The tragic consequences of teaching Hindi in Australia!

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The tragic consequences of teaching Hindi in Australia!

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The tragedy that await a pristine English social scene



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Part 1: Teaching Hindi in Australia
chapter 76 of Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages!


PART 2: Hindi in Australia! Behold the tragic future
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Hindi in Australia! Behold the tragic future

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2 #. Hindi in Australia! Behold the tragic future

This was posted by me on Telegraph.UK blogsite. However, Telegraph chose to close down the whole blog site.

What was taken off Telegraph.UK blog can be seen on However the posts lost their logical stance in many locations in the new location. For, the persons who came to discuss the subject matter vanished with the relocation.

I am posting a writing here which might be mentioned as racist or hate speech or any such thing, by persons who might not know how to contain the arguments. There is nothing racist in my words. For I am not White, and I do not feel that Whites of Continental Europe have any superiority other than what proximity to England can lend to anyone in the world.

There might be a query about my right to write this piece of information. I have to mention that I define myself here as a researcher on codes in languages. I have written a few books, all of them original thoughts.

I need to mention that this writing exceeds 8000 words.

When I first heard about the policy to compulsorily teach Asian languages in Australia, I did feel a lot of grave misgivings. That time was when I was writing my book Shrouded Satanism in Feudal Languages. The disquiet simply streamed out as a huge unplanned chapter in that book.

I have had many other disquiets with regard to English nations. What was worrying was the absolute lack of information about feudal language social systems. In fact, social systems based on feudal languages and that based on planar languages like English are connected to totally two different kinds of animals, if the word animal can be used for human being, from the zoological terminology. If English-speaking human beings are one kind of animals, feudal language speakers are a totally different kind of animals. Everything is different.

However what differs is not the anatomical features, but more the software that runs within them, which maintains their personality as well as mental triggers. Skin colour has nothing to do with this. If a native-English speaker learns a feudal language and speaks it like a native-speaker, he is more or less controlled by that language software. The same is the case of a native feudal language speaker. If he learns English and speaks it like a native English speakers, he more or less changes to a newer form. However, the machinery is more complicated than can be explained here.

In the 1980s, I did see a huge number of feudal language speakers (from India) running off to the US. Many of them had bare English skills. However, English is a very easy-to-learn language. They get trained in English quite fast. However, the corollary to this, that of them training the native-English speakers in the US though not seen by me, was quite visualisable to me. I could see the strain the English social fabric would bare, but then, English was the common language in the US. However, I had then started writing my first book on language issues, which I published online with the quite cantankerous title: March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages. That was in the year 1989. However, it was rewritten before the final publishing in a digital format in the year around 2000.

In that book, I had tried to visualise the long-term effect of importing cheap labourers from third world nations without any taking into consideration the concerns of the local natives of the English nations. There was absolutely no idea about the long-term repercussions of allowing technology to run amok, and in allowing economic leaders from outside to set up beachheads inside English nations. One of the grave issues was that in feudal languages, economic structure of a society is based on the principles of subjugating others to the levels of disallowing even the right to articulation. It sets into motion a change in social system in which poverty is an essential part of the social structure. I cannot explain it here. However, the US has changed from 1989 to now, in ways which if I had mentioned it in any debate forum then, would have triggered sniggers.

The disquiet part of the whole issue was not the economic debacle in store for English nations, but that basically quite decent human beings are slowly being cunningly made to go down to a strange kind of lowering, which cannot be explained in English.

I could literally see the slow entering of ferocious codes that are quite soft and affable until one knows that one is entangled. It is then a situation akin to a fly caught in a spider’s web. Each attempt to free oneself only creates a more powerful clasp of the web.

There have been other times when I had severe bouts of disquiet. One was when the Sri Lankan army entered the Tamil areas of Northern Ceylon. No one around me was even bothered to think about the issue. However, I could literally visualise each minute scene of how the Sri Lankan soldiers would gather around each individual in their clasp, to torment and to seek out entertainment. Literally what happened there was absolutely as I had imagined. Both the British as well as US leadership stood in piteous nonchalance, in a mood of near impotence.

The same unease is in me when I understand that Australia is out to feed Hindi to the Australian native-English speaking children. There are many frill issue that crops up in my mind. One is the nonsensical talk of an Asian Century. It has no meaning. In almost all Asian nations, the majority people are in terrible conditions. In India, the absolute fact is that around 1% of the population, that is the government officials are cornering almost 100% of the national wealth. Their pay, perks and pension benefits, including commutation of pensions gives benefits that can be mentioned as around 100 to 500 times the average earning of an ordinary citizen of the nation. Almost all of the children of this class, and of other financially well-off classes aim to immigrate to English nations. Many do. However, they do not represent the Asian century, that should be residing inside Asian nations.

Let me leave that issue.

The issue here is the Hindi language. It was a language that really had no right to be the national language of India. However, native political leadership who were quite at home in England, ie. Nehru, Gandhi etc. (all of them from extremely rich families) could befool the Labour Party leadership to hand over the nation to them. Since they were basically from the Hindi belt, Hindi became the national language. This was to benefit the Bombay film industry which churned out a huge number of Hindi movies. Compulsory teaching of Hindi all over India might have been spurred by some ulterior hidden agenda of the Bombay Film industry. For, they were to reap the benefits from the forced sowing of Hindi in the rest of the non-Hindi parts of the nation.

Would I be saying something bad if I mention that there might be a huge lobbying going on in Australia by the Bombay Film industry to compulsorily teach Hindi in Australia. I should not say that the Australian politicians do accept bribes. However, in India everything is moved by means of bribes. However, it is quite possible that endowments, sponsorships, grants, paid news and articles in media etc. are being heaped upon gullible politicians and institutions inside Australia. I cannot say this for sure. However, I have been able to experience the deceitful marketing power of the media. Many news, discussions, and debates that go viral or get promoted do have a financial promotion behind them.

I have sensed this in many media articles even in GB and USA, wherein some nonsensical article extolls the benefits of outsourcing, allowing more migrants, allowing highly qualified individuals to enter, allowing foreign businessmen to come in, calling for more medical staff in the NHS to make it more efficient etc. Basically no media would promote such quite obviously tyrannical and treacherous ideas in their usual stance. However, paid lobbying and media promotion are now in an uncontrolled manner. For any economic mogul inside any Asian nation can reach right inside English nations, and control and manipulate any policy-making to his or her desire. There is no more protection left for the English nations.

I should very categorically say that there is a huge business agenda behind promoting Hindi, the language of a nation that is not known for any quality human living standard, other than for people who are well endowed.

Hindi, like all other languages of India, is quite draconian in many ways. I should have used the word ‘feudal’ instead of the word ‘draconian’. However, the word ‘feudal’ would quite easily be understood as it is understood in English. The English ‘feudal’ is quite a different thing from the ‘feudal’ in India. The latter is encoded with social tragedy.

I have already written a number of articles here, and elsewhere to explain the content of what I had initially defined as feudal languages. I do know how to explain the issue in an easily understandable manner here. The problem is that Indian and many other feudal languages are quite different from English. In fact, there might not be much common factors, other than that one can translate from these languages to English and vice versa. However, what comes out is not what is the original social scene in a sentence.

Let me try from an army scene. In the Indian army, the officer class uses English among themselves and in the companionship of their families. English is an easy tool for communication in that there is no tension about ‘respect’ and ‘disrespect’. It the ‘disrespect’ part that is most distressing. However, it is just disinclination or non-extending of ‘respect’.

However, the ordinary soldiers are kept in Hindi. This is a very powerful subordination and subjugation. For the words for You is Thoo, to the ordinary soldier and Aap to the officer. There are plenty of the other words that connect to this basic hierarchy.

However, even the wives of the officer class have to be extended this feudal respect by the soldiers and their family members. It is a very powerful regimentation. However, the issue is that there cannot be any concept of right to equal human dignity, or equal human rights. The stratified levels of words enforce a lot of controls to human rights to dignity.

Now that is not the issue. Just imagine that one fine morning, the government of India makes a rule that ordinary soldiers can address their officers’ wives as Thoo. And that the officers’ young/aged wives would have to address senior-aged soldiers as Aap. It will be a terrific scene. The ordinary soldiers and their wives would literally make a mincemeat of all dignity and standards and decorum connected to the officer class and their wives.

The wives of the officers would not venture out of their houses, if the ordinary soldiers’ wives are anywhere in the vicinity. For, by a mere single word, the officers’ wives can be treated as dirt by the ordinary soldiers’ wives.

Now, this is the real codes that created the so-called caste system and the concept of untouchability in India. Even though untouchability has been statutorily banned in India, it is still there. Even though its connection to traditional castes has vanished. Now, it is basically connected to big man versus small man. All the small man has to do to dirty a big man would be to simply address the big man by name without a suffix of ‘respect’ or just use Thoo, or USS (lower HIM) about him.

It is a very terrorising event. It can provoke homicidal mania in the affected ‘big’ man. However, when viewed from an English perspective, there is no such big man or small man. For instance, a taxi driver and a shop owner. The taxi driver uses Thoo to the shop owner, and the shop owner either goes into deep despondency or plan to have the taxi driver in some police trouble or simply goes off his rocker. When seen from a pristine English scene there is no big man or small man here. However, in India, in every interaction there is this big man and small man issue.

Now, coming back to the army officers’ wives issue, the allegory that I have mentioned has really happened in many locations of the landscape. There is this quote that I take from the NATIVE LIFE in TRAVANCORE by REV. SAMUEL MATEER (circa 1890)

Brahmans never attend these markets. When this liberty was given to the low castes, Sudra women and others refrained for a while from attending market, but they are now getting accustomed to the new state of things, though they hotly declare their dislike to it. “Since the Bible came here,” said one, “the slaves, and low-castes are allowed to walk near us on roads, and to approach us in the markets, and so pollute us. Better had a pestilence prevailed and swept those abominable people away.”

The English rule in the Indian peninsula had its painful side to the higher castes, for the English rulers had not much idea of the issue of the draconian codes in the native languages.

It might be quite unwise to blame either the higher up or the lower groups for their miseries in this regard. The language codes literally split the human being into so many strata, and make them conscious of the necessity to protect their level in words. These words of mine might seem to be original thoughts and original discoveries of mine. However, the solid truth is that almost all Indians are innately aware of these issues, even though some of them may not have pondered on them, in a research manner that I am doing.

It must be mentioned that Indian feudal languages do not the exact equivalent for such words as Thank you, please, I regret, excuse me, beg your pardon, sorry, Good morning, Good evening, Good night etc. It is true that now many usages are used in Hindi, in a most perfunctory manner in official wordings. However, the exact truth is that such words in Indian languages have a direction codes. Words such as Please, Sorry, Thank you (in Indian languages) are to be mentioned by the lower man to the higher man. If the higher man uses such words to the lower man, he would look quite crazy. The fact is that the accepted behaviour code for communicating to the lower man is to use rude words bereft of all politeness, in a most affable and soft voice.

This is where a huge deceit lies. That when an Indian boss is speaking to this subordinate or to his social inferior (as understood in Indian languages), he can even be seen speaking in a most affable manner. However, inside the word codes, there are powerful subordinations encoded.

It is quite easy to mention that what I am speaking is there in English and that there are equivalent codes in English. NO, the bare truth is that there are no such codes in English. It is due to this single factor that all nations and social systems created by native-English speakers are quite attractive that others simply want to barge in.

In India, even a most mediocre English school would show a distinct difference from a vernacular medium school. These are known things.

Now, let us say that Hindi is introduced in Australia. It is going to change the landscape like nothing else.

Native-English children would feel the terror the most. Native-English speakers have a rare kind of human personality development in that they never have experienced the control and limitations imposed upon their speech due to such things as age, financial acumen, professional position, quality of job, For the first time, a new idea that even different jobs have different levels in the verbal codes would enter into the native-English mind. Persons who are seen to be engaged in jobs that are connected to lower verbal codes would literally stink. It would be a new experience for the native-English speakers.

Teaching Hindi to native-English children would have the effect similar to an IAS ‘officer’ of India (the royalty of the Indian administration) suddenly being addressed as Thoo by an Indian government peon. The ‘officer’ would go berserk, would go homicidal, would show all signs of schizophrenia, and he or she would even become violent. Any person who wants to check this, can simply have one lower-job Indian (most ordinary decent jobs are lower jobs in India, other than government jobs and big posts in big companies) to address even a low-level Police Inspector with a Thoo (or Nee), and mention him to the policemen as USS (or avan). (It may be noted that these words are the words the higher side would use to the ordinary Indian). It is a matter of certainty that the ordinary Indian would beaten to a pulp by the policemen.

The whole of Australian social set up would move into a slow-paced jolt. Every relationship can get splintered into varying links of varying elevations. These differing elevations would go on changing their altitude, depending on who is viewing or speaking of whom. This issue can be better explained by mentioning that in India, in rich household, the ordinary domestic servants can have a totally dirtied looks and demeanour. It is quite obvious that the poverty-stricken looks of the domestic servants has nothing to do with lack-of-wealth or money in the hands of their masters. It is just that they are maintained in the dirt-levels of the language codes. To maintain them at that level, their earnings also has to be curtailed to bare minimum. Their dress and demenour should have a soiled looks. Otherwise, they wouldn’t stay at that level, or be quite loyal and subdued.

The dirtied looks of the lowest classes in India is due to the fact that they are at the lowest levels of the verbal codes, relative to every other person. This idea can be explained thus: The lower level words are there at every level of the social relationship. However, the lowest levels are below the lowermost level just above them. The idea can be explained better thus: It is like being addressed as Thoo or Nee by an IAS ‘officer’ or by his menial servant. The person who gets addressed as Thoo or Nee by the menial servant is at the lowest rung of the social set up. It is a very powerful personality crushing level.

The native Hindi speakers are basically from India or Pakistan. From both these nations, they have escaped to Australia. However, before they left for Australia, they would be just at the lower rung of various social and positional layers. However the moment they reach Australia, they feel the great outburst of freedom in that communication capacities which they cannot display back in Pakistan and India can exhibited with fantastic energy. In fact, there is no way to stop them from addressing a native English Australian by name or by YOU. There is no hierarchy of subservience to be exhibited in each and every word.

When they are allowed to teach Hindi to the native-English children, it is similar to the case of ordinary soldiers of India being allowed to address their officer class with a Thoo or Nee.

Basically feudal language speakers have two extremely different demeanours. When they want to acquire anything, they are quite affable, lovable, affectionate, ready to literally lick upwards. However, the moment they are on top, they would change their attitude to kick the person at the bottom. These things are quite known in the subcontinent. Since this sentence of mine can be found quite rude, I am inserting here a quote from a JN University (New Delhi) Professor S N SADASIVAN’S words about Indian culture, from one of his famous books: [This QUOTE image was lost during relocation of the postings from TelegraphUK blog.]

Hindi learning would be quite a wonderful experience for the children. For it will be designed and scripted by real crafty script writers under the direction of equally shrewd and cunning directors. In fact, Hindi and other vernacular film directors are quite capable. For, they are able to create absolutely baseless themes from a nation where the majority people do not have any fabulous looks or personality elevations that is displayed in the movies.

However, as days move on, the children, especially the native-English children would start exhibiting distress about being addressed in the degrading words. Most other language speakers would be able to adjust to it, as most of the other languages do have such things, and such children would be used to it, either in the family ambience or in their social communication. [Incidentally pristine Arabic might be devoid of this. However, it might be good to know that Islamic terrorism is not really spurred or run by pristine Arabic speakers, but by Muslims from feudal language nations].

As the children get to understand the words and their real social meaning, many children of innately quality standards, would start getting annoyed when various Hindiwalas start addressing them as Thoo, and referring to them as USS, just to enforce their dominating position over the Native-English kids.

Many such children would start keeping away from areas where Hindi-speakers abound. For example, when their parents ask them to go to a shop owned by a Hindi speaker, who would invariably address them as Thoo, and expect them to address him as Aap, and to add a Ji suffix to his name, they would express a dislike for that shop. However, their parents wouldn’t understand the issue, as the shopkeeper would be extra nice to them. This is one of the very real effects of a feudal language ambience. Others get the power to designate varying social elevations to the members of any family or group, who themselves do not see any level difference among themselves.

The parents would accuse the children of harbouring racist emotions, when actually the terror that creates this repulsion has nothing to do with skin colour.

The children in the schools themselves would split into two very easily identifiable groups.One group would imbibe the Hindi social ideology, whereby the teachers become sort of ‘Gandhis’, where they are the ‘mahatmas’, and the children the disciples. The mahatma is the Aap, UNN, JI etc. to whom very clear obsequiousness would slowly built up. The disciples would be the Thoo (nee), USS (Avan/Aval), and mere names. They would need to get up when the teacher comes, and show very clear subservience.

The other group would be children who would not be willing to adjust to this quite strange situation. They would not do these things, and might still continue to address their Hindi teachers with a Mrs. or Mr. These things in the early days of the Hindi assault might not be much of an issue. However as days moves on to years, these things would become quite cantankerous issues. These children with rare rectitude would be labelled as misfits, and even as undisciplined and unruly, even if they do not do any mischief.

These children of good rectitude might even show signs of mental rebellion. Some of them might get violent, when they get addressed in the lower grade words by persons who quite obviously are of a lower order. The violence might be explained by the emerging psychiatrists and psychologists as mental problems or as rank racist behaviour. Some children might even go homicidal, as might an Indian police ‘officer’ might go violent if proper respect is not addressed to him or her.

The teachers would be supported by a huge film industry in Bombay which would be waiting with drooling mouths as the Australian social scene slowly turns into Hindi. Bombay Film World would gather money in millions. Hindi film actors would at first stand along the English actors on the film scene. Slowly they will replace them.

The teachers would organise and become a very powerful association controlled by politicians and business lords back in India. Feudal languages are not mere software for communication, but for many other things also. There are command and obedience codes in each and every sentence spoken between any two individuals (a phenomenon not understandable in English). The education scene would slowly get taken over by the Hindi association. They would decide policymaking, and the nation would be doomed. Many native-English children would end up in some terrible situations.

Some children would try to opt for Home Education. But then, education would have become a tool for national occupation. Anyone who doesn’t fall in line would be seen as a location of belligerence. Educational policymaking would limit parental rights over the children, and give that to the teachers, as is now the case in India. Teachers, especially government teachers in India, see a home-educated child as a competition to their mediocrity. Beyond that each government-aided schoolteacher, to safeguard his job, requires a minimum number of students in his class. Any child not admitted into school is traced and tracked, and the parents made to submit to the teaching class in India, most of whom are of quite dubious standards.

Next is the issue of Thoo-man versus Aap-man (Lower YOU versus Higher YOU). Here I have used only the Hindi context. This ambivalent, yet mutually opposite human personality issue is there in almost all Indian languages. The issue is that almost all human conversation is essentially an interaction between a higher person versus a lower person. This differing platforms are variously defined using such scales as age, position, financial acumen, official position, quality of profession (whether it is manual or deskjob etc.). Even though this conversation can create a mood of belligerence and competition for occupying the higher position in the words, in most cases, the setting is carefully arranged by the person who is more powerful in any setting.

The Thoo-man is expected to show obeisance, servitude, lesser human quality, lower calibre, and everything negative. Otherwise the Aap-man would take offence. In fact, if the Thoo-man doesn’t behave in a pose of accepting servitude, the Aap-man would even go for physical attacks, if he or she is able to get away with it. There are plenty of videos available on the YouTube of how the police would go berserk when people who they categorise as Thoo-man show a tendency to argue or to speak back. I can post one or two here, from YouTube. However, in most cases, when I post them, they will disappear fast from YouTube.

Now, this Thoo-man versus Aap-man issue is not very prominently felt in native-English nations. For the native-English populations do not understand the codes. However, once it is known that the native-English side’s innocence in this regard has been breached, there is no reason to suppose that the other side wouldn’t expect the same kind of obsequiousness from the Thoo-men who would have been created among the native-English speakers. It can lead to a decay in social quality.

For instance, a native-English speaker wouldn’t find anything wrong in addressing another formally connected person with a Mr., Mrs. or Miss prefixed to his or her name. However, once Indian feudal languages have been learnt, this addressing becomes a quite cantankerous, preposterous and impertiness attitude. One which would have to be cut down and snubbed immediately. For, it is an issue of a person placed as a lower or lesser human being, suddenly rising up to a higher level or unacceptable equality.

On the other hand, a native-English speakers who learns Hindi would find a very curious mental experience hence forth. Till now, most of the native-English speakers who learnt Hindi had always occupied the Aap position in most of their links with the Indian feudal language speakers. However, now that that the whole lot of children are going to be placed under native-Hindi speakers, they are all going to be placed powerfully in the Thoo level. Under persons whose innate capacity to lend quality is doubtful. These children would experience a very strange mental oscillation. One that no native-English speaker has experienced clearly so far. It can cause the children to feel a going down to some stranglehold and then escaping back to freedom, as they move from the lower levels of Hindi words to the egalitarian locations in English.

Some of these children would go violent, or show some signs of mental problems. In fact, this issue had been noticed by Edgar Thurston, the British colonial curator of the Madras Museum, when he studied the local population. He found that the percentage of persons who exhibited signs of mental instability was more among ‘Eurasians’, meaning those who lived in a double world of English and local feudal languages.

The Thoo-man state is okay for persons who are born into servitude in feudal language nations. They can bear the suppressed location that this word imposes. Actually, I have used the term Thoo-man as an expression to define a particular verbal coding. There are other associated words also, which all are interconnected and inform the same coding without specifically mentioning the Thoo word.

Now, I need to mention a continuing and gradually increasing, and that too exponentially, issue. People from feudal language nations are generally flooding into English nations. When they arrive, what they find is a communication ambience that cannot even be dreamt of in their wildest dreams. A single YOU, SHE, HE, HIS, HIM, and many more words, and the absence of many other carnivorous words (example: Eda, edi, enthada, enthadi &c.). A person who is literally a minor point in the huge Himalayan-like colossal communication canyon-to-Everest elevation, suddenly finds himself in a plain surface with almost everyone in the same plain. His or her human individuality simply flies and soars into the celestial heights. Persons who had experienced a terror of even the smallest big man in a small village, suddenly find that they indeed have super human capacities, which can vie with the highest officials in India.

On the other side, the native-English side find the immigrant folks as a huge bundle of talent and skills, of unbelievable quality. The issue is why such talented folks cannot create a wonderful society in India. The answer is that talented carpenters, mechanics, writers, architects, science teachers, mathematicians, businessmen, doctors, nurses and everyone else can only do their job. And to do it at their best, they need the quietude of an English social atmosphere. However to create a good society, native-speakers of some planar, egalitarian language like English is required.

All these talented feudal language speakers would be using not only their skills inside an English nation. They would be using their native language also. This is where they would be undoing the nation. In each word and sentence, they speak, they would be more or less redefining the native-English speakers into the Thoo-man level. However, the native-English side wouldn’t understand their putrefaction. For, they wouldn’t know the feudal language. However many would sense it.

The putrefying code attack can be sensed from the facial expression, tone, eye language, physical posture etc. of the attackers. In fact, in feudal languages, each verbal level and even such things as gestures can be connected to the verbal level attached to the person who uses it, and to whom it is aimed at. However, these are things absolutely in the twilight zone for native-English speakers.

Native-English speakers only know of Asian attitude of ‘respect’. However, this attitude of ‘respect’ is only aimed at a few persons. It is actually just a temporary posture, more or less intended to befool another person from whom something has to be derived.

Native-English speakers do not know the other side of ‘respect’. That of the dark arena. That is that the majority of the population are kept not at ‘respect’, but at ‘disrespect’, or ‘insult’ or disparagement or belittling or snubbed. This is something that every human being tries to do to all others who he or she can dominate. This kind of diabolic mental activity is not a native-English attitude.

Now, the Thoo-man definition would already be well-entrenched inside all English nations. Most of the violence shown to feudal language speakers by native-English speakers or by pro-English speakers would be due to this code level putrification being affected on them. The terrible thing is that the Why of it would be known to almost all feudal language speakers domiciled in native-English nations. However, not even one person has had the rectitude to mention it, and to explain the reason for the violent outburst. This is an outburst that is common all over India, and is found to be quite justifiable over here. For example, a student who has not be ‘respectable’ in word to or about a teacher would be thrashed terribly and none would find fault in it. In fact, many would say that the beaten up student really deserved more. However, the same action in Australia would be termed as a racist violence.

Now we enter into a very sensitive area. That of female stature in the verbal codes. It is cent percent sure that all native-English speaking females are in the Thoo/Nee level of the native-Hindi speakers in Australia. (If anyone has any doubt about this, they can check it). It is a terrible degradation for the females of English nativity. For, it is a rotting against which they have no defence. It is like this: In India, female who are mentioned in the Aap level, experience a lot of social freedom. They can go anywhere in the social system. They will be honoured and only good things would be mentioned about them and to them. However, the moment they are taken to the Thoo/Nee level, things change cataclysmically.

Women in India who do are not able to get a Aap level stature try to avoid social mixing, unless they are forced to do so due to financial or family or social reasons. However, this need not be mentioned as some kind of suppression specifically aimed at women. Men who are also not getting the expected ‘respect’ in any location will refuse to mingle there.

When a woman is conceded the Aap level, conversation with her is quite respectful and devoid of any double meaning, sniggers, suggestive talk etc. in the usual circumstances. However, the moment a woman is brought into the Thoo/Nee level, everything changes. The words can be devoid of ‘respect’, derogatory items can be mentioned, literally anything can be asked, and the only defence the female can have is to look down, look away, have a downcast eyes, makes nervous giggles etc.

Now, even though it is quite certain that almost all men and women of native-English nativity are bracketed in the Thoo/Nee levels by the feudal language speakers, till now there would have been no way to enforce its powers on them. For they did not understand the speech and couldn’t be expected to continue a conversation from that denigrated level. Now, things are going to change. A female can be spoken to in Hindi and may be other feudal languages also. She can be made to bear the belittling, and there would be no means to escape the mean route conversation can take. In fact, in feudal languages, there is no concept of chivalry as understood in English, other than that one has to show ‘respect’ to social superiors.

As it is, it is common knowledge that feudal language speakers do hint that native-English speaking females are wanton females, with more powerful adjectives mentioned in feudal languages. For, this is quite easy to mention with the ‘SHE’ word is lower grade. Teaching a full generation with Hindi can literally make them all come under the domination of any Hindi speaker. All he or she has to do is to address the female as Thoo. Rest of the subordination and derogatory defining will naturally follow.

The very real fact is that it is quite dangerous to even have a eye contact with anyone who addresses one as Thoo/Nee. It can set up powerful links and codes of subjugation in the targeted person.

Both men and women do occupy high official positions in India. They enjoy a lot of freedom in their movement and social mixing. This is because they are kept on the higher word level. However, if one fine morning a Senior IAS/IPS (royalty of Indian administration) ‘officer’ finds himself or herself as Thoo/Nee to her lower subordinates, he or she will not be able to come out his or her cabin. Unless, he or she is willing to be treated as dirt. Now, this is a very powerful information. For, native-English speaking children have been trained in the highest possible location of human communication. For, they have no qualm about addressing anyone with a Mr. or Mrs. prefixed to that person’s name. When such individuals are made to be addressed as Thoo/Nee, by any individual (who quite obviously do not have any looks of refinement or superiority), and they are made to understand its code meaning, they will also either go into reclusivity or will wither away in terms of stature.

Native-English female would experience their Hindi friends speaking or writing in their native languages, in the midst of a conversation. From the English perspective there is nothing wrong in this action. However, in each of the verbal codes, the native-English females would be actually degraded by the use of a mere single verbal code. This action would be like an Indian soldier (who has to consistently mention his officer’s wife as Memsahib) mentioning an officer’s wife as a USS. That simple word is enough to convey a lot of possessive domination that the ordinary soldier is daring to extend over his officer’s wife. The officer will literally murder the soldier. In fact, there has been such incidences where in some Indian soldier deliberately or inadvertently refrained from extending the exact verbal ‘respect’ to some officer’s wife’s relatives. It was to initiate homicidal mania in the officers, which progressed into a real mutiny in the area. If this be the case, what would be wrong if the native-English side gets provoked?

On a Search in Twitter I did find that my mention of this provocative issue inside the Indian army had indeed been appreciated as a true picture of what is there in a feudal language set up, by an officer of the Indian army.

Working under Indians will turn out to be a traumatic experience for native-English individuals. For, the other side can and will shift to Hindi as it would be found to have the necessary tools for individual suppression, in a most affable manner. It would be a horrible situation when a native-English speaking employee is seen to be reacting in most vicious manner, when his boss would be seen to be addressing him in a most affable manner in Hindi. A bystander who doesn’t understand Hindi would find the employee’s action quite cantankerous and ridiculous. Even if the employee tries to explain what had irritated him, the evil bit would be lost in translation. For all all levels of YOUs will get translated into YOU only in English. And quite obviously there is nothing satanic in a YOU!

Handing over the complete generation of youngsters into the hands of a group whose inner triggers are not know is a very dangerous action. Even the concept of education as understood in feudal language nations, is not understood by English nations. In feudal language nations, any individual in the hands of a group who address them as Thoo/Nee, is getting a stranglehold over them till the end of their life. There is no way to shrug off this string, which more or less remains like a string on the nose. Even though one female from Pakistan had used this as a ploy to land on an elevated platform in England, and to receive a ridiculous prize for that, the tragic truth is that England currently has no idea that it is seen as a most gullible fool in the international world.

Now, let us take the issue of untouchability in India. It is usually mentioned as a frill element of caste system. However, the fact is that caste system itself is a creation of the degrading that verbal codes in feudal languages creates. Even though caste system has no more statutory support, untouchability is still there. Actually there is no need to touch a higher placed person. All it requires is for the lower placed person to simply use a lower level word for YOU, HE, HIM, SHE, HER etc. to a higher placed person.

The higher placed person would have all the effect of some stinking dirt pasted on him. Even a simple use of ‘name’ with without ‘respect’ suffixed, can create the same effect. So, it is a necessary item to see that the lower placed person are properly excluded from any location from where they can dirty a higher person. In India, this is a known item and there are proper frames in position to position any and all lower placed persons in location from where they cannot dirty a higher person. Australia has not even an iota of idea about these unmentioned items of Indian social communication.

I am forced to reach out into my own research on the codes of reality, which moves towards the codes that design and control human life and body. It is like this: There are around 15200000000 cells in the human brain. And trillions of cells in the human body. How is it that all of them are working in a focused manner, and in a most orderly and coordinated manner? There should be something akin to a supernatural software behind this. No argument that all this are just guided by mere electrochemical signals and chemical reactions can be tenable. For the ordinary layman reader to understand the concept of software codes, all he has to do is to open an image file in NOTEPAD. He or she might be able to see some kind of codes that correspond in some manner to the image. It has been my observation that human language can and do affect and interfere with the working of the codes of human life. I can’t go into that deep subject matter here.

However, I can say that when quality human beings are made vulnerable to the entry and attack of verbal codes that can belittle, degrade and snub, it can lead to the erasing of code values that hold up rectitude, self-esteem, physical postures, and much more. In fact, if the Australian native-English kids are made to accommodate such evil codes, their stature will erode faster than any other population groups. For most other population groups have some experience in dealing with such diabolic verbal codes, and have the necessary defences to forestall or partially block, or even defend against such verbal attacks, or even go in for offence. In the case of native-English kids, they are literally going to swallow up the whole colossal poison without anyone placing any caution for their protection.

In a generation or two, the Australian native-English population would have the looks that befell the majority Anglo-Indian folks in the Indian peninsular region after the departure of the English rule. During the English rule, their soft behavioural courtesies were admired. After the vanishing of the English rule, their sort courteous were seen as the attributes of a totally defenceless people, and many who couldn’t escape to England were trampled upon, and defined as buffoons and jokes, even in Bombay Hindi movies. And treated like mere dirt. And the females given the definition in the native languages meant for wanton females.

If anyone doubts the power of verbal codes, just search for James Scurry on Google. It would be found that he was made a servant in the establishment of a sultan in the Indian peninsula. His being an Englishman did not save him. For, he was forcefully made to learn the local native vernacular and made an equal human being to the other servants of the sultan. This is a terrible level of human equality. That of being equal to a lower group. What then happens is not the suppression by the sultan, but the powerful equalisation enforced by the the other native servants in the group. They would powerfully hold him in a vice-like grip, mentally informing him of his equality to a degraded human existence. Scurry’s physical features literally changed into that of low-grade servant of the Indian peninsula. Not to that of a high grade personage of the peninsula.

There is a bit of information in this caution. It is not a healthy item to inform the native-English children that they are equal to the Indian children in their classroom. Actually no one anywhere in the world, including India would mentally accept that native-English children are equal to the native-Indian children domiciled in Australia. For, it is not true. The native-Indian children are placed on the Thoo/Nee, USS/Avan etc. levels of the communication codes under their parents, uncles/aunts, other relatives, parents boss and family members, neighbours, elder companions etc. The English children do not come anywhere into such a classification or degrading. So to simply mention that both are equal would be more draconian than saying than an Indian police constable is equal to an Indian police service ‘officer’ (IPS). Such a definition can make the IPS ‘officer’ go insane. If that be so, what is the guarantee that native-English kids will not go insane with this equalisation?

Even though my writings might have the looks of a renegade writing, the fact is the majority population of India, and many other similar nations are suffering from the things I have mentioned in this write-up. A few days back, one person who acknowledged himself as a regular reader of my writings sent me this link about India. The items mentioned in this link are true. However, why it is so, is connected to the degrading versus ennobling verbal codes in the Indian native languages. It is that the higher man versus lower grade man, is there in every social interaction in India. There is no need to think of a feudal lord, or king or queen, or officer. Each person wants to have someone to dominate and show him ‘respect’. The best way to extract ‘respect’ is to inconvenience the other man. There is the talk of lack of adequate number of proper toilets in India. It is not something that cannot be made in India. However, there is a need to see that lower grade people remain lower grade. If they are given too many conveniences, they would refuse to extend ‘respect’. Even in government offices, there is marked tendency to inconvenience, trouble and tire out a member of the public. This is the best way to make him bend, bow and extend ‘respect’. If he doesn’t show respect, he would only show ‘disrespect’.

Next item is about family relationships. In due course, native-English individuals would get to marry native-Indians if this multiculture is enforced statutorily in education. Even though in an English communication environment, nothing untoward might happen, when the conversation turns into Hindi or any of the other native-Indian languages, there are various hierarchies that would have to be conceded to. This type of hierarchy is not the one would imagine in an English army, but something quite different. The various family members who appear on the scene in the guise of mother, father, uncle, aunt, elder brother, elder sister, cousins, other relatives, neighbours, friends of relatives and much, much more would try to take up the dominating locations in the verbal codes. The very such action by persons who one cannot concede any superiority or domination, can create terrible rancour. On their part they would mention the domination in each and every verbal code, in which the native-English side would feel a terrible degradation.

There is a particular thing that can create a sense of disquiet in parents. When they see their children slowly changing in their personality to accommodate the codes of subordination and obsequiousness, when their physical posture start exhibiting a bent at their neck region, when they start shaking their heads as when they speak a YES or NO, when they huddle around a Hindi teacher in a pose of servitude and such, it can cause a sense of unease. This unease can disturb family life, husband-wife relationship etc.

All these words of mine does not impute that Hindi speakers are bad, immoral, cheats, liars, or any such things. In fact, the opposite might be true. One might even feel that their family system is stronger, with more devoted parents, and quite disciplined children. However, the essential truth would be that they are having a stronger family life in Australia, due to the overall English ambience everywhere, and at the same time, the feudal hierarchical positioning of the each individual can display a military-like discipline. Yet, it is a very false picture. For the essential truth is that a very powerfully regimented system is slowly piercing into the soft bellies of a soft English social system.

The idea can be elaborated thus: It is like a lion who is good, honest, takes good care his children, is quite accommodative to his wife, and works hard to feed his family. The only problem might be that if anyone approaches it without adequate protection, he or she can be mauled by the lion. This is essentially the situation that native-English speakers face when they accost good natured, well-mannered feudal language speaking persons of high claims to moral uprightness etc. If they approach too near without adequate protection, they will be mauled by means of lower grade verbal codes. That is for sure.

Now, this is only a minor part of what is there in stock for Australia if it goes ahead with a idiotic programme. There should be some thoughts on why the English colonial administration did not use native Indian languages in administration or education.

It might be necessary to learn about other languages, not only of human beings, but also of all other animals. However, it wouldn’t be a sane idea to compulsorily implant these un-understood software applications in the brains of all students. Studying them has to be done as one would study a virus software. Install it in a few computer and study its features. If it is a safe software application, then and only then should it be installed in all computers.

Please note that the above given text has been written in a most hurried manner, during the brief spare moments I could eek out in the midst of my work. I do not know if the text has proper flow of thoughts.

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