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It does look quite a peculiar penname, in many sense of the word. Many persons do get perturbed by this quite seemingly cantankerous penname. I started my online writings with the name VED around 2004. However, there were some incidences that slowly redirected and shaped the name to VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS. I do not intent to go into those incidences here. May be I might mention them in some later-day writings.

Some persons have actually misunderstood me as a British/English national and gone to the extent of showering me with very juicy abuses connected to purported British/English antiquity and atrocities.

However, the name VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS was taken up as a business nomenclature way back in 1999, before the Internet became so powerful an entity. At that moment in time, it was just a name like any other English names in India. Beyond that there is the historical incident of Queen Victoria being declared as the Empress of India. However, that ‘India’ was the British-ruled geographical areas which can loosely be identified with the Indian peninsular region, and has very minimal link to the modern day nation of India, other than that most good, yet decaying systems are the vestige of that grand and fabulous rule.

There have been incidences wherein the very Capitalisation of my penname provoked anger. However, I do it because I like the capitalised looks, and not because it makes me seem important.  The fact is I do not care much for the praise of everyone. In fact, in my life I have always taken the path that is least likely to bring in the appreciation of the small-minded folks, who look for fabulous job titles, big houses, grand family names and expensive garments, for being appreciative.

However, paradoxically, I have inherited almost all these things, even those I rarely mention them.

People in India who bear intellectual antipathy towards me find the ‘VICTORIA’ part of my penname most unbearable. It in itself consists of a paradox. They identify it as a false claim to a superior attribute. For, it connects me to England. However, how can that be a superior attribute when they incessantly go around claiming that England is a nation of crooks who looted their nation? If that be true, then I am connecting myself to a robber queen. In which case, there is no need to feel that I am acting superior. Therein lie the whole lie. England has superior attributes, which in the deep corners of the mind they do accept internally.

As to the sheer impertinence of using a sort of business name to promote my writings, there is this answer. Persons who do work in various jobs like a college professor, journalist, manager etc. do use the name of the firm in which they work in, as an adjective in all their profile features. Like Editor, such and such newspaper etc.  In my case also, it is slightly the same, with more claims to the company name than what most others have to what they profess as part of their own name.  I use to know persons who worked just for two years in certain Delhi based newspapers, go around with the adjective ‘Ex-(newspaper’s name)’.

As to Queen Victoria, I must admit that I do bear some legacy to a deep rooted admiration and gratitude to her, which is routed through my unspeakable mother to her grandfather. I do not really know what made my daughter Varuna to choose the name VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS, way back in 1999 when she, then around 4 years old, was asked to pick a name from a list of names given to her for choosing from.  Some hidden codes that link back to this great-grandfather of mine must have fiercely compelled the selection.      

As a writer, my major focus was on language codes, feudal language, codes of reality etc.   On the language front, it relates to my observation that most Asian, African, South American, some continental European and such other languages do have a feudal structure.  Actually the word ‘feudal’ may not be the right one. For, when I wrote the first draft of my book: March of the evil empires; English versus the feudal languages, way back in 1989, that was the word that seemed to fit into my level of understanding of the phenomenon. This word was what I heard a Malabar person mention about the problems he faced when speaking in Travancore Malayalam, as a bureaucrat.

However, the word ‘feudal’ itself has many problems. The social experience of feudalism as experienced in Asian geographical areas, and possibly in such places as Africa and among the native populations of American continent can be quite different from what this word meant in Continental Europe. Again, Continental European conceptualisation of this word would be absolutely different from what it meant in England.

So it might be summarised here that feudalism in such low social quality nations as Burma, Indonesia, Japan, China, Indian peninsular area etc. might have only very few common features with Continental European feudalism. And absolutely no common points with the feudalism of England.

Currently my understanding of word and language codes have come to a level that is way beyond what I have written in all my books so far. It has now entered into the arena of actual codes that links and defines, variously as per the specific codes in a language.

Even though I have written many books, there is absolutely no mention about my writings anywhere, other than in one particular area of discussion. That mention was when I entered into a very quarrelsome area of a particular south Indian caste discussion. At least some persons did mention my writings to support their views. The only problem was that this was the arena which was of least interest to me. Beyond that even the persons who did try to take up my points couldn’t accompany me beyond that, for it would amount to agreeing with me on many things on which they couldn’t accept my position due to many frill loyalties, including indoctrinated jingoism, language fanaticism &c.

It has been my experience that no one wants a mention of the issue of feudal content in Indian languages. There are many reasons for it. One is that if this is admitted, then almost all national, social and cultural leaders of India would stand accused of being a participant in degrading the populations of India.

Second is that, the people from India who have migrated to English nations would find themselves identified as hardcore agents of social despoilment. All talk about racism in English nations would have to stand aside when the terrible panorama of human degradation, regimentation and discrimination that they are practising on the native English citizen, through the shrouded codes of their own native languages, comes into the open.

It has been my experience that many GB and US news media do not allow me to write on their websites. They either block me openly or else clandestinely, by denoting some technical issue when I write on their board.  This can be due to varying issues. One that the IT operators in many such institutions are from feudal language nativity, and they do themselves practise the nefarious codes in their present area of work. The other issue would be that the news media are very much frightened of a backlash by the organised minorities who do hold the strings to political leadership and also buying power in their pincer grip.

The problem is that if the issue is taken up for a national debate, most of the outsiders, surprisingly excluding those of pristine Arabic nativity, would have to be forcibly send home. Or else the posterity of the original English natives would slowly fade into tremors of mental instability.

My experience with Australia is also quite illuminating. There have been some computer operators in Australian schools who expressively told me not send such information to their side, as they vigorously tried to impose Asian feudal languages in the Australian classrooms.

As to Indian news media, there is one very specific English newspaper in Madras, which actually celebrated the mass massacre of Tamilians in North Ceylon (located in Sri Lanka). When I write a comment on their site, it simply goes into a blank page with error.

When I submitted a Writ Petition against compulsory teaching of the local feudal vernacular in the schools, when such a government order was put into force, not even one Indian newspaper was willing to mention it. One correspondent of a regional newspaper actually did a story on it after having a telephonic conversation with me. However, at the end of the day, he sent a message that the story may not be published. No further reason was given. However, from my experience with the various newspapers I had more or less expected this.

An acquaintance of mine tried to use his clout with a regional newspaper's Dubai office to get the issue mentioned. However, he was very frankly told that a decision has been taken by all newspapers not to give any hint of my contentions in the news media.

A few days back, my legal contention was more or less accepted by the Supreme Court of India in another case, to the extent of ordering that no child can be forced to learn a language, which he or she did not want to. Even during the media debate on this order, there was total blackout of my contentions and my writ petition.

I cannot claim that the basic ideas of my contention of social errors in the Indian vernaculars are known only to me. Most people are aware of it. However, many do not know that there is another language (English) in which such degrading discrimination is not there. At least a few have deep information on it. You can find the texts of two emails here which I received from a person whom I have no personal acquaintance with, when he received the digital copy of my book: Shrouded Satanism in Feudal Languages; Tribulation and intractability in improving others.

I have found that when I write some media comment which points to my contentions, most people try to contain my arguments with jeering and sneering. Such uneducated expressions as LOL etc. are used as a means to laugh off ideas which are obviously quite powerful.

The sample pages of all my books are available for download this LINK. They are also available on Google Play and Google books. I have removed them from Amazon Kindle.

Date: 11-05-2014

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