A different perspective on International Relationship!

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A different perspective on International Relationship!

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A different perspective on International Relationship!



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Part 1

Part 2 - About gullibility and pure idiotism
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This is a text matter I wrote many years ago on ukresidentcom. (circa 2004)

Currently I do not know what the huge text matter that I have written is. It seems to suggest a different way to look at International Relationship.

For a long time, I did have a feeling that the current-day academic subject called International Relationship is utter nonsense and does not know a thing about what ticks and triggers national passions and urges and spurs international relationships. In fact, academic ideas on most social science ideas are mere nonsense and more or less skims over the real deeper themes involved.

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Part I

An array of choices

I am confronted by a strange choice of defining. It is about Obama. Is he a fraud? A gullible, nitwit? Or someone who knows what he is doing, and knows how to go about it?

In an absolute sense I have no right to go about measuring or judging him. But then, as I understand him to have inherited a powerful antiquity, and is also in charge of a particular amount of its destiny, I need to ponder on my misgivings. For, this powerful antiquity is one which I have been quite fascinated with, one which has bestowed mankind with a lot of blessings. If this heritage falls into the hands of misfits, then it may stand to be tarnished.

The legacy that has been bequeathed

What is this fantastic legacy that he has been bequeathed with? Well, it is his English connection. Any man who is born or domiciled in the US of America is naturally embedded with this link. What makes America great is its English heritage. Maybe what I contend may seem quite preposterous. However it is the truth. All one needs as proof of this just see the immensity of nations where English has not come in. Well, I should say here that many European nations may need to be kept away from this comparison, for at least some of them may have a certain level of positivity that English naturally has.

A plateau-like language and structured languages

As I have written elsewhere about English, I need not go into it the detail. However it may be mentioned that English is a plateau-like language, while many others are feudal. What it means is that feudal languages are not simply software for human communication, but are also powerful command structures. When a group of persons speak Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Italian and such other languages, they arrange themselves into a hierarchy of levels, wherein all of them can be comfortable. When there are more people, there can be different pyramids of hierarchy. The problem then arises when the different pyramids needs to communicate among each other constantly. There can be continuous friction in the communication between different levels of persons in different pyramids. Inside each pyramid, each word that links the persons have a code of command or obedience attached to it.

The problem can be discussed a bit more here, for the sake of clarity. In feudal language, there are different kinds of words for such words as You, He, She, His, Her, Hers, They, Theirs etc. In some languages, there can be different levels of words for even nouns. Even though English native-speakers may have been fooled to believe that these different words are simply synonyms, the truth is dangerously far from that.

For example, look at the word: You. In a South Indian language called Malayalam, this word can be differently spoken as Nee, Thaan, Eyal, NIngal, Thangal, Sar etc. However the basic strata are three, composing of Nee, NIngal and Thangal. The same is the case with most Indian languages. In other feudal languages of Asia and Africa also, the same can be true. In some of the European languages also, there can be similar problems or issues.

Now these different levels of You are used on the basis of different measurements of a person. It can be on the basis of age, caste, profession, financial acumen and such. The problem arises when one pyramid of people will have persons arranged on the basis of a particular factor, say age. The other pyramid of people, when they interact with this pyramid may not take this factor for stratification. Instead, they may take financial acumen, professional status or even social status for their communication with them or even for referring about them.

The ‘atrophycation’

In present day India, the growing tendency is the use financial acumen for such communication grading on the grand scale. In fact, in Malayalam there is even a saying that a person without money is just stinking dirt.

Now, what makes a man a piece of dirt? Well, look at the word Nee. It is slightly equivalent to the Hindi word Thoo.

Does addressing a person with a Thoo or Nee make him equivalent to a piece of dirt?

Well, the answer is No. For, Thoo or Nee can be an address of endearment, intimacy, domination, feudal command and much more. But then, this is a very simplistic understanding of feudal languages. The issue is that feudal languages work in a very complicated way with the stringing of different words of varying levels by different persons of different levels. The ultimate result is a powerful arrangement of persons into powerful levels of positions.

Even though one may think that it is the persons on top of the hierarchy who hold powerful command strings, there is another thing that is not usually mentioned. It is the power of the lower placed persons to simply lower a person, despoil a person, socially cripple a person, demean him, dismantle his social or professional command ability etc. by simply trying to be equal to him or her; or by bringing him or her below them by a simple use of a different You; or him or hers; or his or hers.

The atrophying machinery

Now, to just give a simple example: One man is addressed by the senior government officer of the regal Indian Administrative Service (IAS) by Nee. Well, has this man become a piece of dirt? Well, no. It depends. If he also addresses the IAS official as Nee, well then, there is equality between them, if they are friends, or it can be a case of powerful demeaning if they are not friends. The IAS official will naturally call the police in the second case, and they will beat him into a pulp.

The other man calls the IAS official as Sar or Ningal, while he is addressed as Nee. Well, in this case, has this man become a piece of Dirt? Well, not exactly. For, if the IAS official’s subordinates address this man as Sar, Thangal, NIngal etc., he is still a big man, but lower than the IAS official. However, there is a level of hierarchy among the officials. This man can be made equal to that level, by a simple use of words. For example, if the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth levels below uses the word Nee to this man, then till that level he is subordinate.

But if the seventh level down, addresses him as Sar or NIngal, he is equal or higher to that level.

Now let us imagine that it is the lower most menial level of persons called the Grade Four over here that addresses him with a Nee. Does this make that person a piece of Dirt? Well, not necessarily. For, if this person is basically from that social level or class, then there is no despoiling. He is comfortable at this level of addressing and positioning.

The piece of stinking dirt

However, if the person is really from a higher social, intellectual, financial or professional class, he or she is more or less made into a piece of stinking dirt. It is a powerful change, and really affect that person’s total personality, looks, mental equilibrium and intellectual capacity.

The continual worry

This ‘dirtification’ is what worries everyone in a feudal language social system. The exact issues and the ways and manners by which it affects everyone is of a very complex machinery. In many ways, it is the basic element in all social and communal tensions that haunt every feudal language social system. Essentially it is all a problem of different hierarchical pyramids trying to interact with each other from different arrangement patterns.


The farce of Indian social developmental work

Again, another point may be mentioned here. In India, this dirtification of human beings is an essential part of national social development programme. Some years ago, I was talking to a young girl who had completed her MA in Social Welfare and was joining an NGO to work in some village in a North Indian state, as part of her field studies. I asked her pointedly about the issue of respect and insult in the communication system. She then told me that they were told in no uncertain terms that all the persons who come to them should be kept suppressed by the lower level words and usages. Otherwise their own level of respect would be lost. The issue here is that if one can disparage the other with lower words, then what comes back is respect.

These type of issues may not be understood in English. That is, to the lower man use Thu, Nee etc. and about him use such words as Uss, Avan, Aval etc. Then they understand your higher status and place you in a position of respect. If on the other hand, you extend respect to them, and use words like Aap, Ningal etc. they feel elevated, and show disrespect back. They would then be inclined to use such words as Nee, Thu etc. back.

What takes place is a formation of a command structure and route.

Essentially all Indian talk of social development is mere shallow talk and there is no real substance in it. Everyone who talks of such high aspirations only aims at self development and fears to see the real mental and social development of those they profess to develop. Even the national fraud known as Gandhi was a master of this art.

The dirtifying of independent tribes in the new nation of India

In the state of Kerala, there was and is a tribal development department. What they did essentially was to place all the tribal population under the dirty levels of the peons of their department. That is, all men and women of the tribal population were made the Nee, Aval, Aval etc. even by the peons of this department. What social development can be accrued by the tribal people when placed in such obnoxious levels? Actually when the new nation called India started extending its sphere of right into independently existing tribal areas, this is what they essentially did to those people; all of them, their tribal chiefs, men and women, all were made to exist at dirt levels.

A dunce and the reality of people’s freedom

Did the dunce called Clement Atlee know anything about this? All Indian talk about freedom from British keeps away from these realities of Indian social communication. If it is mentioned the whole conceptualisation of Indian freedom may go topsy-turvy. For in the light of this sublime information, the freedom of the huge mass of Indian population started with the British rule in India, and ended with the British exit from India.

When accosted by diabolic languages

I have only mentioned one single effect of what can be defined as feudal languages. English is devoid of all these dangerous satanic codes, and this is what makes it a most divine language. However, English is also very soft and one essentially needs to understand what English is dealing with, when it has to move in close spaces with feudal languages.

The command codes

Feudal languages contain powerful command codes. It may not be easy to explain this concept to the English native speaker. Let me try:

Gandhi is addressed as Gandhiji by his followers. They use the word Aap to address him as You. He is Unn. At the same time, he would use the words Thum and Thoo as You to them. They are Uss. There is a powerful code of direction and positioning in this. At the same time, if anyone from outside come in to the area and address him as Mr. Gandhi, it is a very powerful dismantling of his revered position. In Indian languages, the title Mr. vanishes fast, and if this Mr. is allowed to be used by everyone, in no time Gandhiji becomes a mere Gandhi. If this happens, he is a nonentity, and nothing. His followers would not allow that.

When Jinnah spoke in a public meeting where Gandhi was also there, he used the words Mr. Gandhi to refer to Gandhi. As far as Gandhi’s followers are concerned, Jinnah was literally removing all the studded reverence borne by Gandhi through the powerful code words ji. They booed him down, did not allow him to speak, and literally made him run down from the stage. Did Gandhi object to this type of behaviour from his followers? Naturally no. For, this is the only means to maintain himself as an object of reverence.

A sample Gandhi

To make this point a bit more clear, let me tell about a politician I saw in a remote village in Kerala. Here even though the average intellectual bearing of a person may be intrinsically abysmally low, no one is aware of it. For many of them work as peons, drivers, clerks etc. in the middle east and come home with a tidy pile of money, that the swindle known as currency exchange rate garners up for them. That is a peon over there, with a monthly earnings of around 2000 comes home with 27000 Indian rupees. While a local hard working man earning around 8000 per month, cannot do any wizardry to multiply it. The middle-east working drivers and peons are considered as cultural leaders of the local society. They set up schools, including English ones. The social culture they radiate as leaders is really of the satanic one, but no one knows that.

In this remote village, there is a Communist party leader, Balan. He was a schoolteacher who taught in class one, some twenty-five years ago. His knowledge in English is more or less nil. He addresses the vast majority of his communist party followers with a Nee, and uses the degrading words Avan, Aval, Avattakal etc. about them. As they are thus degraded, they show him reverence. They call him Balan Master. Now, it is the word Master that makes this man great. Once, I just mentioned him as Mr. Balan. The shock, grief and agitation that was seen on the face of his followers was phenomenal. It was just like the defrocking of Gandhi. Mr. Balan was a denuded apparition, while Balan Master was a divinity. The rays of his divine aura extends outward through the appropriate changes in the various other Malayalam words for He, His, Him, You, Yours etc.

Now, why I have mentioned this here is to stress the routes and roots of command structure in Indian languages. When Balan Master calls anyone of the persons he can address as Nee, it is literally a command, though cloaked in seemingly non-command language. The person thus called treats him as a guru or some other such being. For him, whatever wrong and evil Balan Master does is nothing. At the same time, if the same misdemeanours or less are done by anyone who is not in the same code position as Balan Master, he or she is a miscreant, an antisocial and such.


Spreading the divine aura

When this man speaks of Balan Master in such revered terms to others, it can become a social standard as far as how others treat Balan Master. Actually this is a very cheap technique used by almost all persons in India. For example, think of a Jeep Taxi driver. In most Indian higher social areas, this person is treated as a socially lowly class. But then in the lower social areas, he can be a higher being, especially in small time villages, where the lower financial classes live. I have seen how they extend their social leadership. They have under them a group called the cleaners. These are persons who go in their jeeps, standing on the backdoor steps. They sort of manage the passengers who are sitting inside and collect the fare. Beyond that they act as a sort of serving class of the drivers. Among them, the taxi drivers are mini-gandhis. They address the driver with reverential words such as ji, chettan, annan. Now, there is a wider unwritten social duty given to them. It is their jo
b to move around in their local social areas, and pronounce the words ji, chettan, annan etc appended to their driver’s name and have such reverential titles made a social reality for their driver. Whenever the driver moves in such social areas where his reverence is thus accepted, he is a leader.

The magician’s secrets exposed

In all ways of looking at it, this is also the secret of the hoax phenomena called Gandhiji. To make the power of this devious method clear, let me mention the issue of Gandhi’s sexual misdemeanours in his ashram. It may be mentioned that sex is a weakness in many individuals and need not be taken as a measure of that man’s other qualities. However, what needs to be mentioned here is if what Gandhi had done was done by anyone in a social atmosphere wherein he or she is not a divinity in the language code, it would have been dangerous.

What Gandhi did was not much, if taken from the perspective of a great man’s doings. It was Unn, Adheham, Avar etc doing it. He had an unquenchable craving for young girls, and the story goes that he used to have at least two of the ashram girls to sleep with him. All of them would be in the nude and he would feel their body and they were to massage his naked body. His cravings could have come from his early sexual experience with his wife who was an adolescent girl at the time of his marriage. In a way, it could also point to his repulsion for his aged wife.

Inside the ashram, it was not a great issue, for in that social arena he was the great man, doing what he pleased. The language codes would not find anything funny about it. But in the outside world, especially among educated persons, who found in him a most cantankerous individual, his doings were of a misfit. Here he was just a Uss, a ayal, avan etc. Among them, his explanation that he was experimenting with his celibacy would not run.

In the first case, that of reverence, it would be He (adheham) is experimenting with his celibacy!

In the second case, it would be: He (avan) and his nonsense experiments! A cracking slap on his face is what he deserves!!

How it was done

How does one promote Gandhi? Well, it is the same way that the cleaners of the Jeep driver set to work. Gandhi’s followers who took the mantle of power after the formation of India, embedded Gandhiji into every school textbook. A separate philosophy called Gandhism was forced into creation, and a hallowed reverence was enforced. However, if one may look at the issue from a larger perspective, the same would have happened if the communist party had come to power in Indian national government. Many of their small time state leaders would have risen to international heights as epitomes of grand personal qualities.

The divinity and the buffoons

Now, it may be mentioned that this is the way all social communication moves in feudal language social systems. If one sees Indian films also, this feudal arrangement of personalities can be seen. That of one person who is the centrepiece and a lot of others in various levels of existences. Many of them are simply there to enact a sort of buffoonery to ennoble the main character.

Power in the command codes

Now, just take this issue to persons from such feudal language nations being allowed domicile in English nations. They exist there as beachheads for extra-national commands that have compelling powers. In fact, it is the cunning requirement of the leaders of feudal language nations to have their own language speaking people in English nation. It more or less gives them agents, deep inside opposite camps. However as per English understandings they are not formal agents of anyone. But the moment a leader speaks to them from across the national borders, then the command lines fall into place. In such language codes there is no limit to what one can ask or demand of persons who come in the lower rungs of the hierarchy. And there is no means to ward off the command force, other than being downright impertinent and insulting. Not many mortals can do this. That is the power in oriental feudal languages.

Installing the Trojan horses

People of English nations currently do not have any understanding of all this. During the period of British colonialism, many of the English officials did come to see the devilish sides of Asian nations. And took heed to keep the negativity from encroaching into their social communication environment. However, now huge multinational corporations with no loyalty to any nation, other than their own global domination has more or less eroded the national boundaries of English nations and made them weak and vulnerable to powerful creepy codes, that can literally split, tear and atrophy the soft social life of English nations.

The deeper realities of International Relationship

Now when English nations try to evolve a theory of International Relationship, they do need to take this essential difference between themselves and many other nations into account. Especially when it comes to dealing with Asian, African and South American nations.


The slimy treachery in the honouring

Oriental nations have something called superb hospitality. The guest is made to feel a divinity, and he is honoured to the hilt. In fact, the local languages do insist that the guest is equivalent to a divinity. Well, this may seem a wonderful stance. The reality is different and of a strange diabolic content.

The warmth of superb hospitality is not for every person who comes as a visitor. It is essentially meant for the person who is seen as a powerful personage, or at least someone who has to be extended temporary honour. The powerful personage naturally is entitled to this. For he is Adheham or Avar or Unn, all of the higher indicant levels. If he is of the Avan or Uss levels, naturally, there is no honoured reception for him.

In comparison to oriental hospitality, English reception may seem quite cold. For the warmth that is extended in the orient is quite exuberant. But then, there is an essential element of treachery in this warmth. For example, there is a saying in Southern Malayalam: To get one needs done, one may even need to bow to a donkey!

The philosophy is that if another person has attributes that one can make use of, then it is only being intelligent to extend him or her empty, premeditated honour. This honour extends till one’s needs are satiated, and the next moment the honoured personage is removed of his frills and made to feel a non-entity.

Thus in orient, deceit is a natural element of cunning social interaction. Such attributes as honesty, courage of conviction, fair play, commitment, word of honour etc. has no meaning here, and are considered as stupid attributes, other than when they are to be extended to acknowledged superiors. The British official of the East India Company rule times were aware of this deep maliciousness of Indian social codes. However, the moment the reins of rule came to Britain, the wise guys over there thought that they knew better. And literally made a messy understanding of British contribution to India.

How the English nations were fooled

Now, how does all this connect to modern days? Well, after World War II, the English nations were quite foolish. The very fact that US took up the issue of developing Japan was a very intense example of being deluded by oriental hospitality. The feel of Japanese hospitality was so overwhelming and overpowering that the officials concerned more or less opened up the national territories of the US for Japanese onslaught.

It was quite silly of the US officials not to understand that economic onslaught was more dangerous than munitions onslaught. For it was more or less opening up everything inside the nation including the judiciary to outside intrusion.

Extremes of social and economic freedom are encoded in English

Wherever the US went into for war or military partnership with oriental nations, they were being quite stupid. The US was simply made stupid to see everything as a competition between communism and non-communism. It was a tragedy. For what communism had tried to gain for the people of many nations, the British rulers had tried to procure for them. Either through economic freedom, or by unshackling of the people by means of English language. For example, recently when my own daughter (age 14) made a speech in English on social welfare, one local communist leader remarked that she sounded like a naxalite (extreme communist). The fact was that she was nowhere near communism. All she had mentioned was the essential freedom that was embedded in English language, and the social security given to citizenry in English nations. She knows only English and no Indian feudal languages.

In fact, if English people had been allowed to enter into many parts of India, they too would have been accused of being siding with communist extremist, even if they intrinsically were anti-communist.

Communism and social slavery

What is the real connection between communism and US? Well, the people of many Asian nations are trying desperately to escape the social and economic slavery they suffer. It is all actually connected to their feudal languages. There is actually no one who is right or wrong. All persons in that particular language system are embedded into the tight system.

However, it becomes a fight between the ruling class and the lower masses. The communist party, which is again a very powerful feudal structure, tries to lend leadership to them. Now if the communist party wins, what happens? Well, not much. There would only be a change of positions. The erstwhile ruling class would become the lower class, and some of the lower classes would enter into the higher class. The social system still remains embedded in the feudal language structure and remain feudal and suppressive.

If the US had any intelligence it would not come to the side of either sides. If at all, it wants to improve the lot of the suppressed classes, it would try to arm them on its own, and train them into English speaking people. If they take over the nation, well then, it is an English speaking nation, which shall naturally bring in liberty to the people. And may be later on even be an extension of the American empire.

Co-partnering with slimy creatures

Instead of going in for such an intelligent and profitable venture, what has the US done? It has only allowed itself to be used and misused by oriental leaderships. In all conflicts that it has entered in Asia, and many other nations, it has only been a supporter of one side. Actually, both sides were equally of the same satanic quality and should have been avoided like slimy snakes.

The See-Saw personality shift

Almost all Asian nations have corrupt to the core officialdoms. The thing to be mentioned here is that the social communication set up creates a sort of See-Saw arrangement. The higher ups (meaning: the officialdom) goes up in the language codes and exist as divinities. While the lower guys go down in the language codes and exist in the Dirt level. When one accosts the personalities in the higher levels, they may even seem to be more intelligent that most English citizens, for they exude so much power, prestige and intelligence. All this are really connected to the supremacy they possess in the language codes.

The thuggees and their share of the spoil

Almost all Asian nations’ officialdom enjoy fabulous salaries and pension benefits. Most of the citizenry are unaware of the extend of this loot. And if at all aware, they feel that they cannot do anything about it. For, their power of articulation is bound by the limits imposed by the feudal languages.

Almost all Asian nations’ police and armed forces do much atrocities on their own people. They keep the lower classes at the dirt level and if they try to wriggle out of such abominable positions, it is seen as an issue of impertinence, indiscipline and rebellion. They are caught and beaten up to a pulp. The women folk can really feel the power of the state as they are handed over to the uneducated lower level police and armed forces personnel for their entertainment.

Judiciaries in these nations may seem to be quite intelligent and pedantic. Yet, the fact is that judiciary is a nonsense. For, the judges put up a show of being quite capable. However, it is a fact that almost everyone of the persons brought before them by the police have been beaten up and at times tortured. No judge dare ask the accused if they have been mistreated. Even when the accused persons literally cannot even stand or sit due to the muscle pains they are bearing from the torture they have been made to bear. That is, the judges do not notice even what is noticeable even to a bystander.

Judges are essentially afraid of the police. For, if they try to be too smart, the police will simply disregard them. Their security, candid obeisance to them and much else will be withdrawn.


Partnering for a despoiling

When English nations try to befriend such nations, they are simply soiling themselves.

Creating confusion as a strategic manoeuvre

But then again, the Asian nations do know the art of manoeuvring others. For example, see the history of Kashmir freedom struggle and that of Islamic terrorism. Both of them were historically different issues. India had been feeling the heat of its own draconic stances in Kashmir. Both Britain as well as the US had been historically supporting Kashmir people’s stand. But then over the years, India had been able to mix up the whole issue with that of international Islamic terrorism. Now, the whole situation is a confusion and a mess. No one can really take a stand, for there is no clear cut boundary where the issue of Kashmir’s freedom ends and the domain of Islamic terrorism starts.

What the US support means

Now the US may take a stand of supporting India on all its atrocities on its own people. For example, there is the Maoist rebellion going on. It is a communist rebellion. Well, do I support communism? No, I do not think that communism holds the answer to the social problems that are essentially connected to feudalism in Indian languages. But should the US lent support to the Indian forces as they maim down the poor and wretched of the Indian villages?

Keeping the Indian feudal classes at bay

Here one thing may be mentioned about East India Company colonialism. Many of the officials of the East India Company in India had a most repulsive view about the Indian higher classes. In one way the modern Indian history student may get distressed by this. However, there was another side to this repulsiveness that had a positive side. It was this Indian higher up class that kept the rest of the populace in the dirt level of social existence. When the British East India Company literally ignored the power and prestige of the higher classes, it gave a historically new experience of freedom for the lower classes, who had traditionally no right over anything including their own females. When the British company gave English education to these downtrodden persons, and gave them jobs, that were beyond the parameters of their lower castes traditional professional limits, there was literal social upheaval. Well, it had its tragic sides also. For, the trauma that the higher up classes must have felt as their servant classes started showing social and intellectual mobility that was traditionally forbidden to them is understandable. For the language is feudal, and any social upheaval can made drastic changes in the language codes. And it can really be terribly painful. However the native English speaker will not understand this.

Now, the English nations are doing the exact opposite of what the British East India Company officials did. They are colluding with the higher ups in the Asian nations, and seeing to it that no one is allowed to upset the status-co. Well, that is the tragic side of the modern intellectual inputs given to English citizenry.

Co-existing in the same geographical location

There is the issue of different language groups or different hierarchy groups existing side by side in the same geographical location. In many ways, this is the essential issue that stirs problems of religious confrontation, communal clashes, caste competitions and much else. I will try to explain the problem very clearly rather than by trying to act clever by using such words and usages, which in itself do not explain what is the issue.

Look at a social scene in a Malayalam social system some forty years or more back (in Malabar). There is a high caste (Brahmin) family. Under them come the Khathriya caste (the Varmas) who may be holders of royal links. Then below them come their both serving class (Nairs). Under all of them come the Thiyyas, who do not belong to the Aryan caste system. Below them are the so-called outcastes, currently named the Scheduled Castes.

There is a young woman in the Brahmin family, by name Lakshmi. All castes below the Brahmins refer to her as well as address her as Lakshimikutty Thamburatti. The word used for She is Avar. There is an essential hierarchy of respect, that is natural and both compulsory as well as conceded to by the other Hindu elements.

Now in the same geographical location there are Muslims called the Mappilas. They are essentially good natured persons, and living a more unshackled life compared to the Hindus. However, their spirit of freedom more or less amounts to irreverence to the Hindu focus of respect and veneration. They would not call the afore mentioned Brahmin woman as Lakshimikutty Thamburatti. They would simply use the word Lakshmi and the word for She would be Oal. Both would amount to denuding of all respect. In a social system, where respect is what lends social power, command status, focus and route of financial accretion and personal freedom of movement etc. what the Muslims would be doing would amount to social and financial homicide.

Now look at the other side of the scheme. There would be many persons among the Muslims who are arranged in a particular style of veneration and respect. The Hindu elements who live in the same location would not be privy to this arrangement. The same element of disrespect would be met to them.

The imminent flare-ups

There is more to be said about this idea, but that would need a separate discussion of the issue involved. However, it may be mentioned that it is not easy for persons who belong to different hierarchical pyramids to co-exist other than by destroying their individual and separate language codes. In the absence of a powerful and draconian law and order system there can be communal flare-ups.

How English lubricates communication

However if English is the language of common communication, to a limited extent the different pyramids of hierarchy simply vanishes. It is essentially the presence of English in English nations that makes the other language groups interact without friction with other pyramids. For example, there would various Hindu and Muslim groups in England who internally exist in their own native languages such as Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and such others. Inside their language systems, there would be very sharp and powerful arrangement of words, usages and other such things connected to various personages. If they were to use their own languages to interact with other similar groups, there can be friction. However, in most cases, all such interaction would in English.

The clashes and the repulsions

Now, connecting this to the world at large, it may be said that the essential cause of fight between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan nation was this clash of hierarchies in Tamil and Sinhalese. The same would be case that created the Muslim-Christian issue in Bosnia.

Now I would like to say that the issue of repulsion that the Whites felt for the Blacks in South Africa is also an extension of the same. However, it may also hold the element that the White languages were devoid of despoiling verbal usages, while the Black languages could contain words, usages and adjectives which could make a person a despoiled soul. If this is true, the current situation of having the Black to boss over the White section of the population is a satanic situation. For, if this allowed everyone of the persons over there may stand to get atrophied. The ultimate result would be the creation of an extremely mean and miniscule ruling class and a huge mass of suppressed populace that would literally become soiled.

What I am saying here is that one should support the language and custom codes that ennoble human beings, and not the ones that scratch out sublime human qualities.


Core elements of Human Equality

What I have spoken here are things that do not come under the stupid subject called International Relations.

Now let us look at the issue of Human equality. The Americans seems to put a lot of faith in this nonsense. Human beings are not intrinsically equal. Well, I am not talking from the point of colour and other such things, even though it is quite possible to say that a White man is not equal to a Black man. For quite obviously one is black and the other white.

Equality at the level that I am discussing here is entirely connected to the language under which this aspect of human being is discussed. Look at this example: Aren’t whites quite superior to the Asians? Well, this is a question that has many frill elements. For instance, of what white people are one discussing. For a Russian White is different from a British White. Whites from East Europe are quite different in many human features from those from West Europe.

It is my own contention that persons who have lived over the centuries in English nations have arrived at a higher human level of existence compared to others. However, in many ways, it may not have conferred superior attributes to them. For, English persons are really shackled by various levels of dignities, manners, honourable conduct, concepts of fair-play etc. which all are not actually good in present day conditions, where cunning, shrewdness, treachery and such attributes are considered more powerful capacities.

Now look at this video: It is some English female having a confrontation with the South Kerala police. The issue is obvious, however that is not the point for discussion here. Look at the female constables who are trying to corner her. Who is superior? The White female or the South Kerala female constables?

Well, a quite honest answer might seem to be that the White female is superior. Well, is it really true? Well, if the White female cannot understand the local language, that is Malayalam, then she can at least exist outside the inferiority that is being heaped on her. However, if she were a person who knows the local language, then the whole framework of equality and that of inferiority-superiority goes topsy-turvy. From the moment it is known that she can understand Malayalam, she becomes an Aval, Nee, Edi and such things that literally can take her right to the gutters below the level of the female constables. If she had been a White female who had lived under such abominable levels for long, her very features would reflect the gutter she carries on her soul and spirit.

In other words, there is no such divine concept as of human equality and mutual dignity in Malayalam language. Now what should America the self-described imposer of human equality do here. Should the white woman be made equal to the female constables, or should the gutter-looking female constables be made to go back to their gutters? What I have written here is something no American foreign policy maker may know. Yet, many years ago, I did read a comment of Henry Kissinger when he was asked about the policy of apartheid in South Africa. He did seem to have a precious understanding that there was something essentially wrong about the Blacks over there, or at least in their social or communication system that may atrophy any good quality thing handed over to them. I do not know anything more about Henry Kissinger.

Obama’s demeanour

Now, what is all this to do with Barak Obama? Well, it depends. When I first saw his photo and a video of his speech, I was quite impressed. In many ways, he looked like a British Anglo-Saxon with a black paint on him. There was not a trace of a Black-from-Africa in him other than the skin-deep colour. It looked like a wonderful effect of British training on a Black man. In fact, most of the American Blacks do get this experience by just living in America.

I need to explain this aspect of America. America is a not something that literally fell from the skies. It was a nation that literally was a continuation of the immensity of British experiences, including technical, maritime, jurisprudence, martial, dressing, social communication and much else. All this came contained in the software called English. The very fact that social communication would not split and hurtle men and women into various spaces in a four dimensional area by words and usages is due to the fact that it was English that connected the persons.

Created in stupidity

America went in for a war for independence from Britain. In all ways of looking at this incident, one can only say that it was a war fomented by idiots. For if all the grievances that the Yankees had against their mother country were added up, it would come anywhere near to what most revolutionaries have against their suppressing regimes. Is their grievances more than what a Kashmiri has against India, or what the Tamil’s had against Sri Lanka, or what the Moists have against the Indian armed forces. In almost all ways, they were fighting against a nation which was known for civilised ways and manners, and not brutal torture and false encounters. Moreover, apart from such silly things attributed to stirring up passions like tax without representation etc., can it be compared to the sales tax issues of India, where the tax officials simply fleece the traders not only in their trading centres, but also on the highways?

If this tax issue could ignite so much rebellion, then a hundred rebellions should happen in India, where the people and traders are taxed to pay a fabulous pay and pension schemes for a minority of persons called the government employees. Yet, such things do not happen in India, for the regime can be brutal against anyone who thinks on these lines.

As to other aspect, look at the protections and reservations accorded to the native Red Indian population by the British government. This was one issue that really brought in acrimonious antipathy for the British. Well, Britain was the protector of human rights and not George Washington. In fact, there were many Red Indian tribes who fought on the British sides in this stupid war.

Then one needs to think of Obama’s very obvious repulsion for Britain, as if he was making them atone for their crime of slavery. Well, he is being quite stupid, for during the days of Blacks slavery in the US, it was the proclamation of emancipation of Slaves in the British empire that gave the blacks a chance. They could now escape to Canada where the command of Queen Victoria of England held sway. The blacks who reached the Canadian soil sang in her praise.

Language and quality

I had no idea that Obama was not really a black man, but only one with a skin-deep connection to Black antiquity. His mother was English, and that more or less accounted for his elegant English body language. For, it is sure that she had trained him in her ancestral social moods. Here again I need to stress that genes do not really matter. What matters is the quality of the language that encases a person.

Voodoo in the air

I have not studied Obama in any way. I see and read about him quite rarely. I understand that his father was a Kenyan. Maybe he knows the Kenyan language. He is said to have lived in Indonesia. Well, does he know the Indonesian language? Well, these are quite critical questions. For, feudal languages have powerful command links. If he knows any of these languages, and he is linked by these languages to any centre in either language, well then, it is equivalent to persons in those centres holding very powerful command strings on the American president. Well, the issue here is that native English speakers will not understand what I am talking about, and about its power. It is something quite in the world of witchcraft.

Links to the celestial realm

President Kennedy was an Italian by blood links. He naturally would be knowing Italian. Well, in his case also, the amount of hold other Italian persons had on him, especially from inside the family circles would be something that English cannot replicate in English families. For, I do suspect that Italian also is a feudal, hierarchical language. Apart from this, the links to African and Asian nations, with very vile social communication systems are dangerous to America. In such nations, the very mention of a link to America can literally elevate a person to the levels of royal personages. Well, if the link is to the levels of the American President, then the elevation can be to astronomical levels.

Now the question of what was Obama doing connecting himself to Black African states, when there was no specific attribute of his elevated personality, or intellect, or behaviour standards that could be connected to Black African states. When he went there to showcase a black man becoming the president of America, it was a very wrong thing. For it simply gave legitimacy and positive inputs to social systems that had no contribution to his overall individuality. At the same time, in the inner codes in the secondary arenas, it loaded many irascible African nations with positive energy, for which they really had no claims. This positive inputs really came from a feeling that they were connected to the American president, and hence to America. On the other hand, America lost that much positive energy in the secondary world of codes, at a time when America could really ill afford such loss.

Obama is really a creation of the English codes.

Disciple to a delusion

Next thing Obama is doing is going around saying that he is a disciple of Gandhi. Well, it is a case of him become deluded to believe in state propaganda of a third rate, inferior nation that treats a majority of its own citizens as despicable. To understand Gandhi, it is essential to understand that all people who claim to try to improve the lot of the lower classes in India, essentially keeps them in a subordinated position by the clever use of such words as Nee, Thoo, Avan, Aval, Uss etc. The whole usage of such diabolic words and their powerful effect on everyone concerned is not understood by English nations. For it encases a person with a powerful string of involuntary subordination. In a way, the English nations have been foolish in this regard. For, when they teach anyone anything, they do it in such a manner that there is not much commitment or gratitude or snubbing or domination over the trainee retained. In the case of an Indian who claims to be teaching another Indian, he or she sees to that at the very first itself a powerful guru-disciple relationship is enforced over the trainee by the clever use of such words. The aim is to create a powerful attachment that remains a lifelong affair through language and words.

It is a very powerful link in that whatever levels the trainee develops to in his later life, he or she bears a subordination and sense of gratitude towards the person who has lent any amount of teaching, even if it is just computer typing. However, this does have other negative impact on the total attributes of many persons, including the fact that some of them do not like the strings attached, and try to detach themselves from this. The other side of this is that the teacher doesn’t like to see his trainee developing too much, for he or she may then try to remove the overbearing strings. When that happens, that much string of leadership is lost. If on the other hand if the trainee doesn’t develop much in life, he remain a committed disciple and a person acknowledges his leadership.


The hold of the pincers

See this photo of Subash Chandra Bose existing in the dominating presence of Gandhi. To understand the exact power of this stranglehold one needs to understand whether Gandhi addressed Subash with a Aap or Thoo. The difference each word makes is extensive, and of profuse power. For it would define the manner in which Gandhi’s own uneducated followers would define and place Subash. And can also lend light to level of freedom that Subash could garner inside the Congress committee, wherein he was the president. That fact that he resigned his post and left the party may also lend some light about the presence of overwhelming suppressive strings and their oppressive air.

Creating personages through films

Any sensible person may know that it was not Gandhi that was the saviour of the majority Indians, but the British. However, most people have been fooled by the propaganda film Gandhi. There have been many other films of similar deceit in India. For example, there was recently a film about a Raja from north Malabar, who was said to have fought with the British. The truth was that there was no such Raja historically, and what was purported to be the Raja was only a small-time landlord near Tellichery in Cannanore district of north Kerala. In those times, when British power was established over Malabar, it gave a lot of freedom to the erstwhile suppressed classes. Many entered into English education and got government jobs, which had been denied to them over the centuries. Moreover members of the lower castes namely the Thiyyas couldn’t really try to do commercial transactions over long distances. For the henchmen of the local landlords on the routes would literally heckle and tickle them, and make off with their wares. If they had women with them, it goes without saying that these henchmen would lay their hands on them, after shooing off their men folk.

In such an area, when the British set up police establishment, naturally there was bound to be problems for the local landlords. On the other hand, the policemen who were mostly from the lower castes would naturally make the best of the powers given to them. It was a fact noticed by the British officials then that the moment an Indian was given power over another Indian, he would misuse it or at least overuse it. An Indian in the hands of the Indian policemen was a pitiable entity. For, the very moment the addressing turns to Nee, and referring to Avan, the chance of being verbally and physically abused is great.

Now, the film about this Raja is more or less based on this social scenario. The funny part is that after seeing this concocted film, people were seen discussing the dialogues that the Raja was seen delivering in the film. They were seen to be treating them as historically correct dialogues, when actually the very fact that this Raja and his story of his attacking a powerful British garrison was more or less was simply a figment of imagination.

Two sides of a farce and a third possibility

The same is the case with the Gandhi fable. When Obama goes around saying that Gandhi is his spiritual guru, there can be two possibilities. One is that he really believes that Gandhi is really a divine personality. But then, how can he say that it is Gandhi who has influenced him much, when in reality all that is positive in him including his major language is connected to British antiquity?

The second possibility is a bit more weird. He knows that Gandhi is a farce and fraud. Yet, he wants India to be bundled with Gandhi, for everything about Gandhi is a fake and lack quality. It is actually an oriental social trick. When persons are seen on the wrong path, others simply say words of praise. For example, if a person is seen wearing an idiotic dress, going for an ineffective education, going for the wrong job etc. other persons would not enlighten him about the gravity of the situation. Instead they would encourage him to continue in the same path. For, they would see the going down of the individual and his group. Since in Asian nations, all communication and actions do have an element of competition encrypted into it, this is all a part of a decoy system to lead the other competitor in society to destruction.

Now Obama might be doing this. However, as per my own judgement, I sense that he is really on a third path. That of trying to emerge as a leader of the world population. As a typical politician he may know that the best way to garner support in oriental nations would be to piggy ride on some other entity that has political buoyancy there.

Yet, the total effect is that of undermining the superiority of English systems and playing into the hands of cunning oriental masterminds. Surely this is not the way to run English nations.

The start of the rot

It was Bush who started the rot. When the World Trade Center was pushed down in a terrorist attack that killed around 3000 persons, he simply bit the bait. As a person who revelled in limelight, all his words and actions were meant for the stage. There was too much bravado in his words, which really ill-fit the demeanour of a leader of a powerful nation. He played into the hands of so many oriental cunning groups who had been hungering to get America to do their own dirty work.

Iraq was ruled by a person who knew the rules of the local social and political scenario. He was not ruling as per the laws of democracy. So what? Democracy is not the only political apparatus that has run nations. Moreover in most nations, democracy has brought in disaster and famine.

What is the opinion that one gets about this ruler of Iraq? Well, when making queries about persons in oriental areas, what one receives is not objective reports. Instead one gets opinions based on the affiliation everyone has for that person. If the person supports him, he is a great man. If he does not support him, he is a crook, a nitwit and a madman.

There is a huge faction that wants the Iraqi leader ousted. They cant do it on their own. Maybe they have their own reasons which have elements of truth. However, is it correct to join sides in this dispute? Even the British have done this nonsense even recently, all done in perfect altruistic spirits. However, the real issues that irritates the mutual contestants are beyond the understanding of the English persons. For example, the simple question of why the contesting parties can’t sit together and talk it out. Well, the codes of respect and obeisance in their languages act as effective hindrance to this. Yet, it cannot be detected by the English mind.

Why so many allies?

When America went for a fight in Iraq, there would be acting as per the desires of a particular section of people. Yet, did Iraq have a fight with US? Not really. Even in the First Gulf War, the US was acting at the behest of another nation. Now this raises the question of what happens if the US does not support its allies. Well, this should give rise to another question of why should the US become allied to so-many nations with which technically and morally there is nothing in common. The US is an English nation, having a way of life that essentially gives the freedom of existence that English language allows. Most of the so-called allies of the US are nations which are feudal language nations, having ways of life which are the exact opposite of the freedom encased in English language.

A great American President

Thinking of great American Presidents, from personal knowledge I must insist that President Bill Clinton was one of the greatest of US presidents. For the nation was in economic prosperity, there were not much fights and America looked beautiful with a good looking president. Yet, the Americans had the nutty head to get him screwed up on charges of indecency. What indecency! What if the president was a decent fool, who would squander the nation away, yet sexually be a saint?

Y2K and the insanity

I do not know who was the president when the Y2K came. Whoever the president was then, he was an utter fool. For, the moment I heard about it, I understood the grave implications it meant for the English nations. For it was allowing other nations to become privy to one of the most powerful technologies currently found, that of computers and the Internet. No nation with some sanity in its head would do it. There is actually no justifications for allowing personnel from low-currency-exchange-rate nations to come and do this work. For then, why not allow agricultural workers, iron workers, taxi drivers, management consultants, medical professionals, school teachers and every other professionals into America? Why only the computer field was found to require extra-national individuals?


The non-tangible, yet resilient Anglosphere

Now coming back to the issue of allies, there are traditional allies that English nations naturally have. For English nations essentially belong to a group called the Anglosphere. This is a natural alignment that comes about spontaneously. If the American presidents have forgotten this realm, then they have lost their basic understandings. Britain’s natural allies are Australia, Canada, New Zealand and off course the US of America. However, since the US is full of people who came from non-English nations and heaped loaded claims on their own heads as to what runs the US, they may not be in a mood to admit the British legacy in the US. Instead they would go around bragging variously about Italian contribution, Chinese genius, Japanese insights, Indian intelligence, French philosophies and much else. But not a word of the British social, administrative and intellectual designs would mentioned. Yet it is this single factor that makes the US great. In fact, this single factor in any nation can bring in total enlightenment in that section of the nation.

The contagious craving for leadership

Due to so much people who have barged into the America from feudal language nations, where there is a continuous aspiration for leadership, the US has developed an instinctive passion for leadership everywhere. Yet, it is like the Gandhian leadership. Even though Gandhi formally used the idea of non-violence as a political technique, all his followers were quite at home in stoning public offices, giving fire to property of their political enemies, haggling persons who did not acknowledge the spiritual glory of their leader and even in giving a physical battering to enemies, Gandhi simply had to look unconcerned and unperturbed by their actions. For, if he were to interfere in their rightful areas of political activity, he would be dethroned. It is a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.

Allying with the demons

The same is the issue with America. It has made itself an ally of such nations as Korea, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South American nations, many African nations etc. All of them are satanic-to-the-core nations. In many of these nations, the common public has not much dignity when compared to the government officials. A common man going to the police station is a different experience from a government official going to a police station. How can America claim to be an ally of any of these nations? There would be segments of the population in these nations desperately trying to throw off the mantle of these crooks who rule them. When they take up arms, naturally the government would ask for American help, in logistics, munitions, technology, remote sensing etc. What moral right does an English nation have to help such demons?

These are the ruling groups which the colonial East Indian Company officials wouldn’t have touched with a barge pole. What gives the Americans the right to think that they are doing a morally right job in collaborating with such repulsive groups, who keep a majority section of their populace at the dirt level by the use of dirtifying language?

A sane foreign policy

A sane US foreign policy would be to go in for a mood of political isolation from all such nations, and only allow relationships that are connected to trade. For allies, they should recreate the idea of the Anglosphere. In terms of political alliances, America should in very clear terms say that the level of people freedom in such nations as India and the rest of the nations are abominable and not condonable by American English standards. Feudal suppressive languages should be clearly defined as such and American repulsion for the same should be mentioned. Also American moral support to all populaces that are trying to throw off repressive regimes should be made clear. However, the US need not run to the aid of all such groups, for in most cases, the leadership of the rebels will also be encased in a similar feudal regimenting language structure. So that most rebellion ultimately only means the change of persons, and not a change of social living style and way of life.

However what I have said is easier said than done. For in almost all segments of American public life, people from feudal language nations have crept in. Even though they speak English in American accent, in the inner core of their mind there is another software running. That software is their native language. It can be terribly feudal, and does connect them incessantly with their native world, and its national leadership, where everything is uncannily different from the English mood.

Standardising American demeanour

I remember seeing a Discovery Channel programme sometime back. It was about the American military research wing making a very powerful weapon that could penetrate deep into inside the mountain cave and detonate from far inside; so that anyone hidden deep inside the caves could be pulverised by the tremendous air pressure build-up. A female scientist was speaking venomously about the need to kill the enemies. She was a Vietnam-native citizen of America. She spoke about the freedom that America had given her and her commitment to protect that freedom. Yet, the way she spoke was like a typical Asian with a feudal-language mind setting speaking of deemed dirt-like enemies. Well, it is good if she can make good weapons, but keep such persons from being the mouthpiece of American foreign policy, for what exudes out is not an English mood, but typical feudal language mental vibes. It can ignite equal belligerent passions in others, which a natural English mind will not. America should radiate English vibes, and not the opposite tones.

Creating a new hallowed space

In a world where only a few languages and social systems have the freedom encrypted that are similar to that encoded in the English language, there is need to build up a citadel to protect that hallowed arena. So the need of the hour is to set up an international group of nations that are English and only English. The natural leadership should go to the British monarch, as a formal focus of emotional attention. No other political entity, including the British House of Commons can replace it. Maybe the British monarchy needs pruning and shredding of frills, yet it contains within itself very powerful codes that has outlived the onslaught of centuries of political upheavals.

Lower to this formal entity, let there be a formal parliament of members from all the English nations.

What to dispense and what to filter out

It is time to dispense with the costly white elephant called the UN. It is a bleeding entity, that has given an immensity of wealth for officials from the third world nations, and a chance for them to bask in international glory. Whatever good the UN can do can be done better by the English nations and the Red Cross. Support only organisations that are English nation based. Do not support English nation based organisations run by persons who are native to feudal language nations. Screen out persons who are English nation domiciled, but continue to use their own feudal native languages inside their households, and also have children who talk their native language. For feudal languages are not just communication software, but powerful command and compliance routes, that give lend strings to powerful extra-national command centres.


A monster about to run amok

To explain the tragedy of being associated with feudal language nations through an entity known as the UN, just see the situation of handing over the law and order of a beleaguered nation to a military contingent from any such nation as Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka etc. These troops are not like English troops. The soldier is kept in a powerful level of shackles through powerful feudal usages. Though quite obsequious to their own officers, they are markedly discourteous to those they perceive as their inferiors. Well, when they are allowed the free run with weapons in their hands, they will lay their hands on any and all things that come their way. When the name of the UN is thus sullied, it can diffuse on to the name of English nations also, who are seen to be in charge of the UN. Yet, UN is not in anyone’s charge, and it is going to be another international monster about to go berserk.

Sharing the same geographical location

Now we need to go back to the issue of differing hierarchical pyramids sharing the same geographical location. Tamils couldn’t bear to be subordinated to the Sri Lankan hierarchical pyramid. Well, any sane man would understand that. Will British people love to live under Indian hierarchical pyramid? The answer is a categorical no. However, in the case of Tamil, it is also a feudal language, and not like English. But then, one cant force them to accept another mantle with a different command and position pattern.

Obama goes around speaking about how the US fought off the British mantle. Well, isn’t he being either too stupid, or downright deceiving. For the British mantle over the New World was at best only a slender thing, while what the Tamils felt over them was something like a dragging blanket. Obama obviously thinks that the only legitimate freedom struggle in the world was the American War for Independence. It is a very silly understanding. Most of the people in the US, who brag about that war, including Obama, had anything to do with that war, in any way, including bloodline.

A mentally shackled president

When the Sri Lankans were carpet bombing the Tamil populace after keeping off all outsiders and independent media from that area, why didn’t he order help to the dismally outgunned Tamils? Well, he was naturally deceived by some section of the Indian elite class domiciled in the US. They must have told him that the Tamils had assassinated Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India. Like everything that he seems to have got wrong, this piece of information was also wrong. Rajiv Gandhi is not to be defined as the former Prime Minister of India, but as the defeated or ousted prime minister of India. He had become the prime minister on the sympathy wave that swept the nation when his mother was killed by her own security guards. Well, isn’t it a silly claim to political power. Such as if Roland Regan had been killed, his son becoming the next president of the US, riding on the sympathy wave.

A conceited non-entity

Well, Rajiv Gandhi became a PM on a stupid reason. At the end of the five years, the nation was quite fed up of this silly man, who was by then reputed to have siphoned off around a 600 crores of Rupees as commission in a major arms deal. There was a major case against him and there were efforts to open up the Swiss Bank account where this money was deposited.

He who had no personal justification to become a PM of this nation sent the Indian army to crush the Tamil Tigers, with whom actually the Indian nation had no enmity with. His anger with them was possibly due to the fact that their leader Mr. Prabhakaran did not act like a servant to him, and demanded dignity of treatment. Mr. Prabhakaran who had been invited and brought to Delhi was held in house arrest and forced to sign a treaty. Mr. Prabhakaran went back to his command area, where he was a leader in his own right and repudiated what had been forced on him.

The Indian army was sent to hunt him down, and for the next two and a half years, they killed an immensity of Tamil freedom fighters and civilians. Since I was not a witness to what the Indian army did over there, I can’t say for sure. However, there were a lot of stories about how they behaved when they raided Tamil houses. Well, no one will be able to forgive the man who sent in the Indian armed forces to lay their hands on them. The experience can be terrifying, for it is dirt-level personnel who are laying their hands on them. These armed forces personnel are kept at dirt-level by their officers, in the feudal Hindi language. And when these same persons come into positions of domination, it is like making others also pieces of dirt. No man, including an Englishman would be able to bear it, let alone the Tamils.

In the next election in India, Rajiv Gandhi’s party was faring badly. For in almost all places where the election took place before Rajiv’s death, his party lost. There was a desperate need to bring in something that could regenerate the party’s chances. What else was better than an assassination? It has worked wonders in the past, and would so again in the future.

This was only one side of the logic that led to his killing. The other side is the simmering anger against him for sending a brutal force to lay their hands of Tamil populace. If he were to come to power again, surely he might send the Indian army again.

It is war. He had had the Tamils killed. What would the US had done if another nation’s leader was ordering the death of US civilians and manhandling of their private physical areas? If they were intelligent they would send an agent to kill him. If they were nuts, they would send in the US army to capture the land, and then go for a massive efforts to keep the nation running on their own expenses.

Rajiv was killed, allegedly by the LTTE commandoes. Yet, as in the case of Gandhi murder, there is need to think about who ultimately bore the benefits of this murder. Well, it was the Congress Party that got the full benefits. Well, any intelligent man would do some thinking on this basis. As for the LTTE, it was a stupid gesture, to kill him in such a manner that they naturally became the prime suspects. It was this single incident that was used to showcase them as terrorists. If they are terrorists for killing a man who had their tens of thousands killed with no particular motive, then what about India, which can also be held accountable for killing many persons. What is great about US jurisprudence that does not see any crime in Indian unilateral actions, in comparison to LTTE legal systems that stamp Rajiv as a mass murderer?

Who benefited in the Gandhi murder

In the case of Gandhi murder also, there was a terrible thing that was missed. The question of who benefited from Gandhi’s death. Gandhi was a sort of joke, and there were an immensity of slanderous stories abounding the Delhi newspapers, but not seen in out of Delhi newspapers; for his fetish for strange night time activities. Moreover, most of his outbursts were enjoyable when done from the safety of irresponsible positions. The whole of such cracking idiotism would amount to a madman’s words when he starts mouthing the same from the position of responsible authority. He was a man better dead than alive. If alive a nuisance, but when killed a hallowed sainted person, whose special followers can ride high on the sympathy wave.

Well, this entity was then embedded into all the schoolbooks and a fabulous film based on an imaginative theme was made. The actor who featured Gandhi was a British actor. Every Indian was taught to revere him and through him his followers. It is this gigantic false story that has made the congress party survive to some extent. Otherwise, what is the scenario in India? Nehru used this legacy to the full. Nehru himself was a person who had an international reputation as a plagiarist. His most famous book The Glimpses of the World History is actually a clever content rewriting based on H G Wells’ An Outline History of the World. Well, it is a better book than H G Wells’ book, but then I have seen an immensity of such work being done in Delhi, where British and American books are handed over to local content developers who do a better job than the original.


The zombie rule in India

Now India is really under the rule of an Italian woman. She has kept a man who has the personality of a zombie as the Prime Minister. Indian presidents are persons who are assured to have low quality personality and can never come to become powerful competitors to the Prime Minister. The current lady who occupies this post is an unknown entity and serves the needs of her Italian appointer very well. Her predecessor was a different experience. He may have been chosen for his atrocious facial expressions. However, in India there are more powerful things than looks and beauty and that is power and positions. This man was a professor. Naturally he is a Sar. A man who is a Sar is a powerful personality in whatever arena he is allowed to move around. The moment he became the president, he started sending his vibes everywhere as a professor who had exploded the Indian nuclear bomb. Well, this claim was only false story, but no one really minded it; for it was an effective deterrent to the Pakis.

When his tenure was over, there was a bit of talk that he would be given an extension. But then, he had quite obviously overstepped his parameters. The current lady knows her position and is seen in photos as extending her ritualistic obeisance to the Italian usurper of the Indian sovereignty.

The nonchalance and the stupor

Obama stood still in a mood of supreme nonchalance when the Tamils were butchered. There is no confirmed and reliable reports of what really happened to Mr. Prabhakaran. His son’s photo was shown as of an ugly man, whereas there were other photos available showing him as an elegant looking man. What happened to Mr. Prabhakaran’s wife and daughter? Mr. Prabhakaran’s body is shown as that of very cleanly dressed and well-shaven man. Is it possible to believe that this was the body of Mr. Prabhakaran? He was engaged in fighting with a enclosing, heavily armed enemy from a place that was the size of a football court for days. In the midst of all this, he had time to have a nice shave, wear well-ironed cloths and look quite well-fed? Surely there is some mystery.

A lot of war crimes were done by the Sri Lankan army. But what was American response to all this? They gave an American citizenship to the Sri Lankan General and his family. Is the US government going nuts? What kind of message is the US giving about itself to the world? Obama claims his black antiquity in quite endearing terms. Well then, when black skinned people, the Tamils were being made into mincemeat, where had this endearment disappeared?

It only points to the level of outside infiltration that has happened to the inner core of American policymaking machinery.

Protecting quality

Now let me take a quite different scenario. That of South Africa. Here the issue could be that of a refined group of people who had brought in good customs, education, refinement in dressing and behaviour standards made subordinate to persons whose language could have dirtifying elements. I am not sure about it, but then if there is an element of what is can be called ‘respect’ for certain persons encoded in the South African languages, then its very necessary compliment, that of disrespect or dirtification of other persons will also be there. If it is there, then the White section definitely needs protection from the black despoiling.

What I am saying here are things that do not currently appear in social science or language study or even in political science textbooks. Yet, they are real and of very powerful content. If these elements are there in South African Black languages and other communication systems, including gestures, then there is immediate need to create a separate homeland for the Whites there. It is not really a case of Blacks verses the Whites, but that of a refinement creating communication systems interacting with dirtifying communication system. The first one can bring in refinement, while the other can despoil. The first will naturally try to segregate themselves from the other. Hence the apartheid.

But then will Obama have the necessary inner strength to look straight at the issue mentioned? Or will he encumbered by his black skin and find it a holy sin to say anything that may seem to disparage black legacies? It requires great courage to deal at this level of finer aspects of human conditioning.

Emphasising equality with the Indians

Now let us look at Obama coming to India and the Indian leader emphasising the point that Indians and the Americans are equal. Well, if they are equal, there wouldn’t be any need to mention it. However when Obama also seems to sing the same parody, there comes in a need to think deep about the implications, and what is implied and not implied.

Before speaking about that let me state that when Obama came to India, the general talk was that America had no money and that he was coming with a begging bowl. In oriental feudal language codes, the bigger man does not go to others, instead wait for the other side to come to this side with their requests or demands. In a way, this is one major constraint to speedy actions.

America is financially down, and they are now equal to the Indians! Well, no English speaking person will understand the full implications of this dialogue. For, then there is tumbling down of indicant words of respect, and they can be replaced by crude, despoiling lesser level words. Not just the American nation, but also all men, women and children stand to get despoiled. When that happens, they lose their safety. Englishmen of Robert Clive’s time did understand that in India safety of all possessions including personal life and that of one’s women, were dependant on prestige. In India the person who has no prestige is literally vulnerable to all sorts of onslaughts.

Second, when Americans are claimed to be equal to the Indians, what does it really mean? Well, in India there is no equality. The governing class, the superior politicians as well as the officialdom are the higher ups in the language codes. The rest of the people are in various levels of despoilment depending on their relative levels in language. Each person and each level is desperate to press down others and thus go up.

Is Obama aiming to equalise all Americans to this messy levels? For example, an Indian taxi-driver, agricultural worker, a private office clerk are all kept in various low levels by the governing class in the language. Does Obama aim to make all American agricultural workers, taxi-drivers, and office clerk to go down to this obnoxious level? Isn’t he being terribly irresponsible in his actions?

Featuring greatness

What is this talk about India being a great power? A great power is what? When a lot of money from English nations seep into a nation due to some stupidity of the English nations, does a nation become a great nation? Well, a nation is great when the people of that nation acquire personal qualities that allow them to exist in quiet dignity. That India does not have. As to the foreign money that has seeped in, the harsh reality is that it gives fabulous wealth to a few due to the heavy exchange rate difference. For example, a person in India who works hard earns around 8000 per month. A man who goes to the Middle east and works as a clerk gets around 2000 of that local currency. By exchanging it into Indian currency this man get around 27000 rupees. The local Indian man is literally smashed up.

If the other man is working in the US and earns, his 2000 turns into 100000 rupees. These foreign employed persons come to become commanding persons in Indian social scene and literally live as kings. They go into international business, and then try to emigrate to English nations. There is no betterment of the common Indian due to any of these actions. He or she remains a servant to these neo-colonists, who speaks the feudal suppressive language to them. In this regard, they are a million times worse that the British colonists, who spoke to the Indians in English and thus aided in their mental and physical growth.

When citizens of English nations are thus made equal to persons from feudal language nations, a withering of quality, caused by the lessening of values in their inner codes can happen. It may result in such effects as panic attacks, paranoia and also loss of intrinsic human value. This is an issue which requires a wider understanding and is of wider ramifications.

Islam and English

Now let us think of the issue of Islam and of Obama allowing a mosque near to Ground Zero. The subject is quite deep and may need a deeper study than can be done in this write-up. However to try to make a brief discussion on this subject, this is what I would like to say:

Prophet Mohammed is a man who can in various ways be described as a man quite near to English social mood. Yet, he was living in a nation that was Asian and quite barbarian. There could be peculiarities in the language that gave such a design his nation. The communication structure could force fathers to bury their daughters live. There was no security for the solitary women, and raiding parties could make off with women who are in weak hands.

In the mosque in Medina when the Prophet came, people got up. But he hastened to tell them not to get up, as he was only a man, and not a superior. The Islam that he gave as message spoke of universal brotherhood, and of equality among all human beings. Moreover, he was a very tolerant man, who was most forgiving. In his lifestyle, he was not luxurious.

However, his followers who went forth to spread the message were not quite of this fibre. For Islam was soon get converted into the various feudal languages, and thus lost its essential message of human equality. For example, in Malayalam when persons get arrayed into superiors and inferiors as Avan, Ayaal, Adheham, Sar etc. how can Islam maintain its essential quality? Moreover, people get split as Nee, Ningal, Thangal, Sar etc.

Well, most of the languages of the modern Muslims are actually haram languages for Islam. People who claim to be Islam but exist as Hindi Islam, Urdu Islam, Malayalam Islam, Tamil Islam, Chinese Islam, Afghan Islam etc. are not really Islam. The social system that they create is not Islamic, but essentially one that is the very opposite of Islam.

When Obama gives permission for a mosque to be build in the nearby areas of Ground Zero, actually he is not allowing pristine Islam to arrive, but giving entry to organised feudal language leaderships. Currently it is not possible to differentiate Islam from the features of feudal language social set-ups. For it is weighed down by the strings of hierarchical structuring of leadership and followers, which actually stands as the very opposite of Islamic tenets.

Asian feudal languages creates social mood that are intrusive, forbidding and judgemental of others. Current day Islam also carries many of these features, which are what Prophet Mohammed tried to erase from the barbarian social system where he was born in.

Creating English citadels

What English nations essentially require is the setting up of formidable barriers to erosion of English ways of life, and of wealth and resources, including intellectual and technical knowledge to competing nations and social systems.

Every business entity in English nations need to be scrutinised for what they can bring in and take out. Anyone and anything that brings in loss and negativity needs to be stopped from doing that. If they are outsiders setting up beachheads inside English nations, they need to be politely yet forcibly made to move out.

It takes centuries to create the mature social conditions that English nations have. Yet, atrophy can be set in very fast even by a few outside individuals who knowingly or inadvertently use their own communication software inside to cause split, fracture and breakage of finely formed social interaction systems.


Obama’s language of mental processing

Beyond all this the question of does Obama think in English or in any other language? Well, it is also a very critical question, the answer to which may give clue to which all routes are connected to his thinking and decision making process. Also about the power-to-influence persons in far off lands have over him.

Redefining the subject of International Relationship

What I have written here can be described as a different and more accurate version of the subject called International Relationship. I remember seeing Ms. Rice, the then Secretary of State, during the Bush administration answering questions to a Senate Committee hearing. She was showing off her depth of knowledge in the subject of International Relationship, by mouth technical words, which really mean nothing. The whole subject of International Relationship as it stands today is totally superficial and does not touch the real cord of human emotions that stir up national character and historical features.

Since I have mentioned Rice, I would like to say something more. She did not seem to be of the stuff or intellectual quality to be an official of such high decision making powers, and of influencing international events. I do wonder on what basis was she given such an appointment. Was it to assuage black racial feelings? Well, if this is the way significant policymaking positions are being filled in the US, the nation is really in grave danger.

Again talking about Rice, there is need to know what is her antecedents and her native language, if any. Who are her parents, and her other relatives? For if the language among them is not English, and possibly some feudal language, her thinking process, decisions, opinions, and even emotional triggers can be heavily influenced from unknown sources, in a most non-tangible manner. This issue remains the same even if she is white, and from some feudal language speaking European nation.

Containing collective intelligence

Actually the American foreign policy should be part of the collective intelligence of America. But in these days of heavy swarming of the nation from all round the world, collective intelligence can have an immensity of links to far off locations. It is a very dangerous situation. Wherein small-time talk and opinions made in some house in some remote corners of the world, in non-English nations, get to acquire energy and power to influence American foreign policy making.

The same goes for Britain. There used to be a think tank there in the form of the House of Lords. It is doubtful if it is doing any useful work in this regard anymore. In the olden times, English collective intelligence could be contained with the parameters of British interests by the powerful interlink that existed inside the House of Lords, and their commitment to British interests.

Now with democracy having run amok inside Great Britain, and an immensity of outsiders having encroached the inside premises of GB, collective intelligence could have links sparking out to outrageously unacceptable areas.

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Part II

Now about the gullibility and pure idiotism in lending knowledge and technical skills to stark competing outsiders

Take the case of China. Traditionally this so-called communist nation was seen as a suppressor of human rights and an exporter of communist revolution. However, there was something that went missing in this understanding.

First of all, English nations over the years have come to see communism as the reason for being a suppressor of human rights. Actually there is a serious contradiction here. Communism as a political philosophy aimed at the liberation of human beings and not their suppression. Well then, how did this contradiction get encrypted in the notions about communism?

The fact is that communism sprouted and took over the state powers in feudal language social systems. In practice and by experience the communist parties were just another regimented version of the feudal language social system, made effective and emotionally appealing due to a political philosophy that was desperately yearned for by the common man there.

However, what communism actually brought about in their nations was not a social system comparable to English social systems. If communist parties had been run in perfect British English communication systems, then the social systems that they maintained would have been a mirror reflection of English social systems. However this was not to be, for if English communication systems were enforced the very power and hierarchy inside the communist party and state would wither away. The very creation and rallying point of the communist and their cadre was through the powerful command codes in the feudal vernaculars.

Now what about the society that was kept under suppression by the communist party and state? Is it yearning for an English like social system? Well, even if it does yearn for such an eventuality, there is no effective machinery to set it up. So all the belligerent stance of the English nations that they are out to help the suppressed sections of the people who suffer under the thraldom of the communist state is a nonsense.

The US and the other English nations took up a stance of providing education, knowledge, domicile and even financial support to the citizens of China. What was missing in their understanding was that whatever be the current mental disposition of the dissident groups and persons from China, they are in the ultimate count under the command links of their national leadership and national business leaders. Moreover, the moment they arrive in English nations, they go up in their indicant word stature in their own nation, and literally stand of the position of royalty in the communication codes. This position on the communication codes is a very powerful thing, for it is these codes that design all routes of social and financial leadership, routes of monetary accretion and many other things. Banks shower loans, procedures gets simplified, govt papers move fast, people acknowledge their benign presence, and thus everywhere they get royalty treatment.

Within no time they become internationally connected entrepreneurs, with powerful links right inside the depths of English nations. In effect, the fortified frontiers of the financial fortresses of the English nations have been overrun.

If English nations do want to remove the suppressive regimentation inside feudal language Asian nations, this is not the way. The actual way is simple, yet of a very bewildering content. I shall discuss this in another article.

Asian nations would not share any technical secrets with anyone. That is a traditional mindset deeply ingrained in Asian minds. It is connected to the codes in the language, wherein the person who knows the technique garners respect, while the seeker of the technical knowledge and the seeker of technical help becomes the giver of respect. As I have mentioned before, when respect is given, there is an element of disrespect or insult being transferred back. This type of communication ideology is not there in English, and hence the English mindset is desperate to share knowledge, technical skill and even the fantastic English language.

Once upon a time, many centuries back China was the centre of silk production. There was the fabled silk route that moved across the Himalayas, the desert cities of Rajasthan, the Kyber Pass and moved across Central Asia to reach the domains of the Roman Empire. This industry made the higher commercial classes of China fabulously rich. However, they were not willing to allow their knowledge to pass beyond the boundaries of their nation. The issue was essentially that of the silk worm. It was forbidden to take any specimen of this worm outside the nation. Many tried and failed. The story goes that ultimately someone could succeed in getting this worm out by hiding them in a bamboo stick.

This led to the production of silk elsewhere and the eventual decline of the Chinese monopoly over its production. Well, there are lessons that the English nations need to learn from this story.


Beyond this, there is another story that I need to relate here:

There were four friends. All of them were endowed with certain fantastic mental skills. The first one was a master in reassembling any scrambled up items. The second one was a master in draping any dead material so remarkably that it could resemble the real one in an uncanny manner. The third one had the skill to breathe life into dead or inanimate animal bodies. The fourth one had uncommon common sense.

One day they went forth into the world, travelling through the jungles, searching avenues to display their abilities. In a clearing in the thick growths, they came upon a plies of bones, which were the remains of a dead lion. The first man soon assembled the bones into the shape of the skeleton of a lion. The second man did the stuffing, and soon there in front of them stood a lifeless lion. The third man immediately commenced his work to breathe life into the stuffed animal.

The fourth man immediately had the foresight to see the impending danger and caution him not to go ahead. For in their very front a live lion was to appear. The danger to their own life was quite apparent to him.

However the third man was not ready to listen to reason. He was desperate to show his great skill. The fourth man immediately told the rest that he needed time to climb up a tree, which he soon did. From the safe heights of the tree he was to see events move to their foregone conclusion. The lion sprang up to life, and it immediately saw three prey ready for it to feast upon. As it got ready to spring on them, the trio were seen in an elated mood at seeing the grand success of their endeavour.

This story more or less exemplifies the stark stupidity of the English nations as they go around spreading and lending goodness and strengths to diabolic social systems, all of whom the moment they get the required strength and stamina would spring forth to devour up the English nations and their soft social systems.

When English systems support freedom and tolerance to others, let them understand that all these things should be extended to persons who exist inside English systems, and not to outsiders who are there to slice up English social systems and way of life. Giving such social and mental systems even a breathing space is equivalent to lending support to national enemies.

My despondency here is that I am unable to convey fully the terror and horribleness that lie embedded in non-English, feudal-language based social system. It is another world. Maybe the terror can be conveyed by just asking the reader to see the horribleness of poverty and privation that stalk many Asian nations. It is not a problem of lack of finance in these nations, but that no one wants others to become their equals. For if anyone is given the chance to come up, their themselves go down. The newly elevated groups would see to it that they trample upon and suppress their benefactors. It is a known thing. A common knowledge that English speakers cannot understand.

The Seesaw Effect

Recently along with the Wikileaks, there came the news that the Afghan President had made an unfavourable comparison of the British as against the US. Well, this is a singular effect and extension of the feudal language environment in Afghanistan. It is a very dangerous one, and can easily great grievous dents in relationship between great friends.

Now see the scenario: There are three entities. The British, the Americans and the Afghan team. When the English sides talk about the others, including the Afghans, they cannot keep them in different spatial compartments, by use of different He, She, His, Her, Hers, they, them etc. However, the Afghan team more or less exists as the pivot of the seesaw, with the British and the Americans being the two arms of the seesaw. They can and do keep the two arms in different levels by a simple different use of the words He, She, They, His, Her, Them etc. It is a very powerful positioning. A single word You, can position a person in a specific social elevation in the eyes of others. This position more or less defines that persons complete social power, commanding capacity, prestige, security, level of value etc.

In feudal language social system, the teaming of three persons or entities is very dangerous due to this issue. In fact, there are proverbs in these languages that any endeavour done by the teaming of three entities or persons is bound to end up in entanglements.

Now, in the context of the Afghan President defining British capacities in pejorative terms, there is this input also to be borne in mind. In feudal languages, there is an instinctive mood to equate smaller entities with the lesser indicant words, and to assign higher indicant words to the bigger entity. The natural situation in Afghan in non-formal communication and understanding would be to assign a lower word to the British and a higher word to the Americans. For Britain is small, while America is big and richer. Feudal languages are very prone to disregard such things as non-tangible, yet fantastic personal qualities, in the presence of more tangible things such as money and visible infrastructure.

It is dangerous to move in close proximity with feudal language social systems and the speakers of such languages. For they can create unbearable splits in close allies, by the powerful wedges that they can drive deep into minor fissures. If at all moving at close ranges with them, keep them apart, and do not give them the leeway to comment on English systems. If they do not like English systems, let them keep out, but do not allow them the leeway to interfere inside.

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