inform me much about this. However, I do remember my first use of a computer before that year. I did get to discuss about software and software codes then. I had a very small idea that words made of English alphabets were being made capable of doing something inside a computer.

When I made the final draft of my book, I did mention that languages were actually software applications. Each with its own very specific features, aims and designs.

Some of the readers, who are reading this book on a computer, might not be aware that every action that they do on the computer, are activating some software code machinery. Usually, software applications do not allow the users to reach inside the code location where the application has made. Beyond that it is not possible for users to make changes into the designs of a software application.

For instance, one can work with MS Word. However, the user cannot make changes in the MS Word application. He or she can only make changes in the file which he is using. By merely typing any code or word, the user will not be allowed to enter into that location.

But then, there might be locations where by design or by mistake, a mere word can trigger a response from beyond the external attributes of the file.

For instance, simply type the following into an MS Word and press enter: =rand (200,99). You can see that this mere word/digit text can trigger something that was not expected in the least.

I have no idea why this works or whether it was deliberately kept there in the codes, or whether it was a bug.

I can give another example.

I designed a Social Media Website for the purpose of testing it out. It was done with Dolphin. There was a location in it where English teaching videos were uploaded in the form of Comment videos. Members could come and watch the videos and post a query via text or video.

It was only when members started asking query under the teaching video that I noticed an anomaly. The new comments come above the teaching video, and with each new comment the teaching video went down.

It was a most curious situation. I did not know how to correct this issue. I was basically trying to make a 180 degree vertical flip in the design work of the Dolphin software at the comment location. No physical force that I could think of, including having a bulldozer pull the webpage upside-down, could work here.

The only physical force that could make the 180 degree rotation of that comment display was to make a change in the codes.

I tried looking through the Dolphin help guides. There was no mention about dealing with this issue.

Ultimately I send a request to the Dolphin team. Since I was working on a trial version, there was not much of a help expected. However a few days later, they sent me a very small code in ASP or PHP code (I do not remember which). I was asked to replace another small code with this code in a specified location.

Now, the issue was that I do not know ASP or PHP language. And the small code looked quite feeble to invert a powerful set up inside the Social media site.

After pondering on the issue, I downloaded the specific location file from the web-server into my computer. Then I opened it in Adobe Dreamweaver. After that I opened the code view of the page. I made a search for the code that had to be replaced.

It was a fabulous experience that the search (Ctrl F) did find the code that needs to be replaced. I simply replaced that code with the code that was given to me.

It simply transpired that a descending arrangement was to be changed to an ascending arrangement.

After saving the file, I uploaded the same into the correct location back in my web-server. When I opened the webpage, the experience was again fabulous. The problem that I had been trying to solve for so many days was solved. The new comments were appearing below the teaching videos.

Just a small code placed in the correct location did the trick.

There were a few other experiences I had with Dolphin. The server I used for Dolphin was TMDhosting. They had promised all kinds of free services with regard to giving an optimal performance with this hosting.

In my need to study Dolphin and to set up the various kinds of extras on to the site, I did so many things inside the Dolphin software.

Suddenly the site was seen to have a serious error or ‘sicknesses’. One of the very important menu buttons was seen send the site into an error page. I couldn’t understand what went wrong. I checked all item. There was no error anywhere. For, every other page was working correctly.

I contacted the server people. I could see them spending much time with the issue. They couldn’t find the problem. I contacted Dolphin. They, naturally, should have no time to work on a trial version site.

However, they were willing to help. The query that they asked was how to replicate the issue at their end.

I think that they insisted with the server company to find out the error. It was back to square one.

It was at this time that I pondered on the issue and made a mention that I had added a StatCounter code on to one of the inner code area, which would display the StatCounter on all pages.

This was just a code that is generally used. So there was no need for me to think about it much. However, when communicating with the hosting people, I mentioned this.

I could see them visit the site. After sometime, they informed me that the problem had been rectified. The error was caused by the StatCounter. They had removed it. The page was now moving to the correct location.

I mentioned the above incident here to ponder on the point that even in the case of human diseases, there might be just a code error. Rectifying that would bring the body back to the pink of health.

During my long years of experience with websites, web servers, and so many other things, without actually having any professional education in all of these things, I did happen to notice the extreme power that the people, who stand behind the scenes, manipulating codes, can possess.

By means of very small actions, they can bring in huge blocks or supports to one’s efforts on the internet. The power they exert from beyond hundreds to thousands of kilometres away, is actually of the supernatural levels.

Actually the aims of the mantras, tantras, homams, puja, koodothrams (black magic) etc. mentioned in Thurston’s book is quite small compared to what is being accomplished by software programmers.

By a mere tick in a specific location, I had found my emails sending blocked. I have seen people clandestinely making arrangements to get a copy of all the emails that I received.

I have noticed employees in Google blocking my web efforts from afar, in response to some instructions they received from someone from their native land or family relationships.

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11 #. Codes of Aiyitham (repulsion and untouchability)

Is it possible that Evil Eye and black tongue do really have any power, negative or positive? What about charms and mantra, tantra &c.? What about un-touch-ability? Is it possible that people do have something of the extreme negative that requires them to be kept at a distance?

The answer to these simple queries cannot be found from ordinary discussions connecting to physical reality. Or to physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.

The way to deal with the topic should essentially encompass a huge lot of themes, which might include the software codes of reality, human life & animal life and brain software, codes that exist behind words etc.

In feudal languages, people are addressed and referred to in varying levels of indicant words. For instance, a father will address his son as Nee in the languages of the southern parts of the Subcontinent. In the northern parts, it can be Thoo. Both mean You in its lowest form.

Does this addressing encrypt anything negative or repulsive or degrading in the son? Well, it is there, no doubt. But then, it is an acceptable one as far as the language system is concerned. The son is subordinate to his father and to his father’s biddings.

Now, look at the extended scenario: The father is quite rich and runs a huge business with a lot of employees. He has senior positioned staffs under him, who manage a lot of others. He addresses them as Nee. Each one of them has other subordinates who they address as Nee. Each of these subordinates has subordinates who they address as Nee.

Under each one of these extreme subordinates, there are menial staffs who they and everyone in the organisation address as Nee. These menial staffs actually hold the most amount of negativity. They are to extend their homage and ‘respect’ to all superiors. This is where their exact power of their negativity lies. If they refuse to extend this ‘respect’, the person who has been denied this precious stuff literally withers away. This statement requires an explanation.

Now, we come back to the rich father who is at the top of this pyramid. He addresses his son as Nee. So what? He addresses his senior officials also as Nee. They do not feel the suppression. It is after-all just a code of rightful dominance.

There is not much of an atrophying in the interior codes of the son. However, the problem arises if the menial staffs at the extreme bottom of the pyramid also address the son with Nee. There is a huge splattering of dirt and excrement into the codes of the son. He can literally feel it. Others will sense it. There is only one escape for the son. That is to keep the lowest menial staff at a distance. Keep them out all avenues from where they can even mention about him. From where they can see him. From all locations from where they can contemplate about him.

For, if they mention him, or if they think about him, it would again be with the words at the bottom of the towering verbal codes. He has to see that the menial staffs are snubbed and kept shackled in their terrifying lowly position, for his own security.

The above illustration more or less very fantastically illustrates the core part of the social terrors that spurs what is mentioned in languages of the southern parts of the subcontinent as Ayitham. This word has a meaning and sense beyond that of mere ‘untouchablity’. It literally also encompasses the sense of the word ‘repulsive’.

In the new nation of India, the lower castes of the Hindi hinterlands do quaintly use the degrading words about their upper classes, if they can get away with it. However, the upper classes can feel it or smell it or sense it from various sensations. Periodically they go in for a killing or burning spree upon the lower castes.

It might be the only way for them to save their stature from going down to the stinking dirt.

The problem is not with the human beings on either side of the belligerence, but with the software by which they are connected.

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12 #. Upward lifting power

Another thing, I can mention is about the lower indicant words for You, such as Nee, Thoo etc. When one addresses another by these words, a particular kind of buoyancy or uplifting feel is felt. It is similar to pushing down another object in the water to go up.

If one can use these words on a social superior, the effect is like pushing down something which has higher buoyancy. The more is the upward push that one receives by pushing this thing down.

To make this idea more clear, one can mention that it is a more powerful action to be able to address a socially higher stature person with a Nee or Thoo, than to use it on a servant. The servant is low in social stature. The upward push he gives is not that powerful. However, the upward push one gets on pushing down a higher social stature person is quite high. One can feel like rising above his social stature.

Others will notice the power and the higher positioning.

All these things are mere ‘sensations’ which cannot be measured by any gadget that are available as of now. They are all encoded in the innate codes of the concerned individuals, in close association with the codes of reality.

Yet, this theme has a bit of complexity. I will deal with it later.

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13 #. Codes of ‘respect’

Now we need to go a little bit beyond Ayitham and go into the concept of ‘respect’.

When Englishmen speak of respect, it is one thing. When feudal language speakers mention the word ‘respect’, it is totally another thing.

In English, ‘respect’ is something of an emotion of appreciation. It can be connected to a person’s honesty, courage, courage of conviction, profundity, scholarship, goodness etc. This respect does not create any change in the words You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers &c. It would not force the other person to get up in his presence, give him precedence over others, take a request from him as a command etc.

However, in feudal languages, the word ‘respect’ has nothing to do with any of the things mentioned above. It is generally reserved for social or positional seniors who can make things difficult for the other, is he or she does not get up in his or her presence, do not show adequate obeisance, do not unfold his Mundu or Kaili in his or her presence, do not suffix words of ‘respect’ to his or her name, do not use respectful words for You, Your, Yours etc. to him or her, and use higher words of He, His, Him, or She, Her, Hers when referring to him or her.

It is quite adequately clear that the word ‘respect’ in English has no connection to the word ‘respect’ in feudal languages. Here itself one can understand the problem with translating a feudal language scene into planar language English. What arrives in English has nothing to do with the realities of the feudal language. The translation stands as a tool for befooling English native-speakers.

Now to go further on the route of ‘respect’ in feudal languages, it should be understood that in feudal languages, when ‘respect’ is added to an addressing or referring, it is a clear message to everyone concerned that he or she is willing to abide by any command or order given by the ‘respected’ person. His or her very wishes are conceded as commands, that have to be implicitly obeyed. A minor tone of arguing it out can be deemed as disrespect. That is, it means, ‘I can’t do it’. Which in turn is a very powerful statement: ‘I do not respect you’.

This actually is another pitfall in English understanding of Oriental, African and certain Continental European social communication. Very simple conversations actually do contain powerful codes of command and obedience. Without having any information on this, it is a very futile and dangerous job to tackle Italian Mafia (of yesteryears), German planning, Asian underworld gangs, Oriental internecine warfare, African social strife, South American revolts and rebellions etc.

Without this information, native-English nations have been doing this very same foolish thing for so many years.

Now, this ‘respect’ is an essential part of feudal language social communication. Unless two persons are totally unconnected persons, or persons of absolute equal-ness in job levels, professional status, age, financial acumen etc., almost all communication needs to have an infection of this one-side ‘respect’ and the other side ‘degradation’. However not many persons mind this. For, they are all used to this since their very childhood. If one person concedes his subordination in one location, he will seek out another person on whom he can dominate.

Yet, there is essentially an element of duplicity and cunningness in all relationships. In that unless one is so utterly downtrodden, in all cases of extending respect, other than in the case of family relationships, people incessantly seek a way to overthrow the mantle of domination of the other.

There is always a sly motive to act traitor or to demean the other, if one can get away with it. However, everyone is quite wary in how they manage it. They do it only if they feel they can get away with it, without the other person being able to know of it, or if the other person cannot do anything about it.

When a socially lowly man uses the lower grade indicant words to a person of deemed superior social status, it is simply proclaiming: I am your master. I can command you.

This is damnation of the highest order. The affected person, if he has no other defence to waylay this attack, is on his way to social suicide.

People are quite wary about how they interact with others. It is not easy to communicate in an easy manner as one would do in English. In English, nothing connected to a human being changes the You, He, His, She, Her, Hers etc. Even an abusive word cannot change these words.

From this understanding, it can be very well understood that the so-called ‘racism’ mentioned to exist in native-English nations is next to nothing. In fact, with all this ‘racism’ there, all Asians, African, South Americans and Continental Europeans would want to barge into English nations only.

In the case of feudal language societies, people would simply run off from locations where they fear a degrading in indicant words. Or they would turn homicidal.

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14 #. The code version view of human beings

Now, let me try to enter into the codes of the affected persons.

Before that, I need to explain this code version of human beings.

The human body consist of trillions of living tissues. There are many organs in the human body. Each organ is made up of trillions of cells. Each cell itself is a very complicated machinery.

Picture details: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license: staff. "Blausen gallery 2014". Wikiversity Journal of Medicine. DOI:10.15347/wjm/2014.010. ISSN 20018762.

The human brain is made up of trillions (trillion = (1,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 1018)) of glial cells and trillions of neural cells. The brain itself is a very complicated machinery.

Everything in the human body is actually controlled and maintained by some extremely powerful software mechanism. Everything works in unison for common aims, all of which should be in perfect alignment to each other.

The eyes can see. The ears can hear. The skin can feel touch. The nose can smell. The tongue can taste. The mouth can speak. The fingers can type. Everything quite fast.

A speaking person would not know from where the torrent of words are rushing out from, all well planned and forcefully focused on the subject matter.

I can feel the running of this software when I am writing this book at a very terrific speed.
When a foetus is growing inside the mother womb, there is a very powerful machinery that is supervising the total whereabouts of the growing process. Each and every single item inside the mothers and foetal body is monitored and adjusted. Everything is being maintained at perfect conditions.

There is no doubt that there is something quite near to what we currently define as a software, acting as the powerful mechanism.

Yet, it is not easy to define this software. For, even now, I have found that it is not easy to define and explain what a computer software is, to people who have no idea about a computer.

The main reason that biologists and medical professional do not mention this possibility is simple. Most of them do not have much information on software. In fact, medical professionals do not have much information on how the body functions, other than the way it functions. The motivating mechanism is still a mystery.

Beyond that, even though they give out a feeling that they know about drugs and medicines, the supreme fact is that even the drug manufacturing companies do not know how the medicines act to affect a cure. See this link:

There is ample evidence that there is indeed a software in the background, that very diligently works out each and every minute detail that works the human body, emotions, sensations, organ and organ system functioning and much more, including that of sight, hearing &c. and processing of all inputs and programming all outputs.

One of the major evidences is the fact that it is possible to make Homoeopathy to work, if treatment is done without pecuniary aims. It is the requirements of livelihood of the qualified Homoeopaths that has spoiled the stature of Homoeopathy. I cannot go into the details with regard to this.

Persons who have received good treatment and cure results with Homoeopathy can vouch for the fact that there is indeed something that is being corrected without the help of allopathic medicine.

It can be compared to a computer or Mobile device working gone haywire. There is no way to cure that problem with a physical or hardware improvement or repair. Then what can repair it? Well, there is off-course the software treatment. If it is caused by a virus or some other malicious software attack, treat the aliment with a virus scan. If it is an Operating System problem, repair the OS.

If it is the case of some software application not functioning, re-install that application. If it is caused by some application affecting the working of another application, rectify the defect or remove the problem causing software. If the problem is caused by the wrong time-setting in the Clock, rectify it. If it a problem inside a software, caused by some wrong setting, change the setting. If it is something to do with a wrong font, change the font to the correct one. If the problem is caused by a compatibility issue with regard to the Operating System, remove that application and install the one which is compatible.

There are so many things that can make a computer or a mobile device to work defectively. All these defective functioning can be repaired only by a software approach.

In the case of human beings, some of the corrections can be done at the Design view. This might be where the allopathic medicines work. Even surgery and other manual interventions might act at this location, or even in the Physical reality location (real views) (Webpage view as in the allegory I had given earlier).

Or the repair can be done at the Code view location. This might be the exact location where Homoeopathic intervention works.

Another evidence that I have gathered about the existence of a software background to human body is through the varying effects of varying languages on human physical and mental stature. In fact, I have mentioned this issue my first writing, viz. March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages. It was done decades ago. My information on this phenomenon is quite higher than it was then. Yet, I need to quote the beginning passages of that book:

A man who lives for a long time in Tamil Nadu, the Tamil state in India, and speaks Tamil for so many years, builds up a Tamil look. A man, who lives in Kerala, achieves a Malayalee look after many years of residence; and a man who lives in England, among Englishmen, acquires an English look. A Negro who lives in the United States of America has a physical and mental personality, which is remarkably different from a Negro who lives in a free African country.

A person’s language affects his physical appearance and also a lot more. In fact, language is a software, which pervades the whole of human society and its thought process in a much wider and deeper manner than is understood at present.

I have observed that languages do change people’s looks, physical appearance, facial expression as well as mental attributes. This is very much evident in the case of people from feudal language nativity moving into native-English locations.

However, in the case of people of feudal language nativity, there is a very obvious difference in the mental and physical stature, depending on the language code levels in which they exist in the social communication. At the simplest generalisation, it might be mentioned that the superior person has superior looks and those in the lower levels do exhibit inferior looks and mental stature.

Here mental stature is not ‘intelligence’. It is a totally different emotion that really has no exact understanding in English. However a very near translation of this mental stature might be superiority complex and inferiority complex. Or the usage ‘self-esteem’ can be mentioned. However, since the process that is connected to the machinery of mental stature in feudal languages is not there in English, all these translations are totally off-the-mark. For, the understanding that they promulgate is connected to planar English words. In the case of feudal languages, it is connected to another machine called indicant words, which are totally non-existent in planar or pristine-English.

Here I am speaking about feudal language social systems:

The greater issue is that inside each social level, there will be persons who are subordinated and also those who are extended ‘respect’ and reverence. So, it might not be correct to mention a generalised effect of social stature on mental stature. However, both do have a lot of connection.

The disconnection is when one compares a low statured person in a higher social level with a high stature person in a lowly social level. To make a precise comparative study of these two mental statures would require a lot more inputs. For, there are occasion wherein a low stature person from a high social level can very easily subordinate a higher stature person from a low social level. In many case, this is not so terrorising to the subordinated person. Even though it has its painful locations.

However, a higher stature person from a lower social level subordinating a lower stature person from a higher social level is loaded with real pathos. It is quite near to atrophying the higher social level person.

But then the more terrible occasion is when a higher stature person from a low social level subordinates a higher stature person from a higher social level. This thing very rarely happens, because the higher social level person will not usually place himself in a location where he or she can be thus degraded. In such locations, unless he or she goes with adequate and quite visible social or official superiority, there is no protection.

That is why higher class individuals act out an exclusivity from the common crowd in feudal language nations. They want a separate space and corridor to relax and function. Either a physical separation or a verbal one.

That is, the lower class individuals in close proximity should be under orders to address them and refer to them with a very powerful word of respect.

An example would be the lower workers like security staff, taxi-driver etc. connected to a fabulous English speaking BPO Call Centres in Bombay. The mentioned lower staff can function in close proximity to the ordinary Call Centre professionals. Yet, they have to mention and address them as Saab, MemSaab, Saar, Maadam etc. These words have to be placed behind the names of the address persons in both addressing as well as in referring.

A more terrible degrading of a human being is when a higher stature person from a higher social level is subordinated by a low stature person from a low social level. Even though this might seem an impossible situation, it does take place. One such location is again, the Indian government offices. Or it can be in roadway or other public locations, where all citizens are ‘equals’. The lower-statured persons from low social levels usually use loud voice, snarling tones, barking words, demeaning expressions, loud horns etc. to achieve a feeling of superiority.

It must be mentioned here that all these actions do have very powerful links to the inner virtual codes that design the lower class individual. Actually, with each of these actions, he or she will actually get a value addition in the code location, which is terrible devoid of positive numerical values.

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15 #. An observation at a personal level

After having written the initial draft of my first book March of the Evil Empires; English versus the feudal languages, way back in 1989, I had decided to do a very fabulous experiment. It was to study the effect on a human being if only the planar language English is taught to him or her, from childhood to the total exclusion of feudal languages. And also not allowing the negative verbal codes in feudal languages to affect that person.

This was not a plausible experiment in any way unless it is done inside my own family. When my first daughter was born, I had this worked out. She was made to exist in an English-only ambience.

There was indeed a very visible change in the demeanour and total looks of the individual. This was very much visible in a social area, where all children spoke in the native feudal language, and also was spoken to and referred to in the same language, by others.

Now, my next observation comes quite near to the codes of the anecdotal black eye.

What the situation was, was that this individual was seen to be without the usual restrictions that feudal language communication enforces. A lack of hierarchical lower positioning was evidently there. By body posture, there was no bent in the neck region. In fact, there was no understanding that people of varying age, financial status, social stature etc. have to be defined by different words for You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers etc.

Moreover, there was no knowledge of such words as Eda, Edi, Enthada, Enthadi etc. which can be used for powerful degradation and subordination, if need be. These words do not have corresponding words in English.

Naturally there was a lot of envy and jealousy among the other people around. I have myself heard quite insulting comments about the individual’s disposition. That she was good in swimming (started swimming at around 8 months age), could jog around 1.5 km, was good in cycling, could do roller-skating etc. at around age four and earlier, were also other points for social jealousy.

Beyond that, my family living in a dilapidated house in the midst of quite rich-looking households of people working in the Middle-East did not ease up the situation. There was evidently a mood to use the apparent financial acumen to use the lower grade verbal codes in their private locations. The only thing that might have stopped such verbal usage directly on me was the total image of my extended family as being quite fabulously rich (in the same house compound).

None of these envies were seen to affect my children at all at that time. They were totally impervious to all negative comments, because they did not understand the words. However, if they had to interact with the local society directly, I have no doubt that the eye language, tone, words etc. would have affected them. For, the words of addressing and referring to youngsters are quite of the degrading one in the locality.

Moreover, a reputation that my children were themselves English trainers at very young age itself was also a formidable protection when they walked on road which had a lot of small-time shops lining both sides of the road.

However, there were occasions when their innate protection from the evil eye was seen dented.

It usually occurred when we had to go for some marriage or some similar functions in some house of some people who could claim some kind of family relationship.

Naturally my children stood in sharp difference from everyone around. Even my wife and I were different from my children, in bearing, demeanour and attitude. However, in the close ambit of a household where other people equate us with their own family members, with a corresponding level being found for each person level, some kind of equality, and naturally some kind of subordination was being framed in the code arena.

The very obvious difference that two individual might have, could have been defined by others as some kind of arrogant superiority. Actually it was a very soft refinement which could not bear the coarse roughness of the local communication system. Everyone there could understood that this thin veneer of superior refinement could be levelled down within minutes, if they had the access to address them with the lower-grade verbal codes and refer to them with the same lower grade words of referring. In fact, there were people doing this kind of lower-verbal code referring on them, which are commonly used for children. However, since the individuals concerned did not understand the native language, the affect was minimal, unless they chanced to look into the eyes of the speakers. However, a caution against this had been given to them. So, that was also of the minimal direct effect.

Yet, in the total code location of the total ambience, the individuals concerned had been brought down. In some vital location in their innate codes, there had been some numerical value depreciation.

This idea of numerical values is also a complicated one. I do not want to take it up here now. I hope to deal with it later.

It was at this numerical value depreciation, that the evil-eye could leverage an attack on them. When they were subordinated in the code location, the negative codes of the evil eye were able to gather on them and overwhelm some codes that could have given them some protection.

It was seen that every time the mentioned individuals (my children) went for any such extended (but not much connected) family relations functions, they would have some unexpected falling or hurting. This usually happened when they came home. I could very easily see a slight value depreciation in their demeanour. For, after all they are by blood from the same local society. Each word of connection has a power. It connects.

It was an expected happening that they would have some minor falls. Maybe from the staircase or such other thing. It would hurt them. It came to such a situation that my wife and I went to the extent of expecting such a thing, and would try to do something to ward-off the negativity.

But still there was no long-term negative effect then. For, they were not part of the local society. They did not go to school. So the local teachers had no occasion to define them in the lower grade words which they use to their own trainees.

This much I had to mention. However, over the years, so many things changed. I have mentioned this in my book The SHROUDED SATANISM in FEUDAL LANGUAGES! Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!

Now to continue on the same illustration, it was generally noted by me that the two individuals did not have any usual illnesses like fever, aches etc. They would, with their companions, continue to play in the open even if the rain came pouring down.

From my own perspective, the two individuals were the closest to a native-English stature that could be induced into any local individuals. One of them was quite good in English classics and such other themes, most of which were not even heard of in the local educational circles.

They had no information of a lower stature verbal code or of a higher stature verbal code, other than the ordinary adjectives in English.

However, after a lot of local and official pressure was put up, the elder of the two individuals was admitted into class five in a local English medium school. This English medium school was much better than many other schools around, and totally better than the government medium schools. Yet, it was of quite low standards from what I had maintained as a mental stature in this individual.

From day one, I could see the rapid deterioration in mental stature dawning upon the individual. The individual had no real information on the Satanism in the local language codes, for she was advised not to pick up the local language even its most minute quantity. Yet, she was now part and parcel of a group of children who were quite frankly addressed and referred to in the pejorative part of the language codes by their parents and by the society at large. Somewhere in her codes, that lower address had entered into the identification address route. It was a neat numerical value depreciation.

However, the core quality that pristine-English gave still did hold on.

After joining school, (which from all accounts was a total waste of time), the individual started suffering from fever and such other minor ailments occasionally.

The second individual in this experiment also went through the same experience, when she was also admitted into school in class four.

From my own perspective, schooling was an utter nonsense, under low quality ‘teachers’, many of whom had not even heard of an English classic, had very low geographical knowledge from personal experience, and were most physically unfit.

The two individuals who were good in swimming, out-door and indoor board games, good in various extra-curricular activities and used to take part occasionally in such games as football etc., were now forced to sit in classrooms for most part of the day, and most days in a week, learning very little of real value. However, that is another theme. It can be read in my own dissertation on the uselessness of Compulsory formal education.

Now continuing on the same theme, how can I say that this is a general experience? It can very well be a very subjective assessment of mine, totally prejudiced from my own perspective.

Well, there is a very querulous answer to this. It is a very cantankerous answer. One which cannot even be contemplated, let alone experimented with, in India.

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16 #. A very powerful experiment in the power of language codes

In India, there is a constitution written in English, that very carefully mentions that all citizens are equal before the law, and that all citizens have equal right to dignity.

This Constitution was written in English. The creation of this Constitution must have been aided by the English administrators, on their very verge of leaving the location to utter rogues.

The foundations of almost all great things in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh can be traced to the English colonial officials.

Now, despite the Constitution mentioning that all citizens are equal before the law, in actual practise, this is not so. This is so only in the locations and offices, where the officials and the members of the public interact in English.

When they interact in the feudal native languages like Hindi etc. there is a very powerful lowering of stature of the citizens. The more lowly he or she is from the lower financial or lower social class, the more this abject degradation is experienced. The officials, including the peons, and the clerks, use very derogative forms of the words You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers etc. to them. It reflects in their demeaned physical and mental stature. To the Indian government employee, most of these lower grade citizens are more or less equivalent to some despicable animal. They literally shoo them off. That is the communication code.

However one cannot find fault in anyone. This behaviour is encoded in the language codes.

The thus demeaned lower class people literally carry the effect of the incessant degrading in their physical and mental stature, if have to live in perpetual interaction with the officialdom.

Actually the very words ‘lowly’, ‘lower class’ etc. are actually a personal attribute that is created by the degrading codes in the indicant words. In pristine-English, there is no way to define a physical worker as lowly, or a financially lower man as from a degraded class, as understood in the feudal language social system. This lowliness and degradation exists only in demonic languages which have feudal content.

The clerks and peon in the government offices address and refer to their own ‘officers’ in the superlative form of the indicant words. Words such as Saab, MemSaab, Saar, UNN, Avar, Adheham etc. are the various form of such superlative addressing and referring.

Even though the clerks and peons would address a ‘mere’ citizen with his or her mere name, they would not dare to do so to their ‘officers’. A suffix of ‘respect’ is affixed to their names for addressing and for referring.

While a mere citizen Raman will be addressed as Raman, or Hey Raman, the ‘officer’ Raman will be addressed as Raman Saab, or Raman Saar etc.

This is in sharp contrast from what is practised in pristine English nations.

Here itself, one can see the degradation that has set in, in the officials systems set up by the English officials of yore.

Now, let me mention the terrible experiment.

When an average taxi-driver or a construction worker or something similar enters a police station, he is most invariably addressed as Nee or Thoo by the police constables. He is referred to as Avan or USS.

When a senior ‘officer’ enters the room, the constables would address him as Saar or Saab or Aap. He is referred to as UNN or Avar or Adeham or Saar.

The experiment is just a simple change of verbal codes. The ‘officer’ is addressed as Nee, or Thoo by the constable. He is referred to as Avan or USS.

What would happen?

It would be a most unimaginable scene. That an ‘officer’ is addressed and referred to in the same ‘respect’ accorded to a citizen of India, would literally make the ‘officer’ go either berserk or imbecile.

A young IPS ‘officer’ female is sitting inside her cabin. She would not come out, without the constables ready to show exquisite ‘respect’ to her. However, she hears them talking about her using the words ‘Aval’ ‘USS’ etc. and by mere name. This is what the common people of India are addressed and referred to by the constables. They are actually showing the same ‘respect’ they have for the Indians.

The IPS ‘officer’ female would not come out of her cabin, until someone comes and saves her.

If she has to move through a corridor full of constables who refer to her as ‘Aval’ or ‘USS’, and address her with Nee or Thoo, she will literally go off-balance when walking.

From a very common understanding one can say that she lost her balance and stumbled down the staircase, being overwhelmed by the emotional trauma. However, there is something more to it, at her inner code level.

If one can view the codes, it would be seen that there has been a numerical value depreciation in her codes. Actually the codes that hold her physical stature upright would be seen totally diminished and distorted. Actually there is more to this code value.

May be I should deal with it a little bit more.

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17 #. Locating the Voodoo acting location

In a feudal language ambience, all people are not expected to stand erect or straight. Depending on their level in the verbal codes, a very specific bent in the body stature is expected. Those who refuse to assume this bent are more or less acting impertinent. They cannot act out of the English physical stature. For, in native-English, standing straight is natural. In feudal languages, standing straight is actually forcing oneself up, against the force of the verbal codes.

So when feudal language speakers try to imitate pristine-English physical postures, they are actually acting unnatural and impertinent. It is not English, for they are not native-English. They are mentally and physically designed in feudal language codes.

This bent will un-stretch itself as the indicant word codes go up. It is part of the software mechanism actually. Even though people do not know anything about a software mechanism working behind, the fact is that as the word codes goes up, the numerical value in the specific code location that pumps up the body into straight pose with the head without a bent, goes up.

Now this is an area where I can discuss a further extension. Without this higher word codes prop up, a person’s stature will collapse. For instance, a Rani maadam or Rani MemSaab will be able to hold up her head and talk with a pose of dominance, only if the backing words ‘Maadam’ or ‘MemSaab’ stands behind her name to prop her head up. Her office peons, clerks and other subordinates have to necessarily use this suffix behind her name for addressing her as well as referring to her.

Suppose, one fine morning, they refuse to give this suffix support to her name, she would literally collapse like a withered flower. That is the absolute truth. If anyone has any doubt about this, they can test it in a non-conditioned, real life situation.

The removing of this propping-up ‘respect’ suffix will spontaneously change all the connected indicant words like that of You, Your, Yours, She, Her, Hers etc. from Rani’s attributes. From UNN/ Avar, it will change to USS/Aval. Like that.

There are various word codes that gather the suffix words of ‘respect’ into the expected location in the codes. These word codes are information packages. It can be inserted by Rani herself or by someone close and loyal to her. The least and most powerful bit of information is to simply state that she is the superior there, and to produce the proof of that in some way. There should be a very visible and tangible system of power to enforce the ‘respect’. For this ‘respect’ is not the ‘respect’ in English. It requires power to enforce it.

If one can visualise the scene as one would visualise the Code View vision of the website (in the allegory I had mentioned), each bit of such information would be seen as minor codes with certain numerical values associated to it. When they are placed in association to certain other codes, in the design view one can see Rani’s head and posture going up upright.

Actually this design view is the location where Voodoo, Black magic, Koodothram etc. can be acted. That is if by some means, one can physically do any harm to Rani in this design view, in her real life physical form, consequent damages can be seen.

Evil eye, black tongue etc. might be working in the Code view location. I am not sure about this. I am just mentioning it. Everything at this moment is the realm of hypothesis. I am simply trying to combine a lot of unconnected information in me to assemble out the theme.

The item that might deserve mention here is that if the backup of a propping up information, word, mention, introduction etc. is not there, in feudal languages, people might literally lose their leadership or even their positive personality features. Actually they would lose much more in the social stature and social communication. They simply wouldn’t be able to converse, discuss or even connect to many people who cloister themselves in social heights.

As an out-of-the-way input, I can mention this allegory. One man calls a government office in India. He wants to talk to the ‘officer’ there. The peon takes the phone and starts questioning the caller. If the calling persons can mention that he is a superior ‘officer’, he is immediately connected to the ‘officer’. If he says that he is a politician, the peon will go a bit coy and try to understand his exact stature in the political field. If the calling person is a big leader, he is connected to the ‘officer’.

If he is a low-level politician, the peon will use his powers of judgement and make a judicious decision on whether to connect him or not. This again would be based on whether inside his head the word for ‘him’ is Avan/USS or Avar/UNN. If it is the later, the connection will be given. If it is the former, the connection will be refused.

Likewise, if a common citizen of India calls, the same judicious decision is made by the peon or clerk. (In fact, in India, almost in all great judicious decisions, the low quality government peons or clerks of India do get an occasion to process them at one point or other. However, these peons and clerks generally become quite rich through the various means they have derived to earn by bribes, that ultimately it is their children who get to populate native-English nations.

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18 #. The continuous wobbling of the interlocked web elements

Now, there is one thing I had noticed with regard to my children as they grew up in a total English ambience. They showed no craving to stand in the middle of a group of friends. Standing in the middle is a very powerful scene in feudal languages. It very tangibly sends positive numerical inputs directly into the innate codes. It is a scene that makes corresponding changes in the codes connected to the social system. The very viewing of someone in a sort of leadership location adds numerical values to the code attributes of an individual.

A scene of a person standing on a side with no one to dominate around him or her subtracts the numerical values in the code attributes.

On many occasions, my children were trainers. They had no qualms with sitting in a chair among a group of trainees, with no wall behind them. However, in feudal languages, this is a very powerful propping required for a trainer. That of a wall or a tree or a mountain, just behind them.

If this is not there, it is more or less quite similar to not having the ‘respect’ word behind their name. They will literally go bent. Or fall ‘backwards’ into the gorge of ‘no-respect’.

Why this is so, might need to be found out from the language codes. As I mentioned earlier, feudal languages are totally different from English. They have codes which are different.

Actually each and every word might have a code level view of it. To talk about that requires this much introduction to it:

People see a website in a computer. They cannot edit or see its design or code view. They need a special software application for that. Most people do not know anything about that. And if they do know, many of them do not know what application can do that.

People see a pdf file in a computer. They do not know what software application can edit it. They do not know how to view the various codes or fields in their raw form. Some very specific software application is required to see it or to edit the pdf file.

An image is seen in the computer. To edit it, or to see its various other attributes, one might need an image editing application.

One can type words in MS Word. Create or edit an image in Adobe Photoshop. However, to go beyond that and see the various codes that create the Words in MS Word or the image in Adobe Photoshop, one might need to know how to use C++ and also have access to the various password securities encrypted into the application/s.

Think on similar lines.

There might be a supernatural software application wherein human languages and words and such other things can be viewed.

A person says in English: You come here.

If one can open this communication in that supernatural software application, and see the codes for You, and how it connects with the person who says it and the person who is addressed, one might see a very specific attributes in them.

View this scene in the design view.

After that, in the same Supernatural Software application, open a similar meaning communication in a feudal language.

It is again: You come here. However, there are various You in the language, connecting to various levels of corresponding He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers, You, Your, Yours &c.

It is here that one might be able to see quite candidly that there is a huge difference in the design view. In the feudal language, design view, the social scene is a very complicated one. With each and every man and woman existing in various levels of heights and lowliness. Beyond that, when each one of them converse with another persons, all the others are going up and down, even if the others are not directly connected to them in the conversation. For every one are connected by various YOUs, HEs, HISs, HIMs, SHEs &c.

If the physical life view of a planar-English society and that of a feudal language society are compared, it would be seen that in the feudal language society, even man and woman are incessantly moving in all sorts of directions, up and down, sideways, and to all other angles, when each person speaks, thinks or views others. However, by observing a miniscule location in the physical reality, one cannot see this astronomically huge random movement. To see, that one might need special gadgets that can visualise the code level changes happening when each and every persons speaks or writes anything.

Actually there is a machine language that is computer use and understands. I do not know much about it. However, it seems that binary codes are used in this.

Now, look at the binary codes for A and a. They are 01000001 and 01100001. These binary codes can be utilised only in a suitable programming location. In all other locations, they do not make any sense.

If one is able to open the word You (English) in a suitable supernatural software application, and finds its codes, it will have its very specific codes.

However, in Hindi, there are a minimum of three YOUs. Aap, Thum and Thoo. Each one of them, referring to a very specific level of individual or individuals.

In South Indian languages, the corresponding words for You are:





(There are others also).

In German, the English word YOU splits into three. du, ihr and Sie.

Now, if one were to open each one of them in the afore-mentioned supernatural software, each one of these words would be seen to have a specific code version. Each of these codes would be quite different from the codes of other words for YOU.

Each of these YOUs will be connected to a specific group of other words.

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19 #. The arena of Sensations

There is this quote from Somerset Maugham:
“Words have weight, sound and appearance; it is only by considering these that you can write a sentence that is good to look at and good to listen to.”

He was, I suppose, mentioning English words. It is true. I do experience this effect when I try to write stylish sentences. I know that synonyms of the same word have different effect, and force. They do indeed have a weight. Some of the words add to the rhyme and tune of the sentence. Others do not.

For instance, the word Terrible. I can use the word Horrible also. However, both have different feel. Is it just a feeling, a sensation that has no other basis? Well, in Homoeopathy sensations are taken as powerful hints that can help decide a medicine.

I do not want to take up Homoeopathy and sensations now. But then, please mark it down that sensations are also built in codes. They are not ‘nothing’. They are real. If one has seen a dream, one has seen a dream. If one has seen a film, one has seen a film. If one has heard a song, one has heard a song. These are not mere ‘nothings’.

When I feel that the word Terrible gives a different sensation from what Horrible gives, well it is a reality, with some basis.

The word lovely gives a mental effect that is different from gorgeous.

However, that is only a minor location for discussion. When we arrive in feudal languages, the codes of words and usages become quite complicated, due to the presence of Indicant words for You, He, She, They etc.

When the word You is taken, there are different levels of YOU. Each one of them has different codes. Each one of them connects differently with other words in the language. Due to the fact that feudal languages created a virtual code design-view of heights and depths, every word in the language is affected by these towering Everests and terrifying gorges.

The same is the case with words like He, She, They etc. They have different levels. And each level has different codes that connect differently.

When one mentions words in feudal languages, one can literally sense the heaviness, lowliness, and curves and flows, blocks, restrictions etc. they contain. Each of these attributes is encoded in the codes that create these words.

In fact, these hierarchical words do convey sensations.

Yet, again, there is this thing also to be mentioned. One might feel that the sensations are just transient emotional tugs. However, the fact remains that both sensations as well as emotions are created and run by the same software, which at the moment remains in the realm of the supernatural.

Until we are able to find out the exact supernatural software application in which they can be opened, one can only contemplate on their various attributes as one would theorise on the atmosphere of a far distant planet that revolves round a distant star.

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20 #. Words that crush and those that stretch

This minor heading above is about a physical phenomenon not present in pristine-English. There were abusive words in English like bastard, son of a gun, idiot, stupid, fool, Nigger etc. And in current-day multiculture-English a lot more terrible profanities and expletives have been brought into common use and also imported from elsewhere by the non native-English crowds.

Yet, the fabulous fact is that none of these words when spoken in English do contain the codes of crushing, squeezing and pulverising. These things are there in feudal languages. By simply changing the You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers etc. and by removing the propping up word of ‘respect’ from behind the name, a person can be crushed. Or made to fall down a gorge.

It is a very powerful force. It is like the force of gravity. Seems quite feeble at small distances, small objects, and small time-period. However, over the years, one can see the slow, and yet steady change that gravity brings in. It is this quite feeble looking gravity that holds the gigantic planets in their orbits!

In a similar manner, a continuous exertion of the lower grade You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers over the years, can literally change the demeanour of a person. They can hold huge populations in very specific levels in a social sphere over centuries.

However, this effect is also affected by various other similar effects. Some of them would be positive. Some negative. Some would pull a person’s attributes to one direction. Another to another direction. Some would crush. Some would stretch.

This whole phenomenon is totally absent in English. This is due to the total absence of indicant word codes.

Even though there are words like Nigger, Fuck, Sucker etc. used in ‘multiculture’ English, the use of them cannot bring in any change in the indicant words codes. For such an item (indicant words) is not there in pristine-English.

The weight and force exerted by feudal language indicant words codes, I have observed, is the cumulative effect all the various crushing pushes and stretches that bears upon a person, through pejorative words and ennobling words.

In fact, if one were able to open the code view of a person in a feudal language ambience, in a suitable software application, one might see the various codes that come to affect him. In the design view, the various crushing forces as well as the stretching forces would be visible.

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21 #.Software codes of Shamanism

When speaking about such a seemingly hypothetical software application, I must relate something from my personal experiences. There is a very strange spiritual phenomenon comprehensively mentioned as Shamanism. There are many such things being practised in the current-day Indian nation. Their antiquity goes back to the hoary past and possibly to various locations outside the subcontinent.

These are basically conducted by populations who were traditionally mentioned as lower castes in the various locations in the subcontinent. However, as of now, after the earlier decades of the 1900s, these populations have all been added to Hinduism. So, these shamanistic phenomena and practises are commonly understood as part of Hinduism, which actually they might not be.

Over the centuries, in many locations, through constant interactions between the populations, both sides (Hindus and non-Hindus) may have diffused into each other a bit.

Though I do not personally have a very intimate experience with Shamanistic practises, it is equally true that I did regularly go and observe at least one such phenomenon for around fifteen years and more. Even though ‘scientifically-inclined’ casual observers with no innate loyalty or worship therein, might very vehemently declare that these are all quackery and fake, and pretences, my own observation from a more or less impartial perspective is that there in indeed some supernatural software machinery at work.

The particular Shamanistic entity with whom I was connected to for a number of years, was one to whom I could ask questions. Even though at times, the answers would be quite of a most general one with no specific inputs, there have been many occasions when the responses would be quite point-blank.

The way the answer was given was by the divinity looking into the sacramental lamp, and sort of seeing into a software application, wherein the incidences, causes, persons, relationship were all quite candidly displayed.

I had the feeling that the divinity was literally reading or looking into some screen-like apparatus wherein the past, present and future events were clearly demarked.

However, what I also noticed was that the oracle-like proclamations were done in such a manner that it would not affect the real-life course of events. At best, it might assuage a terror or a misgiving, in the understanding that after-all, the problem would be solved.

I had personally had the occasion to see the divinity literally declare certain things about many devotees’ current problem, without the worshiper making one dialogue.

When speaking more about this Shamanism, it has been my observation that by means of certain ritualistic chanting, the human being software is slowly made to go into a semi-sleep mode. And another software entity is slowly taking over the mental features of the person who performs the Shamanistic procedures. The voice changes. That means the software of voice tuning has changed.

I think that Edgar Thurston and even others like Rev. Samuel Mateer have generally described these Shamanistic phenomena as devil-worship. In these kinds of descriptions, there is a hue of clear un-understanding. But then, it is just an issue of trying to understand things which are clearly in another animal world. If the English colonialists were one kind of animals, then the natives of the South Asian subcontinent were an array of other kinds of animals. However, all of them, including those from the English side also had a lot of common features, that made them come under a common identify of ‘human beings’.

A pondering of a possibility that all such actions were somehow connected to some higher technical knowledge was conspicuous by its absolute absence in Thurston’s book.

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22 #. Other supernatural software (spiritual) items

It has been my observation that people do gather negativity. The gravity of this negativity is also quite removed from an English experience. Most of the negativities that are running riot in a feudal language social system are not there in a pristine-English social system. However, this statement has to be qualified by one more statement. That is, pristine-English social systems are at the moment non-existent. Most of the native-English social systems are slowly atrophying as multiculture takes-over. So, the mentioned negativities are slowly entering and starting to run amok inside native-English nations.

People who live in a feudal language social communication do actually gather negative numerical values or positive numerical values somewhere in their code location. It may not directly affect their physical stamina or strength. What goes negative or positive has nothing to do with the physical capacities. It is something else.

Now how do I explain that?

Consider pre-British South Asian subcontinent. A neatly dressed lower caste man, who is naturally doing jobs that are defined as ‘lowly’ as per the indicant word codes comes and sit in a room near to the householder, and behaves in a very intimate and friendly manner to him. This scene has its terrible negativity. This can be understood only by another man who lives in the same or similar feudal language.

By exhibiting his intimacy, the householder’s indicant levels go down in the social system. Through that, the householder’s family member indicant levels come under the same threat. Through that, all their friends, associates, relatives’ indicant word levels become unsteady.

The householder would be seen as quite irresponsible in his actions. Naturally any intelligent householder would take-care to see that such a neatly dressed ‘lowly’ individual does not get to display such a level of intimacy.

Now, instead of this ‘lowly’, neatly dressed individual coming to sit in the chair, a very higher social stature individual with totally untidy and dirty dress comes to sit in the chair. Even though the dress is untidy and dirty, his presence is a hallowed item. One which will be prized by everyone concerned.

I mentioned the above illustration just to indicate that there is attractiveness connected to things which are not connected to tangible and physically touchable items.

Let me go a bit beyond that. Take the case of the neatly dressed ‘lowly’ stature person. If his innate codes can be examined in the earlier-mentioned supernatural software application, it would be quite candidly seen that it has relative lower numerical values. At the same time, if the codes of the untidily dressed, superior status individual are examined likewise, it would be found that there are relative higher numerical values.

These inner code-values actually might exist as some kind of non-tangible item akin to potential energy that can bring in something similar to a potential difference between individuals.

People have mentioned to me that when they shake a man’s hand, they can feel the difference. Actually, the same thing was told to me about my daughter when she was just around six to seven years old. When that individual shook her hands, he could feel a very superior energy. However, when she joined the local English medium school, this same feel of higher energy was lost. The same individual mentioned that.

Actually this is an item that has to be understood about the pristine-English folks of yesteryear days (till the end of the WW2). They had a code structure which was absolutely unassailable. However, multiculture English individuals are not of that content. The moment they are made to understand that they are equal to a feudal language speaker, their innate codes change into a different level. The actual difference will take some time to gather strength and to exhibit itself.

So, it might be mentionable that the current-day native-English are not of the same mettle and quality as of the pre-1949 Englishmen and women.

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23 #. The issue of touching and that of un-touch-ability

People have mentioned to me that when they shake hands with people of lower grade (not caste), in profession, social stature etc., they can very powerfully feel a draining of their inner energy. As if there has been something akin to a potential energy equalisation or flow. From the higher to the lower. At the same time, the lower grade person very powerfully feels the flowing in of energy.

The lower defined person would try to touch something that he or she feels as belonging to a superior stature. There is a definite sensation of an elevation of some kind of energy.

If there is some kind of a higher social connection somewhere, it would be cherry-picked and mentioned. There definitely is a sensation of an elevation of some kind of potential energy.

If a pristine-English individual is declared as an equal to a feudal language speaker, there need not be an exact drain of energy from the Englishman.

At the same time, most probably the feudal language speaker would be seen to be basking in a high-grade energy input. What might happen to the innate quality of the pristine-English speaker might be a rapid or random disarraying of mental and physical attributes at the code levels, as he or she gets connected at the codes levels to un-understandable links. These links would extend to locations wherein he or she would be callously placed up or down or sideways in the verbal codes. This is an exact location which is not known to a native-English speaker. The link and the callous placing extends further at each mention of him at any location in the links.

Through the code links, the tremor would be felt by him or her. It might not affect him or her in a tangible manner. Instead the dislocation or something eerie might occur in most unexpected places. Like family relationship, work area, driving, socialising etc. In fact, it would be a slightly different person, who has replaced the earlier entity.

These are things that currently cannot be measured or demonstrated by using current-day technical and scientific gadgetry. It would be as useless as trying to evaluate the effectiveness of Homoeopathy using scientific methods. Current-day scientific evaluation methods are for conducting evaluation on items in the physical world. For something that deals with a supernatural software item, they are not the correct gadgets. Nor are the procedures correct.

On the assumption that what I have proposed is true, I am going ahead on the same path. When a person with a higher relative numerical value in his innate codes touches a person with a relatively lesser one, there is a loss of numerical values in the former’s codes. This is a sensation, which has a basis in the code levels. Externally and in the physical world, it has no tangible cause. But the effect is there.

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24 #. A detour to a side theme: English colonial administration

The mentioned item is a practical item that is currently practised in India. In government offices, members of the public are deliberately made to mingle and mix and deal and make ‘humble’ request to the government peons and clerks. The problem here is that the government peons and clerks are lowly in the official hierarchy. There are many verbal barriers kept in position to demark their lowliness, when they have to interact with their superior ‘officers’.

This was an item that was not allowed in the British-India. British-India was actually not the whole of the subcontinent. What is generally understood as British-India actually consisted to two entirely different administrative systems.

The first one was India that was connected to England, and later around 1909, became democratic nation. The other was the various local kingdoms which were given protection from internal enemies by India.

One was the English administered areas, which was the actual British-India. In this location, the officer classes, both the native-British as well as the natives of the location, were good in English. The administration was conducted in English. The members of the public were to deal directly with the officers in the office. The officers would give the public requests to the concerned clerks. The clerks will process them and give them back to the officers. The officers would give the processed files back to the person who submitted the request on the specified date. If any clerk was absent, the officer himself will the finish the file and give it back on the mentioned date.

The other administrative system was in the various kingdoms. Even though they all recreated their administrative systems in direct imitation of the English administrative systems in British-India, the administration was in the native feudal languages. The members of the public had to meet and cajole the various clerks and peons. The clerks and peons had be to extended due ‘respect’ and homage in the form of bribes and other articles as their due rights. This processing by the lowly persons would degrade not only that specific person, but all members of the public. In their innate codes, they would end up with a numerical value that proclaims that they are subordinate to the government peons and clerks.

There is much to be mentioned with regard to this. However, I cannot take it up here, as the conversation would move to another location. Yet, I must mention that as of now, the whole of India as well Pakistan and Bangladesh has this latter kind of public administration. The other higher stature-to–the-public administration has totally vanished.

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25 #. Back to repulsions in touch: Codes of Namaskar

I think I have slightly gone off the pathway. I will come back to our present subject.

In feudal language social communication, negativity is a very powerful part and parcel of it. However, there are some ways to protect oneself from its affliction.

The traditional method was to assign different distances to different levels of caste people. The more distant they are in the hierarchy from the top-most (in the earlier times, it was Brahmins), the more distance was assigned as the statutory distance they had to maintain.

It is like this.

Even though the Brahmins overlords addressed their lower supervisory caste as with Nee or Thoo, the denigration becomes more as the step-like denigration moves downward.

It is quite interesting that even between the intermediate castes, very specific distances were mentioned. That these distances have been quantified in number of feet does point to the fact that some kind of understanding of the codes’ numerical values were known in some distant past in direct proportion to the accumulating ‘potential energy’ difference.

There are other ways and means by which this conduction of negativity could be blocked.

In the South Asian subcontinent, over the centuries, a very particular social procedure had been developed to ensure that unnecessary touching by unacceptable people is warded off. This was by Namaskara or Namaskaram. This involves the clasping the hands in a pose of prayer or obeisance or something similar to the other person. And mentioning Namaskara, Namaskar or Namaskaram.

Actually this social greeting behaviour can be interpreted in many ways. Like mentioning that it is a great way to greet a person or a gathering of people. However, in the case of greeting a gathering of people, in English a wave by the hand would suffice, and might even be more egalitarian that the proposed Namaskaram, Namaskara etc.

For even though Namaskaram does give a feeling of being an egalitarian action from an English perspective, in actual fact it is loaded with most despicable of human degradation. Why this is not sensed by the native-English speakers is that they do not know the varying codes of indicant words in feudal languages.

In most of the times when one person mentions and gestures Namaskara to another person, they both are actually standing inside a very huge framework of hierarchical indicant words level difference. This namaskara only helps to reinforce the hierarchical subordination of the lower placed person. I cannot go into the theme in deeper details for it is not in the path of this book’s context, which is to attempt to locate and understand the code view of reality and human attributes. However, I have done some writing on this in my earlier book: Shrouded Satanism in Feudal languages

The unmentioned aim in this mode of greeting is that the persons do not have to touch each other. Even though from an English perspective, it might seem as debased manner of acting, actually from the feudal language perspective, it is perfectly logical and quite healthy. When I mention the word ‘healthy’, I do not in the least allude to physical heath and to germs and viruses relocating from one person to another. The health is connected to the code level numerical values, which do not get a chance to diffuse physically when distances are maintained.

However, even this understanding is wrong. There are more wider implications connected to this.

If two persons of differing levels of indicant word stature shake-hands in a solitary location, where no one sees them, there will be a numerical value diffusion, with one side losing some, and the other side gaining some.

However, if the same handshaking is done in a location where many other discerning people are seeing the action, the numerical value diffusion will be on a more massive scale. This is where one has to understand that people are all connected to each other at the code level arena. Seeing itself is a process of code-work. Sight is a code. Images and moving images are all codes.

The whole action of a lower stature man in a feudal language world shaking hands with a superior stature man as if in a mood of intimacy will get processed by the innumerable codes of sight, vision, images, and video images in the codes of the social ambience as well as that of the innumerable persons who saw the deed.

However, it will not end there. Each of the persons who saw the action will carry the data to various other persons in their links, where the superior person’s codes will be dismantled and reassembled to suit the picture that arrives there. In each of the words for He, His, Him or She, Her, Hers, there will be spontaneous rearrangements.

This will happen in the case of the other man also. His attributes will go up, slightly or fabulously. Depending on with whom he had shook hands. And on various other items, like how deep the relationship was. If it was just a perfunctory one, it can be quite a limited elevation.

The action itself will have its code level attributes. Like if it was just a shaking the hands on the stage with a very powerful personality on the dais, before a gathering of people, who actually understand the whole action as of only transient value.

What is proposed here is that every item in the world of reality can have a code-view of it. If this be true, people living in a feudal language social ambience would do many things to protect their code level attributes or to enhance the numerical values in certain codes or at least to see that no depreciation of numerical values takes-place.

Here the reader should not get a feeling that mantra, tantra, black-magic etc. has relevance and workability only in a feudal language system. No, that is not what is being done here. I am only using the realities of feudal languages communications to try to bring out the theme of there being a code view to reality.

It might be slightly similar to the way Classical Physics used to prove the existence of light waves by using various optical phenomena like diffraction, refraction, reflection, interference etc. In a similar manner, I am just making use of the difference in the manner in which words, usages, sensations, emotions, social phobia etc. affect the code-view of reality in feudal languages, when compared with that in planar language English.

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26 #. A supernatural way to off-set negativity

I have done a close study on persons who do practise the art of warding-off negativity. I am not sure how far it is affective, but as far as I could notice I did feel that it works.

The procedure is quite easy. Just laugh it off. When a person says something negative, just laugh at it, if possible in a most boisterous manner, or in a manner that proclaims total disdain to the mischief-monger.

However, one closer inspection, I did see that simply laughing off at a distressing issue does give some kind of assuaging sensation. I have seen a person who seems to be a regular practioner of this art, doing it even in isolation.

There was one spiritual person, who had a regular gathering of people around him frequently. He once told me that persons with deep negativity come to him for some level of salvation from their problems. When he manages to give some relief to them, he himself would feel a huge drain in his energy level. He can literally feel the draining off.

This same thing was once told to me by another practioner of a different art. He mentioned that some persons hold so much negativity that he literally becomes drained when they come to him. At the same time, when some other kind of person with positive core comes to him, he feels a refilling of energy. He could mention persons of both kinds.

When I observed the particular Shamanistic practise, which I used to attend regularly, on many occasions I suddenly noticed that after the deity (a person sort of possessed by a divinity) has interacted with a lot of persons, for quite some time, He stops for a brief moment to give out a weird kind of low-key laughter. It took me some time to understand that some kind of technical work was involved in the ritualistic laughter, which was aimed at shedding off the negativity that had accrued on to the Shamanistic deity.

I can only mention that there might indeed be a very specific code in these kinds of laughter that can refill the depleted numerical values in the code-view.

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27 #. Allusions to the anecdotal black-tongue

In Omens and Superstitions of Southern India, there is a very specific mention on the anecdotal black-tongue. It is that when the people of the subcontinent says some fabulous appreciation of something, like a house, building, someone’s intelligence, brilliant scope in life etc., a neat mishap happens that would more or less belie the statement or wish or prediction.

At the same time, there is mention of a particular caste of people who are specifically provoked or coaxed to mention a hope in the most negative terms. It was believed that whatever they wish on a person, event or item, would happen in the exact opposite. So their curse words and expletives were welcome.

There is a term in English Jinxed, used in a more or less similar sense. I do not know if this belief system is innate to England or whether is a diffusion from Continental Europe. I am more or less sure that most of the black magic and other practises and beliefs mentioned in Edgar Thurston’s book would have some corresponding elements in the feudal languages speaking locations in Continental Europe and in the Celtic regions of Great Britain.

It is not that English would not have it or that in English these things do not have any plausibility. If there is a virtual arena behind reality, it is there everywhere. However, English words do not have the eeriness inherent in feudal languages. That people do exist in different slots located in horizontal components of varying heights. That the same idea, opinion or comment mentioned by persons from varying heights and locations can have varying effects on a specific person, event or item.

However, England cannot be immune to all these beliefs unless it stands in total isolation from others. Indeed, I have seen the mention of a very eerie belief of a knocking in the door in the night hours in a book by George Eliot: Adam Bede. It is about a superstition connected to door knocks. It portends some impending disaster. In that story, there is indeed a mishap in the immediate future.

While it might be easy to brush off the connection between seemingly unconnected events, if one is savvy with the world of software and internet, including designing, uploading into the server etc., one might indeed be quite surprised at the way seemingly simple hints points to imminent huge dislocations or failures or total breakdown of systems.

The way and manner in which the opinions, words, minor actions etc. of minor technical persons in pivotal locations can create huge changes at huge and totally unconnected distances would be quite surprising. Their minor actions like a single checking (ticking) or un-checking (removing the ticking) of a form field in some specific application software would remove a website, block an email, reroute a message, give a warning, offer a help, send a search query to a wrong location etc.

From the ordinary physical world, what has been achieved or done is totally from the supernatural world of black magic. However, not many people would agree to this comparison. For they know about software, computers, internet, web-servers, computer mouse, email, email set-up, Google, Search Engines, image search, voice search, etc. etc. etc. They would not agree that these are in any way connected to any supernatural kind of items, nor of black magic.

Their valuable opinion is because they know about all these applications that stand in the background and work to create actions in the outer world.

Well, it might be the same with regard to the various items in the real world in connection to seeming superstitions. No one knows about the various machineries, applications, application software, search engines etc. that stand behind reality, inside some specific application software.

As to a whether a simple mental search to find someone in one’s memory does connect to that person in the code arena, or the issue of mentioning a person and he appears in person as a coincidence etc. have anything more to it. Also there is the issue of extremely improbable coincidences. What could be arranging them?

In my own life, I have had a number of extremely improbable coincidences that I have felt that have been deliberately prearranged somewhere, by someone.

How can one be categorically sure about the non-existence of anything unless one knows something about it?

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28 #. Metamorphosing into a hermit

I can mention a phase in my life which might have some bearing to the above argument. Around 2000, life simply pushed, heaved and hauled me from various locations inside and outside India to a remote village area named Deverkovil. I had very rarely worked under anyone. As to subordination, other than being under Indian academic teachers as their school student, I have had very little experience of that. Most of my work was business or freelance.

Deverkovil was not my native-place in any sense of the word, other than that my parents had bought a few pieces of land adjacent to each other. Inside this compound, there was a very affluent house and another house in a dilapidated condition. Owned by my parent/s.

Times were very bad. For, I was now stuck in a remote village where the rich people were at that time the minor employees in the middle-east. (As of now, this has changed. Not many are minor employees as of yore. For, many work in white-collar lower to middle level jobs, or run their own business, in the middle-east).

The affluent house was occupied by my mother. Her social stature as a senior government officer, and various other superior attributes, along with the fact that her other three children were literally wallowing in money and/or in socially acclaimed occupations, the house had a halo. However, for various reasons, which might take up a lot of words to explain, I along with my wife and children, stayed in the dilapidated house.

I chose not go around mentioning my family connection to the affluent house. I do not want to enter into the various social and language code observation that I could pick up from this dilapidated location.

Inside this house, I spent most of my time connecting to the outside world with a very feeble internet connection. Most of the times, it took minutes and minutes to open a webpage. But then the effect was fabulous, when I could open it.

I was sitting inside a very dilapidated house and connecting to various locations including native-English nations. Mainly writing my ideas or my books. I also did some English language teaching to many youngsters in the daytime hours.

These are not the things I want to mention here. What I want to mention here is in direct connection to the theme in the previous section:

While it might be easy to brush off the connection between seemingly unconnected events, if one is savvy with the world of software and internet, including the design, uploading into the server etc., one might indeed be quite surprised at the way seemingly simple hints points to imminent huge dislocations or failures or total breakdown of systems.

The way and manner in which the opinions, words, minor actions etc. of minor technical persons in pivotal locations can create huge changes at huge and totally unconnected distances would be quite surprising. Their minor actions like a single checking (ticking) or un-checking (removing the ticking) of a form field in some specific application software would remove a website, block an email, reroute a message, give a warning, offer a help etc.

From the ordinary physical world, what has been achieved or done is totally from the supernatural world of black magic. However, not many people would agree to this comparison. For they know about software, computers, internet, web-servers, computer mouse, email, email set-up, Google, Search Engines, image search, voice search, etc. etc. etc.

However, in Deverkovil at that time, around 99.9% of the people did not have much idea about any of the above mentioned items. (Off course there was the miniscule percentage who knew all this.)

I was everyday interacting with people and events which were quite far off physically. I learnt the use of MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Dreamweaver, Web server integration, developed Victoria Institutions’ website, wrote books, created their PDF digital books with various features, learnt to integrate a paid-version Payment Gateway to our website, later integrated Paypal also to the same, did email marketing, had very powerful debate online, faced a lot of blocks online from generally the immigrant version IT workers (including computer operators in schools in native-English nations) (the so-called cheap labour) in English nations, many of my writings were blocked online, there were complaints that I was indulging in ‘hate-speech’ wherever I mentioned about the terribleness of the human and animal degrading ‘feudal language’ codes of non-English nations (especially Africa, Asia and some Continental European nations) &c.

One employee from YahooIndia sent me a dire warning message, mentioning that my writings can be reported to the law enforcement departments if need be (it was a horrible thought that some low-level employee could dare to use such words. I had no other option other than to cast a curse on Yahoo).

Along with all this, my senior daughter also learnt all the computer skills that I was acquiring, so much so that she was more adept at all this, at around age 4 to 6.

I accompanied my children to the river in the daytime for swimming, and also when they were involved in English training programmes.

When I wrote my books, I did it at a tremendous speed of up to 10000 words a day. However, daytime Internet was quite expensive. So all my work were done in the night hours. Even then the feebleness of the internet connectivity was a terror. It would get cut off at the least of excuses. A minor freak-wind was enough.

So even though my working speed was quite high, the feebleness of the internet speed was a drag on my work. In the initial period, I did online writing works for quite low rates, but then it helped me get accustomed to it.

Apart from all this, I was in the midst of certain terrible family problems connected to so many claims on me and my family members from other people who claimed to be ‘family’.

Since I was working mostly in the night hours, I used to get up around 11 am to 12 noon every-day. Even after getting up, I would be quite drowsy for quite some time.

Beyond all this, the very dilapidated house where I was staying had a bad history of affecting at least someone among the occupants.

Indeed there had been quite bad experiences in its history which I was aware of, but very few other people were aware. I do not want to go into that part, even though it might come up again in a topic area where I wish to discuss certain buildings and their codes that exist in the virtual code realm.

Whatever bad experience the time was, looking back, I find it that it was indeed a very positive period in my life. For, I used the tedium of the hours and days to write a lot of book, on themes that used to bubble inside my heading almost all times of the day and night. The moment I wrote a book on a particular theme, I found that my mind went blank on that theme and another theme slowly spurring itself up.

I was a person who used to travel the length and breadth of my local state by both two-wheeler as well as four-wheeler for around four or five years, a few years before I ended up in Deverkovil. A single journey would be from around 400 kms to around 1600 kms by two-wheeler as well as by four-wheeler. I am sure that they might be other people also who do it. However, I do not know any one of them personally.

Why I mentioned this much is that at around 2000, when I started staying in Deverkovil, the people around me could not understand anything that I was doing, even though they were not nit-wits or ignoramuses. There were many who were quite accomplished businessmen, quite cunning and deceitful.

However for all of them, the term computer seemed quite outlandish and something from a very elevated location. As for me connecting to far-off locations, would seem quite an improbability at best, and a kind of mental hallucination at worst. For, it had all the elements of some kind of freaky mental standards. Someone sitting inside a broken building, and claiming quite non-tangible themes, which were physically more or less improbable.

There was absolutely no way to make most of them understands that I was quite busy in my own way, and that I had my own level of knowledge and information of which they were unaware of. I could understand that they had the general impression that I was kind of nitwit with some extreme kind of social phobia or paranoia. Some kind of social phobia or paranoia is a normal feature in all the people in such localities. That was understood by everyone. They could understand me only on the basis of their own social fears and limitations, when in fact it had no connection to their own issues.

Actually there were many other things that were in my head, which had not even an iota of corresponding content in their heads. For instance, I was a reader in English classics right from my childhood, with Oscar Wilde and Somerset Maugham being my favourite authors. I was a fan of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five in my school lower classes. I used to like The Phantom and the Mandrake the Magician much. I used to read Archie, Wendy the good little witch, Casper – Spooky comics and such. None of the people around me had even heard of any of these things. However, they had the feeling that I was a nitwit.

At the same time, most of their intellectual thoughts and even beyond were known to me either in bit and pieces or in real abundances.

Why I mentioned this much was to denote the ease of visualising quite astounding events and actions as quite normal, once one comes to know that there is indeed a known machinery working behind it. If this information is not known, every kind of astounding claims would seem quite preposterous.

Actually what I was doing sitting in a quite dilapidated building in a remote village, and connecting to people and events at quite far-off distances were of the quite astounding kind, in those days in 2000. Even in 2010, I was aware of doctors (who are seen by the same local people as some kind of intellectual giants) who did not know to operate or use a computer comfortably.

Now, this is my point: From the ordinary physical world of those times in the remote village, what has been achieved or done by me was totally from the supernatural world of black magic.

By around 2007, Smart-phones started appearing. Many people missed the path to computer expertise and went headlong into the relative ease of Smartphone use.

The beings currently known as animals in the subcontinent missed both the paths, to computer expertise as well as to Smartphone use. For, before their mental enhancement could be attempted upon, the English rule ended.

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29 #. Back to the eerie realm of Evil Eyes

I had mentioned about the possible underlying codes that could work the machinery of evil eyes. Evil eye phenomenon is not totally bonkers. Words have power. Each words mentioned in conjunction with a particular emotion will have a different encrypted code in its design. The eye-language of the persons who think in feudal language does have cryptic powers. It more or less contains the fullness of the defining power of indicant word codes.

This is felt and understood in feudal language social systems. However, this exact phenomenon cannot be felt in a pristine-English world.

When a man looks down at a person who he or she perceives as or tries to perceive as a most lower grade person, there is a very powerful hawk-like or some similar carnivorous expression in the eyes. Yet, the ferociousness or the needle-like piercing features increase if that person himself is from some lower grade.

The effect is due to the brain software processing the features in the feudal language codes. This is done in accordance with the innate stature codes of the individual and in close connection to the total codes of the social reality, and much more.

Due to this very reason, when my children were young, I had cautioned them against looking into the eyes of certain native-language speakers, who were ever on the lookout for a chance to dismantle the thin veneer of superior refinement that an enclosure of only-English had perched upon them.

There were times, when some very low quality persons tried to dismantle this aura by using the lower indicant words for YOU Inhi. (This lowering in quality is something they themselves had acquired through various routes and links). I had cautioned my children not to even try to understand the local language, which the others would desperately try to do. Those people are akin to someone running around with a virus filled CD, DVD or USB, waiting for a moment to get it into a computer. The moment the virus gets installed, then the other individual can take command of the computer.

It is like that.

When the lower indicant words like Nee, Thoo, USS, Avan, Aval etc. can be made to be understood by an individual in their powerful features, that individual becomes connected to the commands that come along with these words. In fact, ordinary requests and dialogues turn into commands and orders, even if spoken in quite soft voices.

As I had mentioned earlier, each of these words do have very specific codes that create or feature them. When a person understands these words, it means that the codes that create these words have got installed in him or her. From there these codes slowly connect to other persons, events, qualities etc. inside that person’s mind. Each of these is slowly differentiated as per the features of these codes.

That individual is big, this individual is small. That job is superior. The other one is despicable. Like that. Each entity is given a very specific or change-able numerical value.

These codes split everything as per the designs of their heinous codes. However, from a feudal language perspective, these are all quite natural. Nothing unwarranted has taken place. However, from pristine-English, everything is getting dismantled from their antique locations. The exact understanding can be had, in its complete vividness, only by a person who knows both language systems. However, such persons might not reveal what they know.

This continues to infect everything connected to that individual.

Pristine-England had been free from this terrible virus. However, with the coming to power of that terrible mad-cap Clement Atlee, everything has slowly gone haywire in England.

Current-day England is quite infected. No one seems to know this. People mistake the terrible boisterous euphoria that this infection has set in, as a sign of some great health. In fact, it is the exact opposite.

And there is no perceptible cure on the horizon, other than something quite drastic.

Let me continue about the evil eye.

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30 #. A thing that can provoke the evil eye

Think of some young man who is at the moment more or less nondescript. He is in a feudal language social system. His family is ordinary and more or less average middle-class. His parents are ordinary working-class people.

He is studying to get into a good job which is actually much above his social status. He has joined a study course. He is getting good marks and other grades.

His parents are happy. They get the feeling that his social elevation is imminent.

What is social elevation in a feudal language system? This concept of social elevation has elements which are totally unheard of in pristine-English.

In a feudal language system, the getting the job is only a framework on which many other things connects and works. If he getting a higher level job, the words ‘He’, ‘Him’, His’ assigned to him socially will change in their indicant level. It is a different word in many quarters.

Once he enters into that corridor, his old companions will find themselves slowly secluded out by the many others of higher indicant word levels who connect to him with a level of equality. Then the old friends and companions will understand that the equality in indicant words that they are trying to assert is becoming quite cantankerous and disturbance to him and many others.

His new level companions will feature the level of his old companions and friends with a lower indicant group of words. The words He, HIM, HIS will perceptibly change in many links.

By just being his parents, his parents also will change in the indicant words with many others. Those who were their own companions and equals will feel the change in them, at their code view level. They will sense a change in certain numerical values, as everywhere in the application software (the whole reality), the numerical values change as the indicant words change.

When one of the parents mention thus to his or her companion: ‘My son has got his admission into ..... Everyone says he will pass the exam’, there is cataclysmic upheavals at the code location. At the human level, it will be tension of what all changes would be set forth at the indicant word level. In relative terms, the other person’s son would be in a very subordinate location in the verbal codes, if the first person’s son gets the acclaimed job.

At the human level, that parent’s mind would react with an uneasy tension that sort of goes against the possibility of the first person’s son getting the job. However, what happen at the code view level would be the codes arranging themselves to subvert the possibility of the other person getting the job. At the code level, things would not work on a one-one basis. For the framework involves billions of codes and items.

Yet, the subversive codes have been created. It will do it work as one would see a virus or some other malicious software slowly going about its assigned duties.

These things might seem quite implausible. Well, that is just a feeling of the uninitiated.

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31 #. From my personal experience

For instance, I have been facing a lot of problems from some very anonymous locations in the IT world. They incessantly try to create mental distractions in me. I can mention a minor example. There are many more, but to list them out, I would have to look into a lot of records.

If VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is searched for in India, VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS, Deverkovil used to appear in the Map. However, I had noticed that its location is relocated to areas, where Deverkovil has no relevance. It is in some other places. Each time, I pull it back, it would move elsewhere. I did mention this once, I think, somewhere. Once Google called from Dublin and asked me about the location and about the details of the organisation.

The location was correct for some time. Then again, it started moving around. Somehow, it was brought back to the correct Deverkovil location. Then came another issue. The spelling in INSTITUTIONS went wrong. I complained to Google Map, and had it corrected.

Then VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS disappeared when the Map search was for Deverkovil. It would appear on searching for VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS. Or else, it would appear only when I search with inside my login.

Then came the next issue. The spelling of Deverkovil was seen changed to ‘Devarkovil’. A single letter change was inserted. It sort of shifted the brand image that I was focusing on as VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS, Deverkovil. I sent a message to Google Map saying that Deverkovil was the correct English spelling and the other one was just a vernacular sound, which was of quite recent origin. In fact, Deverkovil was the spelling used for around fifty years or more. However, most people in the area did not use English. And those who used, used the spelling as Deverkovil.

On giving an explanation of the spelling to Google Map, it was a wonderful experience to see the place name changing to the English spelling, Deverkovil. I went out to mention this to my family members. When I came back after some fifteen minutes, the spelling had again changed to its vernacular sound. Someone had obviously put in a word.

Then recently there was a flare up with regard to my penname when I wrote some quite frank details about the problems of Kashmir freedom struggle. A search on my Penname used to reach into a very powerful picture of VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS’ pro pristine-English attributes with a Map pointing directly on the location, at Deverkovil. However, within days of the fare-up, this vanished.

Along with this, there was another problem building up. The search for VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS started disregarding VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS and started showing another institution with a seemingly similar name. Its earlier name was some native Bengali name. Why its name was changed to this one, I do not know. However, a search for VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS started sending the visitors to this unknown location. There are umpteen similar institutions near my own locations.

What the aims of these busybodies who spent time on monkey tricks is, I do not know. However, I am least bothered.

Now, why I mentioned all this is that, I am aware of these happenings that simple code work or a minor work on a software application can make with worldwide ramifications. Yet, people who are not aware of these things do not know it. It is not their concerns, for one thing. And even if they are informed by me about these things I am experiencing, it would sound quite an outrageous suggestion that VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is targeted from far beyond.

It would seem as an extreme case of self-conceit or what the mental science professionals define with absolute levels of empty-headedness as megalomania.

In a similar manner, if there are indeed a code view and a design view to reality, then it is quite probable that these codes can act at their own levels and exhibit their effects in the reality view.

Before leaving this topic, I might as well mention that the amount of envy or jealousy that can be created in a feudal language communication system is of the nth degree when compared to what it can create in an English communication system. In fact, in feudal languages systems, people take it as a very great affront that another person is rising above their levels. They will go to great lengths to undermine that possibility. If they can, they will act in a covert manner. If that is not possible, they might even take up the most overt actions also. It does not matter. If the person is brought back to their own communication code levels, things will improve. Even the undermined person would gradually fall in line.

These are things about which the naive native-English do not have the least bit of information. Their very understanding that all human beings are same is utter nonsense. For they speak without the knowledge of the existence of non-planar languages, which define human beings as well as animals in varying levels of existence.

In fact, persons who exist in such varying levels of existence think differently and act differently. Even though, when their thoughts are all translated into English, they all look similar. However, that is due to the extremely planar codes of English.

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32 #. Detecting an inserted code

Now, coming back to the issue of inserted codes doing various kinds of tricks and broadcasting signals, there is this minor instance that can be mentioned. There is a way that Google asks a web owner to verify his or her ownership of his or her website. A very small code is given as a Notepad file. All the owner has to do is to upload it to his or her server. And inform Google that it has been uploaded.

Now, this informing is not calling Google or sending Google an email. Simply click on a button that says Verify or something like, Uploading Over etc.

Within seconds, Google crawler will visit the uploaded page, and receive the information that it is on the server. It is something like, the notepad file giving a shake-hand and saying, Oh, Yes, I am here. He/She is the correct owner.

It is as simple as that. Or as complex as that.

It is simple to the extent that this work is quite easy. It is quite complex due to the fact that one should know how to write the codes, and to create a crawler to go and give the hand-shake.

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33 #. The viewing angle

Now, I need to connect this theme to the idea of the viewing. Does viewing affect a person or an entity?

This idea is connected to a complex theme. Let me try to make it simple.

During the times of the English colonialism, some Englishmen and women did live in a few locations in the South Asian subcontinent currently occupied by Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. When they were here, they generally existed on the upper part of the feudal language codes. That is, they were addressed with some higher indicant words by the lower classes of the subcontinent. This is how the lower classes have to mention the higher classes. Otherwise their social negativity will enclose on the other side.

The higher classes naturally learned English very fast and arrived at the English levels of communication equality.

Both these experiences are quite safe for the English side. They can be quite magnanimous due to the social protection that these higher indicant words give.

However, as of now, the natives of the same subcontinent have arrived in England. From there, they are speaking of the native English without any hue or hint of a ‘respect’ code as required in the feudal languages.

What this generally means is similar to a lower class person or a higher class person in the subcontinent denigrating the English folks to the levels of utter imbecility, incompetence and social irrelevance. However, the native-English side is quite unaware of this quite powerful machinery working against them from inside the very core of their vitals.

Actually this is huge theme, which I might touch upon again. However, at this moment, what I would like to simply mention is the angle of view.

When the English folks were in colonial South Asian subcontinent, they were viewed either at an elevation or on par. This viewing at an elevation or on par will have its own version of coding. In many ways, it is quite a healthy one, especially when mingling inside a feudal language social system.

However, when the same people arrive in England as immigrants and start viewing the native-English from an elevation as denigrated folks, there will be a different coding getting encoded in the human beings, as well as in the codes of reality.

A very powerful shift of personality features will take place. However, like gravitational force, the force of this transformation is also quite powerful. Yet, it is a slow moving force. It takes time to slowly shift the facial demeanour and physical stature from that of native-English stature to that of demeaned-under-feudal-language-speakers’ demeanour.

I have observed that the effect of the Evil Eye is more affected when a superior person or institution goes down to the levels of lower classes in a feudal language, and starts getting understood as equals. Or as ‘fallen from grace’ entities.

In feudal languages, persons who have been forced into lowliness actually exist in a lower-grade code numerical value. These lower values are infectious if the other person is not quite wary about getting too close to the other side as of being an ‘equal’. These are things that almost all feudal language-speaking persons with some worldly knowledge know intuitively. It is as innate as the knowledge of the new-born infant that it has to stick close to his or her mother for breast-feeding.

Persons who are thus enfeebled by the lower classes, I have noticed, are more prone to being overwhelmed by Evil Eye. Evil Eye might be springing from a bout of jealousy or envy. This is turn is spurred by the terror of insecurity, of another equal going up. Or by the anomalous situation of a superior falling from grace to the levels of the inferior (in feudal language ambience).

When native-English speakers try to discuss evil eye and such other things, they might miss the information that is there in this commentary.

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34 #. The Codes of touch

A mouse click is actually an activation of a command code. To do this or that.

However, as of now, the working of a mouse has been taken over by the human touch. And many other kinds of touch. That much is seen in touch screen devices.

If this fact about the powers of a human touch had been mentioned some twenty to thirty years back, no one would have believed it. It would have been notified as some kind of crank words.

I do know that the mouse click corresponds to certain MS dos commands which were used in earlier computers, before the advent of the mouse use in personal computers. I do not know much about Smart devices such as touch phones where a touch by a finger can activate a lot of actions. However, it would be more or less correct to say that the touch does activate command codes to do this and/or that.

What does this portend to mean? It simply means that human touch can convey codes. It is here one comes to the proximity of un-touch-ability. That, persons who carry relative negative numerical values in codes do have the power of diffusing negative numerical values into the innate codes of the touched person. Or it can be said that they have the power to extract the positive numerical values from the innate codes of the touched person.

Actually this is something that is being practised almost everywhere in the nation of India.

For instance, the Indian police constables. They are the lowest in the ranking in the Indian police department. They are not at all similar to a constable in an English nation. This is because, in all kinds of rights and capacity to articulate, to debate, to discuss etc. any issue with the higher official classes, they are subordinated by the use lower indicant words on them, and about them by the higher officials.

At the same time, they carry the huge burden of having to use self-deprecating higher indicant ‘respect’ words for their superiors. Not all of them are from the lowest intellectual class. The people have to ‘respect’ them. Or face their terror.

The hideousness of the terrible subordination creates a terrible mood in them. If the others can be compared to untied, free wandering dogs, these people can be compared to a tied-up dog. Tied-up dogs vent their fury on unwary persons who approach them.

In a similar manner, the Indian police constables vent their fury on those they are allowed to handle or manhandle. It is part of assuaging their pent up fury. And also, it gives a huge boost to their ego and self-esteem.

Another thing, I can mention is about the effect of buoyancy or uplifting. I have mentioned this item earlier. The police constables would sense a social buoyancy when allowed to address a deemed social superior with degrading words. However, they will take all precautions to see that they do not make a mistake when doing this. If the social superior is someone who cannot be thus submerged, they generally will not do it.

As an aside: Now, mentioning about the quality of the Indian police constables, even though they generally are from the most rude and crude class of persons, all that is required to make them of extremely refined quality is a native-English officer class. Under native-English officer class, who do not have the verbal tools to subordinate them to despicable levels, they will spontaneously change into a very good team.

Here again, certain powerful codes will work in the background.

Now continuing on the touching issue, generally the police constables are made to touch a person by holding him or her, on the hands or on the neck or on the shoulder. It has a very powerful effect, in that the touched man will feel the sensation of his stature losing numerical values in his innate code region.

Those who see this scene will immediately decode this action as a degrading in the indicant word codes.

Even though, it might be mentioned that the English constables also touch those who they have arrested, it is a totally different effect. When an English constable touches a person from the South Asian subcontinent, the effect is that of being touched by a superior individual. Actually the person might even get a sensation of his stature improving.

There are many things to be said about this. However, I am leaving this theme here.

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35 #. Gadgetries of degrading

The other wider experiences are that of making one’s servant accost another person and speak to him, make him sit and eat or drink with him, and even to touch him. Even in touching, there is specific non-verbal encodings connected to placing their hands on the shoulder in different ways and manners, to signify varying levels of intimacy, sameness or even subordinating.

People use their lower-most subordinates to thus enfeeble another social competitor. If the social competitor does not understand the wider codes inside these sly techniques, he or she is in for deep trouble.

For equality with just another human being is not a likeable thing in feudal language social systems. What is specifically desired is equality with a socially accepted superior.

Only totally foolish people like the native-English of the USA etc. allow any other person to establish a feeling of ‘equality’. Equality is not something that has to be enforced. If two persons are equal, there is no need to mention or establish it. It is a reality.

Only in the case of really un-equal persons do an issue of enforcing an equality be required. And there is actually no need for establishing any equality in English. For, there are no codes of inequality in English communication, as understood in feudal languages.

All one has to do is to remain in one’s own location where one is at ease and comfort, without barging into other’s locations, where one is not welcome. All talk of racism, apartheid, repulsion etc. will vanish. Racism basically comes from the repulsion towards unwelcome persons who barge in. If the barging in person has quality people with him, all he has to do is to set up a quality social group, which is attractive. If he and his people cannot do this, and does not have the mettle to create a quality group, then he and his people will barge into locations which are attractive, but where they are unwelcome.

However, the above talk will not take me on the required pathway. So I am leaving that here.

Coming back to the codes of touch, in feudal language communication systems, it does have an eerie effect. In English, there is no way to understand the issues.

Even now, there is an unspoken tendency to give a different plate, glass etc. to specific classes who are deemed to be ‘lower’, as per the codes in the feudal languages. That is, to give a different lower quality plates and other utensils, to those whom the language defines as Aval (lower he, him), Aval (lower she, her), USS (lower he or she) etc.

At the same time, the utensils meant for the use of those whom the feudal languages define as Avar (higher he and she), Adheham (higher he and she), UNN (higher he and she) are of higher and different quality. The very using of these by the former will be deemed to have sullied the quality of the utensils.

There is this incident told by my mother. Though from a lower caste, due to the extremely powerful input of English education given by the English rule in her locality, she could quite easily manage to extrude a higher stature demeanour. At around age 23, she got a job as a Sub Registrar (officer cadre) in the erstwhile Malabar district of the Madras presidency.

The higher, more refined castes had their own agonies with the gradual tumbling down of social stricture. It was not felt much among the English-educated in nearby locations. However, in distant areas where the quaint quality of English education had not spread, there was sincere agony in the minds of the erstwhile higher castes.

One day, my mother had to go for a House Register (Land partition/sale registration is done in the home of the concerned party. They do not have to come to the Sub Registrar office.). It was a Brahmin household.

Instead of allowing her to go inside their house, she was taken to an outhouse. She was given drinking water in a low quality glass which was quite easily understood as that for the lower castes. I do not want to follow this incident more, for it could end up in a discussion on a different theme.

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36 #. Issue of viewing

Does viewing a person affect that person? Well, I have absolute proof that even the viewing of a picture by others does have an effect on the person. However, it might not be much in terms of actual quantum.

It is true that in feudal languages, the very viewing of a person has an effect. It is understood by everyone. The more lower social stature of the person in the indicant codes, the more terrible might be the effect.

In fact, I have heard stories of small-time landowners in remote villages getting acutely annoyed when a lower caste or labour class man gets an opportunity to view their wives in a manner to nicely enjoy their physical features. There are stories of such landowners taking the person to some distant location, in the guise of giving some work, and killing him during the colonial days. These did happen in remote locations where the law & order machinery of the English colonial rule was feeble.

When a lot of people view a person’s picture with admiration, may be the person might get some sensation of a higher energy. In fact, there is a very quaint understanding in me that many supernatural divinities do hunger for a large gathering of people, crowding round their idols or praying to them. In fact, I feel that there is indeed some competition in this regard among the divinities.

Actually there might be means to test these things out. However, being sensations, modern science might not have the adequate defining parameters to try these out.

Now, coming back to the issue of being viewed in a feudal language ambience, persons of lower stature viewing and persons of higher stature viewing are entirely two different things.

When a relatively higher stature person views a female and mentions her as Aval (lower indicant word for female), there is not much of a social and mental degradation for the female. In fact, many females will not feel any discomfiture at all. The viewing person can be male or female.

However, if a relatively lower stature person views the same female, his mental processing of her through the codes of Aval (lower stature She), when he himself is a much lowly Avan (lower stature He), can really degrade the viewed female. It can cause severe discomfiture in most females. If at the same time, if the viewing person is defining the viewed female as an Avar or UNN (both higher She, her), there will not be a terror involved. In fact, this mood of admiration as a higher personage will give an extra boost to the numerical values in the female’s innate codes.

In fact, in the local state here, I have been informed that the local police have proclaimed a new rule. I am told that if a male stares at a female on the public roads for more than 14 seconds, the police can arrest him. Even though this rule seems quite outrageous, there seems to have been not much of a reaction from the people. The quaint reason might be that the people understand the non-tangible sensations, connected to this issue.

See this link:

There is an extended code work involved. Each of the persons, who view a female, would mention about her to others. The mental and social stature of those persons is also involved. It is like a link posted on Twitter. Other can click on it, or even forward it. It goes further from the initial person who posted it first. Yet, every forwarded link more or less links back to the same focal point.

If one can view the way the communication routes of the various persons who mention the female, it will not be like a link in an English language ambience. In English, in all routes, paths and links of mention, the She and Her will remain steady. This would be very amply visible in the supernatural software application where we can view this.

However, if the same incident happens in a feudal language social system, when we view the routes, each link would be seen to have at least two totally varying stature links. Invariably, in the case of an ordinary female, the lower stature link would be used. All the end points of all such communications, will point to the same person, defining her in powerful lower stature codes. It does have an effect.

Even though in native English nations, native-English speakers may not immediately understand this issue, a slight distress is sure to emerge as an unexplainable sensation.

Personally, I myself have felt these things in varying situations. I can mention something from the most recent ones.

When I do translation work for Indian translation companies (freelance), they are quite nice and affable. However, the issue is that my translation works are moving to third parties who in many cases are natives of India. There is no way to insist on a higher indicant verbal use with regard to me at their location. Many times, I can very clearly see the lowering of stature when my defining words are placed in their hands. The rank rascality of the use of lower indicant words at various levels including the main client and even his or her computer operator are seen in the way some of the replies or comments sent back.

Basically when comparing with all this, there is no content in English racism that can compare at this level of roguishness. In fact, English racism is a very sweet experience. It only adds to one’s desire to go near to the English side. In the case of feudal language degrading, people would wish to vanish from there forever.

I remember writing the following words in my first book, March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages, with regard to what would be the change that would come upon the USA as more and more feudal language speakers enter the nation:

...a stage may come, at least, in certain areas, where the innate resilience of the English structure may be severely tested; and cause much distress to the individual persons; and can in a matter of time, cause domino effect on many other areas, causing strange happenings of technological failure, inefficiency, conflict, hatred, events that may be described with shallow understanding as racially motivated, decent and peaceful persons acting with unnatural violence etc.

I wrote this at least 15 years back. Or more. (c2000)

When England plays cricket with feudal language nations, actually it is losing it stature. When native-Englishmen and women work under feudal language speakers, they lose numerical values in their stature codes. Their very competing with feudal language speakers is actually an action that has the possibility of adding atrophy to their stature codes.

Actually there are hints of all this in the epics (puranas) of the subcontinents.

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37 #. A clue from the epics of the landscape

There is this story of Karna.

He was born to his unwed mother, a princess, in her alignment with the Sun God. She abandoned him by placing the infant in a basket and sending it adrift in the river. He was saved by a low-caste charioteer. However, by exact ancestry he belonged to the higher caste, Kshatriya. So, he had an inborn desire to go in for martial arts. He managed to get himself trained by the greatest martial arts teacher, Parashurama, who himself is an avatar (manifestation) of one among the Hindu trinities.

His mother later married a king and had children by other gods. That king’s brother was also a king, both sharing the kingship. He also had children. These two groups of cousins were inimical to each other. They were taught martial arts by a great martial art teacher.

One of Karna’s maternal step-brothers was considered to be the greatest archer in the world. There was a martial arts display arranged by their teacher. People gathered to see it. The young prince’s expertise in archery was seen by all. It was a very fabulous display, more or less reaching to the levels of modern missile war and drone warfare.

The martial arts teacher made a proclamation that there is no one in the world who can defeat the young prince in archery. In fact, he made an open challenge that if there is anyone in the world who can do it, he could compete with the young prince.

On hearing this, Karna came forward and said that he could defeat the young prince in his forte. He then made a display of his expertise. It was quite evident that his proficiency was of much better quality.

Karna then said that he is ready to take up the challenge.

It was at this deeply troubling juncture that another higher teacher mentioned the cautions in the spiritual jurisprudence. That a prince can compete only with an equal. Competing with a lower stature person, even if he is more capable or of greater skill and expertise is not recommendable. Actually it is an action that would create rattling in the design view. And in the code view, there will be rapid shifting of code values.

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38 #, What bodes ill for England

A winning against a low stature person is of no value. A losing to him is of astronomical negativity. At the location of every human link to which the lower stature individual is linked to, the higher stature individual’s indicant value codes will be dropped into the midst of stinking rubbish.

In fact, in feudal language nations, the higher level persons refrain from any direct verbal or other kinds of confrontation with persons or entities whom they judge as from the lower stature levels. To dismantle the offensive moves of lower stature individuals, the higher stature persons arrange very lower stature persons. This leads to the opponents getting connected to very low stature persons, which will only lead to their social disgrace.

I am quoting here an incident that was mentioned in the Travancore State Manual written by a native historian of the South Asian Subcontinent.

In despair, therefore, their chiefs resolved upon marshalling a large number of foreign Brahmin settlers in the vanguard of their fighting men to deter the Maharajah’s forces from action, as they would naturally dislike the killing of Brahmins, Brahmahatti or Brahminicide being the most heinous of sins according to the Hindu Shastras. The Dalawa however ordered firing, but his men would not. Then he ordered a body of fishermen to attack the Brahmins who, at the sight of their low caste adversaries, took to flight.

The above incident shows the craftiness of the social agenda in feudal language social systems.

These are things that native-English nations do not have inkling of. In fact, if this is known, no native-English nation will go for a direct confrontation with feudal language nations. It would be arranged with more cunning and guile.

In fact, the policy of fair-play and human equality practised and proclaimed by native-English nations is fraught with acute dangers for native-English posterity. It is like a flock of sheep entering in a wild area and proclaiming fair-play and equal rights to the carnivorous animals. The other side will not have any appreciation for such highly refined actions. Once they catch a sheep in their hands, they will plunge their claws and teeth into its tasty flesh. Once the devouring is over, they would not even pause to ponder on the great magnanimity of the sheep. See this:

Feudal languages do have a very carnivorous code. That is why among feudal language speakers, there is social phobia and paranoia, when they have to mingle with a lower stature crowd, which is not willing to accept their social elevation.

England of pre-1940s will feel the sensation of a dismantling in the post-1950 decades, for some time. Then it becomes a common feeling, part of the daily routine.

There are simply dialogues in feudal languages which if spoken in the correct tune and tone can rattle a human being. This can be done in a very soft voice, and with no hint of an offence understandable to a person who does not know the language.

There is indeed a huge secrecy on a global scale, which might make the theme of illuminati, next to nothing.

I do know that I have moved a bit from the pathway to the codes of eerie black magic. However, what I have described above does have enough and more eerie content.

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39 #. Codes of imagination

Many years ago when I had a chance to be quite proximate to a spiritual guru for a brief period, there was one thing that I heard from him.

It was that when praying to Lord Shiva (one among the Brahmanical trinity), one has to imagine that one is Lord Shiva. That is, to imagine oneself in the form of Lord Shiva, with all His appendages. When we do this, we will start acquiring certain spiritual enhancements.

Even though, initially one might feel that this is a cranky idea, I have found that there is a deeper input in this suggestion.

Something similar is usually practised in temporal life by most discerning feudal language speakers. The value of an association is quite different from that understood in English. In feudal languages, if there are a variety of choices with which one can mentally associate oneself with, the best option for effective personality enhancement would be to imagine powerfully that one is associated with the top-most group.

It automatically gives a feeling of being on a higher level. Even the mention of a link to a lower group as an association can literally bleed one’s stature in the code view arena.

People do use name-dropping, deliberate, yet seemingly casual mention of connection to higher people etc. to convey this imagination to others. The effect in feudal languages is that the numerical value addition directly gets connected to the indicant word codes. Since there is no such thing in English, the exact affect cannot be replicated in English.

In a way this has a connection to everyday sights. I have been told that the very presence of native-English speakers in some low-social order social areas do give a numerical value addition to the mental stature.

It is the issue of what one sees one to be part of. The quality of the people group around one, with constant proximity one starts to think that one is a part of, can make powerful changes in one’s personality and stature.

There shall be a slow change of behavioural pattern, way of walking, postures, manners or lack of it, civic behaviour etc. Even though from a physical view, one might find logical reasons for all these changes, actually if we do go beyond the real view and seek out in the code view, one would be able to see quite tangible changes in the codes.

There is more to be mentioned about the issues of imagination. However, it might lead to another subject. I leave it here.

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40 #. The slow rattling and the long-term rearrangement of human population designs

The experience of Thurston and others is that they were dealing with an array of populations, who described those lower to them in most despicable terms. In fact, there was always a slight undertone that the lower castes were a bit near to the animal species.

The codes for squeezing human features are in the language. Generally, the fact is that very few from the higher classes in India would move to the level of interacting with the lower classes. They are treated as despicable. It is like the cats around the house in India. They are shooed away in all equanimity. However, the fact is that the cats are very near humans in many things, including social paranoia, affection, mother-children affection etc. However, human beings do not ponder on these things. They are literally treated like a dumb being.

The issue is basically one of communication. If human beings, especially the native-English populations can break-through the wall of communication block and speak to them, and allow them to speak back, they are more or less human in everything other than looks. If the process of human socialisation goes on, within a few centuries, they will be very near to human features.

When the English colonial officials and evangelists came to the subcontinent, this was the major break-through for the lower castes and classes. They interacted with the lower castes and classes.

Thurston does mention that there is a possibility that some of the lower castes were in some period in history, actually a higher community with social domination.

Then the question is how did they go down?

This again is connected to the eerie powers of feudal languages. The language codes can bring down personal and population stature. As they go down, instead of collectively reacting against the lowering, the codes create a split amongst themselves. The lower castes’ lowering power is more terrible. They deprecate themselves quite powerfully. Which in turn leads to mutual or internecine belligerences.

This theme can be explained with an allegory.

In one of the southern states of India, there is a caste known as Nairs, who traditionally were defined as Sudra. They belong to the lowest of the four-caste Brahmin religion. However, in this particular state there are many other castes lower to them.


I think the picture is from Castes and Tribes of Southern India

The arrangement and maintaining of the hierarchy is by means of the language codes. Nairs stand below the Brahmin and Kshatriya (2nd in line) layers. Brahmins were allowed a lot of access into the Nair families in olden days. The nairs were treated as their labour supervisor castes by the Brahmin landowners. The Brahmin men were allowed access to Nair females. This was considered a great act of consideration by the Nair households. (Currently the lower castes use this theme to insult the Nairs. However, the plight of the lower caste women of those times was more terrible, with no solace of any kind).

In many ways, the offering of their women to their superior castes, was one of the greatest of offerings possible. The superior castes in turn gave them the powers of thraldom over the various other castes which were placed at their disposal.

Nairs were addressed as Nee by the Brahmins of all age. Nee is a lower indicant word for You. Yet, the terrible degrading effect of this word was not felt by the Nairs, due to the fact that it was the highest caste addressing them thus.

However as the human stature went down each layer, the crushing power of the Nee becomes more powerful. It more or less exerts the push of increasing number of social layers, as the Nee usage moves to the lower levels.

At this location, the Nee word used by a lower caste man more or less carries the huge downward push of the huge number of social layers above him. So much so, that when this man addresses his own wife, or son or daughter with this word, they feel the crushing power of the lower indicant word.

Now, this is how the issue of evilness of feudal languages in native-English nations has to be understood.

For instance in England, the Nee (Thoo) word used to each other by the native-speakers of feudal languages will not be of so much heaviness. For, the total environment of English will act as a high power buoy.

The upward thrust of this buoy is given by the native-English speakers. Yet, all it requires to make them submerge is to simply teach them the feudal language. They will sink down the stinking hierarchies.

If they learn the feudal language, in a few centuries, they will have the personal stature and facial demeanour of the lower-castes of the South Asian subcontinent.

Even though the above-mentioned items may not seem to belong to the realm of black magic, mantra, tantra, witchcraft, voodoo etc., the real fact is that all these eerie arts work at the same realm. That is at the level of the software codes of reality.

Before moving off from this location, I will mention one illustrative event. One of my cousins mentioned this to me. She is currently in the US. Even before that she was quite good in English.

Around 1990s she was in Bangalore. Working in some English ambience company. Her native language was not Kannada, the native language of Bangalore. At her work place or in some training area, she got acquainted with a young Anglo-Indian female, with very obvious British blood. Her English was fabulous, in those days. Had golden brown hair.

Yet, she had a terrible location where her innate personal stature was compromised. She knew Kannada. Kannada-speaking lower class persons used to make it a point to talk to her in a mood of friendliness, in the very view of others. When she was addressed in Kannada, with the pejorative words for You (neenu), Your etc. and with pejorative indicant words for She, Her etc., her stature literally melted down.

The lower classes know the power of their highly loaded pejorative words. They will use it by perching on any particular aspect that will give them the superiority. In many cases, it is age. It is like this: I am the superior in age. You are the inferior in age. So you are Nee, and I am the higher YOU.

Let the posterity of England and other native-English nations beware. Unless they know what is looming ahead, they are doomed.

Indicant word codes can pin-down or pin-up a person in immovable positions.

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41 #. Astrology and other divinations

In the book Omens and Superstitions of Southern India, Thurston has mentioned astrology and other predictions techniques. He has generally taken a non-judgemental stance.

He mentions of people going to professional astrologers for almost everything including that of knowing about the rain and climate.

He has even displayed a more than average information about the various tools and procedures of the local astrologers. Astrology has been practised everywhere, I think. Continental Europe has had it. Great Britain also has had it. Even though I am not quite sure of its status in England, there are the writings of Cheiro, to substantiate the point that people did try to get some professional consultation at least at a minor level.

Yet, the terrors of destiny is always quite less in a pristine-English-only social system. This is due to the absence of the fear of going down in indicant words codes. Moreover, there is no terror in another person going up in the social or professional system. In a feudal language system, the indicant word of that person can elevate along with this. This would lead to the sinking of the other person. So, generally human stature and social self-confidence is more high in pristine-English. At the same time, people are terrified by the swinging and swaying antics of destiny in feudal language systems. There is no way for me to convey a comparative graph of this terror. Yet, it is a fact.

Due to this reason, a native pristine-Englishman’s dependence on religion, spirituality, priests, church etc. would not be as powerful as it is in a feudal language society. It might seem curious there was a very high level of honesty, rectitude, sense of commitment, dependability etc. in an English nation, than was there in a feudal language nation. This is in spite of feudal language nations being more inclined to depend upon spirits and other supernatural beings.

Here, the explanation is that, dependence on spirits and other spiritual entities has nothing to do with honesty, rectitude, sense of commitment, dependability &c. The reason why native-English people have various refined qualities has been explained by me in my books: March of the Evil Empires; English versus the feudal languages! and in Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages.

Let me now mention something about astrology. The descriptions in the book by Thurston about astrologers and its believers give an impression of a very low-quality population, just arriving at semi-barbarianism from a state of total barbarianism. This impression is mostly true. In fact, the definition of society as ‘semi-barbarian’ is seen in Travancore State Manual, written by a native of the same subcontinent.

The low quality of the population is directly connected to the feudal codes in the language. Each person, and each layers of populations try desperately to outdo, undo, restrain, shackle, overpower, to disparage and to sneer at others in the family, caste and society. This is the way the codes of South Asian feudal languages work. There is no escape from its working procedure, when one speaks and understands these languages.

That part of human quality is true. However, the exact systems, codes and procedures of astrology were not created by this low-quality, mutually discouraging and disheartening populations. They were just the practioners of the art, they had learnt by various means. It is similar to the compounders in pharmacies over here. They learn the healing art without the real depth in the subject. Even many modern doctors in India, suffer from this same malady.

Even though technically anyone can learn and practise astrology, in the subcontinent, in the various locations, there were specific castes who by tradition and family vocation practised it. Son following father. Or a disciple learning from a practitioner.

If they looked crude and semi-literate, the blame is on the social and languages system. At a personal level, at least some of the practioners could be quite erudite in the themes of the vagaries of human destiny.

I do not know astrology. I have not practised it. However, over the years, I have consulted professional astrologers many times. I am quite happy to look back at all these quirky experiences. I can write from a location of proximity. I can understand the observation that Thurston has mentioned with regard to the astrologers of the southern parts of the subcontinent.

As a part of a vocation, there are problems in how the art is practised. It is like practising medicine. It is a livelihood of the doctor. Whatever, greatness, limits and possible problems are there, the practitioner would bear in mind that it is his art of livelihood. So, to this end, he would be constrained to compromise on the exact quality of the art.

This has to be borne when trying to understand astrology. Astrology cannot be judged by judging its practitioners.

In my younger days, I was part of a rationalist organisation. At that time, I was a proclaimed atheist. I ‘clearly’ ‘understood’ that all these ridiculous arts including astrology were mere gift of the gab.

The professional astrologer would evaluate the visitor, ask a few questions and thus understand the various predicaments of the person. Being quite experienced in dealing with various persons, he would quite easily understand the various issues connected to that man. Or he may have received many inputs from various other sources about this person.


Cowry shells
Image details: Licenced under: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Author: Sodabottle

Then he would perform a very protracted procedure of rolling cowry shells. He would pretend to chant some mantra, along with that. At the end of it all, he would answer the visitors question using his ingenuity. It is quackery similar to what is practised by professional psychologists and psychiatrists. However, these two professionals do have some professional degrees to show off. The astrologer has none.

As to comparing the astrologer with the quacks known as psychologists and psychiatrists, it must be mentioned that there are many similarities. Both use terminologies that are meant to impress the others. However, in the case of the mental science professional, without these terminologies, their ‘science’ more or less falls flat.

At the same time, even though a professional astrologer does move along all the mentioned procedures, he is in fact, basing his actions on a very profound subject known as astrology.

It has its own complex and powerful whereabouts. There are parameters, definitions, procedures and much else mentioned in the astrology books. I am not alluding to the astrology books meant for amateur reading.

After a long period of observing astrology from a distance, and connecting my observations with my comprehensive ideas, I do get the feeling that astrology might have some connection to the codes of reality, at the location where it connects to human destiny.

Even the astrology chart has the look of some software codes, that can be deciphered inside some supernatural software application.

Look at this typical chart:


The above chart I made from an online site. Only the time of birth might not be exact, but would be in the thereabouts.

From my various years of viewing various kinds of software designs, I feel that it is a software code or codes arranged in some particular manner. Or even a software application. I do not really have a clear idea.

However, the there is always the troublesome question of how the planets and the stars, and the Sun and the moon, and also two other non-existent, hypothetical entities (Rahu & Ketu) affect or influence human life and destiny.

That was the question that was being asked in my days of rationalism. The supporters of astrology used to pick up the theme of gravitation and such things. Even the theme of moon influencing the tides in the oceans was mentioned. Then there was the attempt to connect the word ‘lunatic’ to full-moon. These physical issues were twisted, pulled and pushed to accommodate the correctness of astrology.

Then there was the contentions connected to astrology taking earth as the centre of the universe, with even the sun revolving around it. The astrology supporters could quite easily refute this with the counter point that actually the position of the sun as the centre is just a matter of frame of reference as understood in the theory of relativity.

However all these arguments and counter arguments do not connect at all to the actual machinery of astrology. My personal experience is that there is indeed some powerful software at work in astrology. More, I do not know.

I will mention the very brief information that I do know of the astrology as practised in the southern parts of the subcontinent. I am sure that many of the points I mention would have some corresponding points in all other genuine astrological practises elsewhere.

The astrology as understood in the southern parts of the subcontinent does have a lot of elements. I will mention some of them, without describing what they stand for. I cannot guarantee that the information I am providing is totally correct. For, I write from the knowledge of a casual observer.

First of all there are the nakshatras or the Stars. The word nakshatra means Star. However, I understand that in astrology, the word nakshatra does not mean Star. It more or less refers to Constellation. That is what I understand.

Look at the names of the Nakshatras. There are twenty-seven of them (I write their names in the local language): Ashwathi, Bharani, Karthika, Rohini, Makayiram, Thiruvathira, Punartham, Pooyam, Aayilyam, Makam, Pooram, Uthram, Atham, Chithira, Chothi, Vishagam, Anizham, Thrikketta, Moolam, Pooraadam, Uthraadam, Thiruvonam, Avitam, Chathayam, Pooruruttathi, Uthrattathi and Revathi.

The names look quite formidable. This is the main astrological categorisation of a birth time.

The next item for mentioning would be something called Thithi. Look at them in the local language: Pradhama, Dwitheeya, Thretheeya, Chathurthi, Panchami, Shashti, Sapthami, Asthami, Navami, Dasami, Ekadasi, Dwadashi, Tharyodhashi, Chathurdhasi and Paurnami (Full moon) / Amaavaasi (New moon)

There is another item called Karanam:

Look that their names in the local language: Vishti, Simham (lion), Puli (leopard), Panni (swine), Kazhutha (donkey), Aana (elephant), Pashu (cow), Pullu, Nalkkali (four-legged), Pamb (snake) and Puzhu (worm).

After this, there is something called Yogam. Look at their names in the local language: Shubha, Shukla, Brahma, Indra, Vaidrithi, Vishkabham, Prithi, Aayushman, Saubhagya, Shobana, Athigandha, Sukarma, Dhrithi, Shulam, Gandha, Vridhi, Dhruva, Vyaghatha, Harshana, Vajru, Sidhi, Vyathipaatha, Variyaan, Parigha, Shiva, Sidha and Sadhya.

Then there is what is known as Dasha. The life of an individual is divided into certain different epochs, each linked directly to the main control or influence of one particular planet or graham.

Inside each such dasha, there would be minor periods (apahaaram) extending from a few months to a few years, connected to the different planets. So that, it seems, inside the period in which the main planet decides many things, there are minor effects of other planets. This would affect the main planet’s influence to some extent, either enhancing it or reducing it. Or even taking the influence to some angular component.

Each of these items is connected to various kinds of timings and angles, in which the Sun is a major point of reference. I do not know much about any of these things. I am just mentioning the expanse of the theme.

Beyond all this, there are other items like Rahukalam, Gulikakalam and Yamagaandham, each day.

All of them basically are connected to the sunrise and sunset timings on earth, at the specific location in context.

There are simple to complicated calculations that can be done using all the above items. I think that the whole software application known as astrology available to the human beings is practical on the earth only. I cannot conceive what would be its status on a different planet.

Even the Romans, the Mayans, the Incas etc. had practised astrology. There is no indication as to who created this application.

However, the content mentioned above makes me reconsider my position when I was a rationalist, that the whole practise of astrology was based on gift of gab. If I had mentioned such a thing, it was from a location of severe ignorance. However, I do not remember saying such a thing, even though that was the platform on which I stood along with others.

The wider issue here is that once human and animal intelligence arrive at the location that reality indeed has a software design and maintenance location, all material sciences including physics, chemistry, biology as well as mathematics diminish into mere entities inside the software application. All laws and rules in physics become items that can be changed at this location. Mathematics also becomes a mere creation inside this application. This application would decide the laws and rules of addition and multiplication.

However, from inside the application, there might be limits to human contemplations on this line of thoughts. For human beings are also mere entities inside this supernatural software application.

During my various interactions with astrology, I came to know of another item. That is, there are certain packages of life-experiences. These are called Yogam in the local language. This is different from the earlier list of Yogams I have mentioned.

Each individual would have particular kinds of Yogams. The person would live a life in sync and tune with the rhyme of these Yogams. Some of these are Anabha Yogam, Gaja Kesari Yogam, Raja Yogam, Hamsa Yogam &c.

I would not have believed in this ‘nonsense’, if I myself had not experienced it personally. Throughout my life, I had experienced a sort of going down and then going up, as if in a periodic cycle. In the early years of my youthful days, I was quite perturbed by the more or less quite certitude of the cycle. As if there was no stable level of platform for me to function. The moment I feel the terrors of the depths, the next moment, there would be the effect of emerging to the top.

Later I learnt to take it in my stride, and not to aim for any heights at all. Another thing, I picked up was to feel at ease when things were at the depths, hitting the rock bottom. For, that was the location from which the wheel would go up.

Once I was with an astrologer around the year 1990. He simply mentioned a formidable list of great Yogams in my horoscope. However, on the negative side he said that I had Shakata yogam, which more or less seemed to negate all the goodness ushered in by the others. Since I did not know anything about Yogams, I simply asked him what it meant. He simply said that there will always be a cycle of moving down and up in my life. I noticed that what he had mentioned was a correct picture of my life. At that moment, I was petrified. To understand that one cannot achieve anything stable was a terribly disappointing thought.

Shakata Yogam literally means Cartwheel destiny. That is, a destiny of going down and up, as if fixed on to the rim of a cartwheel. Actually there might be more to this particular Yogam, than is generally mentioned or understood.

Over the years, I found that there is indeed something making me go down. In fact, I have written more than 20 books on various themes big and small. Almost all are of original content, taken right from my head.

How would I have been able to write so many things unless, life had not taken me from one defeat to another?

If even the most insignificant business venture of mine had succeeded, I would never have written any of my books.

I will leave my experiences at this location.

Now, thinking of the various items I had mentioned, including Nakshatras, the planets, the sun, the moon, the hypothetical planets Rahu & Kethu, the various Thithis, the Yogams, the Karanams, the other Yogam which I mentioned as life-experience packages, it is seen that various names have been given to the items inside each heading. From my perspective, I feel that each of these names actually define some kind of location or code package in the supernatural software application called astrology (not the astrology softwares that are man-made).

They might not relate to the Sun, the Moon, the planets, the constellations etc. in their physical form. Quite obviously, this supernatural software package would work at the code view level. At the code view location, all planets, constellations, stars, the Sun, the Moon, the hypothetical planets, human body, human destiny and much else are mere software codes. Even a major planet might be just the physical visualisation of a very brief number of code lines.

In the South Asian subcontinent, astrology is believed to be connected to the Brahmanical religion (currently called Hindu religion). However, I understand that some variation of this art was practiced by some lower castes also, who had bare antique links to Brahminical religion.

Brahmanical religion is said to belong to Sanskrit antiquity. As such it is not part of the majority peoples of the subcontinent, even though currently many people of India feel that they are part of some great antiquity dating back some 7000 years back.

Vedas are considered to be some of the most ancient Sanskrit books available. They contain the textual descriptions of some very ancient religious practices. There are four of them, mentioned as written in different periods of the past. The last of them is called the Adharva Veda. I have been told that this contains the text of an art quite near to black magic and tantra. Since I do not know Sanskrit, I cannot say anything more.

Sanskrit is also a feudal language. That is, Sanskrit words and usages might be able to create a 3-diamensional design view in the virtual area. It might be utterly foolish to interpret and dissertate on Sanskrit scriptures without this understanding.

Being a feudal language, with the ability to create 3-dimensional sensations in the physical view, it is very much possible that it would be able to perform social actions which are quite akin to black magic.

Antique astrology books of the subcontinent are said to be in Sanskrit. Whether they were available in other ancient language of the location including those like Prakrit, Magadhi, Aradhamagadhi, Pali etc. is not known to me. I get the information that there are Jainism scriptures in Prakrit. On doing an online search, I see a mention of Suryaprajnaptisutra, an astronomical work done in Prakrit.

I do not know if these mentioned languages are as ancient as Sanskrit. It is also possible that Sanskrit was an immigrant language to the subcontinent. Nothing more can be mentioned by me about things dating back to at least 2000 and more years back.

There are other languages in the southern parts of the subcontinent. The main is Tamil. I do not know if there are ancient text books of astrology in Tamil. I do see a mention of one such on an online search. I do not know much about it. However, a cursory examination gives the feeling that everything is more or less similar. Pointing to single focal point from where all the ideas spread out to the different regions of the world.

Apart from all this, a majority of the current-day populations of the South Asian subcontinent does not really belong to an antiquity dating back to thousands of years. Many populations have entered the various small locations in the subcontinent from elsewhere. They got connected over the centuries, with most of them trying to imbibe the Brahmanical traditions, in the hope of improving their social and intellectual levels.

Now, going back on the astrology path, it might be right to mention that none of the above mentioned language-speakers are the actual creators of astrology or of any other occult art. For these arts including Shamanism are found in various other locations in the world, including in the Mayan, Inca and other long-lost cultures.

For instance, if the Vedic Aryans were of such technical superiority as to create such a fabulous supernatural software application as Astrology, then the next perturbing question would be as to why they could not make a very indelible computer print-out of the Vedic texts or bring out printed books on the same. Or at least preserve them in a better medium than dry palm-leaves.

For it is a fact that the officials of the English East Indian Company had to do a lot of search and preserve work to find and protect these Sanskrit textbooks from various locations in the subcontinent.

It might be possible that some of the Vedic people were aware of the mechanism of mantra and tantra, and of the black arts. However, their knowledge would be only at the level of using them, and not at the level of creating or designing them. Something like: I know to use a computer, but I do not have even the least bit of information on how to create a computer.

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42 #. Hidden codes in spiritual scriptures

It is at this point that I need to make a statement on certain powers inherent in feudal languages.

Two persons of more or less equal social stature, arrives separately at a house for some function like a marriage feasting. Both are on only formal acquaintanceship with the householders. The senior man of the household comes out, welcome them in. He makes a momentary evaluation of the social stature of the two different persons who had come in. He seats them in different tables.

He gives two different orders to the serving persons.

He points to the first man and tells them (in the native feudal language): Give him a glass of water.

He points to the second man and tells them (in the native feudal language): Give him a plate of Chicken fried rice.

From an English perspective, it is quite clear that he has been quite partial to the second man. For, the second man has to get a better item, than mere water.

This is a sample of how much in the dark native-English nations are.

There is actually a very powerful code work in the orders. In the case of the first man, he uses the word ‘Avar’ or ‘UNN’ for the word ‘Him’.

In the case of the second man, he uses the word ‘Avan’ or ‘USS’ for the word ‘Him’.

Actually in the Physical world view, the code changes have literally degraded the second man to an utter nonentity. At the same time, the first man has been accorded the level of an honoured person. By a simple change in codes, this terrific differentiating has been done. These are codes of which the native-English world has no ken of.

Why I mentioned this is that it is possible that in all original spiritual scriptures, there might be words, verses and chants which might contain hidden codes than can be deciphered by the mere understanding of their literal meanings.

Looking at spiritual scriptures including the bible (Old Testament) in its original Hebrew version, the Qur’an in its original Arabic version, the Vedic texts in their original Sanskrit version etc., from this perspective might give an insight of possible hidden codes, which might have the power to do things which their literal meaning might not have.

There is a specific item in Old Testament that has continued to intrigue me for quite some time, after my mind started thinking about the codes of reality:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Gospel of John

Spiritual and other similar writings of yore do hold an element of mystery. That such huge works were written in ancient times, when it is claimed that there were no gadget or machinery for writing.

If there be an element of some kind of intervention for a different location of reality, and if the Old Testament in its original Hebrew version has some spiritual authenticity, then the above quoted words might need a very good inspection. For knowing what this ‘word’ is.

As far as I can discern, it points to some software application or software code. The above quoted words do not seem to point to anything else.

Islamic religious people do use a verse known as Bismillah. I would be quite happy to know if anyone can decipher the hidden codes inside this. For, if the claimed capacities of this verse are true, then there is indeed a supernatural mechanism at work.

When dealing with the Brahmanical religious entities like the various gods, devas, devis etc., the same idea can be pondered upon. Whether these entities are actually part of a powerful supernatural software application that has the codes to intervene in the working of social reality and human interactions. After all, they are also part of a reality created by the same supernatural software application that has created reality.

It might not be correct to presume that the postulations and presumptions of the religious worshippers of the South Asian subcontinent are mere imaginations. Imaginations are made up of sensations and feelings. They are actually real entities created inside the innate human software code location.

The same goes true with the practise of Christian religion. There seems to be something more than what the Christian church claims.

I have prayed to the Christian god after going to a medium. I used to experience a very curious experience when praying to the Christian Almighty god. It is this: I yawn during praying. Not from any sleepiness. But as if my brain software has acted in some particular manner. I do not remember yawning when praying to any other god.

There is always one query in my mind. I do not know if it is blasphemy to mention it.

It is this. Why is God or why are the Gods so desperate to get followers? Is there anything that they achieve by having more followers? Is there any competition among the gods? Is there a hierarchical level of gods? Are these gods the real creator/s of this reality? Is it possible that these gods are also some level below the real creator of reality? Then could it not be possible that these entities have tried to recruit human beings to be their followers?

I have experimented and noticed that there is indeed a power that is felt in the sensation as well as in the social scene when one is admired or worship. Even if a few thousand people view a person’s photo with a positive feeling, it will add numerical values in the concerned sections of that individual’s innate codes.

However, it is the same level at which Voodoo and other such so-called black arts work. People can do malevolent actions on the person via this route. There are routes to do this. Can’t mention more.

There is always the theme of gods being benevolent to those who exhibit obeisance in feudal language social systems. People are aware of this. They try to exhibit their undulating loyalty to the gods. In fact, they are ready to fight for their god/s.

It might be mentioned casually that there is no way that current-day mental sciences can deduce anything of substance with regard to all this. For, they are on the wrong pathway. In fact, they are heading on to a cul-de-sac.

What they are currently do is like opening a computer to find out how the software works. The mechanic does not know anything about a software. He has never seen a software. How can he contemplate upon ‘software’ which is totally invisible?

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43 #. The curse of the serpents

Serpent worship was quite a powerful part of the spiritual custom among many castes in the subcontinent. It seems that the higher castes worshiped the cobras. Some of the lower castes had disdain for the cobras and would kill it in a mood of equanimity. Not every lower caste.

Among the worshiping groups there was a general aversion for the curse of the cobras. I think it was the advent of the British rule in the subcontinent that more or less gave a deathblow to the cult of serpent worship. For most Britons, the snakes were quite abhorrent creatures. At the same time, for the devotee people, the cobra was a most welcome visitor to their houses.

In fact, many higher caste houses did have Cobras living a family-life inside. They were treated with quaint respect and deference. In fact, REV. Samuel Matter, in his Native Life in Travancore, does give a very candid description of this worship and co-existence. He says that the Cobras were everywhere. They would be seen slowly going out of higher caste houses in a pose of quietude and composure. They were more or less tame. The only danger came when they were inadvertently trodden upon. This was only a natural reaction to extreme pain.

Mateer mentions an occasion when he was sleeping in the Church. One Cobra simply slithered over him and went away. He found Cobras and all other snakes quite repulsive.

People kill Cobras. They do not face any problems. However, the fear is of paining a Cobra.

There is supposed to be a curse involved. It is mentioned in the local languages as Sarpakopam (the wrath of the serpents). That is the resentment of the serpent. It is beloved to cause problems.

How can that be? There is no known mechanism by which snakes or any other beings would be able to use a biological machinery to affect others. Or is there a wider idea behind this that needs to be pondered upon?

There are many things I would like to convey here.

The first item is about the tameness of snakes.

It was around the year 1965. I was in my extreme childhood. Something like 3 years or so. Or maybe less. As a family we had moved to Deverkovil from elsewhere. The place was more or less wilderness. Very few houses were there. Most of the places were bushy forest-like locations.

In the night-hours, there would be terrific howling of the jackals all around the house.

One evening, there was a man standing with some other people. The man was new to the location, and he was from the town. A huge rat snake (non-poisonous) appeared near the people. It was more or less unconcerned about the presence of the people, whom it more or less understood as not as animals of prey. It was simply standing there, and pondering on something.

The man took a huge spade and went near it. Going near a rat-snake nowadays is quite impossible. It will scoot on the sight of human beings. However, here this huge snake was simply not bothered by the man’s proximity.

The man hit the snake right in the middle of its backbone. It was a terrific scene. In fact, it was a horrible thing that was done. There was no known enmity or reason for enmity between the individual and the man. The individual in the snake had no reason to expect an attack, as it had lived in close proximity with the earlier occupant human beings there.

The man pushed the wriggling snake into a pit. He put some paper inside and gave fire to it. Then he put mud on the snake.

Looking back, I must say that what was done was a most horrible thing. The individual in the snake must have cursed that man.

I think from that moment that man’s life went haywire slowly. It went from bad to worse. He lived for many years, moving from one terrible experience to another.

Many years later, there was another incident. More or less in the same location. I had come to this remote location during my college holidays. There were two or three men, at least one woman, and two or three children. In the bushy ground in front of us, two huge snakes (someone told me that it was mountain rat-snakes), were in a pose of romantic ritual. They were twined on each other, with a passion that was very powerful. It was quite obvious that the two individuals cared for each other very much. Everyone watched the ritual. One small boy threw a stone, which missed them by the whiskers. He was told not to do it. But he occasionally did it again.

This went on for some time, but somehow, the snakes smelt some danger and moved off. However, they were somewhere around.

A couple of days later, when I was moving along the road, I saw one of the same snakes putting its head out of a mud-cut wall. Its head was held up high in a pose of rare dignity and frankness, and looking at a small number of people watching him or her. As I could understand the scene, it was just a matter of not being able to communicate. The individual in the snake was standing as if in a pose of enquiry.

There was one hefty, worker laughing at this pose of high stature by a creature that moved on the ground. I heard him say that he wanted to hit it. He went searching for a stick. At this point, I moved off.

I think that he must have pulverised the head of that snake. The other snake, its partner must have borne the pain of the loss. That individual must have cursed this man from the very core of its heart.

Looking back, it is curious. That man had a very rare accident. He went down in life. Lingered on in terrible physical agony. And died in a very terrible condition.

There is another curious issue. Both the above-mentioned men were connected in a very peculiar manner. Though they were from totally different social heights. I do not want to mention more.

Can mind work beyond the confines of its biological body?

I have done many experiments which I cannot divulge here. I am of the confirmed conviction that mind can at the very least connect to other minds. And may be even influence the other person’s body.

In fact, the practise of pranayama confirms it. It seems to work. That of a practitioner being able to alleviate physical pain and distress to some extent from afar. Even though I do not have any personal experience, a person quite proximate to me does use this to alleviate certain body pains.

Can serpents communicate using their mind?

At the time of Thurston’s writing, this question would be of the most preposterous kind. There was nothing that could postulate on the possibility of communicating across empty space other than by sound, light, vibration, taste and smell.

Yet, think of what are known as of now. Not only Cell phones, Satellite phones, Radio and TV channels, there is even the direct broadcast of data across device using file-sharing apps like Xender &c. Even the quaint feature of copy-pasting in computers and mobile devices is something that cannot be imagined from a physical world experience, as of then and also now.

Most of the users of these things, including persons claiming immense profundity in medical science, psychology, psychiatry, physics, chemistry, biology etc., do not have an iota of information on what is the entity that is moving from one device to another, and reassembles as a video, audio or text file.

An hour or so back, I made an online search to understand how snakes communicate with each other. There is no information at all about this. There are only shallow postulations that they communicate via vibrations, smell, hissing, tasting etc. The scholarly explanations seem to be quite insipid.

The question is why is no one thinking of the possibility of some kind of mental work wherein a communication akin to a biological version of Bluetooth, Wifi, Xender, Mobile phone etc. is at work?

Well, the simple answer would be that academicians do know very little about anything. As to the managing technicians in the IT gadgets manufacturing companies, well, they wouldn’t speak about their trade secrets.

There might be more to serpent worship than what the academic geniuses might be able to explain.

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44 #. The ambit of a disaster

Speaking about how much disaster a curse can cause, there is this minor information to be borne.

Consider a perfectly English work area ambience in India. Everyone speaks only in English. They address each other by name regardless of their age or position in the company. If this communication ambience is viewed in a software application, it would be seen that all individuals are at more or less the same height.

Suddenly a new supervisor comes. He is of middle level ranking. That means, by position there are people above him and also below him. He speaks in the native feudal language. He addresses everyone as per their position. At times by their age. The words for You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers are also split into varying levels.

What happens?

Well, there is no need for him to go the full route in the verbal codes. Just one word in the local language, like Nee or Thoo to a subordinate who was till that time addressing all levels of people with a You.

Then the supervisor addresses a slightly senior person with an App or Saar.

Within moments, the whole social communication ambience rearranges into a pyramid like arrangement. In fact, more than one pyramid arrangement will get created. One based on age. Another based on job position. A third will be formed which will be a mix of both.

What about the human relationships? Well, people will react with anger and terror. There will be sharp acrimonious reactions and retorts at times. A new culture of back-stabbing can ensue. But then after some time, some of the issues will subside. As the new codes of communication sets in and everyone tries to fit in, to safeguard their job and position. In fact, protecting their position from the creepy competitions from the lower ranking persons would become a top priority.

This much change a single word code change has set in. But then, it is not possible to test this probability. For in India, there might not be any totally English social communication work area. Most are actually a mix of both communication systems. They would have reached a particular level of communication, adjusting to the requirements of both systems.

Why I mentioned this much is just for this reason. There was the query of what would be the effect of curse of a Serpent, if it indeed can send the codes via some biological data sharing system? Well, simple codes or even a single code can lay waste a whole software system. That is the reality.

If indeed it can get the codes of the curse inside, then complicating a man’s life can be done. Every single relationship can be made to move from their innate location in the design view. Angular components of links of relationships will change. A small change is enough to change the whole heights and distances. Things will go haywire.

To substantiate this quite ridiculous postulation, I need to mention a particular thing I had observed and made a note of.

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45 #. Nonsensical theories of communication

The Indian railway system was created by the English administrators. Though the English administration was confined to the relatively small region of British-India (Calcutta, Madras and Bombay presidencies and a bit more), I think the railways encompassed a lot of geographical expanse.

It was based on English communication systems. It was quite efficient, courteous and very refined. Timings were punctual. This much I gathered for old-timers who had experienced these things first-hand.

However, when the railways were divided and given to the respective new nations that were formed, the native languages slowly entered into the system. In India, the English held on, in the midst of a number of feudal languages creeping inside. Hindi being the declared official language of the central government staked its claim.

When feudal languages creep in, every single communication link gets split into three optional routes. That of higher ‘respect’, the next of neither ‘respect’ nor ‘disrespect’, and the third one of outright ‘degradation’. When this optional system emerged, everything started stalling. Railway efficiency went down. In the 1980s, long distance trains were late by more than 24 hours. Everything was in problem.

Two mutually opposite communication systems, were competing with each other.

However, slowly the Hindi version got fully enforced. That of the higher man being ‘respected’ and the lower man being ‘degraded’. The newer entrants to the railways got used to its thraldom. And soon the lost efficiency returned, in a much cruder manner. However, not anyone noticed the difference. For the whole new generation is made to move through the same crude and rude communication system in the Indian vernacular schools and other educational institutions.

Since I have mentioned the issue of communication in management, I think I will take it to its full length.

I have heard of various management theories that purports to explain the ideal communication systems. Actually there might be only two basic communication systems. One is that of planar languages like English. Other is that of feudal languages like those of the South Asian subcontinent.

Both can be efficient or inefficient. It depends on other factors. However, what is the essential difference between the two is just this. In planar languages, individuals are more or arranged in a communication system of higher stature or dignified stature. There is no equality, per se, expected or desired or required.

However, in feudal languages, the higher officer should be addressed and referred to in ‘respect’ and the lower should be addressed and referred to in ‘degradation’. If this is very powerfully enforced, the discipline in the structure will be quite high, comparable with the Japanese army of WW2 and the current-day Chinese/Indian army. The command or wish or even a simple desire from the top will be treated as divine wishes. Everything will work like a clockwork mechanism.

The only drawback in this system would be that the lower ranks would be quite stupid beyond the requirements of the job. Their interaction with anyone outside this command structure can be rude and crude. However to their own superiors, they would act like honey.

In nations like India, governmental work is in the second mentioned system. However, they suffer from another ailment. Many kinds of hierarchies work inside the system. One very powerful one that can literally compete with and dismantle the positional hierarchy system is the one based on age. Another is social stature. Links to political leadership. Financial acumen is another.

Beyond all this, the ordinary citizen is defined as of low stature in the indicant words.

All this has made the second system quite inefficient.

However, in the Indian army and railways also, I think, the second communication system is enforced with only one hierarchy allowed. That of positional superiority. The other hierarchies based on age etc. are banned and crushed. It makes the army quite disciplined. However, at the next moment the army leadership seems gone lame even for a brief moment or the nation is under threat of being overrun, the soldiers will shoot their own officers first and foremost.

That above is not part of the flow of this book. However to an interested reader, this might give wider perspective of what is what.

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46 #. Continuing on the serpent theme

Before moving on, there is this bit from REV. Mateer’s book I need to quote:


But the worship is practised chiefly by Sudras, Brahmans of an inferior order officiating as their priests. When Sudras find a snake, they catch it by a cord with a noose tied to the end of a long rod, place it carefully in an earthen pot, and bring it to the place of worship, or let it loose in the jungles.

Should they find others killing these precious reptiles, they earnestly beg for their protection, or lavish abuse on the persons who have committed the sacrilegious act. Offerings of fruits, cakes, flour, milk, or rice are made to the snake god, and once a year a lamp is kept burning before it.

Live snakes are kept in small temples dedicated to them, and fed and worshipped by the people. Sometimes wealthy Nayars spend much money in this worship, even in cases where members of their own families have been bitten and died.

In parts of the country where these dangerous reptiles are regarded with most veneration, it is possible that the danger to human life arising from the great abundance of snakes is slightly diminished by the comparative tameness of the creatures, though of course this would not lessen the risk from inadvertently treading on them in the dark, or turning over them in sleep, and thus forcing them to bite. Serpents, happily, do not chase men, or seek to attack them, but rather try to escape; they only bite when trodden upon or driven to bay. No doubt they are more familiar, and even audacious, where the poor superstitious people fear to drive them away or annoy them, but only throw a piece of stick or clap their hands, crying Po, ada “Go, you fellow“; and it usually goes off. But it is quite an error to say that they never do injury, for a recent instance occurred of a Namburi Brahman dying at Ambalapuley of snakebite.


Each one thinks that himself will escape, and cares little for others, so that men will often not take the trouble to remove a dangerous stone out of the road, much less to destroy a dangerous reptile.

Speaking of the tameness of snakes mentioned by REV. Mateer, it is quite in sync with what the snakes expected from human beings. Human beings did not attack them unnecessarily. Especially non-poisonous ones.

I remember an occasion when I was around 4 years old (around 1966). I was staying in a family house at Tellicherry in north Malabar. There was a huge screaming noise from the yard in front of the house. When all of us looked, a big rat-snake was slowly gobbling up a big fat frog. It was not able to swallow it. The frog was giving out a huge screaming noise.

It is not a scene that can be visualised in current-day times. No rat-snake would dare to be in the open. People, especially the youngsters, would throw stones at it. As to what happened to the mentioned frog, when the screaming continued for some time, a decision was taken to help it escape. The snake was frightened off.

Serpent worship is connected to Nagaradhana. Actually there is a mention that Nagam (serpent) is a divine entity and not the same as a Cobra.

The basic theme of this chapter and the preceding two, was to ponder on the possibility of there being highly capable biological mechanisms, which work on a technology akin to that of software codes. There might be. For even the geographical guiding mechanism made use of by migratory birds in their flights across thousands of kilometres might also be from this realm.

Off course, the biologist may find this argument quite insipid. They might not know much about software codes.

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47 #. Jinxed buildings

There were times in life when I had felt that that I had been jinxed. Life would swing me from one terrific experience to another. Only to pick me up from the perilous edge of a precipice to place me on another landing from where again the clockwork would restart. Later, much later, I traced the design view of this clockwork mechanism to my horoscope. I have already made a mention of that.

Looking back to those days of extreme oscillations, I understand that it was the wide expanse of view, which each one of those swings gave me that gave me a lot of insights, which I have used in my writings.

I have lived or stayed in various houses and buildings that had very powerful design codes of life pattern. What I meant is that various people would have lived in the same building at different times, and more or less experienced the same pattern of life experiences. Repeating again and again.

When I am writing this, I can, without much effort, remember at least seven such places where I had lived. There might be others also.

Just to mention one case, there is one very powerful remembrance of mine. This happened decades back. I was living in a place which I was using as an office also. It was in a very far-off location, when land transportation technology of those times is taken into account.

The office decor was not bad. However, everything had gone from bad to worse. And in the very last few days, I had no money at all. The building was on the verge of being given back by the building owner. There was no money even to take the office furniture to a sales depot for selling off. I was totally cut off from my family also.

Even though, I was practically floating on a top of a deep pit with no platform to support me, externally I extruded a demeanour of superb nonchalance and extreme self-confidence.

A man walked into my office room, where I was sitting behind the table and contemplating on what to do next to escape the terrible quandary I was in. He was quite an affable man. He said that he had actually come to meet the earlier occupant of the building, whom he had last met some few months back. Which incidentally was just a few days before I had occupied the building.

He said that the earlier occupant had been on the verge of extreme financial collapse. He had been without any money and did not know what to do next. The man said that this man was owing his company around Rupees fifteen thousand (which was a reasonably big amount in those days).

He went on to describe the total situation of that man at that specific moment, when he had met him last.

Now, what was quite incredulous was that everything this man mentioned about that man’s situation was exactly a description of my own situation. Each item that was mentioned was as if he was describing my situation. Even though I extruded a very stable exterior expression, each word that he said was a deafening description of my condition.

When I made my escape from the situation, I sort of got a hint of problem from the landlord’s side also. When the building was given up, and the advance deposit taken back, he simply made a comment that hinted that he was repeating the same procedure periodically, again and again. As if he foresaw all this, whenever a new tenant came. It was a house that really was jinxed.

There was a small temple somewhere in its surroundings.

There was another house where I had lived as a sort of non-paying guest for some months. The occupant of the house told me that he had got this house on a low rent, because of its ill-reputation as a house with some terrible history. Later, much later after I had left the house, this house was to witness a series of terrible happens, with blood and gory, and suicide.

I do not know if there was any temple in any direction of the house.

In the same house, when I first visited it, I found one very curious item in the man’s bed room. There was a huge mirror exactly focused on to the bed. It looked quite curious. The whole bed, from the leg position of the sleeping person was in sharp focus. The initial impression that I had was that it looked strange. That was just a sensation or feeling in me. Nothing more.

A couple of years later, I had the occasion to go along with the man to his house. He opened the house, and we went into his bed room to take some document or to make a phone call. The scene I saw was terrific. The mirror stood totally broken. The house had been empty in the daytime. The mirror had not fallen down. Only the glass had splintered and fallen on the ground.

I could see no reason why a mirror should break on its own. As if it had witnessed something so horrible that something rattled inside its innate codes that had held it in position.

Times were quite tough, with each day a totally different experience. There was no time to ponder deeply on any specific incident in life, for the next experience would be equally content-rich. Yet, there were times when I did ponder on the curious event.

Within days, there came out terrible stories of events of extreme infidelity, adultery and promiscuous behaviour by the woman of the house. Everything had taken place in the same bed, with the mirror witnessing the total events.

Later I was to read that a mirror facing the bed invites problems, as per certain occult sciences. And a broken mirror has its own code level reasons for disquietudes.

When mentioning the word ‘occult’, I pause to ponder on occultism. As to whether it is actually the activity that aims to deal with the software code location of reality. For, the most famous occultist is Sir Isaac Newton. The charming fact that he was more of an occultist than a scientist has been quite conveniently pushed into oblivion by the world of science. Off course, Sir. Newton was limited by the fact that the world of software codes was still an unknown and non-contemplate-able world in his days. Yet, maybe it might still be a worthwhile action to re-read his writings on Occultism. Who knows what all things he might have pondered on and come upon?

Incidentally, even now the rope that pulls of his theory of gravitation in Classical Mechanics has not been found in a physical form. May it might be found in the realm of the codes of reality.

I remember another building, which is not part of the seven buildings I had mentioned earlier. It was a ground-floor, with a single storey above it. Every person who did business in that building was financially wiped out.

However, these things are mere ‘superstitions’. It is just that people who do not know to do business do business and fail. The blame is then cast on the building.

Is that the truth?

A young Christian took the building with a boost of self-confidence. His family members participated in the effort. A good hotel was started. The place was crowded. Business was bustling. Yet, within two months the concern winded up. He ended up in huge loss and debt. He went back to his old work, much impoverished. Later he told me that even though there was good business, most people ate on credit and failed to pay.

At the same time, in the same road, there was another hotel with the same kind of building. Business was extremely high there. People did eat on credit, but then that concern made a huge profit every day.

Earlier that hotel was just a morose looking place with very few people. The owner died. His sons took over. They changed the layout of the building. Here, comes the issue of the occult science of building art. In most nations with feudal languages, it is possible that there is an occult art connected to buildings. What is the connection between language and such occult science cannot be explained by me, with any level of certitude. For, frankly I do not know the codes.

Yet, feudal languages have terrific powers. A single change of indicant word code can block a route or open a route. Things can be made to move fast or to slow down. A direction can be changed. All without any specific command that can be understood in English. When working with such eerie languages, there are other locations where one might need to build up a protection. One such is in the codes that design the buildings.

I have never experienced hypnotism. I do not know the whereabouts of the software codes of this exceedingly curious mental art. I have heard people mention that some person has the ‘power’ of hypnotism. Yet, the word ‘power’ as understood in common usage is not actually what works in any kind of occult art.

It is like this: In various software applications, to change the colour of any item, there is no way one can use physical power. All it requires to change the colour is to change the XML codes of that colour. This can be done by a shortcut by means of a mouse-click. At that location, it is a physical action. But still, what the mouse-click achieves is a change in the software codes. Incidentally, a minor understanding of this can be seen by opening Adobe Photoshop and changing the colours in an image.

I have mentioned earlier how I had flipped a huge comment box arrangement by using mere codes.

Now, when we speak about Evil eye, Evil tongue, Black Magic, Mantra, Tantra etc. what has to be borne in mind is that things work not on the power of any physical exertion. All that is being done is very focused changes in the software codes connected to the codes of reality and that of human and animal design.

A protection from their effects or influence also works at the software levels, even though the striving in this regard is done at the physical world. For, as of now, there is no application software available wherein one can really edit the codes of reality or that of human beings and that of animals.

At one period in my life, I started a manufacturing unit with quite complex licences. I got a building for that purpose. When I went to ask for that unoccupied building, I asked about the neighbourhood. The owner mentioned, among other things, a temple. When I heard the word ‘temple’, I simply told him that in certain areas, I had heard that building in a specific direction of a temple would harbour ill-luck and problems. He told me that he had lived there for some time, and that he personally had faced no problems.

After I took the building and started piling up licences, one by one, I started facing all kinds of hindrances. Then slowly the people in the neighbourhood started informing me that this was a building which was quite famous as a Jinxed building.

I do not want to mention more. Because, I will have to relate issues about other people, which I do not want to do. However, I must simply admit that it took me a lot of effort and energy, and even the help of certain medium-like persons to get out of the building. For, it was not easy. There were many complicated licences, pertaining to certain items, which made it quite difficult to extricate myself out fast.

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48 #. Jinxed positions around a place of worship

Before moving out of this theme, I need to mention two items.

One is about the proximity of temples in certain directions from a building. I do not want to mention the directions here, because it is connected to the occult science on buildings. I cannot mention such things without the necessary expertise.

I came across this belief system around the year 1990. I had arrived in a small-town in that years, and to all observers, I was simply loafing around as a sort of wastrel or a vagabond.

Actually it was just an issue of causal observation. At time, I used to travel in the evening hours to some 500 kms in some lorry and come back with some item like a load of vegetables or fruits. I would arrive in the morning hours. After that, due to lack of a place to change my dress in the daytime hours, I would walk around in a sort of untidy dress. I was and am not much bothered about other people’s opinion of me, unless they can cause to physically hurt me.

To all observers, I was some kind of a nitwit walking around in totally untidy dress.

I was occupied in many works, all of a freelance or independent nature.

Though it was one of the bleakest days in my life, looking back, it was one of the periods in my life, that gave me a lot of personal experiences in a lot of things, good and bad.

It was during this period that I literally walked into the midst of the common crowd, the shop-keepers, small-time business men, agents and such. I was to hear of a common talk of a drishti (path of the vision) or a varavu (pathway of the divinities).

It was about certain locations being in a particular direction from a temple. That particular direction was the pathway of the divinity. That was what I understood. Buildings in that location are liable to suffer from ill-luck. The occupants of the location were liable to suffer from various problems like family fights, suicidal tendency, homicidal tendency, mental problems etc.

In between, I need to mention that it was here that I, for the first time, came across tree worship and nagaradhana (Serpent worship). Both done by quite high-stature people in the local society. Moreover, it was here that I had my first experience with a very close relationship with a Shamanistic divinity. I cannot go into all that here.

Over the years, I had made many observations with regard to this issue, whenever, I get a chance. I have never gone in for any concerted investigations with regard to any of the afore-mentioned items. Whatever comes my way, I take some interested enquiry.

There was once a Muslim young man who had come to me to learn English. He looked a bit perturbed at times. It was revealed by him and by others with him that in his household, at least one of his brothers was suffering from mental illness. As if prodded by some inner gut feeling, I simply asked him if there was any temple near his house. He answered in the affirmative.

I also noticed that when he was discussing this issue, his mind would sort of go into some distressing confusion. And this confusion would affect other people’s mind also.

There was one doctor who had made a very good house, next to a temple in one town. Someone told me that no one actually stays there. Why? One of his family members gets some mental issues when staying in that house.

I seem to be enumerating a list of casual coincides, and sort of turning a mountain out of a molehill.

What is the proof that there is any link between a particular position near a temple and ill-luck? Aren’t there so many similar incidences which cannot be connected to the proximity of any temple?

First of all, in all books on the occult science of building and architecture, this caution is given very prominently. That a particular direction from a house of worship is not good for building a house or any commercial building, or for staying. I think there a mention of a distance also.

Apart from that my own personal experiences do point to a possibility that there is indeed something in the caution.

Beyond that, my own personal observation is that Shamanistic phenomenon is not a sham, pretence or an act of fraud. It is real. Even though, the people who gather do not actually understand the phenomenon, it is real. There is indeed some other supernatural entity or software taking over the command of the human being who is doing the procedure. This entering software or entity very clearly is subduing the innate software of the human being during the Shamanistic ritual.

The above statement does not deny the possibility of persons acting out a fraudulent version of the same, or acting out the ritual without the Shamanistic deity actually possessing the individual. Yet, in its original, non-fake version, this phenomenon does point to a link to deeper location in the software of reality.

A quack doctor does not prove that doctoring is quackery.

I do not know if Shamanistic deity temples do impose the afore-mentioned problem of varavu (pathway of the divinity). However, I vague remember a single occasion of meeting a couple who had moved to a local house after many years of residence in a metropolitan city.

Both of them looked as if they were under some kind of physical and mental stupefaction. They said the both of them experienced some kind of weariness and heaviness all over their body and mind. I was told by others that the house was reputed to be in the varavu (pathway) of a Shamanistic deity.

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49 #. The second item: the broken mirror

The second item that I would like to discuss on is mirrors.

Mirrors are not a novelty anywhere in the world. It is a very common item actually. Just all so many other things.

Just as every other physical object would have a software code location where it is designed and maintained, so also would the mirrors be.

Mirrors have a very special quality. That of being able to display the outside reality inside it. Even though it sort of flips reality sideways, everything is inside over there.

There are quite intelligent mathematical derivations in physics that work out how the mirrors reflect, and do so many other things, including making objects look big or small.

These derivations and working out of the manner in which a mirror works can be compared to studying how a software application like Adobe InDesign or MS Word or a video editing application works. Click here, click there, type this, pull that, drag this, give a twist and such, and lo!, see what comes out!!

However, each of the above mentioned actions do make a corresponding change in the code view, which would reflect in its design view. We get to see the physical view in the computer.

In a similar manner, the mirror also has a software mechanism whereby every action that is done by the mirror would create a corresponding code change at the code view location. It is here one should contemplate upon how the mirror’s software is handing the codes of other entities in reality. There is definitely a supernatural software mechanism that works through the codes that is relayed to the physical view of the mirror.

It seems to be kind of similar to a human being mentally opening the design view of another entity and making spiteful changes into it. If done correctly, it might be able to create problems in that entity’s physical view.

I have seen it mentioned that a broken mirror has a bad effect. Not one that is cut professionally, but a mirror that splinters inadvertently. I do think that looking into such a splintered mirror might not be healthy. For one knows not how the software codes of a splintered mirror might handle the person’s image.

As I have mentioned elsewhere that a single code change can create powerful upheavals, good or bad, in persons, even if they are not physically connected or close.

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50 #. Supernatural codes of building design

Now about the codes that design the building. The reader is suggested to look at his or her own room. There might be doors, windows, cupboards, table, chairs &c. in the room. Is it not possible that there is some software application wherein all these can be designed? If the reader has played any computer or mobile device games, he or she will see a sense in this question.

In the occult science connected to buildings, the building’s and its compound’s circumference is divided into many sections. In the local language here, they are mentioned as Ishan kon, Agneya kon, Nairitya kon and Vayavya kon.

Each of these sections is connected to a deity and to an ideal spot for something like a kitchen, gate, prayer room etc. Certain items in certain positions are forbidden. Not only the Hindus (Brahmanical religion), but even the newer entrants to the Hindu religion, that is the lower castes who were admitted into Hinduism in the last century, do follow these concepts nowadays. I mean those who have belief in these ideas. However there is a huge section of people who do not take all this into consideration.

I am told that even the Muslims do have some such concepts. I do not know if they are same and similar to what the Brahmins and the others in the current-day Hindu sections follow.

There is a chance that there will be a difference at least to some minor level. I sense this from the understanding that generally the Muslim communication links are different from what is followed by the Hindu and converted-to-Hindu groups. In fact, the actual fact is that the communal confrontation between the Muslims and the non-Muslims in India is mainly caused by this non-syncing communication codes even though both sides might speak the same language.

The issue of different options of communication links is not there in English. For, it is a planar language. There are no optional indicant words, which can arrange different kinds of communication links.

Speaking from the code view level, if there are ideal spots and prohibited spots in connection to building, the exact reason for this will be there in the codes that design the building design. The identification of each spot with some deity’s names could also connect the complete design with the overall software codes of reality.

However, when viewed at the level of the design-view, one might very well see how each location connects to various other entities in the physical world. For instance, a slight change in the location of the gate, would change the complete angles of everything.

As I mentioned earlier, a slight change in the indicant word can change the complete human arrangement in a social system. In a similar manner, a single change in the position of an item in the building, in the design-view will connect everything in the physical world from a different location, and angle.

I have a slight feeling that even the occult science of buildings is connected to the language codes of the local society. So that the ideas relevant to a feudal language social system might not be applicable in a location where pristine-English is the only language. However, as soon as a feudal language speaking people arrive in that location and start increasing in number, everything will change.

This is because everything word and sentence spoken in feudal languages have a power to create various kinds of pulls and pushes inside human relations. The whole rearrangement of human beings will have its corresponding bearing on the township planning as well as house design.

In fact, the basic idea of house design in a feudal language system has an extra aim not found in English. That is to extrude power, when the householder aims for social stature. And to exhibit diffidence, when the householder aims to gather gains by exhibiting social obeisance.

People who make money immediately aim not to build a house, but a mansion, in feudal language social systems. They know the complete change in the indicant word, an imposing and power-radiating residential frontage can spread throughout the social system. It helps in everything, including deferential behaviour from the officials, the shopkeepers and from bank officials. Words of addressing and reference change in accordance with the house design.

These are things that have no meaning or corresponding locations in pristine-English.

There is this thing I have noted. The pointing of the forefinger at a person does distress him or her. It is generally a very bad manner to use at a gesture of admonition. However, most teachers in vernacular schools in India, and the government officials use this gesture with all equanimity at the section of population who they feel are their subordinate class.

The piercing feeling that a pointed forefinger evokes in the person who is thus pointed at is a sensation in him or her. So, definitely it has a software code basis and existence. It is not ‘nothing’.

In the occult art connected to building art, I have seen it mentioned that a sharp point has to be avoided at many locations. For, it would give the effect of piercing.

I have had this very curious experience. In my own residence, there is a location under the winding stairways where I slept at least two times. The location was exactly under the gap between the staircases, that gets formed by the staircase changing direction at each landing.

Each time, when I got up in the morning, I had a feeling as if some partitioning of my body along the same plane as that of the gap has taken place.

Again, it was just a sensation.

In the ultimate count, the supernatural software codes of a building are just part of the all-encompassing codes of reality. Everything is connected inside the supernatural software application that designs reality.

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51 #. The spoken word and the effect of pronunciation

In Thurston’s Omen and Superstitions of Southern India, there is mention of the mantravadis, and of black magicians.

Mantravadis are those who use mantra in a professional manner to achieve something through supernatural intervention. I do not know much about this technology or appeal. It can be through two different ways. One by means of appealing to a deity. The second way might be to use the hidden codes in the mantra to create code changes at the code view level.

As for the expertise of those who do practise all this in the present days, even if it is workable, might be of the most rudimentary levels.

At best they might be using a software technology about which they have some elementary knowledge in performing. Beyond that, I feel, they might not know anything.

In fact, I have not heard of anyone precisely explaining as to where the mantras are acting and how it is acting. As per the definition of a mantra generally given, it corresponds more or less exactly as a definition of a software or a software program or a software application.

There is also the issue of how a biological being’s words can reach out to the codes of reality.

Well, at the time of Thurston’s writing the book, there was no means to even contemplate on a human being’s voice being able to do anything other than speak to others or make a noise.

That the voice can travel a long distance, ask a request, and then from the far distances, a very intelligent reply coming back, and all such stuff were literally from some fairytales. Strictly for the birds and the bird-brained.

However, as of now, all this is not of the least bit supernatural. It is simple to take a Smartphone and ask Google Now or Siri or Cortana with our voice for an information. And lo and behold! a very intelligent voice answers the query, listing out the most appropriate answers.

When I say this some readers can very easily react and think, oh, this is because a Smartphone available. And Google is there, Apple iOS is there etc.

Even though a Smartphone looks like a most common item nowadays, I do not think that there are many persons who do know the technology that works the smartphones. Similarly, there are so many objects available in physical reality. Does anyone know anything about the software technology that works behind them?

Now, speaking about the Smartphone voice interaction methods, there is always the issue of correct pronunciation. If the pronunciation is not correct, the request will not be correctly answered or processed. This is a very vital point for remembering.

I have heard of the issue of Vedic Mantras. The mantras should be chanted in the exact pronunciation. A minor deviation might not deliver the expected affects. Again, in the case of the Vedic mantras also, I fear that there might not be anyone available who might know anything beyond the chanting.

It was quite a curious information mentioned in Omens and Superstitions of Southern India, that people who feared a mantravadi or black-magician, would try to attack him. The most effective method of destroying his powers was to break his front teeth. This was done to ensure that the precision of his pronunciation is lost. So that when he chants or utters a mantra or a black magic chant, the words that come out are different. It would be quite incomprehensible at the reception location. The black magic would not work.

It would be like requesting something to Google Now, and Google Now not understanding the request, due to pronunciation errors.

As I have mentioned earlier, feudal languages do themselves have the powers of black magic. Seemingly slight information can change the indicant words connected to a person. When he reaches a far-distance, and requires an admittance into a specific building, the door may open for him or might refuse to open for him, depending on the exact indicant word level that has been processed out there, from the slight information received regarding him.

In fact, a simple mention of a link can raise a person’s indicant word value or erase it. In fact, it is a very common technique in feudal languages to drop names, incidences, qualifications, display loads of cash etc., where they do not have any context, actually. But then, it is a known thing that a positive link can lift up the indicant words like lever a does. A negative mention can drop the indicant word value with a terrific force.

People make it a habit to gather as many mentionable links, hints and connection as they can, and use them indiscriminately. At the same time, people inimical to him or her would strive to see that positive links, mentions and connections are not even hinted at.

These are things that are not quite easily understood in pristine-English, even though native-Englishmen might nod their head and say, that they know all this.

They do not.

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52 #. The Pied-Piper-of-Hamelin capacity of feudal languages

When the language changes from English to feudal languages, in billions of locations of human relationships and interactions, splits, fissures and cracks will develop. Totally new components of direction, speed, urges, spurs, maniacal hatred, powerful string of loyalty &c. will also come into being.


Painter: Artist: Kate Greenaway (1846–1901)

It is an altogether different world. Yet, the change takes time. Social rearrangement is a slow process. Thurston has mentioned of abject lower castes claiming an antiquity of social dominance somewhere in the hoary past. They do not have the information on how they were brought down. The codes that brought them down are in the language codes. Feudal language lower indicant words hold a person or a group of person down, in its claws. It is a very eerie experience. One that cannot be conceived in English.

Once this holding down is held in position, over the generations, the human design code will change. It will reflect in the physical stature and facial demeanour.

A very illustrative example would be the comparison of the lower castes of Travancore and Malabar areas. The lower castes of Malabar did not get an opportunity to convert to Christianity. The lower castes of Travancore got this opportunity due to the pioneering work of the London Missionary Society. Many of them resettled in the forest regions of Malabar and created huge farmlands, and established themselves as a socially dominant group. As of now, they have very little facial demeanour and physical stature of the lower castes. In fact, many of them do have socially superior attributes.

However, the lower castes in Malabar who remained in their own caste based degradation rarely received this mental and physical elevation.

This is a very large illustration of the work of software codes on human design. It actually can override DNA and genetic codes.

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53 #. The diffusion of numerical values

I do remember a very shallow argument against Homoeopathy. That there is no medicine as such in it. That it is only water. And that, if there is a claim of there being any medicine inside Homoeopathic medicines, it would simply be a case of water remembering the medicine.

The derisive words ‘water remembering the medicines’ is actually a very shallow understanding of reality. From a very narrow vision of reality from a planar language like English, so many things cannot be sensed or detected. In many ways, it is a very healthy disability. For, it helps a native Englishman to escape from the sticky enslavement the indicant words in feudal languages can shackle him in

Yet, I have made it amply clear that there is a code view of reality and of human structure. If this is taken into cognisance, the clear logic of Homoeopathy can be seen.

At the moment, I am not following the pathway to Homoeopathy. Instead, I will take a detour and go into the location of Holy water and other water attributes.

The concept of ‘holiness’ cannot be clearly understood in English. A proximity to a great man might lead to a higher indicant word code attribute. A photo in which a person is seen in close links with a senior police officer will work wonders on the indicant word codes of that person in his home town. In fact, in the lower strata of society, people will feel impelled to get up and show their ‘respect’ to this man who seen quite near to a powerful police ‘officer’. The words for ‘He, Him, His etc. will rise, wherever the photo is seen in the home village.

Even his family members will get a ‘respect’. It moves through the word codes.

These are things actually not clearly understandable in pristine-English. In pristine-English, an Andrew will remain an Andrew whatever the photo shows.

Here I would like to make a mention of how the indicant word codes shift from one stage to another, higher or lower.

YOU-One moves to YOU-Two which moves to YOU-Three. The last one is the highest. The first is the lowest.

It is a sort of numerical values.

1 to 10 for the YOU-One.

11 to 20 for YOU-Two.

21 to 30 for YOU-Three.

He is a local taxi-driver with shabby looks. 5 points. Lowest YOU.

He is the owner of his own taxi-car: 8 points. Lowest YOU. But the numerical value has gone up.

He actually owns three other cars. 4 points added. Total 12 Marks. The scale turns to the next level. He is now in the Middle Level indicant value.

Now another information.

Though he looks quite shabby, he lives in a rich house. 3 more points added. Total 15. He is still in the Middle level.

He is actually very rich. It is his habit to drive a taxi. Actually, he is a businessman with some staff under him. Around 4 points added. Total 19. He is still in the Middle level.

Then comes a very formidable information.

He is actually a close friend of the district police officer. Do not judge him from his shabby looks: There is sudden boost in his numerical value. 6 points are added.

Total: 25. Now, his indicant word status is in the highest level.

Along with the YOU ONE slowly moving through YOU TWO and to YOU THREE, a very marked change in the voice, tone and timbre will enter into the voice.

The above illustration of non-tangible numerical values adding to an equally invisible software code location is something that has no correspondence in pristine-English, other than from a very minute location. In English, whatever be the claims, there are no indicant word codes. That exactly is the greatness of English. It cannot be easily swayed by evil codes.

At the very least, these numerical values create sensations, which over time redesign human looks and physical features. Sensations are real. There is no such a thing as imaginary. Even imagination is created by software codes.

If you get a touching sensation, well there are codes that make you feel it.

When a great man touches a person in a feudal language world, what is actually happening is that a person with a very high numerical value in the indicant code status has touched a person with relatively low score in this regard. A bit of the numerical values will run down into the lower placed person. It might just be a case of copy-pasting, in which case the higher man might not feel a numerical value depreciation in his stature codes.

If one can visualise the touched person in a supernatural software application, the glow or halo that has perched upon him is not what would be seen. There is indeed a change. But again the change is in the software codes. I will explain that after a bit of detouring.

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54 #. The litmus test of stature codes

In a native-Englishman all this will have not much effect. For his native English stature is always at its highest. Unless, he has made himself ‘equal’ to any feudal language people. If he has studied under feudal (discriminative) language teachers, there will be very easily visible dents in his higher stature, when he is viewed through the same supernatural software application. The same will happen to him from all kinds of interactions with feudal language speakers.

However, the fact is that even when interacting with other Englishmen or women, some kind of changes will happen. That is natural. Yet, what is being stressed here is that interaction with feudal language speakers will induce a specific different kind of change. Depending on the specific feudal languages, and also with what level of stature he is interacting with, and his own stature in the interaction. Whether as a superior or subordinate.

When mentioning Englishmen of these kinds of varying social experiences, I need to make some more clarifications.

Even though all these ‘Englishmen’ will look similar in stature, there will be difference at the code view. The effect of the difference will become visible on when all these Englishmen are placed in certain social locations, which will act like a litmus paper.

In certain very marked situations, they will behave differently as per the code variation that has perched upon their innate design codes.

In fact, those who have been ‘equalised’ with feudal language speakers might even be more ‘racist’ than those who had not been ‘equalised’.

I am not able to get a suitable illustration to show the litmus effect. So, I will mention another example. Consider an Indian in Britain or USA with good English standards. He gets arrested in some crime. From an Indian perspective, he is still in good hands. For the native-English policemen will treat him with a level of courtesy and consideration that cannot be imagined in India. He is seen walking with the English policemen with a mood of total composure, and with an unbent head posture.

In almost all points of personality stature, he looks similar to a native-Englishman, other than in skin-colour.

Suddenly there is some issue that connects his crime to some crime in India. Now would come the exact twist. Or rather the litmus filtering. The litmus test is about the inner core software of his speech. He knows Hindi or some south Indian language.

The situations changes rapidly. He is taken to India. The moment he lands in India, the Indian police constables place their hands on him. He is addressed as Thoo or as Nee, both of the lowest indicant level. He cannot stand erect with a no-bent posture. For, that will be deciphered as rank arrogance by the Indian policemen, and they will lay their hands in another mood.

As for the Indian policemen, the plain fact that he is an Indian is enough. But then beyond that the very fact that he can understand the native feudal languages of India will be his total undoing. Unless he has quite powerful patrons in the political or official circles, he is done for. There are plenty of verbal codes that have no meaning in English. Words such as Eda, Yenthada etc. will literally murder all postures of refinement he has had in England or USA.

Another similar illustration can be given of an Englishman working as a subordinate to some feudal language nativity person. However, that person is quite fair in complexion, and extremely good in English. In fact, he can easily pass off as a native-Englishman. Both he and his subordinate Englishman are going through the sea in some sea-vessel, when they are accosted by the police of some nation like India.

It is here the native-codes of the feudal language native will come out. When he is in the hands of officials from feudal language nations, his innate feudal language mentality will come out. He will bent, bow, cringe, appeal in a pose of obeisance etc. For that is how his native feudal language forces him to do. His mind will connect to the Indian policemen with mutually aligning feudal language software codes.

However, the native-Englishman cannot understand why there is any need to behave like all this. In fact, in his home-nation he has dealt with policemen without compromising his own personal stature. He will communicate with the Indian policemen in his native pose and posture, of dignified politeness.

The ‘dignified politenesses will seem like an extreme practise of impertinence. Especially when the Indian policemen see the senior man exhibiting servitude and servility, and the junior man acting ‘great’.

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55 #. The working of the breached codes

If a higher indicant, superior status and stature person touches a book, a slight flow of numerical values will be there on the touched book. His chair will have it. His friends will feel it. When he looks upon a person, he or she will feel it.

However, if it is a person, who has been demarked in lower indicant word codes, there will be numerical value depreciation in his codes. However, if he is himself innately of a higher personal quality, there are limits to how much the external degradation can affect him.

A touch by a lower indicant word code stature person will create a depreciation in numerical values in the touched person or object.

In feudal language nations, people are wary of such persons. However, the actual code work is a much more complicated one than I can explain.

However, I will try to illustrate a minor bit on this idea.

Consider a traditional carpenter of India. He has one son of around seven years. He also will start working along with his father. By around age twelve, he will be quite deft in the carpentry art. He would have the expertise to envisage the finer points in constructing a huge building in wood. In fact, he would be a minor master of the art.

Moreover, there is a very powerful link of communication between his father and him. There is no need for his father to describe everything to him with regard to any work. Just a hint and he will know what tool is expected, what measurement is required, what kind of wood is apt, where it would fit in, what are the minus points, what are the plus points &c.

So much is the communication correlation and his professionalism.

At around age twelve, the local authorities in his locality decides to take action as per the statutes of the modern compulsory education act. They have the young carpenter admitted into a local school with abysmal standard government teachers.

There is not much more that they can teach him which would be of actual value to him. His writing skills might improve, if had no basic skills in that (this is very rarely the case). Other than that, in all his attributes there would be marked degradation. For, the teachers would address him in the lowest indicant, and he would be forced to address them in the highest indicant. In fact, in the small ambience of the school, he would be like the traditional lower castes under the thraldom of the abysmal standard ‘fake-Brahmanical’ caste teachers.

Now, there is a marked change in his innate human codes. He is a lower ‘stature’ person, more or less like a servant of the ‘teacher’ class.

When he is at home, the others who used to seek his various suggestions would not like to do it anymore. They can imagine his stature in the school. In fact, if he dares to make an expert advice, it would be treated with rank distaste by the senior-in-age persons and also by his own age-mates.

When his father asks him to do something, his mind software would run through a code system in which all his school experiences would intermingle and create distortions. When his father hints at a professional requirement, his mind would not connect quite fast to what was hinted at, and what he is supposed to do.

This is one illustration of an external code entry.

Now, what I want to elaborate is that all this kinds of distortions in mental cohesion can actually be induced if certain dislocating codes can be inserted into a man by various means. These various means can be via sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing.

For instance, the seeing of distasteful images, persons, people behaviour etc. can induce all this. This is where actually one of the locations of caste-based repulsion lies.

Beyond that, the same dislocation can be induced by non-tangible means also, which can be contemplated as pure occult means.

A slight code value change can create huge changes in the physical view. It is like my experience in my youngster age, telling a few people to subscribe for an English newspaper. It was a very minute input, that changed their direction of growth by a very insignificant angle. Yet, after a few years, the distance they had stood apart from their companions of the earlier years was quite substantial. They had literally reached another location.

However, this is not a distance that can be measured using any measurement tools used in science or in everyday life.

Beyond all this, there is the fact that the world of feudal languages has a very eerie side to it.

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56 #. On to the attributes of ‘sensation’

Now, let me take the issue of holy water. It is there in most spiritual beliefs. Even Muslims have this belief. Does a water that has been processed by some spiritual sacramental procedure have anything extra about it?

Chemically there will be nothing different. Yet, at the code levels, there will be huge difference. To deny this fact, without any information would be quite a nasty idea. For, I have explained how a ‘Give him a glass of water’ can be astronomically better than ‘Give him a plate of Chicken fry’ if the required code work is done in the sentences.

How can any instrument in English understand that there is a huge energy elevation in the first sentence and a huge energy sinking gorge in the second?

Without this information, how can one deny that there is nothing special about Holy water? Basically, holy water might be connected to the placing of ‘grace’ upon the water. Here the content of ‘grace’ would be from the software codes of reality. Otherwise, physically nothing has been placed on the water or in the water.

In my earlier book: Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages, I had discussed the issue of direction codes affecting the virtual codes. I am quote the main content here. For reading the full discussion, the reader will have to read that book.

QUOTE from Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages

The concept of route

Since I have mentioned the word ‘route’, I am forced to digress a bit. For, this word has a more significant meaning for me, than what the word may mean in English.

It is actually connected to the world of virtual codes. The fact is that every physical entity has a software code existence behind it in the world of virtual software. Now, this theme is totally unconnected to the subject matter here. However, I may need to explain it a bit to induce coherence to the word ‘route’ mentioned above.

Language codes do have powerful connection to this virtual code world. I cannot go more into that theme. However it may be mentioned that each physical being may have a From and To codes encrypted into it. From where it came and to where it is going. From what was its earlier state to the state it is transforming into.

Here again, I cannot go more deeper. This value, as a vector (direction) component will be in all physical beings, in their codes of creation and existence.

When we take this conception to the world of human living and to the codes in the feudal languages, there are certain things see-able. For illustrating this, I need to first talk of an intellectual point which has already been discussed philosophically by many others. However, there was some profound information that was missed in those discussions.


It is like this: There is a glass with water inside it, filled up-to / emptied up-to its half level. The question is, is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Now, this is not just a question of some nonsensical philosophical gimmickry. For it does contain the vital insights to the vector (direction) component.

The answer to the question can be seen through this procedure:

Take a glass full of water. The glass is full. Now empty it slowly. When it is half empty, stop the emptying. What is the glass’s condition now? It is half empty! That is the answer.

Now take an empty glass. Slowly fill it with water. When it is half full, stop the filling. What is the condition of the glass now? It is half full. That is the answer.

Yet, in both cases, the water in the glass is at the same level!

Actually, in this illustration, there are two different items. One is the understanding of the direction of motion of events. From Emptiness to fullness. And the other from Fullness to emptiness.

The second item is that the words and grammar construction of English also effects this understanding. So, this understanding is essentially connected to how the English words are used. If some other language is used, how the direction component would change has to be studied on the basis of the word codes in that particular language. Well, is reality connected to language, words, indicant words and grammar? Well, there is a connection, but not in so obvious a manner.

END OF QUOTE FROM Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages.

About water, I can relate another aspect. It is connected to acknowledging a person’s stature. In feudal languages, it has a tremendous meaning.

A person is invited for a formal eating occasion. At the eating table, he is served with an unclean plate or glass. In pristine-English, this action amounts to callousness towards ‘him’. In feudal languages, the incident more or less points to the fact that the word ‘him’ was accepted in its lowest indicant form by the serving persons.

Cleaning the plate to its cleanest form by water is an act of ‘grace’ from the welcoming side. Even though the servants in the feudal language ambience might do the actual serving, there can be an element of their being told of ‘him’ in its highest or lowest forms.

When offering their hands to ‘respected’ persons, people do wash their hands or at least wipe it. It might not make a change physically. But then in the encoding locations, a code has been formed that encodes that the person had wiped his hands as a display of deference. It changes the indicant word levels.

These are actions which have no physical form that can be measured by any scale or gadget.

It is more like a computer being installed with some benevolent software or a malevolent software. There is no physical weighing machine that can measure what has entered. However, from the software point of view, one can understand that a change has occurred in the computer.

There are powerful inputs that cannot be gauged from in English. There was a very simple issue of the US President when he arrived in China, being asked to get into a car, driven by a driver who knew only Chinese and did not speak English.

The implication in a feudal language is loaded with the most explosive of degradation. A Chinese-only knowing driver’s communication levels with the Chinese officials will be loaded with negativity of the highest order. The action of the Chinese officials is an extreme act, which would have been of no concern to a pristine-English nation. However, the US is no more a pristine-English nation. And the current US president is a self-imposed occupier-president who should never even have been allowed inside any native-English nations.

Speaking about the way the software codes enhance or decrease certain numerical values based on physical location, I can mention this simple thing.

There is a teacher’s chair and some students’ chairs. All arranged in a disorderly manner. In feudal languages, this is a scene of perfect low energy for the teacher. Maybe in English also, this feeling would come.

However, the moment the seats have been arranged with teacher’s chair in the correct location and all the students’ chair arranged facing it, with full focus on it, there is a tremendous change of feelings. Again, it is feelings. Just feelings.

There are persons who start anything special by first washing their hands. It is not that their hands are unclean or that the dirt and bacteria will be removed. It is just to inform the item which they are going to touch that it has been honoured.

Well, what is there in honouring a lifeless item?

In pristine-English, it has no meaning. For when the teacher comes into the class, if none of the students get-up and bow their head, and express a statutory greetings, there is no problem. However, in feudal languages ambience, this not-getting up is an action of the greatest crime. The teacher will go off his mental balance, and he might do something terrible.

Again it is just a feeling, which has been encoded in the software codes of reality and human design.

An honoured tool of work will be different from a dishonoured tool of work in feudal languages.

In fact, when the British sailors happened to come to the Indian coast on their anti-piracy campaign, they had nothing to fear. However, they were not in England, but in India, where the people are now being told that England is a small nation. When people from small nations come to a ‘big’ nation, they have to honour the ‘big’ people of the ‘big’ nation. Then there will not be any problem.

The English attitude of an easy communication was translated into the worst kind of affront by the Indian officials, who now know that small-times employees in India, who they view with perfect disdain, are equal to the English natives.

I understand that the English sailors are in jail for the last three or four years. Visit this link for more:

Again, what the Indian officials felt was just sensations or feelings. Yet, it has landed the British sailors in jail.

Psychology and other mental sciences are mere quackery at best and criminal practises as worst. However, that is another theme. I will not pursue that here.

Now, I need to mention one thing to make my arguments clear. I am not proposing that when viewed from pristine-English, there is no Software code location for reality or that it is there only when viewed from a feudal language background.

I am merely using the contradictions in the different systems, to try to detect and highlight the software location, through its varied actions.

I have seen Brahmin poojaris (temple priests) taking a bit of water in their hands and sprinkling it out. In a way it might also be to remove any content of negative codes connected to them before they initiate their sacerdotal duties.

Actually I have heard of certain others also who do this.

Even a negative thought, a remembrance of a painful event, imagining of a disturbing picture, face of a disliked person etc. do create corresponding negative codes in the software code location. A brief imagination of a positive theme, face, event etc. might be a real antidote to this. A brief washing of the hands with water might also be helpful. I cannot say anything categorically. For, I can at this moment only speak of the possibilities.

And the possibilities are immense.

For instance, I am writing this book at a tremendous speed. Without a very highly capable software mechanism to run my thought processes, and the various other items including that of sight, hearing, comprehension, remembrances, typing speed etc. this is not possible.

Simply because the medical professionals and the biologists do not know much about software should not restrain others from pondering on the extreme possibilities of there being a software code arena which controls and designs life and reality. If this is true, then the plausibility of all occult arts including that of the claims of Voodoo, Black magic, tantra, mantra, witchcraft &c. &c. &c. can be pondered upon with a mood of total composure.

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57 #. Miscellaneous items

In Omens and Superstitions of Southern India, there are a lot of observations on the local ‘superstitions’ and omens.

Many of them can be connected to the astrological antiquity of the various locations. Some of them can be directly connected to social terrors, phobias and paranoia that a feudal language can insert into any social system. In such systems, the greatest terror is of the lower classes and the lower castes.

When a person or a population group is defined as lower, a very grave negative energy accumulates upon them. Their very staring, viewing, touching, approaching, connecting etc. conveys the negativities of their lower stature in the word codes.

Many of the black magic and other occult arts practised in the locations are connected to protect oneself from this negativity.

However, everything extends backwards to the hoary past. As one moves beyond the boundaries of the boundless past, one comes across various artefacts that gives a clue to some kind of technology which was not on the same pathway as of modern science. Yet, there are traces of great technical feats found everywhere. However, there seems to be no direct connection between them and the current day populations.

In most of the Asian and African nations, it was simply the advent of the English colonialism that enlivened the locations. There is no way that the so-called epics and ancient cultures can claim any rights over the current-day technical and social enhancements found in these locations.

These locations have managed to keep alive certain systems, procedures and technical work of some quite complicated or supernatural machinery by means of traditions, temple festivities, shamanistic dances, sacramental performances, worship, superstitions etc. It might be quite a foolish attitude to simply define them all a common bracket of ‘superstitions’ of lowly populations.

The populations were lowly because they were all encumbered by feudal languages and by superior classes who love to see them eternally in deprivations. If their languages had been planar like English, they would have looked like the US citizens of some thirty year back.

I will just mention some minor items here.

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58 #. Decoding bird signs

One is the tradition of using signs & symbols from birds to forecast events.

I have personally seen people in old days mentioning that a visitor can be expected by hearing a very specific cawing sound of the crows. In those days, crows were plenty. Now crows are not so plenty.

I do not know if the predictions come true or not. For, I was very young.

Even now, I have seen persons looking for signs from the voice of the crows. I understand that there are more hints that are being looked for.

There is an annual festivity of paying homage to dead ancestors. I have heard that a very specific crow species comes to take the offering on behalf of the ancestors. People believe it. ‘Learned’ scientifically thinking people mention all this as nonsense. At the same time, they themselves have their own ‘nonsenses’ in which they have perfect trust.

Human beings actually do not know anything about what runs the biology mechanism. What the machinery of mind is. Or of the brain software that literally seems to be of astronomical powers and capacity, compared to even the best computer software we currently have.

If a section of the great minds of the modern world can step aside from the narrow pathway of physical sciences, and dwell upon the possibility of there being a software logic to everything, there might be much to find out.

If computers and mobile devices can communicate with each other and with far distances, there is nothing wrong in thinking that the human and animal minds are capable of much more than that.

Yet human minds are in a disarray, due to the various pulls and pushes that bear upon it from various querulous and non-querulous locations.

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59 #. Use of urine, hair, nail, blood etc. in black arts

In Omens and Superstitions of Southern India, Thurston has recorded a number of rituals in which killing of fowls and goats, use of blood, drinking of blood etc. has been used or practised.

There was one occasion when I was connected to a particular Voodoo kind deed. I saw urine being used. It was used in the same manner that one connects by some software or DNA means.

During consultations with the professional astrologers, they ask the client to imagine that person that they want to consult about. Imagination is a very powerful thing. The person’s image contains that person’s innate codes.

For instance, a Google Image search can trace and connect to an image one searches for online. Opening an image of a person or an entity or incident, is equivalent to opening that item’s innate codes in their feeble manner in one’s mind. It is possible that this would link directly with the original person’s innate codes. What can be done or undone, cannot be categorically listed out by me. Yet, the possibilities are there, and they are real.

The killing of the fowls and the goats are a gory sight indeed. But they might be quite better than the way they are slaughtered for meat.

It is not an empty ritual with a lot of persons acting it out. I have seen the practitioners going into a frenzy. They then utter oracle-like predications. I personally do have on quite perfunctory experiences in this. However, persons who have experienced it more intimately have told me that the predictions were on personal issues, and quite true.

It might seem that the practice is some barbarian or un-cultured populations’ ritualistic behaviour. However, the quality content of the population is an entirely different item. It is connected to many other items, including the level of stature they are placed in, in their own native language.

As of now, in various locations of the South Asian subcontinent, population quality has improved in their physical features.

Since I have had my own experience with a Shamanistic deity for so many years, I can categorically state that the contents of the words are quite focused and quite true. However, in this deity worship there was no animal or fowl sacrifice. There is no shouting or boisterous movements. It was a very elegant affair, conducted every Friday evenings in the shrine I used to go.

That there is some huge supernatural software-like entity behind all this cannot be denied.

The persons who do the sacrificial killing of the fowls and the goats immediately enter into a deep frenzy. It is as if their body and mind is momentarily taken over by some other software. One man told me that he had asked such one person as to what is happening. And how he manages to make various oracle-like predictions.

It seems his answer was that his mind goes into blank, and goes into an oscillation of coming back and going off. In the brief moments he comes back, he is aware of his human self.

I personally have had experiences that do vouch for the fact that there is some kind of external interventions going on. However, it is not an experience for everyone.

At this moment, I cannot divulge more on this line. However, there is indeed a software basis for reality. There is no doubt about that. There are external interventions done, occasionally on certain persons. I have personally seen persons who did get audio version messages of future events, which were true till a particular date. After that something went wrong with the accuracy of the messages.

After all, if the intervention is by means of or by some supernatural software, then it is equally true that if anything changes at its location, there will be changes in what is sent forth from there.

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60 #. Lucky stones

I will make a very brief mention on the so-called ‘lucky stones’. They are specific stones which are mentioned to be of benevolent effects on persons of a corresponding specific zodiac signs or Nakshatra or some other similar aspect. I do not have a deep knowledge in this field.

However, it is true that I did use them two times in my life.

Lucky stone business is, I understand, a very profitable business. Like all other businesses, including that of healthcare, the businessmen aspire for profit. So, there can be a lot of promotional talk in this business also.

I wore my first one many years ago, when I was in a very troubled times. It was a time of almost all doors closed, on all sides, with only one small opening beckoning me to go that route and reach off into a far-off location.

This type of door-closing is something that cannot be experienced in any native-English social atmosphere. For, the issue of blocks is not merely one of financial difficulty, but also that of various codes connected to feudal language indicant words. One has to find a very strong location where one can derive the most appropriate levels of ‘respect’ in indicant words. In English, this aspect of social existence is not there. It cannot be understood at all in English.

My problem was not exactly connected to ‘respect’, but of many persons who should have stood stolidly in loyalty to me acting quite weirdly.

I vaguely remember that this first stone which I wore was a Yellow Sapphire known locally as Pushyaraagam. The person who gave me the stone-fixed ring was a professional astrologer of a very different kind from the local variety. He was not from the local state. He was good in English and was an internationally travelled person. He met me to introduce his professional attributes, feeling that I was financially high. However, it soon transpired that I was in deep problems, with total disconnection from my family house and those who could then be described as ‘relatives’.

He gave me a ring with the stone which he mentioned as in sync with my zodiac features. He charged me a nominal amount, which though not small, was not exorbitant.

He gave me an expert advice that I should not allow this stone to be touched by unwarranted persons. He said that these stones have a ‘soul’. If it is touched by others, their features would soil this ‘soul’.

Looking back, I should mention that currently I understand this ‘soul’ as some very specific software code that links to this stone.

I have had a lot of terrific coincidences in my life which are, if taken from the realm of possibility, totally next to impossible.

After a few months, I was walking through a very busy street in a very far off–location. After walking around one kilometre, I suddenly noticed that the ring had fallen off my finger. It was a terrible thing to happen, in the midst of an extremely fragile life-situation. I was literally living in a mood of not knowing where exactly life was taking me to.

My equanimity was lost. I hurried back through the busy roadway, full of rushing people. I walked the same steps through which I had presumably walked. I peered down at each step.

After moving back around ¾ of a kilometre, I suddenly found the ring on the road. Then another extremely terrible coincidence occurred. A person of a particular disposition bent down and picked it up, and started staring at it. He was the type of person who should never have been allowed to touch the ‘soul’ of my ‘stone’ in my ring. I rushed to him and claimed that it was mine. He gave it to me without any demur.

Yet, the damage had been done.

I was quite happy to get the stone back. In fact, I told the curious incident of me getting back the stone after walking the distance in a busy roadway to certain persons in a mood of elation.

Yet, there was indeed something terribly bad going on. I went down in everywhere possible. In fact, everything I touched was going from bad to worse. And further more, my physical appearance also went down to totally despair-able levels.

After a few months, I disconnected myself with this ‘lucky stone’. Off course, my situation improved. But then, as I had mentioned earlier, I am connected by the codes of my horoscope to Shakata Yogam. The cartwheel rotates, taking me from the heights to the depths and again back to the heights.

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61 #. Sleeping positions

This is a theme that I had heard of from various other sources. However, each time I heard it there seems to be some disparity in the direction. I have seen this theme in some astrological almanac also.

However, it is mentioned by Thurston in this book, Omens and Superstitions of Southern India.

If a person places the head towards the east when sleeping, he will obtain wealth and health; if towards the south, a lengthening of life; if towards the west, fame; if towards the north, sickness.

I do not know about the correctness of the above advices as per the occult art. I just quoted from his book.

In my youthful days, I have seen scientifically inclined persons trying to explain away the possible logic of these contentions thus.

That the direction you sleep does make a difference with regard to how the centrifugal force acts on the human body. If you are sleeping in an east-west direction, or west-east direction, your body moves in the direction of the rotation, or against it, in the same plane of rotation.

Going along with it, with the head first will definitely have an effect that is different from that of going along with it with the feet first.

If you sleep in the north-south or south-north direction, your body will rotate along the direction of rotation in a perpendicular manner, with either the left side or the right side of your body moving first; depending on whether your head is to the north or to the south.

There was another ‘scientific’ explanation that I had heard. It is connected in a similar manner, to the direction of the magnetic field of the earth.

There is no technology that I know of which can prove the credibility of the beliefs or ‘superstitions’ mentioned by Thurston.

With the tremendous powers of slight codes, touching etc. that emerging technology is bringing to limelight, it might be a quite a silly attitude to discard everything as mere ‘superstitions’ of the ignorant. For actually these so-called ‘ignorants’ were not that ignorant. In fact, this was a fact mentioned by the English colonial rulers of the subcontinent. They found it wonderful that traditional carpenters with no educational qualifications or training in any college of architecture could conceive and built huge architectural marvels. However, the problem faced by these technically skilled persons was that they were in a shackled state under the various layers of castes and repulsions of the subcontinent.


Speaking about the unbelievable powers encoded in touch, I can mention an incident. It is an incident which when mentioned now, will look quite a natural one, and nothing comment much upon.

After using the Whatsapp Messenger for a brief moment, I folded the Smartphone cover flap on the screen. Holding the Smartphone, I went in for some quite private conversation with someone. After sometime, just to check something, opened Smartphone flap, to see that the whole conversation of around 3 minutes had been recorded into the Whatsapp chat. When I was trying to understand what was happening, it got sent.

My silly private conversation of around 3 minute’s duration had gone to other people hearing. What I did wrong was that I was holding on to the Whatsapp’s recording button when conversing. The Wifi is in a switched on position most of the time.

It was an extremely coincidental incident. However, as I had mentioned elsewhere, coincidences have been a part of my life.

Now, this is an event if viewed from the times of Thurston, would have looked quite improbable. Just a touch doing so much mischief?

However, it was a series of machineries that did the mischief, when they acted in a systematic manner. The switched-on Wifi, the Whatsapp’s chat location, the flap cover which was soft, my holding exactly in the location of the recording button of the Whatsapp, the removal of my hands from the recording button, the time I took to understand what was happening, the efficiency of the Whatsapp in sending what is recorded within moments &c.

Another accomplice was the electric power. Over here, it regularly goes off, at times around 8 to 12 times a day. So, if it had been at a time when the power was off, the recording would not have moved. However, at this critical moment, the power-line stood steadfast.

When one conceives reality as the handiwork of some kind of supernatural software, then it might be wise to consider the possibility of all kinds of improbable things being possible.

Now coming back to the sleeping positions, well, it has to be solely investigated at the location of the supernatural software arena. All kinds of other investigations are mere beating around the bush.

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62 #. The proof of the pudding

There is indeed a software code basis for reality. At times, or regularly there is intervention inside reality from outside ‘reality’. Mind-to-mind communication is possible. Minds can be controlled or influenced or spurred or disarrayed by supernatural signals from other locations. Animal and human bodies do have a software basis which more or less controls and maintains it. Animal and human brains do have a ‘brain software’ which does work either independently or in close association with some external repository or centre. Reality or entities inside reality can be either the creation of specific codes that design them, or they can be mere projections of entities created by software and placed elsewhere.

Well, these are not my postulations, but more or less confirmed convictions of mine. I have done various small-time or big-time observations based on my own mental sensations, ideas and understandings.

It might be possible to make others also come to see my insights. However, it might not be easy, for it might take time. Some of the small-time experiments I have done can be repeated, and the results shown. However, they are not easy, and there are certain limitations to performing them.

However, for the reader of this, to ponder upon, I can give certain themes.

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63 #. A software based disease treatment & cure system

The first item is about the Human body. I have mentioned that there is indeed a software basis for human body and mind. When I first came to that point of understanding, I did not know much about software. And even when I came to know about software, there was no immediate idea to connect it to a human body or brain software. It was very vague thoughts that made me write so many vague and dynamic thoughts around the years 2005 to ‘07. I have published them in the form of a digital book titled: Software codes of Reality, Life and Languages!

Yet, as my mind went deeper into a huge amount of apparently unconnected themes, across a wide range of human activities, all of them slowly assembled to form my convictions that there is indeed a basis for my gut feelings.

It did not take me long to face the issue of, if human body does indeed have a supernatural software basis, then surely many diseases would be caused by some malady at the software location. Then naturally the most effective treatment should be at the Code view level.

I understood that allopathic medicines were working primarily at the Real view and Design view levels. There is no conceptualisation of a cure at the Code view level in allopathic medicine.

As it is, allopathic medicine manufacturers have candidly admitted that they really do not know how medicines affect a cure.

It was during my seeking an answer to this troublesome question that I suddenly came across Homœopathy. I have had some previous experience with Homœopathy many years ago. I found it an extremely stupid treatment system practised by persons seemed to have very feeble understanding about ailment treatment. However, the ‘doctor’ I met was a qualified Homœopath.

It was only after many years after that first encounter that I came into close association with Homœopathy. I found that the fault was not in Homœopathy, but in the professionals who practise ‘qualified’ Homœopathy. I do not want to go into that part here.

Even now I do not know Homœopathy. However after many years of observing its treatment methodology, diagnosing techniques, the whereabouts of its information on human diseases, I have been quite impressed. There is no co-relationship with allopathic medical system at all. In fact, it is absolutely different.

Allopathic practitioner is actually comparable to some kind of a very experienced mechanic asked to repair an ailing computer. With his huge amount of information, experience, book knowledge, surgical procedure, diagnostic techniques, laboratory exam results etc. he can manage to treat a lot many diseases using medicines or by other procedures.

As to Homœopathy, it is akin to asking a software mechanic to repair an ailing computer.

There is very little common point between the working fields of both these groups. It must be admitted that there are very many locations in a computer where the software mechanic has no locus standi.

I do not want to take this comparison beyond this point. For, I do not know how far the comparison will work.

Now, let me discuss the details of what I have sensed.

There is no known way for human beings to approach the codes of human body and brain software. Nothing is known about it. To an individual with no conviction on its existence, its very existence is mere hypothetical.

However, there are so many things in life and reality that can just be sensed, and not proved by any physical measurements. For instance, the affection that parents have for their children. Well, there might be a location where it is tangible and quite visible for measurement and analysis. Even though this location is not known to man as yet does not disprove its existence.

The first issue that I face when mentioning Homœopathy is about the question of whether it is quackery or has substance. There is no way for modern science to understand how it works. It is similar to asking physics to understand or explain software.

Software is a different world, where rules of engagements can be changed by means of changes in the codes. Maybe the limitations of the physical materials that make the computer and mobile devices might stands as limitations to what software can do, but nothing more.

Homœopathy does work. How do I know it? Well, I have used it for more than 15 years. Then why is it that some people do not get any relief from Homœopathy?

The answer lies in understanding that Homœopathic cure is not similar to allopathic cure. However, I cannot go into that here, for the subject would need to move into that area. If anyone is interested, they can read this minor writing of mine: The machinery of Homœopathy

I am sure that I can prove that Homœopathy does work. The proof need not go through the routes that is used by allopathic medical system to prove. There are other ways to prove it does work.

Samuel Hahnemann, who literally single-handedly founded this fabulous system of medical treatment, was limited by one single item. He had no concept of software. If he had this information, well, he might have very clearly described the ways and manners of Homœopathic treatment.

As an aside I need to mention that in Wikipedia, there is a huge article on Homœopathy, ostensibly written by some pack of jokers. As for their information level, it is quite possible that they do not know about the existence of feudal languages, the codes of which can literally override the genetic codes.

Another thing that might have missed their infantile attention might be the fact that even though Allopathy claims to have a lot of information on human body, what allopathic medical system knows is just of the infinitesimal content. That Allopathy can cure is true. However, how it cures is not really known. Check this link:

However, I will not connect myself into a cantankerous fight that is ongoing between both sides. I am not part of that.

It is true that Homœopathy is akin to black magic. For black magic works from behind the scenes, from the realm of the supernatural codes of reality. Homœopathy also works from that location.

I can give a single line hint of what might be the so-called drug or medicine in Homœopathy. It might just be a manner by which some code mechanism is induced to scan the software codes of the animal or human body, and to insert the correct numerical values or codes that have gone into error.

In fact, the so-called dilution of Homœopathic ‘drugs’ is at such a level that there can practically be no atom of the drug. What the medicine does is simply remember some numerical value or code. In the same way that indicant words can create changes in human physical and mental features, without any ‘atom’ of the indicant words being present.

This remembering is not a silly thing. A remembrance of a single lower indicant word code used for addressing or referring by a lower stature person can induce homicidal mania in the addressed person. A gaze by someone of lower stature, who mentally uses a lower indicant word code with regard to another person, can also create the same homicidal mania in the gazed-at person.

If anyone does not believe my words, check the increasing amount of gun violence in the US. These evil codes are running amok in that native-English nation, with no one the wiser. See this:

Yes, there is a tangible content of ‘remembrance’. This contention of mine is not hocus-pocus. In fact, it is a contention that shall stand the test of time.

There is also the argumentative stand by Homœopathy that it does not take the existence of germs and viruses into consideration. Do not germs and viruses exist? How can they be so silly?

Look at this picture on Photobucket:


It is an image of the cover of one of my books.

Note it. It is an image. I cannot deny its existence.

Many years ago, one Website in England sent me a long code to me and told me that this is their Website Logo button which I can post on VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS’ website. The button would connect to my writing on their site.

A button?

I did not see any button. Just a huge totally incomprehensible length of codes.

However that was indeed a button. It appeared correctly on the website when it was posted in the correct code location.

I have given an image of my book shown above. I can give it to others in various other forms.

One is this:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=" ... rnrjax.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo MEIN1PBucket_zps9crnrjax.jpg"/></a>

Or if you just want to see a version of it on the Photobucket site, try this: ... rnrjax.jpg

Understanding that the above codes mean an image requires some rudimentary levels of knowledge in some specific fields of software work. For the others, the lines-above have no meaning. For them, there is no image.

For a person who has at least a very basic information on software codes, will immediately note the words .jpg.

That might be enough to give a hint to him that the above codes have something to do with an image.

This is a very precise allegory that can mention the predicament of the people who try to ridicule the contention that Homœopathy does not know anything about germs and viruses. The fact might be that Homœopathy is dealing at a more deeper side of reality. Where the germs and viruses can be visualised in their raw codes.

Another thing to be mentioned about Homœopathy is that it takes ‘sensations’ quite seriously. This is a major point. This itself gives me the proof that Homœopathy is pointing directly to the software codes of the human body and mind design. Also, mental feelings and such other things are taken as physical entities and treated as of absolute significance.

The way in which Homœopathy takes up these seemingly minor items, can at times seem quite silly. Even the patients would get slightly annoyed at the persistence that a Homœopath adopts to get information on items that are not even taken into consideration in allopathic medical treatment.

Speaking about Sensations, I need to mention this incident from my personal experience.

At times, my younger daughter does get a fever after coming from school. I understand the reason to be connected to a totally English speaking person being in the lower strata of a feudal language system. That is, the Indian schooling system.

One day, recently, she had fever. She mentioned that her toes were cold. I touched the toes and found that even though the feet were hot with fever, the toes were strangely cold.

When I went to take the Homœopathy medicines for the fever, the Homœopath asked me the regular questions. However, at the end of it, I insisted upon the cold toes symptom. However, he did not seem to take it seriously. On my insistence, he went through the Rubrics. And there to my surprise, there was an exact symptom mentioned. Icy toes.

The medicine he gave was as per this quite focused symptom.

There is more to be mentioned in this vein. However, I suppose this much is enough to substantiate my point.

That Homœopathy does work can be taken as one of the major proof of the existence of a Supernatural software code location. As for me, even though this is a proof in itself, I have more proofs about the existence of a Software location.

However, this is not time and space to go to that part of my awareness.

From this location, I would like to address one more issue.

If anyone is interested in trying to get a connection to the virtual arena of the supernatural software codes, one of the pathways which can be pursued is that of Homœopathy. There is a huge wealth of information lying ready for being decoded.

As of now, Homœopathy has sort of reached a cul-de-sac. This has been caused by the fact that there was no logical manner in which Homœopathic treatment could be explained. There was no conceptualisation of a supernatural software arena. And beyond that, most medical professional have very little information on what is software or digital technology.

In many teaching locations, Homœopathy is taught alongside the principles and understanding of allopathic knowledge. Though the information thus given is correct, the possibility of Homœopathy reaching an illogical location is very much possible. For, on the pathway to allopathic information, Homœopathy has no locus standi. In fact, it is has a feel of a pseudo science. In actual fact, Homœopathy may not even be a part of any material science.

People bent on finding an approach route to the supernatural software arena and to the codes of reality should first try to internalise the idea of how Homœopathy try to find a medicine for an aliment. There is also another thing that can be experimented with. That is, I think, testing a Homœopathic drug. It is a sort of reverse engineering. That of taking the drug in certain doses and experiencing the various symptoms of the ailments in a brief manner.

However, I do not know much about Homœopathy. So, it might be good to get expert advice on these things.

Once the concept that the Homœopathic drugs are working into some codes is mentally accepted, more ideas as to how to get deeper information on this phenomenon will slowly arise.

It is like me sitting to write a book. When I commence, there is only very few things in my mind. However, as the writing progresses, more strings of ideas come rolling out. From where exactly, I have no ken!

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64 #. The power of indicant words to redesign human physical features

This is the next item that can be taken up for considering is the power of non-tangible items. Can words, mere words with no physical form or mass or energy, make powerful changes in a human beings’ physical design?

Look at this image of the people of the southern parts of the South Asian subcontinent (the location that is discussed in Thurston’s book: Omens and Superstitions of Southern India).


Even though good food can change a person’s physical looks, the people in the images in above web-link are looking quite diminished is not due to that. They are mainly the people who had been kept in the lower indicant word codes by the various social levels, including their own lowly levels. As of now, people quality has improved much in this location. Yet no one really cares to mention any gratitude to the English intervention that opened the doors to human quality elevation.

For the very unique experiment that I did with regard to this issue, interested readers can read this:

Not only indicant words, even languages can change the facial features and body looks of an individual, after prolonged encasement inside a particular language.


Picture of James Scurry. Englishman whose very physical appearance changed after being crushed under the lower indicant words codes of the feudal languages of the South Asian subcontinent.

Here again, I can propose this much to persons who want to try to connect to the supernatural code arena. Try various experiments with feudal language word codes. First of all, a feeling would come that there is indeed something uncanny and quite powerful in human language codes. Something that can really exert some kind of power.

From this location, by means of adding and subtracting various codes, there can be minute, yet steady progress towards understanding the attributes of the supernatural software and the codes of reality.

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65 #. The other means to investigate

There are other ways to investigate the plausibility of there being a software background to reality.

One is with regard to the capacities of mind. I have done experiments and found that there are various ways other people’s mind can affect a person from afar.

Thoughts do radiate. Or can be made to radiate.

There are means to bring in a synchronisation of thoughts between connected individuals. I have done it. Yet, I do not know the exact machinery that does this work. At times, it works. However, there is no idea as to how to initiate this machinery as one would switch on a button, and when it would initiate.

Moreover, many things do interfere in this machinery. That is my experience.

There is a huge field to investigate. That of what is the effect on human mind when a lot of people think of them or view their image or speak about them. There are items to be mentioned.

The item of sex also is a very powerful location to investigate. I have categorical evidence that the activity of sex, even at the level of mental pondering, does connect to very powerful software locations.

There is a very significant issue of flipping of emotions from what was there before the culmination of a sexual act and immediately afterwards. The flipping of the sensations, if studied with a very convinced mind about the existence of codes, might open up a location to make a break in, into the world of supernatural codes.

In fact, my whole focus on the effects of feudal languages and indicant word codes was spurred up, when I noticed the terrific and terrifying effect of flipping a person vertically that can be done by a mere change of indicant words. This is what led me to various kinds of information on almost everything that is connected to human interactions.

In the same manner, if the exact codes that lead to this flipping can be studied in a most ‘unscientific’ manner, then there might be a huge universe of information at the other end of the route.

It might be quite interesting to note that sex has been mentioned as one of the main ingredients in most ‘black arts’, including that of witchcraft and tantra. There is much to suggest that all such arts including witchcraft, black magic, tantra, Voodoo, Koodothram etc. all might have emerged from the same location.

For instance, I have found that sex and the presence of male and female participants as an essential item in the successful culmination of a Witchcraft ritual. In the tantric rituals, found in certain Prakrit (possible, but not sure) or Sanskrit writings, I have heard that there is the mention of the Pancha (five) Makaras, as essential items in Tantra rituals. The five ‘Ma’s stand for Matysa (fish), Mamsa (flesh), Mydhunam (sexual activity), Mudra (ritualistic dance) and Madyam (intoxicating drink).

I do not know anything about these things. However, in a procedure to interact with the supernatural software location, these items do seem to have some contribution. Even in the case of the Shamanistic deity which whom I was associated, I was informed that He liked dry fish and liquor (of the native fermented variety). I think during the elaborate performance to initiate the possession by the deity, minute amounts of this liqueur are imbibed during very brief breaks.

The Shamanistic phenomenon is one quite tangible location wherein a deep study can be conducted. It should be from the mental platform that there is indeed a supernatural software at work. That some of the Shamanistic deities do view some kind of supernatural apparatus through the sacramental lamp might be deduced

If sexual activity is studied in a confinement of estrogen and progesterone phenomenon, it will not yield the route or the results. In fact, the studies should dare to go beyond that level, into the level of actual software codes that work behind the scenes.

Imaginations, conceptualisations, sensations, feelings, emotions, dreams, dream-like state, hallucinations etc. are located in a location that is not physical. It is akin to saying that video, audio, image and textual outputs in a computer will not come when the hardware is connected and switched on. A non-tangible or non-touchable or non-see-able entity, created out of codes, called software has to function.

For understanding the features of the video, audio, image and textual outputs, the more intelligent possible location would be that of the software. And not of the hardware, even though without the hardware, the software cannot function on its own.

There is yet another location for investigation. That is about how dumb animals and creatures do communicate among themselves. As for me, I had a series of quite bizarre experiences of miniature flies uniting together under some command centre to carry on certain attacks with meticulous planning. And with cunning and deceit. This is a long theme, on which I cannot ponder on now. All I can mention is that there is indeed some kind of powerful communication link that connects them. This communication link as of now has not been detected.

I can mention a few more observations. In the local roads, at times police arrive to do a sudden checking of vehicle. Usually it is for catching two-wheeler drivers who do not wear a helmet. However as of now, within minutes of the police starting their endeavour, the number of two-wheelers arriving on the road reduces drastically.

To a person who does not know what is happening, it would look quite odd. However, the exact fact is that people send Telegram or Whatsapp messages or even SMS to all their local contacts about this development. If they want to avoid trouble, they keep off that road stretch.

Many years ago, I was told of a similar behaviour among dogs. It was that when dog-catchers come to a street, they catch a few all of a sudden. Once they hook a dog onto their leash, it is more or less done for. However, within moments, there are no street-dogs on the road. They have all vanished. The point that was mentioned is that all the other dogs get to be informed.

How, might be a point for pondering.

Many years ago, in a very isolated spot, I did suddenly come upon a gathering of a few dogs. I got a very fascinating sight of all the dogs bending in a pose of extending obeisance to a main dog. On hearing my approaching the meeting melted away.

I have had another quite intriguing experience with a lonely road full of street dogs, many years ago in the midnight hours. However, I do not know how to fit in that experience over here.

I am told of another quite curious theme. That when women comb out lice (ticks) from their hair, immediately all the nearby women would feel the lice in their head biting them terribly. It is as if there is come communication that is alerting the lice in the other people’s heads.

I will leave this theme here.

When a psychologist simply mentions the word ‘feel’ or some other nonsensical terminology to mean the same, it does not reach anywhere near to the codes that create or design this ‘feel’.

My allegories and illustrative examples are from the levels of current-day technological standards. When technology advances, these allegories and illustrative examples might also advance in due sync.

If current-day mental sciences are trying to pursue information on the above-mentioned themes from a purely physical science background, it will never arrive anywhere near the exact location of these items. The tragic fact about these sciences is that most of the so-called learned professionals in these ‘sciences’ do not have even the most rudimentary information on software codes.

Terrific advances in software technology has arrived, all of which can more or less compete with the features of human and mental brain work.

Minor words in feudal languages, can flip a person’s social stature from top to bottom and from bottom to top. The huge shift in mental emotions might need to be studied. However, it would quite good if the mental scientists are not allowed to touch this subject. For, their words of explanations from their foolish platforms might lead the observations haywire.

Minor shifts in indicant words will trigger a murderous rage in human beings. It does so in animals also. See the dogs entering into a dog-fight the moment a new entrant arrives. There are indeed very powerful links and relationships existing in a non-tangible manner.

The issue of dogs fighting when a new entrant arrives is a common theme that has human level illustrations possible:

A common man goes into an Indian government office, where everyone is arranged in tight hierarchical links. If the entrant adopts his physical and mental features to be in tune with this hierarchy, there is no need to expect a dog-fight. However, if the entrant doesn’t concede to this hierarchy or refuses to fall in line, he is in for real trouble.

There are various codes of routes, directions, angles, components of angle, speed, hierarchy, opinion, influencing, value-addition, opening of route, blocking of route, spatial arrangement of physical objects etc. working behind the scenes. Without even a most rudimentary acceptance of the possibility of these codes, it is indeed a useless endeavour to act as professionals with profundity in mental sciences. In fact, it is the ‘q’ word that describes them.

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66 #. The fabulous ‘n’ word

When I mention the ‘q’ word, another similar word comes to mind. It is the ‘n’ word. People in the English West pour their heart and soul into discussing this word. What a very stupid situation!

They who do not know even one single bit of information on the words in feudal languages are crying over something that is of no problem. In all places, where the Negros have been addressed as ‘Niggers’, they have developed. In all places, where this word is not used, they remain in various levels of social thraldom.

It is quite easy to test the negative power of this word in the physical world.

A young dark skinned young woman is a senior police officer in India. A young constable who speaks good English mentions her in his private friends circle thus with anger:

‘She is a nigger’.

Surely it is a comment quite obviously of hate. He hates his superior officer. That is the only thing that gets conveyed. Nothing more.

However, there are other constables who speak in their native languages. For instance, a group of constables are sitting together. Some are elderly. Some are young. An elderly constable mentions her, as a nice young female.

He says: She is a nice female.

He uses such words as ‘Aval, Oal etc. for the word ‘She’.

Other constables get the hint, and they also use the word Aval or Oal about her. Both words mean ‘She’.

Now, to a person who knows both languages, English and the South Indian, which is more terrible?

The, ‘She is a nigger’ is nothing.

However, ‘Aval (She) is a nice female’ is not just a homicidal attack. It is worse. It is like pasting the female officer with human excrement. She will go mad with anger.

The best she can do at a personal level would be to call the constables as Niggers or barbarians or cannibals. That exactly is what is happening when someone calls another person a Nigger. It is a desperation to do something when something more eerie has been done on them.

In India, if the civilians are given guns, there will be immediate decimation of human population. That is the absolute truth.

See this LINK.

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67 #. Yantram

The below image is that of an occult item known as Yantram in the languages of the South Asian subcontinent. I am pretty sure that similar items will be there in all geographical locations of the world where occult art is practised. I have taken this image from Omens and Superstitions of Southern India.


It is quite possible that many ‘scientifically’ inclined persons might feel that it is some kind of semi-barbarian artefact written in some tribal wordings. Yet from a software code perspective, it does have the very obvious attributes of a software coding in an unknown language.

Here the word ‘language’ has to be explained. Most computer software languages are generally written in English. Yet, the software languages are not ‘English’. They are something like Pascal, COBOL, C++, Java, ASP, PHP, Java script, Python &c.

I do not in what language the software codes of the Yantram have been written. However, I would try to give some insights. The language of the text is in one of the southern languages of the Subcontinent.

From a very brief cursory perspective, the Yantram is some kind of software apparatus. It could be a Platform, and the language could be something like Python. I am giving these names just for the sake of lucidity. In actual reality, the quality and content of the supernatural software could be of huge contents.

Since I have mentioned the term ‘Platform’, I will try to give a brief definition of a ‘Platform’ from a non-technical perspective. Platform is a combination of a hardware along with some software package. And example would be a computer hardware in which an Operating System like Window 8 is installed and working.

A mobile phone with an Android OS installed can be a Platform.

The speciality of the Python language is that it has a lot of pre-built functions in the Python library. That is, a lot of software scripts have already been created for various kinds of functions. The programmer can import the library of these scripts and insert what he or she wants.

The scripts would look very small, even though they are actually representing a huge software script in the Python library.

Yantram could be a specific platform or a language into which a series of function scripts have been encoded.

I do not think that the creation of Yantram is some kind of fake or fraudulent work. It is quite possible that it is based on some kind of expertise. However, the quality of the workmanship can be good or bad. It would depend on the workmanship of the tantric who creates it. It is also quite possible that the workmen who make it or write it might have quite flimsy idea as to what it is, or as to how it really works.

It is just similar to a computer operator like a DTP professional being good in his work, but not knowing anything more about the interior working intricacies of MS Word, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Quarxexpress &c.

In most probability, the expertise would have passed on through the various generations, at times moving through very low quality people and at times through very high quality populations. As of now, only the workmanship might be in existence. The information of the original machinery that first wrote these scripts would have vanished even before the advent of the most ancient civilisations of whom we have heard of.

Even though the scripts look quite small, each one of them could be just a very brief representation of huge content of supernatural software codes.

Yantram are used for various purposes, including protection from Evil eye, Black magic etc. My personal information on Yantram is minimal.

I think there is something by the name of ‘thakidu’ (copper sheet) which is also some kind of a Yantram. I did use these from a Muslim Occultist (Thangal) once, to escape from a Jinxed building where I had set-up a business unit. A lot of complexities seemed to ensnare me in a web of strings that I found it quite difficult to detach myself from the building.

I do not know if the ‘thakidu’ worked, or simply the strings untied on their own. I mention these things just to note down my personal experiences.

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68 #. A warm talisman

Many years ago, a spiritual person with whom I had a brief period of intimacy, in a mood of lending me a helping hand, arranged to have a talisman made for me. It was an amulet made of some alloy metal. I think it was brass or bronze. Or maybe copper. I am not sure. It was in the shape of a cylinder with a lot of small appendages to thread a string through.

It was to be worn around my waist. It was made by a Tantric, who was reputed to be quite good at his art. I was not charged anything. I think the cost was borne by the spiritual person.

When it was handed over to me, what was sensed by me was a warmth extruding from the amulet. When I held it in hands, it appeared to be slightly hot or warm. I am not sure how a cold metal could give a warm sensation.

However, the word is ‘sensation’. It was definitely not a ‘warmth’ or heat that could be measured by any thermometer.

The same sensation was felt by the spiritual person. He also mentioned it.

Sensations are not what can be measured by any scientific gadgets.

For instance, see these statements.

1. I saw the love in his eyes.

2. When she held my hands, I could feel her affection for me.

3. Even though his words were not abusive, I could sense the sarcasm in it.

These are sensations, created by a software script that works inside the brain software or somewhere else.

The tantric had inserted some kind of software codes into the talisman by means of verbal and ritualistic means.

When I say ritualistic, there is also a huge content to be understood.

When I used to work in creating my digital books in pdf with a lot of features, I would have to repeatedly follow a pattern of movements. For instance, it would like:

Mouse Click on a Field - Ctrl C – Alt Tab – Tab – Tab – Ctrl V – Ctrl Right > - digit (1, 2, 3 etc.) like that.

What I have done above is simply copying a specific field from one page in a PDF file and copied it to another PDF file and changed the name in numerical manner.

I understood that to the casual observer, my actions were mere mechanical movements with no particular meaning. Only by observing the corresponding changes appearing on the computer screen could he or she understand that my ritualistic movement of fingers and hands were actually connected to some quite intelligent work, which had no corresponding items in the outside world.

I could even ask another person with no computer background to do these procedures in a mechanical manner, and yet get the work done.

When viewed from this background, the seemingly unintelligent ritualistic actions, which are very evidently seen in any tantric, pooja, shamanistic, black magic, witchcraft or voodoo ritual, could be seen to be actually something of a similar vein.

That these actions done after arriving on a particular supernatural platform does actually move things and items into per-set or prescribed slots or scripts or codes.

Apart from all this, there is thing suspicious also that I do have. That wearing any such things has some kind of connection to a heiarachy of leadership that moves toward a focal point commencing from some supernatural deity, or supernatural software or divinity. This suspicious has crept into me due to a very slight observation that a talisman of one particular kind of divinity is not allowed or liked by another divinity who is from another hierarchical group.

This is just a feeling.

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69 #. Computer coding in feudal languages

I have mentioned that computer codes are written in English. I do not know if they are written in any other languages also.

If not, I think it is always possible to ponder on creating computer codes in some other languages also.

If fact, if feudal languages are used, a lot more complexities can be inducted into the computer software.

For one thing, even the issue of English having only 26 alphabets might be taken up as a rank weakness of English. It is like this:

Many feudal languages like Mandarin, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu &c. might be having more alphabets.

I will take a very simple issue. I have seen certain internet companies, using English alphabets in lieu of numerical digits. It gives a certain advantage. Numbers are based on a 10 digit model. That is 1 to 10. After 10, it is 11.

The biggest single digit number is 9.

The biggest number possible at 2 digits is 99.

Instead of this, if we use abc, it is based on a 26 digit model.

The digits become a, b, c to z.

z is equivalent to 26.

z is the biggest single digit number.

zz is the biggest 2 digit number. It will be equivalent to a 3 digit big number.

zza will be the next number. Like that it goes.

It will be seen that huge numbers can be made small digit numbers if English alphabets are used.

However, if we pursue this logic, then it would become quite clear that languages like Mandarin, Tamil, Hindi etc. which have huge number of alphabets can literally create very big numbers using very small number of digit.

I am not sure where this reducing of digits would be useful.

However, the problem with using such languages, as the language for writing computer codes is not in that location.

The location where it will create terrible problems is when a huge number of computers are connected to each other. There will naturally be a hierarchy among the computers as to which one should follow which in precedence of giving commands and act as per the commands.

This hierarchy can be named anything in English. The terminology Master-Slave, even though it sounds quite querulous, has no problem in English. However, when the languages of coding become feudal languages, then there will be terrible splitting of personality features of the computers. The YOU, HE etc. will become split into various layers. It will bring in a sort of caste system, which in turn will trigger repulsions, emotional triggers etc.

Computers, as they become more and more intelligent, will start showing terrible emotional problems, mutual hate, spurs to back-stab, blocking of information flow, hesitation to inform critical issues etc.

In short, the computer community will look like present-day India.

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Even though, Edgar Thurston has done a huge number of observations on the omens, superstitions and social behaviour of the people/s of the southern parts of the South Asian subcontinent in particular, and that of the northern parts in general, he has missed the huge content of what works behind the scenes.

However his book is of monumental standards. That cannot be denied.

There is an immensity of information about the realities of the location. My attempt in the following pages has been to take a few observations of Thurston and discuss them briefly. Many of the ideas need not be from the realm of the Occult art.

Since filmmakers have a habit of changing the physical stature and looks of individuals who they promote, I think it might be good to see a few images of how the people in this location really looked like. The looks have changed with the advent of the English rule in the subcontinent.

However not many would like to be reminded of this part of their antiquity. Ingratitude seems to be a natural part of social development in this subcontinent, same as it is in various other locations.

People who are interested in reading about a very specific example of this deed can visit this link.

People’s information on their own customs and rituals are in most cases minimal. They have been holding fast to rituals and rites, with no idea when it all started. However, through their intelligent and at times, unintelligent holding on to them, these things have been preserved over the ages.

I am making a listing of the various terms, superstitions, omens, stories etc. as in a sequential manner as per the page numbers.

This writing of mine is not a comprehensive work. However, there will be a lot of interesting items. That is for sure.

1. Panchangam: Even though Thurston mentions them as ‘Native calendars’, they are much more than that. They contain not only the omens and the local annual calendar, but a lot more including an almanac from an astrological perspective. Most of the items are based on the daily sunrise and sunset time of a particular region. As such, most of these items are not precise. For, the sunset and sunrise timing are different in different locations in the same geographical area.

2. Hindu classics: I am not sure how appropriate the word ‘Hindu’ is. The word ‘Hindu’ seems to have been superimposed on almost all items that the English colonial rulers found in the subcontinent, including the local music.

As to the term classic, what I suppose is meant, are the book writings in Sanskrit. Even though people try to trace all their routes to Sanskrit, the fact is that very few percentages of the peoples of the nations of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh do really belong to the Sanskrit or ‘Aaaryan’ antiquity. Many of the populations that went under the Brahmanical thraldom might not belong to this ancestry. However, much mixing of blood has taken place. However, since the northern parts of the subcontinent were under immigrant populations of Islamic faith, the blood content will reflect much of their DNA also.

As to the ancient languages of the subcontinent, in the northern parts, such languages as Prakrit, Maghadhi, Ardhamaghadhi, Pali &c.

3. Kalidasa: He has been discovered as a Sanskrit writer of extreme talent and profundity. He is generally mentioned as the ‘greatest’ of the Sanskrit writers. Where he lived and his exact location of domicile is not known. However, there is a claim that he was a court poet in one of the ancient kingdoms in the northern edges of subcontinent. As of now, his antiquity has been claimed and occupied by the new nation of India, even though from a logical understanding of his location, all the nations around the region can claim his legacy. This might include Nepal, China, Tibet, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. Populations of none of these nations, including India do know Sanskrit. In India, there are very energetic efforts to promote this language, as part of the Hindu nationalist or communal fanaticism.

4. Sakuntala: This is a famous drama by Kalidasa. The story in brief is this: Shakuntala is a daughter born to a female from the world of the celestial beings (devalokam – sphere of the divinities), through her relationship with an earthling hermit. Shakuntala was left on earth, from where another hermit came across her as an infant. She grew up in his hermitage as his foster child.

One day the king of the location comes on a hunting expedition in the forest location of this hermit. His hunting is stopped by the disciples of the hermit. On hearing the name of the hermit, the king expresses his desire to pay his obeisance to the famous sage.

He happens to see the extremely lovely Shakuntala there, tending to the plants and the animals. They fall in love and undergo what is mentioned as a gandharva vivaham. It is a sort of marriage, more or less known only to themselves.

The king hands her his royal ring and promises to take her to his palace at the earliest.

Shakuntala spent her time in passionate thoughts of her lover. At that time, another great hermit arrives to meet her foster father. Everyone in the hermitage makes haste to display their obeisance to him. Shakuntala fails to notice the presence of the hallowed visitor.

The hallowed hermit trembles in anger. He curses her with a most formidable item: Let the person, you were thinking of, forget you!

However, within minutes he is full of repentance. He gives her a code to breach the block. If the person who has forgotten her can be shown anything that he had given, he will come out of his oblivion.

The story then races on to another turning point. Shakuntala is drinking water from a river. The royal rings slips off her finger.

The story continues..... The story has elements from the ancient tales of the location.

“Why does my right eye throb?”

A quivering sensation in the right arm is supposed to indicate marriage with a beautiful woman; in the right eye some good luck.

Of omens, both good and bad, in Malabar, the following comprehensive list is given by Mr Logan:

William Logan was a district administrator of Malabar district of the Madras Presidency British-India. He wrote the Malabar Manual, which I think contains a huge description of Malabar features. He was a British colonial officer.

As to the good and bad omens, most of them, if true, could have a direct link to how they react with some specific codes in the human brain, speaking a specific kind of language. As such the mentioned list may not be of relevance to a person removed from that language codes. Beyond that, omens would differ as per the stature of the individuals in the social or verbal hierarchy. However, no one possibly knows the exact manner in which the codes connect, or what the codes are. Or are there individuals who possess such information?

A fair skinned Paraiyan, or a dark skinned Brahman, should not, in accordance with a proverb, be seen the first thing in the morning!

It is quite curious that contradictory scenes were defined as inauspicious. Paraiyans were considered as among the lowest castes in the location. And the Brahmin, the highest. There is more than a hint that the higher classes are fair in complexion and the lower classes dark. However, skin colour would be directly connected to the exposure to direct sunlight.

Actually, there is another hidden item in this. I can't go into that here.

there are certain objects which possess an inherent inauspicious character

The logic or the origin of the ‘understanding’ has been lost. Yet, there might be a way to enter into the codes and seek out why they are inauspicious.

Vishu festival, held in celebration of the New Year in Malabar

There is some confusion about the above statement. It is that Malabar is a location that was disconnected and different from Travancore. There were similarities as there are with other locations in the subcontinent. The New Year day in Malabar was on the 1st of Kanni month, while it was on the 1st of Chingam in Travancore. This was basically due to some configuration issues in the astrological systems practised in the two locations.

This might point to a large fact. There are a lot of systems, cultural facets, and even rites which all look similar and point to some common origin. Yet, there is also a feeling that can be derived that the various systems, cultural aspects and rites were followed up and continued by persons or populations who had only perfunctory connection to the original people or populations who practised all this.

All over the land, there was a social desperation to be close to the highest castes. For, it was the highest caste, the Brahmins who decide the hierarchy of who come above and who comes below. People or populations would offer the best they have to move above the tyrannical verbal definitions cast at them by lower populations. The only protection from this was a higher caste definition.

In the Travancore area, it was well-known that the Sudras or the Nairs were ready to offer their best possession to the Brahmins. That is, the Brahmins were allowed to occupy their households and have decent accommodation with their women.

Even though this looks quite awkward in these times, the fact was that in those times, it was an honour to be connected to a Brahmin thus.

This has the retrospective advantage that the Nair blood is from the locally highly-acclaimed Brahmin genetic pool. There is no reason to conclude that the females of the castes which came lower to the Nairs were spared by others. In fact, in the feudal language communication, the touch of the higher man is better than the touch of the lower man.

There is another reality mentioned by Thurston in his Castes and Tribes of Southern India. It is that, the people and populations would clandestinely jump into a higher caste when they relocated.

REV. Mateer had mentioned of lower castes like the Pulayas etc. who after converting into Christianity and improving their worldly knowledge, travelled to distant places, mentioning themselves as Nairs.

A higher caste definition gave a social protection. While a lower caste definition was quite dangerous in a far of location.

As of now, this social and administrative protection is generally only for the government employed classes of India. May this is the truth in Pakistan as well as Bangladesh.

9. Kani: The first object seen in the New Year is believed to reflect on all the general prosperity that can be experienced by that person in that year. ‘Kani’ is the pre-arranged auspicious thing that has to be looked at as the first item in the new year.

At about five o'clock in the morning of the day, someone who has got up first wakes the inmates, both male and female, of the house, and takes them blindfolded, so that they may not gaze at anything else, to the seat near the kani.

10. Attempts at dream interpretations can be seen. I remember reading the similar stuff from ‘qualified’ psychologists.

If a person has an auspicious dream, he should get up and not go to sleep again

It might not be a bad idea to give more importance to dream. As to whether they portend anything, good or bad, cannot be mentioned with any percent of certainty.

Yet, there is indeed a very powerful software mechanism at work, which creates the dreams and runs them. Many of the dreams are quite logical.

However, very few dreams can be recalled at all. In fact, it is my personal experience that on getting up, if I try to gather scenes in the dreams, they started vanishing as if I am using an eraser tool on them. Surely there is more to dreams than can be mentioned at this moment in time. Human technical knowledge is still not even in its infancy.


11. The omens are quite varied and often very specific and focused.

There are hints that foretell the arrival of guests. There are good days to dine with a friend, and bad days to do so.

Depending on what one wishes for in life, there are specific directions for facing when eating.

Betel leaves and tobacco have an ill-reputation when used in certain locations. After all they are the items laid along with the dead body in the grave.

There were people consulting omen when relocating.

I think the picture is from Castes and Tribes of Southern India

12. Korava caste males are mentioned as professional thieves. Before going on any dacoit expedition, they consult the omens. Even the sight of a dog urinating when they are on the verge of starting on their professional venture, will spoil the programme. They wouldn’t budge.

13. When going out for an examination, the worst thing one can cross on the road is a single Brahmin coming from the front. Personally speaking I have heard this thing many years ago.

I was going for a very important exam. And there comes the Single Brahmin. My face must have reflected by terrible mental agony. For he also seemed discomfited by what he had done. The exam experience was true to the omen.

However, Thurston was having more knowledge in this. As per the idea mentioned, I should have retraced by steps, waited for a few moments, and restarted!

If a person knocks at the door of a house in the night once, twice, or thrice, it will not be opened. If the knock is repeated a fourth time, the door will be opened without fear, for the evil spirit is said to knock only thrice

Don’t I remember something similar in George Eliot’s Adam Bede? The ill-omen of the door knock?

15. When one is going on a journey, or special errands, there are favourable and also non-favourable omen. Incidentally, a married woman, virgin, prostitute, two Brahmans &c. are favourable ones. At the same time, a widow, barking dog at the door-step, crow flying from the right to left etc. are inauspicious.

16. Seeing a hare is considered a terrible thing. However, it seems to be a forgotten omen, for I have not personally heard anyone mentioning such a thing. The reason might be that all the rabbits and hares have been eaten up by mankind in the locations near to my residence.

A story from the epic story connected to Rama and Sita is alluded to in the book. Rama's is in exile in the forest with his wife Sita. She is abducted by Ravana, who is described as an asura king. He did this to seek revenge on Rama and his brother Lakshmana for having cut-off his sister's nose. He is said to have kept Sita in captivity for less than 12 months.

After a big fight, Rama retrieves Sita. They go back to their kingdom, where they are duly crowned, king and queen. However, there is loose talk among some people that Sita's claims to chastity cannot be accepted. Because she was in the possession of another man.

So Rama, being an upright king and the upholder of the Dharmaneethis (codes of social justice) is forced to abandon his wife. Lakshmana, his brother, is asked to take her to the forest. Sita does not know the agenda of this journey. Yet, on this journey, a hare gives her a hint in the form of the omen, of her tragedy that awaits her at the end of the journey.

17. An omen is seen in the behaviour of a dog, when one is on a journey. Cobras and rat‐snakes portend ill-luck when seen at the starting of a journey.

18. There is information to be taken out from sneezes. Personally speaking, I have heard that is a sign that someone is speaking about that person who sneezes. As per Thurston’s noting, ‘sneezing once is a good sign; twice, a bad sign’.

19. There is mention of Alberuni saying the people considered ‘farting’ a good omen, and ‘sneezing’ a bad omen. However, as of now, there is no trace of these kinds of beliefs. Thurston uses the term ‘crepitus ventris’ for the former.

A Kudumi woman in Travancore, at the menstrual period, should stand at a distance of seven feet,

It is indeed quite surprising that there is only very brief mention in regard to menstruation anywhere else in the book. For, actually a woman in her menstrual period is considered to be prohibited in various locations and from various duties as per the local social norm in at least some of the castes.


21. There is a rare delineation of the general repulsion towards human populations rampant in the subcontinent, in this noting:
......Ande or pot Kurubas, continually wore a pot suspended from their necks, into which they were compelled to spit, being so utterly unclean as to be prohibited from even spitting on the highway.

Actually this kind of repulsion is still there. It is basically connected to the feudal content in the language. However, as a social theme, in many households, the house servants are treated as despicable beings, to the extent of not allowing them to use the toilets in the house. Their wearing of good clothes is frowned upon.

As servants, they generally redesign themselves as per the lower indicant words assigned to them. These are things that are not understood in the US and other native-English nations.

To make the point clear, I will quote what I found on NYTimes today about the abusive dialogues in the US.


A sampling of language and behaviors called “microaggressions,” provided to Clark University students, that universities are urging students to avoid.

“Of course he’ll get tenure, even though he hasn’t published much — he’s black.”

“What are you? You are so interesting looking.”

Telling a nonwhite woman, “I would have never guessed that you were a scientist.”

When a nonwhite faculty member is mistaken for a service worker.

Showing surprise when a “feminine” woman says she is a lesbian.

“You are a credit to your race.”

LINK to this article

All this would not come anywhere near to an Indian police constable mentioning about his IPS officer: She (Aval) is capable.

The US is debating on utterly silly items. People who rush into the US from rank low-class social systems improve tremendously in the freedom accorded by an English social ambience. Yet, they have only complaints on one side. On the other side, they very frankly atrophy the native-English land and its people with the lower grade indicant words which they are in possession of. The native-English side is none the wiser.

Note the words:
When a nonwhite faculty member is mistaken for a service worker

The issue of a ‘service worker’ is slowly emerging over the last thirty years in the US. That, there are jobs that are really ‘despicable’. Actually it is not jobs that are despicable. But of the definition of various jobs in feudal languages. These are discriminatory languages, which arrange everything in varying grades (stink to gold) by means of a very small code change.

In the huge ineptitude of the above cautions given to the students, what is amply clear is that it is quite one-sided. It is like two animals in close proximity. One a bull and the other a tiger dressed up as a bull. The real bull is told to be quite well-mannered and polite to the fake bull. Do not kick or gore it, for the fake bull looks quite attractive. However, the bull gets the creeps when the fake bull looks at him, and makes low growling noises when no one else is there.

A more profound caution was given by me when I was taking an English training programme, in which my children were also trainers. Since my children did not understand the local feudal languages, they did not understanding the carnivorous codes inside it. However, they could sense the unease it could create slightly. My caution was addressed to the trainees. Do not speak in your native language inside the training premises. If at all you need to speak in your native tongue, do not use the lower indicant words towards or about the trainers.

The presence of my children was like the native-English speakers in native-English nations. There is no need for any specific ‘training’ by them. Their very presence would create the English ambience, and change the communication language. However, the carnivorous languages and codes should be totally disallowed inside.

This very minute understanding the befooled ‘great’ universities of the US do not know. There is no wonder that GB and US are on the pathway to total disarray unless someone takes quite drastic remedies.

an unmarried Madiga (Telugu Pariah) woman, called Matangi (the name of a favourite goddess) spits upon the people assembled, and touches them with her stick. Her touch and saliva are believed to purge all uncleanliness of the body and soul, and are said to be invited by men who would ordinarily scorn to approach her.

The above is actually a very powerful example of how even those who are commonly mentioned as dirt, can be flipped upwards, with a few changes in the defining words.

the Pulayans (agrestic slaves) go in procession to the temple,

It is quite funny that even though there were millions of bound-to-the-soil slaves in the subcontinent, there is little mention of terrible slavery being part of India’s antiquity. Such people lived on for generations at the total downside of the social communication, held in position by the claw-like words. At the same time, in the US, where similar people simply rode up to social quality, there are only acrimonious words about the ‘slavery’ there. In India, the downtrodden are ‘respectful’ to those who crush them.

In the US, there are ‘records’ of slave-trade. In the South Asian subcontinent, there are no ‘records’. The slaves were literally treated like fowls in a chicken farm. No individual identity. They peck at each other, and are used by their slave-master social higher-ups. This went on till the advent of the English rule. English rule converted them from mere ‘fowls in the farm’ to human beings. Yet, as of now, they all parrot from their school textbooks as how the English rulers had enslaved them.

...............they are considered an impure race, whose touch carries defilement with it. Such is the reason generally given by the Brahman, who refuses to receive anything directly from the hands of a Holiar, .................

............should a Brahman attempt to enter their quarters, they turn out in a body and slipper him, in former times it is said to death..........

Here it is between two low class populations. It was a sort of repudiating apartheid by anther apartheid. Something, you have your separate beaches. We will have our own beaches. We will not come into yours. And you should not come into ours.

However, in South Africa, it was a more low-class self-deprecatory attitude: We do not want to be in a beach in which our people are there. We want to be in a beach where your people are there.

I once received a pathetic appeal from a Eurasian woman in Malabar, imploring me to lay my hands on the head of her sick child, so that its life might be spared.

It might feel quite a funny claim. However, it must be admitted that in the feudal languages, people with higher indicant stature has a power that can diffuse. Whether it can cure diseases might be a debatable point. However, I have noticed that the touch of an experienced and socially revered doctor does have a curative effect. His words of certitude of a cure do also have some kind of effect.

As to socially higher indicant value persons, their very proximity has an effect in the codes. How much effect will depend on various other factors.

As to an Englishman, well, the pristine-English period Englishmen & women stood as towering heights. In fact, the very presence of a native-English speaking group of people living nearby would improve the social quality of the neighbourhood.

This is in many ways. The very sight of people with least of negativity in their mental and physical features, due to their thinking in a planar language is a very mentally elevating experience. The physical stature of native-English that bears no burden of the millstone-tied-to-the-neck language codes is a highly positive sight. If small children can be made to view these kinds of people since their very infancy, their physical stature can also change into a no-bent at the neck variety.

If the code-view is checked it might be possible to see why the proximity to quality social standards does diffuse. And also how lower quality social standards also diffuse.

In fact, it can be mentioned that if Continental Europe was not near England, then at least some of the nations, including Germany and France would have looked quite soiled. If England has been quite near to any kingdom of the South Asian Subcontinent, that kingdom would have looked like Europe. Skin colour is of least importance.

Actually the so-believed superiority of the white-skin is directly connected to the English native-speakers being of white skin. If they had been brown or black skin, a feeble feel of superiority would have diffused to others of those skin colours.

Yet, the English superiority is actually a very polite one. It has no chance to survive in a land populated by carnivorous (discriminatory) languages.

To mention the number seven in Telugu is unlucky, because the word (yedu) is the same as that for weeping. Even a treasury officer, who is an enlightened university graduate, in counting money, will say six and one.

I do not know Telugu. It would be interesting to know how the Telugu people manage this issue now. Currently a minority of them have improved much, with a minor percentage in the US IT field.

Do similar sounding words, with different meaning spur up similar codes in the software codes of reality? If so, then language of the person connects directly to the codes of reality!

Beyond that, do ‘enlightened university graduates’ know anything about the themes mentioned in this book? Beyond that, in the new nation of India, ‘enlightened university graduate’ is on an average, someone who knows mostly nothing about anything, other than the nonsense that is inside insipid textbooks. Since most of them study in their native vernaculars, there is no issue of an ‘enlightenment’ involved in university ‘study’.

Among all Hindu classes it is considered as an insult to the god to bathe or wash the feet on returning home from worship at a temple, and, by so doing, the punyam (good) would be lost

In the above quote, the first item is the word ‘Hindu’. It is a superimposition created presumably by outsiders to the subcontinent. Only the Brahmins and their connected castes of Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra do actually belong to the Hindus. I do not know if the word ‘Hindu’ is used in any of the ‘Hindu’ scriptures.

Non-Hindu lower castes aspire to reach into these castes as a means to improve their social stature.

Second item is about the aura that is derived by means of a proximity to a, or a touch on a, or a word connecting to a superior being or personage. It is a sensation that can be felt. To belittle a sensation as ‘just a feeling’ is to not understand the software codes that create this ‘feeling’. If the feeling is real, well then, the software codes that created it are also real.

I have experienced persons on touching something that they really yearned to touch refusing to shake-hands with another person in the immediate aftermath, just to preserve the pulsating feeling that the touch had given them.

The next item for mention is the word ‘punyam’. Even though Thurston has mentioned this word as ‘good’, it has nothing to do with mere ‘good’. It is a sort of elevated grace or aura that one comes to acquire by means of doing things which are considered as holy or good for which one could get the blessings of the gods.

Punyam might not have an exact English word equivalent.

This they refused to do, as it would bring bad luck to their shops.

Even though Thurston mentions the above in connection with certain ‘superstitions’, the fact remains that there are many things that can be mentioned as unlucky in feudal languages. The exact location of a bad luck in them may not be understood in English.

The manner in which the boiling food bubbles over from the cooking‐pot is eagerly watched, and accepted as an omen for good or evil.

Even though Thurston makes the whole idea look quite silly, only if one were to understand what it is that they are seeking for, would the idea become clear. The above mention is about the low caste Koravas.

I have made a very casual observation among the lower castes who had converted into Christianity in the Travancore areas, and later resettled in Malabar areas. They had improved to a very superior social class in the locality. And had mostly forgotten or hidden their ancestry. Yet, they did have remembrance of their ancestral intelligences and customs in a very feeble manner.

Once, there was a slight drizzle, which made the stones on the road move in a particular manner. I heard one of these persons make a mention of their traditional insight on rains. They were different kinds of rains, based on the way they affect the soil. On hearing a few lines, I could understand that there was some kind of social intelligence in the lines, that presumably came from some hoary past. Yet, these were intelligences that were in the earlier days, before the advent of the English rule in the subcontinent, merely considered as the insights of the semi-humans.

The omens being propitious, he walks over the glowing embers, ...

Thurston has taken a totally non-judgemental attitude in mentioning about the ceremony of walking through fire (burning embers) at Nidugala on the Nilgiris. A lot of omens are checked for. The walking over the fire is done only if they all point to no danger.


It might not be easy to replicate these things in a ‘scientific’ testing arena. For, the very aura of a test will spoil the means to check the omen.

The fact remains that these kinds of rituals are still continued very locations of the subcontinent. See these videos:

May be the only thing that must have changed from the pre-English rule time to post-English rule times would be the dressing and physical standards of the people.

People have improved. Rituals, which were once seen to be done by semi-civilised people, have as of now developed into rituals of much improved populations.

Thinking a bit more on the outwardly aspects of these rituals, it might be felt that these are rituals or activities that might be said to be some kind of personal possession of some social leadership. They would not like to budge from this position.

Beyond that there is also this aspect. The devotion and piety shown to the deity is some kind of personal positioning under the deity as His or Her duty-bound subordinate. The deity takes care of the protection of the worshiper. This theme is very much there in most of the religious and spiritual activities.

There is no mention of such things as honesty, incorruptibility, rectitude, aiming for social equality, social enhancement of others etc. anywhere in these belief systems. In fact, there is nothing that could be found in the earlier version English schooling given by the erstwhile English rulers in any of these spiritual activities. This goes for Christianity also, in its non-English versions in the subcontinent.

Yet, that need not deter anyone from observing and studying the phenomenon with a view to understand the software code location that is directly connected to these things.


If the bird pecks at the rice, good luck is ensured for the coming year, whilst, if perchance the bird pecks three times, the offerer of that particular bird can scarcely contain himself for joy.

Even though I do not have any personal experience with anyone offering to divine out the future via means of a bird’s actions, I am not willing to ridicule any such claims.

The question of How can a bird know anything? cannot be answered without a deep understanding of a bird’s brain software. I have myself faced the issue of people in a remote village not understanding that I was literally connecting to far-off locations using a small laptop and a feeble Internet connection, way back in the years around 2002. If anyone had mentioned anything to this effect, they would have frankly asked: How can he do anything like that with a small box-like thing?

The problem of dealing with such things as predicting using a bird, ritualistic dancing, fire-walking etc. is more connected to the quality of the people doing it. As the quality of the persons improves, naturally these things will acquire a more acceptable aura.

In the same manner, there are umpteen similar things going on the animal world also. My own feeling is that within the next 300 years at least a few of the animals will enter the human communication system. For, technology is improving at that pace.

It is like this: People in interior locations are coming out into the outer world when roads, electric current, radio, TV, automobiles, internet etc. reach them.

In the earlier centuries, it would be most unacceptable that a lower caste man would be an equal to a superior caste man. I have personally had this curious experience.

One of my parents became a senior officer in the state government. Though from a lower caste group, due to the fact that her native place was inside the location under the colonial English rule, she could get good English education. There were no caste-based blocks to anyone in places where the English rule was in force.

Around 1975, we moved to a location in Travancore. This had been an independent kingdom not under the English rule. Here only the higher castes had been posted to the senior government posts.

So when my parent was posted there, there was a feeling that she was from a higher caste. It so happened that the local higher castes would mention really bad things about the lower castes of Travancore to my parent, in the quaint belief that she was a higher caste person. The comments were generally to the effect that the lower castes were more or less repulsive beings.

Thinking more about the theme, I would like to mention this also. In my childhood, trucks and cars were quite tough to drive, with the very tough floor gears to manipulate. It was a foregone conclusion that most of the local women would never be able to drive a lorry or a car. However as of now, even trucks are quite easy to drive, with everything quite smooth and small.

In the same manner, technologies can become so efficient that gadgets which animals can handle will arrive. Whether it would be the cat or the mouse, which gains this gadgetry first might be of very significant importance.

For, when the lower castes of Travancore, many of whom lived on the edges of the forests, got converted into Christianity and gained worldly knowledge, they also acquired the information to make guns. They then moved into Malabar (another state then), and occupied the forest regions. Almost all see-able animals were slaughtered by them using the guns they could make on their own.

Coming back to the art of bird-divining, there is always the issue of livelihood, be it, black-magician, bird-diviner, allopath doctor, Homœopath, psychologist &c. The buck should stop here.

Apart from all this, there is another issue also to be mentioned. It is that these rituals are part of the social leadership. They are done over the generations by specific households or committees. It is one of the social machineries by which they maintain their social leadership, which can be made more powerful by means of corresponding indicant word codes. They would not be ready to part with any information that can lead to the erasure of their positions.

It is recorded by Canter Visscherf that, in the building of a house in Malabar, the carpenters open three or four cocoanuts, spilling the juice as little as possible, and put some tips of betel leaves into them.

This ritual is still in practise. Actually I have seen the use of betel leaves etc. also used for various other predictions. People trust the messages that are decoded. There might be some location that sends the messages.

The Nomad Bauris or Bawariyas, who commit robberies and manufacture counterfeit coin, ........... which they call devakadana or god's grain, and a tuft of peacock's feathers. They are very superstitious, and do not embark on any enterprise without first ascertaining by omens whether it will be attended with success or not.

A gang of Donga Dasaris, before starting on a thieving expedition, proceed to the jungle near their village in the early part of the night, worship their favourite goddesses, Huligavva and Ellamma, and sacrifice a sheep or fowl before them.

Even though the above lines were written by Thurston with regard to Omens and Superstitions, they also can be seen as ample evidence of the state of the subcontinent as seen by the English colonial rulers. It is quite funny that the new nations of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are calling the English colonialists as thieves. They feel that others should necessarily be similar to them.

Eclipses are regarded as precursors of evil, which must, if possible, be averted. Concerning the origin thereof, according to tradition in Malabar

Most of these beliefs are there in many of the old time cultures. I do not know how all over the world, the people mention about ancient belief and rites and rituals. However, from my personal experience, when speaking to an average ‘Indian’, especially the formally ‘educated’ persons, the immediate words would be that everything is from ancient India, which was a great nation thousands of years ago. In fact, the claim is about everything. The very little fact that there was no India before the English rule is not there in any Indian textbooks. I do not know what is there in Pakistani and Bangladeshi textbooks.

The very simple fact that even in the southern parts of the subcontinent, the various locations had very little contact with each other till the advent of the English rule is not understood.

Then how come that there is a general commonality of cultures?

There is no way for me to mention anything about this. However, there is a lower caste culture everywhere, which is indeed different from the ‘Hindu’ culture of the Brahmin religion, which is also wide spread. But then, the craving to get connected to the Brahmin religion is seen in many places. In fact, even the Shamanistic deities are seen to be quite frankly mentioned as an avatar (manifestation) of one of the gods in the Hindu Trinity.

Apart from all this, there is an issue of different castes or populations from different locations in the subcontinent claiming connection to the same purana (Sanskrit epics) history. In fact, there are, very much distant from each other places, each one of which claim to be the same spot mentioned in the puranas. It might indicate the relocation of some branches of the same people across far distances.

When I mention the word ‘trinity’, there is a problem again. The word ‘Trinity’ was understood by me as something innate to the Christian religion. How and when this word was adapted into Hinduism is not known to me. Even though there are three main Gods currently mentioned as the supreme Gods in the Brahmanical religion, the concept doesn’t seem to be the same as mentioned in Christian theology.

On the day of the capture of Seringaptam, which, being the last day of a lunar month, was inauspicious, the astrologer repeated the unfavourable omen to Tipu Sultan, who was slain in the course of the battle. It is recorded that “to different Bramins he gave a black buffalo, a milch buffalo, a male buffalo, a black she‐goat, a jacket of coarse black cloth, a cap of the same material, ninety rupees, and an iron pot filled with oil; and, previous to the delivery of this last article, he held his head over the pot for the purpose of seeing the image of his face; a ceremony used in Hindostan to avert misfortune.

Sultan Tipu was the son of a Moroccan father, who usurped the throne of a native kingdom. He was a Muslim. The offerings he made do not seem to have averted the ill-luck foreboded by the Omens.

If a Brahman woman loses her tali (marriage badge), it is regarded as a bad omen for her husband. As a Deva‐dasi (dancing‐girl) can never become a widow, the beads in her tali are considered to bring good luck to those who wear them

Devadasis are females given up to the temples. The name literally means ‘the maids of the gods or devas’. Incidentally, there is some confusion about the word deva itself. There is a contention that it does not mean almighty god, but some kind of superior beings or people who live in some superior celestial spheres.

As to the Devadasis, there is a lot of hype among the modern Indian nationalists. That they were highly enlightened and trained females, who lived in the temples as the servants of the deities. If the native languages of the subcontinent it clearly understood, women who are forced to face the brunt of social communication without the protection of any barriers will not get any ‘respect’. It is more or less quite easy to understand that the men-folk who run the temples would use them for sexual activities.

Once a female is addressed a Thoo or Nee by outsider males or females, they get a powerful hold on her. The devadasi system was more or less suppressed by the English colonial officials after understanding that it is literally a terrible thing for women to endure. However, in the newer jingoist writings done by highly paid Indian academic classes, whatever the English rulers did was looting and suppression. However, the truth is that what the English rulers did was something which the gods would appreciate. Nothing about the how subcontinent really was as is being mentioned in the jingoistic textbooks.

It was unanimously decided, in 1905, by the Executive Committee of the Prince and Princess of Wales' reception committee, that there should be no performance by nautch girls at the entertainment to their Royal Highnesses at Madras.

The Devanga weavers, before settling the marriage of a girl, consult some village goddess or the tribal goddess Chaudeswari, and watch the omens. A lizard chirping on the right is good, and on the left bad.

The lizard giving the omens, sounds quite outlandish! But there was no Internet, and no other gadgetry for the people to do any checking anywhere about anything. May be the brains of other beings had some processing capacity for knowing things that were undetectable to the human mind.

If one were to think about this, if human beings are without the capacity to speak, most of their capacities would have been withheld. If they did have the capacity to use hands as we currently do, their human capacity would be very near zero. If the ability to stand straight was not there, human beings are literally animals. At this level, animals have better capacities than human beings. How, many of them communicate with each other still remains a mystery.

The truth is that most of animal capacities are not there in human beings. As to what the technology offers, well, it all started with the English colonialisms in most areas of the world, with regard to the lower classes.

I think the picture is from Castes and Tribes of Southern India

At a Palli (Tamil cultivator) wedding, two lamps, called kuda vilakku (pot light) and alankara vilakku (ornamental light), are placed by the side of the milk‐post. The former consists of a lighted wick in an earthenware tray placed on a pot. It is considered an unlucky omen if it goes out before the conclusion of the ceremonial.

There is something about a lamp that might be good to ponder upon. I did notice on one occasion that the light going off at a very particular moment did seem to augur a negative indication.

Another thing is that I have noticed the looking into the lamp by the Shamanistic deity to foresee the future or to see present and even the past.

A curious mock marriage ceremony is celebrated among Brahmans, when an individual marries a third wife. It is believed that a third marriage is very inauspicious ...

I have personally noted that as per the codes of the feudal languages of the subcontinent, the number three has certain negativity attributes when used as the number of partners and such. It literally has the ability to create at least three groups.

I am not in a position to say more about this. For, I do have only very rudimentary information on how the codes exactly work at the code view level


There is a Tamil proverb relating to the selection of a wife, to the effect that curly hair gives food, thick hair brings milk, and very stiff hair destroys a family

I have noted that there is one particular item that Thurston has missed in recording the occult and omen related observations of his. That is an occult science known as Samudrikam in the subcontinent. It is quite possible that the same system might be available in all other ancient cultures.

It is a series of signs and details found on a human body by which the person’s various dispositions can be found out.

However, when studying this item, it might be wise to understand that human nature varies as per the social and personal input that is received. For instance, people behave in a particular manner in south Indian languages. Again, the stature of the person also comes into account. For different levels of words connect to different levels of people differently.

The same human behaviour cannot be expected in a native-English person, who lives only among native-English speakers. Again, this native-English individual will be different from a native-English speaker who lives among lower stature Indians. Again, this person would be different from an English native-speaker who lives among Indians of higher stature. All of them would be different from a native-English individual who lives in England in a community of mixed people, both native-English as well as feudal languages speakers.

Well, people change as per the reactions and retorts they receive from the others. I cannot go into that here. It is a slightly long theme.

The laws of Samudrikam might change according to the language of the native social system.


In some places, when a woman is in labour, her relations keep on measuring out rice into a measure close to the lying‐in room, in the belief that delivery will be accelerated thereby.

It would be quite interesting to know how this practise arrived. The source is always important. For, rituals can change from what was the original theme. Or it might even be a case of a lower stature group imitating a higher stature group. Whatever it is, the original understanding of how both items are connected is not known.

All superstitions could be taken back to their origin. The origins are not in the Brahminical textbooks. That is what I understand. The Brahmanical scriptures at best would only contain the procedure of the rituals. To know the exact machinery of the rituals, one might need to go further back. Or study the items from an understanding many of the blind beliefs might have an original version or at least a logical location, which could be traced out from the supernatural software code location.

it would be unlucky for a newly‐married couple to visit the museum, as their offspring would be deformed as the result of the mother having gazed on the skeletons and stuffed animals.

The above is not exactly a superstition. It is a known item that when the infant is in the mother’s womb, the mother should not be stressed by anything. In fact, I am of the opinion that if music is played near to the mother, it would have a soothing effect on the child in her womb. If she does mathematics at the time, it might give the child’s mind a boost.

Well, the child is living in an environment wherein very powerful software codes are working day and night to monitor each and every event. A slight elevation of one item or a sight going down of another item in the mother’s blood or elsewhere is immediately noted down and corrective actions ordered.

Human body and life are both the creation of supernatural software codes.

The birth of a Korava child on a new moon night is believed to augur a notorious thieving future for the infant.

The most noteworthy item about these kinds of writings found all over the book is that, Thurston is mentioning about the lower castes from a location of great proximity. No native person, in his or her right sense would approach the lower castes, in those days. They were actually dreaded as one might dread the wild animals.

Even now, people are wary of too much proximity to lower stature populations. For, the lower populations are loaded with negativity. However, this negativity is the creation of the feudal languages, and its imposition is by the higher castes.

From this perspective, English colonial writings are of superb content.

I have heard of a superstitious European police officer, who would not start in search of a criminal, because he came across a cat

Two problems here. One is the term ‘European’. Thurston should have mentioned the nationality or language of the White skin. Celtic populations are different from English. And the British are different from some of the main Continental European nationalities.

The second item to be noted is that British colonial officials also did get to fear or believe in the local traditions and belief. It is actually an affect of being attuned to the local language codes. Once one gets to understand the local languages, it would be quite difficult to extricate oneself from its clutches.

........... After the spirit had been thus propitiated, there was peace in the house.

Thurston here narrates an incident in which it purports that sorcery does work. He seems to take a most disinterested stand in his words.

"Throughout India," Mr J. D. E. Holmes writes, "but more especially in the Southern Presidency, among the native population, the value of a horse or ox principally depends on the existence and situation of certain hairmarks on the body of the animal.

The words ‘throughout India’ should have been avoided by Holmes. It has created a noisy mess in the history of the subcontinent. The word ‘India’ used in the context of the subcontinent as known from outside has given rise to a very jingoist mood that has spread all over the new nation of India. That this nation was a continuation of some ancient culture called ‘India’ or ‘Bharath’ or Vedic culture etc.

The India that was created by the English colonial rule was British-India. Actually confined to three Presidencies and a little more. It was not created by England or Great Britain, but by a few officials of the East India Company, with the absolute support of the lower classes of the subcontinent.

The next point is that the above line points to a Samudrika-like system for the animals also. I do not know much about it. However, Thurston does mention what Mr. Holmes had recorded with regard to the Omen marks on horses and cattle.

I have heard of a Eurasian police officer, who attributed the theft of five hundred rupees, his official transfer to an unhealthy district, and other strokes of bad luck, to the purchase of a horse with unlucky curls.

Eurasians, if they are from a mix of English and native blood, lived in a world of oscillating verbal codes. One was planar, while the other was feudal. Thurston, in his Castes and Tribes of Southern India have noted that they are more prone to mental imbalance statistically. This is a point that all native-English nation should note. When native-English speakers get mixed up with feudal (discriminatory) language systems, mental balance will get affected.

One screech forebodes death; two screeches forebode .....................

Omens are decrypted from the screeches of the owls. Certain other birds’ sounds are also believed to herald imminent happenings. Fowls, pigeons, sparrows &c. are mentioned in connection with various omens and beliefs.

A species of owl, called pullu, is a highly dreaded bird.

Should a crow come near the house, and caw in its usual rapid raucous tones, it means that calamity is impending. But, should the bird indulge in its peculiar prolonged guttural note, happiness will ensue..........

In fact, about both owls and crows, there is a number of Omens mentioned in the book. In so much, if there is anything of a fact in this, it might be quite interesting to study the code view of this aspect. People believe in such things. Whether the people are fools to believe in such things is a debatable point.

48. A number of rituals and customary actions, and also beliefs are mentioned in the book. Here it might be good to note that in the issue of death also, there are some verbal issues. In at least some of the feudal languages, the word ‘died’ has two different levels. If an animal or lower man dies, the lower grade word is used for ‘has died’ or ‘have died’. If it is a person of ordinary standards who has died, a more normal grade word is used. If it is a person who has to be extended great ‘respect’, there are higher words for that also.

So, in short, in feudal languages, even the dead face discrimination.

There is no concept of a ‘refined elite’ in feudal languages. The so-called elites in feudal languages are basically the crude suppressive upper classes who bestow rotten definitions on the lower classes. This in turn creates a terrible accumulation of negativity in the suppressed classes that it becomes quite healthy to avoid them.

49. Expertise is required to decode the chirping of lizards. Thurston mentions of such persons. Iguana (Varanus), tortoise, snakes in sexual union etc. are said to give specific indications. The presence of a rat‐snake (Zamenis inucosus) in a house is believed to bring good fortune!

50. There are many beliefs that Thurston has mentioned, which might be mere hearsay. The problem is that he did depend upon some native scholars also. The native scholars are from the upper castes. It is quite a debatable point as to how much they knew the intimate details of the lower castes who they viewed with rank disgust.

Beyond that there is also the issue of repulsion towards the lower castes. In so much so that a bit of the repulsion might also enter into the details. As Thurston himself has admitted, there were many occasions wherein he had to depend upon the writings and other records of others including the ‘Indians’.


I am informed by Mr A. F. Martin, that he has seen a Muduvar on the Travancore hills much pulled down by fever seize an expiring black monkey (Semnopithecus johni), and suck the blood from its jugular vein

The black monkey (locally known as the Karinggurang) suffered terribly from this reputation. When the newly converted-to-Christianity settler classes arrived in the forest lands of Malabar, and occupied it immediately with the departure of the English rule, one of the most frequently killed animals were the black monkeys.

Beyond that there was its unfortunate reputation that its meat was of medicinal value. So, in the terrible melee that followed the departure of the English rule, there was a highly profitable business in Karinggurannu rasayanam (ayurvedic essence) (black monkey rasayana).

I vaguely remember a monkey thus killed being brought to my house for the purpose of selling when I was quite young (circa 1965). I am told that it had the looks of a small human baby.

I think this picture is from Castes and Tribes of Southern India

It is noted by Mr F. Fawcett that the Savaras have names for numerals up to twelve only.

It is a very revealing information.

53. There is mention of the use of the bones of tigers, leopards, hyænas etc. and deer antlers in medicinal preparations. Black buck’s testicles are taken as an aphrodisiac. Pig fat is smeared on the body to ward off cholera. The fat of dugong was believed to be effective in the treatment of dysentery. The fat of peacock is believed to cure stiff joints.

However, the hill Kondhs considered leopards as sacred.

There is a caste, Jogi (Telugu mendicant) who ate cats. And there also people who objected to any harm to any cats.

On one occasion, I saw a Madiga (Telugu Pariah) carrying home a bag full of kittens, which he said he was going to eat.

Thurston mentions that hyæna incisor teeth were tied round the loins of a woman in labour, to lessen the pains.

The flesh of the jackals is mentioned as a remedy for asthma. The reason why the people believed this is also given.

54. Thurston mentions Karadi panchamritham or what he defines as bear delicacy.

The belief is thus: the bears collect ripe wood-apples and store them. When a large quantity is ready, they bring honey, and petals of fragrant flowers, and heap them on the wood-apples. Then with their feet and sticks they thresh them.

What is produced is a very sweet eatable. The story goes that the Vedans (forest dwelling hunter caste) enter into the scene at this very moment, and drive the bears off. The delicacy is robbed by them, which they sell as Karadi Panchamritham.

It is quite possible that the story is just a marketing ploy of the Vedans.

Thurston does mention the ingredients of the ordinary Panchamritham.

55. The Koyis of the Godavari district are mentioned to claim descent from Bhima of the Pandava brothers, by his marriage with a wild woman of the woods. I wonder if this is a reference to Hidimbi, who was to marry Bhima in the forests.

Hidimbi brother was killed by Bhima. He is described as an asura. The asura word might not have an English equivalent. The general translation is demon. However, from an English perspective, the word demon does not mean asura. As per the Sanskrit antiquity, asuras are the opponents of the devas. Here again there is a meaning problem. The word deva is usually translated as god. However, it is doubtful if the deva word used for the opponents of the asuras were almighty gods.

At best, devas are some kind of super beings. And the asuras their opponents, even though there are incidences where they did collaborate on a mutual benefit scheme.

However, it must also be mentioned that the devas were offered prayers by the ordinary mortals. Over the ages, there do seem to be some kind of change in the hierarchy of the devas. The devas that are mentioned in the early Rig-Veda text do not really seem to figure in the Brahmanical religion’s trinity concept.

I am told that the Rig Vedic gods were Varuna, Indra, Mitra &c.

As to the Brahmanical religion of later years, the top gods are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

So there is something more that I do seem to have missed. However, I am not an expert in any of the things that I am commenting on here.

Coming back to the Bhima story, Hidimbi forces Bhima to marry her. I will leave that story here.

Locally the asuras are generally conceptualised as dark in skin-colour, while the devas are visualised as fair in complexion. If this theme is considered from the nonsensical US social framework, the theme is utterly racist. However, racism is actually a very small item. Only in English nation does it sound so great a problem.

In feudal language nations, a mere indicant word can paste stinking dirt on a person’s attributes. The native-English nations are not even aware of this terrible content.

56. It is mentioned that those of the Brahmanical religion use panchagavyam, i.e. the five products from a cow viz. milk, curd, butter, urine and dung to remove all pollution including that caused by a voyage across the seas.

The concept of ‘pollution’ is something to do with a negativity that has entered into the innate software codes.

57. There is this mention of the beautiful blue and white tiles, which adorn the floor of the synagogue of the White Jews in Cochin. They were actually for an old King of Cochin:

a wily Jew declared that bullock's blood must have been used in the preparation of the glaze, and offered to take them off the hands of the Raja, who was only too glad to get rid of them

58. Gadabas of Vizagapatam and Malai Vellala of Coimbatore have objections to touching a horse. In the case of the former, it is a sort of professional rivalry. For, they are palanquin-bearers.

59. Jungle Kadirs worship the wild elephants. Tamed elephants are seen by them as having lost their divine element. There might be some substance in the latter part. Being tamed means being on the lower indicant word codes of the servants of the natives landlords. It is a location where even the most divine personage will lose his or her divinity.

It is very much worse than a senior Indian government official being addressed as Nee or Thoo, by the servants in some rich household.


60. Brahmani kite (Haliastur Indus, Garuda pakshi) is revered by many. But the Kondhs will kill it. As per the Brahmanical traditions, Garuda is a divinity, and a vahana (vehicle) of Lord Vishnu. Garuda feeds on snakes, and hence the serpents regard Garuda as their enemy. Garudi Vidya is a mantra against snake poison. There are two Brahmanical scriptures, viz. Garudopanishad and Garuda Purana, wherein Garuda name is in the title.

There is a legend in the Kavarathi Island of the Laccadives, that a Mappilla tangal (Muhammadan priest) once cursed the crows for dropping their excrement on his person, and now there is not a crow on the island.

As per my understanding, Tangals are not Islamic priests. They are considered to be the direct descendents of Prophet Muhammad. Some of them do practise a particular kind of occult art.

There is a curious issue connected to them in the local Malabari language. This issue is now in the Malayalam language also, which has displaced Malabari in Malabar. The Sunnis Muslims forbid the use of the lower indicant word Nee on them. However, in current-day times of mass compulsory education, this is an item that would be quite difficult to maintain. For, as per the current mass education policy, the teachers are the Brahmins and the students are the lower castes as per the indicant word codes.

there is a legend that the Kapus were once in chains, and the sparrows set them at liberty, and took the bondage on themselves.

So, some Kapu (Telugu cultivator) houses hang up food for sparrows who they revere. .

Seen from this perspective, the African blacks who reached the US as ‘slaves’ should really be offering similar things to the Whites of the confederate states. For saving them from the terrible tyrannies of their native lands and making them reach the levels of developed human populations. But then, due to the nonsensical indoctrination that they receive from insipid academic textbooks, they seem to believe that they lost their liberty in the US. What a wonderful understanding of Africa and Asia!

63. There is a mention of Jatayu. The ‘Chalk Hills’ of Salem district is belived to be the bones of Jatayu. When Sita, the consort of Rama was being kidnapped by Ravana and taken away in his flying vehicle, it was Jatayu who tried to stop him.

I think I will mention something about the Rama story. It is a story told or retold in Ramayana, which is mentioned as authored by Valmiki. My allusion would be about the verbal codes affects that can be seen in the story. I am more or less copying the text from my book: Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages:

There is the story of Rama, narrated in the Sanskrit epic Ramayana which is geographically connected to the area currently connected variously to current day north-west India, north India, Middle India, East India, Nepal, and South India, and even to Sri Lanka. Ramayana is in Sanskrit. It is said to be a great book with a lot of insights into human social and spiritual living. I have not read it, but do know a few of the stories in its vast canvas. I do not know anyone who has read it in the original.

Rama was sort of duped to marry a female who was said to be a princess, but actually was not. Looking from the spiritual point of view, what I am saying could be painful. However, seeing Rama as a person who lived in a feudal language nation, this could be a real havoc in his life. For, when he takes his wife to his household, the servants there wouldn’t treat her as a superior person.

It is a great problem. In the subcontinent, if a person from a powerful and socially superior family marries a female of lowly or doubtful family links, the most terrible danger is from the servant class of the family. The family members may or may not treat her with higher indicant words, depending on her husband’s stature. However, to make the servants associated to the family to use the higher indicant words would be quite difficult. They might do it perfunctorily. However, in the privacy of their own households, they would only mention her as an Aval (oal) or USS, instead of Avar (oar) or UNN. The husband’s social stature would get mighty affected.

Rama’s father, the king had three wives. Now, when the prospect of an un-acknowledgeable female becoming the queen becomes a real possibility, the main servant of the third wife spurs her mistress to stake her claims to crown her son as the next king, instead of Rama, who should actually become the next king, as per the codes of primogeniture.

In this incident, the power of the servant class is evident, which is not really visible otherwise. They stand as the pivot on which the higher persons rotate. They can literally change an indicant code word and tangibly swing superior persons on to any positional angle in the society. Very dangerous and diabolical power, indeed.

I understand that the Sanskrit epics Ramayana and Mahabharata may indeed contain a lot of social insights. Even in the behaviour of Sita, which required a Lakshman Reka to contain itself within acceptable norms, there are great insights about the powers inside a feudal language software. I do not want to go into that here, for it may take my writing into far-off locations.

A wife who the servants do not respect and see as a social senior can bring in disaster on the familial discipline over the servants. A wife whom the servants believe is one among them can be a problem to a limited extent even in England, when the family is from the nobility. However, the issue of a powerful indicant words dwarfing the wife and through her of her husband is not there in English. It is powerfully there in feudal languages. A servant’s husband is not an avar or adheham, but a mere avan. Even though, such words may not be openly spoken, the numerical values in the codes would sink to that level, even if the husband is perfunctorily mentioned as Avar or Ayaal.

In the case of Sita, she was an adopted daughter of a King. Naturally, it is obvious that at least some of the servants of her husband’s household were not willing to concede to her the status of a Royal princess.
from Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages.

It is recorded by Canter Visscher that, "in the mountains and remote jungles of this country (Malabar), there is a species of snake of the shape and thickness of the stem of a tree, which can swallow men and beasts entire”

It is a very curious statement that has the feel of some superstition.

It is quite obvious that the ‘snake’ that is referred to is the python. And whether it is a ‘snake’ or a wild animal in the shape of a snake is also a debatable point. Snakes have forked tongue.

The Coya (Koyi) people eat snakes

Does that mean some ancestral connection to the people of Far-east?

QUOTE from NATIVE LIFE IN TRAVANCORE by REV. SAMUEL MATEER: There is also a hunter caste called Pulayars, which Mr.Baker considers to be nearly the same as the Uralis, except that their speech is Tamil. He also met with a few miserable beings calling themselves HILL Pandaram, without clothing, implements, or huts of any kind, living in holes, rocks, or trees. They bring wax, ivory, and other produce to the Arayans, and get salt from them. They dig roots, snare the ibex of the hills, and jungle fowls, eat rats and snakes, and even crocodiles found in the pools amongst the hill streams. [/quote]

The Mr. Baker mentioned in the above quote is, I think, Henry Baker, who was one of the persons instrumental in improving the lot of the lower castes in Travancore. I think he was based somewhere near to Kottayam in Travancore.

As of now, it is doubtful anyone really cares for persons like him, in the nonsensical rhetoric that the British colonial rule was looting. In fact, Travancore was never a part of the British rule, and still the people there are fooled by school textbooks as to claim that their place was ‘looted’ by the English. The very commemoration of the ‘Indian Independence’ day there is an act of foolishness. Actually Travancore lost its independence when the Indian prime minister intimidated the kingdom of immediate military attack if the kingdom did not surrender its sovereignty to India.

As to the eating of snakes theme, I remember one person telling me of an incident that happened in a location near to Nadapuram in Malabar, some 40 years back. A carpenter was working in the house of a settler class man in the forest-filled hills. Suddenly a rat-snake appeared. The settler man and his wife starting running after it, as if to kill it. The carpenter simply said, ‘Oh, let it go. It is only a non-poisonous rat snake’.

Immediately the settler man said, ‘Oh, this is for our afternoon food.’

The carpenter retorted, ‘Who will eat a snake?’

The settler man replied: ‘Then what did you eat yesterday?’

I am told that the carpenter went into uncontrollable hysteria and terror that he had to be hospitalised for weeks.

Mr Gopal Panikkar that, ''people believe in the existence inside the earth of a precious stone called manikkakkallu.

The theme of nagamanickam being in the possession of tribal people, who I was told did not know its monetary value, is a theme that has been mentioned in earlier times. However as of now, with the tribal people literally being plucked out from their forest areas, as intense tree-felling has developed after the end of the English rule, into the open, these kind of stories are on the wane. The forest dwellers, many of them, have ended up as the domestic servants of the others in the nation. It is a tragic situation, for which a nation run on feudal languages has no solution for.

The nagamanickam is believed to be processed out by nagams, or the divine serpents.

In Malabar, it is believed that snakes wed mortal girls, and fall in love with women.

I did once hear a story that snakes do like to watch women bathe. I do not remember the exact source of this. I have not heard it mentioned again.

However, I have had certain observations that animals do like to have a sexual relationship with human beings, especially women. I feel that many of the human sexual emotions including that of deviated sexual desires are there in at least a few individuals among the animals.

When it is applied to the punctures made by the snake's poison fangs, it is said to stick fast and extract the poison, falling off of itself as soon as it is saturated.

The above reference is about the Vishakallu or the venom-stone. I have heard of it. It is reputed to be in the hands of the traditional Vesharis (traditional snake-bite curing professionals). Even though nowadays not many people do have trust in them, during their period of good reputation, they were reputed to have saved many persons from snakebite deaths.

A specimen was submitted to Faraday, who expressed his belief that it was a piece of charred bone, which had been filled with blood, and then charred again

That is the physical examination result of the item. Who knows what a supernatural software test would reveal? The physical examination is similar to giving a CD or DVD or hard-disk to a blacksmith of yore in the subcontinent.

The following note on a reputed cure for snake poisoning, used by the Oddes (navvies), was communicated to me by Mr Gustav Haller.

It is quite curious that a very detailed description of a cure using Vishakallu is mentioned in the book. Mr. Gustav Haller mentions that he was a personal witness of the procedure!

If at all this Vishakkallu does work, an evaluation by modern doctors might not be of any use. For, the technology that the doctors understand might not be the technology on which the Vishakkallu might work.

However, I have no opinion either way.

I think the picture is from Castes and Tribes of Southern India

The Madgole zamindars claim to be descended from the rulers of Matsya Desa.

I am not alluding to the line above directly. However, what I would like to mention is this: any people or population that comes from anywhere in the world. They then learn the local feudal vernaculars of the subcontinent. They will slowly change in physical looks corresponding to the social level attached to the level they are assigned in the language. Within a few generations, they will have very little anthropological features that connect them to the nation of their origin.

The reverse might be seen in people from the subcontinent, who went to England or the US some forty or fifty years back. If they come back to their native land, they would look quite outlandish.

The low caste man being in every respect inferior to the Brahman, the matter or subtle substance proceeding from his eye, and mixing with the objects seen by him, must of necessity be inferior and bad.

Even though the above quote is with regard to explaining why the higher castes do not like them being viewed while eating, by the lower castes, the idea is very much in tune to what I had mentioned about the effect of lower indicant codes. When a person is defined in lower grade indicant words, there is indeed a terrific amount of negativity gathering into his innate codes. Even the place he sit is felt to have lost its positive numerical values. What happens might be visible in the code-view.

The quote is with regard to a lower caste man. However, in modern times, it can be with regard to any person who has been made to go beneath the lower grade persons in the indicant word code definitions.

It is true that the vision of a lower stature person has a great power of negativity. I have observed it and experienced it personally. However, as of now, it is not connected with any caste.

Thurston mentions the concept of ‘a transmissible personality’ as propounded by Mr E. S. Hartland. Yet, the code-level view of the concept might not be understood by either of them.

Here I would like to take one complete descriptive text from my first book on feudal languages: MARCH of the EVIL EMPIRES: English versus the feudal languages. This comes in the last pages of that book.

If this is possible for the brain, then in combination with the indicant value indicators that feudal language programmed brains can evaluate, the human brain does have a very imposing capacity to influence human society. However, I will very frankly admit that I myself am not clear in what it is that I want to convey.

Yet, I may try to give an inkling of it, through some illustrative stories. One of my acquaintances was a publisher in Delhi, India. He had to regularly go to the Central Secretariat (Central government Ministry office) to meet the Ministers and their private staff, in regard to the business of designing out government propaganda advertising. His sales staff would already have done the spadework.

There was a period of time, when he was under severe financial strains. He sold his expensive car. However he arranged for a chauffeur-driven rental car, with private car registration. This arrangement was on a 24 hour-monthly basis, and involved a lot of expense. Why he wanted this car was for his impromptu business trips to various places, including the Central Secretariat.

I once asked him why he couldn’t engage a taxi, when he wanted to go the Central Secretariat, and other places. He then replied that actually for the purpose of going he can very well, even engage an auto-rickshaw (three-wheeler taxi vehicle), for the same purpose. It would be very, very cheap indeed. But then, the mental aura that comes with an arrival in a chauffeur-driven private car would not be there.
He said, ‘If I arrive in such a vehicle, even the very pillar in the Secretariat would know it. When I enter the Minister’s office, the exuberance that I bring in will be felt by everyone. I then would get the appropriate positive response. At the same time, if I come in a taxi car or an auto-rickshaw, or if I had been accompanied by a lower class companion, even the security guards in the building would discern the negativity, even if they don’t actually see my vehicle or my companion’.

Likewise, one may carry the aura of one’s base class-level, wherever one goes, even if one does not convey the same verbally. A little part of this affect may be due to the body language. Whatever the reason, the indicant word level is conveyed. In fact, in a feudal language world, there is an almost invisible and also spontaneous transmission of one’s indicant word level. The cumulative effect of this would be an overwhelming social force on any individual.


On one occasion, when I was in camp at Coimbatore, the Oddes (navvies) being afraid of my evil eye, refused to fire a new kiln of bricks for the new no club chambers

I do not really understand what the presumed evil eye of an English man was. However, it is true that the presence of an Englishman or his seeing of the events would create major changes in the mood of everyone. In fact, his very presence, way of interaction, connecting across social levels without any qualms about various social strictures &c. can create terrible changes in the social discipline and can even lead to inefficiency.

In fact, I can very categorically say that it was the close interaction of the French soldiery with the English soldiers in the New World during the belligerence led by the miscreant G Washington, that rapidly led to the beheading of the French king.

I have even heard from a former Indian soldier, his rank antipathy for his officers, which arose in him after seeing the English soldiers at close proximity, when his battalion was in Africa on a UN peace-keeping effort.

So, when His Excellency drove through Walajapet last July, the bazaar people did not show their best cloths, fearing ill‐luck would follow, but also because they thought he would introduce their trade in carpets, etc., into the Central Jail, Vellore, and so ruin them.

There is real pathos in the above statement. I am not speaking about the bazaar people. They are quite intelligent to foresee how the events would take place, if they are a bit careless. I am speaking of England and colonial Englishmen. The English colonialism was busy disseminating all their technical skills, information and also English language, without a bit of caution that once these things come into the hands of competing economic and social bosses in other places, they would takeover and aim for the ruin of England!

Even in Travancore, which was not under British-India, London Missionary Society was quite busy intimating the best industrial ideas to the lower castes there. See: Native Life in Travancore

In Malabar, a mantram, which is said to be effective against the potency of the evil eye, runs as follows: — "Salutation to thee, O God! Even as the moon wanes in its brightness at the sight of the sun, even as..........

Thurston is attempting the impossible. He is trying to recreate a Mantram in English by mere translation. It is an impossible venture. The verbal power in the mantram would be connected to the code-view of the original words. Moreover the twists, turns, curls, spiralling and the piercing tone of the words, and its soothing, rhythmic cadence would all act in ways which are not mentionable in English.

It is true that even seeming gibberish animal sounds can have powerful codes or meanings that cannot be understood or detected by human beings. It is the same with feudal languages. And also about Mantram chanting.

Trying to understand them at the physical view level might be dangerous for native-English speakers. For it might mean transforming themselves into the native-speakers of the language. It can create a scar on the innate stature of a native-Englishman or woman.

In Malabar, fear of the evil eye is very general. At the corner of the upper storey of almost every Nayar house near a road or path is suspended some object, often a doll‐like hideous creature, on which the eye of the passers‐by may rest

There is some mighty trick code in effecting an unconscious shift in the focus of the eye. After all, the persons who are viewing the house are speakers of a communication software in which mere words can create huge shift in the design view.

...........a prickly branch of cactus, or what not, to catch the evil eye of passers‐by, and divert their attention from the important work in hand."

Persons, who have lived so many years and never known about the existence of feudal languages, must not act too intelligent and pronounce judgemental comment on these things. For, judging without information is a nonsensical arrogance.

Mr S. Appadorai Iyer: "It is not the eye alone that commits the mischief, but also the mind and tongue. ..

This is a statement that comes quite close to understanding that there is a huge interconnected machinery in the background, in which the eyes, mind and tongue work in close collaboration to each other. Even beyond it is the fact that all of them would work in the wider expanse of the software application of the codes of reality.

Without knowing anything about all this, people including the ‘learned’ medical and mental science professional make ‘profound’ statements!

It is waved in front of the sick person, taken to a place where three roads or paths meet, and left there.

I have noticed that there is something special about the number 3 in some of the feudal languages. Apart from that, the meeting place of three roads also has some specific code/s that does intervene in the reality view in some manner.

The sudden illness of children is often attributed to the evil eye.

I have my own observations that there is something true in the above lines. However, the actual affect of the negative numerical value infliction cannot be mentioned by me. Illness is just one. It can be many other things also.

It is said that "you will cause mortal offence to a Hindu lady, should you remark of her child ‘What a nice baby you have or 'How baby has grown since I saw him last.'

Even though things are not as simple as Thurston mentions, there is indeed some problem with such praise that might evoke jealousy of envy in others.

I remember an experience of my own. It was the closing day celebration of a study course, in which the students (male & female) came from varying levels of background and English proficiency. I made a fabulous extempore speech, with each line loaded with synonyms and rhyming words.

After that there was a Housie competition. I was the first to get the first line correct. After some time, I was the first to get the second line correct. Then again after some more time, I was the first to get the third line correct. In fact, everything I got correct.

If I looked in the eyes of many other ‘class-mates’, I could see the look of quite distressed envy.

That evening it seemed that I was being heaped with ‘luck’. Chocolates were the prizes, which were eaten by others in a gesture of appreciating my ‘luck’.

But within hours or days, ill-luck came my way from every direction. It was as if all my luck had been poured out on that day. Ill-luck continued for a long time.

However, I have over the years understood that all these luck and ill-luck basically is small items in a big software program. In that, nothing actually deviates from the predestined path of life.

I cannot say that this is the experience and intelligence everyone would get from their own lives.

It might be mentioned again that the encoding of envy in a feudal language system would be quite different from that in planar languages like English. In the former, any luck or success can make powerful shifts in the location of many others in the design view.

In fact, the eyeing of any event by feudal (discriminatory) language speakers has to be understood in a manner different from anything understood in English. It is a different world. Emotions are different.

At a royal marriage in Travancore, in 1906, a bevy of Nayar maidens, quaintly dressed, walked in front of the Rani's palanquin. They were intended as Drishti Pariharam, to ward off the evil eye.

Drishti Pariharam, literally can mean the ‘solution’ for the ‘seeing’. Yes, in feudal languages, who sees us, who thinks about us, about whom we think, who comments about us, who interacts with us, who competes with us, who mentions a connection with us, who gets up in a pose of servitude to us all are connected to a very complex web of interlocked codes. This is due to the presence of indicant codes. It splits all simple link codes into a multitude. This is turn make the whole social relationship links into a very gigantic web of links.

A tiny change in a numerical value in one link literally heaves the whole web of strings in a very complex manner. For, the shift in the numerical value stature of any one entity in the web can rearrange the stature of every person, relative to each other person. Some persons may simply shift from below another person to above that person, when somewhere else there is a change in some numerical value.

I will give a very simple example.

One man is working as an assistant (Name: A) in a small-time shop. Though of around forty years, he is not given much respect (low indicant words). He keeps to himself as much as possible. However, he has a close associate who is also a lower job man (Name: B). He is also in the lower indicant word levels.

That is people in his work area use the no-respect words for YOU, HE, HIM, HIS, YOUR, YOURS &c. about him and to him.

One afternoon all of the employees are sitting together. Mr. A is not there. Mr. B is there.

Suddenly on TV there is an announcement. That a young man from the locality has passed the highest grade IAS exam in flying colours. It is specifically mentioned that this young person is the son of Mr. A.

His son had been working somewhere else and had studied for the exam and passed it, due to his own diligence. IAS exam is the entrance gateway to the highest ranking administrative service position in India.

The information is something that has happened at least a couple of thousand kilometres away. Usually no one will cares for this kind of news much. However, inside the room there is a rapid shift in the indicant words. Mr. A’s son is going to come as a very senior officer in the State government.

In the local feudal language, Mr. A will have a very powerful position above his son, in the verbal codes. As this information sinks in, the employees in the room will understand the terrific change that has happened in the verbal codes. All words of addressing and referring have to change to fit into the scheme of the new information.

However, it would not end at that point. A new information also will sink. That Mr. B is very intimately connected to Mr. A. This simple connection will enhance Mr. B’s indicant words also. For, he is also now in another plain.

From there the link codes of Mr. B also will start changing in various locations. In many places, he will literally do a flipping by which he will be on top of various others who had earlier been on top of him.

This very necessary change is machined by the indicant word codes.


In a human society, there are very many people. There are tens of thousands of links. When this upheaval affects every link, there will be spontaneous and rapid change in everyone in the links.

I gave the above illustration to show how a complex web of relationship can literally wobble and rearrange itself when there is a shift in the indicant word arrangement in one location.

There is a social fright everywhere. Even the queens and kings are terribly wary of some misfortune hitting them, and they being reduced to the levels of ordinary people.

In the subcontinent, this terror has induced a continuous haste to tumble down others. For, it is a very common understanding that the others are always making haste to tumble down the man on this side.

This terror literally ended after the English East India Company came to become the paramount power in the subcontinent. Every kingdom sought their protection and there was peace.

See this quote from Travancore State Manual, written by a native historian:

QUOTE 1: “It is the power of the British sword,” as has been well observed, “which secures to the people of India the great blessings of peace and order which were unknown through many weary centuries of turmoil, bloodshed and pillage before the advent of the Briton in India” [/quote] (Travancore State Manual)

QUOTE 2: ..............collecting their own taxes, building their own forts, levying and drilling their own troops of war, their chief recreation consisting in the plundering of innocent ryots all over the country or molesting their neighbouring Poligars. The same story was repeated throughout all the States under the Great Moghul. In fact never before in the history of India has there been one dominion for the whole of the Indian continent from the Himalayas to the Cape, guided by one policy, owing allegiance to one sovereign power and animated by one feeling of patriotism to a common country, as has been seen since the consolidation of the British power in India a hundred years ago. [/quote] (Travancore State Manual)


There is this peculiarity about a Nayadi's curse, that it always has the opposite effect. Hence, when he is asked to curse one who has given him alms, he complies by invoking misery and evil upon him.

I think the picture is from: Tribes and Castes of Southern India

It would be quite interesting to check the particular software codes that enable a total reversal in affect. In fact, many years ago when I was experimenting with Adobe Acrobat, inside a form field, there was a location for pushing up an image inside the field box. However, it was found that when we push up the image, it would come down. It was obviously some code anomaly that had gone unnoticed at the time that version of Adobe Acrobat was released. In later versions, this coding error was seen rectified. That is when we push up the image, it goes up. Not down.

All these things are in the software codes that design the real view. The going up and the going down. Both gravity as well as levitation.

During one of my tours, a gang of Yerukalas absolutely refused to sit on a chair, and I had perforce to measure their heads while they squatted on the ground.

It seems a most curious observation. Maybe Thurston did not understand. However, that also is not really possible. For, he would be aware of the hierarchy strictures in the local society. Very few people were allowed sit on a chair or to sleep on a cot. These two mentioned freedoms are only for the higher classes.

Even now, most people in India would not dare to sit in front of a government official. When I say ‘most people’, the reader should bear in mind that there are around 70% or so people in India, who are under varying levels of poverty and lowliness. In all fashionable talk about India, their experiences do not count.

When a Tamil Paraiyan dies, an impression of the dead man's palm is sometimes taken in cow‐dung, and stuck on the wall.

It is quite curious as to how Thurston gets to know of these things. Actually, the very lower castes’ issues are not taken up for any kind of discussion in the local social system, unless it is for some kind of political gain.

Recently, that is around the year 2016, I heard this story from a higher caste young man. There was a Pulaya (very low caste) man and his wife in a nearby location. He had a son. Around their house, was the house of a slightly lower caste carpenter, who was also a known communist party small-time leader in the area.

The Pulaya man lived in a hut with no ground area around it. The next door carpenter had a huge property.

Pulayas are among the totally low castes. Among them those who converted into Christianity from Travancore (independent kingdom) during the times of the English evangelism went upward in the social system as they become big time landowners of forest land. However, the Pulayas of Malabar did not get this opportunity as Missionary work was not allowed inside British-India. Even East India Company rule did not allow it.

The Pulaya man in this story, lived in a small hut. My informant mentioned that his wife was not mentally capable. I could understand the statement. If the highest government official in India is addressed and referred to in the lower indicant words, he or she will become equally mentally unfit.

The Pulaya man died. My informant got this news. The corpse was lying there untended. Something had to be done. The wife was unable to communicate with the next door communist man, unless she was willing to bear the terrible lower indicant word usages.

My informant went to the next door communist man. He had a big property. The Pulaya man had lived in a very small piece of land, in which his hut occupied more or less the whole plot. So the request was made to this man to allow the dead body to be cremated in his huge land property.

The request was point-blank refused. There was no question of a Pulaya man’s dead body being cremated in his land. It would remain as a black spot forever. At the same time, if the request was to bury the dead body of a socially high stature man, then it would be thing of which one could be proud of.

Now, this is the reality of India. There is repulsion towards various people. These same people, who cannot bear each other, when they reach a native-English nation, cannot bear any corridor being kept to keep them out of any avenue. For, they have a very powerful word for claiming damages. That word is ‘racism.

English ‘racism’ is utter nonsense. It does not keep anyone from coming near. Everyone wants to experience English ‘racism’. It is the most ennobling experience on earth. That is the truth.

Coming back to the dead body issue, people are encoded in terrific and terrible verbal codes, the power of which cannot be understood in English. If these codes work on an Englishman, he will also dry up.


The evil tongue is a frequent cause of failure. It consists in talking evil of others or harping on probable misfortunes.

There is a climate of speaking ill in the subcontinent. It is basically connected to the feudal indicant words. If the referring is in the higher indicant word codes, people would not speak ill.

However, in most cases this assigning of a higher indicant word code is a very big burden. In most cases, even if a higher indicant word is used for addressing (YOU, YOUR, YOURS), if the person is not powerful enough, the words for HE, HIS, HIM, SHE, HER, HERS will go into the lower indicant words in private conversation.

At this location, all mentions are generally towards the lower grading. Ill-speech is rampant. People would seek out bad themes about the person and mention it. It is a very enjoyable experience to feel the power of using lower indicant words on persons who act superior.

Even if one is nice to others, this will happen. If the person seems to be from a more refined social stratum, then the tendency to speak ill becomes more manifest and a social necessity. This is when that person has no personal punitive powers. However, if the person has punitive powers, then people consistently use the higher indicant words. Fear is the key to acquiring higher indicant words.

These are items totally from a very eerie social location that is never known to the native-English. For these kinds of satanic codes are not there in English.

I have seen eggs, milk, and plantains offered in the evening, after the lamp has been lit, at these shrines, to invoke the serpent's aid on particular occasions. Such is the veneration in which these shrines are held that Cherumars (agrestic serfs) and other low caste aborigines, who are believed to pollute by their very approach, are absolutely interdicted from getting within the precincts.

Thurston is speaking about serpent-worship in the households. It is locally known as Nagaraadhana or Sarparaadhana. Sarpam is the local word equivalent for serpent. I find the similarity in the names quite interesting.

Households would have sarpakkavu or serpent shrines (serpent groves).

Those who did this worship must have derived some benefits. Otherwise, it would be quite illogical to believe that such a spiritual theme would survive for centuries. As to what happened after the advent of the English rule was that in most places, this worship literally went dry. Many of the higher caste households removed all traces of these things.

As to whether anything went bad for them, well, the fact is that they have lost their temporal stature in the social system. They have come down to the levels of being equal or lesser to their deemed lower castes. Whether this experience is due to their negligence towards serpent worship might remain a moot point till one learns to approach the supernatural codes of reality.

Speaking about the stature of the serpents, it was believed that the proximity of lower castes would be unbearable to these deemed divinities. It is said that they would run off, if such persons approached.

I find it interesting that this behaviour pattern is quite similar to how the higher castes actually behaved when the lower castes were given statutory rights to come inside locations where once only the higher castes roamed.

And it is also interesting that this behaviour is similar to what is known as ‘White flight’ in England. Well, the fact is that what promotes all these urges are the same or similar software codes.

Eerie communication codes can really terrify people, even if it is not spoken.

86. There is a famous Brahmin household known as Pampu Mekat Illam. This is a household traditionally connected to serpent worship. It is said that there is a Kedavilakk (never-dying lamp) in this household. It literally means that the lamp is kept lit always. The oil used in this lamp is mentioned as having the powers to cure skin-troubles which can be traced to Sarpakopam (wrathful curse of the serpents).

The women, from whom devils have to be cast out, bathe and take their seats on the western side, each with a flower‐pod of the areca palm. The Pulluvan, with his wife or daughter, begins his shrill musical tunes (on serpents), vocal and instrumental alternately. As they sing, the young female members appear to be influenced by the modulation of the tunes and the smell of the perfumes. They gradually move their heads in a circle, which soon quickens, and the long locks of hair are soon let loose

I think the picture is from Castes and Tribes of Southern India

Above quote is about Pamban Thullal (serpant dance). Actually the benefits that these kinds of rituals gave cannot be disregarded as utter useless. For, these things can easily compete with the modern psychological and psychiatric practises. At least, the Pulluvans have some definite idea as to who they are appealing to. It is doubtful if the mental science professionals have any grounds of authority about what they are professing. Lobotomy, Electric-shock treatment, use of drugs whose exact manner of curing or treating is not known etc. are at best some kind of fashionable livelihood.

if the pot‐drum has been polluted by the touch of a menstruating female

Menstruating females are seen as polluting agents. Why it is so is not known to me. However, their entry into temples during this period has been mentioned as forbidden.

In some households, menstruating females are not allowed to cook in the kitchen. Even though this seems quite outrageous, in effect, it is a nice time of relaxation for the female.

Hindus of all castes, high and low, make vows and offerings to the gods, with the object of securing their good‐will or appeasing their anger

Thurston has noted that the lower castes make pious offering to minor stature deities in the form of fowls, sheep, goats or buffaloes. These minor deities allow animal sacrifice.

At the same time, the higher castes keep out of these things. They give their offering to higher stature deities as Venkateswara of Tirupati, Subramanya of Palni, Viraraghava of Tiruvallur and Tirunarayana of Melkote. I do not know if these deities are from the Brahmanical spiritual antiquity. What are offered in these places are various kinds of vows.

What might be interesting to seek out is possibility that what the lower castes were worshipping were some kind of Shamanistic deities which came along with them from elsewhere. However, when their social stature went down, these deities also were given a slight distance by the Hindu worshipers (i.e. Brahmins, and the other associated Aaryan castes).

Even though the lower castes naturally would have an infatuation with the higher caste deities, due to the issue of distance lending enchantment, it is noted by Thurston that when they have serious illnesses, the Hindus had no qualms in seeking the help of the Shamanistic deities.

I think the picture is from Castes and Tribes of Southern India

Writing in 1872, Mr Breeks remarked that ''about Ootacamund, a few Todas have latterly begun to imitate the religious practices of their native neighbours

It is an interesting observation. That, religious practises do spread by means of diffusion. Whenever the same kind of people comes into social leadership, they form the social system as per their language designs. Along with that spiritual believes also spread.

Wherever the English rule was in place, the social system slowly changed into an egalitarian one as per the designs of the English language.


He subsequently had many sons, one of whom he named Dasan, and placed entirely at the service of the god. Dasan forfeited all claim to his father's estate, and his descendants are therefore all beggars.

There might be many examples of people taking a pledge to their deity that not only themselves, but their descendents would also do it. I do have a gut feeling that this vow is connected to the hierarchal codes in the feudal languages. In these languages, children are the regimented subordinates of the elders. The elder can be either the fathers, or the mother, or even the maternal uncle. It depends on the family system of the person.

92. Some devotees pierce a skewer (silver pins) through the cheeks. I have seen such people in my childhood. Some poke a sphere into some body parts. All these are done as part of some penance or vow. It would be good to have a very realistic study of what induces them to do this, and what is the benefit they derive. Simply decrying all this as ‘superstitions’ will not give any information. The basic question would be as to how this kind of seemingly terrifying penances came into practise.

Curiously enough, the priest of this Paraiya shrine is himself a Brahman.

In many ways, this points to the conceding of their own inferiority by the lower castes to the social superiors. Also might point to the ways, in which Brahmanical religion slowly diffused into the Shamanistic worship. It is quite possible that the Brahmanical religion (Hinduism) maintained its purity at various locations.

It may be noted that the lower castes were not one group. They were mutually competing groups, to achieve a social stature above their nearest castes. In fact, Thurston himself has noted in his Castes and Tribes of Southern India, that the at-the-very-bottom castes would fight for supremacy among themselves. This was a location where the Brahmanical castes never interfered. In fact, their minor postures of mutual superiority might provide entertainment to the higher castes.

I think the picture is from Castes and Tribes of Southern India

94. Odiyan: There is a very curious description of the Odiyan phenomenon in this book. I think it is part of the Malabar areas’ social terrors. I do not know if this phenomenon has been there in other places of the southern parts of the South Asian subcontinent. In fact, there is no mention of it in this book with regard to other locations in the Madras Presidency and also in Travancore kingdom areas.

In the Malabar areas, Odiyan phenomenon was a terror was mentioned till around the 1960s. The belief was that the lower castes of Paniyas and Pulayas would use black magic powers to change their form into certain specific animals like cat, dog, bull &c. In that form, they would approach the household of the higher castes, which were actually beyond the bounds of the lower castes.

They would use these powers to have sexual relationship with higher caste women.

However, the most terrible part of this belief was about the way they would acquire the powers of black magic.

What was required was pillathylam (foetal essence). The Odiyan’s assistant would first prospect for a pregnant woman of about six or seven month’s foetal growth. They have to get her in their hands. The time of this is midnight hours. They would go through certain ritualistic fasting beforehand. A Yantram would be drawn on the ground and the auspicious versus inauspicious signs are noted. If everything is okay, they approach the woman’s house.

The black magician would hold in his hand a coconut containing a black magic potion called Gurusi, and go around the house in circumambulation. Various mantra lines would be chanted along with this.

QUOTE from the book: By the potency of his cult, the woman is made to come out. Even if the door of the room in which she might sleep be under lock and key, she would knock her head against it until she found her way out. END of QUOTE from the book.

The black magician would lead the woman to a secluded. He then tells her to lie down on the ground. Rest of the details of how the foetus is extracted and how it is used would make sordid detailing. The details can be found in OMENS AND SUPERSTITIONS OF SOUTHERN INDIA.



Many people did believe in these cabalistic powers which the Paraya and Pulaya lower castes were reputed to have. There was real terror of this wizardry, that the higher castes would at times, if they suspected anyone of these lower castes of practising the same, attack their feeble hamlets. They would maim them or even burn down their huts.

That was only one side of the issue. The other side was actually there was belief that these kinds of occult powers can be achieved by the practise of these hidden arts. There were cases of extracting the foetus etc. The English colonial administration had to deal with both sides of the issue. On one hand, the protection of the totally enfeebled lower caste settlements was one responsibility. The other suppressing those who were inclined to practise these terrible arts.

From a perfunctory perspective, one might say that the lower castes were suppressed. However, in their unsuppressed state, they were quite capable of all human deeds, good and bad.

There is this quite interesting mention about the Parayas in the Travancore kingdom, made by REV. Mateer in his NATIVE LIFE IN TRAVANCORE.

A curious custom also existed, which is said to have added to the number of the enslaved. The various castes met at fighting grounds at Pallam, Ochira, &c.; and at this season it was supposed that low-caste men were at liberty to seize high-caste women if they could manage it, and to retain them. Perhaps this practice took its origin in some kind of faction fights.

A certain woman at Mundakayam, with fair Syrian features, is said to have been carried off thus. Hence arose a popular error that during the months of Kumbha and Meena (February and March), if a Pulayan meets a Sudra woman alone he may seize her, unless she is accompanied by a Shanar boy.

This time of year was called Pula pidi kalam, Gundert says that this time of terror was in “the month Karkadam (15th July to 15th August), during which high caste women may lose caste if a slave happen to throw a stone at them after sunset.”


The Pariahs in North Travancore formerly kidnapped females of high caste, whom they were said to treat afterwards in a brutal manner. Their custom was to turn robbers in the month of February, just after the ingathering of the harvest, when they were free from field work, and at the same time excited by demon worship, dancing, and drink.

They broke into the houses of Brahmans and Nayars, carrying away their children and property, in excuse for which they pretended motives of revenge rather than interest, urging a tradition that they were once a division of the Brahmans, but entrapped into a breach of caste rules by their enemies making them eat beef.

These crimes were once committed almost with impunity in some parts, but have now disappeared.

Barbosa, writing about A.D. 1516, refers to this strange custom as practised by the polcas (Pulayars). “These low people during certain months of the year try as hard as they can to touch some of the Nayr women, as best they may be able to manage it, and secretly by night, to do them harm.

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